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65. Battle Royale: One-Person Armies

I say "one-person" because the *opportunity* was there for picks of any gender... :|

64. The Monthly Roundup: April 2022

Your #1 source of coked-up news!

63. Matt Reeves Wasn't Entirely Wrong About "The Batman"

And Robert Pattinson was only, like, half wrong. You, however, were *completely* wrong. Not that anyone's surprised.

62. Battle Royale: Powerful Wizards

Nope, nobody picked Gandalf. Or Dumbledore. Or Merlin. Why? Well, we can't just leave all of the wronging to you, now can we?

61. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: The Prodigal Son Returns

And he returned *weird*. Yeah, I know, that IS saying something.

60. The Monthly Roundup: March 2022

A special "thank you" to both Chris Rock and Will Smith for so effectively embodying the name of our podcast.

G.U.I.N.N.E.S.S. | Nostalgia Can't Save You From Being Wrong About "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace"

If anything, it's making you *wronger*. And you being you, that's saying something.

G.U.I.N.N.E.S.S. | You Have 99 Minutes To Be Wrong About "Darkman"

Whereas we only had about 95. Uh, to be *right* about it, of course.

G.U.I.N.N.E.S.S. | You're Likely Not Wrong About "Cold Pursuit"

But only because you didn't even know it existed. It's a movie, by the way.

59. The Monthly Roundup: February 2022

Words are hard, man.

58. You've Been Wrong About Marvel's "Eternals" Since the Dawn of Time

The crowning jewel of Spencer's Skidmark Trilogy!

57. Battle Royale: Badass Couples

You know, I think we might be taking the "battle" part of "battle royale" a bit *too* literally in these...

56. The Monthly Roundup: January 2022

We would like to inform you that this podcast remains an independent venture (call us, NPR!).

55. You're Wrong About What You Think Will Happen in 2022

We gave you a run for your money in terms of wrongness this time, though...

54. Whoever Thought "The Matrix" Needed A Resurrection Was Wrong

And if you thought this was a good movie, so were you.

Surprise, You're Wrong! | Microsoft Found $68.7 Billion in Their Couch Cushions and Decided To Buy Activision-Blizzard

To be fair, Microsoft has a LOT of couches. And cushions.

53. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Early 2022 Movies

Excitement levels ranging from barely-alive apathy to "OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE SIIIIIIIICK".

52. The Monthly Roundup: December 2021

#TeamElmo for life!

51. You're Likely Not Entirely Wrong About "Red Notice"

It's so ordinary even *you* could probably guess most of it.

50. You're Wrong Plays "Fiasco": The Office Party

What do you get when you put an ambitious young douchebag, a scheming executive, a horny divorcee and an accountant in debt together in an office Christmas party with ...

Actually, You're Wrong About "Love Actually" (ft. The Snake Pit)

Ho, ho, ho...ld on a second. What is going on here? An episode... on a *Saturday*? Featuring "The Snake Pit"?

49. Battle Royale: Who's Going To Be the New Santa?

What if Santa were to announce his retirement and Festive Winter Holidays Corp Inc. needed to interview possible replacements? Well, let's hope it goes a bit better th...

48. You're Wrong About How You'd Recast "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Some would argue it'd be wrong to even *attempt* to recast it — but they went and did it anway...

47. The Monthly Roundup: November 2021

A Roundup of many firsts! OK, fine: it was, like, 3 firsts... but still!

46. Battle Royale: Coolest Weapons

Our hosts are all legendary British royals, Ph.Ds with keen interests in the paranormal, fully fledged Jedi Knights and/or Starfleet officers in real life.

45. You're Only Half Wrong About "Dune"

Unfortunately, the half you're *not* wrong about is the one missing from the movie.

44. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Extra Life Edition

The battle between New-Scott and Old-Scott was fierce!

43. The Monthly Roundup: October 2021


42. Disney Wasn't Entirely Wrong About "Star Wars: Visions"

Even though they did try to trick us into watching anime in English, smdh.

41. You're Probably Not Wrong About "Free Guy"

You're *definitely* wrong if you think you know what each YW host thought of it, though.

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