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21. You're Wrong About Way More Than You Thought You Were


20. You're Wrong About How You Think We Feel About Star Wars

Oof, that title is a mouthful.

19. You're Wrong About Sports Games (But Probably Not About EA)

Yeah, you're definitely not wrong about EA. And yet you still keep giving them your money.

18. Multiplayer vs. Single Player: Guess Who's Wrong This Week?

Other than you, of course.

17. Bad Storytelling is Wrong... Just Like You Are!

Cue in the bitchfest!

16. Your Rating Systems Are All Wrong

We rate your wrongness an 11 out of 10.

15. Think You Know Why Microsoft Bought Bethesda/ZeniMax? You're Wrong

Even if, deep down, the reason is still "capitalism".

14. You're Playing the Wrong Tabletop RPG

Alternative title: "You're the wrong kind of nerd, you nerd".

13. Your Opinions About Cover Songs Are Also Wrong

We tried very hard to stick to a structure. We failed.

12. You're Very Wrong About Consoles, Hopefully Less Wrong About PCs

Even console manufacturers agree!

11. You're Wrong About Going to Movies Theatres

Why would you willingly reverse quarantine?

10. Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Pick One (Or Neither), You're Still Wrong

Our debate style is so combative that we attack even the thing we're supposed to defend!

9. You're Wrong About the Apple vs. Epic Games "Battle"

This ain't about you, kid.

8. You're Wrong About Nu Metal

We only ever discuss topical subjects.

7. We're Wrong About Inclusivity in Gaming

Go shave that neckbeard.

6. You're Wrong About (Not) Watching Video-Games

You're wrong about (not) watching meat sports, too, but we don't talk about that shit in here.

5. You're Wrong About How to Spend Your New-Found Free Time

Drop whatever it was you were doing back on episode 2 and do these things instead.

4. Trash Our Childhood, "1984 Blockbusters" Edition

So, 80's movies are racist and misogynistic, eh? Get right outta town!

3. Game Companies are Wrong About Monetization

And yet we keep on throwing our money at them...

2. Judging Your Use of Your Free Time

You (and our guests) have been found... wanting.

1. You're Wrong About Rap Being Music

We're kicking this thing off in high gear, my dudes.

You're Wrong About Everything

This is our podcast trailer. It's very cringey.

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