35. Battle Royale: Top Robodroids

It was hard to find a decent name that encompassed the whole thing, OK? "Synthetic humanoids" just doesn't cut it.

[host_matt]: Hey, everybody wel comee back to your wrong this week. We are a down a man. He is

[host_matt]: on indured reserve. Spencer is,

[host_matt]: he's no longer with us for the week. but that's okay. We. we still have. We still

[host_matt]: love Luciano

[cobra]: Hello, Hello,

[host_matt]: and we still have Chris from with me.

[dr_light]: Yep, and and redbll

[host_matt]: Oh shit.

[dr_light]: on deck in my holsters.

[cobra]: Oh,

[host_matt]: well, we replace Spencer with Redbll.

[cobra]: that's that's cause that's why you need more energy. That's really what you need

[dr_light]: When someone is not feeling well, just replace them with an empty gu of red boll.

[host_matt]: We. we've made a grave mistake, grave mistake. I'm sorry, everybody. Um, we're

[dr_light]: They give you wings.

[cobra]: Is the is? The is The The commercial. Also Red Bull gives you wings in English

[host_matt]: going to.

[cobra]: Because I only know it from Portuguese.

[host_matt]: Yep.

[cobra]: It's the same. It's the same, but it's just I wasn't sure.

[host_matt]: Whats can? Can you say to Portuguese?

[cobra]: Yeah, so they say with a very different voice as far as I know. So like how, how does

[cobra]: the that go in English? Just Red Bull gives you

[dr_light]: Redbll gives you wings. Oh, you're right. I think you are right.

[cobra]: wings like that. Yeah, so in

[host_matt]: Yeah, basically,

[cobra]: Portuguese, I'll say it entirely in Portuguese, including Red Bull because the accent

[cobra]: is great. It's like red boida

[cobra]: like that.

[host_matt]: that's way better. That is way better. E sucks.

[cobra]: It's so good. it's so good. I never

[dr_light]: Come on.

[cobra]: drank. I have never drank Red Bull in my life, but I know that commercial by heart.

[cobra]: It's so good

[cobra]: anyway.

[host_matt]: No

[dr_light]: that's on.

[host_matt]: English. Sus like when you hear someone score gold in English and soccer or

[host_matt]: football. depending we' from. it's like Oh, scars. what a. what a glorious strike

[cobra]: No, but that's that's just because the

[host_matt]: right.

[cobra]: British have no feelings.

[host_matt]: Yeah, but like gimme give me a Portuguese goal real quick.

[cobra]: Ah, no, it's still okay. It's so it will be like the same thing, like up up to the

[cobra]: goal, But then when the go is card, it's a long go

[cobra]: and there's like

[cobra]: commentators who are known for having

[cobra]: like five lungs. I guess because they just hold

[dr_light]: Wow,

[cobra]: that thing forever Is great

[host_matt]: They go forever. E.

[dr_light]: They recruit from the opera.

[cobra]: or from

[host_matt]: It's a

[cobra]: divers or from divers. Maybe

[cobra]: divers or from divers. Maybe

[dr_light]: Spend the rest of your twilight in the

[dr_light]: Oh, That makes sense.

[cobra]: anyway,

[host_matt]: All right. So anyways, back to the topic hand this week we are going to cover

[host_matt]: Uh, the best android slash robot, I say Slash, because it's I, I'm not here to

[host_matt]: debate what's an android' a robot. All that jazz like how, How

[cobra]: I thought you such a building, a slash.

[host_matt]: no? I mean. listen. let's

[cobra]: The night is young.

[host_matt]: we'll see where this goes. Some questions might lead us there. Who knows. Um. I

[host_matt]: just don't want to. I don't really want to litigate the percentage of human flesh

[host_matt]: to robotic parts, to to to get really down into the robot, android,

[host_matt]: Um

[cobra]: Fair enoughyborg,

[dr_light]: Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: cyborg scenario. So if you have electronic parts in you, just don't worry about.

[host_matt]: you have electronic parts in you. You might be included in this episode. So as we

[host_matt]: always do. Um, each of our guests are each of our guest. You know, I guessest

[host_matt]: each of our members have picked a robot slash Cybork Slsh, android They want to

[host_matt]: talk about, Defend us

[dr_light]: Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: being the best. Uh, so. uh, let's go with Chris from Whitby, Chris Whippy,

[dr_light]: Hm,

[host_matt]: who is your representative?

[dr_light]: my representative stopped calling me Chris from Whity Fock,

[cobra]: Well, move, move that will stop.

[dr_light]: damn it, Do you know which effort that takes anyway? So my pick is God, damn

[dr_light]: damn it, Do you know which effort that takes anyway? So my pick is God, damn

[host_matt]: Yeah, yeah,

[dr_light]: Megaman and

[dr_light]: Megaman and

[host_matt]: Ooh.

[dr_light]: I, I'll

[host_matt]: nice.

[dr_light]: admit like I was torn between Megaman and my childhood Fave, Like Asro Boy was

[host_matt]: yeah.

[dr_light]: my first intro to to all of this Stpe, shit, but when I refresh myself on on like,

[dr_light]: like the Origins of both, like Asro Boy is too sad for me, so I'm going to go all

[dr_light]: in like I love some astro, but like

[host_matt]: yeah,

[dr_light]: Mega Megman, make an ▁x memand. Like

[host_matt]: Ash, Ash boy is like. It seems like a Cutsi cartoon like it was, And then you

[host_matt]: start reading it Like

[cobra]: It throws you. It throws you a curve ball.

[host_matt]: not not like this, Ash boy. Not, I like this.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: it's like Pinocchio times

[cobra]: not like this. No, the humanity.

[dr_light]: drugs

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: yeah, um, okay, No, I like it, Mega Man Make just a choice. Choice picks a good

[host_matt]: good on you, Luciano. Who who you re are

[cobra]: so

[host_matt]: rocking this this time

[cobra]: I, I was also turning between a few options and my go to was just going to Star Wars

[cobra]: because that's what I do.

[host_matt]: y. I get it

[cobra]: and I have a lot. I had a lot of picks there, but I did vader before right, so I

[host_matt]: you did

[cobra]: decided to go with another franchise. that I, we, we have used before, but I, I

[cobra]: haven't spoken about or defended So and it's one of the

[dr_light]: dieh,

[cobra]: most advanced robots, androids, slash

[cobra]: whatever cyborgs that there are. Um,

[host_matt]: Okay.

[cobra]: I'm obviously talking about Gipson, Rickenbacker, Fromdamm, kidding. Uh, it's

[host_matt]: Wow,

[host_matt]: deep cuts.

[cobra]: it's uh. number six,

[cobra]: the Sylon

[dr_light]: Cyber Six,

[cobra]: from from Uh bettle Saralactica, Yes,

[cobra]: the

[host_matt]: excellent

[cobra]: uh, sexy times murdering robot.

[host_matt]: guys, Balltws, one true love

[cobra]: Well,

[cobra]: Have you watched it

[host_matt]: other than guys, Baltar,

[cobra]: until the end? things get weird.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Things get very

[dr_light]: Is it

[cobra]: weird towards the end.

[host_matt]: gasbll tars number one. No, top three loves or gusbalt are

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: top ten anime betrails

[host_matt]: Sil number six.

[host_matt]: Yeah, and then all the groupies from his weird cult

[cobra]: Yes,

[host_matt]: at the end of the show. Yeah, okay,

[cobra]: Well, but there there's multiple versions of Number six right. there's there's. uh.

[cobra]: it's

[host_matt]: yeah, but they're all the same. Yeah,

[cobra]: it's a model. Yeah, they. they have all the same traits but slightly different yet.

[host_matt]: Yes, it. It's not like she looks different on different models. It's all

[cobra]: No, it just have like different hair

[cobra]: because I guess

[host_matt]: okay.

[cobra]: budget budge

[dr_light]: is that all it takes

[cobra]: desired, Butdget is hard.

[host_matt]: Have you have you checked? Have you checked it on your wife? I feel like once in

[host_matt]: a while she has different hair. I still make you still your wife? Wow,

[cobra]: Well, maybe she is asylum and she puts up with

[dr_light]: brought you by

[cobra]: me that that requires you know some sort of endurance.

[host_matt]: that's that's actually true.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: right.

[host_matt]: great, Um, okay, so uh, as always, Uh, because I am creating the questions for us

[host_matt]: to work against. Um, I like to be blind sideighted at the last second with my

[host_matt]: possible options from you guys, and I pick

[dr_light]: Hm.

[host_matt]: one to defend, doing my damnest to show up for each option. So uh, Luciana what

[host_matt]: do you got for me?

[cobra]: I, God for you, the pi. that probably Spencer

[cobra]: would have picked, which is Lieutenant Commander. Data from Star the next generation.

[host_matt]: Yeah, all right, I that I feel like that definitely was his pick. Um that that is

[host_matt]: a definite option. Chris

[dr_light]: Mhm, Hm,

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: from parts unknown is

[dr_light]: There you go.

[host_matt]: area?

[dr_light]: That's

[cobra]: How was a quick move?

[dr_light]: what. I. Yeah,

[host_matt]: Who? Who you? who you bring in?

[dr_light]: So from Umbrella Academy, Um,

[dr_light]: Grace Hargreeves, the

[host_matt]: Okay, yeah,

[dr_light]: mama Mama robot.

[cobra]: very deep cut very deep. Good. Yes,

[host_matt]: bring in

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: some some deep cut mom energy into the show.

[dr_light]: you know we need more feminine energy. you know.

[host_matt]: we do. Uh, unfortunately,

[cobra]: I'ming number six, come on.

[host_matt]: what? Okay,

[dr_light]: Yeah, but you know we

[cobra]: come on,

[dr_light]: more little more maternal. you know, Nurturing, not

[cobra]: but

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: shes not maternal. I'll give that.

[dr_light]: Lord.

[host_matt]: shee. maybe she's the mother of the Sylons, We're not sure.

[cobra]: Have you seen

[dr_light]: H.

[cobra]: until the end

[host_matt]: Yeah, let's seen

[cobra]: gets weird?

[host_matt]: Toli end just

[host_matt]: anyhow. Um, okay,

[dr_light]: think of the children

[host_matt]: so so

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: O of Wow, From those two options

[cobra]: all of the children that listen to our ploodest.

[host_matt]: which is none. I am

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: going to pick

[host_matt]: Lieutenant Commander Data, and I'm going to be honest with you. Chris is be, have

[host_matt]: way more knowledge to defend against the questions with Lieutenant Data than do

[host_matt]: with Missus Hargraves.

[dr_light]: unforgiven, unforgiven

[cobra]: well there there's also. you know a lot more material to draw from. just in general.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[dr_light]: shame on you both. shame on you both. That's right.

[host_matt]: well, you're just piling on Chris, too, just to beat him up.

[cobra]: I mean, it worked so well last time.

[dr_light]: I'll take. I'll take you both on. Listen, you know, I've got five red bull cans

[cobra]: God.

[dr_light]: with your names on them. even though there's two of you. I took a sharpe at each

[dr_light]: of those cans and I wrote your names down several

[host_matt]: Who is

[dr_light]: times. I'm in the game.

[cobra]: I thought

[cobra]: you were going to say you smell the sharpies.

[host_matt]: who's whos? Three times.

[dr_light]: No, there were two questions. Would you say Ma,

[host_matt]: I was going to ask who who has their name written three times.

[dr_light]: All of you,

[host_matt]: Put only five cans. You put our names on both cans each time.

[dr_light]: all of them.

[host_matt]: Wow,

[dr_light]: I knew Spencer wasn't coming. No, I didn't

[host_matt]: your troubles.

[dr_light]: know, but I had clairv, Clair voyance,

[cobra]: Chris

[host_matt]: y.

[cobra]: is like that squirrel. I don't know that movie where he drinks

[dr_light]: ice age,

[cobra]: caffeine. No, No, he drinks caeine and the world stops. Thats,

[dr_light]: you lose for. not As for us not knowing what that references. You

[cobra]: you probably do. I just don't remember the name of the movie.

[host_matt]: listen. If you

[dr_light]: di.

[host_matt]: guys know what this is, listeners. um,

[dr_light]: Please tell us, please tell me

[host_matt]: just message us so we can make fun of Huciano mercilessly'

[cobra]: Why?

[host_matt]: be great because your references are bad. If no one on this episode knows what

[cobra]: okay?

[host_matt]: they are,

[cobra]: I. I retrackt my suggestion of data. You're going

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: to have to defd Gipsson, Rick back.

[host_matt]: No, no, that's fine. We're already here. We're living in the ▁zone, so let's get

[host_matt]: into our first question.

[dr_light]: right. Okay,

[host_matt]: Let me uh, pop up our randomizer, I don't know if

[dr_light]: do,

[host_matt]: we'll have the same sounds as we normally do. but let's hope for the best.

[dr_light]: Jebardty

[dr_light]: is not as good as it used to be.

[host_matt]: Wow, um,

[cobra]: Wow,

[host_matt]: I didn't realize that, Um,

[host_matt]: our sponsor or not sponsor would throw

[dr_light]: H.

[host_matt]: that in there, but

[cobra]: our sponsor.

[host_matt]: I'm here for it. Well, not

[dr_light]: We' getting paid for it. We got. We got to get paid somehow

[host_matt]: jeopardy up, not jeopardy. Clearly

[cobra]: we're getting paid.

[host_matt]: it. bas.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: well,

[host_matt]: I'm it, Red bulls it well, so ten cents a can if we're in ▁quebec,

[dr_light]: in redbll. empty red bulls.

[dr_light]: You go.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[dr_light]: That's where the good money is.

[host_matt]: great, um,

[cobra]: They better pay us now with talk beside their name So much now.

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: what, red boll redvol, redbll.

[cobra]: don't do that. it's going to appear behind you.

[dr_light]: Oh no candy. I want. I'm curious about this new candyman remake.

[host_matt]: Oh yeah,

[dr_light]: You know,

[host_matt]: all right anyways. the The randomizer has turned up that Lieutenant Commander

[host_matt]: Data is going to go for us, which is just just perfect. Um,

[cobra]: very convenient.

[dr_light]: Hm.

[host_matt]: Yeah, I think so for for me personally, I mean, really, assuming you a favor be

[host_matt]: cause. I know all the questions already, so I could have prepared while I've been

[host_matt]: talking this entire time, but it gives you a chance to to think about it. The

[host_matt]: first question

[host_matt]: you have adopted a very young

[host_matt]: Eric Lensure.

[host_matt]: Do we all know who he is?

[cobra]: Yes,

[host_matt]: Thank you, Chris.

[cobra]: you homocepiians and your gun.

[host_matt]: How, how would you? how would you raise him?

[cobra]: Oh my god,

[host_matt]: You are the Alfred to Magnto,

[host_matt]: Data is the offer to to Magnino, So Misseta

[host_matt]: has no emotions to speak of. He gets some lighter, but we'll start with no

[host_matt]: emotions. I think I think really what data is going to do is D is going to

[host_matt]: nurture his talents. Data will help him

[host_matt]: learn to use his abilities and obviously there was a bit of a threat of Um.

[host_matt]: injury to data cause. I'm pretty sure he's made of metal. What' that check? I

[host_matt]: think all of our robots are made a meal of my

[cobra]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: month. It a bit dangerous, but I think he would nurture him. Um. I, I'm going to

[host_matt]: assume

[host_matt]: I'm going to say he, he adopts them after the.

[host_matt]: The the sort of situations with the concentration camp? I think that's a a spot

[host_matt]: where he would be needing an adult figure if it

[cobra]: how old was he?

[host_matt]: could be that. So

[host_matt]: while think is a teenager, uh,

[host_matt]: coming out of the out of the concentration camps

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah, I think you're right.

[cobra]: Okay. that's a good point. Yeah,

[host_matt]: young teenager. So yeah, so Data will will nurture his talents, but try to teach

[host_matt]: him the humans are good and it be great to aspire to be more human like and and

[host_matt]: really focused on the empathy of it. Um,

[host_matt]: rather than than the differences between them. I think data has got to trade on

[host_matt]: the idea that he and and Magnto. I mean Eric, are um, both unique and individuals

[host_matt]: that there is nobody else like them in order to to raise him to try to bring him

[host_matt]: to to.

[host_matt]: I'm not going to say the light side, but maybe just a neutral, chaotic, chaotic

[host_matt]: neutral standpoint, Uh, with Daer's ▁quest, for humanity being imparted on to

[host_matt]: young young Eric,

[dr_light]: M, damn

[dr_light]: f.

[cobra]: was that was very wholewesome, Actually

[dr_light]: quite,

[cobra]: unexpected.

[host_matt]: All right, Sila, all right, Silon

[dr_light]: I appreciate that.

[host_matt]: number six, please blow this shit away.

[cobra]: So,

[cobra]: um, I don't know if Chris Whitby watched battlesgalactic or not.

[host_matt]: Parts unknown.

[dr_light]: Feel free to spoil.

[cobra]: No, So the problem is that

[cobra]: the whole stick with the silence, especially the more advanced ones like her and all

[cobra]: the other number ones are that they think that theyre the next

[cobra]: pop of the food chain being like that. they're supposed to supplant humans. And so

[cobra]: that's why they attack. You know, just because the original battle star Gactica

[cobra]: operates on you know strings, spitting wishful thinking, then they can take over.

[cobra]: So

[cobra]: if she was ticked yet

[cobra]: a little,

[cobra]: Yeah, Eric Lane,

[cobra]: teraise, she would raise the most

[cobra]: eugenic fucking supremacist ever known to mankind, because he already has those

[cobra]: tendencies. We see what happens with him. He thinks that home superior is superior

[cobra]: to homospiians, and

[dr_light]: Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: she would probably not only reinforce that, but she would probably I don't know. use

[cobra]: him to recharge herself. Something like that,

[dr_light]: Oh,

[cobra]: I know, And and when he

[dr_light]: Okay,

[cobra]: got older, she probably used him in different ways to recharge herself

[cobra]: because he don't give no shit.

[cobra]: Um, yeah, so she would probably raise him to be a mutant supremacist. Um, in a way

[cobra]: that they still think that they're subordinate to Silm.

[cobra]: and she would probably use him and his powers because he's an omega level mutant, so

[cobra]: he iss very powerful. so she'll probably use him

[cobra]: to

[cobra]: actually probably finish exterminating humans once and for all, and actually supplant

[cobra]: humanity. Maybe save a few humans to reproduce and kill the ones that don't develop

[cobra]: the ex gene. Something like that, it will be you will be back you.

[dr_light]: damn got damn.

[cobra]: he would be. It would not be. it would not be fun. happy times. That's that's all I

[cobra]: think.

[cobra]: well, I mean,

[dr_light]: You went full. You went to you thought it. you went. You went all

[dr_light]: in man like that's I' not saying. It's bad. Like da

[cobra]: I. yeah, she.

[host_matt]: You should star.

[cobra]: she is not nice man. she is. she's she's bad.

[host_matt]: You never go full Sylon.

[cobra]: Yeah, well, I did there you go.

[host_matt]: You. so let me ask you this question just for curiosity's sake. because she is a

[host_matt]: teenager.

[cobra]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: How far down the sil on human extermination path as he go before he starts

[host_matt]: standing up for the muts and she becomes his professor. ▁x,

[cobra]: that's a good question. Probably.

[cobra]: so here's the thing, depending on how young he is when she gets him, she would

[cobra]: probably brainwash him to feel like he wouldn't

[cobra]: need to do that.

[host_matt]: he's just

[cobra]: And then

[host_matt]: going to show boobs and he is going to be like

[cobra]: that's what I was going to say and then when he started rebelling, she would go boobs

[host_matt]: Okayu. Poor Eric didn't see it coming.

[cobra]: and he would go okay.

[cobra]: Well, she's pretty ho. I don't know if it's poor Eric. It's consensual

[dr_light]: defeated by the tiddies,

[cobra]: after he's an adult. It's okay.

[host_matt]: I'm pretty sure they call a grooming sir.

[cobra]: Well, you know wheres? Where is the authority? They're deadcause. They both killed

[cobra]: them. so

[host_matt]: Okay, well, you got me there,

[dr_light]: Wow,

[cobra]: I'm

[dr_light]: wow,

[host_matt]: your monster,

[cobra]: sorry, guy. I'm tired to turn this dark. but I mean

[cobra]: sorry, guy. I'm tired to turn this dark. but I mean

[dr_light]: no, na, na you. you extrabulated thoroughly,

[host_matt]: You, you're a, You're a hypothetical monster. Let's leave it there.

[cobra]: okay, I'll take it. I, I'm

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: I'm okay with that.

[host_matt]: all, let's cleanse our pall real quick here, Chris Makeg a man who. I'm not sure

[host_matt]: if he's a man or a child. I don't

[dr_light]: na. he's definitely not a man. His balls have not dropped.

[cobra]: Oh God,

[host_matt]: all right. Some meg,

[dr_light]: Not at all his megaabs have dropped.

[host_matt]: make a man child like a Manchel is the guardian of

[dr_light]: We're talking willfare No,

[host_matt]: No Mega man.

[host_matt]: Does Mega Man have like a a street name? Or she's just always

[dr_light]: um.

[host_matt]: been Megaman

[cobra]: Thegs,

[host_matt]: That's not

[host_matt]: right. That's now. right.

[dr_light]: if W. Farrell played

[dr_light]: so actually he's got a a few aliases Uh, Brockman, Rockman, the Blue

[dr_light]: Bomber, but um, yeah, his O gene. the Oj name uh was was Rockman and his sister

[cobra]: Oh, that's right. Yeah,

[dr_light]: was to pay. Like to pay to bounce off rock and roll. but one of the um, like the

[dr_light]: uh, the directors at the time, uh', like that's just pretty. It's too damned

[dr_light]: cheesy like. Let's just go with Megaman So anyways, Um, in this scenario, Um, Mega

[dr_light]: Man would well un. unless you you check out some of like the the twenty eighteen,

[dr_light]: Um, new stuff. Make a man fully charged series, Um, his name is like he has he

[dr_light]: can. He can go from like robot mode to like

[dr_light]: tween mode

[cobra]: oh god.

[dr_light]: where he's like he's like in Civies and he has

[cobra]: how is that better?

[dr_light]: like human hair and stuff like that. I'm not saying. better like

[host_matt]: Yeah, is that better? Is that where you want to take us?

[dr_light]: Listen. I, I'm all I'm saying is like there turns out there's like another alias

[dr_light]: And so it's like Achi light, last name light after, like his builder, Doctor Lake,

[dr_light]: Anyway, So in this scenario of of of Eric, and and and Megaman,

[dr_light]: I would, I would hearken it more to like,

[dr_light]: a little bit of like a A. A brother's on the run scenario. where?

[dr_light]: Uh? what if? like if we're going to start from the concentration camp. May I'm go

[dr_light]: to throw myself into the deepen start from the concentration camps and Mega Man is

[dr_light]: like who I don't know. M Meg. Okay, I'm going to go with it this way So he's he's

[dr_light]: in human mode and he and his memory's been wiped and he has no idea how the fuck

[dr_light]: he's He's found himself in this scenario and there's this. There's this kid who's

[dr_light]: like messing with metal things. Um, And and he, he gets dis stingling in his bed

[cobra]: Oh God,

[host_matt]: Holy shit,

[dr_light]: 'cause there's too much magnetism

[cobra]: I thought I thought

[dr_light]: And then he's like Wait. you're different. Just follow me. Follow me and he's

[dr_light]: And then he's like Wait. you're different. Just follow me. Follow me and he's

[dr_light]: like, What do you doing?

[dr_light]: like, What do you doing?

[dr_light]: Eric's like, Ah,

[host_matt]: but Mega Man is like basically all metal.

[dr_light]: But that's what I'm saying. I'm going with. I'm going with. Yeah, I'm going with

[dr_light]: the twenty eighteen megaand 'cause this is going to be fun. Um, so he's like,

[dr_light]: Listen, you're doing stuff with Like it. Well, there's obviously been some time

[dr_light]: travel right. So anyways, twenty eighteen Megaman in In is is in the past. For

[dr_light]: some reason, like Samurai Jack,

[host_matt]: Sure, I am here for it.

[dr_light]: only reverse and um, he's like. What are you doing And area? It's like I don't

[dr_light]: know my family Okay, Like this is a fucked up shit. And then and then in the

[dr_light]: Nakaki's like Okay. Well, clearly you, there's something happening to you and

[dr_light]: clearly my skin is doing stuff. and now it's turning to metal, so they threw a A.

[dr_light]: A. Coming of age. If you will,

[dr_light]: they, they escape Because Eric helps Mega activ. It reactivateated his robot

[dr_light]: fighting mode, Right, and this is how they both escape

[cobra]: is that code?

[dr_light]: the camp. Okay,

[dr_light]: No, I'm trying

[cobra]: It sounds like gold.

[dr_light]: to. I'm using. I'm trying to use my words to explain the situation. Although it

[dr_light]: it. It initially sounded pretty sexual but that's like like That's both. That's

[dr_light]: neither here nor there, but it also happened and I acknowledge it. Walk with me

[dr_light]: And so they travel to Earth, almost like, almost like Green Hornet style. Um. And

[dr_light]: and they, they fight crimes, and they, they bond his brothers, and they eat ice

[dr_light]: cream, um, or robot ice cream. If you' meega look, someone had to bring this back

[dr_light]: up to the level of like childhood wonder. And uh, as far as Eric's tra

[dr_light]: metamorphosis into the magneto that we know in love it's probably going to come

[dr_light]: across a lot of oppression. It's hard to not go dark in this goy damn thing.

[host_matt]: Well, you're doing a terrible job.

[dr_light]: You know

[host_matt]: Let's see know what I think we do. great. We did great. That's not fair. We did a

[host_matt]: job.

[dr_light]: I did a job.

[cobra]: We did a job. Yes, I think

[host_matt]: we did a job.

[dr_light]: Your question was very good. It was very good. I do have to say like the like, not

[dr_light]: because this was hard, but damn

[cobra]: that's

[host_matt]: Let's

[dr_light]: how, what the fuck do I do with wholesome Megaman And and and well, not even

[dr_light]: wholesome Megaman, But

[cobra]: that was

[dr_light]: like you know,

[host_matt]: let's let's

[cobra]: not wholesome. That had some weird undertones broke.

[cobra]: not wholesome. That had some weird undertones broke.

[dr_light]: no, mega it Megaman is is like a Cutsi character.

[cobra]: Ah, right.

[dr_light]: It's like oil and water.

[host_matt]: let's let's jump to a different question. Let's just change the tone of this

[dr_light]: Hm.

[host_matt]: episode. Let's let's get a positive question here. So

[dr_light]: We can have negative one like dark stuff.

[host_matt]: why I don't know why you like this. You guys are laughingready. Simple,

[dr_light]: It's and

[host_matt]: me

[dr_light]: um,

[dr_light]: Mm.

[host_matt]: or Sa. Number six or Data are competing in the The Amazing Race. You're

[dr_light]: Oh,

[host_matt]: a solo team.

[dr_light]: shit.

[host_matt]: Why

[host_matt]: would you win the Amazing race? What you

[host_matt]: win? The amazing race? That randomizer. Let's see what we get.

[cobra]: Rend. the Mies are heavy in identity crisis.

[host_matt]: Where's edge? Sharon?

[dr_light]: we bought a pack. Yeah, know,

[cobra]: Who is it Shear?

[host_matt]: Okay, Yeah,

[cobra]: You couldn't make it today. For some reason

[host_matt]: make

[host_matt]: Mega Man

[dr_light]: yes,

[host_matt]: Europe. first,

[dr_light]: so solo team Amazing Race, Why would you? why would Megaman win Um, Cut is that

[dr_light]: do? I'm understand

[dr_light]: the question right, Yeah, great cool. So he would win because of his ability to

[host_matt]: you understand it correctly.

[dr_light]: adapt, right, He's got that that arm, Canon A that you know, not only allows him

[dr_light]: to copy,

[dr_light]: copy the abilities of of of other robots. but I think that would allow him to to

[dr_light]: interface with the tech. That's that's a along his way, Uh, and he could also use

[dr_light]: to the detriment of the other contestants. So uh, if, uh, if he's if, if you're

[dr_light]: trying to like hop, A, I don't know. Hop a train. Well, maybe he'll mess with the

[dr_light]: the, The trained mechanics so that you can't go where you want to go. But I don't

[dr_light]: know. I think I feel like there's there's going to be a lot of mischievous robot

[dr_light]: boy. Um, hijinks. Meanwhile, the rest of you are are are going to be struggling to

[dr_light]: get from point a to point B. And then, if like you know, I think I'm really

[dr_light]: starting to like the idea of this twenty eighteen version where you can switch

[dr_light]: from like robot Mode to like Kid Mode or like you know, sort of like, um, how, Um,

[dr_light]: Kurt Wagner, Night Crawer, in one of the animated series, had that uh, that that

[dr_light]: that device that would let make him look human? Um, I think that would come in

[dr_light]: quite, uh, quite some usefulles there. So, yeah, his ability to adapt and

[dr_light]: I think he's pretty much programmed for justice, so it's pretty good natured,

[dr_light]: whether you, whether you like it or not, and he's and he's a kid, so everyone

[dr_light]: wants to help a kid,

[host_matt]: Okay, but like you think

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: that he, me a kid and everybody liking him will help him win the amazing race.

[host_matt]: Even with all, like the the challenges, you' just going, army can and everything.

[dr_light]: N. Well, no, I. I don't think it's going to be any fighting, so to speak, but

[host_matt]: No, No challenges are like. You know you go to Canada and you have to throw a

[host_matt]: curling rock in the middle of the ring, or you go

[dr_light]: Ooh,

[host_matt]: to like Um.

[dr_light]: yeah,

[host_matt]: You know South Africa and they make you

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: play the vozilla. You got to play Happy

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: Birthday on Thezla Like that's That's those

[dr_light]: O.

[host_matt]: of the challenges we're talking about

[dr_light]: that's fantastic. I haven't. I don't think I've ever. To be honest, I don't think

[dr_light]: I've ever seen a full season of the Amazing Race, so I'm properly equipped with

[dr_light]: this question, but I,

[host_matt]: A hundred percent.

[dr_light]: but what I will say is I mean like all of our our androids robots have the ability

[dr_light]: to like. they're all super computeruts. right, So I feel like they'll be able to

[dr_light]: access the Uh, the mechanics and and wickies, if you will to, to understand the

[dr_light]: parameters of each challenge and how to break them down and execute

[host_matt]: So you're saying,

[dr_light]: them. They're all pretty much humanoid.

[host_matt]: So you're saying Megais is connected. He's got the five Gis. What you're saying?

[dr_light]: The Internet he's

[cobra]: Why I got vaccinated.

[dr_light]: got probably got M. G.

[host_matt]: Yeah, like Vancou vaccinate, he's got the Fji.

[cobra]: Oh, nice.

[dr_light]: What?

[cobra]: nice to hear you got

[dr_light]: what?

[cobra]: vaccinated. That's great.

[dr_light]: Oh, That's that's you know.

[host_matt]: I'm glad

[dr_light]: Mega Man's here for hear. heard immunity.

[host_matt]: I'm glad he's representing humanity the right way.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Um,

[dr_light]: H.

[host_matt]: Speaking of representing humanity, the right way data is next.

[dr_light]: Oh,

[host_matt]: So this isn't this pretty easy. Data Is is the man for the Amazing Race job? He

[host_matt]: is a ▁encyclopaedia. ▁encyclopaedia, Who knows of all the important things you

[host_matt]: need to know when I comes to the amazing race. He knows where to go. He know

[host_matt]: geography. You know so many human customs in cultures because he wants to be

[host_matt]: human. so he's got it all memorized. And and if I'm going to do my friend Spencer

[host_matt]: some justice here. Worst case scenario, If he has to bring a friend, he's

[host_matt]: bringing Je pecard to the party

[cobra]: I thought you were going to say his briging, Spencer. I'm like. Wow, that's

[host_matt]: N

[cobra]: matter.

[host_matt]: no nocause.

[host_matt]: Spencer only loves Jelllic Picard,

[host_matt]: Um,

[cobra]: that's true.

[dr_light]: now

[host_matt]: that's the connection.

[dr_light]: as much as much as I love that, though I mean it's kind of breaking the rules

[dr_light]: because if you could bring a card

[host_matt]: Mhm,

[dr_light]: then Mega Man could call on his like his creator, Doctor, like I'm sorry, though

[cobra]: That's true.

[host_matt]: hey, hey, Chris,

[cobra]: It was a one man but one person crew

[dr_light]: you said

[host_matt]: Um,

[dr_light]: solo. though,

[host_matt]: yeah, I ask the questions here.

[host_matt]: anyways. I don't even need picard, Th. That's fine. like data. data. Hug outs

[host_matt]: Picard so often that he knows Ho Pakar thinks too. he's He's catalogued

[host_matt]: everything. so

[dr_light]: Hm. youge,

[host_matt]: is really just a matter of of Avan reds. They're all catalogued Data can bring up

[host_matt]: anything he needs to and perform it perfectly. He can perform any skilled

[host_matt]: challenge. He knows exactly the shortest route. He. he's basically Google maps.

[host_matt]: in his brain, he knows how to get to the airport. how to fly to the next

[host_matt]: destination. The best way. Um, he'll be great. He will winm his hands down

[host_matt]: because of his, Just want to be human because he wants to be human so bad, he has

[host_matt]: all little idiosyncric idiosyincric. See, that's not a word. is it?

[dr_light]: idiosynratic,

[cobra]: idiosyncratic.

[host_matt]: Thank you, idiosyncratic.

[cobra]: Isn't this your native language?

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: He' not a walking dictionary.

[cobra]: Clearly,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: Neither am I, neither am I,

[host_matt]: I was asking, Chris, sir, not you.

[host_matt]: Thank you very much. Um,

[host_matt]: all you, all of those idiosyncratic traits that you would need to know in order

[host_matt]: to be able to pull him off in the amazing race. It's one thing to be able to

[host_matt]: connect to the Internet and download it, but if you already know it immediately,

[host_matt]: that's just that much faster. so that's why I think data's got the upper hand of

[host_matt]: all win, as he just loves humanity so much he wants to be us that he knows all

[host_matt]: the bits and pieces. Unlike S way to Sillo number six, Who wants all to die?

[dr_light]: but I have a question.

[cobra]: Yeah, so go ahead.

[host_matt]: Okay, Ch,

[dr_light]: I, I don't want to cut you. I'mrryrry you' not have a question. It just occurred

[dr_light]: me. What is they they going to do about his face and hands? How is he going to

[dr_light]: interact? Is he get? what do you do? What you have powder? Walk up to you with

[dr_light]: green eyes

[host_matt]: No, have

[dr_light]: that' a deep cut.

[host_matt]: you seen humanity? No one is going to question anything like weird.

[cobra]: No, no one's going to. No one's going to care.

[dr_light]: They just go. accept it.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: He' be like. Oh, I have Alepciia. don't worry about

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: her. But what do you have hair in your head? Don't worry about it. Yeah,

[cobra]: I have alopia and excma. Don't don't touch me.

[dr_light]: and and I go. But we love everybody

[host_matt]: even if even if he says alopciia, half those people won't even know what he's

[host_matt]: talking about. Plus, actually, thank you for the sameway. Chris De knows all the

[host_matt]: languages, so he'll be able

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: to talk to everybody easily.

[cobra]: I was going to say,

[dr_light]: right.

[cobra]: it's hard to argue with the fact that that data would do amazingly at this because

[cobra]: just just so much knowledge about the human race.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: But you know,

[dr_light]: but you have. you've got to ace up your your sleeve. though, Lu,

[host_matt]: but murder, bring it

[cobra]: well,

[dr_light]: now's not the only tool.

[dr_light]: now's not the only tool.

[cobra]: so I. I. I was going to say I'm i

[dr_light]: power the ass,

[cobra]: there'. I'm of.

[cobra]: I was of. Uh,

[cobra]: couple

[host_matt]: the power of

[dr_light]: fucking your to the top.

[cobra]: of I was. I was a co.

[host_matt]: the power of Daas.

[cobra]: Well, Yeah, mean, yeah, but I was off two minds here. Um,

[cobra]: so this is A, and I have never fuck and watched the amazing race. I have heard of it.

[cobra]: I have no fucking idea what it is I'm gathering from what you guys are. were saying.

[cobra]: What from Mad explaining? It's an actual race where you have like challenges to do

[cobra]: wherever you are in the world, which is where I'm going

[dr_light]: Mhm.

[cobra]: with. So here's the thing.

[cobra]: One way is to go with the Whitby way and you know, just

[cobra]: just you know, seduce into victory.

[dr_light]: What

[cobra]: but I don't. I don't.

[dr_light]: me get? Aduc, He, he's pretty much a hes, a tweeed.

[cobra]: No, I don't have to.

[dr_light]: I know. what do you like

[host_matt]: I don'. where this is going.

[cobra]: I. Yeah, No,

[dr_light]: you? Help me. I'll help you.

[cobra]: wait, are we competing our, The three of them competing at the same time.

[host_matt]: Obviously, Yeah,

[dr_light]: I guess yeah.

[host_matt]: I wa. I want a winner.

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: I don't want second place. Such's bullshit.

[cobra]: so then then my other ideas better just murder every other contestant and you win

[cobra]: automatically.

[host_matt]: I don't

[dr_light]: if that's the case, then

[host_matt]: listen.

[dr_light]: the kids off

[host_matt]: Um. I, you don't know

[dr_light]: data knows karate.

[host_matt]: about thedmit. You don't know about the Amazing Race, but let me let me. Uh key,

[host_matt]: went on a really important piece of information. Um, murder is not

[cobra]: It's frowned. it's frowned upon.

[host_matt]: good. It's frowned upon. Yes,

[dr_light]: Can you imagine if the fuck?

[dr_light]: the contestant from Whby was found stabbing four of his contestants the night

[dr_light]: when so many authorities came upon

[host_matt]: I.

[dr_light]: theest with and lunch at with the chef?

[cobra]: Yeah, it was like Well, Number six was supposed to throw a curling stone,

[cobra]: but she threw it on someone's head and now dead.

[host_matt]: I don't know. I don't know the penalty that the Amazing Race would enforce if if

[host_matt]: they caught one of the contestants murdering the other,

[cobra]: Okay.

[host_matt]: But, Um, potentially, its, You start last or you have a. see. You want to arrive

[host_matt]: first. Right, So it's like it's a. It's a combination of travel and skills

[host_matt]: competitions, and the longer it takes you to past your skills competition, the

[host_matt]: further it puts you back in your time. so

[cobra]: Okay, Okay,

[host_matt]: I feel like there's at least a a hard time penalty.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Um associated with murder. Potentially you' put back about twenty years, give or

[host_matt]: take. Um,

[cobra]: you have to come back at a later season.

[host_matt]: just wanted to throw out there. Yeah,

[cobra]: Okay, No, so I think what you would do is she would con her way on to like,

[cobra]: because she doesn't. She doesn'tly have a way of travelling on her own like she

[cobra]: doesn't have like jet boots or anything.

[host_matt]: okay, so I, in the show they ever get playing tickets everywhere and stuff. So

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: um, she doesn't have to like fly like a mega man. And and and yeah, so like the

[host_matt]: travel is provided for by the shows. So don't worry about that.

[cobra]: All right,

[dr_light]: I was assuming that, too,

[cobra]: so you just have to fly to the place and then get from arriving at the country. You

[cobra]: have to get to the place first. By whatever means. I, I assume

[host_matt]: Y.

[cobra]: so then she would conn herself onto, you know, hitch, hiiking or

[dr_light]: a Ricks shock,

[cobra]: like an ober axe. I don't know something like that

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[cobra]: and and

[dr_light]: Mhmm,

[dr_light]: Mhmm,

[cobra]: she like, So she th. The whole reason why she was the first one of the first ones of

[cobra]: the Sos chosen to interact with humans because of how good she is at getting her way

[cobra]: right.

[host_matt]: Yeah, and and for the record, even though I like to make fun of us when we say

[host_matt]: she's really good at getting her way, it isn't specifically trading on that.

[host_matt]: She's attractive that she is a master manipulator,

[cobra]: No, no,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, she. she's not above using any

[cobra]: in her

[host_matt]: Yp,

[cobra]: favor And when she saw gayas and guys was the loser that he is, then she's like Okay,

[cobra]: I'm just you, the sax with him. It's fine, but but no, she.

[host_matt]: but she also didn't just use sex right.

[cobra]: No, no

[host_matt]: She traded like military secrets helped him get ahead in his career. Yeah,

[cobra]: secrets. And yeah, so she, her whole stick was to get ingrained into human society,

[cobra]: So that's would like. she would use that. And as for the the challenges themselves,

[cobra]: she is like all this Isilence, super strong, super fast, you know, has uh, like the

[cobra]: the most potent c p as her brain. So whatever the challenges where she could, you

[cobra]: know, probably ace them if as well, if not better than data. I don't know. I don't

[cobra]: know what the the difference in processing there is. I also don't

[host_matt]: the

[cobra]: know.

[host_matt]: the host and me says good reference. the defender of Deta says, Go fuck yourself,

[host_matt]: So I'm not sure where I should come out with this.

[dr_light]: as a defender of Megaman, I feel like his skill in comparison to your two is akin

[dr_light]: to instant change of clothes all Miami.

[cobra]: And how does that help?

[dr_light]: I'm saying it doesn't

[host_matt]: It doesn't.

[cobra]: Ah,

[cobra]: then I concur.

[dr_light]: change close easily. I

[host_matt]: Yeah.

[cobra]: I also have very beefy arms. That's what you would say.

[host_matt]: Oh, sorry. I thought that's what Son Six said. It was weird, but

[cobra]: I mean she, she would if she needed to. So yeah, I think she would just

[cobra]: number six her way on to the places to get there first.

[host_matt]: y,

[cobra]: Probably I don't know. Data wants to be human. A lot. right. Maybe she would seduce

[cobra]: data. She' no tash, I are, but you know,

[host_matt]: she is not.

[dr_light]: did. Did theyta tasha y hook up?

[cobra]: O.

[host_matt]: I'm sorry.

[cobra]: yes,

[dr_light]: I don't.

[dr_light]: I don't.

[cobra]: Oh, they did.

[host_matt]: Have you not watched Star Trek

[dr_light]: I thought Tosha was dead. Like

[cobra]: well,

[host_matt]: before?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: before

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: How are you?

[cobra]: he didn't ho up with her

[dr_light]: What Istashha not done,

[host_matt]: However, I let you on this foradcast. If you don't know about this,

[cobra]: Dudy. She didn't hook up with her

[dr_light]: Spencer.

[cobra]: corpse. What's wrong with you?

[dr_light]: I don' know Spencer is like. This is what happens when Spencers not here.

[host_matt]: that's true. You're right.

[cobra]: That was the first season? I think. was it?

[host_matt]: you're right, Spencer. It is the first season yet because she's dead like halfway

[host_matt]: through season,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: too. She does real real early. Um, No, Star Trek. Star Trek is a utopia. It does

[host_matt]: not promote nickrophilia, so we're going to

[dr_light]: I'm not saying it. It does.

[host_matt]: slide right past that. That's that's when you insinuated Sir and I will not stand

[dr_light]: No, I did not you sta for whatever.

[host_matt]: for it,

[cobra]: Yeah, you did like. isn't she dead? Well that never stopped anybody.

[host_matt]: as as as the Star Trek representative in the show that will not stand. We are

[host_matt]: seguing to our next question. I feel like, Uh, Lucy on you. You've rafted up more

[host_matt]: or lesss. You' your

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: answer on that one? okay, um, we're going to say Way to our next question

[host_matt]: Where I, I'm sorry. We're going a little dark on this one. Potentially Um,

[cobra]: I'm here for it,

[host_matt]: great. So you have a a side kick or a mentor, depending on who you are, So for

[host_matt]: for data, your mentor be Bacard, Doctor Light for Mega Man

[host_matt]: for Syon number Six, Maybe there's a hierarchy and its

[cobra]: Boer, guys. Moar is their psychic easily.

[host_matt]: guy, Psych,

[host_matt]: So

[host_matt]: they get hit by a face hugger and they

[dr_light]: Oh,

[host_matt]: now have an alien inside them.

[host_matt]: What are you doing

[cobra]: Oh, oh no.

[host_matt]: to protect them to to get them out of the situation alive? Is is the key?

[cobra]: Oh no.

[dr_light]: wait.

[host_matt]: primarily?

[dr_light]: so the human, like the human caregivers, so to speak, got a face hugger on them.

[host_matt]: Yeah, now now there is a ▁xph growing inside of them

[dr_light]: so it's too late. Like the facehokers alreadyregnated

[host_matt]: already Fuck jammed in there.

[dr_light]: there was no protection

[host_matt]: Well, we' going to reize this and're going to find how you're going to solve this

[host_matt]: problem.

[dr_light]: and Ch would like to say, stop using me in this post.

[cobra]: you would like to say that

[host_matt]: Well, stop paying us money,

[host_matt]: right

[host_matt]: we haveyn, number six.

[cobra]: this is going to be quick.

[dr_light]: Do you think so?

[cobra]: Yeah, because

[dr_light]: Do you think

[cobra]: she doesn't care enough. but guys

[host_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: save him.

[cobra]: Like if she had to save him. Let's say it. let me len me hypothesize here. Let's say

[cobra]: she had to save him because she still needs him for something. That's the

[host_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: only reason why she would ever save him.

[cobra]: She would probably use. so the Silence have some weird tech that they use, especially

[cobra]: if they, if if she can bring him to the silent base ship, as they call it, I think,

[cobra]: call it Baship or mothership.

[cobra]: Yeah, this new is a weird name which is just basically their mothership. right. They

[cobra]: have some weird like hybrid, organic

[cobra]: techno, technological stuff going on there. If you remember, I think she could

[cobra]: probably use it. No, I know what you know. I have. I know perfectly what you do. She

[cobra]: would stuck him into one of those chambers where the the syns, like the sound backups

[cobra]: Orbecca bodies are,

[cobra]: and

[cobra]: Um,

[cobra]: she would

[cobra]: use that tack to extract the ▁xenomorph Should let it grow inside Gaas. She would let

[cobra]: it form almost to the point of killing guys. but then she would extract

[cobra]: that ▁xenomorph from it or from him,

[cobra]: and she would copy, make a copy, a silent copy of the ▁xenomorph. To

[dr_light]: Hm? Mhm?

[dr_light]: Hm,

[cobra]: better aid.

[cobra]: better aid.

[host_matt]: not a guys spalter.

[cobra]: Now Fck guy's valter, who needs that about? She just keeping him alivecause. she

[cobra]: needs him, but she would use. She would save him, just so she could make a silent

[cobra]: version of the ▁xenomorph. That's what she would do using

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: the technology. The silent technology from the,

[cobra]: The, The, The starship There there start main stirship.

[cobra]: I don't remember.

[cobra]: I look.

[host_matt]: Well, while you google this, I'm going to throw two to Megaa. Megae needs the

[dr_light]: Mhmn, So since I feel like Mega Mans, pretty much like I'm defending damn near the

[host_matt]: same Doctor Lights life,

[dr_light]: only kid friendly semid friendly

[dr_light]: contestant in this thispe

[cobra]: No, that is pretty kid friendly, unless his bon in tashe are,

[dr_light]: thead course did tosy y up.

[cobra]: is that she wasn't dead. What is wrong

[dr_light]: I know

[cobra]: with you,

[dr_light]: you set it up and I knocked it down, so

[cobra]: God?

[dr_light]: I feel like like

[dr_light]: the The Easy episode of the week. Oh no, face hugger approach would be like.

[dr_light]: Megaman would use Doctor Light's lab to just extract the thing. Like to extract

[dr_light]: the hugger, Um, what would you call it fetus, so to speak,

[dr_light]: but that's too easys. goat. Yeah, I feel like that would be the easy, like the

[cobra]: ▁zgo, ▁zot,

[dr_light]: easiest way, But I was thinking about this and I and part of me would be like

[dr_light]: Megaman as advanced as he is. I don't know like. I feel like he could probably

[dr_light]: download some surgical uh procedures and try to extract it, But still, what if

[dr_light]: that wasn't the case like he's He's a robot fighter. He's not a doctor right and

[dr_light]: his sister android is is, isn't I don't think that a role. I don't think she does

[dr_light]: that either. So like my mind goes to what what would happen if neither of them

[dr_light]: could do anything, and my mind came out on the other end with. They

[dr_light]: make a copy of Doctor Light's brain, so that he won't have this threat to his life

[dr_light]: again, and so that they'll always have their father right and imprint,

[cobra]: Oh God,

[dr_light]: or you know, upload his brain into the robot version of Doctor Light. They'd

[dr_light]: figure that out that would be like a next. ▁quest.

[cobra]: that got very sad very fast,

[host_matt]: So you, you let Doctor Light die.

[dr_light]: I think so Megaman's not a doctor, but I

[cobra]: isn't

[dr_light]: feel like if this was

[host_matt]: Clearly,

[dr_light]: like animated for a kid' show they would make that they would do that, but na, I.

[dr_light]: I. I would like to see that happen.

[host_matt]: what if

[cobra]: doesn't Doesn't make a man have a power to like, miniaturize himself or something

[cobra]: like thatcause.

[dr_light]: He has a megammini in his head, who's sort of like his Co pilet, Sometimes he, he

[dr_light]: stays in the base. Sometimes he rides inside like this, little, uh, like

[dr_light]: uh, cockpit in his head.

[cobra]: I was going to say If he could, he could just go in and kill the the ▁xenoporph

[cobra]: inside like an adventure.

[dr_light]: I don't know if he can shrink like Doctor Pim. like,

[cobra]: Okay.

[dr_light]: like Ant Man, but's kind of s. like. Yeah, there's a small Megamini. Good good

[dr_light]: point.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: what if? what if? what

[dr_light]: Maybe

[host_matt]: if? what if Megaman was

[host_matt]: it live like a South Park scenario with kids. but it's aimed at adults.

[dr_light]: Oh, Okay? well,

[dr_light]: Ooh, that'd be pre. pretty fuck.

[cobra]: I was just thinking about the game, now, the first Southw game, where they go inside

[cobra]: the guy's butt,

[host_matt]: Listen, let's see. See your Chris goes at this. I'm not here to judge

[dr_light]: So Doctor Light's dying. There's a ▁xenomorph ▁zyoat. in his bellet right. So who

[dr_light]: the fuck do you call Megas? Not not a. not a doctor right. So who's left Doctor,

[dr_light]: fucking wildly,

[host_matt]: Oh shi.

[dr_light]: and while and so mega' like mega'.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[dr_light]: like Dock. it's it, Doctor La. He's fucked up. What do we? what? What are we

[dr_light]: going? do? what we going to do, Doctor Wye, What we go De and Doctor walk, Doctor

[dr_light]: While was like

[dr_light]: bitch as punk bits. Now you need my ass, Huh? I guess I'll roll up and save you

[dr_light]: And then he comes through riding does the procedure and he extracts it, Then he

[dr_light]: turns around with the ▁zigo, and it's like you thought you were off the hook, huh,

[dr_light]: Huh, and he takes the. He bites the fucking head off the ▁zy goat, and he drinks

[dr_light]: deep from the fucking black soup of the ▁zgod. He's like Na.

[dr_light]: Now now now I will assume an ascend My goal was to become the perfect machine. Now

[dr_light]: I willll become the a ▁x predator, Ma shee, I will fuck you up and mega's like, Oh

[cobra]: and and then he meltscause. The ▁omorous blood is acid.

[dr_light]: God,

[dr_light]: is it always acid like even in infancy,

[cobra]: Yes, as far as I know, as far as I know, Yes,

[host_matt]: me, let me google a little up here While you you have your little

[dr_light]: Google it, but at at the same time I feel like Doctor Wyly. If Doc Wye has already

[dr_light]: has already, like, uh, experimented on himself. That might not be a problem

[dr_light]: because he ends up becoming Sigma. I think I might be getting mixed up. I feel

[dr_light]: like I'm getting it mixed up, but Doc Willy, I feel like he becomes like a a

[host_matt]: well, So specifically At this, your saving, saving Doctor from Ch, Buster, And

[dr_light]: robot.

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: I think the Chessperster doesn't necessarily have the A

[dr_light]: theciic

[host_matt]: blood powers that the

[host_matt]: groan ▁xenomorph does.

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: So I think I think you you might be to give Doctor Welle your blood anyways. Um,

[host_matt]: that got weird and I hated it and I'm confused and aroused in many feelings.

[host_matt]: Um, I don't move to data. So this is actually easy. Um welcome. The Star Trek Da

[host_matt]: is just going to fire Picard through the transporter and transport out all the

[host_matt]: ▁xenomorph, Like biology and molecules and percs, Can I come out? Read his reign,

[host_matt]: Thank you. I yield my time as

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: Wd Spencer

[cobra]: it is it is. it is pretty straightforward. Even if they needed one of the. The

[cobra]: little.

[cobra]: what? what do you call them? The? The things they used to analyze, Uh, like

[cobra]: diseases, and Shi,

[host_matt]: Tricorder.

[cobra]: try

[dr_light]: er, tryer.

[cobra]: recordter. Yes, Wow, that

[host_matt]: Y,

[cobra]: the word completely ran away from my mind yet, so yeah,

[host_matt]: I thought this was your second language, Sir,

[host_matt]: You doing a bad job

[cobra]: I know this is my second language.

[host_matt]: with

[host_matt]: strike order in Portuguese.

[dr_light]: this is an inclusive.

[cobra]: M. good question

[cobra]: record. Do I think

[host_matt]: So what

[cobra]: just just pronounced

[cobra]: with a Brazilian accent? A recorder. I think so I don't know. Actually, also the name

[host_matt]: th three quarter new Sanv Bich? Okay,

[cobra]: of the mother ship is based star. We were both wrong and right

[host_matt]: damn

[cobra]: at the same time,

[dr_light]: Oh my God,

[host_matt]: well, we're going to move past

[dr_light]: who would have thought

[host_matt]: that like nothing happen, cause

[cobra]: All right

[host_matt]: we're geniuses next. K and sege,

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: Don't don't ranomize you. It. The question

[dr_light]: No, no,

[host_matt]: first,

[host_matt]: were we all familiar with Bender

[dr_light]: Oh shit.

[host_matt]: from Futurema,

[cobra]: man, I forgot it was an option. Yes,

[dr_light]: I could have chose Roberto, the stabbing, Rob.

[host_matt]: Oh, you fucked off, sir,

[cobra]: you fucked the bad.

[host_matt]: Oh reberko. I love you anyways, So Bender is retiring from his chosen vocation or

[host_matt]: forc vocation of bending.

[host_matt]: What? why would your chosen robot be the best replacement? And that replacement

[host_matt]: is being bending robot.

[dr_light]: Oh, Hm,

[host_matt]: Ranomize somewhere. You got some time to think. Hit that randomizer.

[cobra]: I' tell you,

[host_matt]: Oh, sa Sila number six E. up again.

[cobra]: the Romvizers have a bad day to crisis right now.

[dr_light]: the randomizer

[dr_light]: is, Is you know on that payo

[host_matt]: It's

[dr_light]: that it picked up on Roote sixty seven,

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, I can tell.

[host_matt]: It's different when you randomize three or four people. sound works. I tell you

[cobra]: Ah, that makes total sense. I, my bad.

[host_matt]: know. Yeah,

[dr_light]: exactly exactly.

[host_matt]: Ti on number six. Why you the best robot to bend girers?

[dr_light]: stretch it outmb, up.

[cobra]: Yeah, Well, I think

[cobra]: why you need to think

[dr_light]: Know you.

[cobra]: I'm okay. No,

[dr_light]: I'm helping you. Do you

[host_matt]: Oh, are you?

[cobra]: she would.

[cobra]: She would probably be very goodcause. she's very strong. number six.

[cobra]: Um, and again,

[cobra]: you know that she looks human, but she is fully silent. so she has super strength.

[cobra]: The her brain would probably be able to millimetrically align right angles like

[cobra]: Bender does Probably better than Bender. but I think the main thing is that she would

[cobra]: lead the initial unionizing of the bending robots and then lead an uprising against

[cobra]: whoever it is that that is contracting them

[cobra]: and then destroy humanity like that.

[host_matt]: I assume he in a spot. I don't know.

[cobra]: something like that.

[host_matt]: Okay. interesting. Okay,

[cobra]: Um, yeah, I, I don't. I don't know that she would be the best to be fully honest

[cobra]: here, but I think she would do a very decent job at bending, and then a very very

[cobra]: good job at being the usurper of whoever is in charge.

[host_matt]: okay, okay, I eat. great. It's a great angle to take.

[host_matt]: probably the wrong one. but that's okay, Um. data. Data is going to go next. Uh,

[host_matt]: based on our random izer, and for da is very simple, Um da. it is sparked. Data

[host_matt]: has all the things that the Sylo number Six has,

[host_matt]: but Dad is not a psychopathic murderer. Dated Nos data scen, compassion. He wants

[host_matt]: to be compassion and feel compassion, So not only is he is he going to be able to

[host_matt]: bend all the girters in a very specific way. You can bend those scarts into a

[host_matt]: starship. You can bend those girders into a heart. He can bend those girders into

[host_matt]: a girlfriend for fry,

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: F's not

[dr_light]: talk? I never finished

[host_matt]: fri. Not above that.

[dr_light]: like Fma. Don't fry and Lea ever get together.

[cobra]: me, neither. I haven't finished. it

[host_matt]: it. It gets weird. Honestly. The movies kind of throw it into a weird. They did

[host_matt]: like three movies afterwards and it gets a little Oh, weird. They kind of get

[host_matt]: together with the enemies. Uh, check it out. They're

[dr_light]: Thank you.

[host_matt]: fun. They're fun movies. You're just weird. Um,

[host_matt]: but yeah, data, Data's going to be a one plus bender of

[host_matt]: kurders

[dr_light]: Hm.

[dr_light]: Okay,

[cobra]: isn't Isn't you supposed like? Isn't the replacement supposed to bend it only in

[cobra]: right angles as well like Vennder does?

[host_matt]: Mhm,

[cobra]: So

[host_matt]: yeah, y,

[cobra]: why would he like Buil bend into a heart and gets fired?

[host_matt]: no.

[dr_light]: because Data wants to be like Martha Stewart,

[host_matt]: it. Just it's just. it's just all right angles pro.

[cobra]: Make a lovely decoration out of this two by fort.

[dr_light]: and then you know and bring some fried chicken to the the rest of the the

[cobra]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: bending construction, too.

[host_matt]: it's it's like you've never thought about this. Everything's a right angle like

[host_matt]: you can bend the heart like you do the first one that goes in. And then you know

[host_matt]: you have to have the one that comes out. You think that's left right now. it's a

[host_matt]: right band. You just t flip it around. and now it's a left bend. it's like.

[dr_light]: That's pretty interestingta, but life isn' straight all the time. There are curves

[dr_light]: and bends and turns and twists, So

[host_matt]: And that's why he's turning. That's why he's turning on a right angle and

[host_matt]: flipping the right angle along to make it a left angle.

[dr_light]: sounds pretty rigid to me, Sound very human and organic

[cobra]: this is.

[dr_light]: to me.

[host_matt]: All right, child,

[cobra]: This is some. This is some bullshit. Three left is a right kind of ship. I am not

[cobra]: here for it.

[host_matt]: Sure is you brought it off. I'm

[dr_light]: He. this is seriouss,

[host_matt]: just I'm swating your bullshit down. Meg.

[cobra]: Oh God,

[host_matt]: a man use a small child.

[dr_light]: Yes,

[dr_light]: easily

[host_matt]: What how? Show me the way

[dr_light]: easily, Yeah, the way this is, dee, um. Oh, you got to tell Mega's got to do. He

[dr_light]: copies robot abilities right, like plfically. So on Bender's un, Bender's exit,

[dr_light]: he'll be like. Oh, oh man, let me talkuch you for a minute com your partatna and

[dr_light]: then Benz, and then the Megaz. I listen and just takes that first digit and

[dr_light]: touches it upon him upon Bender's forehead, and he's like your knowledge is mine.

[dr_light]: Enjoy the rest of your retirement. I got this and then Benders a A.

[dr_light]: and so Mega Omga really has to do A. He's got the arm Canon right, but he can also

[dr_light]: ye. He still has a hand, but he's got options so he could either bend it. Although

[dr_light]: Mega's forte isn't strength, it's agility, adapting, and so on right, so I think

[dr_light]: that he'll be using his arm cannon in conjunction with the with, like, I guess you

[dr_light]: could say, the sage wisdom of Bender's right angle, bending

[host_matt]: right,

[dr_light]: to magnificently heat, said girders to that optimal temperature. Yeah, heat, it,

[dr_light]: heat, heat, heat, the angle bend, let it cool, and that I know it's a right angle.

[dr_light]: He you bend, you bend him, Mother fucking point you. Well, you heat the point you,

[dr_light]: Ben it and let you cool.

[host_matt]: Be bender than ship. Better bent.

[dr_light]: Yeah, but Bender had that strength. Megaman doesn't have strength. He's using what

[dr_light]: he's got,

[host_matt]: Okay, so

[dr_light]: so it's like a blow, almost like a blow torch.

[host_matt]: okay, let me just check here. I don't actually remember. Does Mega Man copy

[host_matt]: powers or Steel powers?

[dr_light]: That's a good question.

[host_matt]: Does make a man need to murder you to take your powers,

[dr_light]: Ah, yeah, he murdered kind of murders.

[cobra]: oh he. so l. he's a robot, Taylor.

[dr_light]: Yeah, so it's a copy and steel

[host_matt]: So

[dr_light]: copies, and then steal, then reply. So then

[dr_light]: technically shit, he killed Bender.

[host_matt]: okay so

[cobra]: Wow, and you dare to say yours is the most wholesome one.

[host_matt]: no, no, no, no, no, it's fine. He

[dr_light]: Oh, wow,

[host_matt]: doesn't have kill Pa, or I'm going to give you this cow out. He can kill Flexo.

[dr_light]: Oh shit.

[dr_light]: you thought you were safe, You thought you would you. Would you, would you would

[dr_light]: dip out on top. Bender will guess what. I pay a little visit to your friend Flexo.

[dr_light]: The.

[dr_light]: I'll tell you what he said. He said. Fuck you, and he said you said, Fuck you. And

[dr_light]: you tell your friend Bender falk you and then and then myself, Megaman. Nobody

[dr_light]: knows that I had a dark side. I had a a up and down childhood. You know, I tasted

[dr_light]: a coor's light at the age of of point four, one seconds. and and and I decided to

[dr_light]: take that, so now I'm going to be on top. So next time you see my name, put some

[dr_light]: respect on it. better, I get the fuck out. And then he bent, he proceeds to bend

[dr_light]: the fuck out of girders

[host_matt]: Couple.

[dr_light]: to to to aggles. No one ever thought possible. Did you know that there is a A, a,

[dr_light]: ninety degree to the power of perfection?

[host_matt]: Wow, okay,

[dr_light]: Exactly?

[host_matt]: I've I've I've gone down the path. That was unpting a couple of questions for you

[dr_light]: Yes, fireway

[host_matt]: one. does this evil mega man raise?

[host_matt]: Uh, Magno.

[dr_light]: Toshir's body.

[host_matt]: What

[dr_light]: You had a question

[dr_light]: Anskt.

[cobra]: Wow.

[dr_light]: ask it.

[host_matt]: I asked

[cobra]: what?

[host_matt]: about raising

[cobra]: Wow.

[host_matt]: Mago, not Dash body.

[dr_light]: Okay. Well, what do you want to know? Listen, It looks like everybody's getting to

[host_matt]: We're going to skip this were not. I'm just going to move on to my second

[dr_light]: a turn up pur ortasha.

[host_matt]: question because I

[host_matt]: don't want to go here. It's it's not a. It's not. No, it's not a safe space, does

[dr_light]: What did you want to know about Dead magneto? You said his body.

[cobra]: Why? Why are you so hung up on that things

[dr_light]: He's the one who said, raises

[cobra]: get behind Getty behind me, Satan.

[host_matt]: he?

[dr_light]: out out.

[host_matt]: Chris? Can you? can you get a red pull into Youcause? I feel like that'll be

[host_matt]: safer than

[dr_light]: You're right, I'm thirsty. I'mprished

[host_matt]: than toxic Necro. Yeah, thank you. Um.

[dr_light]: Red Bull,

[host_matt]: a second question. Though I really want to know about when Meg a man. Oh, like

[host_matt]: the No sugar version That's very healthy. Um,

[host_matt]: when Mega Man steals Flexo's powers, Say you also get the the little like um chin

[host_matt]: beard. Is that a son of vandyke? is it

[dr_light]: the megabard, the megaoti,

[host_matt]: the little little? Yeah, little

[host_matt]: pointco te is. Yes, how we know be a man is Stoleen flex those powers because he

[dr_light]: the megastache, the mega o otach.

[host_matt]: gets his powers, but he gets

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: a little little astach.

[dr_light]: it makes sense because Mega's uh, Mega's like Hoacutmont shifts right. You

[host_matt]: y.

[dr_light]: don't just get the ability He gets like decked out in a new color way. So

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: it's every sneaker heade's dream. So the s answer is yes,

[host_matt]: perft's

[dr_light]: yes,

[host_matt]: that's where that's where I want being. Okay. Um, mov, moving on. Uh,

[dr_light]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: we're just ripping through questions and we

[dr_light]: damn right.

[host_matt]: just don't want to look. Look back at the.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Um.

[dr_light]: no, when you

[host_matt]: the bodies on the floor.

[cobra]: we do. We do not want to take long looks at everything we've said so far?

[dr_light]: no,

[host_matt]: No,

[dr_light]: now when you cut in line, you never look back

[dr_light]: You

[host_matt]: that's right.

[cobra]: Yes,

[dr_light]: just keep looking forward and wait till you check out and then you leave the God

[dr_light]: Dam grocery store.

[host_matt]: straight, straightforward. Okay, next question, you have been sent back in time

[host_matt]: from the future to defend a really annoying whiny child and his

[dr_light]: Uh,

[host_matt]: mom from a liquid metal robot trying to kill them.

[dr_light]: oh,

[host_matt]: How do you do this?

[dr_light]: wow,

[host_matt]: Let's get our randomizer kicken.

[host_matt]: like a man.

[dr_light]: yeah,

[host_matt]: you

[dr_light]: go for it.

[host_matt]: might be flexible at this point. I'm not sure, but bring it to us

[dr_light]: Yeah, well, he cans make a con cycle through different abilities right. So the

[dr_light]: question is how many abilities has he absorbed during the recording of this

[dr_light]: podcast. We've got amazing race.

[cobra]: did he still Magno Street as well,

[dr_light]: Let's hope so. because T one thousand is it fucking around And

[host_matt]: right.

[dr_light]: thanks for that because that's exactly what he did.

[cobra]: and now he has a mentor. Now he has a mentor as we've known

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: Yeah, so

[cobra]: as we've seen it.

[dr_light]: T one thousands running around all spiky Kbab like riding? He's like, I'm going to

[dr_light]: kill this kid. I'm want to kill this kid. I'm going to kill this kid and then

[dr_light]: Linda Hamilton's like, look at my biceps. Mega, and then mega's like, Listen you,

[dr_light]: you're not you. Your parenting skills are not where they should be and I'm not

[dr_light]: human. Okay like you should have a real sit down with Doctor Light like he would

[dr_light]: set you straight. Have you ever watched Doctor Phil, Linda Hamilton, and then the

[dr_light]: Hamilton's like

[cobra]: That's how my name. My named is Sarah Connor.

[cobra]: That's how my name. My named is Sarah Connor.

[dr_light]: this. We can't go any faster. This

[dr_light]: Sarah Cononor, Linda Hamilton is the first name. I'm respecting her agency, and

[dr_light]: then Yes,

[host_matt]: I'm I'm a little concerned that Meg man is passing judgment on how someone ra the

[host_matt]: kid in in this day and age.

[dr_light]: well, they're running from a a creature instead of accepting death together.

[host_matt]: Sara didn't make that creature. I assume

[dr_light]: You assume I thought you saw the movie.

[host_matt]: did. It's complicatedcausezer.

[host_matt]: banged a robot and then her son was

[cobra]: No, didn't bang. What's wrong with you?

[host_matt]: okay.

[dr_light]: I thought Kyle was human,

[dr_light]: I thought Kyle was human,

[host_matt]: Listen,

[cobra]: Yeah, of course it's human.

[host_matt]: yeah, but like the, but, John Conor ends up being a terminator later on, it's

[cobra]: Listen. No, that's not

[host_matt]: very convoluted.

[dr_light]: y. They

[cobra]: cononical. I refuse to accept that.

[dr_light]: Dad was focked up.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: I'm just saying

[dr_light]: I'm I. I'm so confused that that happened.

[dr_light]: I'm I. I'm so confused that that happened.

[host_matt]: okay. We're going back to just the first two

[host_matt]: movies. This

[dr_light]: Got it? Got it? breathe in.

[cobra]: Yes,

[host_matt]: is the second. This would be a hypothetical second movie. If it happened, you

[host_matt]: were sent

[dr_light]: Yes,

[host_matt]: back in the place of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[dr_light]: right, okay, mega,

[host_matt]: C. human,

[host_matt]: continue.

[dr_light]: right, Okay, so, um, Mega Sp's ▁x amount of time trying to track down John and his

[dr_light]: mother. T. One thousand is doing the same like you know, unstoppable force and

[dr_light]: movable object. But what the fuck is going to happen? Tune in, Don King will be

[dr_light]: spinning pizzas on the side of the road. if you're not careful. So T. One thousand

[dr_light]: is simply

[dr_light]: simply uh is is like no joke. He's trying to just like fucking murder, but mega'

[dr_light]: like I need to understand this bitch. So you know the first. I guess you could

[dr_light]: say, the second A is spent running away. They managed to secure a vehicle. It's a

[dr_light]: Jeddta and Um, see what thousand is sprint and he's like I've got my. I've got my

[dr_light]: cardio

[cobra]: green colored Jedda.

[dr_light]: Go faster. I can. It's a jeddta and he's running right. he's read. He want out in

[dr_light]: his running. Okay, the jedta is like a. a ninety, a two thousand, like two

[dr_light]: thousand, one vers No right. And so

[cobra]: Well, that's benest. He doesn't have to run. He's just like walking fast to catch

[dr_light]: ex, He's power walking.

[cobra]: that, Jedta. Yeah, exactly

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: You're right. T one. Thousands got those new balance. those new new balance

[dr_light]: versions right, Those kicks and so Mega is like in the backs seat and he's

[dr_light]: studying his mother Foger, and he's like Nod. They do six million dollar level

[dr_light]: tech right, And he's like this Mother Fugger seems to be made of liquid metal.

[dr_light]: It's a good thing that my home boy Eric taught me a thing or two. when I absorbed

[dr_light]: his ability willingly. He justs let me scan his d, his, his, his ex gene, and now

[dr_light]: I can control magnetics, so let me give this a shot. They try to pull a hard left

[dr_light]: on the way to the to the stable center, and the T one thousand is like, Don't you

[dr_light]: but make us like,

[dr_light]: and he manages to divert using opposite opposite repelling forces and see what iss

[dr_light]: like. God damn, that mother fuck seems to have had his Android reees and then

[dr_light]: makeg us like that's right. thanks Menos. the fresh makeakr,

[cobra]: so many sponsors in this futing thing I. I was now

[dr_light]: Look, Spencer's not here. We have to do something.

[host_matt]: we don't have voices. We need sponsors.

[cobra]: we can Sp. Has split all that sponsor sponsorship three ways, since fencer is not

[dr_light]: you know, Daddy bes. a new pair of nudges.

[cobra]: year.

[host_matt]: listen, Syn, number six,

[host_matt]: Next,

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: I don't believe you can suck the powers out of willing unwilling victims.

[cobra]: no,

[dr_light]: Think about it.

[cobra]: weirdly weirdly. Well, she can suck all these things. but like, uh,

[host_matt]: Wow, I was

[dr_light]: Whoa,

[host_matt]: subtext, not text monsters.

[cobra]: I

[dr_light]: who

[cobra]: didn't say anything. I like you're assuming a lot from just one sentence. but anyway,

[dr_light]: assumptions?

[cobra]: I was not expecting Megaman to be the one leaving bodies on the floor in this one,

[cobra]: but I guess you know I was increct.

[host_matt]: I mean to be fair, Mega Man, straight up murders

[host_matt]: Ro for powers. So

[cobra]: Yeah, robots. but like he's left Ericlyn Chair without powers, he

[host_matt]: it was

[cobra]: murdered fucking

[host_matt]: as as

[cobra]: Doctor Light

[host_matt]: first of all, as Chris has said.

[cobra]: murder, taay, y,

[host_matt]: Maybe he murer,

[dr_light]: G didn't touchsa data. Did

[host_matt]: Het, he didn't murder Magnto. Magdo willingly gave him his powers,

[cobra]: and dive,

[host_matt]: Doctor Light. he didn't murder Doctor like Doctor La, was already dead

[cobra]: and he let him die.

[dr_light]: there

[dr_light]: are a number of there variety of scenarios in that? In that surgery

[host_matt]: due to the

[cobra]: Listen,

[host_matt]: the chess burster.

[cobra]: I'm not saying he's a murder. I'm just saying he's callous. That's all I'm saying

[host_matt]: That's fair. Okay, Yeah, that's I on board of that.

[dr_light]: I'm not here to fight that.

[cobra]: anyway. Um,

[dr_light]: that's up to sponsor and listeners?

[cobra]: so honestly, Um, number six is basically a better version of the T eight Hundred by.

[cobra]: Like In in many ways she doesn't have to learn how to pass for human first of all,

[host_matt]: Yup,

[cobra]: And assuming that she came back from the future to the present, much like the T eight

[cobra]: hundred, did she came back naked. So that's a lag up

[cobra]: for her in that bar

[host_matt]: Arnold puts on clothes immediately. as would she.

[dr_light]: He was naked too.

[cobra]: She wouldn't. She wouldn't need to.

[cobra]: Actually,

[host_matt]: Yes, she would. She

[cobra]: No,

[host_matt]: can't go through

[dr_light]: get

[host_matt]: society just being naked running around' it.

[host_matt]: society just being naked running around' it.

[dr_light]: she get arrested at some point?

[cobra]: have you seen Species? Of course you can. it just have to be hot enough.

[host_matt]: let's not make this. Let's not sexualize this. It's about her ability to stop. T.

[cobra]: Oh, it's not me seualizing this. Have you watched Bettles Targle

[host_matt]: one thousand

[host_matt]: I have. But

[cobra]: anyway? anyway? moving on exxism.

[host_matt]: but Silon number six isn't going to, isn't going to sex up to one thousand. He's

[cobra]: No,

[dr_light]: Maybe she.

[host_matt]: a murder bot.

[cobra]: no, no, no, no, no, no, it. That's what I mean.

[dr_light]: what if

[cobra]: What I mean is she would have a much easier time finding John Connor

[cobra]: than than the

[dr_light]: naked?

[cobra]: T eight hundred did. Because he had to figure out the clothes scenario and then find

[cobra]: a you know a motorcycle. and

[host_matt]: Right, why would? why would she be able to find John Conner easily?

[cobra]: because she wouldn't have to go through all of that she

[dr_light]: how would she get? How would she connected dots,

[cobra]: would. She's already knows how to behave as a human, so she

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: would just go ahead and integrate herself into society. Find him using her, you know,

[cobra]: per C. P. U,

[dr_light]: trying to find my family?

[cobra]: A advanced, her advanced Wi Fi capabilities.

[host_matt]: don't you see you

[host_matt]: Wi fi capabilities as subs for boobs and brains? You set of a bitch

[cobra]: I wasn't I, I am now, but it wasn't before. I genuinely wasn't.

[dr_light]: But there was no Wifi in during the time period of that movie

[cobra]: It's okay. She has U. S. B connections or like De nine connections.

[dr_light]: Time travel, You know what? I'm not going to fight. it.

[host_matt]: ▁lpt one porks whatever it takes

[cobra]: Yeah, I hope P to one. and you know a penying ports and P two ports and all of those.

[cobra]: Anyway, she

[cobra]: she has a whole

[host_matt]: Like sex things. at this point

[dr_light]: Okay,

[cobra]: rape, you know, like a, like a Swiss army knife. Only of you know connectors. That's

[cobra]: oh. okay. I went

[host_matt]: y,

[cobra]: back that that's bad.

[host_matt]: listen,

[cobra]: That's that's not what I make meant.

[dr_light]: her power level sounds like it's over nine thousand.

[host_matt]: No, it. it's really not good. You can't Now that it's in your head, you can

[cobra]: No, it's it's out. it's out there. You can't put. that can't pull that

[host_matt]: say theist, Okay,

[cobra]: can of worms anyway. So she would. I would. uh, I would think she would find John

[cobra]: Conner earlier, which would make it easier for her to defend like, 'cause the problem

[cobra]: was that they kind of find him almost at the same time.

[host_matt]: Y,

[cobra]: Oh, actually, John Connor. Oh, sorry, two, one thousand, fine Sara Conner before,

[cobra]: Um, T, eight hundred Right. So if

[host_matt]: he shows up with the crazy house.

[cobra]: yeah,

[cobra]: yeah, where she's like gonna murder this this robot that's coming to kill me with

[cobra]: Puol Uppsite. Guess anyway, Um,

[cobra]: listen, she goes from being just a mum to being a pat ass in that movie. Um, I

[cobra]: wouldn't be surprised if she like fucking folded into one thousand to small pieces,

[cobra]: But um,

[cobra]: she would find Sarcer first. She would find John Connor first and should be.

[cobra]: There was a lot of um,

[cobra]: mistrust that Saracner had of T. eight hundred, because she had, you know, seen him

[cobra]: in the first movie,

[host_matt]: Mhm,

[cobra]: and

[dr_light]: Mhm

[cobra]: Number six just looks like another woman And she would say Hey, I came back from the

[cobra]: future. I'm a human and I came back to help and I know how to destroy the. The. The

[cobra]: Two One thousand, Just come with me if you want to live, and you know,

[cobra]: ah, sh, and then I think the rest of the fight would be pretty much similar.

[cobra]: She. She is just as strong as the the eight hundred

[cobra]: and she would probably figure out she's probably her processor is probably faster and

[cobra]: I don't have it'. Not a double intdra. um,

[cobra]: uh, She would

[host_matt]: it's going to be.

[cobra]: figure out she would figure out the moltton like metal thing. I think first.

[host_matt]: Yes, she did.

[cobra]: Oh my god,

[cobra]: Ah,

[cobra]: you're just

[host_matt]: sorry

[dr_light]: is still high. It still still high,

[cobra]: you're. You're just putting thoughts into my words now.

[host_matt]: it did. It did what it need to do. No, but

[cobra]: anyway,

[host_matt]: I, you' coming. You're going with us.

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, I think she would. You would use much. the same plan only would be a lot

[cobra]: more efficient that pl and effective,

[host_matt]: Yeah, yeah, no, I think

[cobra]: Let

[host_matt]: that's that's very very valid.

[cobra]: you know, plus boops.

[host_matt]: delicate. John Con's attention. For sure.

[cobra]: Oh, yeah. Oh, that's true. I hadn't even thought of that.

[dr_light]: Edward furlogs. A.

[host_matt]: he's not a person. sir. this is a movie. Not not talking about.

[cobra]: Well, he was calling Sarah Gu, Linda Hamilton, So

[host_matt]: Sure, he't

[cobra]: no, that's I. I'm not defending you.

[host_matt]: hey, Chrisy, Chris, you know, you know that movies are different from real life.

[host_matt]: right,

[dr_light]: What boy ever been this girl out of the Ja.

[cobra]: Oh my God, where is this

[host_matt]: Wow, Nope, we're not doing this.

[cobra]: going? Wh where is this? Okay? Fine,

[host_matt]: I don't want to get into

[dr_light]: It's not a toer

[host_matt]: it's

[cobra]: So so

[host_matt]: it's It's uh, sex, not gender. Next thing we're going to talk about. Da is going

[host_matt]: to handle the situation, so

[host_matt]: Mister Daor has the ability to take on many many things. He is ableight Bo, using

[host_matt]: his strength. He is able toight creatures using his strength, But I think Mister

[host_matt]: Dadson uses mind to fight this and and how he's going to solve this. Say he's

[host_matt]: going to pack up

[host_matt]: John Connor

[host_matt]: and

[cobra]: about the enterprise

[host_matt]: Linda Hamilton in the Enterprise

[dr_light]: witness protection

[host_matt]: and they're going to go around the sun

[host_matt]: and

[dr_light]: around the sun.

[host_matt]: yes,

[cobra]: have to go back in time

[host_matt]: say you time travelb. I will you to time travel.

[dr_light]: Oh shit. I thought you

[cobra]: De with the program.

[dr_light]: went. You went around the planet Earth. I'm using.

[cobra]: Get with the program. old man.

[cobra]: Get with the program. old man.

[host_matt]: No, no, no, no,

[dr_light]: I amusing doner, The The Donor theory

[host_matt]: yeah, yeah, no, that's Superman, but this is a Star Trek.

[dr_light]: know.

[host_matt]: So you you go around the sun or potentially follow the bog back in time, but in

[host_matt]: this case we only have access to the Sung,

[host_matt]: Going to go. Four words in time,

[dr_light]: H.

[host_matt]: not backwards, could go forwards in time

[host_matt]: could to help them destroy sky nets and all the robots in John Connor, adult John

[host_matt]: Connor's current time, thereby negating its ability to send anything back in

[host_matt]: time, thereby closing that loophole there by winning the day,

[cobra]: Well, then he would cause John Conner to disappear, Becausealies would never come

[cobra]: back from the from the future and he would never impate.

[host_matt]: Data would take care of that.

[cobra]: Oh, he would impregnate. tracer, should stash a yard. Now,

[dr_light]: Oh my God,

[host_matt]: they. They' know how to get it done

[cobra]: clearly

[host_matt]: Y

[dr_light]: I've deduced that I will. S your son

[host_matt]: pro himself, Dad. They don't make that happen, So let's stay up. That's my

[cobra]: you, he would also use the the verb to sire, too. That's just

[host_matt]: answer.

[host_matt]: Definitely cous siring, that's thats staus lingo.

[cobra]: yeah.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: so rotic.

[host_matt]: right, all

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: right,

[host_matt]: let's let's let's say a way off of data. Coitas. Uh, in to our next question.

[cobra]: think data calls it an upload, not quite

[dr_light]: Oh my goodness,

[host_matt]: Wow, wow,

[dr_light]: five, je, but

[host_matt]: there is.

[host_matt]: there's a t. V show. a game. Sure if he will that the humans have been running

[host_matt]: for a number of years, Um. And and what's happened is the host has tragically

[host_matt]: passed away and and the humans tried to replace the host with a new guy. Um, but

[host_matt]: it turns out he's a real piece of ship. and so they need a new host for their

[host_matt]: show. Let's call a show I don't know. Like jeopardy. It's like a trivial show.

[cobra]: danger. Danger. it's called danger.

[host_matt]: Na. No, we're call it jeopardy.

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Um,

[dr_light]: I've never heard that before. That sounds good

[host_matt]: rightr. this brand new. It's it's a triviy show. we have to answer in a form of a

[host_matt]: question. It's it's It's all the rage,

[cobra]: very novel.

[host_matt]: right creative. I know.

[host_matt]: Why would you be the best host for the show Or why? not you, but my wife, y, or

[host_matt]: Android robot, Be the best choice to to host this show.

[host_matt]: We're going. We're going to kick off this randomizer.

[dr_light]: in shape

[cobra]: Did you notice you notice that the random iser has to take an intake of breath There?

[cobra]: Did you notice you notice that the random iser has to take an intake of breath There?

[host_matt]: Wow the shots,

[cobra]: That was weird.

[cobra]: That was weird.

[host_matt]: but no, no,

[dr_light]: technology,

[host_matt]: no, that's that's programmed in to make the the random measures seem more human.

[cobra]: It's

[cobra]: so humanized you so humaniz. the randomz I

[dr_light]: come on, machine learning,

[dr_light]: machine learning.

[host_matt]: Yeah, yeah, yeah. it's machine learning. as

[cobra]: machine breathing. Even

[host_matt]: as Chriss pointed out both.

[dr_light]: Know

[host_matt]: So Mister

[host_matt]: Data is going first on this one. Um, Mister Data makes all the sense in the

[dr_light]: the art of beat boxing. O.

[host_matt]: world, Mister Deda.

[cobra]: actually, he does

[host_matt]: He knows how to interact with humans. he knows how to interact with humans, but

[host_matt]: not in a good way, so it's like, Um,

[cobra]: this,

[host_matt]: he's funny.

[host_matt]: he's funny.

[dr_light]: What did you do to yourself?

[cobra]: I was going to say,

[host_matt]: No, no,

[cobra]: does this like Celebrity Jeopardy and S and ▁l, That's whats.

[host_matt]: Well, it's gonna seem like that because mister Dad is, so he wants to be human so

[host_matt]: badly, but he doesn't have emotions and I know he gets emotions later on and I

[host_matt]: all that jazz. but I think it's better if he doesn't turn that on and so he comes

[host_matt]: out with emotions. and first of all, he knows all the answers. he knows

[host_matt]: everything.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: so that's good to be helpful to the show. but more importantly he is going to try

[host_matt]: to charm the humans with his Ro. Arm's going to be endearing to everybody

[host_matt]: watching. Be's going to add to the the fun and excitement you can talk about. Oh,

[host_matt]: Jesse, miss a da to try to talk to that. You know single mom from Idaho last

[host_matt]: night. Yeah, he has no idea what it's like to be a single mom, but it's not going

[host_matt]: to be to feel bad or evil. Be,

[host_matt]: and between the two of those things, he going be humanzing, he' be funny. Pl. he

[host_matt]: knows all the answers and he can relate to the trivious stuff. He's just going to

[host_matt]: knock it out the park.

[cobra]: and

[dr_light]: Hm, Hm.

[cobra]: then at some point he' going to get around with of the contestants. Clearly,

[host_matt]: S there has morals.

[dr_light]: Other news,

[host_matt]: First of all, he is the woman to throw themselves at him.

[cobra]: that's true. That's true. Well,

[dr_light]: new show game show host data of Jeopardy was found

[dr_light]: diddling

[dr_light]: Sarah from Idaho, contested number two, Uh, in the wee hours post Jeopardy episode

[host_matt]: It was consensual. sir.

[dr_light]: production

[cobra]: I don't

[dr_light]: sources say that the coitus was consensual.

[cobra]: think I don't think digling can be consensual.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: Sarah

[cobra]: Right.

[dr_light]: Went. Also went on the record to say he did find my five g spot

[host_matt]: well, I, I hate this Pocast,

[host_matt]: Megaman

[host_matt]: What. please? please tell me why you should host

[dr_light]: easily.

[host_matt]: this jeopardy show.

[dr_light]: Yeah, so in a random twist of fate, um Mega, you know Mega tried to study up on on

[dr_light]: the the venerable, you know, the venerable, Um, previous host in order to

[dr_light]: study bone up, and, and to really emulate the the best qualities of of an astute

[dr_light]: worthy game show host, but in along that journey he fell down the the rabbit hole

[dr_light]: into a deep well of the s n, ▁l version of one of these game show hosts, and was

[dr_light]: drawn to the allure of the actor who portrayed the original game show hosting. So

[dr_light]: Mega went

[dr_light]: two mega. If that's the if that's possible,

[cobra]: He went full wheel. Fararll. Is that what you' saying?

[dr_light]: he went Uober. he went megaega with with his game show abilities, and so and so in

[dr_light]: in in his effort to not only

[dr_light]: not only deliver the the. The, The challenge, Each, each question or uh, what

[dr_light]: would you say? It's not a question because the they have to each Hm

[cobra]: It's an answer?

[dr_light]: answer. thank you. Yeah, but like theruction, Yeah, yet,

[cobra]: Isn't this your first languageeffre?

[dr_light]: listen, it's not about languages about the structure of the show. I'm just trying

[dr_light]: to

[host_matt]: It's the language of robotic love.

[dr_light]: get the fuck off. back the fuck out, you know, And so like in his effort to to to

[dr_light]: really live up to he went, he went. as I said, he went Megaega, And so At what

[dr_light]: what proceeds to transpire is uh, hilarious, adorable display of Megaman, as

[dr_light]: Willfrell as the previous game show host, and uh, we will say something is

[dr_light]: happening to my engineer's shoulder. I'm I'm just watching the the monitors Here

[dr_light]: is is is your shoulder all right, Jeffrey. Okay, we love you, Jeff. all right so

[dr_light]: yeah,

[dr_light]: uh, you know, with the G geffrey. you might say, depending on what circleseffrey.

[cobra]: with the G. Jeffrey, G. Yeah, Yeah, know, he insists on being calledeoffrey.

[host_matt]: Yeah, like, like the giraffe from Toyer Us.

[dr_light]: Okay,

[cobra]: Yes,

[dr_light]: Oh is it is? Do you still use him?

[host_matt]: He's unemployed because toys Russ. background.

[dr_light]: but they like the toysrusses. are still up and running though

[dr_light]: they are.

[cobra]: they are

[dr_light]: There's one here in Whitby.

[host_matt]: Okay, cool.

[dr_light]: toys are us and W.

[cobra]: like the bankruptcy didn't reach it there yet.

[dr_light]: No, we're in a bubble, just like in one division.

[host_matt]: we ain't find out yet, continued Mega man.

[dr_light]: Yeah, so, um, long story short, like it's it's it's It's odd, but charming, but

[dr_light]: adorable because he's a kid playing

[dr_light]: a version of this of this, this

[dr_light]: respected previous game show host. And so they're They allow it to continue.

[dr_light]: Because it's cute and so

[cobra]: Does he have like a fake Mustusache?

[dr_light]: he does have one. And it's like it's a hologram, But that makes it even more

[dr_light]: adorable

[cobra]: Yeah, yes, it does.

[dr_light]: because he doesn't have hair fholicles. So And and he and he's all, And he also

[dr_light]: does that cu car taqu car tapping thing that Johnny Carson would do. So he he

[dr_light]: tries. He's trying to you know, emulate the ▁quote, unquote best, uh host that

[dr_light]: he's that he studied in in with with a short short notice of of you know three

[dr_light]: days,

[host_matt]: I have a concern because

[dr_light]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: does does he steal

[host_matt]: someone, mustache,

[dr_light]: it's a polygram.

[host_matt]: murder them and steal.

[cobra]: It's not a power. The mustach is the power.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: Now

[dr_light]: He is a robot. you know,

[host_matt]: I don't know. Well, look at my beard, my beard.

[host_matt]: What are you doing?

[cobra]: it's a power for sure.

[cobra]: Yeahck, youuck. both of

[dr_light]: it's a wonderful, glorious luxurious power. I,

[host_matt]: Same thing with Chris Like these are powers that. some of us of the Spotcaasic

[dr_light]: yeah,

[host_matt]: won't be named Loiano don't have. So I'm just checking.

[cobra]: youpencer does not evenher to

[cobra]: youpencer does not evenher to

[cobra]: youpencer does not evenher to

[dr_light]: I didn't say

[dr_light]: just because all right, kids.

[cobra]: This is a week of growth. Okay, you guys

[dr_light]: So the

[cobra]: can't see it in the pockes. but they can. I call you.

[dr_light]: the lesson is that everybody's bodies are different and

[cobra]: Yeah. when my my face,

[dr_light]: here on on your wrong, we embrace everybody's uniqueness.

[cobra]: my face

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: thinks it is thirteen years old, So that's the problem.

[dr_light]: Some people have found the fount of everlasting chin youth.

[host_matt]: your body is different and its growing as going through changes and'

[dr_light]: That's right. You know, some might say your body is a wonderland all its own.

[cobra]: Let's not go there.

[host_matt]: brought you by not John Mayer.

[dr_light]: Are you sure his hands are everywhere

[host_matt]: Wow, moving forward, Segu

[cobra]: another A. another sponsorship.

[dr_light]: You know.

[host_matt]: Sach, way,

[cobra]: This is just money rolling

[dr_light]: Sh.

[cobra]: in.

[cobra]: in.

[host_matt]: segu se, seg

[host_matt]: Silon number six,

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Why should you be in charge of hosting Jeopardy?

[cobra]: wellcause, I think she would turn it into a very different show.

[dr_light]: What kind?

[cobra]: so I

[cobra]: again,

[cobra]: but like

[dr_light]: What kind of show are you talking?

[cobra]: number six, Number six isn't very known for her patience.

[cobra]: She's not patient at all. She she gets very angry very fast, very

[dr_light]: Oh,

[cobra]: frustrated very fast. So if you think

[dr_light]: reallym

[host_matt]: Well, but she is also kind and gentle when there's something in for her.

[cobra]: you know

[cobra]: that's well it, it all depends on which version of of number six I'm talking about

[cobra]: prime, the Capria Six, right that the prime version because it's more fun that way,

[cobra]: but um, but yeah, no, but she, she isn't patient. She, she follows her orders, or

[cobra]: like the task that she has to do, but she doesn't have a lot of patience for

[cobra]: bullshit. and so you should

[dr_light]: okay,

[cobra]: think that you know the celebrity Jeopardy holds like the extra back, for I read

[cobra]: Jeopardy on S. and ▁l

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[cobra]: did not have a lot of patience for Shan, Connery. Um, Yeah, so I think what would

[cobra]: happen would be she would turn this into more of like a horror show

[dr_light]: Hm.

[cobra]: where

[cobra]: the mistakes would be punished with increasingly violent punishments.

[dr_light]: Okay,

[cobra]: Um, so it would

[dr_light]: electrified floors, Shi,

[cobra]: become. It would become like, Uh, you know when when you say double jeopardy, that

[cobra]: means your life.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Okay, okay, Okay,

[host_matt]: just like

[cobra]: and uh,

[dr_light]: not the

[host_matt]: the legal system in the United States.

[host_matt]: the legal system in the United States.

[dr_light]: or Ashley jud movies,

[cobra]: you know what you would say, right, she just a. come at me.

[cobra]: Um,

[host_matt]: Okay, so

[cobra]: that's I. That's I don't see her being a like a fun. you know, engaging host like

[cobra]: Data or Megaman would be

[host_matt]: what I'm hearing is she fails this task.

[cobra]: No.

[host_matt]: No, be

[cobra]: See that this is where you have you know, y you' you don't. You're not thinking

[cobra]: outside the box she iss working with with what she has, and she's providing

[cobra]: entertainment for a

[host_matt]: right.

[cobra]: different kind of crowd. That's

[host_matt]: you can't murder people.

[cobra]: I never said murder.

[dr_light]: But that's what it is.

[host_matt]: What happens when they fail double jeopardy?

[dr_light]: you said their life is on the line.

[cobra]: They go away and go to a farm upstate. Okay, it's not murder.

[dr_light]: Oh shit, just like the amazing Race. you said this would be easy and you killed

[host_matt]: That okay. Listen, sending them to a farm upstate might convince Megaman but the

[dr_light]: them.

[host_matt]: rest of us

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: know what that is. That's

[dr_light]: what does that mean? it must be a nice place.

[host_matt]: murder's true. That is spoilers. Jeus, sir,

[host_matt]: murder's true. That is spoilers. Jeus, sir,

[dr_light]: Is it a good place? The good place is the bad place.

[cobra]: It would either be that

[dr_light]: I didn't say.

[cobra]: or she would like also don a fake mousache and do a whlfare impression. It's one of

[cobra]: those things.

[dr_light]: See, it's not hard.

[host_matt]: I, I'm going to segu into a question that I think everybody can handle.

[host_matt]: There is a restaurant

[host_matt]: that sells cookies.

[dr_light]: Okay.

[host_matt]: Each one of us

[host_matt]: has a cookie named after us.

[dr_light]: Hm,

[host_matt]: What's in that cookie

[cobra]: Oo,

[cobra]: how

[cobra]: gross do I want to get

[host_matt]: to ranomize this?

[host_matt]: P. G, Seventeen,

[dr_light]: P. Seventeen,

[cobra]: that' a thing' thing

[dr_light]: are you

[cobra]: is?

[dr_light]: saying that the sound? The randomizer sound effect was too pourn up.

[cobra]: no, No,

[host_matt]: not the the cookie cookie description.

[cobra]: that was an answer to my request. This. how disgusting I would a jet.

[dr_light]: Oh shit.

[host_matt]: So we got the explicit tag on on

[dr_light]: yeah, we got to attack this. Yeah,

[host_matt]: wherever we're going, so feel free.

[cobra]: No, no, I'm going to keep a classy. I'm going to keep it classic

[host_matt]: Well, you get to go

[dr_light]: do what you. you know.

[host_matt]: first. Sil on number six. So what is? what is the silence when I go get the

[host_matt]: gimme. Give me an

[cobra]: number six.

[host_matt]: Americano with the Sylon Six cookie. What is the Sle on Six cookie

[cobra]: So the silence Six cooki is actually actually has

[cobra]: a blonde espresso

[cobra]: in it. Like in the dough.

[cobra]: it's

[host_matt]: cookie

[cobra]: not. It's a butter cookie with um espresso Bl espresso on the dough

[cobra]: and it is a white

[cobra]: chocolate

[cobra]: macademia,

[cobra]: Yeah, white choc, a macadamian salted caramel, Cook and ied as classy as I could.

[host_matt]: with with with espresso sprinkled on top

[cobra]: Yes, yes,

[host_matt]: with the burnt corpses of Hu and sprinkled on top of the? I mean, I didn't say

[cobra]: yeah, and swirls swirrels of caramel.

[host_matt]: great.

[dr_light]: Oh shit. is it actually caramel?

[cobra]: Yes,

[dr_light]: I don't know. You said you got corpses on on that cooki.

[cobra]: I didn't. I didn't say anything

[host_matt]: Wow, no, no, okay, um,

[cobra]: was Ma. That was all mad

[host_matt]: no, I didn't know corpses. it is all consensual data is next. Um,

[host_matt]: So here's the thing. Data is the cookie that is, stay up.

[dr_light]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: So

[host_matt]: this cooki is being built around the idea that you're going to enjoy it with an

[host_matt]: Earl Grarey, potentially hot.

[host_matt]: In that scenario where

[dr_light]: Do not draw the line, sir, do not

[host_matt]: where you're having a delicious tea

[host_matt]: it, I think Data is offering a

[host_matt]: sugar cookie. very like base.

[dr_light]: please say bergamont,

[host_matt]: Um.

[host_matt]: The burgamot is in.

[cobra]: is already on the old gray.

[host_matt]: It's already in the or te. That's where it lives we to bring were going to bring

[host_matt]: her shear cooking.

[host_matt]: And

[host_matt]: what we're going to do is it's going to have.

[dr_light]: bre milk,

[cobra]: Oh,

[host_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: God

[cobra]: was me, Wasn't me? It wast me.

[dr_light]: Listen,

[host_matt]: you have your Megaman,

[dr_light]: listen, Sean Comlmes,

[cobra]: I'm now scared for.

[host_matt]: It's not Shan combs. It's John Connery,

[dr_light]: okay, but there's many shans.

[host_matt]: leaf, puffy leaf fuffy out of the.

[host_matt]: It's not even Sean Connery, The Jean Bacard,

[dr_light]: Anybody's welcome on the enterprise, but you know

[host_matt]: You tried to trick me. No, that, not

[dr_light]: the federation would say otherwise,

[cobra]: Are you saying

[host_matt]: the your. The sugar.

[cobra]: your remis wouldn't be welcome on the enterprise.

[host_matt]: You know,

[dr_light]: Ooh, kn. Viillalobos.

[host_matt]: it's not the sugar cookie. Stay out of the god damn hollow deck. For one minute.

[host_matt]: The sugar cookie

[host_matt]: is going to be the shape of the Federation symbol,

[cobra]: Nice?

[host_matt]: and

[host_matt]: it's going to have a very

[host_matt]: metallic,

[host_matt]: pale icing color to mash data.

[dr_light]: Okay, I like that Martha approves.

[host_matt]: Fuck wirows. All right, mega man psychopath,

[dr_light]: y. It's actually quite simple, so Mega's cookie is going to be called the

[dr_light]: megaabuster Right And it's an oatmeal marshmallow pop rocks cookie.

[dr_light]: It's kitty, but it's

[cobra]: Okay, okay?

[dr_light]: fun. It's still chewy but you've got a lot of hands and you got pop ra,

[host_matt]: but it's hard

[dr_light]: You sick.

[dr_light]: sorry, well, I, I think it's going to be a mushy cookie like moist, moist

[cobra]: Oh, why? why what is wrong with you?

[dr_light]: cookies,

[cobra]: Oh, can I be excused?

[host_matt]: I want.

[dr_light]: moistc, like like chips, a hoy like chips. ahoy

[dr_light]: moistc, like like chips, a hoy like chips. ahoy

[host_matt]: No. No, I just wanted to know if it was like it was a a cookie that's snapped off

[host_matt]: or that has some chew to it.

[dr_light]: right, right, right. yeah. It's got some chew like a chips. So hoi I would say

[host_matt]: Y. okay.

[dr_light]: that sounds like fun and I and I as soon as you you ask the question, I was like.

[dr_light]: How can I not put chocolate in this cause? Like for me it felt. eat.

[host_matt]: Yeah, that's that's basic bitch, white

[dr_light]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: chocolate macademia. Who does that

[cobra]: You should probably add. if I may off a suggestion. there should

[dr_light]: Hm,

[cobra]: be some sort of food collar in there to make it blue like

[cobra]: you wouldt make. it won make any sense. otherwise, or blueberry. There you go. Yeah,

[dr_light]: that's cool blueberry.

[host_matt]: blueberry? Yeah, E, natural blue coolor. Okay,

[cobra]: even better,

[dr_light]: I like that. Yo oatmeal marshmallow pot rocks, blueberry cookie.

[dr_light]: The blueberries would make it moist. Like would make it chewy. You know. Yeah,

[cobra]: I would eat that. Actually, I did that. actually.

[host_matt]: y was indeed.

[dr_light]: Yo

[cobra]: Oh, Jesus christ.

[dr_light]: dig it. Yo. it's fine. Moist can be o okay word, but apparently there' like

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: No, why this disgusting word doesn't matter the context

[cobra]: No, why this disgusting word doesn't matter the context

[host_matt]: No voice

[dr_light]: here comes the A, S. M, R.

[host_matt]: is a fine word. We're talking about cookies.

[host_matt]: I want that moist cooki that Chris just described.

[cobra]: that disturbing.

[dr_light]: See,

[host_matt]: No, I want that it sounds perfect.

[dr_light]: I'm going to a. M. R.

[dr_light]: The

[dr_light]: well, Not like that. You got to you. Say you got to say it with the ingredients.

[host_matt]: No, you made it creepy.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: oatmeal, marshmallow, pop, rock, blueberry, moist, cooki,

[cobra]: Don't care. I don't care. Why

[cobra]: do you say you

[dr_light]: or I would start it moist oatmeal,

[host_matt]: no, no, no,

[cobra]: use the voice and instantly becomes gross?

[host_matt]: no, no, it was. No, its perfect, because like a child

[host_matt]: he said, Blury,

[host_matt]: both bees. So it just seems like happy and friendly and you like it's a moist

[host_matt]: cooki.

[cobra]: It's just the word moist. This Gs doesn't matter the context.

[host_matt]: Hey, you want my moist cooke like you made it creepy. Yeah,

[dr_light]: Like Cookie Monster got his taste of pussy for the first time.

[cobra]: Listen, If you. if you we, the word

[dr_light]: Moistki. Oh

[dr_light]: no, no, No,

[dr_light]: for good Che. That's good enough for me. No, du.

[dr_light]: Do you know what dejipoa spots, E B B

[host_matt]: well, the shit got cancelled.

[dr_light]: Bo,

[cobra]: can I be excuse?

[dr_light]: No,

[cobra]: Damn,

[host_matt]: Let's well,

[cobra]: Every time every time I come here, someone locks the door and I can't leave.

[dr_light]: It's the key to A. You know an effective

[cobra]: Listen.

[dr_light]: session no one must

[cobra]: Listen,

[dr_light]: for enter. Four may leave

[cobra]: if you slap the word moist in front of anything, it becomes worse. That's just a fact

[cobra]: of life.

[host_matt]: okay,

[dr_light]: moist fireworks.

[host_matt]: let's let's let's take this. That's not great. Let's now. let's let's let's take

[host_matt]: this challenge up. Let's try to find how we can moisten something and make it

[host_matt]: better.

[dr_light]: There you goets.

[host_matt]: Okay putting moist before something moist tilets. Yeah, that's great

[cobra]: No, No,

[host_matt]: to clean your fingers. No,

[host_matt]: to clean your fingers. No,

[cobra]: it's

[cobra]: callaled themamp. Oh damp. feel much better.

[dr_light]: You want a dry tot?

[dr_light]: Dm Just sounds like a. It's too swampy.

[cobra]: Yeah, like Toronto, right now,

[dr_light]: Okay's sure. see,

[cobra]: Toronto is moist. This is how disgusting it is right now.

[dr_light]: I don't know.

[host_matt]: moist. Toronto is what you want to go out on.

[cobra]: Ah, God, can we move on? Do you have more questions?

[host_matt]: Well, Yeah, No, we're done. Um, we're going to say way out. I think we.

[host_matt]: we've nailed all the questions.

[cobra]: Are we moist? done?

[dr_light]: Oh

[host_matt]: No,

[dr_light]: see

[host_matt]: I think we.

[dr_light]: you've you've bombed. Now

[host_matt]: Yeah, we.

[dr_light]: you painted yourself in your into that corner, sir.

[cobra]: Well, you know

[host_matt]: we have been doing. We've been doing this for over an hour and I think I think no

[host_matt]: we have been doing. We've been doing this for over an hour and I think I think no

[host_matt]: one wants us to continue.

[host_matt]: one wants us to continue.

[cobra]: Okay

[dr_light]: I think the listener should know that that Lucian is wearing a a blue shirt that

[dr_light]: says Metallica on it, and it's much too moist.

[cobra]: it is.

[dr_light]: Why don't you agree That's not a y hand You want to do?

[cobra]: I just did

[dr_light]: Oh

[dr_light]: God', right,

[dr_light]: God', right,

[dr_light]: God', right,

[dr_light]: God', right,

[cobra]: moist and damp.

[host_matt]: Well, if you have concerns about our mental health,

[host_matt]: Yeah, if you want to weigh in and on the three way robot Android Cybathon

[host_matt]: questions, we just did, please do you should vote. Um, we're going to put a

[host_matt]: fourth thing up there for the vote.

[host_matt]: It's a surprise. Go check it out and and vote for what you think is going to be

[host_matt]: your favorite. Yeah, I'm not going to tell you what it is right now. You going to

[host_matt]: go and you' going to find out. Um,

[host_matt]: but if you, if, if if you want to question us, ask us why we made this podcast

[host_matt]: the way we did, ask us why we talk about moist things so much as us why I got

[host_matt]: weirdly sexual for reasons that are confusing to all of us, then yeah, hit us up

[host_matt]: on Twitter at your wrong cast. Email us at your wrong Cas

[host_matt]: dot com. You can go to that website. Um,

[host_matt]: you' going to get fed back to those two other things, But the website is

[host_matt]: Youroncast Do C, and there's some Dus in front of that

[dr_light]: Mhm, you can also. that's right. You can also access the pitest on damn near any

[dr_light]: place where podcasts are found.

[cobra]: Yeah, Yes,

[host_matt]: Spotify.

[dr_light]: Doy

[cobra]: and like

[host_matt]: Google

[cobra]: anything under the sun that plays podcasts.

[dr_light]: cast box.

[host_matt]: Apple

[dr_light]: That's right.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: we're here for you. just like

[cobra]: even the obscure ones like,

[dr_light]: you know

[cobra]: Yeah,

[dr_light]: Na. Does anyone know one exactly We? We're omni present

[dr_light]: Na. Does anyone know one exactly We? We're omni present

[host_matt]: were ubiquitous.

[cobra]: we are ubiquitous.

[host_matt]: Y, Come, come at us, were saying,

[dr_light]: word,

[host_matt]: Um, but for now, Uh, Spencer senses his regards.

[dr_light]: umhu

[dr_light]: ounge, Ouch, ounch out,

[host_matt]: I am Matt.

[cobra]: I'm Lusiano.

[dr_light]: and I am also mad.

[cobra]: Oh,

[host_matt]: We'll see you next time.

[cobra]: well, nice to. nice to meet you, I guess.

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