23. You're Wrong About In-Game Art Books

It's offensive, is what it is.

This week, we talk about game pre-order bonuses, and seriously: what the hell is wrong with game dev companies that they think we'll pre-order their games for a lousy in-game art book? Good grief! Pre-order bonuses are supposed to be an incentive for us to buy games before they're actually released. Companies are supposed to hide their cash-grabbing ulterior motives by offering us interesting things, not friggin' in-game art books!

And what about seasonal events in MMOs? When are they going to stop giving us the exact same thing every year (and when are going to stop accepting it)? Sure, it was fun the first time... but when it's your 4th year playing a game, that shit gets boring. Well, at least seasonal events aren't IN-GAME ART BOOKS, Paradox! You hear me? Do you know how ridiculous that idea is? Give me an actual, physical art book, at least, you bastards!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This description may or may not have been written by Luciano in a fit of rage.


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