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T.A.X.E.S. | Simon Says: You're Wrong About "Demolition Man"

Simon also says that these nerds would have gone bankrupt a *long* time ago if a verbal morality statute were in effect nowadays.

T.A.X.E.S. | You're Probably Right About "The Contractor"

Because you almost certainly haven't watched it, and that's *exactly* how things should remain.

T.A.X.E.S. | My Senpai Told Me You're Wrong About "Rising Sun"

He's a fucking idiot most of the time, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

T.A.X.E.S. | You've Been Wrong About "Blade" Since 1998

Almost a quarter of a century later and you're STILL trying to ice-skate uphill.

83. You're Wrong About "Halloween"

The movie, not the holiday. Well, probably the holiday, too.

82. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About Halloween

Presented to you by the top 4 podcasters that were unsure about what the *actual* theme of the episode was!

81. You're Wrong About "Nope" Being a Horror Movie

You're also wrong about this episode being a focused conversation about "Nope".

80. What If Horror Stories Were Really Weird?

An interesting question, no doubt. But I have one that's a lot more "out there": what if these nerds were able to stay on topic? (¬_¬)

79. Battle Royale: Scariest Horror Villains

Quite frankly, no horror villain can be scariest than living in one of these nerds' minds. They have problems, is what I'm saying.

78. Top 10 Lists That Are Wrong About Superheroes

You're reading the title wrong.

77. Stick Around! Maybe You're Not Wrong About "Predator"

You probably are though. And you're also definitely wrong about how many people were in this episode.

76. What If We Ruined "Sesame Street" For You?

You're welcome.

75. Battle Royale: Heroes of the Universe, Earth Edition

A short detour from our usual subjects. Same insanity-laden conversation.

74. Wrong Takes: "Super Mario" Edition

Ah, finally a thoroughly wholesome subject that nobody, not even *we*, could possibly find a way to turn into filth...

73. "The Gray Man" Got Really Wrong Really Fast

A movie that answers the age-old question, "what if the Hindenburg disaster were a feature-length film?".

72. You're Wrong About All of the Movies... Of 2004

You're also wrong about TV series, games and books of 2004, but let's tackle one thing at a time, shall we?

71. What If Warner Bros. Wasn't Always So Wrong About DC Movies?

Imagine, if you will, a world in which Warner Bros. didn't *completely* suck at the job of making DC movies. I know, I know — this is the most unlikely scenario we've ...

70. Battle Royale: Spies & Secret Agents

One day we will understand why all of these turn out as racy as they do. But today is not that day.

69. Wrong Takes: "Marvel Cinematic Universe" Edition

Nice. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

68. Hate-Watch the Series Finale of "Star Trek: Enterprise" With Us!

We watched it together (and in person!), so now you get to watch it, too! You're welcome.

M.U.R.I.C.A. | You're Unbearably Wrong About "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent"

I was going to go for a wittier title, but holy crap, this movie has a long-ass name. :|

M.U.R.I.C.A. | Too Many People Are Wrong About "Gone in 60 Seconds"

Including you. Also, this movie has too many people in it, period.

M.U.R.I.C.A. | You're So/Right About "Face/Off"

As usual, of course! Gosh, how *do* you do it? <3

M.U.R.I.C.A. | You Can't Live In Fear of Being Wrong About "Ghost Rider"

Because you're *definitely* wrong. So there's nothing to fear, really.

65. Battle Royale: One-Person Armies

I say "one-person" because the *opportunity* was there for picks of any gender... :|

64. The Monthly Roundup: April 2022

Your #1 source of coked-up news!

63. Matt Reeves Wasn't Entirely Wrong About "The Batman"

And Robert Pattinson was only, like, half wrong. You, however, were *completely* wrong. Not that anyone's surprised.

62. Battle Royale: Powerful Wizards

Nope, nobody picked Gandalf. Or Dumbledore. Or Merlin. Why? Well, we can't just leave all of the wronging to you, now can we?

61. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: The Prodigal Son Returns

And he returned *weird*. Yeah, I know, that IS saying something.

60. The Monthly Roundup: March 2022

A special "thank you" to both Chris Rock and Will Smith for so effectively embodying the name of our podcast.

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