33. The T-1000's Approach to Villainy Was Wrong

So it went looking for a mentor to help it improve its evil ways. Welcome, everyone, to "The Villain Apprentice"!

As anyone who's watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day can attest, the T-1000 wasn't ultimately a very effective villain. As advanced a Terminator model as it was, it ended up defeated by a group consisting of a whiny, angsty teenager, a badass mom and an old and clunky T-800 with an cheap knock-off of Data's emotion chip.

So, in the interest of fulfilling its admittedly great potential, it decided it would need a mentor. But who should he pick? Who would be the best fit to serve as a guide in the T-1000's villainous journey? To answer these questions, it reached out far and wide to the most notorious and feared villains of all time, looking to find a suitable instructor in the ways of evil.

After a lenghty, American Idol-style selection process – which was not recorded in any way because... reasons –, only 3 villains remained. To ensure its final pick would be as unbiased as possible, it decided the best format for the selection process would be a weird, inverted, "speed blind dating" version of The Apprentice, where these esteemed and illustrious villains would need to showcase their evildoing skills as they compete for a chance to become its mentor. Obviously.

And this time, it decided it should record it. As a podcast episode. Also because reasons. Anyway, enjoy! 😆


Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod
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33. The T-1000's Approach to Villainy Was Wrong
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