26. You're Wrong About Not Being a Gamemaster... and When You Are One, Too

Damned (and wrong) if you do, damned (and wrong) if you don't.

This week, Matt and Luciano are joined by their buddy Dan (who may or may not be sponsored by Foundry Gaming, LLC.) to discuss just how wrong you are, mewling about as you do, begging for someone to please run an RPG game for you and your friends, instead rolling up your sleeves of doing it yourself!

"But", you say, "I do run my own game!". Well, friend, I'm afraid we have bad news for you: you're wrong when you do that, too. Not that this is a surprise.

If you want help shedding some of that wrongness, look no further than this episode, in which our intrepid hosts and their guest (who is very likely sponsored by Foundry Gaming, LLC.) share the wealth of their 20+ years of combined knowledge and experience as GMs of several different RPG systems (this is a lot less impressive than it sounds... all 3 of them are old farts, after all).

This podcast episode is not sponsored by Foundry Gaming, LLC. (but Dan definitely is).

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