39. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Upcoming Games

ITT(E?) we learn that our hosts' tastes for video-games are mildly incompatible.

[host_matt]: Hello, we'll come back to another episode of your wrong

[host_matt]: with me. as always, I have cobra.

[cobra]: No, I'm not here.

[host_matt]: Okay, thank you. Uh, let's let's mix it up. Let's go with Chris from Whitby

[chris]: Like that in my Pfist,

[host_matt]: and we're going to end it off with a person who I currently can't see. But his

[host_matt]: name Lis is Gen Picard, so one can only assume it's Spencer.

[jean_luc_picard]: First of all, are we just so glad that Uh cobra is not here. Lucian isn't

[jean_luc_picard]: here

[cobra]: Yeah, I am. I'm

[host_matt]: Yeah, I,

[cobra]: super glad. Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: while he's not. Let's get something of our chest. that guy.

[cobra]: I am so glad that guy is not here.

[chris]: Whaty mutiny.

[chris]: Whaty mutiny.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: So you

[jean_luc_picard]: hate that guy.

[cobra]: say you say you are going to mix it up and you always end up doing the same things as

[cobra]: That's inility. kicking in, or what's happening right now?

[host_matt]: no, it's it's It's a joke. I know, I do

[host_matt]: the same thing all the time. Its. it's comedy. Well, you don't know what comedy

[cobra]: Do you? you know those are supposed to be funny.

[host_matt]: is, so I don't have to worry about your opinion.

[cobra]: I'm not even here.

[host_matt]: That's right.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, exactly

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, exactly

[chris]: So if you're not here, then who the fuck is sitting in Cora's chair?

[chris]: Diane Lane, with a raspy voice,

[host_matt]: Well, she's been smoking a lot of cigars. so

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah.

[host_matt]: Um this week we decided we' going to do something actually different. This isn't

[host_matt]: a joke. just in case your cobra or his family listening to this broadcast at a

[host_matt]: future date, Um, we're to try the trailer thing again. But instead of what we did

[host_matt]: with movies, which was, Um. What? Why we? Why we have received no feedback. Um,

[host_matt]: we're pretty certain that's because it was O, objectively awful, so we're going

[host_matt]: to. We're going to switch it up a bit. We watched. We, we select it and we've

[host_matt]: watched a video game trailer. Um, and we're we're going to talk about each of

[host_matt]: those and kind of discuss. You know what it's going to be like. You know how you

[host_matt]: know how it might play. Be more speculative in a in a a real stick way. Uh, well,

[host_matt]: toss our unique brand of

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: humor that we do here.

[jean_luc_picard]: we're going. We're putting our gamer hats on going full gamer today.

[chris]: Clicky Clck.

[host_matt]: No, wow, wow, wow,

[cobra]: No, you. No, you should never go full gamer.

[host_matt]: no, yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: So so you

[chris]: Really. No,

[jean_luc_picard]: all you all

[host_matt]: yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: you gamers out there? Get ready. This is going to be a fun one

[host_matt]: please, please, please stop getting that in our transcript. We don't want totract

[host_matt]: kind of crowd.

[jean_luc_picard]: gamers with a ▁z. That's us.

[chris]: but I

[host_matt]: Jesus,

[chris]: bought contact linses for this

[host_matt]: Oh, my God, I'll buy some gunners. You look better. Um,

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh,

[host_matt]: so let's just dive into the first one. Honestly, because uh, what we're talking

[host_matt]: about doesn't please me any morere. uh segu. Let's start with God of war, Ragn

[host_matt]: Rock, and I believe

[chris]: Don

[host_matt]: we saw the first

[host_matt]: devil or trailer for that coming out of the Playstation showcase, which was in

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah. the

[host_matt]: September August. How does time work, Spencer? You're You're the resident, Uh,

[cobra]: How does time work?

[host_matt]: Playstation fan boy.

[jean_luc_picard]: I picked this trailer because

[host_matt]: Yeah, So so as's the question? Let me host for five seconds before you take over

[jean_luc_picard]: okay, okay, jeeze, control a freak.

[host_matt]: again like last time, Thank you,

[cobra]: Never been ever.

[host_matt]: Um, Yes, never, Spencer. Why?

[host_matt]: Um, Yes, never, Spencer. Why?

[host_matt]: why

[host_matt]: does God of War Regn Rock make you want to have unftered access to the Hall

[host_matt]: Deckon, Star Trek A K. A. Why are you so

[cobra]: Jeez,

[host_matt]: excited about this?

[chris]: in there

[jean_luc_picard]: Why

[chris]: in there.

[jean_luc_picard]: you so sexually aroused for this game?

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, I think if anybody played the first, not the first game, the fourth

[jean_luc_picard]: game, fifth game.

[host_matt]: Let me fact check you. Will you talk

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, there's like. there's like a. there's three main ones, But then

[jean_luc_picard]: there's a sension, which is like a fourth one. And then there's like

[cobra]: Oh, that's right.

[jean_luc_picard]: a A a P, s. P game Ges to Sparta, which you know, I got changed to

[jean_luc_picard]: Playstation, so I could play. So it's actually like the Sixt, Anyway, The

[chris]: drop knowledge on him.

[jean_luc_picard]: Norse, the Norse, This

[host_matt]: Five?

[jean_luc_picard]: is the first game of the Northrse series,

[jean_luc_picard]: just called Go War. Make even more confusing. Uh was was fucking, maybe my

[jean_luc_picard]: favorite game of all time. It honestly could be

[host_matt]: This is the tenth God of War game

[cobra]: Are

[cobra]: you

[jean_luc_picard]: See. I'm talking about,

[host_matt]: based on Wikipedia.

[chris]: Oh,

[cobra]: fucking joking Me right now?

[jean_luc_picard]: but a lot

[chris]: I love it.

[jean_luc_picard]: of people refer to it as Gotd of War Four.

[host_matt]: Yeah, there', God of War got for two, Got a wartray, Got of word. Chains of

[host_matt]: Olympus, got three go of work, Gt to Sparta, Obviously

[jean_luc_picard]: Yep,

[host_matt]: of war, Ascension,

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: God War, A Call from the Wild to short text base game released through Facebook

[host_matt]: Messenger, There is.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, yeah,

[chris]: really. Really?

[jean_luc_picard]: that's my favorite.

[cobra]: Oh my god,

[host_matt]: That's the

[chris]: That takes me back. No, I never played it.

[host_matt]: that,

[host_matt]: the definitive version. there is a mobile a R game. It is God of War, Mimir's

[jean_luc_picard]: That's the best one. Yeah,

[host_matt]: vision, And then there's a straight up God of War, which is now talking about the

[host_matt]: new series.

[host_matt]: And that is dequal to go war Regnck, Which we talking about?

[jean_luc_picard]: and

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: if you're still listening, I will.

[host_matt]: If you stay with that

[cobra]: Ysikes.

[jean_luc_picard]: I will explain more. I just hope they go back to their roots as a Facebook

[jean_luc_picard]: game because that's really where they shine as

[cobra]: that's where the gold is.

[jean_luc_picard]: a Facebook, uh, as a g. a Facebook text game. I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: don't even know what it was. Um. The. but no, So the

[jean_luc_picard]: God Ofor new series Inoorse, The first one was probably the best game of

[jean_luc_picard]: the year. Did you guys play it? Whoop here, played it.

[host_matt]: I, I'm

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, Oh, my God.

[host_matt]: not going to say I've been meeting to, because I've meant do is the real

[host_matt]: answerd.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, what about you guys?

[chris]: I played it. Yeah, on the pomp po. Yeah, yeah, I have it. I played it. I liked it.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: did you beat it?

[cobra]: I have. not. I wanted

[chris]: Actually,

[cobra]: to, but I did not

[chris]: I'm I'm embarrassed to say I didn't beat it. I, I got pulled away on on other things,

[chris]: but I really enjoyed it.

[jean_luc_picard]: I could tell by the way you said you played it that you didn't beat it

[chris]: No, I didn't

[chris]: beat it and I, i played. I played all the ones on like P. S. two and three and I

[jean_luc_picard]: cause it was like I. I. I play it.

[chris]: loved those. but I didn't beat this one. No, I want to

[jean_luc_picard]: so you all failed.

[jean_luc_picard]: Um, this game is fantastic. The first one was so good, so it looks Ctor. go

[jean_luc_picard]: in with the same direction Like you know, I'm not going to do a full review

[jean_luc_picard]: of the first game, but

[host_matt]: thank you.

[jean_luc_picard]: it, it opens with a shot of a mountain. ▁zummin,

[jean_luc_picard]: Craatos

[jean_luc_picard]: circ in nineteen ninety seven,

[host_matt]: So, are you going to describe the The

[chris]: which game.

[host_matt]: The

[host_matt]: Demotus right now?

[chris]: Onemo.

[jean_luc_picard]: No, no, no, no, I'm talking about the original.

[host_matt]: If you are, Can you? can you make you description? Oh, okay be cause. I was

[host_matt]: hoping youd make the devil description the same Les as the demo.

[jean_luc_picard]: No, I'm certaining with all the way. No, No, I'm starting in ancient

[jean_luc_picard]: Greece. This is a god of

[chris]: Ooh,

[jean_luc_picard]: war One. We're going through the whole thing just for context.

[host_matt]: Cool. Actually,

[chris]: oo,

[host_matt]: fans fan fanced the show of of the show You wrong. Um, Just just so you know, Uh,

[host_matt]: were launching a spoken word podcast featuring Just Spencer,

[cobra]: narrating. Yeah,

[host_matt]: where he describes the entire plot of all of the God of War games, starting

[jean_luc_picard]: Uhhuh,

[host_matt]: with God, the original God of War One, Not this Gar or one. This is a teaser to

[jean_luc_picard]: this has got of war one. Two, this has got of war

[host_matt]: what you could expect,

[host_matt]: so

[jean_luc_picard]: one. two.

[host_matt]: so hold on to your butts.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Here come Spencer,

[jean_luc_picard]: we already.

[host_matt]: describing God of War one Two,

[jean_luc_picard]: it was an autumn day.

[jean_luc_picard]: Long ago

[jean_luc_picard]: the gods were angry.

[jean_luc_picard]: Go great.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's just a taste.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, no, a winged bed, So I don't know why I would. British. Um.

[cobra]: You had gone British before that.

[jean_luc_picard]: What is

[host_matt]: So as you

[jean_luc_picard]: that? A Gcoil?

[host_matt]: as you guys can see, Uh, we spared no expense on the audio production of these

[host_matt]: recreations

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, Yes,

[host_matt]: that I. That Eagle bird was right

[jean_luc_picard]: ten thousand dollars.

[chris]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: right on top of me all over me.

[chris]: mhmdeed,

[jean_luc_picard]: That' a ten, ten thousand dollar. Uh sound sample.

[cobra]: We. we contracted the same company that we contracted for the randomizer, Actually,

[cobra]: They? great.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, Yes,

[host_matt]: Yeah, they, they do audio and and uh, computer

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: effects.

[jean_luc_picard]: we got the original

[chris]: Mhm, Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: voice actor from God war.

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: Hello, I'm Gtos.

[jean_luc_picard]: It's a me.

[cobra]: Yeah, it's the original one Because he got fired and then they hireed someone else,

[cobra]: But that guy was the original.

[jean_luc_picard]: the original Gratos

[host_matt]: That's because

[jean_luc_picard]: on the

[host_matt]: the the The original was available.

[cobra]: Yeah. well,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: yeah, though,

[host_matt]: We, we spent ten grandnt on a birds. C. What do you want?

[cobra]: the the original story, The original story of Cer started on East London and then

[jean_luc_picard]: Ah, yes.

[cobra]: went from there.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, you know me. I'm look, go, ao,

[host_matt]: I would like to uh, secondly, announce a Spencer, with Uh, some sound production

[host_matt]: from the same company as who brought you the sound production from Spencer's

[host_matt]: other podcast

[jean_luc_picard]: yes,

[host_matt]: as well as the randomizer.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: It is a description of the life of the first Voice of God of War,

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: Ah, yes, do you series.

[jean_luc_picard]: Ah, yes, do you series.

[host_matt]: and heres here is a a sneak peak into that Docky series.

[jean_luc_picard]: So when they hired me to play Greatyhos, I knew I was the right fit and oh,

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm great house, and we just cut it and we just knew it was gold.

[host_matt]: Wow, riveting stuff, Guys.

[cobra]: Yeah. Yeah, like

[chris]: You me. you

[cobra]: that

[jean_luc_picard]: I would tryus, you' watch a little boy.

[jean_luc_picard]: So

[chris]: meet the Min.

[jean_luc_picard]: oh, you

[host_matt]: So anyways,

[jean_luc_picard]: love Yll meatballs.

[host_matt]: Thor Ren, Roxy game,

[cobra]: meatballs.

[host_matt]: that's coming out. Eventually

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, No, not not Thor Agnerg. That's a movie.

[host_matt]: you I do it.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: No,

[chris]: Many crossovers

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah.

[jean_luc_picard]: Godtaw Regner. So getting back to

[host_matt]: Gotd war, Rag Rock is coming out soon.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, getting back to the trailer. we watch the. I watch a trail. You guys

[jean_luc_picard]: all watch the trailer. I strongly recommend you play the the game that

[jean_luc_picard]: cames up before Ragon Rock.

[jean_luc_picard]: The P. S.

[chris]: finish it.

[jean_luc_picard]: four got of war. It's fantastic, as I've said ten times. Uh, and they're

[jean_luc_picard]: following the story. Weirdly enough. I heard that theyre wrapping up the

[jean_luc_picard]: Norse spoilers. I heard they' wrapping up the North storyline in this,

[jean_luc_picard]: which is only two games. Which seems very odd because it seems like it's

[host_matt]: That's

[jean_luc_picard]: setting up a hole.

[cobra]: well, the the name.

[host_matt]: that's incorrect, sir,

[jean_luc_picard]: What do they change?

[host_matt]: based on

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Ba, based on the number of games we have, This is the fifth in the Nuerous

[jean_luc_picard]: That's truele Oh yes, and the eleventh,

[host_matt]: mythology portion

[cobra]: Well with the name like Regner Rock, and makes sense that they're wrapping it up,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, but I thought the game would end with Ragg Rock starting and then the

[jean_luc_picard]: next one would be ragging the rock.

[cobra]: but then

[chris]: So then you,

[cobra]: they have to name it something else.

[jean_luc_picard]: No, it's

[chris]: Yeah, and

[jean_luc_picard]: like the whole games like Ra. The whole game's like Rag Rocks coming.

[chris]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: but Gen.

[jean_luc_picard]: No, No,

[host_matt]: generally they want to stop Reger Rock. Not

[jean_luc_picard]: yes,

[host_matt]: not make it actually happens. Maybe they stop it.

[jean_luc_picard]: but you can't. You can't stop Itg

[host_matt]: Okay, Um, Well, in one they call it just kidding. Now it's Regn.

[host_matt]: rockm. No moving on. Um, I

[jean_luc_picard]: coming.

[chris]: we're serious this time.

[cobra]: God of war, Regn rock, Eve

[chris]: Ooh,

[chris]: I almost. I't do. that's okay. yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: So yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: would like to talk about this trailer a bit too, But

[chris]: yeah,

[host_matt]: do you have a question? Sorry, I cut you off.

[host_matt]: do you have a question? Sorry, I cut you off.

[host_matt]: do you have a question? Sorry, I cut you off.

[host_matt]: do you have a question? Sorry, I cut you off.

[host_matt]: do you have a question? Sorry, I cut you off.

[jean_luc_picard]: go ahead. That's what I was supposed to be doing.

[chris]: we have been in a way

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm I'm glad someone did.

[host_matt]: You know what, Spencer, Spencer,

[host_matt]: So I, I'm I'm curious because I, I watched it. Um.

[host_matt]: It's because I didn't play the other Regan Ra regular rock games call, damn God

[host_matt]: of War games. There we go. Um guys. My brain's not braining well tonight because

[jean_luc_picard]: Do you wait? You didn't play any of them.

[host_matt]: I didn't

[cobra]: yet tonight?

[host_matt]: No, I played. I played like the original ones and it was just like Um, action k,

[host_matt]: ▁q t, or a quick time event game. right, See you run around,

[cobra]: well,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, well, not that's not what the game is.

[chris]: sometimes. Yeah,

[cobra]: not not always Snck you to.

[chris]: yeah, it's not all that

[cobra]: Maybe there's a couple of of like fights that areru to.

[host_matt]: bro. Have you played some of those games where you have to press the B like

[host_matt]: there's a lot of Oh, the bosses here. let me press this buttons and then these.

[cobra]: Yeah, So the boss, the boss fight took you. Tes, Yes,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: yeah, okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: so that's that's a lot ofq T. e. anyways,

[jean_luc_picard]: now let's explain. You beat the boss and then you have ▁q t e to to finish

[jean_luc_picard]: the boss

[cobra]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: and then it's like an

[chris]: right.

[jean_luc_picard]: animation and

[host_matt]: Yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: it's fantastic.

[host_matt]: the I can tell you the p, s P versions made you k. T all the time. Uh, but you're

[host_matt]: right. it's just it's just one event to like finishing move on

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: on the man. Anyway, It's not important. That's more talking about. Um, but it

[host_matt]: was. I just want to like, remark over the transformation of this from being that

[host_matt]: sort of uh, action, r p g adventure story into a.

[host_matt]: I don't know modern day action more r, P. G than action. Like is very

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, no,

[host_matt]: similar to

[host_matt]: Um.

[host_matt]: You say, Oh, no,

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, I wouldn't say. it's like less of an action. It's It's just as much

[jean_luc_picard]: of an action game with like better mechanics and more and more r. p. G

[jean_luc_picard]: elements. I'd say,

[host_matt]: yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: but it's still like a fucking a action pack Game's awesome.

[cobra]: you get

[host_matt]: oh I. yeah.

[cobra]: to choose like it's not like you always have to do. Like the old good games you had

[cobra]: to go from and get this weapon to get this power again.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, it's linear.

[cobra]: Like now you get to.

[chris]: Mhm.

[cobra]: kind of. Yeah, the new ones you get to kind of choose right. I saw gameplay

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: of

[host_matt]: it's

[cobra]: it and never played it. But yet

[host_matt]: It's

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah,

[host_matt]: like uncharted. It's got that uncharged to feel of. like,

[chris]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Um, it's a. It's an action movie. Like an narative story You, you're rolling

[host_matt]: through. Um.

[jean_luc_picard]: but but unlike Uncharted you can like customize your guy,

[host_matt]: sure, I don't know. Yeah, I don't

[jean_luc_picard]: and and and free room, you can free room. Actually, in the in the game.

[host_matt]: okay we.

[chris]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: I think we're slicing.

[host_matt]: Sure,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, yeah, we' splitting that hair all the way down.

[host_matt]: yeah,

[chris]: Th.

[host_matt]: um, so I. I, just I'm shocked at how how well I've made that transition in into a

[host_matt]: a narrative driven uh game away from a an action driven game like at the

[host_matt]: beginning, Uh, bringing the franchise and I'm curious to see like

[host_matt]: ho. Like, Do you think there's enough time in A for the fifth St. fifth game in

[host_matt]: the story to to Wp, Wrap it up.

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm

[chris]: Well,

[jean_luc_picard]: bummed by it. I don't want only one more game.

[chris]: I agree

[chris]: in the Ancient Greece, arc or arks, Um.

[chris]: The result, there was always a suppose like that, that huge big bad that you would be

[chris]: trying to build momentum towards

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm

[chris]: taking down, whether it was Aires or ▁zeus, or or

[jean_luc_picard]: or

[chris]: maybe one of the Tians,

[jean_luc_picard]: ▁zeus again?

[chris]: right, ▁zeus, again, Um, and then like So It makes me think that from based on this

[chris]: trailer, eventually he's going to try like I, spoiler alert At the same time, I

[chris]: didn't finish the previous game If he had, like. They're still talking about Odin. So

[chris]: if he's going to go ahead to head with Oden at some point, well then that's going to

[chris]: be. You know, that's going to be epic. And then

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[chris]: if he takes them down, which he probably will.

[chris]: What the hell do you do next? God of war boogy nights

[jean_luc_picard]: I mean, I play it.

[cobra]: there there are

[chris]: exactly.

[cobra]: other there. other mythologies they can keep on. I guess

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: Oh shit, King Arthur,

[cobra]: well, I mean this, this is too. so too too soon.

[host_matt]: We're not

[jean_luc_picard]: medieval.

[host_matt]: talking about that after last week? I just want to

[chris]: I know, but still

[host_matt]: stay way clear of it.

[chris]: still

[cobra]: No, I meant more

[chris]: we did it better.

[cobra]: like they could go to India, they can go to Japan.

[chris]: Okay.

[jean_luc_picard]: I think

[cobra]: What? those?

[jean_luc_picard]: there's talks of eat, they said, Egypt. I believe at some point

[chris]: Ooh,

[cobra]: Egypt? Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Crao just kills all the gods in every

[host_matt]: Yeah, just go murder,

[host_matt]: all, Teach from God.

[jean_luc_picard]: agriculture.

[chris]: that's pretty crazy.

[jean_luc_picard]: He just hates religion, and of any kind

[jean_luc_picard]: He just hates religion, and of any kind

[host_matt]: Can you go to Italy next and take care of the C. Catholicism Was

[jean_luc_picard]: that'd be fun.

[host_matt]: that like two two of Nos?

[cobra]: who was the last? Like the last? The bosses? the Pope,

[cobra]: Is that what's going to happen?

[jean_luc_picard]: No, that's

[cobra]: Why do you have to do what you have to do is endure the the sermons and Shi withutes.

[cobra]: Why do you have to do what you have to do is endure the the sermons and Shi withutes.

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah. No, After the Pope

[chris]: ▁ quick time event for the

[cobra]: Yeah,

[chris]: sermon,

[jean_luc_picard]: you got to you got to fight the Pope, Then Jesus and then just like God to

[jean_luc_picard]: God.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: From just God everywhere.

[host_matt]: you're always fighting God. That's that's the of the game. Um,

[chris]: Hm,

[jean_luc_picard]: Whoa, things got dark.

[host_matt]: Okay, So yeah, so I mean

[host_matt]: Na. that's fine.

[jean_luc_picard]: We all F. God did.

[chris]: we don. Let's let's start digging up. No,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: Yeah know. I'm so. what did you take like? I'm curious. what you guys took

[host_matt]: from from the trailer Like. Is there something that makes you specifically

[host_matt]: excited about it? Are there any things that make you worried about it? Like the

[host_matt]: kid? The kid looks annoying.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: I lost.

[cobra]: yp,

[jean_luc_picard]: he looks like a

[cobra]: Yep,

[jean_luc_picard]: rat faced kind of,

[chris]: umm, I hear that.

[jean_luc_picard]: but he's like.

[cobra]: there's a.

[cobra]: There's a point in the trailer where he goes a tra his. Go stop drinking like a

[chris]: Um, go ahead,

[cobra]: father for a second and start thinking like a general and I wish you would go okay

[cobra]: and just like lock the kid up somewhere so he can actually go do stuff and he not a

[cobra]: liability

[cobra]: like Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah.

[cobra]: Wait what, Yeah, I'm not going to bring a child to war. Fuck you,

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, I will.

[cobra]: I, I would see that I would like to see that

[cobra]: I, I would see that I would like to see that

[jean_luc_picard]: I will say that he seems annoying for sure, but I remember when the like

[jean_luc_picard]: like as someone who played all the God Wars when they first announced

[jean_luc_picard]: you're going to be with a kid in the this series. In the

[cobra]: boy.

[jean_luc_picard]: first reboot. I was

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: like, uh, like super Iyroll, Like I just pictured. Like those missions and

[jean_luc_picard]: games where you have to protect a guy

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: or you know you like thebs. Any like such a common trover? You got to get a

[jean_luc_picard]: like, protect a personre, and keep him with you. And he's always there and

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm like, Oh, I hate tag along characters. But

[chris]: Mhm, Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: the the game did it perfectly and he's never at any point like a nuisance

[jean_luc_picard]: and it's really character driven. so I. I. I would have been worried if I

[jean_luc_picard]: didn't play the first one Now, I'm like, actually, com, like,

[jean_luc_picard]: interested in the relationship and stuff.

[chris]: and he aging.

[host_matt]: And

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: you have a kid in real life?

[jean_luc_picard]: no, that has nothing to do with it.

[jean_luc_picard]: That that has not changed me in. anyway.

[chris]: I wouldn't most definitely if I. if I had my, my, my child in a in a in a. in the God

[chris]: of war world, I'd be running in the opposite

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: direction. I'm not running towards any god damn action.

[cobra]: but that's

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, we're moving.

[cobra]: cause you're not Craatos.

[chris]: Either way. Either way,

[jean_luc_picard]: You'd be like

[host_matt]: Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Boy, back your bags be cause we're going to Las Vegas.

[cobra]: boy. Yeah,

[chris]: have you ever been to Cabo Daughter?

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: Let's go there. It's warm,

[cobra]: boy,

[chris]: but I like it and look like there's you know. there's you know, some familiar faces,

[chris]: influx of new care characters, Um, both from Uh, from from the Norse mythology again

[chris]: and I and I and I, just especially what I also really love about the series is it's

[chris]: ability to just like with Um, with like in ancient Greece, Like the. It's ability to

[chris]: really breathe life into different set pieces and allow you to move through them And

[chris]: it's immersive and it feels on. not on. I don't want to say on Brand, but um, within

[chris]: the context of of that time that place, and you feel like you're you'. you're

[chris]: traveling back in time and you're running around and doing all these crazy things and

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm.

[chris]: fighting all these crazy monsters. But then you're amongst the people of that era as

[chris]: well. So it feel it like I. I. I like that in the Ancient Greek series and I also

[chris]: like it here in the in the the, the Realm or Geograph, You know the geographical

[chris]: location of Norse mythology, and and just all of those beautiful scenes, as well like

[chris]: the

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: landscapes and everything. I love that too.

[chris]: landscapes and everything. I love that too.

[jean_luc_picard]: and this one has like the Nine Realms in it, which is

[chris]: Mhm. Yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: really cool. So like that. the original is like. Mid guard is like you

[jean_luc_picard]: know, Earth or whatever,

[chris]: Itdrasil.

[jean_luc_picard]: And then there's like nine other ones and then the other game. you, You got

[jean_luc_picard]: to see like a couple, but this one you have access to all of them, which is

[jean_luc_picard]: really cool and I think they're going to be more flushed out. A big, a big

[jean_luc_picard]: complaint.

[chris]: I'm here for that,

[jean_luc_picard]: not a complaint, but one of the things about the original one was that is

[jean_luc_picard]: like the world didn't have any real people. It was like, kind of like

[jean_luc_picard]: empty. like you have. There's

[chris]: right.

[jean_luc_picard]: a lot of enemies, but there's some people. And and that was one thing in

[jean_luc_picard]: the trailer that I notice is that there was like people in the town like

[jean_luc_picard]: they actually see towns and there's people in them, which is like, I think,

[jean_luc_picard]: going to be

[jean_luc_picard]: cool to see it like a a more lived in world, you know. And Creos is

[chris]: Mhma.

[jean_luc_picard]: obviously going to kill someone. kill all of them. They're all going to

[jean_luc_picard]: die. That's how it goes.

[jean_luc_picard]: There's going to be in the way of you know, these godly battles. but that

[jean_luc_picard]: just makes it feel even more epic. But the best thing with the series is

[jean_luc_picard]: the way they they portray the gods, and I'm superstok for Thor, who's going

[jean_luc_picard]: to be

[chris]: Yeah, it's going to be fat. The war. apparently,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: fucked sick. Yeah, fat Thor,

[host_matt]: always saw his hand gripping

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: onto his. His. M.

[cobra]: and him asking, Craders, of all people, are you a calm and reasonable person

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[cobra]: and the entirety of Mo Olympus was like Nabro is not.

[cobra]: He is not calm nor reasonable at all.

[jean_luc_picard]: he is literallyl,

[chris]: Have you seen my beard?

[cobra]: It is glorious.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, yeah, he's uh, he's he's a, A, a hunk of a man. Wait. we recording.

[chris]: I can't quite remember G.

[cobra]: One of the things that really interested me in this is the character development of

[cobra]: Cras in the

[chris]: Mhm,

[cobra]: beginning is just like super, just angry and killing everything,

[cobra]: And it seems like I like I said. I watch some gameplay of the first game and, and now

[cobra]: having watched the trailer, it seems like they are really doing a lot of character

[cobra]: development for him, which I

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[cobra]: think is pretty interesting.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, for sure, like he was. He's definitely was like a one dimensional

[jean_luc_picard]: character in a really cool circumstance and they've really made him like a

[jean_luc_picard]: Vll. and I think that' the only way to do that was who would like.

[jean_luc_picard]: Obviously, have him have some kind of emotional attachment which he had

[jean_luc_picard]: none of, and like his family died, and he was just like a rage monster. So

[jean_luc_picard]: now he uh, basically seeing him have an emotional connection and like ma,

[jean_luc_picard]: have him evolve is

[jean_luc_picard]: what makes the gives this like

[jean_luc_picard]: game, new breath and like heart, which is A, which is really the What saves

[jean_luc_picard]: us but not like. it. just recreated this whole series. Be

[cobra]: Y.

[jean_luc_picard]: cause it. It was getting kind of like Okay, he's He's a fucking killing

[jean_luc_picard]: machine and

[cobra]: he is angry and his killing gods. Yeah, yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: somebody pisses him off and he kills everybody.

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, and he just kills everyone all the time, even innocent people that

[jean_luc_picard]: are just like help. He's like Okay. I'll use your

[chris]: When is Crao

[jean_luc_picard]: bones to stop this gear.

[chris]: is like Wenda Cradles, Finally reach the stage of acceptance.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: no thing.

[chris]: No, he,

[host_matt]: I got to be out there. I watched Watch Shakchi

[host_matt]: this week, and

[chris]: no sweilers, but keep going.

[host_matt]: this is not a spoiler at all, Because I read knowices in the movie, based the

[host_matt]: trailer for that movie. But Um, just you describing. Um. how does Craateos stop

[host_matt]: all his murdering? Um, it does. It does flow well with that movie in terms of

[host_matt]: like, like the the origin story of of his father.

[cobra]: Hm.

[jean_luc_picard]: what is this the Shan Chi podcast?

[cobra]: Well, it is now for a couple of seconds yet

[host_matt]: I'm sorry. I talk three seconds about it. Yeah, my

[host_matt]: badt, I thought it was still the host.

[cobra]: Feel like that's okay.

[cobra]: I.

[jean_luc_picard]: What is this

[cobra]: well,

[chris]: I still can't wait to see that

[host_matt]: That's okay with you.

[cobra]: I mean it's not

[jean_luc_picard]: Do you see in theatres?

[cobra]: we don't. We don't usually go on tangent, so I think a little one is okay.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, I guess that's fine.

[host_matt]: Thank you.

[host_matt]: just that it's a one tangent for the the podcast. Um, just a wrap of this this

[chris]: we'll forgive it this time.

[host_matt]: conversation.

[host_matt]: Nope, God war rag. I

[chris]: Got

[host_matt]: caught myself that

[host_matt]: time. Um,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, good job, goodu,

[chris]: you. did it?

[host_matt]: give me get you. give me like, if you're excited or not excited for for this I

[host_matt]: wish one. Everybody's opinion on this one, Uh, Spencer. let's go through you.

[host_matt]: Since it was yours.

[jean_luc_picard]: h,

[jean_luc_picard]: uh,

[jean_luc_picard]: kids say hyped a f li

[jean_luc_picard]: shook.

[host_matt]: Okay, I think I said one

[chris]: Na, not that last one.

[jean_luc_picard]: What's uh? any?

[chris]: but maybe that may be that last one.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, you are doing so well too.

[jean_luc_picard]: what it?

[host_matt]: shooks, W. Now we segu

[host_matt]: shooks, W. Now we segu

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm shocked my bonesb

[host_matt]: Okay, we're going

[host_matt]: to move

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: with with H.

[host_matt]: on, Uh cobra. What? what? Where are you?

[host_matt]: Atm? I? actually, now, I think they're going to

[cobra]: I'm interested, like I, I don't own, nor do I plan to own a p. S five, and I doubt so

[cobra]: any would ever release this for Pc. If they did, I will go right away and buy it, but

[host_matt]: just not any time soon with her with Horizon. Yeah, with horizon coming, I think

[cobra]: if if they do, I will definitely play it.

[host_matt]: they are definitely into putting games on the P. C.

[cobra]: I would love that I would love for, like Dad and Spiderman and all those. So I'm I'm

[cobra]: interested until it comes to the Pc. then I'll be hypeed too.

[jean_luc_picard]: Do you not have a P. S for?

[cobra]: I don't. I have a P through this gathering dusk right now.

[jean_luc_picard]: Jeez, one of those P. C people that are like

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: you know, Behold the master computer

[cobra]: that that I know I know the best machine to play on. Yes, I do.

[jean_luc_picard]: Am an ▁xer tath

[jean_luc_picard]: downloading

[host_matt]: Anyways, Chris, Chris from Whippy, Do you have an opinion on God of War Ragn

[host_matt]: Anyways, Chris, Chris from Whippy, Do you have an opinion on God of War Ragn

[chris]: I do. I. I, once. I want John Luke Bacard to continue his impression.

[host_matt]: rock,

[host_matt]: rock,

[jean_luc_picard]: in the nineteen twentyth with exam Marix, E.

[host_matt]: Chris, Chrisri, Whippy, This is. This is just cutting into this arm to talk about

[host_matt]: your game? So

[chris]: All right? Well, Yeah, I am excited. so I'm all for it and and I can't wait. I, I

[chris]: don't have Pfi yet, but I will get one, and Um and I will play the hell out of this.

[jean_luc_picard]: finish

[host_matt]: uh,

[jean_luc_picard]: the first one first. I'd

[host_matt]: yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: recommend that

[cobra]: Yeah, pro. probably

[chris]: Oh, I would never do that. I mean,

[host_matt]: I,

[chris]: I agree with you. I would do that and then

[host_matt]: oh, I thought you're never going to

[host_matt]: finish the game. Never

[jean_luc_picard]: I would never do that.

[chris]: you've got

[host_matt]: na

[chris]: to it key. The story is critical and never do that.

[host_matt]: to.

[host_matt]: That's a know for me, dog. Um, No, I, I am excited. I really like. I'm interested

[host_matt]: in it. It makes me interested to go back and play. Um, the first one.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, I' fascinated Why you haven't played it Macause. I know you

[host_matt]: because,

[jean_luc_picard]: have Pice. For

[host_matt]: because you know there's so many games to play.

[jean_luc_picard]: what are you playing

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: right now?

[host_matt]: Uh, right now,

[jean_luc_picard]: Right second?

[host_matt]: Um, Valheim,

[host_matt]: uh,

[cobra]: on. on. What one again? What? Wherey play this?

[host_matt]: oh, the. the. Why? No, I'm not. I'm We're up with the

[host_matt]: segment I, I'm not going to. We don't got time for this argument. Yes, that's

[jean_luc_picard]: What you playing? Are you playing it on a computer?

[jean_luc_picard]: You playing it on a nineteen Vrteen brother

[host_matt]: what most people do is

[jean_luc_picard]: with the excery card

[chris]: the game files are in the computer.

[host_matt]: Segu Next game. Is that okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: play at

[jean_luc_picard]: Matuck, stopping

[host_matt]: Spencer? thank you.

[jean_luc_picard]: Valheim,

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: but yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: stop it,

[host_matt]: uh, what,

[jean_luc_picard]: stoppling, Valheim,

[host_matt]: cool, tiny, tiny Teen as Wonderland, That's

[chris]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: the one I went with. Um,

[chris]: Break it down.

[host_matt]: Some. Some in the show might say, I want it purely based on the soundtrack, which

[host_matt]: is, Um,

[cobra]: true?

[host_matt]: gim me chocolate by Baby

[cobra]: it's true.

[host_matt]: metal. Um, Go look at. It's a really good song. Bab, Baby Medals is actually

[host_matt]: really good. Um, but I picked it because

[host_matt]: Borderlands could be a little divisive amongst people. Um, but I've generally

[host_matt]: enjoyed the games. They're not amazing.

[host_matt]: They are, They scratch an itch and they scratch it very well. It's that shooter

[host_matt]: shooter, Luoter or a saluutor genre of games. Um that I, but

[jean_luc_picard]: Wait,

[chris]: Hm.

[jean_luc_picard]: is that a thing? Sluder? Did you make that up?

[chris]: What's a sluer?

[host_matt]: yeah, no, it's it's

[chris]: But I dig it.

[host_matt]: It's like kind of catching up, but not a hundred percent in the community. For re

[host_matt]: obvious reasons. Um, but yeah, Tiiny, Kenas Wonderland is is a

[host_matt]: in the world in the universe. If you play. I believe it was border lands, too,

[host_matt]: You. Boorland to One of the Dl Cs. Was was a small, tiny Teena Wonderland story,

[host_matt]: and essentially it is you playing the rules of Dunges and dragons within the

[host_matt]: water lands. a game engine. Um, it's one of the best things they've done.

[host_matt]: actually, I think. and and I think part of it is it. maybe they like fantasy

[host_matt]: games, but also I think that Un, like the the annoying parts of border lands are,

[host_matt]: Um. things like Jack, uh nut Jack, Who's the

[jean_luc_picard]: The people loved Handsome Jack?

[host_matt]: No, it isn't and some, Jack is a lot like he's

[jean_luc_picard]: Really?

[host_matt]: funny, but, but it's like it's It could cut both ways. Um, and it replaces that

[host_matt]: sort of. It's not that people don't like him, Is that the story is wild and like

[host_matt]: goes all over the place for reasons that are confusing. Whereas in Tiny Tina, the

[host_matt]: original one was a very. It was a very tight fantasy story. Um filled all the

[host_matt]: tropes you'd expect while still giving you all the dilute and bosses and guns you

[host_matt]: expect out of Borerland, So I'm I'm very interested to see what they can do with

[host_matt]: a full life game. Um, I think it's going to be really interesting and fun. Uh,

[host_matt]: based on that d ▁l C. I played.

[jean_luc_picard]: Would you say? your hyped a f lit and shook to the core.

[host_matt]: Um, one could ▁quote me as let's a fucking go

[jean_luc_picard]: Ah, ▁l f, G,

[host_matt]: with many more owes than I let on. Yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: I like that.

[host_matt]: y.

[jean_luc_picard]: I watched that trailer and I was like I had no idea what was connected to

[jean_luc_picard]: borderland and I'ming it. I' like. Oh, it's like a fantasy game and I'm

[jean_luc_picard]: like this Cel shaing is kind of knocking off border lands, And I was like

[cobra]: Yeah.

[jean_luc_picard]: dis guunning,

[host_matt]: yes.

[jean_luc_picard]: and looting is kind of knocking off border lands.

[cobra]: I. I had the exact same reaction Like

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: why? Why does Gearbox make everything? Like what? Oh, okay?

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, and then I was like, And the even at the end because this' even fa

[jean_luc_picard]: bolands like Jean, Ts. Wonderland, Like they even took the What blank land

[jean_luc_picard]: name.

[host_matt]: yeah.

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm like they're not even trying At this point. They're just knocking off

[jean_luc_picard]: this company and then I actually had to ask Matt in shame.

[host_matt]: yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: In my rage, I was like Man, this is a fucking lawsuit waiting to happen

[jean_luc_picard]: and

[host_matt]: in a way,

[jean_luc_picard]: then then explained it to me.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: it was. It was a long story.

[cobra]: I, I really like the. Uh. The breaking of the fourth wall on the trailer

[cobra]: was like. Oh Tina. Why are there any guns in the fantas? Well, it's because I shut

[cobra]: the fuck up and get shooting.

[cobra]: Okay, I'm in Im in.

[host_matt]: that is, That's how that's all the the the Dl. C was. She was like she was the

[host_matt]: the D M for you. So it's it's funny to have her cut in.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah. Yeah. so are they like

[chris]: Okay.

[cobra]: She

[jean_luc_picard]: playing?

[cobra]: throws dice at the end too

[host_matt]: Yep,

[cobra]: great.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, so like I looked like they were around a tables. Are they in the

[jean_luc_picard]: Borderlands universe, playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons and

[chris]: that was my.

[jean_luc_picard]: thises that world?

[jean_luc_picard]: thises that world?

[host_matt]: Yep, that's essentially Sh. They didn't call it Doge and Dragons, and I don't

[host_matt]: remember what it. They did, but it was. you know. It's like basically saying you

[host_matt]: know Guns and dragons, like

[jean_luc_picard]: Hm,

[host_matt]: the. The. The effort to change the name was not existent. Um,

[host_matt]: but you are playing a game. Yeah, they're so scary

[jean_luc_picard]: I, lo. I love Graragon.

[jean_luc_picard]: They're so scary.

[chris]: I'm totally shocked.

[host_matt]: but like so the idea. Yeah, the idea that you're playing around the table. Um and

[host_matt]: Showll cut in as the d, m, and do things to fuck you up in

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, that's fun.

[host_matt]: the D ▁l C as the dam. So it was like it's it's fun. Fourth Wall breaking.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's creative.

[cobra]: Yeah, I,

[chris]: that's interesting.

[cobra]: I was really

[cobra]: really fond of

[cobra]: the of the soundtrack of this thingcause. I give some like In the beginning it's kind

[cobra]: of low. and then they stop singing. Cho.

[cobra]: The the song name is chocolate and I'm like, Wait a minute. Is this baby medal call

[cobra]: intrigued? So like I was in with the premise and then with the soundtrack. I'm like

[cobra]: you just poured that into my eyeballs right now?

[host_matt]: What about the game? Did you want to find the game at all?

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh no. no.

[cobra]: No, that's a. not. actually,

[jean_luc_picard]: God know,

[cobra]: That's a valid. That's a valid question because we've played border Les together, Mad

[cobra]: and I and I like it. It's enjoyable. I think Mad likes it more than I do.

[cobra]: probably.

[host_matt]: I think so.

[cobra]: but I, I. I mean it's I don't hate it, so I, I'll probably

[cobra]: like. I'll play it and tryed and see if it's fun. It seems fun. It seems like a an

[cobra]: interesting spin on on the borders. Like

[cobra]: tropes that I'm in. I will play Ill. Definitely play it.

[jean_luc_picard]: have you play border lans Chris?

[chris]: I was thinking about. I was just gathering my thoughts on it, Ive, I've played it,

[chris]: and um, it was a very, very long time ago. I didn't dislike it, but it didn't really

[chris]: grab me, so I totally I'm totally happy for all of you, but it. it wasn't one of

[chris]: those that was like Ooh, bring it into my. Shoot it into my veins. So, and the fact

[chris]: that like, based on everything I've been hearing and just looking at the trailer, it

[chris]: feels it feels like they're really not in their lane, but they're They're having a

[chris]: really good time like built world building. And now they have this meta, this

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: meta approach to to d and d. Um. within the context of of of the feel of Borderland

[chris]: before, Like, like I was, I didn't have the um. The. The the sort of knee jerk

[chris]: reaction about like, What the fuck of the? Are they ripping off Borarder land? Like

[chris]: it reminded me before you guys hit that point. I was like this looks. but I okay,

[chris]: I'll just see what happens, But then there is and now you've you've all brought at

[chris]: peace. Help me pieces together and I'm okay. Well, good for them. I'm curious like I

[chris]: would play a demo. Definitely,

[jean_luc_picard]: you know. what's funny is I was thinking it's a rip off of borderlands, but

[jean_luc_picard]: I was actually like more into it before I found out it was connected to

[jean_luc_picard]: borderlands

[chris]: what happened Then then what happened?

[cobra]: I don't want it any more.

[jean_luc_picard]: like

[host_matt]: Jesus.

[jean_luc_picard]: I like. I was digging it. and I'm like Oh, this is like a fun original

[jean_luc_picard]: world and like it's like I. I, You know. it's like I like their, like the

[jean_luc_picard]: powers, and like these cools like their sharks, and all this like fun

[jean_luc_picard]: stuff. I'm like. Oh, this looks like a fun. you know, time and then it's

[jean_luc_picard]: like Oh, it's connected to border lands and'm like. Oh, that's like a whole

[jean_luc_picard]: world I know nothing about and I'm like. Is there like canon? I

[chris]: H.

[jean_luc_picard]: need to know is or

[cobra]: No, so

[chris]: I feel that.

[cobra]: if it's anything like like Borderlines Three, which is the only I've ever played

[cobra]: like. Yeah, there is some story there, but they do a good job of like mentioning it,

[cobra]: and also, Borderland does a great job of not taking itself seriously at all. So this

[cobra]: is even less. so. I,

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, I just I just hate.

[cobra]: I don't think you need to know Canon For anything.

[jean_luc_picard]: I hate not understanding that like Bi, not being in on the joke in

[jean_luc_picard]: something like, I'm like. I'm one of those people that

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: when I play it, it's like I want to play at all. I hate

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: playing like coming in and also I like I play borderlines a little bit and

[jean_luc_picard]: it's like I am a very not into looting games. It's like I just get like

[jean_luc_picard]: bored in general. Like unless there's super story driven like God to war,

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: It's like I can do. I can deal with it like God of War is like. Looting is

[jean_luc_picard]: like the Max. I'll do. It's like you know if it's too much

[jean_luc_picard]: searching and you know, like trying to collect stuff. I just' just like two

[jean_luc_picard]: eighty D. I'm just check out. So when I heard of Bolands it was like Ah, I

[jean_luc_picard]: don't really want to

[jean_luc_picard]: run around searching for shit unless

[host_matt]: wow. okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: there's like a fun story'. sorry to shit on the parade. but I'm just being

[jean_luc_picard]: honest guys.

[host_matt]: No, you hate fun. Like got message received.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: We kind of knew that already.

[jean_luc_picard]: well, what is what does fun really do for the world? Really? I mean, come

[jean_luc_picard]: on

[host_matt]: I mean,

[jean_luc_picard]: does

[host_matt]: I don't know. I got nothing.

[chris]: the children,

[jean_luc_picard]: provide jobs.

[host_matt]: no,

[cobra]: Yeah, it does.

[jean_luc_picard]: How does it stimulate the economy?

[host_matt]: no, no,

[chris]: I would say. So

[cobra]: of course.

[host_matt]: no, no one's made one dollar off any of this.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, you know what.

[cobra]: Yeah, this is all of this. This industry is dying for a lack of money.

[host_matt]: Yeah, it's basically dead already

[jean_luc_picard]: the fun industry doesn't exist.

[chris]: this podcast is a love letter to the fun industry.

[host_matt]: it.

[jean_luc_picard]: In that case, I'm out of here.

[host_matt]: Oh, that's good. No, I like that one.

[host_matt]: y, um, yeah, it's it is. It is interesting to see them

[host_matt]: try to market this game

[host_matt]: differently then than they have in previous borderlands, Um, only in the sense

[host_matt]: that like

[host_matt]: the other border lands, at least the the other uh uh, trailers I've seen focus a

[host_matt]: ton on the Di looting and the different gears. Stuff like it's like it's like

[host_matt]: this is the game you want. This is your salutor game and all the things you want

[host_matt]: happening where'. This one. It shows you a couple of times at the end with the

[host_matt]: trailer, like the The Treasure Chess and stuff, but it's very focused on Tina

[host_matt]: talking and like you

[host_matt]: doing ▁quests.

[jean_luc_picard]: Ma.

[host_matt]: as much as they can show.

[jean_luc_picard]: stop trying to makeluer happen. It's not going to happen.

[cobra]: Sluoner sounds like a game where you play a detective who doesn't know what slothing

[cobra]: is

[jean_luc_picard]: No sluder sounds like a

[chris]: I think it's actually growing on me.

[jean_luc_picard]: No Su, sound like a jello shot.

[cobra]: is growing on you like a cancer.

[chris]: I feel.

[chris]: I think it's growing on me like a tattoo right just above the as crack.

[jean_luc_picard]: They don't grow. If you. if your tattoo is growing, you've a problem.

[cobra]: Yeah, it's

[chris]: My tattoo grows. because it's never finished. sir.

[jean_luc_picard]: It's

[chris]: Artistically.

[jean_luc_picard]: it's called stretching. It's stretching withw.

[chris]: I'm getting

[host_matt]: Ch. Wow,

[chris]: more ink on Slauter above my

[host_matt]: Chris.

[chris]: where the Trans stamp is and I'm just to get more ink on it.

[host_matt]: let me let me help the the audience at

[chris]: You

[host_matt]: home. Let, uh,

[host_matt]: siter.

[cobra]: that doesn't help. That's not

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh God, it's so it sound.

[cobra]: helping. Whatever the opposite of helping is, that's what that was.

[cobra]: helping. Whatever the opposite of helping is, that's what that was.

[chris]: did you feel that

[jean_luc_picard]: It sounds sexual. For some reason,

[chris]: that sounds like

[host_matt]: No, I don't know.

[chris]: prime territory for a new of just ushering a new wave of hip gaming.

[chris]: Hotnessy

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: sound sounds like a trick. A trick you get turned on the corner. Youll be.

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm looking for a looter

[chris]: you wa to get

[host_matt]: it's it's twenty five dollars for a hand. You have thirty five dollars for a blow

[host_matt]: job,

[chris]: maybe

[host_matt]: a hundred and fifty for a sluer.

[jean_luc_picard]: who. That's a cheaplu. to baby. You

[cobra]: May I

[jean_luc_picard]: got yourself a

[chris]: forty Foripe forty. Handji

[jean_luc_picard]: jobver, How much of a hand youier

[jean_luc_picard]: jobver, How much of a hand youier

[cobra]: can I be excused. I want to be excused. Please let me go.

[chris]: is nowhere to go. The door's.

[cobra]: Oh, yeah, it's the sluther with a handjiber. It's an extra ten. It's an extra ten

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh gode

[host_matt]: That's good.

[cobra]: bucks.

[chris]: I think you good for it. I think you.

[jean_luc_picard]: it. it'll change your life.

[chris]: I take my teek out and give theing

[host_matt]: Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, you know you can't do

[host_matt]: so

[jean_luc_picard]: as as you can do. A sluoter with with teeth with your teeth In

[cobra]: No, Yeah,

[host_matt]: no, that's that's yeah. I'm going to say. um,

[chris]: need to relax the tonsils.

[cobra]: the the problem is now, when she says I'll take my teeth out. The problem of you, she

[cobra]: says, I take my tooth out. just the one and I'll give you aluter with the handjibber.

[cobra]: I.

[jean_luc_picard]: all right too far,

[jean_luc_picard]: Luciano. You got too far. you went off. the you took it too far. We' all

[host_matt]: y, you know.

[cobra]: oh, yeah, yeah, that was too far.

[jean_luc_picard]: having a good time and you wouldn't

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: you? You would in sed it. you selld it.

[jean_luc_picard]: you? You would in sed it. you selld it.

[cobra]: I, I had to make. I had to make it lode right. Yeah, Okay, my bed.

[jean_luc_picard]: You to make it dirty.

[chris]: The sheets are unclean.

[host_matt]: if if

[chris]: the sheets are unclean.

[cobra]: Yes,

[host_matt]: if all you do is make it lose, we would left it. but that

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: was beyond the

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah,

[host_matt]: led pale as it were.

[cobra]: my apologies. I. I took the joke too far

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah,

[host_matt]: so we're going to say away hard off. this'. just a a clean burn away from this

[host_matt]: game entirely so we

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes, smart.

[host_matt]: can talk into a new one And, and because someone so really made a change, let's

[host_matt]: just talk about his. Uh, to get it out of the way,

[cobra]: right.

[host_matt]: you wanted to talk about New World from from the Amazons.

[cobra]: yes,

[host_matt]: Um, and so,

[host_matt]: uh, I, I also is before I forceed Lo to tell us he thinks about this game. I'm

[host_matt]: going to out him, so he doesn't save it. Uh, him and I both played the beta, the

[host_matt]: open beer for New World.

[chris]: What was it like

[host_matt]: Uh,

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: I, Well, he played for like an hour.

[chris]: When when did it happen?

[host_matt]: I think maybe two

[cobra]: uh, nine, ten eleven of September.

[jean_luc_picard]: this is

[host_matt]: y.

[jean_luc_picard]: like insider trading in this podst.

[host_matt]: Well,

[cobra]: Yeah, but we're not making money so that's fine.

[host_matt]: it's like more like. It's more like the first one's free.

[host_matt]: It's

[jean_luc_picard]: Okay,

[host_matt]: it's stealing cocaine.

[chris]: Was it P? C Only

[host_matt]: Obviously,

[jean_luc_picard]: I have.

[host_matt]: do

[chris]: know.

[host_matt]: you think do you think Luciano would play if who was on the dirty P. S. Four?

[chris]: I don't know. I want to know things too.

[jean_luc_picard]: the only thing I learned from this trailer is that this game should have

[jean_luc_picard]: been called Eternal, because they say Enal a hundred and fifty times in the

[jean_luc_picard]: trailer.

[host_matt]: Also, um, well, that's the first thing. It's mostly hersing a turnum

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: and the only

[chris]: Really.

[host_matt]: time she says Eternal is when she says Thenal, After a tourna that I could hear

[host_matt]: of my my ears.

[jean_luc_picard]: Are you sure it was an I. eternal?

[host_matt]: I'll look it up.

[chris]: I know what all of you heard? It was aner. It was eernal. It was

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, that's right.

[chris]: far.

[host_matt]: Oh, it's got the a e on it.

[cobra]: yeah, yeah, it

[cobra]: doesum. Yeah, as' the

[jean_luc_picard]: I said it's eternal.

[host_matt]: Turn

[jean_luc_picard]: And the is it that ends with?

[host_matt]: y

[cobra]: name of the island where

[cobra]: name of the island where

[cobra]: name of the island where

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, they should

[host_matt]: y.

[jean_luc_picard]: have called this. This whole game trailer is like. What is I

[jean_luc_picard]: A is

[host_matt]: well,

[jean_luc_picard]: dium?

[host_matt]: Well, let's ask.

[jean_luc_picard]: Could you be atum?

[host_matt]: Let's ask Cobra. What is Aum

[cobra]: so A is

[cobra]: the island where the whole game is set. So the

[host_matt]: wrong? It's a turnurnal. Didn't you wash the trailer?

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, I turn

[cobra]: can you can you shut up for a second and le me fucking talk.

[jean_luc_picard]: you. you should have said when he asked what a turna was you should have

[jean_luc_picard]: said That's actually two hundred and fifty dollars on the corner

[cobra]: Well,

[chris]: I see you came back.

[cobra]: miss missed opportunity.

[jean_luc_picard]: missthed opportunity.

[cobra]: No, I was chastied for being too lude. I was keeping things clean.

[jean_luc_picard]: Keep it.

[host_matt]: Come on, man, that's

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: grossy. Hey, ▁jimmy,

[jean_luc_picard]: we were blue here

[chris]: Get it Ble ▁jimmy,

[jean_luc_picard]: now, Chris. you've taken it too far.

[chris]: ▁jimme,

[chris]: ▁jimmy, weekfully, get you.

[chris]: Y

[chris]: he youg like yet

[cobra]: Jesus, I.

[jean_luc_picard]: Got David

[cobra]: Gm. me.

[jean_luc_picard]: Da saidy. You stay off the spot

[host_matt]: we. We segued a while ago.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: If that's okay

[jean_luc_picard]: right.

[host_matt]: with you,

[cobra]: uh, so yeah, the it

[jean_luc_picard]: Thanks for that guest appearance

[cobra]: it turn them,

[chris]: that yankee kiy.

[cobra]: shut

[jean_luc_picard]: every twenty five dollars.

[cobra]: the flock up with that shit.

[chris]: I apologize, Carard, carry on ▁jimy. I want you to to share your perspective

[cobra]: Jeesus, go take your hand, gibber and a slether in silence please.

[chris]: as you were.

[host_matt]: Why would you eg him on? Just let it go.

[cobra]: I just

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: I told him to, I hagg them all, so you could take it in silence.

[jean_luc_picard]: Luc' grow up, man. come on.

[cobra]: Um, yeah, so

[host_matt]: So Lucya tell us about Aum,

[cobra]: so a turnum is the island where your character crashes to like it. Apparently the

[cobra]: story isn't clear when you start, but Ba. Basically you're in a in a boat crew that

[cobra]: is going to this island that was found.

[cobra]: That has. it doesn't show on any maps, and ships go there and disappear and

[cobra]: apparently there is riches to be found. And what? not? when you crash there and you

[cobra]: find out that nobody dies there or almost nobody dies.

[host_matt]: ladies

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, oh, that's cool.

[host_matt]: and gentlemen, I just ladest gentlem. Just want to let you know that you've just

[host_matt]: experienced a sneak peak into the one manst with Cobra explaining the entire

[host_matt]: story of

[cobra]: Like

[host_matt]: and the new world.

[cobra]: like an Nikea manual.

[host_matt]: We spared literally no expense on sound effects. We sp. nothing as justim

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: talking to a void.

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: So so please subscribe to that.

[cobra]: yes, please. we're

[host_matt]: I don't know.

[cobra]: We're spinning off so many shows. Yeah,

[host_matt]: Thank you. Continue with the rest of your description.

[cobra]: I

[jean_luc_picard]: Yes,

[cobra]: know. I, I, uh.

[jean_luc_picard]: make it longer.

[cobra]: I. I. I wanna. I want to talk more about like the problems. Obviously that I

[jean_luc_picard]: So

[cobra]: found with this.

[jean_luc_picard]: I, I'm a little out of the loop. Here. is this game part of a series or is

[jean_luc_picard]: is completely original?

[cobra]: it's a new game. As far as I know, I don't think it's part of anything. I. It's the

[cobra]: first game

[host_matt]: That is correct.

[cobra]: from Amazon games.

[host_matt]: That's incorrect.

[cobra]: Well, the first game that worked.

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, you don't know that yet.

[host_matt]: That might be correct.

[jean_luc_picard]: What's the? What's the other game?

[host_matt]: based on yeah, uh, they made like a mobile

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah,

[host_matt]: that got shut down within a month'. Google at what you talk.

[cobra]: like a, like a legal Egen knock off or something. Yeah,

[cobra]: I don't remember the name was it. It got like it tanked really

[host_matt]: Oh

[cobra]: hard really fast.

[host_matt]: cruible.

[cobra]: Oh

[chris]: M.

[cobra]: Jesus. Okay.

[host_matt]: even the name go.

[cobra]: Yeah. So as

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, generic.

[cobra]: as Matt said, and I don't. I don't know why why it was like a secret that. Yeah, we

[cobra]: played debta like you play for an hour. I played for like two or three days or

[cobra]: something. Um,

[jean_luc_picard]: And was it like? what? What does the game playla like like? Is it like a

[cobra]: it's a, it's an mmo. it's it's a. It's a massive multiplayer game. You would hate it

[jean_luc_picard]: third person?

[cobra]: because it's all about looting.

[jean_luc_picard]: Is there no story?

[cobra]: No, there's A. The stars actually pretty interesting, but

[cobra]: it's you know. it is well, Matt. if you read the ▁quests and you listen to the N. p.

[jean_luc_picard]: It, just like a backdrop.

[jean_luc_picard]: One of those ones. Well, you last me at reading the last me reading. Good

[cobra]: Cs, then there's a story.

[jean_luc_picard]: day. I will be leaving.

[host_matt]: I got to get to level. whatever the max

[cobra]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: is. I don't have time.

[host_matt]: You watch that trailer right Like the trailer showed. Like one second of you

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: crafting and like the entire rest of it was you Fding monsters, and and based on,

[cobra]: and that's the opposite of the actual gameplay

[host_matt]: I mean, that's that's end game a hundred percent. But what I played in my, I

[host_matt]: played for, like you know, a couple of hours or two days. All I played was like

[host_matt]: chopping trees and mining Wd, and setting up a campsite and then shooting some

[host_matt]: wolves in their

[cobra]: and then skidning them. Yeah,

[host_matt]: faces and then skinning them for like four hours.

[cobra]: so Mat,

[chris]: really,

[cobra]: Matt was really really fond of the the Trade skill system, especially at the part

[cobra]: where if you have a low level on some trade skiller, it takes thirty seconds to

[cobra]: finish doing what you're doing every time He was so such a fan of that, he was like

[cobra]: singing its praises. So for

[jean_luc_picard]: Are you

[chris]: so

[jean_luc_picard]: being sarcastic?

[cobra]: no,

[chris]: I want to know.

[host_matt]: I thought it hated it.

[jean_luc_picard]: Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: I'll

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: get good. Good

[chris]: So would you say you were skinning wolves for pells for four hours? Like Was it like

[chris]: the thirty second like the stacking stacking to build a max out That skill tree?

[cobra]: no. So the so okay, let me explain that, Think this the whole.

[host_matt]: No,

[cobra]: The whole difference of this game from most

[chris]: Was it worse?

[cobra]: other M mmos is that theres, the entire economy of the game is player driven. There's

[cobra]: no like vendors, like N p. C. vendors. You can sell your shit to everything you do if

[cobra]: you want to sell and make money. like, if any, like, if you chop trees, or if you

[cobra]: skin, you know, wolves and get pelts or whatever. If you want to make money off of

[cobra]: those, you have to sell those to other players. And so the trade skial system

[chris]: Hm,

[cobra]: is super complicated, like like In a good and in a bad way, 'cause it there's too

[cobra]: much of it. Um, and the problem is because it's so driven like that that what mad is

[cobra]: talking about is a lot of

[cobra]: the like. A Lot of the stuff you have to do is you have to go kill like sixty wolves

[cobra]: and skin all of them so that you level up your skinning, and then you need all those

[cobra]: spells to level up your like leather working, and that kind of stuff they all flee

[cobra]: into each other. The problem is it takes forever

[cobra]: to do the stuff that's harder. The the ones that are really going to level you up,

[cobra]: take. for he's right. It takes like twenty thirty seconds to to do it the first time.

[cobra]: it's boring it. Shit that's basically the case. And and you know, even though the

[cobra]: trailer shows a lot of like fighting and stuff happening, which is

[cobra]: O. Normally what you were like an animal like this is all about.

[cobra]: It's like it. You don't like. The combat is boring and shit, so I don't know what the

[cobra]: end game's go to be like Matt, you, You and I both played mmos at like the end game

[cobra]: level

[cobra]: ing and doing that kind of stuff right.

[jean_luc_picard]: Is the game

[host_matt]: sure, did.

[cobra]: Can you imagine

[jean_luc_picard]: is? the? Is the game as boring as this conversation about the game?

[cobra]: actually? Actually?

[cobra]: Yes, Yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: It' like Oh, chopping wood. Oh, that's exciting.

[cobra]: do you.

[jean_luc_picard]: Okay.

[chris]: I'll be honest, Go go finish.

[cobra]: I was just going to say. Can you imagine playing the game at the end of the cap level

[cobra]: with three abilities and three combat abilities?

[jean_luc_picard]: I can. I honestly, I cannot imagine because I fall asleep just thinking

[jean_luc_picard]: about it.

[host_matt]: I guess that's my answer.

[chris]: We. we found John Lukes sleeping in the hollow deck with the instruction manuals. A

[chris]: new world.

[jean_luc_picard]: Can you imagine

[jean_luc_picard]: building your fragant house?

[host_matt]: For some reason is dick was out. I don't know.

[jean_luc_picard]: It's always out in the holiday.

[cobra]: It was. it was theluoter, It was the looter he got before.

[chris]: it

[chris]: isj. ▁jimmy, wherever ▁jimmy goes, havoc follows

[chris]: isj. ▁jimmy, wherever ▁jimmy goes, havoc follows

[cobra]: Oh God, I did this. I did this. I apologize. I apologize to everyone.

[jean_luc_picard]: No, no, no, that that voice is in my nightmares.

[chris]: like for a like I want. Like when I look at this trailer, it looks like really

[chris]: interesting. but unfortunately your description has was provided me with all the

[chris]: behind scenes information I need to know to run away, and it feels like false

[chris]: advertising. To me. It's the same reason I gave up and I, in a way I'm embarrassed.

[chris]: I'm glad I save the time that I gave up on Red Dead Redemption.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh

[chris]: There's too much real time time wasting for me

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, a lot of writing.

[chris]: in that I want to do stuff.

[jean_luc_picard]: lot ofding. I would say that trailer you just said it looked good.

[jean_luc_picard]: Um, I would say that Trail looked like a commercial to teach video game

[jean_luc_picard]: designers. You know, like you know, the schools that teach

[chris]: Hm

[jean_luc_picard]: you how to make video games. That's how generic that trailer looked. It was

[host_matt]: Yeah. was it Sa.

[jean_luc_picard]: like

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, like it's like come subscribe and to sale university and learn how to

[jean_luc_picard]: make monsters make nights at the. Yeah.

[chris]: at

[chris]: Devry, We take your education seriously,

[cobra]: not even not even not even a unit. S.

[cobra]: like the commercial of a ski share course.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, it's like something you see on the subway. Like an ad on the subway.

[host_matt]: It's an advertisement on Fi. Pay

[host_matt]: me five bucks that I'll make you a make a monster.

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly. I'll make you an mmo.

[jean_luc_picard]: That that's what. That's what that game around is like. Look like a

[jean_luc_picard]: commercial for how to teach someone how to like. Get into the gaming

[jean_luc_picard]: industry. Just subsribe and spend ten thousand dollars, and you too can

[jean_luc_picard]: make a generic video game that no one will play.

[host_matt]: It's It's funny You mention that because I think I think that's what Amazon was

[host_matt]: going for be, because they are trying

[jean_luc_picard]: That's what they're going for.

[host_matt]: so so very hard yet. No, Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[chris]: this

[cobra]: but that's

[cobra]: the thing with

[jean_luc_picard]: They mailed it.

[chris]: shucking and driving

[cobra]: mmo's. like you, you can be super specific.

[chris]: hoodwinking.

[cobra]: Like with design, you have to cater to everybody. So it makes sense

[host_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: that it's sort of generic

[host_matt]: so they. they're being very in with their games design because they just want

[host_matt]: people to play this one like the last ones they may, where no one played at all,

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, crucible sounds even more generic.

[host_matt]: And so

[host_matt]: yes,

[chris]: I don't know. Don't know.

[chris]: I don't know. Don't know.

[host_matt]: what? What iscruible? Chrisly.

[chris]: I don't know. I'm not. I'm not arguing against it like I don't know. The title sounds

[chris]: actually kind of like. it sounds like shit's going to like. Shi's going to happen to

[chris]: you like you're going to get like, Put through the flip in fire Exactly.

[cobra]: Is just a cool word right. it's a cool word.

[cobra]: Yeah',

[host_matt]: Yeah, but you can't make your title just a cool word. Whats? what's New World?

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, exactly

[chris]: That's a very good question. When I hear

[chris]: honestly, I saw.

[host_matt]: Sure is.

[chris]: I saw. Um, I saw a roided out uh mufassa in this trailer. I saw the Bermuda Triangle

[chris]: in In in this game New world. Um, what else I saw a dude trying to take down a tree

[chris]: with three takes. It took him three cuts to the three transitions to cut that tree

[chris]: down like that's one of your features, Bro.

[cobra]: Oh, listen

[jean_luc_picard]: three cuts of the video.

[cobra]: way way

[host_matt]: That's what it feels like they cut the tree down

[cobra]: away, listen, listen and listen. If you get to the max level of one of your stats,

[chris]: All the E. Everything else looks good.

[cobra]: you can. you have a

[chris]: Yeah,

[cobra]: chance of like ten percent of cutting a tree in one swing.

[chris]: ten percent

[jean_luc_picard]: Hold on. That changes everything. but you

[host_matt]: right

[jean_luc_picard]: telling me.

[jean_luc_picard]: no, No,

[chris]: if I skin, if I skin five hundred wolves.

[host_matt]: correct,

[chris]: and and then turn those pelts

[chris]: to the benefit of the community.

[chris]: I. I can max out my skill tree in a mere six months to get

[chris]: a ten percent

[host_matt]: right y. you can.

[jean_luc_picard]: but you. Yeah,

[chris]: chance to jump down that tree in one swing.

[host_matt]: you can turn out all those pelts Uh, for tricks or money.

[cobra]: Tris.

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: And so, but the like, the the the game playlay, the problem. The can play the way

[host_matt]: the design it is they're so obsessed with. Like is exactly what's happening.

[host_matt]: Yeah, cure, Chris, Chris showed me a pelt of fur. I guess I'm not

[chris]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: sure, just for you, listeners at home. I don't know why he has it in his cave. I

[host_matt]: don't

[cobra]: we don't ask

[host_matt]: know what he does with it. I don't

[chris]: it's my lens cleaner.

[cobra]: Sure it is. Of course it is.

[host_matt]: want to know that that's what. That's what the kids are calling now. Way cool.

[host_matt]: Um,

[chris]: I wear glasses.

[host_matt]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: it's I don't know. ▁jimmy. you tell me

[jean_luc_picard]: you're only one. Yeah, you're on yourself, Chris.

[cobra]: Don't invokejimmie. come on,

[host_matt]: so.

[chris]: ▁jimmy is still outside.

[chris]: ▁jimmy is still outside.

[host_matt]: Back

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: to the game. New world I.

[host_matt]: They are so obsessed with showing the end game content because that is you.

[host_matt]: That's what the whales will see. The people are going to feed them all their

[host_matt]: money that they forget to,

[jean_luc_picard]: just make that game then.

[cobra]: but you have to get there.

[host_matt]: but it's you, can't, you, ha, I. It's an mmo, so in order to trick you into

[host_matt]: playing it, you have to give you that care for the the whales to like, play all

[host_matt]: the way through for normal people when I played it because they designed it in

[host_matt]: such a way that like, But by the end game between, you know, getting to the top

[host_matt]: level of logging or skinning, and then also from what I saw you, you get

[host_matt]: reputation within the region you're in, so having Max reputation the region

[cobra]: Yeah, with all the regions you need Probably

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh,

[host_matt]: with all the regions and you could pick the power up you get so. If you max out

[chris]: This sounds like a pyramids Scve,

[host_matt]: everything,

[host_matt]: if you max

[cobra]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: out everything by twenty twenty four, you will be the president of Mway, but also

[chris]: Oh,

[host_matt]: you will, you will be able to play this game at the at at the highest level. and

[host_matt]: as

[jean_luc_picard]: well,

[chris]: wow,

[host_matt]: all these things

[jean_luc_picard]: will I have fun then

[host_matt]: are are tricked.

[host_matt]: No, that's the thing. It's never about having fun,

[cobra]: No, because then all you get to do then is combat and combat is boring.

[host_matt]: right, Bingo, but you get cool Loot If you went at

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: combat what you want, but if you do it'll be cool, but it'll be irrelevant. six

[host_matt]: months by year. Say

[cobra]: and

[host_matt]: here, because the

[chris]: tomorrow,

[host_matt]: new loop will come out, and then you have a shit compared to the new loop

[cobra]: and and all of that, all of that is predicated on Amazon getting their shit together

[cobra]: and fixing the servers, because the cues to log in are humongous and everybody, like

[cobra]: I was watching when my wife was watching Twitch and people. A lot of people are

[cobra]: trying to play it on the twenty eighth Yeserday. When it came out, nobody could log

[cobra]: in because of the size, so

[cobra]: not.

[host_matt]: for

[jean_luc_picard]: Because the people.

[host_matt]: you, listeners

[jean_luc_picard]: that's because the people do log in, they'll realize how bad the game is.

[host_matt]: for you, future listeners. Since our Frankobra decided to time stamp this show

[host_matt]: with that specific reference, it is either about September twenty ninth, or

[host_matt]: potentially whatever the last day was that the servers broke on New World

[host_matt]: compared to when you're listening to this.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's it's going to happen again.

[cobra]: Yeah, it's it's one or the other. It's just literally cannot be anything else. It's

[cobra]: either one or the other. Yes,

[host_matt]: Y.

[jean_luc_picard]: I think I play this game. If I was paid hourly

[jean_luc_picard]: to play.

[host_matt]: Well, you can move to China and prove farm cold for somebody.

[cobra]: yeah, that's that probably will happen at some point.

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, we'll talk about that.

[cobra]: Yeah, they. they also do. They also repeat a lot of the mistakes that Mmosa came out

[cobra]: fifteen years ago corrected already.

[chris]: Ouch,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[chris]: Ouch.

[host_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: well on

[chris]: this makes me so sad.

[cobra]: debta right, I don't know if they fix anything between them and now.

[host_matt]: right,

[host_matt]: as Chris knows from working with me, you know, I don't like

[host_matt]: the the way people design like the games in order for the short term. You know in

[host_matt]: in sense of like, it's really aggravating and hard at the beginning, So it makes

[host_matt]: the ending seem like you have achieved something. But

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: the bounce office is going to be so hard because you have to skin everything for

[host_matt]: thirty seconds.

[host_matt]: By the time you get around to think you. you want to play this game longer. You

[host_matt]: realize that, No, you don't. because you spend you know forty minutes of the hour

[host_matt]: you can, playing this game standing

[cobra]: well,

[host_matt]: and waiting for things to happen.

[cobra]: we have friends who have been uh guests in the spotcast who could not be more hyped

[cobra]: to stand around for five hours chopping lo, uh, wood, and and skinning cats

[cobra]: or dos.

[chris]: That's a good point. Do do either. Does anyone else know some? aside from the two of

[chris]: you? Do you? Does anyone else know anyone whos

[cobra]: Oh,

[chris]: played the beta or is playing it right now,

[cobra]: I know people that play the beatta. We know we know people that play the beta, but I

[cobra]: know two people that are were super hyped and actually quite upset yesterday. they

[cobra]: couldn't lug in because all they want to do is go chokwood and mine or and skinned

[cobra]: dogs and do all that stuff. They. They love that kind of stuff

[chris]: So they want to be basic.

[cobra]: that that's a game for them. Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: I mean, as long as you're doing in the game

[jean_luc_picard]: their day to day live.

[cobra]: fair, keep them away from the children.

[host_matt]: We don't contone

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, just

[host_matt]: the skinning of dogs or cats, or I guess children

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah. that.

[host_matt]: just super clear.

[cobra]: I wonder if the top.

[jean_luc_picard]: what kind of game is this?

[chris]: ▁z. Did I see you on

[cobra]: I wonder.

[chris]: bather' street, skinning a stray dog?

[cobra]: I was going to say, I wonder if the top level of skinning is kinning people.

[chris]: Oh Lord,

[host_matt]: What the fuck? doe?

[jean_luc_picard]: Well? that sounds like a

[chris]: I mean

[jean_luc_picard]: better game.

[host_matt]: Let's get ▁jimmy back. You know, ▁jimmy is the new fourth chair.

[chris]: away

[jean_luc_picard]: ▁jimmy.

[chris]: you.

[jean_luc_picard]: ▁jimme, let me ask question. What do you think

[chris]: Yeah.

[jean_luc_picard]: of this new world?

[jean_luc_picard]: E's a good. you know. ▁jimmy makes some good points.

[jean_luc_picard]: E's a good. you know. ▁jimmy makes some good points.

[chris]: well, it sounds likeed I get off of the corner, Jey, ▁queeny, he asked me Is

[chris]: pale. He' a quick release.

[cobra]: It does.

[jean_luc_picard]: The the. the gaming structure of this game is a little redundant.

[chris]: Did anybody have a f, judg,

[jean_luc_picard]: As as you said. That's what you know. what. That's another good point.

[jean_luc_picard]: ▁jimmy,

[host_matt]: ▁jimmy, you're asking some hard questions

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: and I like where her heads at, but I think, Um, we should segu

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: into our last game. Uh, and our last game. Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Thank thank god that game sound terrible.

[cobra]: that'll be. I'll be outside.

[host_matt]: great. so this is actually Christmas game. So it's really convenient that Chris

[host_matt]: is able to to get back in Um,

[host_matt]: because you've chosen Riders Republic, which I believe as an Ubie Soft game. Um,

[host_matt]: and the latest trailer came out around Gamescom which I think was in August.

[chris]: Yeahuust, Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, um, and and I'll throw you a second, But actuallyly, Roders Republic is

[host_matt]: what the people at Ubie Soft are hoping is a extreme sport. fans, wet dream, Um,

[host_matt]: You can get into the game. It has an open world where you can you can do. Um, I

[host_matt]: don't know how to describe it. fly, jet paack. I don't know if there's a name for

[host_matt]: that yet. Um, you can do like Mogos downhill skiing.

[host_matt]: Um B a ▁x. saying all sorts of those things in one one world. So like why? Why

[host_matt]: did you watch pick this one? What's up?

[chris]: sorry I to meet myself.

[host_matt]: I

[chris]: Stop coughing weird.

[host_matt]: know you're just so excited to talk about what everybody Whippy loves the most.

[chris]: It's bubbling up like it's It's a fever pitch. just in my. anyways. Um, for me when I

[chris]: look at there's there will always be. I always have a sweet spot for

[chris]: extreme sports games, especially like, especially if they lean forward if they lean

[chris]: with. like snowboarding. Shut out to all my n. sixty four, ten eighty snowboarding,

[chris]: Uh, gamers. Um,

[chris]: And there are there. there have been. I think there was at least one other game that

[chris]: tried to

[chris]: be a hybrid for extreme sports, and it was steep, if I'm not mistaken,

[jean_luc_picard]: Y.

[chris]: on onation. Yeah, I don't know if it. if it.

[jean_luc_picard]: What about Sx, sex trick Ga trick?

[chris]: S. S. ▁x was a really great series too. I. I. I played that as well. Um, I love

[chris]: winter sports That that reallyj like. Aside from whichch sports like I love those,

[chris]: but then being able to try out others all in the one, all in one game

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm.

[chris]: and this sense of, I think the timing for this is really cool, because I mean, sure,

[chris]: pandemic a lot of uh, more. Um, I wouldn't say M. m. o, but just like um,

[chris]: shared gaming spaces and being able to to do things that would play certain sports

[chris]: that a lot of us would like to do with other people. it just feels like a safe place,

[chris]: but in an extreme sports. Um, you know

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: it's got that energy so I'm excited for that. I really am it. and you know you'll

[chris]: You'll never catch me. Do it. Um, speeding down a. a mountain on on like the on.

[chris]: Those like, have any. If you see those speed runs that some of those like really

[chris]: really talented mountain bikers

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, yeah.

[chris]: do on like the edge of a cliff. you'll never catch me doing that. but like

[jean_luc_picard]: well, that's that's what I was going to say. You like of the pandemic, You

[jean_luc_picard]: can do things you normally would do. I'm not using

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: a wing suit and flying down a mountain.

[chris]: with a jatpack.

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm not not doing that because of the pandemic

[chris]: Yeah, you know you know well, the when things return to normally, you can catch me on

[chris]: the slopes of

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[chris]: Mount Soony, Kton, You know.

[jean_luc_picard]: that's my favoriteing place.

[chris]: No, I feel like it's

[jean_luc_picard]: Have you been whistler? Look

[chris]: I know.

[jean_luc_picard]: the slopes there, areastic,

[chris]: Oh, I'll see you there.

[host_matt]: Y, Lucy. Did you notice that those guys are really close to ▁jimmy?

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I'm just standing out of this conversation because

[cobra]: First of all, they were too excited about this

[jean_luc_picard]: Hey,

[cobra]: and second of all,

[jean_luc_picard]: listen, your your game was Fuck in garbage simulator to point o.

[cobra]: Oh, this is so much more garbage. I fell asleep in that trailer.

[chris]: Really,

[cobra]: Oh, yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Listen,

[cobra]: I

[chris]: you did interesting.

[jean_luc_picard]: no, no, no,

[cobra]: not like. I was so not interested in none.

[cobra]: What is this?

[chris]: Okay,

[cobra]: what is?

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, what if

[host_matt]: Who's who's going to say?

[jean_luc_picard]: I. What if I told you? What if I told you that if you race fast enough, you

[jean_luc_picard]: get a ten percent chance of cutting out a tree in one swing?

[cobra]: I would say. I don't

[jean_luc_picard]: Would that hype you? Oh, I thought that's what we were into.

[cobra]: give a shit. No, the other one didn't hide me either. Were you listening when I was

[cobra]: talking about it? No, I.

[chris]: I think you need to find some joy again.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, Yeah, it sounds like you hate everything.

[cobra]: well, it's not. It's not going to be on on the on. What's the name of this garbage

[cobra]: riders republic? Yeah, no, that's not going to be.

[jean_luc_picard]: Have you tried?

[chris]: What do you mean? The one? What you? You don't think itll. It'll eventually make its

[chris]: way to P. C.

[cobra]: Well. I would't play it even if you.

[cobra]: I just

[cobra]: could not

[chris]: Okay, okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Okay and now

[cobra]: be less interested in in the game.

[jean_luc_picard]: are enough this negative? this negative, Nancy over here, I think I agree

[jean_luc_picard]: with you, Chris. I think when I was watching this trailer, I was first like

[jean_luc_picard]: Luciana, where I was like. It seems like a generic racing game. but then I

[jean_luc_picard]: saw the bass racing, and like the different formats and I was like this

[jean_luc_picard]: kind of reminds me of. like a more realistic extreme version of that game.

[jean_luc_picard]: Fall. guys. You know,

[chris]: Ohm,

[jean_luc_picard]: you know game guys,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: and that game is And it's just like I like the idea of like racing with a a

[jean_luc_picard]: lot of people online in these extreme sports and like,

[chris]: then trying to push them every now and then

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, it's just

[chris]: and just be like and just like push or like, kick off the side like. I guess you

[chris]: can't really do that too much with your foot on a snowboard. But like I don know, it

[chris]: just feels like a safe place to not

[cobra]: it feel

[chris]: hurt people. but like compete to get the first spot

[cobra]: it feels like a safe place to pretend them snowboarding while punching the person

[cobra]: beside me.

[host_matt]: Hey,

[host_matt]: Gus. I'm going to go ahead and break in here now before

[chris]: Y.

[host_matt]: we got a whole bunch of fail. like we ever do.

[jean_luc_picard]: hate male.

[chris]: that'd be

[cobra]: Yeah,

[chris]: nice.

[host_matt]: Christino. When this game came up

[jean_luc_picard]: What is it out?

[chris]: It's not out yet. it's coming out in

[cobra]: yeah,

[chris]: October.

[host_matt]: of twenty twenty one right, So's

[cobra]: Yes, that's the ear

[chris]: Yeah, like

[cobra]: that we're in.

[chris]: yeah,

[host_matt]: okay, I just want to make sure we check before we got into trouble. and someone

[host_matt]: like this game is already you idiot,

[jean_luc_picard]: It's terrible.

[host_matt]: hat it?

[cobra]: Oh, like

[chris]: that would be awesome. Actually,

[cobra]: New World, New World, Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: Listen, Luciano, do

[host_matt]: Yeah?

[jean_luc_picard]: you like to game Mario Cart? Are you a heartless monster'? one of the two?

[cobra]: it's okay. it's okay.

[host_matt]: Oh, wow, fuck hates it.

[jean_luc_picard]: So you're so you're a heartless monsters? Okay, I'm just trying to make

[jean_luc_picard]: sure, So

[jean_luc_picard]: this looks like an adult Mario, Curt to me like. I just like the idea of

[jean_luc_picard]: doing some fucking extreme racing. And you know I don't like racing games,

[jean_luc_picard]: but it's a different thing when you're racing against real people. It just

[jean_luc_picard]: like gets your adrenaline pumpin

[jean_luc_picard]: and

[chris]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: uh, I, I don't know. I was like. At first, I was like. I said. I wasn't

[jean_luc_picard]: really into it, but then I was like. You know what I like fun, Unli

[jean_luc_picard]: Luciano.

[jean_luc_picard]: I like people.

[cobra]: I think we established you didn't like fun in the beginning.

[cobra]: I think we established you didn't like fun in the beginning.

[jean_luc_picard]: you know what? I?

[chris]: that was ▁jimmy's friend Trent.

[cobra]: Oh, Je, luke.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, that. no, that was. Uh that that craato's voice actor guy. He's

[chris]: Oh,

[jean_luc_picard]: a real dick.

[jean_luc_picard]: a real dick.

[jean_luc_picard]: He hates everything. you guys will get along with youan know,

[jean_luc_picard]: but yeah, no, I. I'm I would say. uh, yeah, I, I'm actually, If this is

[jean_luc_picard]: this is this game. it seems like it would be good if it was like a free

[jean_luc_picard]: game.

[chris]: hm.

[cobra]: No,

[cobra]: yous not going to do that.

[chris]: I get what you mean.

[jean_luc_picard]: Like if it was like the Fall Guys model, I feel like it would be huge

[jean_luc_picard]: success and they'd make more money

[cobra]: No fa guyes isn't free.

[jean_luc_picard]: than trying to just make money off the gate. Yes, it is

[cobra]: No, it isn't

[chris]: I also want to say. it

[jean_luc_picard]: guys.

[chris]: feels like it's been a

[jean_luc_picard]: Am I wrong? I want to clarify because Luciana's uh, challenging me with

[jean_luc_picard]: misinformation.

[host_matt]: you.

[host_matt]: You are wrong or you are wrong.

[host_matt]: You wrong will capture the one. I like the best

[cobra]: who are you saying you? too?

[host_matt]: Later When when I edit this will do it later

[jean_luc_picard]: Do it do our time? Yeah, who are you saying it to

[chris]: Take it from the tap from the top.

[host_matt]: you are wrong. Oh, unfortunately it's expensr. It was free

[cobra]: Fk. you. Unfortunately

[host_matt]: for a month as a as a Plays station.

[jean_luc_picard]: wait? It's hold on. It's free.

[cobra]: it's not free.

[host_matt]: No, its free for Playstation for like a month as a

[cobra]: Yeah

[host_matt]: a playsation Ga in the month, but you still have to pay for it. Like if you

[host_matt]: bought itwhere.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mm, No, I, I bought it. I didn't bly during the month. I got it for free.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mm, No, I, I bought it. I didn't bly during the month. I got it for free.

[cobra]: are, if you play it after

[jean_luc_picard]: At some.

[host_matt]: Well, it's listen you. I know you had to pay for it.

[jean_luc_picard]: I' die on this hill.

[jean_luc_picard]: The game is free

[cobra]: looking at it right now, twenty two dollars seventy nine cents

[jean_luc_picard]: on Playstation.

[cobra]: Now, Steam. Who gives the shit of a Playstation?

[jean_luc_picard]: When I talking about a Playstation. It' free. Okay. that's all matters,

[chris]: I, I'm just going to come in and like bring this this animos to to to a screeching

[cobra]: It's It's fourteen, ninety nine on Playstation.

[chris]: halt. I'm excited for this game.

[jean_luc_picard]: Chris. I swear to Godh,

[host_matt]: It's it's free if you have Playstation Plus.

[jean_luc_picard]: there it is. obviously

[chris]: Dig it.

[jean_luc_picard]: everyone has plays Pl.

[cobra]: Actually, it says

[chris]: dig it. I do. Actually,

[cobra]: twenty five percent off with

[cobra]: where I'm looking,

[jean_luc_picard]: What is this? A Playstation commercial?

[jean_luc_picard]: What is this? A Playstation commercial?

[chris]: that makes me I'm so happy, Spencer. we should log up. We should log on and play

[chris]: some. some, some degree of this after the

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, if Lucy out is not there, I'll play

[chris]: the recording cause like I'm so

[chris]: excited. Oh my God,

[cobra]: Oh, I will not be there.

[jean_luc_picard]: Per. I'll be there.

[chris]: my

[host_matt]: So anyway, Segway,

[chris]: hm.

[host_matt]: we are not talking about Fo. Guys

[cobra]: Okay,

[cobra]: Unsgu, I guess.

[host_matt]: Don't know if you

[host_matt]: noways my pock asked. We say way for we never go back

[jean_luc_picard]: Well land down the guntlet there

[host_matt]: andway forward forward to where we were originally, but not back. It was still

[host_matt]: going forward forward to Chris. You. You said you were excited about writers Re

[host_matt]: public.

[chris]: I am. Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: that' backwards.

[chris]: I was talking that that's what I meant.

[host_matt]: No, we went forwardws, and a shut up.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's

[chris]: we forward towards set up.

[jean_luc_picard]: we went Poward to the backwards direction.

[chris]: Yeah, yeah, no, like, um, when I saw this this trailer, Um, it just brought back all

[chris]: the the vibes of like Ssex and and ten eighty, and you know like

[chris]: it's you know. it just makes me happy. I just really want to play these kind of games

[chris]: that like, Just like how Spencer said it for me. it's like if if you're I know. they

[chris]: there different. You know

[chris]: different people who subscribe to different types of games that are like racing Grand

[chris]: Toresmo, for all those reasons, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Need for

[chris]: speed. I like those series. but like this for me, this feels like a lane that I

[chris]: really want to get back into and uh, I'm here for it, so I'm curious to see how it

[chris]: does, and either way, like a lot of you when when we find a game that we, we really

[chris]: enjoy, we support

[cobra]: oh, yeah,

[chris]: it. So,

[chris]: yeah,

[cobra]: I.

[host_matt]: I think it's

[cobra]: I mean, I, I did the same way with cyber punk even though I knew it was going to be a

[cobra]: shit show and it was.

[chris]: Mhm.

[jean_luc_picard]: Did you play it,

[cobra]: it was still a lot of fun. but yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Did you?

[cobra]: I finished it cyber punk.

[jean_luc_picard]: I want to play it, but I'm waiting. Im waiting for them to make their P. S.

[jean_luc_picard]: by version.

[cobra]: Yes. yeah, don't play it on the piece war. Yeah

[jean_luc_picard]: No, I have a Pce five and they have like updated for P by a bit, but I want

[jean_luc_picard]: to wait till they have like official P. S Five version

[cobra]: that' yeah. it's probably wise. Oh, they'll they' say they release it.

[jean_luc_picard]: and then hopefully

[jean_luc_picard]: they'll fix thatcause. I think they're going to release like one. like

[chris]: how will you know if it it?

[cobra]: Y.

[jean_luc_picard]: specifically made for P. S. fivell. Play it.

[chris]: okay? Hm, how do you? so Luciano now that you're like youve, now that youve finished

[chris]: cyber huunk, And after everything that happened, What? where does it sit for you? Um?

[chris]: like personally, Like does it feel?

[chris]: Does it feel like you know? time well spent. I don't know Likecause. I haven't played

[cobra]: yeah. yeah, it was time most it was the was time was spent. It was a good three

[chris]: it. You brought it up. I'm curious now,

[cobra]: hundred hours that I spent clean. Give me, yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: really.

[chris]: Hm,

[cobra]: yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: I heard it wasn't that big.

[host_matt]: are you. Are you planning on playing three hundred hours and the game were

[host_matt]: actually talking about Writers Republic?

[cobra]: I am not, but maybe Chris

[chris]: if it takes me three hundred hours, Yes,

[cobra]: is. Yeah, there you go. Well it's it's probably.

[chris]: like

[cobra]: there's a probably a whole lot of repliability. I, I would assume

[chris]: there'd better be like in in there' better be like you go down. You go down. Want the

[chris]: snowy mountain and it's like you, you snowboarder down the Sney mountain. Now you got

[chris]: to unclip and you get to play this one path with a mountain bike. Good luck.

[cobra]: well, knowing.

[host_matt]: Yeah, but, but if you do enough races, you get ten

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: percent off a paity back up the mountain faster.

[cobra]: on the

[chris]: D,

[cobra]: on the little like on the cart that takes you back up the mountain.

[chris]: not even a car. It's a conveyor belt for humans.

[cobra]: Oh nice. did it get skinned at the end?

[cobra]: Oh wrong

[chris]: Yeah,

[cobra]: game wrong.

[host_matt]: What? Uh?

[chris]: with the expansion pack, you too

[cobra]: Well, knowing you be soft, you're going to get going

[chris]: can avoid

[cobra]: to have so many achievements to do

[chris]: being

[cobra]: going.

[chris]: cannibalized on riders mounted spon by mountain De.

[cobra]: Yeah, beating the fast speed down the mountain backwards upside down. Yeah,

[chris]: that's right, and watch out the snowdies. They bu

[cobra]: no bunnies, but Jesus christ.

[chris]: our

[jean_luc_picard]: right.

[host_matt]: I hate that. I hate this game.

[chris]: writers Republic. Anything happen?

[host_matt]: I liked it. I liked it until this version happened and I hate it.

[cobra]: I, I, just, I just made me hate any more

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm F

[host_matt]: I. I. I was I was interested

[host_matt]: in in the.

[chris]: Do you like extreme sports? Do you

[host_matt]: No,

[chris]: wantnna ride down a mountain at seventy miles an hour past a player who, spending

[host_matt]: I don't.

[chris]: all of their free time playing New world, chopping trees and ski

[jean_luc_picard]: humans.

[chris]: chagaroos?

[host_matt]: I don't. I don't want this game.

[cobra]: who led ▁jimmy's brother in

[host_matt]: Um,

[cobra]: his

[host_matt]: so

[cobra]: name. Strent.

[host_matt]: I don't. I don't want to play the game with treentth in it. I, I like the other

[host_matt]: game where it was like Chill, You could go in. Just play a game. You know, it

[host_matt]: might be a race, but maybe it's not a race who you're just trying to get to high

[host_matt]: school. Or you know, just yeah, it's like nice old, like Oh, looks gorgeous,

[host_matt]: outdoor

[chris]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: scenery, kind of feel like you're just outdoors and spending some time outside

[host_matt]: even though the government says you're not allowed to for reasons that might be

[host_matt]: uh related to a deadly pandemic.

[host_matt]: And and maybe it's maybe it's a year and a half too late. I don't know. but it

[cobra]: Hey,

[chris]: it's possible.

[cobra]: we're not out of it yet.

[host_matt]: doesn intrigue me.

[chris]: There's another reason why I, I'm intrigued by this game. It's It's got the energy of

[chris]: the ▁x games From like the different, the different seasons, That would, Uh, that

[chris]: would take place, winter and and extreme Exx, biking and all of that. I miss those

[chris]: like. I don't even know if that if that still exists, but I really like that that

[chris]: sport and I love the coverage of it and I guess I'm just being nostalgic. That's what

[chris]: it's really doing for me.

[host_matt]: I want the

[host_matt]: snowmobile flipping contest. One.

[chris]: Oh my god,

[host_matt]: add a dealse,

[jean_luc_picard]: I'll be sick.

[chris]: with real physics. So you try to, you, try to go off the big air and it's like, Oh

[chris]: yaring, Sporn, Haarvin is trying to pull the Superman with his snowmobile and his.

[chris]: He's still okay he, Oh, the moment, Oh no, he doesn't.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh no.

[chris]: Oh no,

[host_matt]: As's a bold move cotton.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh

[host_matt]: Let's see how it place out for them,

[chris]: oh no, paramedics are on the scene. They're running. They're sprinting. They've run

[chris]: past him towards Luciano on the other side, playing New World on his laptop. I

[chris]: believe Lucy Ato has entered the seizure. Paramedics are trying to revive him and

[chris]: we're

[jean_luc_picard]: wow.

[chris]: cutting to commercial.

[cobra]: What does happened?

[jean_luc_picard]: yeah, Mhm. okay, I think he's a little too. Now. I don't like this game.

[chris]: You

[chris]: game

[cobra]: Oh, Jesus,

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh God,

[cobra]: you know. we see. we see chrispping. What supposed to be water? when we're recording

[cobra]: this, I don't know about that. looks like something. that's I don't believe it is

[cobra]: water anymore.

[jean_luc_picard]: based on what he's talking about, I believe that's ▁l. s. D lace, vodka,

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I believe

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[chris]: works for me.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[cobra]: it clearly does.

[jean_luc_picard]: I do want to play Yervin Vn Glubin or whatever that Gu was,

[chris]: Listen

[jean_luc_picard]: but I'm a big year. I'm a big Eurvean fan.

[chris]: it when it comes to writeers, Repub, public, extreme Big Air Snowmobile Airing all

[chris]: bets are off.

[host_matt]: Spencer. What? what version of the video game that Trent

[host_matt]: Ors, or whoever wasing

[host_matt]: are you actually interested in?

[jean_luc_picard]: Um, The ones that he described none of those, But I do want to play the

[jean_luc_picard]: game. I saw a trailer for

[jean_luc_picard]: which it seems like a good, uh, racing, basic racing game. Um,

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: I like. Uh, Yeah, I, I would like if they added some sort. of. You know one

[jean_luc_picard]: thing I like about Mario Cart is that you can like you pick up weapons and

[jean_luc_picard]: stuff. That'd be fun. I would like

[host_matt]: That's called Mario Carborough, Go play it.

[jean_luc_picard]: if they had like. But imagine this extreme version of that where you could

[jean_luc_picard]: actually pick up weapons and like like guns and stuff. And while you're a,

[jean_luc_picard]: you can

[cobra]: I think. now

[cobra]: you're

[host_matt]: I.

[jean_luc_picard]: shoot each other.

[cobra]: talking about a different game.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's

[host_matt]: Yeah.

[chris]: I hear you.

[jean_luc_picard]: my game. To my game. I can dream

[cobra]: I hate that one too.

[host_matt]: what's your name?

[jean_luc_picard]: my name, Youur and Fon Gu.

[chris]: You haven't even seen the trailer for it,

[chris]: Lucianom,

[host_matt]: K?

[jean_luc_picard]: see this man.

[cobra]: I'd be curious to see how toxic the the community is going to be in that game

[jean_luc_picard]: No, they don't do that.

[jean_luc_picard]: They don't do that in

[host_matt]: Well,

[jean_luc_picard]: winter sports.

[cobra]: with the with the competitiveness of it.

[host_matt]: that's a Yeah.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's a Summer Olympics thing.

[host_matt]: No, Butps is right. You don't trash shock in the winter. It's too cold.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[jean_luc_picard]: they're

[cobra]: Okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: just happy to survive

[chris]: You got to make sure

[cobra]: so when you play when you play curling, it's all like just friendly. Nobody trash

[cobra]: talks.

[host_matt]: Yeah, Have you not watch curling?

[cobra]: Sure

[jean_luc_picard]: Good shot

[jean_luc_picard]: Island, thank you,

[host_matt]: I mean, Listen,

[host_matt]: most of the hurtful things you will say like Come across the face. Is you talking

[host_matt]: to your own team? So

[jean_luc_picard]: H.

[host_matt]: that's the worst kind of trash talking?

[cobra]: that is that is true. You can't get much worse than come across the face. You're

[cobra]: right.

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm.

[cobra]: What can you say after that?

[chris]: Writers Republic coming to all theils and medical

[chris]: resuscitation units. October,

[jean_luc_picard]: Actually, that's a good question. is it on? Uh?

[cobra]: I could play on the ho playate on the the pets.

[jean_luc_picard]: is it coming to everything?

[chris]: I don't know.

[cobra]: Im looking

[host_matt]: Come on, Trent,

[jean_luc_picard]: Can I can? I can. I play it on my tamgchy.

[host_matt]: you can play

[chris]: Yes, you can

[host_matt]: on Microsoft Windows. The P. S. four.

[cobra]: everything,

[host_matt]: The P. S. five Stadi, ▁xbx one here, ▁xbox series, ▁x, and ▁x box series s

[cobra]: an Amazon

[jean_luc_picard]: Is this a full price game?

[cobra]: Luna and

[host_matt]: on October Twentyenth,

[cobra]: Amazon Luna.

[jean_luc_picard]: Is this

[jean_luc_picard]: nobody? nobody has that

[cobra]: I have no idea what that is, but it says that you cant play it on it,

[jean_luc_picard]: that was their console that they released That failed miserably because

[chris]: wow

[host_matt]: That's the thing.

[host_matt]: Oh

[chris]: the luna.

[jean_luc_picard]: I I believe so.

[cobra]: Lua Luna,

[host_matt]: it. it's a gaming service. It's it's their gaming service that's supposed to be

[host_matt]: like Stady, Except the differences instead of Sta. just throwing up games. If you

[host_matt]: already you can play it.

[cobra]: I gota

[jean_luc_picard]: what's the? What's the price on this game?

[host_matt]: Um, I think you have to pay for it.

[host_matt]: Let's

[jean_luc_picard]: What's the price of the game?

[cobra]: That is a good question.

[host_matt]: see. I'm checking on Luna, so I don't know. I saw on Ubeoft. They have a

[host_matt]: mulscription for

[jean_luc_picard]: Hold on. Let's take it.

[chris]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Let's take an over under. Uh, let's guess the price of this game. I want an

[jean_luc_picard]: over under Chris.

[host_matt]: seventy nine, ninety nine.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's your guess. Mat,

[host_matt]: Yes, my guess

[jean_luc_picard]: uh, Chris,

[host_matt]: that's

[chris]: going to go eighty six,

[host_matt]: Canadian. That's Canadian by the way.

[chris]: ninety nine Canadian, I'm to say, I'm shocked to at the game prices these days, too.

[chris]: ninety nine Canadian, I'm to say, I'm shocked to at the game prices these days, too.

[jean_luc_picard]: eighty six dollars,

[jean_luc_picard]: La. luciano.

[cobra]: I already know. so you guess I'll tell you who is right or wrong.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, okay, I'm going with. I don't think there's W. They're going to charge

[jean_luc_picard]: a full price for this this game. I'm going to go with

[jean_luc_picard]: forty five, ninety nine.

[chris]: I don't think they'll do that, but that's interesting. cool

[jean_luc_picard]: What's the

[cobra]: So

[jean_luc_picard]: rules You? You can be under? It's just closest

[cobra]: okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: agreed play

[cobra]: Sure,

[jean_luc_picard]: years old,

[chris]: h.

[cobra]: so

[cobra]: in the preorcause, that's all you can do. It is seventy nine, ninety nine Canadian

[jean_luc_picard]: seventy nine, ninety nine,

[jean_luc_picard]: Wow

[jean_luc_picard]: thant, Then

[jean_luc_picard]: come on,

[jean_luc_picard]: Mas.

[cobra]: Y

[jean_luc_picard]: Congratulations. You want yourself a free game

[chris]: thatt

[cobra]: of Among us

[jean_luc_picard]: of whatever this game's called,

[cobra]: among us, a free game of among us,

[jean_luc_picard]: Free among us, Disc for the P. S. two.

[cobra]: Disc, Yeah, will mail you

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: eighteen floppies with

[jean_luc_picard]: Well

[cobra]: among us in it.

[jean_luc_picard]: will make

[host_matt]: thank you.

[jean_luc_picard]: you a netfllist. Uh.

[chris]: and a half subscription to Columbia

[chris]: Housem,

[host_matt]: I. I, really, I like to thank the academy. Um, holy shit,

[jean_luc_picard]: oh,

[jean_luc_picard]: they're loving you, Matt. they can't get it enough you.

[host_matt]: um,

[host_matt]: um, so I, I tried to

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh,

[host_matt]: make that happen what we were actually doing the sharing thing and that was

[jean_luc_picard]: they just hated you all of a sudden.

[host_matt]: missed by many many minutesine. I'm just going to. I might actually add that I

[host_matt]: make a note here. Um, I would like to thank the academy

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: Um for this prestigious award of me guessing correctly on Spencer's Dumb Game for

[host_matt]: stupid babies.

[jean_luc_picard]: y.

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: yeah, thank you, thank you to my wife. Thank you to Um myself for being awesomate

[host_matt]: guessing and

[jean_luc_picard]: that's fair.

[host_matt]: mostly just thank you to the fans. Um for

[host_matt]: never letting me down.

[chris]: so genuine'. Wellpon,

[cobra]: You not going? You'? going to thank you, your manager and your P. Agent and all those

[cobra]: people that help you prop you to where you got.

[jean_luc_picard]: You mean like Harvey Weinstein? Oh,

[host_matt]: No, no, no, I stepped on them. They didn't

[cobra]: I

[host_matt]: propt me, so I. I not talk about that. Yeah, thank you. Yeah,

[cobra]: that that sounds like you.

[jean_luc_picard]: so is anyone else

[host_matt]: yp.

[jean_luc_picard]: surprised at this game Is seventy nine, ninety nine. What the fuck? It's

[cobra]: this full price. I. Yeah. I. I thought it was going to be forty nine, ninety nine.

[jean_luc_picard]: not? How is it a full game?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, I, I think I will be

[jean_luc_picard]: right One one week after release.

[chris]: those places still happen.

[cobra]: when it doesn't sell, Actually, you probably will. still.

[cobra]: I think it's because it has an online component that you're not going to pay for.

[cobra]: That's what they charge you full price for it.

[jean_luc_picard]: What a fucky joke. Sorry, that's such a joke. Paying for an online

[jean_luc_picard]: component. I play a fucking online fee for my Playstation Plus.

[chris]: Yeahs,

[host_matt]: yeah, you' also a joke. I have a computer. I'll pay for that ever.

[cobra]: Yep.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, but computers for nerds,

[cobra]: Yeah, have

[jean_luc_picard]: am I right? am I right, Chris?

[cobra]: you looked. Have you looked around

[jean_luc_picard]: only nerds

[cobra]: like

[jean_luc_picard]: use computers.

[cobra]: where?

[jean_luc_picard]: the computer.

[host_matt]: Spencer.

[host_matt]: How? how you recording your pocast again?

[jean_luc_picard]: I use my phone and

[jean_luc_picard]: a yackback. Obviously

[cobra]: Yeah, and

[jean_luc_picard]: like a normal version.

[host_matt]: That makes a lot of sense.

[cobra]: and and I can with a string for microphone? Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, for I'm not going to touch a computer. Not a fucking.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's a good one.

[host_matt]: What's your ▁ultimate fantasy in the world?

[jean_luc_picard]: Me,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: my ▁ultimate Fncy in the world.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, you know I want world peace as long as I'm in charge.

[host_matt]: No, that's not true. We tell us the real one.

[cobra]: that's not true at all. You. you have stated on this podcast what your

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: ▁ultimate fantasy is?

[cobra]: it has to do with a certain British, except French gentlemen

[jean_luc_picard]: You talking about

[host_matt]: and hojck.

[cobra]: that travels to the stars.

[jean_luc_picard]: youre talking about the guid. does the voice for Crados,

[cobra]: Oh Jesus Christ.

[jean_luc_picard]: that British gentleman.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, you're talking

[chris]: sir Isa.

[jean_luc_picard]: about you talking about Jean Lupercard

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: in my

[host_matt]: Yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: perfect world. I, what you mean? we're kissing?

[cobra]: well, I mean you had it. Who am I?

[jean_luc_picard]: Was I through with

[host_matt]: yes,

[jean_luc_picard]: computers? What I to do with computers?

[host_matt]: that's that's your wordors

[cobra]: Why do you think

[jean_luc_picard]: I mean,

[cobra]: the hollowdack is? it's a computer.

[chris]: Oh,

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh my God, don't be a nerve. That's not a computer.

[chris]: your lips are so pillowy, Luke,

[chris]: my name

[cobra]: No,

[chris]: is Spencer. Oh, wow,

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh yeah,

[chris]: didn' tell me I could disable the awkward, the awkward protocols

[jean_luc_picard]: don'.

[chris]: this quickly. Oh my God, I'm just going to reach that.

[cobra]: can we cut his

[cobra]: audio? can we canll. we cut his

[chris]: How old is John Luke? Now?

[host_matt]: enough.

[cobra]: on you.

[jean_luc_picard]: I didn't say

[host_matt]: No, we. f.

[jean_luc_picard]: stop. I didn't say stop.

[chris]: Can I?

[chris]: Did you move the ▁zipper? Where did used to be behind

[host_matt]: Well, that is, listen. I think we

[chris]: your your your federation issued uniform, But Wow, armpit notes.

[host_matt]: had a great Su on this episode today. Um, I think we really addressed some

[host_matt]: important things. Um,

[host_matt]: none of them were how long Chris went on with that fantasy of Spencer Andard, But

[host_matt]: guess what, Gu. That was just a preview to a limited series that we are proud to

[host_matt]: promote out of your wrong. Uh, where Chris

[host_matt]: basically tells you, Uh, all of Spencer's fantasies and voice acts, everybody and

[host_matt]: everything. All the sounds. it's

[jean_luc_picard]: Mhm, Mhm,

[host_matt]: all. It's like the guy from police Academy great reference. I know this really is

[host_matt]: age gettingating us, but uh day reference,

[jean_luc_picard]: timely, Timely

[cobra]: very topic. very topic. Yes,

[host_matt]: Uh, spaceball

[cobra]: Michael Winslow

[host_matt]: is. is that better?

[cobra]: is his name Heathen

[host_matt]: Yeah, No, I. that's not going to help anybody.

[chris]: I' like to order five of milk

[host_matt]: Um.

[jean_luc_picard]: have a question. How do I delete this broadcast as recording it?

[cobra]: from? Like the Internet.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: it's a great question.

[chris]: for four easy pas of seventy nine, ninety five You.

[host_matt]: as you can hear. We haveve put up a limited edition Pakca Star treent, where he

[host_matt]: could describe to you how you can delete the spotcast

[cobra]: It.

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh, that I' subscribe for.

[chris]: that's right,

[cobra]: also, it also costs a heap of money to do that

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: to one time,

[chris]: you,

[host_matt]: one time fee, seventy nine, ninety nine, You interested

[cobra]: Canadian.

[jean_luc_picard]: Wow,

[cobra]: Canadian.

[host_matt]: Canadian,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: for that price, you could play a game that is just racing

[chris]: or you could pay seventy nine ninety nine.

[cobra]: I like how he was hired for the game until the price is like. I'm not going to pay

[cobra]: anyy, but for racing for you.

[jean_luc_picard]: Man. I thought I thought the scheme was free, like Fa guysir one month,

[cobra]: Oh Jesus christ.

[chris]: Don't get it twisted for four easy payments plus c o D. you can delete this podcast

[chris]: Standing by

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh God, somebody, stop him.

[host_matt]: So we're We're going to cut this off. Not because we're done talking, but um,

[host_matt]: more're concerned about Chris's mental

[host_matt]: stability,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: I'm more concerned, right.

[chris]: Able

[host_matt]: and we just we just want to. We're going to contact his wife afterwards. Just

[host_matt]: make sure these are the normal personalities that that come up. and there's no

[jean_luc_picard]: this isn't even a podcast. This isn't a

[host_matt]: extra ones

[jean_luc_picard]: pocket. This is just collecting evidence

[cobra]: It's an intervention. It's an intervention.

[chris]: intervention.

[jean_luc_picard]: to get to get Chris committed. We have. we have hours.

[chris]: I see your intervention and I raise you for easy payments of seventy

[jean_luc_picard]: Oh God,

[chris]: nine, ninety nine for Ridrs Republic.

[jean_luc_picard]: I mean, that is a good deal.

[host_matt]: could say another that deal.

[chris]: I'll throw in some bronze or from Aoy.

[host_matt]: Anybody who is still uh here on this splend of existence,

[jean_luc_picard]: You got be nuts.

[host_matt]: Maybe we'll start with.

[host_matt]: I guess, Luciano of these four

[cobra]: Mhm

[host_matt]: games,

[host_matt]: which one are you most excited for? Let's call positive,

[cobra]: Positive was Is that Um, okay, No, I'm kidding, Tina. T is too that tinies, because

[cobra]: I'm Dlex, dis, Wonderland, probably out of the four. I was quite hyped for a new

[host_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: world when I heard of it, but having played it, No, I'm

[host_matt]: y,

[host_matt]: Chris Whity. If you're with us, Which one?

[cobra]: if youre back.

[chris]: never left.

[cobra]: Um,

[chris]: never left.

[cobra]: I think you did.

[chris]: Yeah, so yeah, so do I only get one choice?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, your your favorite, really.

[chris]: Honestly, it's got of Wargck is my

[host_matt]: Okay,

[chris]: favorite.

[chris]: I like my choice, but favorite Im.

[jean_luc_picard]: Good answer.

[host_matt]: answer, Spencer, do you want? Do you want to change it up?

[jean_luc_picard]: No, I think it's pretty clear. I'm most excited. Forgot to where Rag

[jean_luc_picard]: rocausely, The best of these four games. The ones are boring, overpriced

[jean_luc_picard]: and

[cobra]: he'

[jean_luc_picard]: land, knock off.

[cobra]: really offended of about that too.

[cobra]: It's my money. I'm not paying for racing

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm not playing for racing. racing is free.

[jean_luc_picard]: racing

[jean_luc_picard]: should be free. I know I

[chris]: You could go to the dog track for that

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: can. I can race my car around the city.

[cobra]: myself. Yeah, just walk around,

[chris]: and get arrested and have to pay more in bale money.

[cobra]: you just walk around.

[jean_luc_picard]: I, I could listen if I wanted to raise a speed on the highway.

[cobra]: you pay it eight, seventy nine, ninety nine for a fine.

[jean_luc_picard]: That's free. Yeah.

[cobra]: Pay as a fine.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, so out of out of

[host_matt]: okay, um,

[chris]: It's never that cheap. Those fines

[jean_luc_picard]: Chris would know.

[chris]: do

[host_matt]: there's no police in

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Whippi, Jesus,

[host_matt]: Whippi, Jesus,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, there's no law there.

[cobra]: no, there is, but it's

[host_matt]: there's law sitting with me.

[cobra]: just one guy on a horse, can't catch the cars. You can't catch the cars. There's no

[chris]: I

[chris]: amm

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah,

[cobra]: way

[host_matt]: Um, so I was just going to throw, and here that I, I'm after watching these. I'm

[host_matt]: still most excited for uh, tyin, only because Um,

[host_matt]: God of Thor, Rag Rock

[jean_luc_picard]: Jesus christ.

[host_matt]: is going to be a while.

[host_matt]: I think it's going to be

[cobra]: next year, right

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: like the end of next year, and I believe Sentist is coming out March,

[jean_luc_picard]: Well, that gives you.

[host_matt]: So so I'm just I. I get my hands on that sooner.

[jean_luc_picard]: That gives you plenty of time to play the first one which you should.

[host_matt]: Well,

[jean_luc_picard]: No excuses.

[host_matt]: if you bring the disk to my house, I will play it.

[jean_luc_picard]: don't don't tell me with a good time.

[cobra]: I?

[host_matt]: I got a

[chris]: somebody?

[host_matt]: holl deck in the back

[host_matt]: office.

[jean_luc_picard]: No,

[cobra]: Oh, jesus,

[chris]: there you go.

[host_matt]: Whatever happens happens.

[cobra]: jeez, ge.

[chris]: Just pop that popcorn and make sure there's plenty of lack taany butter

[jean_luc_picard]: it's not ga.

[cobra]: What happens? whatever happens on the hollowa, stays on Youtube.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, it stays on. it's not gave. it's a hologram.

[cobra]: No, no hollow.

[host_matt]: you,

[cobra]: No homo. Is that what you're saying?

[host_matt]: you know here hearing that back. that's I. Well, we should not say

[host_matt]: those things that isi.

[cobra]: No hollow? No homo.

[jean_luc_picard]: Maybe that's too far Louisiano again.

[host_matt]: Yeah, I'm just going to.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[chris]: pixllation. Hm,

[cobra]: I. yeah, I went there. Uh,

[host_matt]: I', probably just going to actually cut all that out. Um.

[jean_luc_picard]: Yeah, exactly.

[cobra]: I'd be super hed for

[cobra]: Thorragnock, If it was coming out for Uh,

[chris]: he,

[cobra]: for for Pc.

[jean_luc_picard]: I mean. I'm also H for that movie For

[jean_luc_picard]: surem.

[cobra]: Now I would play. Got a war, Reg, Rocky Fis, coming out for Pc. Definitely play. but

[cobra]: I'm not going to buy a a console just for that, so

[host_matt]: Well, on that note, Um, Spencer has to leave his house for some unknown reason

[host_matt]: and I'm going to be playing God of War in about half an hour or so. Uh, but other

[host_matt]: than that, um,

[host_matt]: that's all we have for this episode. Uh, if well, if you have comments, which you

[host_matt]: probably do, I suggest you email us at your wrongcast at G, mail dot com. You can

[host_matt]: hit those twitters like can subscribe their uh, your wrong cast at your

[host_matt]: wrongcast. Um, We also have a website which uh still exists. It's still a thing

[host_matt]: we do. Um, and that is w, w w dot

[host_matt]: your wrong cast dot c a uh. Also, I'm going to start hitting you guys up here.

[host_matt]: Um, please check out that website because several of us, I think all of us, maybe

[host_matt]: not Spencer or W, want to work on him, are participating in extra Life this year.

[host_matt]: I

[chris]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: believe it's the first weekend in

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: November.

[jean_luc_picard]: What is that?

[host_matt]: Um, If you would like to extra life, you play video games. Oh, sorry, it's a ner

[host_matt]: thing. you

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: would understand. Um,

[jean_luc_picard]: wait? Is it

[cobra]: noise

[jean_luc_picard]: on a computer?

[cobra]: noise. You don't have to be Chs Gsp Paed on the

[jean_luc_picard]: Is

[host_matt]: it could be on a computer. You don't have to.

[jean_luc_picard]: it on a computere? Oh my God, No,

[cobra]: Chris, Play it on a mobile last year, right, yeah,

[host_matt]: Yep,

[chris]: I did. Yeah, I did.

[chris]: I did. Yeah, I did.

[jean_luc_picard]: like I like video games.

[cobra]: no, this is too

[chris]: Oh,

[cobra]: nerdy

[jean_luc_picard]: Wait.

[host_matt]: we'll we'll discuss. we'll discuss.

[cobra]: for you. ticke. its soery for you. It's okay,

[cobra]: for you. ticke. its soery for you. It's okay,

[jean_luc_picard]: what do you have to? Can you choose the game

[host_matt]: Yes,

[chris]: you can play whatever you want.

[jean_luc_picard]: in

[host_matt]: anyway, so all that information, whether Spencer actually figures out a computer

[host_matt]: or not will be available on the website. So if you like to donate to any of us

[host_matt]: for extra life, you can find links for each of us on.

[host_matt]: We'd love to have that your support. Um, some of us Ss. All us actually stay

[host_matt]: twenty four hours. And so don't it's Luciano. He does not

[cobra]: I don't.

[host_matt]: definitely not. um. so donate to who you think deserves it. It's me. Um,

[cobra]: it's we. The donation is enough for us. math. it's for the children,

[host_matt]: No, we out,

[chris]: Yeah, like

[chris]: Tonald,

[host_matt]: but through me

[cobra]: but through me,

[chris]: a kids' hospital. For example,

[host_matt]: through me.

[chris]: He wants the cloud

[cobra]: listen, listen, donate. I

[cobra]: don't care. I don't care for whom. you just don't it.

[host_matt]: No, no, we're done here.

[host_matt]: I'm just I'm just going

[chris]: true,

[host_matt]: to cut that out. Don't worry about it. Um,

[host_matt]: so for now I am Matt.

[cobra]: I am not here.

[chris]: I am

[chris]: Chris.

[cobra]: Oh good's good.

[jean_luc_picard]: And

[host_matt]: I'm glad

[jean_luc_picard]: I'm done with this episode,

[jean_luc_picard]: So so done?

[chris]: Can I just say John, Luke, you are looking mighty

[chris]: Mighty, Harry Potter meets Hagard today,

[jean_luc_picard]: No, not too far,

[cobra]: Oh, that's true.

[host_matt]: what's your next time.

[chris]: I just want to give you a hug.

[jean_luc_picard]: no.

[chris]: Make sure that you.

39. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: Upcoming Games
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