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50. You're Wrong Plays "Fiasco": The Office Party

What do you get when you put an ambitious young douchebag, a scheming executive, a horny divorcee and an accountant in debt together in an office Christmas party with ...

Actually, You're Wrong About "Love Actually" (ft. The Snake Pit)

Ho, ho, ho...ld on a second. What is going on here? An episode... on a *Saturday*? Featuring "The Snake Pit"?

49. Battle Royale: Who's Going To Be the New Santa?

What if Santa were to announce his retirement and Festive Winter Holidays Corp Inc. needed to interview possible replacements? Well, let's hope it goes a bit better th...

48. You're Wrong About How You'd Recast "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Some would argue it'd be wrong to even *attempt* to recast it — but they went and did it anway...

47. The Monthly Roundup: November 2021

A Roundup of many firsts! OK, fine: it was, like, 3 firsts... but still!

46. Battle Royale: Coolest Weapons

Our hosts are all legendary British royals, Ph.Ds with keen interests in the paranormal, fully fledged Jedi Knights and/or Starfleet officers in real life.

45. You're Only Half Wrong About "Dune"

Unfortunately, the half you're *not* wrong about is the one missing from the movie.

44. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Extra Life Edition

The battle between New-Scott and Old-Scott was fierce!

43. The Monthly Roundup: October 2021


42. Disney Wasn't Entirely Wrong About "Star Wars: Visions"

Even though they did try to trick us into watching anime in English, smdh.

41. You're Probably Not Wrong About "Free Guy"

You're *definitely* wrong if you think you know what each YW host thought of it, though.

40. The Monthly Roundup: September 2021

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Matt already had an alibi set up for when he murders everyone else on this show.

39. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Upcoming Games

ITT(E?) we learn that our hosts' tastes for video-games are mildly incompatible.

38. "The Green Knight" Was Completely Wrong About "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

I've never seen a movie be so wrong about *itself*. It's kind of impressive, actually.

37. Pick a Trailer, Make a Movie: The "Epileptic Trees" Edition

No, seriously. This one got WEIRD.

36. The Monthly Roundup: August 2021

Trailers galore!

Disney vs. Star Wars | "The Rise of Skywalker" Hate-Watchalong With Luciano & Matt!

Experience the hatred and anger in all its unfiltered and unedited glory!

35. Battle Royale: Top Robodroids

It was hard to find a decent name that encompassed the whole thing, OK? "Synthetic humanoids" just doesn't cut it.

34. Battle Royale: Iconic Duos

No, none of them picked Batman & Robin. I know, right?

33. The T-1000's Approach to Villainy Was Wrong

So it went looking for a mentor to help it improve its evil ways. Welcome, everyone, to "The Villain Apprentice"!

32. The Monthly Roundup: July 2021

Here's something you didn't know you needed: a "You're Wrong" commentary on pop culture news!

31. Battle Royale: Epic Starships

And YOU get to decide which one wins! Which likely means it will be the wrong one.

30. You're Wrong About "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"... and Also Every Other 80's Cartoon

This might be our longest title yet. I blame the name of the original cartoon series.

29. You're (Mostly) Wrong About the Action Movie Stars of the 80's and 90's

But only mostly. Even you wouldn't be *entirely* wrong about them.

28. You Were/Are/Will Be Wrong About the Best Time Travel Stories

You're so wrong we didn't even know which tense to write this summary in.

DCEU Movies | Bonus: You Were Right About "Green Lantern"


DCEU Movies | Hey, Warner Bros.: We Fixed the DCEU. You're Welcome.

And even though we did it for free, we wouldn't mind it if you'd like to pay us for it. We wouldn't mind it at all.

DCEU Movies | Everybody Was Wrong About "Wonder Woman 1984"

Because we all thought it was going to be a good one, you see.

DCEU Movies | Harley Quinn Was Wrong About "Birds of Prey"... And/Or Vice-Versa

Yeah, it's... complicated. And confusing. And mildly infuriating.

DCEU Movies | You're Wrong Initialisms, Acronyms and "Shazam!"

And for my money, "Ess-aitch-a-zed-a-em!" rolls off the tongue *way* easier than the acronym. They should have gone with that instead.

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