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DCEU Movies | Harley Quinn Was Wrong About "Birds of Prey"... And/Or Vice-Versa

Yeah, it's... complicated. And confusing. And mildly infuriating.

DCEU Movies | You're Wrong Initialisms, Acronyms and "Shazam!"

And for my money, "Ess-aitch-a-zed-a-em!" rolls off the tongue *way* easier than the acronym. They should have gone with that instead.

DCEU Movies | You're Wrong If You Weren't... Uplifted... By "Aquaman"

But, come on. Admit it. You were. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DCEU Movies | You've Been Wrong For Over 100 Years About "Wonder Woman"

Oh, so it's NOT all doom and gloom, eh? Wonderful!

DCEU Movies | We Were Wrong About (Watching) "Suicide Squad" (Again)

But watch it again we did. For science. You monster.

DCEU Movies | You're Wrong About "Man of Steel" (and Probably Math, Too)

On a scale of 7.1 to 7.9, this movie is either a 7.10 (which is apparently an 8) or it's a 10. Don't ask.

DCEU Movies | Guess Who Else Is Wrong About the "Snyder Cut"?

It's not just you this time! Turns out Spencer and Chris are *also* wrong (again).

DCEU Movies | The "Snyder Cut" Was Wrong About "Justice League"

Less wrong than the original, though.

Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 4)

(This episode discusses Chapters 13 to 16) *This* Is The Way you conclude a Season, people.

Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 3)

(This episode discusses Chapters 9 to 12) Turns out we *can* still feel excited for new Star Wars stuff, eh? I'd forgotten how it felt...

Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 2)

(This episode discusses Chapters 5 to 8) This a show of many "firsts" for the Star Wars canon. Like, for example, the first ever former Imperial sharpshooter to hail from the outskirts of Boston, MA.

Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 1)

(This episode discusses Chapters 1 to 4) Dave Filoni *and* Jon Favreau, eh? Colour me intrigued!

Disney vs. Star Wars | You're Right About "The Rise of Skywalker" (Unless You Like It)

We tried, y'all. We really did. But there's no redeeming this dumpster fire.

Disney vs. Star Wars | They Were Almost Not Wrong About "The Last Jedi"

Alas, just like you, they ended up being quite wrong about it.

Disney vs. Star Wars | We Were All Wrong About "The Force Awakens"

Might as well have called this one "A Newer Hope".

Disney vs. Star Wars | You Might Not Be Wrong About "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

But we wouldn't count on it.

Disney vs. Star Wars | You're Wrong About "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

Even though you're likely not as wrong as Disney was.

27. Trash Our Childhood, 90's "X-Men: The Animated Series" Edition

Best. Theme song. Ever. If you disagree, I don't think we can be friends.

26. You're Wrong About Not Being a Gamemaster... and When You Are One, Too

Damned (and wrong) if you do, damned (and wrong) if you don't.

25. There Are Too Many Subscription Services To Be Wrong About

It's almost as if someone asked "what if we turned decision paralysis into a business model?".

24. You're Wrong About the Best Games of 2020

Even the list you picked your favourites from was wrong.

Marvel vs. DC | You're So Wrong We Needed Another Episode

Gnorw Re'uoy!

Marvel vs. DC | 3 Out of 4 Podcasters Agree Someone Is Wrong!

"Topic discussion structure"? "Episode agenda"? I'm sorry, you're saying words but they're not making any sense.

Marvel vs. DC | You're Wrong in (and About) All Kinds of Media

We definitely did NOT bring Star Wars up in this one.

Marvel vs. DC | Your Picks for Best Stories Are Wrong

Opinion pieces from your correspondents on Earth-1218 and Earth-Prime.

Marvel vs. DC | You're Wrong About Heroes, Even Wronger About Villains

Yeah, we're going there.

23. You're Wrong About In-Game Art Books

It's offensive, is what it is.

22. You're Wrong About Not Donating to Charity During Extra Life

But thank you if you did!

21. You're Wrong About Way More Than You Thought You Were


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