36. The Monthly Roundup: August 2021

Trailers galore!

[host_matt]: Hello, and we come back to your wrong.

[host_matt]: We are back for another pup culture news. interesting fun facts round up.

[cobra]: What fucking

[host_matt]: Um,

[cobra]: mouthful that is?

[host_matt]: I'm trying to cover all all the bases.

[spencer_ein]: Ro rolls up the tongue.

[host_matt]: All five five bases. That's that's how baseball works right.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: In Ecuador

[cobra]: Jesus. Just you know, Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yes, sure, Ecuador. Yes, um, I'm still ma, uh, as you all know, Uh with me as

[host_matt]: always is Luciano

[cobra]: hello

[host_matt]: Spencer,

[spencer_ein]: Guess whos back back again.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: so much better,

[spencer_ein]: Trademark infringement

[cobra]: aminem is

[spencer_ein]: from this guy.

[cobra]: that is that who? That is?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wow, is that three hundred and twenty k kilobtes?

[spencer_ein]: What I'm back? I apologize. I missed last episode. I had a very important

[spencer_ein]: meeting

[host_matt]: If he that with Einem,

[spencer_ein]: with the Dalema.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my God,

[host_matt]: Oh, okay,

[spencer_ein]: Yes, he was there, too. he was there, too.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: did he bring you peace?

[host_matt]: okay, good, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Did he bring you peace and tranquillity?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my god.

[host_matt]: Um, and us, of course, Chris from Whitby is with us again,

[host_matt]: so gentlemen, we have some fun topics to talk about. I'm going to throw some

[host_matt]: stuff at you. See what you think?

[host_matt]: Uh, starting off will start off slow. Have anybody heard of the Matrix?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, isn't that that surreal?

[cobra]: the thing you do with numbers.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You know you poured the milk on it and it looks like hexagonal in ship.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Is that the The Matrix is back with flavor

[cobra]: I talk about Eggles right now.

[spencer_ein]: The Ma tracks.

[host_matt]: What is Chris talking aboutes? Bagel? Same same word,

[host_matt]: What is Chris talking aboutes? Bagel? Same same word,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Bagglesgosggleslians?

[cobra]: Agoes.

[cobra]: same word. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: What is the Matrix

[spencer_ein]: dot

[host_matt]: Spencer. The Matrix

[spencer_ein]: comus

[host_matt]: is all around us.

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: Yeah, the Matrix is a series of movies that started off as being Uh one. Matrix

[host_matt]: One was a transcended movie that totally changed the action genre forever in

[host_matt]: Hollywood. And then the second movie came out and it got a little weird and the

[host_matt]: third movie came out and most people just didn't even bother to watch it

[spencer_ein]: and the third one came out and undid All of that. Those leaps

[spencer_ein]: forward

[cobra]: y y,

[host_matt]: Because reasons.

[spencer_ein]: took a a bigger leap back.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I will say you are wrong because the third one gave us what we were all

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: waiting for. Superman level, fight scenes in the sky,

[cobra]: speak

[host_matt]: well,

[cobra]: for yourself, sir. I did

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Speakli,

[cobra]: not need Dragon Ball ▁z fights on my fucking matrix. I'll tell you that.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Well,

[host_matt]: good news.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: action

[host_matt]: good news. there's a fourth Matrix movie coming to fix all of the problems.

[host_matt]: Probably I don't know.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: is it going to?

[cobra]: So

[host_matt]: Sure, Bas, based on the trailer, I learn nothing.

[cobra]: so so

[host_matt]: so there's that.

[cobra]: since we' we were confined to August thirty first because there's

[spencer_ein]: No, there we go.

[cobra]: nothing beyond or or after.

[cobra]: I've only seen the teaser and that website is really cool. but I haven't seen the

[cobra]: trailer even though I have seen the trailer.

[host_matt]: Um, okay, so real talk?

[cobra]: So

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Are you in the Matres?

[cobra]: like I'm in a weird position where I know the future.

[host_matt]: Okay, So we're talk. We're not doing that.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah, we decided,

[host_matt]: Yeah, let's look, Wecide. not to condemn oursves agus Thirty first. Let's just

[cobra]: Fine. fine, You can cut it then

[host_matt]: not talk about it.

[spencer_ein]: in other words, free your mind.

[host_matt]: Yeah, like if we're going to be free.

[host_matt]: let's just be free.

[cobra]: that's fineine.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Me,

[host_matt]: I don't care that much to fight that battle. So you want to take another shot

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: at that?

[cobra]: So I. I watched that trailer

[cobra]: and I had more questions coming out of it than I had going in

[cobra]: whatever I thought. when I heard about a Matrix Four coming out. whatever I thought

[cobra]: it was going to be. whatever the trailer was, Was not what I was expecting. I know

[cobra]: about you guys,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[cobra]: but I was very

[cobra]: confused.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Really,

[host_matt]: What are you talking about?

[cobra]: Was like, Wait this a John Wick movie. No, that doesn't make any sense.

[spencer_ein]: yeah, that's my. That's my first complaint. He should have at least changed his

[spencer_ein]: hair, so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Huh,

[spencer_ein]: he doesn't look exactly like John Wick can keep the beard.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: good point

[cobra]: She looks like John Wick, like retired John Wick. That's what he looks like. A movie

[cobra]: She looks like John Wick, like retired John Wick. That's what he looks like. A movie

[spencer_ein]: No, he looks exactly like John Wake, and I know he can't shape his beard

[cobra]: in the Trariller,

[cobra]: in the Trariller,

[spencer_ein]: because Kor Reath without his beard, has no jaw

[host_matt]: Weird y,

[spencer_ein]: on. At this age we saw him, Bill and T. It was in a pretty sight. That's just a

[spencer_ein]: real real talk, real talk. But it my,

[spencer_ein]: in my opinion,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: win. chimes,

[spencer_ein]: I think that they

[spencer_ein]: should have at least cut his hair to the same kind of hair cut he out of the

[spencer_ein]: first movie. But keep the beard for the For the jaw line reasons. That was

[host_matt]: you don't know, Man,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Hm,

[host_matt]: We saw like a two minute trailer. What if he cuts his hair? That's a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: hope,

[host_matt]: big fucking reveal right before the end of the movie.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: short talk, long, long beard,

[spencer_ein]: then. I'm

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: that. I'm so

[host_matt]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: then then you got my ticket.

[host_matt]: Chris, are

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: you? Are you going to watch this movie legally?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, it depends on the timing.

[cobra]: Is that a question

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: What?

[cobra]: that you're asking him just because he' from Whitby.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah? What? What kind of question is you Na? The other? You didn't ask

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: anybody thatcking question. I'm a little caught off guard. Iough to say

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: what

[host_matt]: I didnt

[host_matt]: I. I didn't ask anybody

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, what the hell

[host_matt]: question period so you can't really judge. I figure.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you didnt you asked? Just my.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but I will say

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: to take some agency back. I saw the trailer and like, First off like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: really cool website. Like How the fuck did Did? Didn't uh yaha,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Abduline, know that it was eleven a M. my time. Like did he get? Did

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they get into record? Like every God to have time. Did they use like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: machine learning or something? that was so cool?

[host_matt]: I don't know. C. S. I'm pretty sure that' all Javascript that solves everything.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: oh, my God, with his voice.

[cobra]: No, but he says it.

[spencer_ein]: speak? English got dam it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You know

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: code. so that was really cool. the trailer? Yeah, so I mean, in a way,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, I kind of hear what you. what you're saying was on. I was like. I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: don't understand why they would play the Amnesia angle

[cobra]: Yeah, it's so wed. weird.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: unless like the third one, Creck me from wrong. Wasn't everyone

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: liberated and they were all part of the new world. So did they get

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sucked back into the matrix somehow Like I'm just

[cobra]: Yeah, like new got Jesus, right you. he got Jesus.

[spencer_ein]: lesson. guys, Uh, you me to you me explain all this for you. Do you me to lay

[spencer_ein]: it all out for you, 'cause iready,

[host_matt]: not really

[spencer_ein]: know this whole movie. I, I can figure it out from one trailer couple hot takes

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: lay the lawe down, script, doctor,

[spencer_ein]: on this

[spencer_ein]: spoilers 'cause this is going to be right and I apologize to the listeners

[spencer_ein]: 'cause I'm ruining the movie for you. First of all, I want to say before I give

[spencer_ein]: you the whole plot. The teaser was awesome, that teaser thing, the vibe, the

[spencer_ein]: fi, all the

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: the mysterious cool Sh, That made me so hyped When I saw the trailer I lost. I

[spencer_ein]: wouldd say thirty percent of my hype because I looked and

[host_matt]: Shep.

[spencer_ein]: looked. Wait. Yeah, it looked way too clean. It looked way too like big budget

[spencer_ein]: action movie. The original one looked like an indie mystery. Like the original

[spencer_ein]: Matrix. It was kind of like an indie dark grungy vibe.

[host_matt]: That's because everything was dark and it's cheaper to pay for Cg when everything

[host_matt]: is

[cobra]: Yup.

[host_matt]: dark.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, well, I, I like to Drk, and the new trailer. It's all light and like over

[spencer_ein]: saturated. It looks like they're in fuckingl ▁l. A. anyways, Uh that that

[spencer_ein]: aside?

[host_matt]: The new trailer looks like Aj. ▁j. Abn's Fever dream.

[cobra]: well,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, that's and that's terrible.

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: No, but the plot is, I will say this. The plot of the

[host_matt]: Sure,

[spencer_ein]: movie will be. Everybody knows I'm a big Matrix snurd. That's I know all the

[spencer_ein]: Mi, like I know. a pretty detailed. The The thing in the A, the Third movie or

[spencer_ein]: the end of the second movie that they go through. Is that there's like five

[spencer_ein]: matrixes before this one

[cobra]: Mhm,

[spencer_ein]: and then in this one he chooses Trinity, instead of saving ▁zion or something.

[spencer_ein]: And that's why it that it goes away from all the other Matrixist in the past,

[spencer_ein]: So it's like a whole. It changes everything, so I'm pretty sure this is going

[spencer_ein]: to be a new matrix like the Seventh One and Keer Res is going to be in the

[spencer_ein]: Matrix and Trinity is going to be like a program that they're using to try and

[spencer_ein]: control him within the Matrix 'cause there's like a scene in the trailer where

[spencer_ein]: there's like code going down Trinity's face and I'm pretty

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[spencer_ein]: sure she's goingnna be a program made by the machines to control Neo to make

[spencer_ein]: decisions.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Hm,

[host_matt]: this

[spencer_ein]: You y catch me

[host_matt]: sounds like the Terminator movie where John Connor is a Terminator.

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: with a dash of

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: inceptioning.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: that the exception parts is better, but that

[host_matt]: you've made me worry a lot more about this

[cobra]: same

[spencer_ein]: I know right. I know, and it's

[host_matt]: movie than I was after the trailer. Thanks for nothing,

[cobra]: now. You dropped my Hpe Another thirty percent.

[spencer_ein]: I know. that's what worries me. It's going to be like they know that, like he.

[spencer_ein]: how he gets his powers and everything. So they're trying to recreate. They

[spencer_ein]: basically try to recreate the first Matrix to figure out how to control Neo.

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I'll I'll say this, two things that I really appreciate about thetrailer was

[spencer_ein]: That's my opinion.

[cobra]: one. It didn't really give any of the plot away, which is a departure from recent

[cobra]: trailers where they just either they outright lie to you about the plot or they like,

[cobra]: just give it away

[cobra]: and I'm looking at you. T. Terminator Genesis, just fucking doing the review in the

[cobra]: fucking trailer or whatever, And I also liked the this

[spencer_ein]: Hm.

[cobra]: stars. Uh, Jessica Henwick, who I really like. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: I don't know her.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: she so many things,

[cobra]: She did you watch the? Um? Yeah? Well, wait

[cobra]: what.

[host_matt]: Luage,

[cobra]: Yeah, Lu cage. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Luage, Do you remember the uh, lukage, an ironist,

[spencer_ein]: I. yeah, I did.

[cobra]: now look K. I'm fist. I'm fist.

[host_matt]: sorry in't. F. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Oh, I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: hated both

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: When did you see them

[spencer_ein]: of them. I hateed Luke, Kage and I, I didn't. I didn't see Iron Fist.

[cobra]: yes, so our lukage was okay. Iron F was terrible, but she was the. She was the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: whip Master

[cobra]: saving grace of of herfest Yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Whitmaster in

[spencer_ein]: Hm.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Uh, in Gamethrones, from the From the Sand Nationk, you.

[cobra]: oh,

[spencer_ein]: Oh,

[cobra]: that's right. Yeah. one of the sister, one of the S sisters. Yeah, yeah. yeah, you're

[cobra]: right. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: the one that shows her boobs are the one that gets killed.

[cobra]: so yeah, she's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: She's awesome.

[cobra]: She's a really good actress, but more more than just a good actress. she was a good

[cobra]: martial artist too, So that's going to lead some credence there. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: That's cool. Yeah, like. I'm a little worried about this like there's a lot of

[spencer_ein]: C. G. I like again, Thell. The What made the first matrix so good is is all

[spencer_ein]: wirew and all this really cool stuff And this one

[cobra]: wow, it's na.

[spencer_ein]: looks like it's really heav, heavily, c Ged and not wirework and not practical.

[spencer_ein]: My. The only, the only last thing I want to ask you guys about is the original

[spencer_ein]: Matrix was just directed by the Wchowskis like I think

[cobra]: yes.

[spencer_ein]: with Joe's brother. At the time

[cobra]: yeah. yes,

[spencer_ein]: they both transitioned. My question is, but the only thing is the Fr. The

[spencer_ein]: director of this one

[cobra]: just land up.

[spencer_ein]: is just Laa with Choski, So what happened to the other

[spencer_ein]: Wichoski's sister?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I have no idea

[host_matt]: they didn't want to do it.

[cobra]: Yeah. yeah,

[host_matt]: I believe

[spencer_ein]: What? that worries me?

[host_matt]: the article I read. Well, No, the article I read was They didn't want to do it

[host_matt]: because they've just recently transitioned and there was so much going on with

[host_matt]: their their lives. They didn't have a new story to tell. And so that's why they

[spencer_ein]: I thought that I thought I thought they both transitioned years ago. Yeah,

[host_matt]: left it to the other sister.

[cobra]: I thought the transition was a while ago. Yeah, that's what I understood, too.

[host_matt]: Well, one, one one was way wayter than the other one,

[cobra]: Ah gota

[host_matt]: so, so I

[spencer_ein]: crazy.

[host_matt]: believe the one that transition first is the one who's doing this movie and they

[host_matt]: have a story to tell. Where' the other one just is? like I got nothing.

[cobra]: fair enough. I.

[spencer_ein]: Okay, That's a little concerning, but

[cobra]: I'm glad that it is not to someone else taking over. At least it's a withchsky. Yeah.

[spencer_ein]: oh, no, for sure, I want. I wanted both of them back again because

[cobra]: yeah.

[spencer_ein]: it's like they' made it together.

[spencer_ein]: But it is one of those.

[cobra]: so yeah,

[cobra]: I'm I'm

[cobra]: moderately hyped for this.

[spencer_ein]: I. I was going to say that Vrbat him. I was really hyped after the teaser,

[spencer_ein]: moderately hyped after the actual

[spencer_ein]: trailer.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: Um, hey, how can I get you guys to wrap up stuff when you're going too long?

[cobra]: we just did

[spencer_ein]: Um.

[host_matt]: I know,

[spencer_ein]: yeah, you. just you just did.

[host_matt]: but I've been trying to get you

[cobra]: okay.

[host_matt]: wrap up for like two and a half minutes just because we spent ten minutes on the

[host_matt]: one topic, So I want to keep us moving. There is. no.

[spencer_ein]: Um.

[host_matt]: I just want to acknowledge them from you guys when you, when you

[cobra]: I guess when you do this we can go. We can go like that.

[host_matt]: like a chat or like a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I noded

[host_matt]: hand motion. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: okay, be cause no one did anything, so I wasn't sure that's cool. Okay,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, I saw you, but yeah,

[spencer_ein]: okay,

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: thanks. thanks, thank you for seeing me.

[host_matt]: thanks. thanks, thank you for seeing me.

[spencer_ein]: I just ignored you.

[cobra]: blink twice, blink twice if you're under toress,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah.

[spencer_ein]: what what's Matt doing with his hands?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: is casenic.

[host_matt]: It. Just look at the regular look at the rig. It's just the way Sparko. Sparko.

[cobra]: and it is

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: like, Oh, His. his wrist

[spencer_ein]: you got.

[cobra]: seems like he is like hurting or something.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, he's got carpal tunnel,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You need those Chinese medicine balls, my friend.

[cobra]: Jesus. anyway,

[cobra]: Jesus. anyway,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Get the circulation.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Okay,

[spencer_ein]: So

[host_matt]: cool. that's good. Goe, But

[spencer_ein]: on to the next

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: yeah, thank you sayway into. Have you heard of jeopardy?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: damn right.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: damn right.

[cobra]: Jesus,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: bring the pain, gentlemen.

[spencer_ein]: is is that

[host_matt]: Well, we? well, we,

[spencer_ein]: that that Mi Mike Richard show?

[cobra]: fuck you, sir.

[host_matt]: as it turns out, as it turns out, we were all put in jeopardy

[spencer_ein]: Oh

[host_matt]: by you mentioning that, because

[spencer_ein]: yes,

[host_matt]: Michures was the Hos, story, is the host of Jeopardy and now he's not Um

[spencer_ein]: Oh my

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: god,

[spencer_ein]: he he was. He was this

[spencer_ein]: establishment of this great television

[host_matt]: piller, a pillar

[host_matt]: of the The. The misogistic community, I mean the community of jeopardy.

[spencer_ein]: a pillar. thank you, pillar of the television industry.

[cobra]: I have

[spencer_ein]: Yes,

[cobra]: never seen in a situation that translates better like poking

[cobra]: old shit where' like nice and stuck on the corner and nobody smells it. Go look at

[cobra]: the shit over there and then you disturb it and put a fan to it. That's what happened

[cobra]: with that guy. Nobody know about this guy didn't Who does Mike Richard person was,

[cobra]: And then's like I'm going to be a host and they like, Oh, we're going to dig some

[cobra]: shit up on you and ho

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes, right,

[cobra]: ship.

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[host_matt]: I, so I, I would argue that I' I'm going to take. I don't want it to

[host_matt]: characterize. If someone went up and dug up shit on him, he put up. He recorded a

[host_matt]: bunch of pocasts like

[cobra]: Yes,

[host_matt]: us, and he just left them up

[cobra]: Yeah, that's true. The shit was just there.

[host_matt]: forever like we' going to do. And

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[host_matt]: so he didn't. It wasn't like someone went digging up the ship, the ship ros, on

[host_matt]: the internet waiting for someone to come find it, And

[cobra]: That's what I'm saying. Does

[spencer_ein]: by the way,

[cobra]: someone just turned a fan on Top of it?

[spencer_ein]: I

[host_matt]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: look forward to this podcast ruining my chance for presidency in the near

[spencer_ein]: future.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: inness, Spencer,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: inness, Spencer,

[host_matt]: me too,

[cobra]: Is that goingnna be. This episode is going to be the episode The holidack.

[cobra]: Definitely,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely,

[host_matt]: Yeah one.

[spencer_ein]: now

[spencer_ein]: I, I've looked into it a bit. And what

[spencer_ein]: did he say That is like The like, I know, there's like, like a thing here thing

[spencer_ein]: there. What is the one that was like the dagger of things? he said.

[host_matt]: So, if you, if humans friends, listeners, if you want to understand what

[host_matt]: happened, there's an article on the ringer Dot com that just searched for

[host_matt]: jeopardy, Uh, Claire, I don't remember her last name. wrote this huge expos on my

[host_matt]: criatures. It's fantastic. It goes to all

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: the detail now to answer Spencer's individual questions. It was a collective of

[host_matt]: his massage and treatment to all the women he worked with. He worked on prices

[host_matt]: right, and tried to make sure that the ugly ▁quote unquote ugly. Uh models were

[host_matt]: transitioned off one person, I think had

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yp,

[host_matt]: a kid, and then got transitioned off Um. and in terms of how he treated women,

[host_matt]: how he talked about them, he said one piece swimsuits were ugly and unflattering

[host_matt]: to women. Um, just just, it's a cavalcade of mishogenistic talk, Um that at it it

[host_matt]: combines up into just just and the way he responded everything. It's the

[host_matt]: standard. I'm sorry if you were offended. You know,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: bullshit that. that just exacerbated the the problem.

[cobra]: what? Now

[spencer_ein]: I'm surprise.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: exaserbated.

[spencer_ein]: I'm surprised you didn't.

[cobra]: exaserated?

[host_matt]: Yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He.

[spencer_ein]: It's like Master Baating, but like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: jerk that exageration out,

[cobra]: That's what

[host_matt]: yeah,

[cobra]: has exacerbated maturbation. which is probably what he did on the set.

[host_matt]: yes, that's Mhm. Basically

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: exasperated mastbated.

[host_matt]: he got

[spencer_ein]: that'

[host_matt]: fired for exaster, exacerbated

[host_matt]: masturbation. I didn't know how to say it, but he got fired for it. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: And that's what should happen.

[spencer_ein]: I'm surprised you didn't just come up with the like, you know, the old steak

[spencer_ein]: news. Just a bunch of bigke news out there. These people.

[host_matt]: I don't.

[spencer_ein]: these people are talking about these people, the bad people.

[spencer_ein]: I'm surprised

[host_matt]: i.

[spencer_ein]: you didn't come up with that All defense.

[host_matt]: I think I might just put up one long beef over your Donal Trump impersonation.

[host_matt]: I'm not sure.

[spencer_ein]: listen, listen, listen to that. a lot of people say it the best propibition. A

[spencer_ein]: lot of people I don't know. I don't say these people. They're good people, They

[cobra]: It's just it's weird because it's just good and just bad enough to be weird.

[spencer_ein]: good people

[host_matt]: Yup, Yeah, it's like we

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Triggering

[host_matt]: have Donald Trump on our A. This is why we're You're getting fired. You're not

[host_matt]: going to be the president because youre adult we have Donald Trump on our podcast

[host_matt]: and

[host_matt]: they't like that.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: well happenn't to the good old days of

[spencer_ein]: listen, listen to me, listen to mel. listen to the people. they listen to me.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: E Shearon being on the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: podcastee.

[host_matt]: Yeah. Where's that Che? Bring it back?

[cobra]: Where is that?

[spencer_ein]: It's all takeke news, ands fake news. Okay, I won the election. I won this

[spencer_ein]: poadcast. It's over. Okay. it's done.

[cobra]: I want the spot? You would say that,

[host_matt]: Would? Okay? thanks, Donald. Someone,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, never say that again.

[host_matt]: don't let. Don't let him back in this

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[host_matt]: ever.

[spencer_ein]: Youre welcome.

[spencer_ein]: Ma. you're welcome. long time. big time then

[spencer_ein]: Ma. you're welcome. long time. big time then

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, what happened to drunk brand

[spencer_ein]: is the

[host_matt]: Oh, Jesus

[host_matt]: segu.

[cobra]: Jes,

[host_matt]: have you guys heard of Spiderman

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Spider Mann?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes,

[host_matt]: Yes,

[spencer_ein]: is that that?

[host_matt]: man, man of spiders,

[cobra]: the man of spiders,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that sounds

[spencer_ein]: is it the man'?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: like The. The Man of Spiders sounds like the.

[cobra]: That sounds like one of those. Yeah, like you,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Do it

[cobra]: transl back and forth on Good Translate, and

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the Man

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: of Spters

[cobra]: is like Men of Spiders. Home is that way.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: that's a.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: with,

[spencer_ein]: That sounds like a. Uh, that sounds like like, Uh, into the spider Vers a

[spencer_ein]: version of Spiderman that's just made up of a thousand spiders, like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'll do you one better. It's like the.

[spencer_ein]: sentient spiders to make up one man.

[cobra]: I would watch that. I would watch that.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It's like the Man of Spiders, direct to D V. D. staring Kevin Costner

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: down on his luck. Every one in his life has

[host_matt]: go.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: abandoned him.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He lives in. Listen, I'm just running with it.

[cobra]: Why Kevin Kner?

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, what the movie? H.

[cobra]: No man. it would be. it would be a champan or something.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay. Sure, even better

[host_matt]: Why don't you let him finish this trailer before you changed the a.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: correct.

[cobra]: I'ming

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: this isn't your movie. You didn't go in that direction, Man of Spiders.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It's nineteen eighty seven and Kevin Costner his down on his luck. He

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: lost his family in a in a

[spencer_ein]: Yeah?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: eeat culling accident, and now he lives and he lives in the shadows and

[host_matt]: Fuck. not again.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: spatters and spiders live in his trench coat, and all he's looking for

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: is his one true love and that at love is the ghost of his of his

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: deceased wife. Enter Meg Ryan Duon,

[cobra]: was this shot in

[spencer_ein]: okay,

[cobra]: Nineteen eighty seven Because that's what it sounds like.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, I had to follow that energy

[host_matt]: Yes, Yeah, it would have to be

[cobra]: Oh, okay, okay, because if it was shot now, that'd be a very different movie.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: completely.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, weed, culing deaths have gone down since the eighties Big time.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: See, see, see

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Te technological advancements

[spencer_ein]: they' nearly haved

[cobra]: The, Yeah, The,

[host_matt]: about as much as Mcaryan's career

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you know,

[host_matt]: has gone down. If I'm not mistaken.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: shot out to when Harry met Sally, I actually watched that movie from

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: beginning to end like I always saw like snippets on Tbs and across Tv

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: across my life, and I finally watched it.

[cobra]: I thought you were going to like. I thought you were going about to recast into the

[cobra]: Spider Verse shot in Nineteen eighty Seven. And putut like Chn paan, Kevin Costner,

[cobra]: and like, I don't know,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes

[cobra]: Um,

[cobra]: Sylvester Staloone, playing different versions of

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and no,

[spencer_ein]: Sagu.

[spencer_ein]: How do

[host_matt]: Hey,

[spencer_ein]: I force the Fegu?

[host_matt]: that's how you do it. Yes, saidbye. So anyways, you have heard of the Man

[host_matt]: Spiders, which

[spencer_ein]: Yes,

[host_matt]: allows me to

[cobra]: We have.

[host_matt]: talk about the news.

[host_matt]: The No, No way

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes, yes,

[host_matt]: home. I believe

[cobra]: Yes, Yes,

[host_matt]: the official Tser

[host_matt]: trailer for No

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes, oh yeah,

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: way Home dropped.

[spencer_ein]: did you put in it? Did you put an accent on home?

[spencer_ein]: No way home.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: just

[host_matt]: I have. S.

[cobra]: turn. just turn the non native speaker for one word.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I keep this, ma. let's keep this mat sweetish back

[host_matt]: there is no way Ho.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: right with it.

[host_matt]: it's it's a movie. Don't know?

[cobra]: Yeah, though,

[host_matt]: how do we feel about

[cobra]: Ah, I'm

[host_matt]: Spiderman No way

[spencer_ein]: you leave the

[host_matt]: home'. Weird

[cobra]: I'm so hyped

[spencer_ein]: go ahead.

[cobra]: for it, even though

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: like benty cumberbtches, wearing a really bad wig on them on that like it's so so

[cobra]: bad.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's a bad way. I didn't catch that on.

[cobra]: Oh

[spencer_ein]: I didn'.

[cobra]: my God, it's so bad.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay,

[cobra]: but, but that's probably the only like bad thing I can actually say about the the

[cobra]: trailer. I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[cobra]: will say this, though I will be thoroughly disappointed

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm.

[cobra]: if two things don't happen. One

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: speak on it.

[cobra]: we're getting. We're getting

[cobra]: Um, offered Molina to play Dockcock again, which I'm superh for. And clearly from the

[cobra]: laughter

[spencer_ein]: amazing

[cobra]: we're getting William De Foe to play Grin Goblin, Right

[spencer_ein]: amazing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Hm.

[cobra]: if we don't get Andrew Garfield and Toby Macguire in this movie, and if they don't do

[cobra]: a reenactment of the Spiderman pointing to himself, see the mem, I am going to be

[cobra]: humongously disappointed

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, my God,

[spencer_ein]: he's You know. he's he's right.

[cobra]: Like that has to happen. come on, Disney. listen to me. this has to happen

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't want to let that. I don't want to. I listen to you. I don't

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: want. I don't want to let you down. but like I saw, I saw today like an

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: article saying Andrew Garfield has once again denied that he's in the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: movie. Now If he's just playing defense. to like, really, really, like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you know, Hold the line. Great, But if they. that's the truth. I'm

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sorry, but like we might have

[cobra]: Bu. bullshit.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: to, we might have to take that. El, we might have to take it.

[spencer_ein]: I mean,

[host_matt]: we already have.

[host_matt]: Do we not have Toby Mcguire in the movie?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Is he in it?

[spencer_ein]: Yes. Yes,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It's confirmed.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, Im

[cobra]: Oh, cool.

[spencer_ein]: pretty sure he is.

[host_matt]: Yeah, he was

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay. Well, if that's the case, then anything is possible

[host_matt]: and also the Vult.

[spencer_ein]: Yp.

[host_matt]: No, that's incorrect. Vulure. The actor

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Michael Keon,

[host_matt]: is back, but he iss calling his badman. Yeah, is,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Huh,

[host_matt]: or

[spencer_ein]: What as Batman? The Fuck you talking?

[host_matt]: my crossing over the flash

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you're missing two movies. Ro,

[host_matt]: movie. Wow, I'm drunk. I'm out.

[cobra]: what are you talking about

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sweetest ma, come back,

[host_matt]: I don't know. maybe it is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sweetest ma. come back.

[host_matt]: Swedish man is time fram confused.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, Swedish Ma has got it all confused.

[cobra]: in in

[cobra]: Sweden, D, C and Marvel is the same thing

[host_matt]: Sorry, time travel is

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: time travel is confusing.

[spencer_ein]: time you whin me stuff

[host_matt]: multisus, confusing. my bad.

[cobra]: some people are

[spencer_ein]: here, Ma,

[cobra]: saying as well

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He still busy?

[cobra]: about the like, the electrical stuff showing up the trailer. That is the same as the

[cobra]: Electro from

[cobra]: Andrew Garfood

[spencer_ein]: it is Electro. Jamie Fox is Jamie Foxes signed on

[cobra]: movies. Okay,

[host_matt]: Jamie Fox is back. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, so

[cobra]: So like that doesn't make any sense for ▁ Jamie Fox to be there and Andrew Garford

[cobra]: not to be.

[spencer_ein]: and not, and of know an andreg feel not to be.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'll tell you why, Sinister Six? That's why.

[cobra]: Well, that's true. Fair enough.

[host_matt]: just

[spencer_ein]: so I. I. a. I just got jump in here. I have so many questions about this movie

[spencer_ein]: is like. First of all, can you imagine like five years ago? Even imagining this

[spencer_ein]: movie happening, this is absolutely

[cobra]: There's no way.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: insane. Like combining multiple

[spencer_ein]: franchises.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: It's like to the average movie goer, they're going to be like so confused.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: maybe

[spencer_ein]: like, like, if you don't follow Sam, Raymy, Spiderman and Andrew Garfield

[spencer_ein]: like, like, if you don't follow Sam, Raymy, Spiderman and Andrew Garfield

[cobra]: like if that's the first Spiderman movie you watch

[spencer_ein]: Spiderman

[spencer_ein]: Spiderman

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah, you're like Go to be like. Wait. whatm?

[cobra]: is like, what the fuck that I just watched? Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's like an acid trip.

[cobra]: that's true. I hadn't thought of that because

[cobra]: we're in the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: what's the double crossing guy from Raiders Ofb

[spencer_ein]: so it.

[cobra]: Sp. We, The four of us are all in the Spider Verse Right,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, totally.

[cobra]: But

[spencer_ein]: it's like they're like. they're really really respecting their fan's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[spencer_ein]: knowledge To bring all these people back. I will say this, I am a. I'm a bit

[spencer_ein]: coner like I'm so excited to have Toby Mcguire in it. I, I just hope that like

[spencer_ein]: my fear is like. basically it's going to be like just the finale. They all come

[spencer_ein]: in. The. The. The verse opens up, and then like the Spiderman's come out and

[spencer_ein]: all the villains come out, and there's like a big fight scene. And then that's

[spencer_ein]: it like I want. I want to him where to be a character in the movie like I want

[spencer_ein]: him to t teach.

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Like take uh, Tom Holen under his wing a bit like you know, like, I think

[cobra]: you know, you know the scene at the end of the trailer when when Dockox says hello

[spencer_ein]: that'd be cool.

[cobra]: Peter

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, Yeah,

[cobra]: to me, the

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: jutaposition of him saying Dad, and then like Tom Hollands, Spiderman putting on the

[cobra]: or Parkers, putting on the the suit, I think those are like a trailer lie. I think

[cobra]: hes

[spencer_ein]: yeah, totally

[cobra]: saying that, too, Toby Mcguire.

[spencer_ein]: it. He must be, but I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: cause you saying it like with a certain knowing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: cause you saying it like with a certain knowing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: when we know, Yeah, when we know Holland, has it met him.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: when we know, Yeah, when we know Holland, has it met him.

[spencer_ein]: so like. Yeah, exactly like he knows them

[cobra]: exactly. it's not like it's not like it's the first timely. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: like he wouldn't call Tom Hall and Peter. You wouldn't even recognize him

[spencer_ein]: unless he was in the suit already.

[host_matt]: well, that' an interesting conundrum here because

[host_matt]: the and the multi Vse

[host_matt]: shouldn't the person look the same like if they are, If they are Peter

[spencer_ein]: No,

[host_matt]: Parker.

[spencer_ein]: whos? have you seen Loki.

[cobra]: No, sh up.

[host_matt]: Yes, but those are different versions of Loi.

[spencer_ein]: They're variant, So the Spider Man would be variant.

[host_matt]: So so but none of these Peter Parkers are variants of Peter Park Are like. Miles

[host_matt]: Mors is a very into Peter Parker. Right,

[cobra]: Well, yeah, it's not a different person.

[spencer_ein]: Miles Moals Is is is a different person.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: These are all variants of Peter Parker.

[host_matt]: Sh. sure. but what what I mean to variant is like he has different powers, so

[host_matt]: it's like all these. Well, I guess they don't technically because one of them

[host_matt]: uses web like natural Web. What name is? I'm getting down the rabbit hole.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: '.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's like it's just like. it's just like Into the Spider

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Verse. It's like they' like one's a. uh.

[spencer_ein]: Verse. It's like they' like one's a. uh.

[host_matt]: but they're all different people.

[host_matt]: right like those,

[cobra]: there's two Peters. No,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: Porker Parker? Is there two? Peter? Well, Yeah, because one dies right away,

[host_matt]: right

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, that's like the stand, the the main one,

[host_matt]: The one? the one from Miles Moles's

[host_matt]: universe

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: dies, and

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: but he looked similar to the The. like,

[cobra]: but he looked similar to the The. like,

[host_matt]: then and then the other Peter Parker.

[spencer_ein]: the Fa, the fat one.

[cobra]: the the

[host_matt]: the O. G.

[cobra]: fat like tir of life Peter

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Parker.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: yeah, okay,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Fat Parker

[spencer_ein]: that's what I want to. I want Toby Macguire to be that guy.

[host_matt]: yeah.

[cobra]: to be that guy he has to be. he has to be

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Toby

[cobra]: Magire Is forty five like, there's no way he can play

[spencer_ein]: like I, Just

[host_matt]: so okay

[spencer_ein]: if I,

[cobra]: anything else.

[cobra]: anything else.

[cobra]: anything else.

[spencer_ein]: if i, and in my opinion, I have to say if there's not a Just like you said the

[spencer_ein]: scene with them pointing. If there's on a scene of Peter

[host_matt]: that. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Parker, like the burger cated into the Spider Verse, But he's eating pizza and

[spencer_ein]: he's like Piza time, and they, he takes a bite. If he doesn't have that, I will

[cobra]: You know. If if that is't it isn't there. But if we get the the Toby Macguire dance

[spencer_ein]: be very upset.

[cobra]: from the third Sp movie I'm in, I mean, that's fine,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, that, uh, me, too, me too.

[host_matt]: so the only other thing I'll be curious about is the fact like Yes, Dock Awck is

[host_matt]: from to Mcguir' universe, but there's they. haven't have they cast any of the

[host_matt]: Superman villains twice.

[spencer_ein]: Superman, Jesus Christ, Sweed and Matt,

[cobra]: Superman. You're

[cobra]: insane. What is wrong with you

[host_matt]: Spider

[host_matt]: Man of Spiders, Men of Spiders,

[spencer_ein]: this is man. This is the Man of Spider movie.

[cobra]: for?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: di him, too,

[cobra]: First of all,

[host_matt]: sha.

[cobra]: Michael Ke's playing Batmin in this and now it's Superman movie.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Swedish man. Yeah,

[cobra]: What?

[host_matt]: yp.

[spencer_ein]: Christoer, Reeve's coming back from the grave for this movie.

[spencer_ein]: Christoer, Reeve's coming back from the grave for this movie.

[spencer_ein]: Christoer, Reeve's coming back from the grave for this movie.

[cobra]: what? what are you drinking right now? That's not just Coke.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: regular Ma is all over the place, Swedish man.

[host_matt]: it's not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: What can you? How

[host_matt]: um. but

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: soon could you get here? Swedish Macause, regular. I don't know who. I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: think he was taken.

[host_matt]: no, this is Swedish mass

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: influence. This

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: is the problem.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'm talking to Swedish Mat right now on

[cobra]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: my phone and he says he is coming.

[cobra]: theyve they've cast Dock, obviously, and from the laugh they cast, Uh, will?

[spencer_ein]: William Deffoe,

[host_matt]: No, but my question is they haven't had a dock ack in the Tom

[host_matt]: Hall

[cobra]: No, they have. not. Yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay

[host_matt]: universe and the

[host_matt]: Tobyireiverse, And so it's interesting that Spider, the men, the Mens of Spiders

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: right.

[host_matt]: have changed, but they've never reused a a villain. So I'm wondering how that is

[cobra]: Oh, they didn't they. didn't they have gngblin in the Andrew Garf movies.

[host_matt]: going to play out as you.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: They

[spencer_ein]: Yes, Yes,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: alluded to him. There was

[host_matt]: They

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that guy from that terrible

[spencer_ein]: no, No,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: elysium or something.

[spencer_ein]: from Chronicle Chronicle.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Thank

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you. Thank you. They had that guy

[spencer_ein]: They did they had, But

[cobra]: well,

[spencer_ein]: that was just his. very. My. My theory is because I was thinking about the same

[spencer_ein]: thing as well as like, How are they going to have these villains and then also

[spencer_ein]: have original dockock in the new Tom Holland movies, Right like a one that's in

[spencer_ein]: his universe, And I think that at the end they're going to fix the multi verse

[spencer_ein]: or whatever, and these guys are going to go back to their universes. I don't

[spencer_ein]: think they're going to stay.

[host_matt]: not fixing the multis of the Spider Man is opening it up.

[spencer_ein]: No, not, I know. Yeah, whatever they're going to, they're going to exactly. but

[spencer_ein]: I think that they're going to wrap up like. I don't think Alfha Meline is going

[spencer_ein]: to be in a bunch of Spiderman movies. Moving forward.

[host_matt]: Oh, sure,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: looks great,

[host_matt]: but but you said they, they were going to close up the multif,

[spencer_ein]: Sorry, I mispoke. God damn it, they're going to fix the.

[cobra]: yeah, Ma, has haven't you ever done that?

[spencer_ein]: haven't you ever mis spoke?

[host_matt]: Never, I. Everything I've said, Batman will be in that movie with Superman and

[host_matt]: The Man of Spiders, Mark my words.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, and you' you see, No, but I'm I'm saying they're going to wrap it up

[spencer_ein]: somehow, so they're going to get rid of Alph, Meina and William to folkcause.

[spencer_ein]: They're not going to sign on for a bunch of more

[cobra]: No, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: movies and I think that at the end of the movie Doctor Strange is going to be

[spencer_ein]: like. You know. Be wary. Peter. That was a taste of things to come potentially,

[spencer_ein]: and

[host_matt]: Sure, I mean the trailer does.

[spencer_ein]: that's going to be like, like hinting at future

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: like Doctor Doctor Octopus, future Golins,

[host_matt]: the trailer does give them the ability to turn off the effects of what he's doing

[host_matt]: Right be Iget exactly what Spiderman does throws off the spell

[cobra]: yeah, cause it's a whiny bitch. That's why.

[host_matt]: that Doctor Strange is.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, being a chatty, Kathy is what it was.

[host_matt]: Yeah. Yeah, and so, Doctor the Go, resolve the spell

[host_matt]: and gives it' right, leading us into the Multiverse leaving stuck in the Multie

[host_matt]: After

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but there'

[host_matt]: that movie,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: say. But theres two possible conclusions Like path that can diverge

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: fromter, asking Doctor for help. One is exactly what. What we'

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: speculating so far based on this conversation, like it goes, it runs its

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: course and it perhaps gets know tided up nice and clean. The other

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: possibility, the other fork in the road is that it's not ined from the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: comics. Is that it's not Doctor Strange at all. It'sisto

[cobra]: Yeah. yeah, so I, I

[spencer_ein]: God, David,

[cobra]: heard. Actually, I heard that theory as well,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sorry, but it's

[cobra]: and people are saying that the fact that that Doctor Strange isn't like a hoodie and

[cobra]: has a shadty wig that that's actually Myisto, Doctor

[spencer_ein]: that is the worst prediction. If

[cobra]: know.

[spencer_ein]: you're right about that, that is almost as accurate as as Mat's prediction

[spencer_ein]: about Batman.

[cobra]: Listen,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but

[cobra]: if Baman

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: can be in this movie, Sofisto, like come on,

[spencer_ein]: everybody has a variant. you know, Mat Va is Swedish Ma, and you know they can

[spencer_ein]: show up at any time.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Batman is going to be in this movie.

[host_matt]: Y, say go

[spencer_ein]: that way,

[host_matt]: right. So I'm really curious to see how that plays out to see if all of our

[host_matt]: predictions which are rockall, please bettertt on them. By the way. If you can

[host_matt]: come true in in the Man of Spiders movie, Thank

[cobra]: I'm betting on yours, Ma. I'm betting on yours. It's actually a Superman movie with

[cobra]: with Michael Ke, and as Batmin in

[cobra]: it That that's definitely the one

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and drunk, Brando.

[host_matt]: the Thing is

[spencer_ein]: guys, hold on. I just got the craziest idea. You

[host_matt]: okay.

[spencer_ein]: know how they're making. Sorry. I, I know Segway But last thing you know how

[spencer_ein]: they're making the flash movie with a multi

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: right,

[spencer_ein]: verse. What if the two movies Connect and Badman isnt it,

[cobra]: Jesus Christ.

[spencer_ein]: and

[spencer_ein]: and

[spencer_ein]: in their movies they reference the other person's universes. They're like

[host_matt]: That would be the highest. That would be the highest grossing Dc C movie of all

[spencer_ein]: coming out.

[host_matt]: time.

[cobra]: O, Oh, that burn.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: please let

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: us hand some of your marble when he believes we f up everything. leave

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: we got left is man of spiders.

[host_matt]: say go. Um, have you guys heard of only fans?

[cobra]: I have no idea what

[spencer_ein]: I think.

[cobra]: you're talking about. I am a wholesome person and I have no idea what

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: you're talking about.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: The saying

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: we

[host_matt]: Okay,

[spencer_ein]: I think Chris,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: have on the streets. Don't start, won't be none.

[host_matt]: wow, okay, whippe.

[spencer_ein]: I think Chriss laughs as at all.

[host_matt]: So for those who don't know, only fans is a website that allows celebrities and

[host_matt]: people in other professions to reach their fans on a very personal basis. Um,

[host_matt]: sometimes when you reach those fans it's you know. Just a fun chat. Sometimes you

[host_matt]: watch them fuck somebody. it's hard to say what happens on only fans per se.

[cobra]: It's one. just one of those two things. It's either or that's all you get. Yeah,

[host_matt]: That's pretty much.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Sometimes it's Bible

[spencer_ein]: Oh

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: scripture reading.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: scripture reading.

[cobra]: Ba.

[spencer_ein]: yeah. yeah.

[host_matt]: um, Chris, you seem to be the most familiar

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don know.

[host_matt]: with only fans. I'll ask you.

[cobra]: wow, is this a whispy thing again?

[host_matt]: I think it is. Um. you laugh a loudest. That's how I, I could tell

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I just laughcause. I'm a Christian boy.

[host_matt]: that's the loudest. That's how it works.

[spencer_ein]: They don't have. They don't have women in

[spencer_ein]: Whitbye.

[cobra]: Holy shit.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: What?

[host_matt]: Whoof shots fire

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: what?

[host_matt]: to whippy.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Po,

[cobra]: All

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: ▁jimmy G,

[cobra]: all all the all the fifty people in would be very offended right now.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: uh, what was the question?

[host_matt]: So anyways, segu

[host_matt]: only

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: fans um, over the last month plus they have managed to

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: fuck

[host_matt]: ban sexually explicit content so you can show your dick or tiddies, but you can't

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it up

[host_matt]: put them inside another person.

[cobra]: That was

[host_matt]: But

[cobra]: a Very. That was a very

[cobra]: sweetish mad explanation because it sounded like an

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[cobra]: Iikeimanel.

[spencer_ein]: very very clean, very

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it. I was. It's clean su like superb execution,

[cobra]: A slot

[spencer_ein]: medically correct.

[cobra]: A into whole. B. Basically,

[host_matt]: thank you, Chef Chef Kiss,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: landing the dismount

[spencer_ein]: B.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: da

[host_matt]: it's all a or v. I think I'm not sure.

[spencer_ein]: you. you mean the beeholle or the ahole?

[host_matt]: anyways. course, the question is how do you feel about only fans both denying

[host_matt]: sexually explicit content on their

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: uhhuh.

[host_matt]: platform and then like two weeks later accepting it once again.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I laugh. my as uh.

[cobra]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: But so my exposure to to only fans is most comes mostly from Twitter

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: from some of the other concert creators that I follow like they make a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: lot of jokes on on on Olifa.

[host_matt]: What kind content

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay, so video game creator content like Heavenly Controller, for

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: example, Um Long Beach, and Gffi,

[host_matt]: sounds like a bor thing in with you,

[cobra]: Chris, Chris, have, are you Chris? Are you not seeing the quick Sds, Walk away from

[cobra]: Chris, Chris, have, are you Chris? Are you not seeing the quick Sds, Walk away from

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Well, if you look him up on Youtube, he does like he does the video game

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: content commentary. What

[cobra]: the quick San, Chris.

[cobra]: the quick San, Chris.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'm good?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I've got my Indiana Jones whip locked on to the branch of of of

[host_matt]: Chris, Chris,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Survival, I am good. good.

[host_matt]: Chris answered

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, yeah, I'll try.

[host_matt]: me. this. Explain to me how heavily controller is not a vibrating coquering that

[host_matt]: someone can control.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He's a twenty something young black man.

[spencer_ein]: You can't exactly

[cobra]: You're not helping

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I just did.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I just did

[spencer_ein]: lets listen. I,

[spencer_ein]: I had one experience with only fans

[spencer_ein]: and

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: okay.

[host_matt]: Okay, Okay,

[spencer_ein]: I was in my house and it was

[host_matt]: which way?

[spencer_ein]: quite. I was quite hot. I was

[spencer_ein]: sweating profusely and I and I searched. I. I wanted

[host_matt]: Oh yeah, you are, Daddy.

[cobra]: Jesus.

[spencer_ein]: to buy a fan, so I went to only fans because I only wanted a fan

[cobra]: Wow, did you?

[host_matt]: I hate you.

[spencer_ein]: and I and I keep telling my wife I was searching for a fan.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh,

[host_matt]: You know, Free back Trump. That's a better. that' better than this story right

[cobra]: that was? That was a long way to go for a shitty joke, Spencer. Holy crap.

[cobra]: that was? That was a long way to go for a shitty joke, Spencer. Holy crap.

[spencer_ein]: Listen, what is says.

[host_matt]: now.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: not even.

[spencer_ein]: I thought I thought they only sold fans. Is that too hard to believe? I keep

[spencer_ein]: telling my

[host_matt]: I hate you.

[spencer_ein]: wife this and listen, Donald Trump once said

[spencer_ein]: this, people, they buy these fans. They think they detict the banging fans, but

[spencer_ein]: they're actually buying porn. It's a very C problem.

[host_matt]: Hey Spencer, what's what's your? What's your wife up to? Is she able to finish

[host_matt]: this broadcast?

[spencer_ein]: Funny story. she left me, Um,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh God. No,

[cobra]: Jes, that's a funny story.

[host_matt]: Damn

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I

[spencer_ein]: no, no, I.

[cobra]: just thought it was the stupidest mostly blatant backtrack of all time.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you know what, the

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: only fans is essentially Warner Brothers. They, they were making money

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and then decided

[host_matt]: yup,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: to stop making money.

[cobra]: They were making more money than Warner Brothers. I tell you that,

[host_matt]: Sor. When did one of brothers decide to start making money

[cobra]: exactly.

[host_matt]: again be cause? I haven't done that part yet.

[host_matt]: again be cause? I haven't done that part yet.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh wait. you're right,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, it was.

[spencer_ein]: hey,

[cobra]: it was like. No, we don't need fifty percent of the you know five billion that that

[cobra]: we have two point five came from porn. and let's just you know, murder them. Oh, you

[cobra]: guys are leaving.

[spencer_ein]: and

[cobra]: Okay with backtrack

[spencer_ein]: I, I, honestly, in my opinion, Um, they should sell fans. No, I'm serious.

[spencer_ein]: They

[spencer_ein]: hold on. let me finish.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Swedish man believes,

[spencer_ein]: Hold on. Do you guys know the mark up on fans right now? No, seriously,

[spencer_ein]: I believe that, Uh.

[host_matt]: This is the worst Ste up comedy set I've ever heard.

[spencer_ein]: I. actually, oh, mo, letmmy finish. let me finish.

[cobra]: Like thirty seconds of bomb.

[spencer_ein]: Um,

[spencer_ein]: let me finish.

[spencer_ein]: not Swedish. let me finish. Um,

[spencer_ein]: they're

[spencer_ein]: no. I honestly think that this was just a publicity stunt. I

[spencer_ein]: don't think they had any intention of actually stopping the cell porn. I think

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh hot.

[spencer_ein]: this up like you were talking about them in every news article negatively, Of

[spencer_ein]: course, but there's no that such thing as bad press. Once they undated it was

[spencer_ein]: all.

[cobra]: Ah, there is.

[host_matt]: I think I think this isn't the way you do it.

[spencer_ein]: how many P. How many people? How many people do you in the world do you think

[spencer_ein]: were like? Oh, did you hear? Only fans got stopped doing porn

[cobra]: well,

[spencer_ein]: and they're like What's only

[cobra]: uh,

[spencer_ein]: fans? Hold

[host_matt]: What if you aqui?

[spencer_ein]: on and they' like and

[cobra]: a lot of

[cobra]: contentraators are not going back. They laughed when they have got announced

[spencer_ein]: let me.

[cobra]: and

[spencer_ein]: Yeah. right

[host_matt]: Yes, that's the thing

[cobra]: they. Yeah, they just like Fuck you,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: did they? so? what do they do when they backtrack I wonder

[cobra]: and also that, also,

[spencer_ein]: where do they go? Pourn up.

[host_matt]: somewhere else. Yes, probably

[cobra]: some. Yeah, to just fans,

[cobra]: some. Yeah, to just fans,

[spencer_ein]: They havet they.

[host_matt]: I've I don't know.

[cobra]: just

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, Je fans. No,

[cobra]: fans. Actually, actually, that is the site. as far as I know, Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: that is a fan shop.

[spencer_ein]: Um, No, but seriously, but seriously Like You don't think there is people?

[spencer_ein]: There's so many people out there that are like that. Ive never heard of only

[spencer_ein]: fans and someone's like. Oh, they stopped doing poor and like they did porn.

[spencer_ein]: and then they're like. Oh, they're doing Po again. They're like. Maybe I'll

[spencer_ein]: check it out like I you. They got a lot more people,

[host_matt]: if if you aren't aware that only fans has porn,

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: Tell you you' not on the

[host_matt]: Internetette

[cobra]: yeah, it's a mem at this point, and also like a lot of people. This also brought up a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you should come to Whippy,

[cobra]: lot of like contentraators that were on the only f. saying yeah, Okay. since they're

[cobra]: doing this, let me tell you how they treat the contcraters and like a lot of shiet

[cobra]: came up to on top of that and a bunch of people are like I didn't feel safe. I didn't

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh's a good question. Oh, Hm,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh's a good question. Oh, Hm,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh's a good question. Oh, Hm,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh's a good question. Oh, Hm,

[spencer_ein]: But

[cobra]: feel like. Um, they were helping me or making me feel secure. So since they're doing

[cobra]: this, I'm just going to walk away. They backtracked and they went. Fuck you. I'm not

[cobra]: going back right, So that if that was a marketing stunt they fucked up.

[spencer_ein]: but do they?

[spencer_ein]: But is it do they even ha? Like who's their competitor?

[cobra]: I'm telling you, there's not a lot of sight. There's a lot of sights.

[spencer_ein]: Like Lett me write down their competitor. I want to do some research.

[cobra]: Let me write

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: chat roulette, They're still here

[spencer_ein]: Okay, Keep keep it going. Keep it going.

[cobra]: just just in case, just in case you need another fan.

[spencer_ein]: What else

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: four

[spencer_ein]: cha chatette? That that could arguably be a Roette table website? Okay,

[cobra]: Now there,

[spencer_ein]: keep it coming,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: respectable

[cobra]: If you, if you read the

[host_matt]: porn hub,

[cobra]: articles, there's like a two or three,

[cobra]: articles, there's like a two or three,

[spencer_ein]: poor Hobb that that's going to be hard to get around?

[cobra]: two, two, three,

[spencer_ein]: Poor enough.

[cobra]: two or three. like, uh, Similar sights to only that were like, come over to to us. We

[cobra]: were never going to do this. We are here for poor, blah, blah, blah, kind stuff. And

[cobra]: that's what people went.

[spencer_ein]: I want names.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: okayeed,

[cobra]: I just told you just fans and Fnsy or something like that.

[host_matt]: Fancy, that doesn't sound like a thing you're making that up

[spencer_ein]: M. Yeah, Lucyiano knows them all.

[cobra]: I wish I w. I wish I work. I docause. I'm on the internet.

[host_matt]: Seway.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, damn rightder.

[host_matt]: No one wants to know about how many porn sitightes Luciana goes on, so we'

[cobra]: one

[spencer_ein]: all of them

[host_matt]: going to move on to

[cobra]: one.

[spencer_ein]: all of them.

[host_matt]: what. That's not right. I don't want to hear this. Have you?

[host_matt]: have you guys heard of

[host_matt]: the Expendables?

[cobra]: yes,

[host_matt]: Have you heard of the Expendables too?

[spencer_ein]: Have you as anybody here? Seen them

[cobra]: I saw one in too.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: probably one. two.

[host_matt]: Have you heard

[spencer_ein]: else?

[host_matt]: ofpables three?

[cobra]: I've heard of it having watched it.

[spencer_ein]: Okay,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't know.

[spencer_ein]: you're losing me.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Don know

[spencer_ein]: Don't keep going. Don't don't keep going.

[host_matt]: Well, good news, I've got. I've got a reason for you to wash Expable three, so

[host_matt]: you can catch up to the cannon in order to watch

[spencer_ein]: Ah,

[host_matt]: expenditables, For

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: four.

[host_matt]: which

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[host_matt]: is for which is announcing cast members, Nob, butdy, hear me out. I think you're

[host_matt]: going to be interested in this one expendables for

[spencer_ein]: Anthony

[host_matt]: brings.

[spencer_ein]: Hopkins?

[host_matt]: Wait for it. Maybe I don't know. Let me scroll down this article. Well, we're

[host_matt]: bringing. Um.

[host_matt]: Slvelo.

[spencer_ein]: Oh

[spencer_ein]: that. yeah, that aren't they always in them?

[host_matt]: bring Jason Statham, who we all love.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay, okay,

[host_matt]: So what? they' so coming

[spencer_ein]: Okay, good,

[host_matt]: next? Though, However, how do you feel about

[host_matt]: Curtis

[host_matt]: Fey sent Jackson

[spencer_ein]: Mm, that's always a good sign

[cobra]: I know what.

[spencer_ein]: when he's in your movie.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I' just looking for him to get shot fifty times.

[host_matt]: Megan Fox.

[spencer_ein]: Oh,

[cobra]: Wow,

[host_matt]: Okay, I've got this. If you not. If you're on on board with this, then I don't

[host_matt]: know what to tell you, Tony, jaw,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: O.

[spencer_ein]: that's actually good.

[cobra]: that's that. that was the only good one you said so far.

[spencer_ein]: That that's actually good is. I'm just looking forward to Meggan Fox like

[spencer_ein]: beating up fifty soldiers.

[cobra]: See like that,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: please. No, I'm looking for Megan Fox to grow real thumbs.

[cobra]: Jesus, that is below the belt, sir,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Have you seen

[spencer_ein]: Wow,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: fucky Transformers? She's got no opposable thumbs

[spencer_ein]: I, I know her.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: I know her thumb. She has a the thumb issue.

[cobra]: it's just the one. It's just the one. Just the one end. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: like a nubin.

[spencer_ein]: No, she actually has their called others to a

[cobra]: yeah, there's a name for it

[spencer_ein]: for it When you have like

[host_matt]: corrky, thumbs,

[spencer_ein]: to. No, they're called tothumbs.

[host_matt]: justoo thumbs.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Toes are not foot thumbs.

[spencer_ein]: Yes, those are called.

[cobra]: to are just foot fingers.

[spencer_ein]: Your toes

[host_matt]: So

[spencer_ein]: are called foot thumbs, and your thumbs are called

[spencer_ein]: tothums. Get it, figure it out. Matt, figure it out.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Your toes are not foot thumbs.

[cobra]: Jesus.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[host_matt]: you big? Okay, you big,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you failed anatomy. Glas.

[host_matt]: your big toes, a foot themumb

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's you're

[cobra]: Oh, my. oh, my lord.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[spencer_ein]: right, guy, He, just you. just

[host_matt]: look, look on side by side

[spencer_ein]: I'm looking.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: if I had explain to see you, I'm going to send all three of your mother

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: fucks back to Blues Clues to figure out your bodies,

[host_matt]: first, first of all, that man is going to be the new man's sper movie.

[cobra]: Listen,

[cobra]: I,

[spencer_ein]: Fact fact,

[host_matt]: Second of all,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Man of spiders,

[cobra]: I would like to see Michael

[cobra]: Keon in the Expendables

[host_matt]: thumbs are big toes.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I want to see Michael Kean and Man of Spiders.

[host_matt]: But how do you feel like I am cautiously optimistic about and I hate myself

[cobra]: I'm I am not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Which movie are you optimistic?

[cobra]: I. I' just caut. I'm just cautious.

[host_matt]: expables, for

[cobra]: No,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay?

[cobra]: no, no,

[spencer_ein]: mat, Matt, have you seen Uh Expenable Three?

[host_matt]: I don't remember

[spencer_ein]: Well then you're not even getting.

[host_matt]: came out twenty thirteen. It came eight years ago,

[spencer_ein]: You're not even going to get it. Then you're not even going to get it?

[spencer_ein]: These plots. these plots are like a maze there, Twist in turns.

[host_matt]: Sp. Spencer. I, I hate to blow it up for you, but uh, the artr. I' reading uh,

[host_matt]: and let me ▁quote

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: ▁,

[host_matt]: is for you. Just so we're clear where to go.

[spencer_ein]: You

[host_matt]: Um.

[spencer_ein]: do not have to see any other movies to watch this movie.

[cobra]: I mean

[cobra]: it's not. I don't think you're

[cobra]: going to miss a whole lot of like story

[host_matt]: Oh, hear it. I got it.

[host_matt]: No. here it is. The movie will be directed by Scott Wa of Active Valour, but it's

[spencer_ein]: Love

[host_matt]: not entirely clear what it will be about.

[cobra]: that can be said. Listen,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they don't even know

[cobra]: I watch.

[spencer_ein]: about all their movies,

[cobra]: I watch expables one in two and those movies have already come out and I'm still not

[cobra]: entirely hear what they' about.

[cobra]: That's

[spencer_ein]: are they?

[cobra]: the problem.

[spencer_ein]: and they? not even really expendable Be cause, are not dying

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: correct.

[spencer_ein]: or anything.

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly

[host_matt]: but they could.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Take the expables are who makes the studio who makes like the expendable

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: movies? Let to say War Brothers, cause I don't know. the other

[cobra]: Lions Gate, Lions

[cobra]: Gate'.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Lions Gate is Blind Gate, Lions Gates, Expendables is Lions Gates. Take

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: on the suicide squad, but nobody dies.

[spencer_ein]: Ho

[cobra]: awful awful take

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It's so hot.

[spencer_ein]: was a terrible take.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's like a hot bucket.

[cobra]: that was terrible.

[spencer_ein]: What's the opposite of a hot? take an ice take.

[cobra]: like an ice cold. take. Yes,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: um.

[host_matt]: Yeah, I'm sorry. Chris.

[spencer_ein]: take that take of it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'm not nothing.

[host_matt]: put it put. put it back in the oven, and like he rehat it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay. I'll do that

[host_matt]: okay. thank you.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: she.

[host_matt]: Um. So so yeah, I don't.

[cobra]: Why are you cautiously optimistic about this

[host_matt]: Because I just like stupid action movies, and and Tony jaw makes me feel like

[host_matt]: there's going to be some real like as kicking fun in this

[host_matt]: movie

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: hopefully

[spencer_ein]: actual choreography.

[host_matt]: like. uh, so yeah, cause like syvesters alone like I love the guy. but like he's

[host_matt]: like a a statue of plastic scene To this point like you can't. He shouldn't be

[host_matt]: moving too much

[cobra]: to

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: flak off?

[spencer_ein]: he just

[host_matt]: Y

[spencer_ein]: you. gozook.

[host_matt]: right.

[spencer_ein]: there it is.

[host_matt]: Like, One of the reasons why John Wick worked so well is the counter's not trying

[host_matt]: to be like a super into martial arts. He just it, see just guns to your face, so

[host_matt]: like I get it right, even though he's in his fifties.

[spencer_ein]: wait. Have you seen John

[spencer_ein]: Wick?

[cobra]: Yeah, have you seen Johnnry,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: he knows his stuff enough. he's been training.

[spencer_ein]: You think it's all about martial arts? What are you talking about?

[cobra]: He? He does like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You might want to tread carefully.

[cobra]: moves of like three or four different martial arts?

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: but it's it's all with a gun at the end of it. So it's just a very. like the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, it's not. I don't think you saw the same

[host_matt]: marsher.

[cobra]: No, Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: movies called Swedish Mat,

[cobra]: he. he fights with the sword at one point Like what is wrong with you? So so

[host_matt]: That's the third movie. The first two, the first movie. It's all gun

[host_matt]: workk. Anyways, We're getting on a rabbit hole.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: So no, it's not all good work.

[cobra]: its most? it's mostly run. Work

[spencer_ein]: pretty sure, there's like a knife fight in a spa or something at the second

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I think

[spencer_ein]: movie?

[host_matt]: He, just

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Matt is confusing John Wick, kian, John Wick with Iron Fist,

[cobra]: with equilibrium, Equilibrium, The one that has the gun caught up.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Equry

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: was good shape gunfoo.

[host_matt]: it's not. I know. it's not gunkada. Fuck you. it's not goingka. I'm just saying

[host_matt]: there, like John Wick trains, Sir Kari

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: See you believe that he could do it.

[host_matt]: is a real person. He trains on how to reload guns and how to make it look

[host_matt]: realistic, but it's still primarily centered around him putting bullets into

[host_matt]: people, not kicking the shit out of them with martial arts And and I love that,

[host_matt]: but I'm really here to see more action movies that are just like John Wick style

[host_matt]: of a hundred percent action. Don't don't? I don't need his baggage. I don't need

[host_matt]: anything more than someone running around and doing action shift for two hours,

[cobra]: I mean, we had we had G, Vcd on

[host_matt]: and I think that's what expendables will be

[cobra]: ▁j C, V D. I don't

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: even know the guy's

[cobra]: acronym. Yeah, had Junkle Van Dam on the second movie rate as a villain,

[host_matt]: letters. numbers.

[host_matt]: Okay, is he not made a Plasa scene too

[cobra]: so that was. there was less.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: he's pretty flat. He's a lot more flexible.

[cobra]: not not entirely. so that's not an entirely no answer,

[host_matt]: fair.

[cobra]: but not an entirely ad censor.

[cobra]: I was. I was really the best part of the second movie was like staone, Bruce Will and

[cobra]: Schwarzenegger saying each other's lines. That was the highlight of the movie

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Much like the Matrix Three. You should definitely watch Expenable Three.

[spencer_ein]: these are all good. good. good advice.

[cobra]: for the same

[cobra]: reasonsus.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I feel like that was a bit misleading.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: You know why? while you're

[spencer_ein]: at it, Watch what. Why you out to watch Starship Troopers through the classic,

[host_matt]: oh, okay. No,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh God, Casper

[host_matt]: Also

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: van de

[host_matt]: also

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He, still at it.

[host_matt]: is he back in that one? Ied?

[spencer_ein]: I think he still e

[host_matt]: great

[spencer_ein]: it at that point.

[host_matt]: love it. Um

[host_matt]: segu.

[host_matt]: Have you guys heard of

[host_matt]: the last air bender?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yes,

[spencer_ein]: Yes, I have.

[cobra]: you mean

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: wait.

[cobra]: you mean the cartoons right? That's all we're talking about here.

[host_matt]: Sure, Yeah, well, I mean, in a way, I didn't want to say the average like I

[host_matt]: didn't I, as you heard of Avatar, because I would have went to a whole different

[host_matt]: place, and when I hear to talk about how, there's apparently four more movies

[host_matt]: that no one asked for all coming out and I'm allegedly, so we're here about.

[cobra]: They've been coming out for like twenty years. Almost.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: listen.

[host_matt]: Sure

[spencer_ein]: I think my theory in Avatar, too is that it's fully finished, but they're

[spencer_ein]: waiting for the pandemic to release it because it's just too much money to

[spencer_ein]: waste.

[host_matt]: the pandemic is now. it's fine. You can just go ahead and release it.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, just release like they're not like they're going to wait.

[cobra]: they were waiting for depend. We're only going

[cobra]: to

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: release this when the world ends

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, sorry, wait.

[spencer_ein]: yeah, I,

[host_matt]: yeah, we're here. Let's do it.

[spencer_ein]: I missed. I missed a word there,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I stopped.

[spencer_ein]: waiting for the pandemic to

[cobra]: to end. Ah,

[spencer_ein]: pass before

[host_matt]: Oh,

[spencer_ein]: before before,

[host_matt]: my Bo byebe.

[spencer_ein]: So theaters are open. not waiting for. Uh.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I stoped, caring about the second and third and fourth.

[cobra]: anyway, that's not what we're talking about

[host_matt]: Don't wor Chs, they're done. It's not a problem, but back to the last air bender.

[host_matt]: Um, apparently, in an effort to erase what M night Shamammaon did.

[cobra]: that. Didn't that never happen? That's none thing. that's

[host_matt]: Yeah, Netflix.

[cobra]: like drug a Ba. Evolution. It's fake news.

[host_matt]: Listen, that movie was a movie.

[spencer_ein]: did somebody say fake news,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[host_matt]: Jesus.

[spencer_ein]: Somebody?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[spencer_ein]: it is the faness

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but Trump

[host_matt]: What? why would you do that?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: back in the corner. Someone put Trump in the corner.

[cobra]: I'm sorry this. this is. this is totally on me. I'm sorry.

[host_matt]: That's your fault.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: someone called Swedish Mat and drunk Brando, C, uh Joel, please

[host_matt]: Welcome to Sp.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: thank you.

[host_matt]: Have you heard of the last airnders?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes, this movie' got like so it's T v, So T V series One too, Yeah, too.

[spencer_ein]: already good news

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: They, they're correct, Um and

[spencer_ein]: like it can't be a movie.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I, and they have more well it could be. But like you need a better,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you need better leadership. Because like they completely miscast every

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: damn person in the movie. For God's sake.

[spencer_ein]: and did they call the main character on instead of Ang

[spencer_ein]: in

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I, I feel like that's possible.

[cobra]: Yeah, something like that. something like that.

[spencer_ein]: the in the Chamalon one? They got the main characters name wrong.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and like, like the lack of their. the lack of diversity in the cast in

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the movie. Like completely corrected that in the for the T V show

[host_matt]: Just you know, spray

[host_matt]: paintine,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Whoa.

[cobra]: That's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: which?

[spencer_ein]: Well,

[cobra]: the

[spencer_ein]: Matt Bo,

[cobra]: I was

[cobra]: talking about quickend before.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: what? it? blackf?

[spencer_ein]: little, also,

[host_matt]: it wasn't me. It was M chavloon.

[spencer_ein]: I'm going.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes,

[cobra]: okay,

[spencer_ein]: I go. I going to save you in this map. Fun fact about the Avatar movies, The A,

[spencer_ein]: not the. after the

[spencer_ein]: uh, my Chameon movie. Uh, you know how, in the opening scene they're all like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: air bender, Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: of the cartoon. They're old, like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[spencer_ein]: silhouettes doing

[spencer_ein]: doing a move

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Earth fire, Yeah,

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: in front of in front of symbols.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[spencer_ein]: The symbols in the background are like symbols for Earth, wind, fire,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: and and water. Uh, in the Shamelaw movie they recreate those scenes in

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[spencer_ein]: reaction, but the symbols mean nothing

[spencer_ein]: reaction, but the symbols mean nothing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: god

[cobra]: great,

[spencer_ein]: like. Why would they do that?

[cobra]: that is.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: because they're dumb.

[cobra]: that is such a good like representation of that

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: entire movie.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Thank you,

[host_matt]: what what a fucking dohbg?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but that

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: pisses me. That really pissed me off.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's like what?

[spencer_ein]: below the bare minimum, Like

[spencer_ein]: below the bare minimum,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wow, y.

[host_matt]: So anyways, the last air bender, Netflix is doing a live action

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[host_matt]: series

[host_matt]: so we can litigate. Nefxes. Want to make all these enemies into life a series

[host_matt]: because there is aty of them Cowboy as being foremost

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[host_matt]: my mind.

[spencer_ein]: Any any others?

[host_matt]: But the last airbentnder has announced a cast.

[cobra]: Well,

[host_matt]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: Well, what?

[spencer_ein]: tell me, tell me they got Leo to Capri to play. Tell me

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: close close.

[cobra]: it's it's Jad and Smith

[spencer_ein]: ja.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: not even

[spencer_ein]: Yes, yes,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's it's even better.

[host_matt]: um, um, anyways for you for everybody

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: else's reference. Uh, Jane Smith didn't get make

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: no.

[host_matt]: the

[cobra]: damn

[spencer_ein]: Oh my God.

[host_matt]: cut. Gordon,

[host_matt]: cut. Gordon,

[host_matt]: Gordon

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm

[host_matt]: Cormer or Cormer. I don't know if he's American or Canadian. Sorry for French

[host_matt]: frenching up his last name. Uh,

[cobra]: well. You know if you was

[spencer_ein]: No,

[cobra]: Canadian would be gored Cor.

[host_matt]: that's true. Um, yeah, go, gor, Cormier,

[host_matt]: who apparently was in the stand in

[host_matt]: Lostton Space, is playing Ang.

[cobra]: Oh, he is Canadian,

[host_matt]: Of

[spencer_ein]: Okay,

[host_matt]: course he is. He's Gordon Cormier,

[cobra]: Gordon, Kyle

[cobra]: Des Scormier, Yeah, Filipino Canadian.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: production costs are Canada are so much easier on the budget

[spencer_ein]: so he's Ang

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and he's cute as a button.

[cobra]: Yeah, his. A.

[host_matt]: he's ang, y,

[host_matt]: um. Wow. I do not want to take Kia Wenttio,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm.

[cobra]: Yeah, that you did a good job. I think

[spencer_ein]: Isataraa,

[host_matt]: Asqatara,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, his

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: we're looking at the cast.

[host_matt]: guitara Ian, uli,

[host_matt]: uh, he was in physical and thirteen reasons. why, As Soka

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay. okay, okay, Socca. Yeah,

[host_matt]: and then Soca, Sorry, Yeah, and then

[spencer_ein]: Jesus, what are you Am? Night Chameloon with pronouncing me,

[spencer_ein]: Jesus, what are you Am? Night Chameloon with pronouncing me,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: All good,

[cobra]: No, it's suc. It's fine. it's fine.

[host_matt]: and then Dallas Leu is uh Shangchi.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: he was in Chaani and he's Heling, ▁zuo, it's okay.

[host_matt]: Oh,

[host_matt]: he's from Jaan Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings, I don't know how to read

[spencer_ein]: No, Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, Have you watched? Have you watched Lesb? Let there be

[host_matt]: articles. I'm sorry,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's okay.

[spencer_ein]: is is ▁zuo.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Take it easy. Take it easy. it's okay. it's okay.

[host_matt]: No, I haven't. So this is why I. I'm pushuring

[cobra]: ▁zuko?

[host_matt]: it. Also, I was like he's not Shang Chi. That's seemalo, uh, anyways. uh Ezuko.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: know. Yes, this look

[cobra]: that's a good. That's a good Cas. That's a good Caest. Yeah,

[cobra]: that's a good. That's a good Cas. That's a good Caest. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: So I saw pictures.

[spencer_ein]: I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm.

[spencer_ein]: think it's a good. It's a Fi cast. It really all comes down to who plays Uncle

[spencer_ein]: Ero because he is really the star of the show. So I'm I'm you know. I think

[spencer_ein]: there' only one choice.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Who, and be serious.

[host_matt]: who. Yeah, please tell me.

[spencer_ein]: the ghost of John Candy.

[cobra]: oh, Jesus christ, Um,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Okay, you get points for the call back, but I was actually hoping for

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Makeo, the original voice actor. R. I. p.

[cobra]: Yeah, I was

[cobra]: going to say because

[spencer_ein]: Oh, I don't know. I. yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You got to find someone close.

[cobra]: because Uncle Iro is Makeo, and uh, the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Meo,

[cobra]: firelrd, um, asz, as

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh

[cobra]: that is Mark

[cobra]: Hammel, Yeah, yeah, so

[spencer_ein]: M Mark Hammel, Mark Hamel,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mark Hamil, Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my god,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, uh, yeah, no, I don't know

[cobra]: that's going to. Those are going to be top shoes to fi.

[cobra]: that's going to. Those are going to be top shoes to fi.

[cobra]: that's going to. Those are going to be top shoes to fi.

[spencer_ein]: you know. Be, you know who would be a good Uncle Iro

[spencer_ein]: won from Doctor Strange.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: O Benedicts, Wong,

[cobra]: Oh, true. good.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: good good

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oo,

[cobra]: idea.

[spencer_ein]: he would be good. He.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I want to say you're wrong, but I can't argue that.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, you can.

[cobra]: No, no, no, that's good. That's good. I mean,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Spencer had to get something right at some point.

[cobra]: Spencer had to get something right at some point.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my god.

[spencer_ein]: there's a first for everything, boys.

[spencer_ein]: but really what is Trump? What does Trump think about that? though

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: what? Yeah, he would be.

[cobra]: No, shut up. No, No, we will call.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

[spencer_ein]: no, Stu it. thatbbot

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: we will call drunk Joell Brando to whoop your candy ass, Um,

[spencer_ein]: is this?

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Um,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Benedict wa K, he.

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: he was um. he was a Um. from Marel Polo Genngus Khan, Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: wasz he.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: be is won

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Benedict Wong, Yeah, in

[spencer_ein]: I didn't know that.

[cobra]: I didn't know that either.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Markco Polo the Netflix series He was really good as Um. like War

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Markco Polo the Netflix series He was really good as Um. like War

[host_matt]: Okay's got some. He's got some chops as they say.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: loaded, so he can channel that energy.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: loaded, so he can channel that energy.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh boy, he's a great actor. Anyway,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: that

[spencer_ein]: would be great.

[cobra]: Yeah, so my.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Di, take a ticket. I'm excited.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[spencer_ein]: like. really. Really. it really comes. It comes down to like. Really.

[spencer_ein]: the writing. Obviously like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true.

[spencer_ein]: the show is

[cobra]: that's

[spencer_ein]: like the. The, The Thing about the anime, Not the A. Well, the cartoons

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sure, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: they had like so much heart, and

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yup,

[spencer_ein]: like, good

[cobra]: yeah.

[spencer_ein]: writing and good messaging picture for a kid show like it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: uhhuh,

[spencer_ein]: actually really funny.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and choreography fight choreography. Oh,

[spencer_ein]: good comedy timing. Yeah,

[cobra]: yeah.

[spencer_ein]: fight. Where just it wass? like really creative. And if they?

[cobra]: Oh yeah. that's good for the fight choreography. This is going to be as important as

[cobra]: in, like Shenchi, like for

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: sure,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: unless they consult

[spencer_ein]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the choreographer from the Mni Chamalon fucking the last air Vander.

[cobra]: or or from or from. Like Artfist.

[cobra]: About the about the same quality.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes, they were probably the same person.

[cobra]: Oh, is it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Can you imagine? No? No, no, I'm not serious.

[spencer_ein]: let let me let me ask you guess. Can I ask you something?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Go for it

[spencer_ein]: W. What was the? What's the most recent

[spencer_ein]: good Netflix show Because I mean, obviously stranger things was huge, But like

[cobra]: Umbrella Academy

[spencer_ein]: have they had

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that'. one. Yes,

[spencer_ein]: Umbrella Academy? I guess that's kind of big. I didn't think it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I liked it.

[spencer_ein]: was it. That was. I thought it was okay.

[cobra]: and whicher? which is good, too.

[spencer_ein]: I, I actually didn't even finish the second season Witcher's dope. I liked

[spencer_ein]: Wcher a lot. So

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: yeah, Whichitcher iss a good? That and that's an adaptation too. So

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, I got another one.

[cobra]: so that was something I was going to say that like in the past, when when you say Oh,

[cobra]: Netflix is doing this, it was like it was almost like saying H. B O is doing it.

[cobra]: Regular

[cobra]: was like a stamp ofv. Now it's like O, Fuck. I don't know where this

[spencer_ein]: yeah, exactly. you're like. Oh shit.

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[cobra]: is going to go, but

[spencer_ein]: sp, e. sp.

[cobra]: to me the problem is adapting stuff that's like adapting cartoons to live action is

[cobra]: hard because a

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: lot of

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: things that look okay as a cartoon Lu goof is shipped in live

[spencer_ein]: yeah, For sure,

[cobra]: action. right.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it can. But then think of like I got two points. one. Um, whether you

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: love it or hat it, The Marvel, the Marvel Netflix Tv series, Some, while

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: some not, is not not the greatest. When it came down to certain beats,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: there were certain golden nuggets in each series, depending on right.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Ironf was just laughable

[spencer_ein]: that's a little different though it's

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: because it came from the comic books.

[spencer_ein]: a little different because those were like. but those are like. the conficts

[spencer_ein]: are like the, especially like Daredevil, and there more gritedty realism. Like

[cobra]: yeah.

[spencer_ein]: the animes are like wacky like they could

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: be really out there.

[spencer_ein]: be really out there.

[cobra]: well, so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they can be Spectrum

[cobra]: so Lessar Bender isn't F, and obviously leans a lot on the style, but it's not really

[cobra]: anime right because anime anime adaptations are Shi like I have never seen a live

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah, I. I know that I know it's It's wacky.

[spencer_ein]: Exactly.

[cobra]: action ane that has ever worked.

[spencer_ein]: So On that

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: on Netflix or in general.

[spencer_ein]: note like I'm thinking, Ne,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: well, I'm thinking Netflix' adaptation of an anime Death Note was

[spencer_ein]: God awful was absolutely God awful.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh the live. I remember that I

[cobra]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: didn't want to watch it And so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I didn't but I saw the trailer go for it.

[spencer_ein]: It was so bad.

[cobra]: say, I saw

[spencer_ein]: It's like

[cobra]: the trailer and some snippet time like I'm not watching this. I

[cobra]: love

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: I. No, I will. I love

[cobra]: Death Note way too much.

[spencer_ein]: me too, and I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: watched it because of how much I love Death Note and man

[spencer_ein]: it, it, it hurt it hurt. man. it hurt me

[cobra]: I can imagine.

[spencer_ein]: like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I did see

[spencer_ein]: theyve. So that worries me because it's Netflix again, adapting a cartoon so

[spencer_ein]: like because they spit and shit and pissed and puked all over the source

[spencer_ein]: material

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: in that adaptation.

[host_matt]: the problem. The problem with death not is they try to make it into like a Wb or

[host_matt]: C. W.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Y.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, oh God,

[host_matt]: teen drama

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: there you go. That's the problem.

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: thing instead of making it the dark, Disturbing like

[spencer_ein]: psychological.

[host_matt]: I want. say it a gritty cop drama. but it's got that element of like. Try out

[host_matt]: I want. say it a gritty cop drama. but it's got that element of like. Try out

[host_matt]: smart somebody right, like,

[host_matt]: smart somebody right, like,

[spencer_ein]: It's a cat and mouse game

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah. it's a

[host_matt]: yeah,

[cobra]: like.

[spencer_ein]: exactly

[cobra]: Death Note is a psychological thriller right

[spencer_ein]: a hundred percent, and they

[cobra]: W with like, some

[host_matt]: y,

[cobra]: like, um, supernatural elements to like. It's important, but it's the The. The real

[cobra]: thing about that note is the whole, The like, the

[cobra]: psychological thing between light and and ▁l. right.

[spencer_ein]: a. And

[spencer_ein]: and it's a psych and it's also like a serial killer and like, It's

[cobra]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: more about like hunting serial killers. That and to your point mat, you're

[spencer_ein]: hundred percent right. They tryed to make it into like a w. B show, which is

[spencer_ein]: all about relationships,

[cobra]: oh god,

[spencer_ein]: and if you know anything about light is, every relationship is used to its

[cobra]: yeah. exact.

[spencer_ein]: advantage and he has no emotions like, other than

[host_matt]: yeah,

[cobra]: there's no relationship. that's just tools. Yeah, one hundred percent. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, exactly and like, And they made him like fa, like, fall in love, and that

[spencer_ein]: like affected all his decision making. and I'm like this is so out of

[spencer_ein]: character. It was

[host_matt]: yeah.

[spencer_ein]: I don. Wh, who brought this up.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: some people should just not be show runners at all at all.

[cobra]: I honestly, I don't know if we were talking about this on the pockcaster. If I just

[cobra]: talking about this with other people Like some things don't need adaptation like just

[cobra]: leave

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: True,

[cobra]: it alone. I'm not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true,

[spencer_ein]: You're right.

[cobra]: sure if Les Air Bender is going to be one of those, But if we go by the Shamal Ma

[cobra]: lama La, and one like, Yes, Yeah, and then leave it alone.

[host_matt]: well, I'll say this before

[host_matt]: into a new topic.

[host_matt]: The the real problematic situation was Em Night's adaptation. The last air bender

[host_matt]: is that he took an anime that had multiple seasons in multiple

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: stories, and tried to distill it into like a two to two and a half hour movie.

[host_matt]: And that, just a rescipe for

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: y.

[host_matt]: disaster. no matter what you're doing.

[cobra]: Oh, you mean kind of like they they did with the Dark Tower from Stffen King,

[cobra]: Oh, you mean kind of like they they did with the Dark Tower from Stffen King,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, hundred percent.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my God,

[spencer_ein]: Yep, Yep,

[host_matt]: Oh yeah, what a fucking

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: disaster. that was.

[spencer_ein]: we should do. We should do a show on the worst adaptationscause. There's so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that's a great idea. We could.

[spencer_ein]: many of them.

[cobra]: Oh that that's a whole series be cause there's so many of them.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: we've been orbiting

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that topic for a good while.

[cobra]: We. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[cobra]: I mean, Why not? Why not?

[host_matt]: Good luck defending your your favorite adaptation.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Favorite worst adaptation

[cobra]: Oh we. we don't have to

[spencer_ein]: yeah.

[cobra]: defend it. We just have

[cobra]: to like advocate, for which one

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: or whatever shit on it.

[host_matt]: Oh,

[cobra]: is the worst one?

[host_matt]: Oh no, you have to defend. You have to defend yours. Good luck out there. Se. Oh,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my God,

[cobra]: No, I'm out. I'm

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that'll be interesting. I want to say something ripeid before you say.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wait because I wanted to say before, but I was holding on to a um.

[host_matt]: sorry, Chris. go ahead y.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: really good adaptation. I was looking for a uh for an anime adaptation,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but in general I trust Netflix because they're They're good at most

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: adaptations. Looping. Have any you seen that? If not, it's

[cobra]: neither, they, neither

[spencer_ein]: some. I saw the first episode.

[host_matt]: I,

[cobra]: the enemy nor

[cobra]: the enemy nor

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Geni,

[cobra]: nor the adaptation.

[host_matt]: what?

[spencer_ein]: I don't even know it was Va.

[host_matt]: What? Aneme Lupen, Lucas? Not an

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it a book.

[host_matt]: anime loop like French? Yes, based on a book.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, a French gentleman burglar and it's novel

[cobra]: Really? I only know it from

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: from the enemy. This is how much of a we. I am.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and there was a loop in anime

[spencer_ein]: Oh, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: too, but I don't. I think. actually, shit.

[host_matt]: there

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I think they' to sit there. That was adapted into an an uh into a

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Tv series too.

[spencer_ein]: but it's different. I'm pretty sure that the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: animated T V series is a different story.

[cobra]: okay. okay,

[spencer_ein]: I. I know what you're talking about. Yeah, that's

[cobra]: okay, okay,

[spencer_ein]: different and also

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Netflix. One thing about that making a Tv show about children is stranger

[spencer_ein]: things with a show that was able to make children because that's that's also

[spencer_ein]: concern. When you have a a cast of children as your leads. It's like it could

[spencer_ein]: be problematic, but stranger things mailed that, so hopefully they can do it

[cobra]: yeah, but but it's a completely different ta. right

[spencer_ein]: again

[spencer_ein]: for sure?

[host_matt]: it's a brand new story. not

[host_matt]: it's a brand new story. not

[cobra]: anyway. That is a fair point.

[host_matt]: se.

[cobra]: but yeah, right.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: yep.

[host_matt]: um.

[host_matt]: Have you guys

[host_matt]: heard

[host_matt]: of Toxic online gaming?

[cobra]: what? That doesn't happen. That's not true.

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: toxic,

[spencer_ein]: come on now,

[cobra]: That's fake news. No, don't don't do it.

[cobra]: That's fake news. No, don't don't do it.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Toxic,

[spencer_ein]: did somebody say fake Ne

[host_matt]: You've really got

[spencer_ein]: to su?

[host_matt]: to stop doing that. You just just asking

[host_matt]: Himy

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: where Swedish Mat save us super sweetish, Ma,

[spencer_ein]: Let me tell you people. this.

[spencer_ein]: Did somebody say these people? they don't

[host_matt]: Trump,

[spencer_ein]: Yes, yet

[host_matt]: Toxic online gaming.

[spencer_ein]: that't

[cobra]: Yeah.

[spencer_ein]: exist News.

[cobra]: I'm assuming you're going to talk about a study like a study.

[host_matt]: Well, we're going to talk about it, So you got you got to go. Well, um, yeah, um,

[host_matt]: So Unity, which is a company that that builds Um engines to build video games?

[host_matt]: They have acquired a company called a I moderation, Um. And and part of that

[host_matt]: acquisition they released sort of a study um around

[host_matt]: toxic gaming. And if it has an effect on people and listen, I hate to be the one

[host_matt]: to tell everybody. This for the very first time turns. our toxic online gaming

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: h.

[host_matt]: exists and it's

[spencer_ein]: What?

[host_matt]: a. It's a

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: problem. It is a problem.

[cobra]: and it has a really bad effect on women.

[host_matt]: specifically, Yes, it turns out men are terrible to women.

[cobra]: I remember.

[spencer_ein]: When in history? has that ever happened

[cobra]: I remember reading this article and going. How much

[host_matt]: I mean,

[cobra]: money did they spend on this like study?

[spencer_ein]: as any gamer?

[cobra]: Exactly? Ask

[spencer_ein]: I mean you, not wrong.

[cobra]: any woman that has ever tried to play anything online ever.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: so the the just to to Key to the report, slightly, uh, twenty one people report

[host_matt]: they experienced toxic gaming every single time they play or often,

[host_matt]: and ninety two percent of the people think that there needs to be better

[host_matt]: solutions to enforce toxic gaming and I will be seeing a rise in Twitch

[host_matt]: uh being having like bots that are like racist, uh bots that will like bomb, uh

[host_matt]: women of color

[host_matt]: playing Twitch games and just blow up their chats and harass them.

[cobra]: It's been happening a lot lately on

[host_matt]: So,

[cobra]: Twich, like

[host_matt]: yeah,

[cobra]: the the hate rates right, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Jesus, Jesus,

[host_matt]: y.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wow, I have no

[spencer_ein]: get,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: idea

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: idea

[spencer_ein]: get, get

[cobra]: life, get a life. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: a hobby, fucked psychopaths,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah.

[spencer_ein]: like. what is wrong with you Like that's your

[spencer_ein]: contributionll. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: contributionll. Yeah,

[host_matt]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that's scary.

[host_matt]: so I, I appreciate that unity is putting stats to this because we all knew it,

[host_matt]: but it's nice to see statistics and that might empower people to do things.

[cobra]: well,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: they're They're also interested in doing this with A as well, like the moderation

[cobra]: itself, doing it with a I. That's That was the only interesting part of the like, the

[cobra]: the only part of the study that I went. Oh, okay, I understand why this is a thing

[cobra]: now

[spencer_ein]: like, would you guys think it would be good if let's say there was an A. I.

[spencer_ein]: Enforcement, where whenever

[spencer_ein]: the A I hears certain words

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: uhhuh,

[spencer_ein]: ra, racial slurs

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: okay,

[spencer_ein]: and uh, homophobic slurs that immediately the person's account just gets shut

[spencer_ein]: down like Li. the second word comes out of their mouth. Would that be?

[host_matt]: Yeah, shut them down for twenty four hours and let someone review it.

[cobra]: If if it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[cobra]: it has to be, it has to be a. like, a very good, well trained A. because you know I

[cobra]: don't want to see people ban for like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true.

[cobra]: false positives

[spencer_ein]: Yeah?

[cobra]: right,

[host_matt]: Nagers

[spencer_ein]: yeah, yeah, exactly

[cobra]: like something like that. Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: How do you know? How do you know that's like?

[cobra]: but but I think if it's if it's well trained and if it can do it like consistently, I

[cobra]: think it'd be fine like Mat

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, I'm fine with it, too. It's like as long as doesn't misread words

[cobra]: said, you know, put, put them in the cooler for twenty four hours. If you know, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: cause it is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I agree,

[spencer_ein]: crazy like I, I, you go on for. Like I play with my friends online, but

[spencer_ein]: whenever I play with strangers it's like within

[spencer_ein]: a game or two,

[cobra]: oh yeah.

[spencer_ein]: you get people dropping like you know,

[spencer_ein]: like raceed. Like homophobic slurs usually is the number one I hear, and it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhmm,

[spencer_ein]: like

[host_matt]: sopser. I just want to ask you corroborating this study. You need.

[spencer_ein]: Right away,

[spencer_ein]: I guys. I'm going, I'm I'm going

[host_matt]: thank you.

[spencer_ein]: on. I'm going out of the limb here, and I'm going to say I, I think I think I

[spencer_ein]: think they might be right. I think it's possible because

[host_matt]: Okay.

[cobra]: I think it's just your experience, man, like

[spencer_ein]: I think it.

[cobra]: that anecdotal evidence.

[cobra]: that anecdotal evidence.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, you know, you know you're right. he's right.

[host_matt]: it's you. You bring it out in these people.

[spencer_ein]: I, no, I, but it's like. And what what bothers me when it happens is that it's

[spencer_ein]: like stunn so casually, like

[cobra]: Yes,

[spencer_ein]: to strangers, not even in a way like I'm playing with guys on my team that are

[spencer_ein]: calling it to other people that

[spencer_ein]: we're fighting against And they're just like. Say, it's so off the cuff and

[cobra]: oh yeah, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: immediately I'm just like. I'm like. Really. Are we still there like? it's like

[spencer_ein]: it's crazy how people, but I guess when you put the people around the world,

[spencer_ein]: certain places are different right.

[cobra]: no, but it's I think people. this is. This is just an exacerbation of the whole I'm

[cobra]: anonymous. I can see whatever the fuck I want. and and a lot of the time is just for

[cobra]: shock value. It's not even like actual,

[cobra]: like the

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, to get a reaction of any kind.

[cobra]: Yeah, I, man and I used to play a lot of like online games together or the one known

[cobra]: like overw Right. And and it was like that was every other match that that would

[cobra]: happen That would have to report someone like.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, the worst is when it' the worst is when it's like a kid too. It's like

[spencer_ein]: you can hear in like his little baby voice. and they're saying that

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: stuff and you're like How old are you like? Where do you even hear this?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, do you even know what that means?

[spencer_ein]: It's just like Fock, man. Yeah, it's just

[cobra]: Yeah?

[spencer_ein]: it's got. it's. It is depressing because it's also a game you play for fun Like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Relax. It's like

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It takes the fun out of good.

[cobra]: so like

[host_matt]: What's your? What's

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: your experience?

[spencer_ein]: he's actually pro it. he's he's pro toxic. he told me

[host_matt]: Oh, well, Chris, you sound different, almost like Spencer. That's interesting.

[spencer_ein]: it's a. it's a ho. It, it's a hot take, but he's pro toxic gaming.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: go ahead, Chris.

[spencer_ein]: We can

[host_matt]: other Chris,

[spencer_ein]: move on Segu.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It's had to practice my Sta.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Um. No, actually it. it sucks when it happens and when I. when I think

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah, Lucyian, you were saying it. This could work really well if the a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I is train. If the the software the tool is trained really well.

[cobra]: yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Having used um, like for like different research, Uh projects. I that I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: do. There's some tools that I that I've used once called autter, A I.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and you can. totally. It'll totally like di. uh, like dictate the the,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the audio and start separating who's talking like that person won that

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: person too. And like you used the tool to identify and tag. Okay, That

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: was spensored. That was Matt. That was Luciano. That was Chris. If it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: able, if it's on par and beyond so that it can flag people who are

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: talking shit like that's got to be. you know, a a a a W for people who

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: don't want that kind of negativity. Um, how how much have I experienced?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Not so much like. It's been a very very long time since I've had. Uh,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: because I, I don't do a lot of online gaming Re like recently, but I, I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: had a. I played a party Uh, in a party last uh last month, And this guy

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: was just spounding all kinds of weird shit around the coven, Uh nineteen

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: vaccine, And he was like splicing in like bible verses and stuff,

[cobra]: Oh god

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and he was. You could tell he was like, not really like he was spouting

[spencer_ein]: You got got a problem with the Bible. You get a problem with the bible, Bro,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: some stuff

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't. But he was talking some stuff. No, he, he was trying to, but

[spencer_ein]: You got a problem with the Lord's book.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: whatever he was, ▁quoting did not sound right and he was like having a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: phone conversation with someone while try the plate through, which is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the weirdest. It's like you walked in on someone's conversation. Well,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they're supposed to play with you. I like I' so. Oh,

[cobra]: yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: so

[spencer_ein]: I just pictured this guy The for me like hey, ▁z, go forty five two. The Land

[spencer_ein]: of the

[spencer_ein]: Racheszi,

[cobra]: ▁zo,

[cobra]: who's ▁zo?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it was awkward.

[host_matt]: Io.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: ▁ziel,

[host_matt]: Now Seko writes the best, the best stories,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: You know

[cobra]: ▁zicko is a very good soccer player in the eighties.

[cobra]: ▁zicko is a very good soccer player in the eighties.

[spencer_ein]: The best, the best versus

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: his stand up is like. Oh my God, his stand up game is so good. You

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: should see a little in the joke factory.

[host_matt]: say

[host_matt]: segu,

[host_matt]: um, ▁zo, asked me to say away, that um,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oo,

[host_matt]: personally,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: tell them must say hi. I love this lastent,

[host_matt]: he did he. It's its written in one of the Bible verses. I can't tell you which

[host_matt]: one in. It's very hushsh and secret.

[spencer_ein]: two.

[host_matt]: You had to search for it on the Internet. Have you guys heard of Star Wars,

[spencer_ein]: Oh boy,

[cobra]: What

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: poor star.

[cobra]: rings a bell?

[spencer_ein]: Think,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I have heard. Yes.

[host_matt]: The War of the Stars,

[cobra]: Oh, we' going that rout again. Huh, this is. Are you

[spencer_ein]: Do you think I think you mean start, I think you mean.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: going to say like? Oh, this one's going to have a cameo and then look, Ricard is

[cobra]: going to say like? Oh, this one's going to have a cameo and then look, Ricard is

[host_matt]: yp, she, shaar, Ricardo's get to V. those. See you get it. You understand,

[cobra]: going to show up.

[cobra]: going to show up.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, Ma, are you sure? Are you sure? not the game Star Trek that I've heard of

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: so it's like Star Trek,

[spencer_ein]: Okay, go on.

[host_matt]: but but with with Wars instead of Treking,

[cobra]: I mean there's tracking.

[spencer_ein]: go on.

[host_matt]: that doesn't sound right. so oh, you know, let me take a different tact on this.

[host_matt]: Have you guys heard of anime?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[spencer_ein]: Yes,

[cobra]: Yes

[host_matt]: So I don't know if you're aware, but the Star Wars Company and the Annnae company

[host_matt]: are

[spencer_ein]: but

[host_matt]: banding together.

[spencer_ein]: both Disney.

[cobra]: to to bring Michael

[cobra]: Keton to bring

[host_matt]: They both of by Disney To bring us.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Michael Keon into this as Bamin.

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[host_matt]: Let's a V. Batman is getting a light saaver, That's all I know. But

[cobra]: Oh, I would so watch that.

[spencer_ein]: one

[spencer_ein]: day that will happen

[host_matt]: see exactly

[host_matt]: Star Wars visions. They drop the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[host_matt]: trailer and it's proper

[cobra]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: anime. Not not like Netflix or North American Anim, Maybe proper Japanese artists

[host_matt]: making Star Wars Anim May, and the the trailer is just smash cuts of different

[host_matt]: episodes put together, but

[spencer_ein]: and they' like different styles. right.

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: completely different are styles. What do you guys would? How do you

[cobra]: oh boy,

[host_matt]: feel about this Because this is. this is the biggest departure Star Wars

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, For sure.

[host_matt]: has ever made from like Mainline cannon, right,

[cobra]: I'm going to say what I said Second after I watched this pour this into my eyeballs

[host_matt]: Ssssssssssssss.

[cobra]: right now. That's what. I, That's what I think of that.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes,

[spencer_ein]: I. I. I agree with you. I. I think that like, I'm curious to see how cause you

[spencer_ein]: got to imagine that Disney protects this Ip very well story wise, so I'm

[spencer_ein]: wondering how much freedom they had with the actual story. The art style looks

[spencer_ein]: amazing. I'm curious if like, if if like the Star Wars novels that end up not

[spencer_ein]: becoming Cannon once Disney took over, they like

[spencer_ein]: them as canon. If this is going to be like in that category, or if it's going

[spencer_ein]: to be like, Actually have connections to the the bigger Star Wars universe. You

[cobra]: From what I read, from what I read, they, this is not like is not supposed to be

[spencer_ein]: know what I mean.

[cobra]: canonical. Like following the story or anything. It's going to be Le

[spencer_ein]: So

[cobra]: Stws, legends, right, not cannon. So

[spencer_ein]: okay so it's like free rein. They can do whatever they want,

[cobra]: they have a. Yeah, They could do whatever the fuck they want. Did you

[spencer_ein]: so that's cool.

[cobra]: see that light sabre parasol in that? Oh my God,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that's some really fun stuff.

[cobra]: it's amazing. That thing, it was like that is the coolest thing I've ever seen that,

[cobra]: and

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: like a like a,

[cobra]: The one that. in one of the the The episode they showed the guy drawing the light

[cobra]: Sare as if it was a katana

[cobra]: And it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh

[cobra]: just I was like, Oh my God, I would have watched this right now.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yes. yes,

[cobra]: It's amazing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it looks so smooth like it's it's beautiful.

[cobra]: it right like just letting it turn Like using the force to let it turn on as if it

[cobra]: was sheathed on and just bringing it out and

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh my god,

[cobra]: stopping, like doing the. The, the, the, very tropy, stopping the blade with your

[cobra]: hands, but you can't touch the blade because it's you know, plasma, but he stops it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: right.

[cobra]: with the force man. I was like I. I watch. I wish have wased that trailer ten times.

[cobra]: It's fucking amazing.

[cobra]: Can you guess

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I am excited.

[cobra]: I? So? so what I'm saying is I mildly hyped Is what?

[spencer_ein]: yeah, yeah, I can tell. Yeah, I agree.

[spencer_ein]: No, you go ahead, Chris,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but what I would say is that, uh, what they' I'm afraid of, And this is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: why I, I'm thinking this whole thing. His whole effort is wrong. Is that

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: out of this entire trailer? I'm not seeing anyone power up using the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: force with like uh, twenty minute power up key charge moment.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: next time on Star Wars

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: anime?

[cobra]: and just like a, just a wider and wider energy field around them.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes, tune in because next time young jedi, so and so will reach their

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: next power level.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Don't

[spencer_ein]: but we

[cobra]: So what?

[spencer_ein]: know, but we know he won't.

[cobra]: why why do you want? Why do you want is basically Star Wars ▁z,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: O.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Oo.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: How? how did you re my mind?

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, like I, I watch a trailer and I would say I am on bored. I'm like, also

[spencer_ein]: pretty hyped like there are a moment of that traller. I was like this looks

[spencer_ein]: fucking unreal

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: And then there's moments where I'm like this is anime.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[spencer_ein]: Like where it's like you know.

[spencer_ein]: it's like this is anime like there's like

[cobra]: yeah, I know what you mean.

[host_matt]: Yes,

[spencer_ein]: some like weird cartoon like Ha, you know like that kind of like. Oh no. what?

[spencer_ein]: what are you

[spencer_ein]: doing? Gray? You know, like that, kind of like, very like, upy like character.

[cobra]: Well, there, there's a straight up like

[cobra]: I know what you

[spencer_ein]: That's like kind of comedic relief.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: life, or whatever,

[cobra]: talk about. There is like a straight up O marage to like Ast boy. Even Yeah, it's

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, like that stuff. I'm like. I don't see that fitting. I don't see that

[cobra]: weird. it's weird. Yeah.

[spencer_ein]: fitting the vibe as well, but like some of it, though it looks like paintings.

[spencer_ein]: like it looks like art like,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[spencer_ein]: Like some of the shots and stuff, and that I'm hyped for.

[host_matt]: I am. I'm here for this. I'm here for the whole experiment be, I think, After we

[host_matt]: watched Star Wars released three movies that couldn't help but trip over

[host_matt]: themselves to just rehash the same story literally over and over again with

[host_matt]: Fucking Emperor or I will never die, I'm hoping that the anime doesn't

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: contain him, but I'm really here for completely

[host_matt]: crazy, original stories that that barely exist in the Starage universe has to

[host_matt]: throw people's expectations for loop. Like the parasol I saw that was like that

[host_matt]: is one of the dopest

[cobra]: right.

[host_matt]: things I've ever seen. It is pure anime to bring out a fucking

[cobra]: it's so inse. It's so dumb and so cool at the same time.

[host_matt]: Yes, it's so dumb. That's the thing. and like the fact. I don't know how to

[host_matt]: explain it, but like the, the, the person who had like six light sabres, but they

[host_matt]: were La sapre whips apparently, but they don't kill somebody because they wrapped

[cobra]: Y.

[host_matt]: up another light saper. It like I'm here for that. I want to see how anime can

[host_matt]: get. I know I think we talk about on the show before, but like the Batman Ninja

[cobra]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: anime where it's like Baman and Joker and Feudal Japan,

[host_matt]: anime where it's like Baman and Joker and Feudal Japan,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: it's so dope.

[host_matt]: that is the level of like insanity. I want to see them bring to this

[cobra]: To your point, Chris. I have also a fear about this whole endeavor

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: is that this is going to be so cool and the stories are going to be so good that

[cobra]: anything that comes after it is going to pale in comparison. That' what I'm afraid

[cobra]: of,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but that's good.

[spencer_ein]: That's pretty high.

[cobra]: but I'm only mildly hyped is what I'm saying.

[cobra]: but I'm only mildly hyped is what I'm saying.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: That's good cause

[spencer_ein]: I'm afraid that this will be so good. Life itself will cease to have meaning

[spencer_ein]: because it has reached such a peak. That's my only concern.

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah, it's like it's like we're done. We're done. We're done with the world.

[host_matt]: fair.

[cobra]: Let's let's turn off the lights and check out.

[spencer_ein]: we. We did guess we're here,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: someone needs to raise the bar, you know, And and if it's going to

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: happen in this anime, I'm here for it. It's almost like. Do you

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: remember? Like Did any of you seen injrasroll way back in the day

[cobra]: Not yet. I have to.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and just ro animate right.

[host_matt]: No,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Well real for back in the nineties and uh, in early two thousands. It

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: was fors time. It was a dob dope ninja anime movie and Um, and it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: raiseed the bar and and inspired a lot of people. So like Since Star

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wars isn't doing it now will let someone else come and take a swing

[cobra]: Yeah. Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: at the swing at that, You know

[spencer_ein]: so I think I think we

[host_matt]: I,

[spencer_ein]: all agree we' pretty pretty hyped

[cobra]: Yeah, we're

[spencer_ein]: right.

[cobra]: ambivalent Right.

[host_matt]: no matter, no matter what happens, I have faith in our Lord and Saaviour, Dave

[host_matt]: Phloonney,

[spencer_ein]: Yes, pray be his.

[host_matt]: that he will still make.

[host_matt]: He will still deliver us.

[cobra]: that's fair,

[host_matt]: good star wass, gone content, regardless of the mainline movies being trash,

[spencer_ein]: So say we all

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: to an

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: in

[cobra]: so saguial,

[host_matt]: So Sevle

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: next timears.

[host_matt]: Segu, we all thank you, Seed my thunder. Have you guys heard of

[host_matt]: Why the last man?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, it's

[cobra]: Why? why the last man? Why can't we have more men? Why last man

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: will. Ill tell you why me. Let me tell you. what have you heard?

[host_matt]: Well, Spencer, I didn't know you were everywhere in this poadcast?

[cobra]: listen? he doesn't have the

[spencer_ein]: he eving.

[cobra]: monopoly, un chety jokes. Sorry, it's just not a monopoly.

[host_matt]: That's fair,

[spencer_ein]: it's

[host_matt]: you're the original.

[spencer_ein]: it's spreading.

[host_matt]: That. So for for those of you on the show that or listening, who don't know? But

[host_matt]: why the last man? It is a comic which is written by Bronevon, Who? who is the

[host_matt]: artist Mayerrs chrsin know? off up top your head.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: blanking? No,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: I'm I'm

[cobra]: Oh, blanking that guys really good.

[spencer_ein]: I was.

[host_matt]: I'm a looked as upb.

[spencer_ein]: I thought it

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: was the guy who made Walking Dead made that

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh Robert Kirpman,

[host_matt]: Oh God, now like I like, I can only make why the walking dead. That's is one

[host_matt]: thing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, you can also make invincible.

[spencer_ein]: I thought he was involved. Oh yeah, invincible,

[spencer_ein]: fucko.

[cobra]: It's

[host_matt]: da visibles Stpe,

[cobra]: someone grea,

[host_matt]: it Pia, Pier gerre

[host_matt]: y gerra,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I, you are right.

[host_matt]: sorry, thank you. Brazil. it's Pier Gaerra who is a Canadian, confer gutist to

[host_matt]: shut up Canada again. So anyways, why we're talking about why Last man is a. It's

[host_matt]: a very iconic uh run from Brich Avon and Pierre, and it's very interesting, but

[host_matt]: it's been optioned to a T V show and the the first trailer dropped recently and

[host_matt]: showcases are beloved, while not chscause, fromi, a belo

[cobra]: wow,

[host_matt]: trono

[host_matt]: In in the trailers,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm. Mhm, it does it does. it does.

[cobra]: like actually turn an noton O, posing at some other city.

[host_matt]: not on trial, posing as something else.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Probably

[cobra]: Dam it?

[host_matt]: For sure,

[host_matt]: the story, the story centers around like the State

[cobra]: okay,

[host_matt]: Hundredway, But it's interesting to see Um, a comic book that has such a out

[host_matt]: their promise,

[host_matt]: adapt and turned into to a mainline mainline

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: Tv show. It's on f ▁x Slash, which, because I think this is one Ofx's first

[host_matt]: forays into comic book television shows.

[host_matt]: Have you guys checked this out? What do you guys think

[cobra]: I have

[cobra]: not, but I will now. after that particular,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Tri looks interesting

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: for a long time. Um, I've been. I've been aware of this Conqux series

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that I know this is before I had you know. I had an actual. You know,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: spending cash to really like dive into into this Com book series, but

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the fact that it's being adapted makes me really really happy from the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: premise like I like. I want to check that out. I want to check that out.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but to like, not only see it as I said, getting adapted, and now that I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: actually have money to spend on comics and stuff like that, I'm super

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: excited, so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: give it up and the Tra looked good.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: I agree. I'm pretty hyped for it. I, I

[spencer_ein]: think I had the firstit, like the first comic, just kind of introduced the

[spencer_ein]: setting,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: H.

[spencer_ein]: and it was like all theve back then, like everyone

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: saying how good this comic is, but I never finished it.

[spencer_ein]: There are some early reviews that came out and I believe one of the critiques

[spencer_ein]: was and I'm not joking. Was the show makes the End of the world seem too

[spencer_ein]: depressing.

[cobra]: Oh god forbid it should be a party right.

[spencer_ein]: So that was one of the critiques. Its too dark and gloomy.

[host_matt]: it's not the rapture and me going to heaven?

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: I don't want to talk about it.

[cobra]: Yeah, I'm not here

[spencer_ein]: exactly

[cobra]: for it.

[spencer_ein]: that act that that review actually makes a let of watch it more. I'm like, Oh,

[spencer_ein]: good cause I don't want. like. a.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah

[cobra]: I was going to say Okay. good. the end of the world

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that's a plant

[cobra]: should be fucking

[cobra]: depressings. Why I'm here for it. Yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: depressings. Why I'm here for it. Yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: depressings. Why I'm here for it. Yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: depressings. Why I'm here for it. Yeah, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: is for first psychologymping us.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's like people who say, like people say like the last of us, too. they'

[host_matt]: is is.

[spencer_ein]: like. Oh, that game's too dark and depressing. I'm like. Yeah. that's the whole

[spencer_ein]: fucking point, you swine.

[host_matt]: no. If the game doesn't do what I wanted

[host_matt]: to do, it's wrong. Um, separate, separate.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, fuck, jeeze. was this toxic gaming all over again?

[host_matt]: Yes, it is. you're experiencing it right now, you terrible monster. you. er.

[cobra]: that was like

[cobra]: the most

[host_matt]: that's how we do in seed't

[cobra]: wholesome,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: regular mat is back.

[spencer_ein]: I w.

[cobra]: the most wholesome toxicity of all time.

[spencer_ein]: yeah, no, I wasn't I wasn't hurt

[host_matt]: right.

[spencer_ein]: till the growl. the growl got me that that

[host_matt]: Yeah, that got. That's what gets everybody

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, the ground did

[spencer_ein]: that cut me deep.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it for me. You could tell

[host_matt]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: he was in the hollow deck training that suckcer.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: It was

[host_matt]: fair. In

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: almost dragon Bal. ▁ze, level

[host_matt]: It was almost. I was powering that for many

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: C.

[host_matt]: episodes, but six or seven. That's why Sps had to miss the last episode

[host_matt]: is.

[host_matt]: so we have. We have York, who is sort of the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: main character from from the male' perspective in this movie And in York, York

[host_matt]: isn't the only male that's left there one other

[host_matt]: and that's his monkey. Yes, and I'm trying to figure out what the monkey's name

[host_matt]: is. but reading is hard while I'm pocasting so I'm failing at this.

[cobra]: This is quality podcasting too

[spencer_ein]: I will call.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: amper sand, Amer sand.

[host_matt]: Yeah, it's the best right

[cobra]: amperd,

[host_matt]: amper sand. Thank you.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[cobra]: like the. Oh my lord,

[host_matt]: It's really it is. Am percent the symbol.

[host_matt]: Um, is this the greatest role for

[host_matt]: a small monkey since

[cobra]: Fz. I was going to say

[host_matt]: friends since? Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: What do you talk about it? Are you? you put some respect on Uh Ali,

[spencer_ein]: the monkey from Aladdin, What's the name? What's his

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Ooh. Yes, a boo.

[spencer_ein]: name? Abu Abu

[spencer_ein]: Abu Abu Abu Abu Abu. It's a boo.

[host_matt]: I would. But you don't even know. it's got to have name

[host_matt]: well by. By having a song with the

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Bos name. There's the respect is lost

[spencer_ein]: you. You put some respect on Abo's name.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Actually, I found it quite jazzy and upbeat. I'm here for it.

[host_matt]: enough.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Ready for another number?

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, I would say a boo is probably

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Maybe

[spencer_ein]: the the greatest monkey roll. Although in the new movie with C G, I, so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't even remember

[host_matt]: You just wait.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: whatm? I don't even remember what. The?

[host_matt]: so it wasn't even a real monkey.

[spencer_ein]: it was real

[cobra]: Yeah, I was going to say

[host_matt]: What? what? what are we talking about here?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: because, that performance.

[spencer_ein]: in the original cartoon

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: a boos, performance across all animated media was better than whatever

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: friends monkey did. What was his name? Marcel

[host_matt]: Marcel. I don't know. It's fake

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: sounds like butter.

[host_matt]: name. Yeah, that's fair.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Um, yeah, so I'm going to take way off this topiccause. it's gone poorly. Let's

[host_matt]: fin. Let's finish up on on a high note.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I know you.

[host_matt]: Have you got? Have you guys heard about Marvel?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes,

[host_matt]: How you heard of two K?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: two K. what N B? A?

[cobra]: someone's D to himself.

[host_matt]: Just just nice class. I mean two k, M, B, A is still the greatest A B. A

[host_matt]: franchise which isn't saying much.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: See? So it's not irrelevant.

[spencer_ein]: too, too Ca, Like my weekly salary for this poadcast.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: A

[cobra]: Yeah, we just sent

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: two K, like the

[cobra]: Spencer two

[host_matt]: No,

[cobra]: letter cases every week.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: two K,

[spencer_ein]: That's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: like the cacaal content of my dark chocolate.

[host_matt]: I think cow starts with

[cobra]: Does

[host_matt]: the C. I don't even know

[spencer_ein]: yeah,

[host_matt]: what's happening right now.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Well, listen, you measure

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: in in K. kilo's keylograms right. Follow me.

[cobra]: Ma? you need to sag away from this rent?

[spencer_ein]: Mudum.

[host_matt]: No, I'ming I'm just going to settle in Chris. You let me know when you're done or

[host_matt]: whatever

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Carry on. Don't give up on life, Ma. unless we have to. you know,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Paddally back paddle, Swedish map, Mac ba mat Into this.

[host_matt]: I'm I'm just giving up on on your your K, Cacow references.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I finally beated him. Yeah,

[host_matt]: Sag way,

[host_matt]: Marvel and Two

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: K have teamed up to release a Marvel video game. Two k, uh, For anybody who's not

[host_matt]: aware, is basically famous for a couple of games. Uh, the ▁. com. The series is

[host_matt]: really really where they made their bread and butter. and also Fraxus is part of

[host_matt]: To K, And Froxes has made all these civilization games. So if you've ever lost

[host_matt]: uh, large periods of your time that aren't related to alcohol, it's probably

[host_matt]: because

[cobra]: Yup,

[host_matt]: of Sieve, and that's Phraxus, which is part of T. K. So the interesting part of

[host_matt]: this news story is that Um on the heels of the Marvel Ga, that is made by Square

[host_matt]: Enix that literally everybody hates. As far as I know, Chris, can you backed up?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: no, no, no, it's it's no, you wrong.

[cobra]: as I thought you were going to say

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Everyone does not hate that game.

[cobra]: I thought you were going to see that literally. only cris place

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, Chris, did you?

[cobra]: be cause

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[cobra]: they're literally the only person I know. The place

[spencer_ein]: did you? Did you actually play it or it? like in your head, kind of thing,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'm still playing it. I'm still playing it. And what was the last thing

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you said?

[spencer_ein]: said Ours. It all in your head kind of thing.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, it's not a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: dream. but you all can't gang up on me.

[spencer_ein]: another one of your episodes?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't have episodes. I participate in these episodes with the rest of

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you. so

[host_matt]: We. We're all having the same fear of dream. Is that what you're getting at Okay

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: na.

[cobra]: looks like it.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I can't. I'm not getting on that bus. No, thankes,

[spencer_ein]: It's called it.

[host_matt]: fair? So Chris,

[spencer_ein]: I said. it's

[host_matt]: go ahead, Spencer,

[spencer_ein]: called Shared Psychosis, and we' doing it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[spencer_ein]: right now.

[cobra]: It's mass

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No,

[cobra]: hallucination.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: no, this is not the Ma. This is not the Matrix

[host_matt]: Mass, Systeria, cats and dogs living together

[host_matt]: anyways, Segu cohvitation, That's good, equals as

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: In In cohabitation Yes,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: equals only. Um. So the interesting thing about this game is that unlike the the

[host_matt]: equals only. Um. So the interesting thing about this game is that unlike the the

[host_matt]: Um. Squareing Ex game was made that Chris Ste, Playing and loving is the best

[host_matt]: Um. Squareing Ex game was made that Chris Ste, Playing and loving is the best

[host_matt]: game ever.

[host_matt]: game ever.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: This game isn't going to

[host_matt]: focus orally. Have

[host_matt]: the Marvel heroes were all

[host_matt]: accustomed to in love.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: oh, yeah,

[cobra]: Yes, yeah, yes,

[spencer_ein]: That's a good great selling point.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: really. really.

[cobra]: it was like I remember seeing the news. This. This was way back in the beginning of

[cobra]: August, I think, and I was like two cases, maybe making a Marvel ▁xcom game. I'm

[cobra]: like. Holy shit. Yes, but there's not going to be any characters. Wait what. it was.

[cobra]: The biggest whiplesh.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Like, What do you mean and then I went to read like it's in the Marvel universe, but

[cobra]: no characters because they wanted to be a friend. Che was the excuse. I'm not.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wow,

[host_matt]: Well, they want to let you create them Is is where the aricle

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: takes it.

[cobra]: I would be okay with being able to create

[cobra]: like custom characters, but to not have like. Why would you put it in the Marvel?

[cobra]: Why? I know why, dollar signs, but like,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yes,

[cobra]: it's such a weird thing to be able to linse the thing, but then not use the. It's the

[cobra]: weirdest

[cobra]: sort of like I don't know. Is it for art? I don't know. I don't understand.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's a cash grab experiment.

[cobra]: but then put the characters in. You're going to grab more cash that way.

[spencer_ein]: I think it. I think it's I think it's what Um, people in the industry call a

[spencer_ein]: bad idea,

[cobra]: Ah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh,

[cobra]: okay that tracks.

[spencer_ein]: So that's what. That's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: pray tell,

[spencer_ein]: That's

[host_matt]: I'm sorry.

[spencer_ein]: what they're going for.

[host_matt]: I'm from Sleve, And what does that mean?

[spencer_ein]: So a bad idea is when you get the license to something like Marvel or Star

[spencer_ein]: Wars, and then you say we' going to make a game a Marvel game, and everyone

[host_matt]: Yeah?

[spencer_ein]: gets very excited, And then you say there will be no Star

[host_matt]: Oh yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Wars or Marvel related things in game.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh,

[spencer_ein]: And when everyone

[host_matt]: no,

[spencer_ein]: goes, Oh, so what is it

[cobra]: why?

[spencer_ein]: And then they say that's a good question, and then they leave.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: just wait and then you know the credits role, and you know your wallets

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: empty. Suddenly,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, it's just I'm so confused Os with these games

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Marvel Universe, but not Marble Heroes.

[spencer_ein]: like even like, like I, I watch insomniasomnniac Tom Net games. They make you.

[spencer_ein]: They make the Spider Man game so friggant Well and then, and you know

[host_matt]: they'. And and they're going to make the Wolverine game.

[spencer_ein]: which is

[cobra]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: just

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, yeah,

[spencer_ein]: so awesome. And and Miles Moles is great, and Sperment

[host_matt]: Sh,

[spencer_ein]: Two is great.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true, true. true.

[spencer_ein]: And then they do this and must like. I feel like they're going in one direction

[spencer_ein]: and then they just like, Like you said, like whiplash like, and at the same

[spencer_ein]: time they're making shitty Ask games of Square Inx, And there's like a new

[spencer_ein]: Guarden to the Galaxy game, which looks like it's running on a potato. compared

[spencer_ein]: to

[spencer_ein]: like. Like Spider Man, too,

[host_matt]: That is an interesting choice because it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Wait. which Spider Man to?

[spencer_ein]: The new one coming out, But even compared to the first Spterman,

[cobra]: the game, the game, the game,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, but you, you train of thought make sound like.

[host_matt]: the game they announced. Playstation announced Spider Man too,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, I know.

[host_matt]: Um, So and maybe we should just say way into the the Playstation announcements,

[host_matt]: twenty twenty one announcements that they did in. I don't know. I said the year

[host_matt]: because the month matters. They just did it this past week, early September, Um.

[host_matt]: but they, they announced a number of superior properties. Uh Woline being won. A

[host_matt]: new a new Spider Man game

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: y.

[host_matt]: being another, But but Spence, you bring up a great point of like the S scareings

[host_matt]: having stuff, and even with this game you know the advantage of giving it to to

[host_matt]: two K. Is that ▁x com and sort that turn base they are, are very good

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: at that turn based gameplay. So being able to play a turn base game with all the

[host_matt]: superheroes you know, love, and maybe you create your own one

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: sounds amazing. But when you get rid of like, why some Marvel

[cobra]: exactly

[host_matt]: game? Like? why? why would you label us anything? It's like.

[host_matt]: what? What was that old? is it? Oh God is a City of Heroes, The old,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah.

[host_matt]: that old superhero game of city villains?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah.

[host_matt]: Yeah, where you create your own. They have their own custom. like superheroes and

[host_matt]: villains. You might as well

[spencer_ein]: and make it.

[host_matt]: not use the Marvel name. If you told me I have the Marvel name and I'm not going

[host_matt]: to use any of the Marvel characters. I, just, what are we doing here,

[spencer_ein]: Yeah. what what is Marvel if? If not it's characters like. Really,

[cobra]: yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: true.

[spencer_ein]: it's Li.

[spencer_ein]: It's nothing without them.

[host_matt]: Batman, and it, Superman showing up a move with Man Spider?

[cobra]: Oh, we've come full circle in this insanity.

[spencer_ein]: Yeah, So okay, so that makes sense, So it's a Marvel universe, but they don't

[spencer_ein]: have marble carriage, but Batman and Superman are obviously going to be in it,

[host_matt]: Yes, that is Correc.

[spencer_ein]: so I get it now.

[cobra]: Oh god,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[spencer_ein]: it makes a lot of sense.

[host_matt]: you understand

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: What's really infuriating about this? This idea is. um.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Why bother at all

[cobra]: yeah.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: when there already exists quite a. uh. at least one semi recent Marvel

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: term based game. Um. Some, I think it was like I've been trying to

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: google to find the the name.

[host_matt]: ▁ultateult alliance

[cobra]: alls. Yes,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Are you sure? Because there was there was

[cobra]: that's not turn base

[host_matt]: I, small lines three

[cobra]: though, but that's not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that goes.

[cobra]: turn base, is it?

[host_matt]: is not turn base, but its team based.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Maybe it was a beta. I remember the ▁ultimate Alliance series. That was

[host_matt]: Are you looking for a turn base? Marvel game?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: good too.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah, and it was uh, semi, top down and it was in the past

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: two, two, three years. actually, Uh, one of the gaming, uh,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: contentraators. I follow Cyne out was playing it. I didn't play it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: because I, I didn't have the right you know, set up for it, but I saw it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and it looked good, but like, why are they doing this when they had

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that? Why not just put more marketing behind something that appears to

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: be working and you could use Marvel characters? so I was. I'm

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: confused, but they. They don't even go ahead,

[spencer_ein]: It's like this. This is very similar.

[spencer_ein]: Opt analogy like making a Marbl game with the Marvel car getting ordering a

[spencer_ein]: pizza, But you don't get the bread, the dough, the sauce, the cheese or the

[spencer_ein]: toings, You just get the box,

[spencer_ein]: the box.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the box, and the and the greasce

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: day where the pizza used to be,

[spencer_ein]: nobody wants the box. it's just

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Because they kept it,

[spencer_ein]: it's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: They kept it.

[spencer_ein]: just it's mind boggling.

[host_matt]: So course, course, just to help your brain, there is a game called Avengers

[host_matt]: Tactics, which, by the very very use of the word tactics, makes you think a

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: That might be it.

[host_matt]: turn based game. Um, you can play it in your web browser, so I'll tell you the

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: So then I'm wrong. I guess Yeah,

[host_matt]: quality of game. We, we're speaking to here, um bat, and so getting the people

[host_matt]: who make ▁x com to make a turn base game sounds amazing,

[host_matt]: but it really feels like they're just going to take the ▁x com game and skinn it

[host_matt]: with nothing, and slot Marvel on the pizza box and call it a day and not use any

[host_matt]: of the the things that are interesting to actually sell you a game that you want

[host_matt]: to play

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it's it's. It's infuriating.

[spencer_ein]: Well, I can't wait to play it

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Oh, and this was not the game.

[host_matt]: preorered,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I, I'll have to find it. maybe in in, in, um, in either, not post, but

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: like, maybe maybe we'll find a way. I'll do some digging and I'll find

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it. But yeah,

[host_matt]: well, uh, we'll twee it from the wellwe, it if we could find the the game

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I'm going to find it.

[host_matt]: itself so you guys can all. Play it and and hate as much as Chris is is is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: This is just wrong. Yeah,

[host_matt]: right now. Um,

[host_matt]: Chris is not wrong. The society is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Correc.

[host_matt]: wrong.

[spencer_ein]: what, you? Joker?

[spencer_ein]: what, you? Joker?

[host_matt]: Yeah, get them.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: well, two K is wrong for doing this

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: and

[host_matt]: well. I.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Marvel' is wrong for letting them.

[host_matt]: I. I don't know who's wrong because I don't know who's making the decision to be

[host_matt]: like. it's too capping. and like, we want the Marvel name, but not the license.

[host_matt]: So we're going like like. it's like making a baseball a, like a electronic

[host_matt]: baseball game or sports game and be like. Listen, we want the M o

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: B's name and

[spencer_ein]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: the team

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: names, but we don't want to know who any of these

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: correct.

[host_matt]: players are, And so instead of, instead of saying um, you know these basketball

[host_matt]: players in this game. like, instead of saying Lebron James into

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: yeah,

[host_matt]: this game, So Gibron Lames is in this game because we don't know who this guy Is

[spencer_ein]: even that,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: thank you.

[spencer_ein]: even that's like a reference. It would be more like not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Correct.

[spencer_ein]: Lebron James, just John.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Know,

[cobra]: so

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you know

[spencer_ein]: You never heard of them?

[spencer_ein]: You never heard of them?

[host_matt]: it? It's like

[cobra]: I'm I'm reading. I'm reading some more on this guise.

[host_matt]: Bronson Cleveland is his name.

[cobra]: And so they. they did a one hundred and eighty degree flip to that our phraxes did.

[cobra]: It's called

[host_matt]: Oh,

[cobra]: Marvel's Midnight Suns

[cobra]: now,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: that's

[host_matt]: okay,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: newer

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: coming.

[cobra]: Um,

[host_matt]: is that is that different or is that how do they get there?

[cobra]: that's the same one, but it's but it's not an ex calm game. It chares ▁zero mechanics

[cobra]: with Exxcomb, And there's going to be Wolverine, an Ironman and Captain Marvel in it,

[cobra]: and you can create a custom hero. I'm like make up your fucky minds, guys like. What

[cobra]: a fuck?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I found it Marvel Super War.

[cobra]: Oh,

[host_matt]: Sounds awful. I hate it.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Well, not you'

[spencer_ein]: I hate all of them.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: going to like it. I'm saying that I think that's more turn based and

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they let you use Marvel actual marble characters.

[spencer_ein]: We don't know anything

[spencer_ein]: saidt

[cobra]: my.

[cobra]: yeah. like so. Fex did a a hundred and eighty on it completely.

[host_matt]: Well, yeah, that makes sense because they game that discuss sounds

[cobra]: yes,

[host_matt]: stupid. So uh, Midnight Suns is interesting because if I remember correctly,

[host_matt]: Midnight Suns in the comic book is s. o. n. S. It's not related to the The planet

[host_matt]: that

[cobra]: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

[host_matt]: hovers. the star that that hovers in a universe. It is just a number of

[host_matt]: characters. I said it was St. fucky Trump.

[spencer_ein]: Not fast enough.

[cobra]: oh, oh uho.

[spencer_ein]: Did somebody come in

[spencer_ein]: these people a loser. Lo

[host_matt]: No,

[cobra]: you. only.

[host_matt]: we're going to blash you out into

[host_matt]: the the Sun.

[cobra]: you only have yourself to blame. what you only have yourself to blame.

[spencer_ein]: there.

[host_matt]: You want to move to the planet? Do you want to move to the planet called the Sun?

[spencer_ein]: listen the planet,

[cobra]: I'll be okay with Trump moving to the sun.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Don't do it.

[spencer_ein]: listen,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: His powers will multipli

[spencer_ein]: the the planet, the planet Sun wants to move to me. Okay,

[cobra]: See what you

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: go.

[cobra]: did, Matt. Just what,

[host_matt]: That sounded vaguely sexual.

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: Chris, do you think this game ever got out of public beta?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I don't know. I don't know. I.

[host_matt]: It looks.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: I saw content across social media.

[host_matt]: It's

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: twenty nineteen That was. It was released,

[host_matt]: yeah, it. I don't think I made it because I was going to say it looks like

[host_matt]: fucking legal legend and it's a. It's a mobile. So that's that's where it comes

[host_matt]: from. I'd love to know if this one anywhere. Also, thank you for linking me the

[spencer_ein]: all right, enough of these shitty Marvel games.

[host_matt]: article from I G and Southeast Asia. I didn't know that existed, so that's that

[host_matt]: is news news to me. Um, we're done.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: but was better than this, but yet

[spencer_ein]: Is that it? We finished with that garbage?

[host_matt]: We put. that's fair. it's an hour. We're up to an hour and forty minutes of us

[host_matt]: just rambling. I don't think anybody. I think if they stay with us, which they

[host_matt]: definitely

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: they did

[host_matt]: didn't. Um,

[host_matt]: I think I think we've touched all the topics they didn't know. they cared about.

[spencer_ein]: Oh they care now

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: touch them.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Wow,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: touchal subject.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: touchal subject.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: touchal subject.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: touchal subject.

[cobra]: that's disturbing.

[host_matt]: so

[spencer_ein]: On that note,

[host_matt]: if if you have concerns or questions or want to know if some of us have entered

[host_matt]: into therapy,

[spencer_ein]: Yes,

[host_matt]: Uh, please feel free to hit us up on the emails, which is your wrongcast at Gil

[host_matt]: Dot Com. The Twitters, that is your wrong at your wrong cast. We also have a

[host_matt]: website. It is w. w. w. Dot, your wrongcast. Dot C. A. Because who's got the

[host_matt]: money to pay for that that Dot com? If you steal that dot com and try to

[host_matt]: impersonate us?

[spencer_ein]: you will succeed.

[cobra]: Good luck

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Congratulations,

[host_matt]: Well, we're Canadian, so we're not going to do anything.

[cobra]: you will have spent. You will have spent a lot of money for no reason.

[host_matt]: Congratulations you. now Us.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: you were the proud owner of a pre

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: drawn image.

[host_matt]: great job

[host_matt]: You, You did a Bam job. You can come on the podcast. Maybe not Um,

[host_matt]: last words. Let's go in reverse, reverse order, Spencer.

[spencer_ein]: Did you say Spencer, or did you say

[cobra]: No,

[spencer_ein]: Donald?

[cobra]: no, no,

[host_matt]: No, I said Spencer

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Don't

[spencer_ein]: Listen this.

[cobra]: Yeah, this is

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: please know. Please. someone

[host_matt]: Spence, Sir

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: offer up a sacrifice to Swedish Mat to prevent this calamity.

[spencer_ein]: I don't know. these people are dispenser Guy, sounds like a loser. sounds like

[spencer_ein]: a loser? I'll be honest, but he's no Trump. Okay, he's no Trump. And if I see

[spencer_ein]: that Joeb, going to punch with the face, Okay, Okay, that's just what. that'.

[spencer_ein]: Just what I docause. I'm a winner unto you, Luciano Lother,

[spencer_ein]: I'd like to make the speech to the whole country of the United States, The

[spencer_ein]: greatest country, some say the greatest country. I

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: How many states are there Trump?

[cobra]: how how much of this is going to get cut.

[host_matt]: Luciano,

[host_matt]: last

[cobra]: I.

[host_matt]: words in person. If you could,

[cobra]: W that I had never heardr's imperson ofmp.

[spencer_ein]: did someone say Trump

[cobra]: But yeah, I think I think we covered all of the most pressing and important issues of

[cobra]: our current times.

[host_matt]: Chris Whity,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: Hey, yeah, I think we did take good job. That was a lot of fun.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: This is. I think this. This is working out pretty well from you know,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: new, a new approach, a new angle from the The Fab Four, which is us, not

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: the Beatles.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: There has been.

[cobra]: Oh my god, how much of that is getting

[cobra]: cut'? just half just half.

[cobra]: cut'? just half just half.

[cobra]: cut'? just half just half.

[cobra]: cut'? just half just half.

[cobra]: cut'? just half just half.

[host_matt]: I mean,

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: it was positive.

[host_matt]: I think three.

[host_matt]: I think three quarters of them are dead. So yeah, you got them.

[spencer_ein]: we got. We got him good.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: See you can.

[host_matt]: Congratulations

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: If all you got to do is just di, just dig up once in a while. Just dig

[cobra]: Did you just kill Ringo and Orpole? Is that what you did?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: up.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: No, I never. I never

[host_matt]: is Rno. not dead?

[spencer_ein]: Ringo is not dead, Ringo and Paula alive.

[cobra]: No's, not dead. What is wrong with you?

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: would absolutely come on. Give me a little more credit. I would

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: absolutely never admit to that On a recorder,

[host_matt]: Are you sure Ringo is not dead?

[spencer_ein]: Yes, a

[cobra]: Yes,

[spencer_ein]: hundred percent, your wingless, not dead.

[shit_got_reeeeeeal]: He still throwing a peace signs.

[spencer_ein]: Did

[cobra]: unless he died yesterday,

[spencer_ein]: somebody? Did somebody say Ringo? Hey Guy

[host_matt]: Let me let me check this.

[spencer_ein]: from Livepool,

[host_matt]: That's just theeric, British aent. Get the fuck out of here.

[cobra]: that's just any, any British person with their clo nose.

[spencer_ein]: Listen,

[host_matt]: You could, said your name Paul Mccarney, to be Urate. We're done with you.

[spencer_ein]: say Paul Mccartney, Hey

[cobra]: Hey.

[spencer_ein]: guys. it's me Barbaan from Liverpool,

[host_matt]: Thank you for listening to Y wrong.

[host_matt]: What's see next time?

[spencer_ein]: little Puds

[spencer_ein]: black.

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