40. The Monthly Roundup: September 2021

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Matt already had an alibi set up for when he murders everyone else on this show.

[host_matt]: Hello, welcome back to your wrong This week. we are doing our September twenty

[host_matt]: twenty one round up. Uh with me. As always, I have the Luciano.

[cobra]: No, you don't

[host_matt]: Fair enough. I have what is on my screen showing up as my butt. so I'm glad I

[host_matt]: have that.

[your_butt]: It, she butjb say. What up

[host_matt]: Don't know why I gave him a microphone. But uh, maybe Spencer can tell us one

[host_matt]: day, Uh, and then finally, because we're doing a new segment. Um, nothing like

[host_matt]: bringing back jokes from fifteen years ago. Uh, brick Tambn has joined us.

[brick_tamblin]: Yes, loud noises.

[host_matt]: Do you do you love anything? Brick?

[brick_tamblin]: I love Lamp

[your_butt]: classic

[host_matt]: Sure, do

[your_butt]: on the cutting

[host_matt]: God Ek.

[your_butt]: edge of references.

[host_matt]: and that's uh. that that escalated quickly. I must say

[your_butt]: Oh, that's alsoference

[host_matt]: on that on nice, right on that notes. I'm going to segway into our first news

[host_matt]: topic. Why why waste any time? Are you guys familiar with condoms?

[cobra]: wow. What

[brick_tamblin]: of good

[cobra]: a question? What a question? Right off the bat,

[brick_tamblin]: prophyctics.

[host_matt]: It's all.

[your_butt]: I, I'm not explain it to me, please.

[host_matt]: thank you. Um. it's I'm just, I'm just here to educate you guys. Um, so razor,

[host_matt]: uh, the

[host_matt]: very popular peripheral maker for video game accessories, I said the same way

[brick_tamblin]: Mhmm,

[host_matt]: twice, but we're going with it. Um, has made what they are dubbing gamer thumb

[host_matt]: condoms. Um,

[cobra]: No, they're not. we are Weir that day when call finger sles a nobody calling a

[host_matt]: yeah, whatever,

[cobra]: deathuck. you. Those are condoms.

[host_matt]: first

[host_matt]: first of all, like finger sleeves, It like

[host_matt]: like finger gloves would make more sense

[cobra]: But that's what. just

[host_matt]: right.

[cobra]: regular gloves are the.

[cobra]: I don't know

[your_butt]: that's true.

[brick_tamblin]: ▁jimmy hats for your digits.

[host_matt]: Mhm, Yeah,

[cobra]: fingertuks. I don't know

[cobra]: something like that.

[host_matt]: okay, Th. those are options.

[cobra]: It looks ridiculous Is what I'm going to say.

[brick_tamblin]: It looks breathable

[host_matt]: I guess the question is

[host_matt]: do the kids these days and spend, I'm looking at you when I say this, Do the kids

[host_matt]: these days

[host_matt]: not have a cow built up enough that they? you know, when you play for video games

[host_matt]: more than an hour, What happens

[your_butt]: Well Firstly, I'm just glad they're making condoms in my size. Finally

[your_butt]: there

[brick_tamblin]: that happened.

[cobra]: Okay,

[brick_tamblin]: Thank you for that

[your_butt]: do kids have calles

[your_butt]: from playing? What is this is just for computer gaming?

[cobra]: No, this is for mobile.

[your_butt]: Oh, this is just for the for phone use.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: for everything? They don't care?

[cobra]: it's just for your, for your thumbs and your in your index fingers,

[brick_tamblin]: better

[your_butt]: You get C.

[brick_tamblin]: be for

[brick_tamblin]: everythingm,

[your_butt]: Do you do you get calls from

[your_butt]: using your phone?

[host_matt]: No, it's not. It's for the controller which Cobra has never used.

[your_butt]: Oh, so it' a thing. Sorry, I'm just really stupid. So it's a condom for your

[your_butt]: fingers to use on a video game controller.

[cobra]: Dude,

[host_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: it's not for the controller. It's for a phone is for holding their phone steady in

[cobra]: place. That's what it says on the news article, and also allegedly it, your finger

[cobra]: slides better on the screen with it

[your_butt]: Well, I'll tell you one thing if you're buying condoms for

[host_matt]: Sure, whatever,

[your_butt]: your, if you' buying condoms for your gaming. it's the only conums you' ever

[your_butt]: going to buy.

[brick_tamblin]: I thought

[your_butt]: I got the I got this day.

[your_butt]: I got the I got this day.

[brick_tamblin]: when I look at the article like, at first I was thinking Ga, controller,

[brick_tamblin]: because

[brick_tamblin]: I have a little like a ▁jimmy hat for the for my P, S. four joy stick right,

[brick_tamblin]: And it G, I have more control like I like that, that extra, the extra control

[brick_tamblin]: that actual tactile feeling. And then when I look at the photo, I thought

[brick_tamblin]: controller. But if this is true, and it's worth the phone, how how much of a

[brick_tamblin]: punk do you have to be to require ▁jimmy hats for your digits? Like if

[brick_tamblin]: they're breathable and and provide more, uh, more more more slip and slide.

[brick_tamblin]: you're going to be dropping your phone anyway. Furthermore, I mean, I'm also,

[brick_tamblin]: I might. I may. very. I think it's safe to say, I'm probably the um, like the

[brick_tamblin]: Re. I'm probably the the most uh, the biggest user of mobile games here on on

[brick_tamblin]: the cast, unless anyone else is the only thing I. I could see these uh finger

[brick_tamblin]: sleeves doing is to prevent um, like burn. because sometimes like with like,

[brick_tamblin]: long duration of games on my on my phone, overheating takes place and on the

[brick_tamblin]: screen. and like if I'm like playing stuff like it tends to get hot And now I

[brick_tamblin]: got to shut it off. So

[your_butt]: Oh yeah, those conoms get hot already.

[brick_tamblin]: you know

[your_butt]: anything they causell cause burns.

[host_matt]: hey,

[brick_tamblin]: you know

[host_matt]: Spencer, why don't you go ahead and sit this one output

[your_butt]: This is what I was born for.

[brick_tamblin]: just

[your_butt]: Hold on.

[brick_tamblin]: when I thought there was hope for this thing, you know,

[your_butt]: I have.

[cobra]: else.

[your_butt]: I have a journal here. I'm only a

[cobra]: I'll say this.

[your_butt]: quarter way through the page.

[cobra]: I'll say this. At least it's not our Gb. At least this version doesn't like. doesn't

[cobra]: have leads yet. Yes,

[your_butt]: Is this at all for? for like germs.

[your_butt]: Is this at all for? for like germs.

[host_matt]: coming. I believe

[host_matt]: No

[your_butt]: it's not like coved reasons,

[host_matt]: hundred per. it is a. It's a premium product. You know.

[host_matt]: This is the you know. for you. Thes

[host_matt]: is the difference between having a regular keyboard in your house and having one

[host_matt]: that lights up into sixty point nine million.

[host_matt]: It will do nothing for you,

[your_butt]: except one kind of look school, and one is cumn for your finger?

[host_matt]: but, but not for you like you, see it being cool using it.

[brick_tamblin]: it does not look cool at all. and like when I look at this, it also makes me

[brick_tamblin]: think of Um, if any of you. if any of you or the listeners are familiar with,

[brick_tamblin]: like, Just

[brick_tamblin]: like, Um, Like drawing with your tablet or like a Wacom tablet. There are

[brick_tamblin]: special gloves you can buy that help reduce the friction. What think of it?

[brick_tamblin]: Not haptic? It prevents. like. if prevs Ev. as you're trying to draw on your

[brick_tamblin]: screen, I understand the function behind that design here. Like each condom

[brick_tamblin]: is separate. It doesn't like like. I feel like this person should be casting

[brick_tamblin]: a spell into perpetual virginity. Versus

[cobra]: well, it's cast. it's cast. Let's let's be honest.

[brick_tamblin]: it's a level for virginity spell.

[your_butt]: Yeah, it's

[your_butt]: so again. Are you take a one time use and you have to get a new one

[host_matt]: No,

[cobra]: No,

[your_butt]: every time?

[brick_tamblin]: That's a

[brick_tamblin]: very good question.

[cobra]: no, they're not. they're not.

[host_matt]: they'. not,

[brick_tamblin]: If it's one time use this thing is going to. This is going to crash and burn.

[brick_tamblin]: Theyd better be washable.

[your_butt]: So the

[your_butt]: reusable

[cobra]: yeah,

[host_matt]: no,

[your_butt]: reusable condoms.

[host_matt]: yes,

[cobra]: yes,

[brick_tamblin]: Oh no.

[host_matt]: that'. I guess that. I guess we have to wait reasonable Cs. in front of it

[host_matt]: because other reasonable, it's notusable so

[cobra]: yeah, I mean it's not Razor. doesn't call it a condom, and I suppose not having

[cobra]: fingerjs inside of it makes it moreusable. But still

[cobra]: I don't know. I'm looking at

[cobra]: it. I'm looking at it in the razor page and it looks even more ridiculous than I

[brick_tamblin]: so what's this going to do? Go go ahead.

[cobra]: thought.

[cobra]: Why would you ever know this is fucking stupid?

[your_butt]: So again,

[brick_tamblin]: What are you going to do if like you? If you? if you're a person that that

[brick_tamblin]: has like

[cobra]: Exactly?

[brick_tamblin]: sweaty palms, are they going to stay on? Is it going to like seep through?

[cobra]: Oh, They'

[host_matt]: yes,

[cobra]: going to stay on and it going to be gross.

[host_matt]: no, if your

[brick_tamblin]: Correct?

[host_matt]: hands are sweaty, it shouldn should wick off of the the condoms.

[brick_tamblin]: Hopefully

[your_butt]: unless it gets under the condom

[your_butt]: inside it,

[host_matt]: Even then what do you care? The condoms like it looks like it's well. I guess

[host_matt]: it's hard to tell from the picture if it'

[host_matt]: not elastic band or not

[cobra]: It's breable. it on the thing. It's breathable.

[cobra]: It's breable. it on the thing. It's breathable.

[brick_tamblin]: to me, you know what's going to happen.

[your_butt]: are they flavored?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: the flavor

[cobra]: is

[your_butt]: are they?

[cobra]: finger sweat. his

[host_matt]: black liquers.

[cobra]: fingersweatper

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[your_butt]: are they okay? are they ribbed?

[host_matt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: I'm getting notes of watermelon and liquorish.

[host_matt]: K. I think we've exhausted this topic. we shall segu

[host_matt]: away from a finger gamer

[host_matt]: thumb condoms. to

[your_butt]: Let's not go back to that.

[host_matt]: have you. No, for our sake, and to stop you, we're not going back. Have you guys

[host_matt]: heard of

[host_matt]: the Super Mario Brothers?

[your_butt]: Oh boy,

[brick_tamblin]: Are they from Brooklyn,

[host_matt]: Well,

[brick_tamblin]: Bx

[host_matt]: they should be, and I believe

[cobra]: name rings a bell. It rings a

[host_matt]: I believe.

[cobra]: bell, But what is it about?

[host_matt]: I. well, I believe Red Mario and Green Mario are getting a new movie? Um.

[host_matt]: Thankfully, for all of our sakes, this one is going to be animated. Um. After the

[host_matt]: nineteen eighties movie that saw Um, Bob Hoskins and Ja like Wazamo,

[brick_tamblin]: r, I p. Bob Hokins,

[host_matt]: show up as Maro le Liigi,

[cobra]: and I P, Dennis Hopper as Bowuser,

[brick_tamblin]: True

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: yeah, so so anyways, let's likele with this movie that the Internets, as it were,

[host_matt]: was in quite the tizzy over the casping,

[cobra]: Gee, I wonder why

[host_matt]: announced, And we have you know well well, I'll tell you such. I'll run through

[host_matt]: it really quick Here, Cerb's on the same page. Um undergo reverse order cause you

[cobra]: Y.

[host_matt]: know just I get that reveal. So a spoiler lo, Charles Martinet is not voicing

[host_matt]: Mario, but he is going to voice an unknown character or

[brick_tamblin]: who?

[host_matt]: characters. Charles Martinette,

[your_butt]: the voice actor

[brick_tamblin]: Oh, okay,

[your_butt]: of Mario,

[host_matt]: yeah,

[host_matt]: um, Fred Armeron is uh going to voice Act the cranky Kong. I've never heard of

[host_matt]: this Kg. No idea.

[cobra]: it's the old one.

[your_butt]: the old one.

[cobra]: I approve of this

[host_matt]: Sure

[cobra]: choice. This, he'

[your_butt]: That's fine.

[cobra]: going to make it funny.

[host_matt]: K, we have. Uh, Camemck is going to be voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

[host_matt]: Uh,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: bike is going to be a voiced by Sebastian Menac, Calco, Hopefully,

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm, I like him.

[host_matt]: I didn't butcher his last name too much.

[cobra]: No, I think it was fine.

[your_butt]: What a hell

[brick_tamblin]: That's pretty

[your_butt]: is what else? Spike?

[brick_tamblin]: good. good

[brick_tamblin]: questionnch.

[host_matt]: he. I think he's like one of Bowser's people.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: I think so. yeah,

[host_matt]: Heman was

[brick_tamblin]: Okay, he's funny though I like him. His stand up

[brick_tamblin]: are are really good.

[your_butt]: Is he a Gumba?

[cobra]: No,

[host_matt]: well, that's

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[host_matt]: about. that's a majority, sir.

[your_butt]: Oh dar. Oh god,

[brick_tamblin]: my,

[cobra]: especially with

[brick_tamblin]: you didn't

[cobra]: the last name of men is Calo. That is

[your_butt]: yeah.

[cobra]: the

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: oops.

[brick_tamblin]: Is he a Ma

[your_butt]: Oh,

[brick_tamblin]: man?

[host_matt]: moving on,

[your_butt]: I'm about Edgeman.

[host_matt]: Donkey,

[host_matt]: the the real Donkey Kong or the new

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: Donkey Kong or the current Donkey Ks, Going be voiced by Seth Rogan.

[cobra]: see why

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[cobra]: That is.

[cobra]: So

[your_butt]: That's my. That's my favorite

[brick_tamblin]: why? what do you mean? Why?

[cobra]: that is such a weird. Ch.

[host_matt]: I, No, I can totally see it like. look

[your_butt]: of doggy cock.

[cobra]: exactly. That's that's just

[brick_tamblin]: Yes,

[cobra]: donkey

[your_butt]: But

[cobra]: Co's going to be highest. Fuck. The entire movie

[your_butt]: oh man, yeah, this is my dog. K. This might do dockey conpression

[your_butt]: doy cock.

[your_butt]: do you

[host_matt]: um, Luciana who?

[cobra]: have to mention James Frank as wellceled.

[host_matt]: No, He. He's

[your_butt]: Franco?

[host_matt]: cancelled. ▁ Luciano. Who is? who would you want? Like? Like you don't to get a.

[host_matt]: I want to know who you want as the voice

[your_butt]: Oh, that's fun.

[host_matt]: actor but it' not. I'm not going to. I'm not going to pick on you for. like, um,

[host_matt]: the for. Like you know, the the range. I just want to know like do I want old,

[host_matt]: the range person you want, not the specific person. You know what I mean.

[your_butt]: Just does

[cobra]: I don't know.

[your_butt]: donkey Kong talk? doesn't he just go

[your_butt]: me that weird sound he makes.

[brick_tamblin]: No, he talks. He had a T. V show for quite a while.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: Oh, I know I. I know he. things are and B

[your_butt]: Oh, I know I. I know he. things are and B

[host_matt]: So Chris

[host_matt]: sor, sorry

[brick_tamblin]: What

[your_butt]: In

[host_matt]: Sp. Spencer.

[your_butt]: that in that show he thinkings r and b.

[host_matt]: Oh wow,

[brick_tamblin]: did? What did he?

[your_butt]: Yeah, oh yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Oh, Lord. no. I'm oh. well, actually, unless he's trying, what was the name

[brick_tamblin]: of Noway And see? that's really complicated statement. because

[brick_tamblin]: I don't remember if Donkey kong? Uh, if Donkey Kong was like, sort of like

[brick_tamblin]: that older brother or cool Uncle Fe figure to Ditdy. And then there was also

[brick_tamblin]: a female, Uh, Kg, As well, Now were did hey. And that female Kong sort of

[brick_tamblin]: like in the same grade, and therefore able to date each other, Or was she

[your_butt]: no, she. She dated Donkey Kong and he sang a song about her And

[brick_tamblin]: older? You know what I'm saying.

[brick_tamblin]: Okay then Denis. fine.

[your_butt]: there's a whole montage and I recommend everyone go google that because it is

[your_butt]: hilarious,

[brick_tamblin]: I want to see that. Now

[cobra]: anyway, to answer your question at, Um,

[host_matt]: thank you.

[cobra]: I don't know. I just picture someone with a much deeper voice and much less high

[brick_tamblin]: what?

[cobra]: to play. I

[brick_tamblin]: what

[cobra]: don't know why For do comong.

[your_butt]: big big guy. ▁.

[brick_tamblin]: Seth has A good? He has a. He has a.

[host_matt]: He get rubb.

[brick_tamblin]: He's most definitely able to go into that Lo register that's like baritone or

[cobra]: Yeah, know, but I mean, I mean more like James, ▁l Jones, kind of deal, less less

[brick_tamblin]: a little lower.

[cobra]: like you know. I don't know.

[your_butt]: I am Donkey Kong.

[cobra]: Yeah. I. I mean, General Jones might be

[brick_tamblin]: Joy. Me,

[cobra]: a bit too serious,

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: but

[brick_tamblin]: joined me in the forest in the canopies, and we mo. We will swing.

[cobra]: I know. Okay. I know. I know

[cobra]: Vin Dizel. there. That's why I wanted to see us.

[brick_tamblin]: I feel that's

[your_butt]: that's not bad.

[brick_tamblin]: okay. I hear you, but I feel that's a bit obvious like it makes sense, but he

[cobra]: It's it's it's too obvious. I would say

[brick_tamblin]: has grew. Let someone else have this

[host_matt]: I am donkey carg.

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: like I like the I. I like it, but I don't want him to have it for that

[cobra]: this is Brasil.

[brick_tamblin]: reason,

[host_matt]: I am doky calm,

[brick_tamblin]: and then he'll just go ahead.

[cobra]: Carry on mat.

[host_matt]: I am, talk you go,

[your_butt]: who's that?

[brick_tamblin]: Who does that sound like

[cobra]: It's that's that's

[brick_tamblin]: that? Sounds like Gbert. Godfried.

[your_butt]: hold on? No, No, Gilbert godfeds Giler goy, talkingo, Be like Hello. I am Donkey

[your_butt]: hold on? No, No, Gilbert godfeds Giler goy, talkingo, Be like Hello. I am Donkey

[cobra]: no. That was. that was Swedish Mat.

[your_butt]: Cock. My name is

[your_butt]: Cock. My name is

[cobra]: What are you doing? What are you doing here?

[brick_tamblin]: Why

[cobra]: Why? why are you here? Yeah, that be

[cobra]: army. Listen, I be in for Gilbert Godfried, as Doctor K.

[brick_tamblin]: it Me happening? An,

[your_butt]: now. I wouldn't mind that either.

[brick_tamblin]: That would be,

[cobra]: Amazing,

[host_matt]: you monster. just

[brick_tamblin]: if not, if not donkey. com. Gilbertgardfred should do like toad, but I like.

[host_matt]: well, thank you. thank you for that that segu Chris. because

[brick_tamblin]: I still like the casting.

[brick_tamblin]: I didn't mean to, but like still,

[host_matt]: I' excellent. No, Let's take it. We're going to take it. Toad is Ash, being

[host_matt]: voiced by Kei of Michael Ke, who

[cobra]: I approve of this message. Yes,

[your_butt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: yeah,

[your_butt]: I like that

[host_matt]: seems fine.

[your_butt]: until I heard Gilbert Godfre, his toad.

[brick_tamblin]: listen,

[brick_tamblin]: we. we are a uncontrolled unbridled force of

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: yes, Yes,

[brick_tamblin]: creativity in this broadcast. I am sorry, I love Key and Michael Key. I love

[brick_tamblin]: creativity in this broadcast. I am sorry, I love Key and Michael Key. I love

[brick_tamblin]: him. but I don't know what to do Now that. now that you know the The cat's

[brick_tamblin]: him. but I don't know what to do Now that. now that you know the The cat's

[brick_tamblin]: out of the bag, Gilbert, We love youb, we. we? someone needs to cast you in

[brick_tamblin]: out of the bag, Gilbert, We love youb, we. we? someone needs to cast you in

[cobra]: and

[brick_tamblin]: some shit.

[brick_tamblin]: some shit.

[your_butt]: I

[cobra]: princes is in another castle.

[brick_tamblin]: What

[your_butt]: hold on.

[brick_tamblin]: this side

[host_matt]: so little Joe Peshy.

[your_butt]: I know Gilbert Godfrey is not

[brick_tamblin]: jopehi? eh,

[your_butt]: Italian. I don't

[cobra]: I know. I don't know why I want to tell anybody. Did.

[your_butt]: know if Gilbert gotf is to would be well like Hello. I'm told

[your_butt]: I'd

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: yes,

[your_butt]: Gil by Godfrey and I'm told.

[your_butt]: Gil by Godfrey and I'm told.

[cobra]: I told.

[brick_tamblin]: yes,

[cobra]: I'm Gilbert Godfred, The same sentence.

[your_butt]: as plain

[brick_tamblin]: Joe Pehy's like

[brick_tamblin]: Jo. Pesh's like. Um, Joji's like his blood pressure would just rule the

[brick_tamblin]: lines. And and I feel he'd just be playain himself. Gilbert feels like a fit.

[brick_tamblin]: And then, with Kei and Michael Key, it feels like he would fit the role. You

[brick_tamblin]: know what I'm saying, like he would

[brick_tamblin]: become the toad, Whereas Gilbert, just like just,

[your_butt]: are you saying, Gilbert

[your_butt]: Gilbert doesn't play himself. Hes in

[brick_tamblin]: I didn't say that.

[your_butt]: every single thing he does.

[brick_tamblin]: I did not say that, And and and this is not a court of law, So this isn't

[brick_tamblin]: perjury and I did not incriminate myself,

[host_matt]: Okay, moving on.

[brick_tamblin]: Gilbert Godfreed fortoded,

[your_butt]: Let's move on now.

[host_matt]: we have thank you, Gilbert. We have Bower, who is going

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: to be voiced by everyone's favorite Jack Black.

[brick_tamblin]: Everyone's favorite.

[host_matt]: Everybodys favorite.

[your_butt]: I love. I do love Jack Black. I really,

[brick_tamblin]: I love him too.

[your_butt]: I have trouble seeing this

[your_butt]: workingcause. I don't

[brick_tamblin]: really.

[cobra]: He' going to go F ham on this. He's going to have the time of his life. Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, he's going to chew scenery like he is a starving man.

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[your_butt]: I. I don't picture boouser being like. Keep the gooki. I,

[host_matt]: Yeah, but

[your_butt]: all my bowtles of my ha,

[brick_tamblin]: They're going to make that work.

[cobra]: I don't think he's going to be tenacious De, as you

[host_matt]: the thing is, unlike Goilbert Godfrey, God rests the soul.

[your_butt]: you

[brick_tamblin]: What

[your_butt]: de

[cobra]: is. not that.

[cobra]: is. not that.

[your_butt]: gota.

[cobra]: Did you?

[brick_tamblin]: don't do that? Don't do that.

[cobra]: Did you just kill Gilbert Godfreed man, but the fuck

[brick_tamblin]: Don't do that.

[host_matt]: We're not talking Gilver Godfrey Butli,

[brick_tamblin]: Then why did you kill him?

[brick_tamblin]: The first cut was the deepest.

[host_matt]: but unlike unlike Gilbert, Jack Black has been in other movies and has shown

[host_matt]: arrange in his ability to act, so we can't just typecast them like we might be

[host_matt]: able to. other. unnamed, definitely life actors or

[your_butt]: Do you think

[host_matt]: Caedians,

[cobra]: wait. But are you saying that you wouldn't like to see someone like a Paccino play

[cobra]: wait. But are you saying that you wouldn't like to see someone like a Paccino play

[cobra]: Bo?

[cobra]: Bo?

[your_butt]: he's got? He's got a great

[host_matt]: No,

[your_butt]: ass.

[host_matt]: when is

[brick_tamblin]: I,

[host_matt]: baser ever made that sound?

[brick_tamblin]: this one.

[cobra]: He would if it was a pacino.

[your_butt]: Mar is going to come in like me. Mao's like, don't waste my mother. Fuck a time.

[cobra]: Where's my cappuccino? Yeah, that would be. Yeah, that would be just amazing, and he

[cobra]: plays himself. He has for the past thirty years. Basically,

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, I don't know how much he's got left in the tank, Mister Paccino,

[your_butt]: Oh, he's got it. He's got it.

[brick_tamblin]: does he? I don't know. And and what's confusing? like? I'm actually confused

[brick_tamblin]: because Jack, I read somewhere that Jack Lack was getting ready to retire and

[brick_tamblin]: that something around, um, the um, the jungle, the the Jumanji movies was

[brick_tamblin]: supposed to be like one of his last like gigs. but he's still doing. He's

[brick_tamblin]: still

[your_butt]: I don't know. I wouldn'ty that

[brick_tamblin]: booking stuff. So maybe he thinking and then know flipp and stuff, But you

[brick_tamblin]: know, I'm glad to see him.

[your_butt]: my question is, Do you think Jack Black is just going to be Jack Black? You being

[your_butt]: like, Hey man, I'm di back. and or is going to be like, like putting on a bowuser

[your_butt]: voice like, Try to sound like.

[cobra]: I think he's going to do a voice.

[host_matt]: Well,

[host_matt]: I, what? I? I. I think he'll do a little bit of a voice, but I think the energy

[host_matt]: he's going to bring to the character. Do you guys watch the Modoch, a series on

[cobra]: No

[host_matt]: Marvel,

[your_butt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: Heard of it, but I didn't check it. Not yet.

[host_matt]: So it's modoch, but it's very tongue and chee kinda in the Rick and Mody Vaein

[host_matt]: man? Patten Oswald does the voice of Modock, And

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[host_matt]: because obviously you're not going to play, it's very hard to play a cartoon

[host_matt]: Modoch as like a super eval villain. That' kind of played for for jokes like you

[host_matt]: know. It's not a big spoiler. Could you find out like immediately, but like he

[host_matt]: has a wife and a kid right, so its like

[host_matt]: he has to balance that as he goes. anyway. So the reason why I'm bringing it up

[host_matt]: is I feel like Paten Oswald's weird modoch energy of being. I'm trying to conquer

[host_matt]: the world, but also I have to like look after my family and try to be a good

[host_matt]: person. Is similar to how Jack Black is going to play play the Bowuser character.

[brick_tamblin]: I see that I feel that

[cobra]: mean

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: to me. That has potential. I think it has potential.

[brick_tamblin]: that sounds

[brick_tamblin]: interestingcause. Like Bousers, essentially, he's essentially

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: I almost undercover boss, But that's not it at all. He's a boss, dude, got a

[brick_tamblin]: work

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: force and he has mouths to feed.

[host_matt]: Yeah, are you

[brick_tamblin]: He doesn he have like eight children, unless they also like eight children

[brick_tamblin]: from a supermile Three. Like that's a lot of financial pressure.

[cobra]: Anne, Mario kills all of his children. So

[brick_tamblin]: And what

[your_butt]: and him,

[cobra]: Mario kills all of his children when you fight them,

[cobra]: Mario kills all of his children when you fight them,

[host_matt]: honestly? Marow's doing him a favor. He's a single father with eight, mouth to

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: feeed, C. Back on a couple is probably helpful.

[your_butt]: that's the twist. He's hired by Powser.

[brick_tamblin]: does Mario kill the children in Mario Three, Though

[cobra]: doesn't he?

[your_butt]: Don't kill

[your_butt]: anybodyine.

[brick_tamblin]: I don't know about that, Like that game wouldn't get

[cobra]: They fallen the lava. Sometimes.

[host_matt]: He. he fiins out their numbers

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: killing. It's fine.

[cobra]: Okay, you just putting them out. Okay,

[your_butt]: it's it's it's like deer hunting. You know it's it's better for. It's better for

[cobra]: Sht's, more like lizard

[your_butt]: their, uh, their family, and for the

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: hunting, but

[brick_tamblin]: population.

[your_butt]: my question, it seems like they're going with a very uh, comedic tone. I guess

[your_butt]: like I was picuring Bowser, being like Betted Cumberbatch in Th smag,

[cobra]: likemog.

[your_butt]: you know, like yeah, like like that, kind of like intense villain, but I guess

[your_butt]: it's going to be really kitty and

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: joky,

[host_matt]: yeah, I. it'. it's going to be out for all ages movie.

[brick_tamblin]: Hm, Okay, sort of like trying to leg off Legify, you know the Mao Brothers

[brick_tamblin]: franchise.

[host_matt]: Yeah, well, yeah, I think that's such a good way to put it,

[cobra]: Speaking of which you know who who have been a very good bowser Willar that

[cobra]: he plays

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Ba,

[brick_tamblin]: I could see that

[cobra]: Lego Batman, That that'd be cool. Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: I could see that.

[your_butt]: or or Donkey Kong.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: or he could have

[cobra]: actually, yes, Yes, I'm here for that.

[host_matt]: or or he could

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: have voiced Princess Peach, whose ash be paid by Ona Taylor, Joy

[your_butt]: Ooh.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: and

[brick_tamblin]: I don't know how to feel about this like it doesn't sound like.

[cobra]: I don't.

[your_butt]: well,

[cobra]: I don't think I know her voice in my head. I can't imagine her voice. It. So

[brick_tamblin]: neither do I, Just the, I know she's on the net. The what' ite hit Netflix

[your_butt]: the chess show ▁queens gamb. Yeah, good show.

[brick_tamblin]: show something, ▁queen's gambit.

[cobra]: did

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[cobra]: you say key'? Gambt.

[your_butt]: That's what I wanted it to be.

[brick_tamblin]: ▁queens, didn't

[cobra]: I don't know. I don't know.

[brick_tamblin]: I say ▁queen? Did? Did the rest of you hear a ▁que? Or are you just hungry

[your_butt]: I thought I thought

[cobra]: Maybe I'm hungry.

[your_butt]: it was cheese gamb. But and I watched the whole show Waiting for the jee.

[your_butt]: I was just

[brick_tamblin]: Who?

[host_matt]: That that was the gambt.

[your_butt]: I was disappointed. That was. Forget they got me. Wait a minute.

[brick_tamblin]: I got a slice of Havardi right in here soon as that knight tries to take you

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: for?

[your_butt]: the old cheese gambit oldest tri in the book, Just a

[your_butt]: slice of a slice of of Hardy on their face. Like

[brick_tamblin]: Oh, that's son of a gun.

[host_matt]: They never see a coming.

[host_matt]: They never see a coming.

[brick_tamblin]: That's son of a gun.

[brick_tamblin]: he was. He was.

[brick_tamblin]: go. Ahe,

[your_butt]: just matter, just

[host_matt]: I think

[brick_tamblin]: I got something, but goe

[host_matt]: we just to go ahead and

[brick_tamblin]: it's good though I'm going to save it.

[host_matt]: move on the It's It's hilarious to me that Um,

[host_matt]: on this casting we ever revealed the two bigg characters. But you, you know

[host_matt]: already who they are and it so to ruin it. But there is nearly one woman in this

[host_matt]: entire caunc

[your_butt]: well, how many

[host_matt]: werere, looking at

[cobra]: Well, there is only one female character anyway.

[host_matt]: nine

[host_matt]: dudes. maybe a tenth. Yeah, but but

[your_butt]: there's Daisy.

[cobra]: You could have had more for sure.

[host_matt]: yeah, that that's the H. all thing. Oh, why are all the superheroes white?

[host_matt]: Because white people drew them all

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: in the nineteen forties and fifties Like. Just because there isn't historically a

[host_matt]: lot of women in Mario, doesn't mean they could a we, and found some. I can even

[host_matt]: make a new one and balance out the cast.

[cobra]: well,

[brick_tamblin]: Correct.

[your_butt]: Well, Daisy ist Daisy,

[cobra]: if you think about it, at least this is a step up from what that would be, which you

[cobra]: if you think about it, at least this is a step up from what that would be, which you

[cobra]: know would be everybody being Japanese in this, and then the main character trying to

[cobra]: know would be everybody being Japanese in this, and then the main character trying to

[cobra]: make an Italian accent, But while still being Japanese, that would be

[cobra]: make an Italian accent, But while still being Japanese, that would be

[host_matt]: Oh you mean Charles Martinette,

[cobra]: Yes

[your_butt]: Do you think Um?

[cobra]: to me, son.

[your_butt]: is it okay to do an Italian, Uh, impersonation or that like

[your_butt]: going to be like, too cultural inppropriate

[cobra]: I think it's wide enough.

[host_matt]: you can.

[brick_tamblin]: You mean right here or in this movie?

[cobra]: I think it's wide

[your_butt]: in the movie?

[cobra]: enough that you can.

[your_butt]: That's what I mean. It's like I had this argument with someone the other day and

[your_butt]: they are saying how it's just get people of that culture to play that role

[your_butt]: instead of hiring white people to play them. And it's like. What about Italian?

[your_butt]: you know? Like

[brick_tamblin]: So you saying so? You're saying Mario should be played by Roberto Benini,

[your_butt]: you know what you read my mind,

[cobra]: I. Oh, oh my God,

[cobra]: I be for that so much.

[brick_tamblin]: The energy, especially like what,

[cobra]: The Bri says. She ist the cast, so that I have get. that'd be amazed. Oh,

[brick_tamblin]: Yes,

[cobra]: I'm so here for that.

[brick_tamblin]: Yes, Yes, and what he find? And like the knock down drag out like its C at

[brick_tamblin]: the end When Mario is like about to get like, pushed off the the lava plat

[brick_tamblin]: the platform into the lava and Jack Black,

[brick_tamblin]: and then

[your_butt]: I could hear that

[brick_tamblin]: like Mario Realiz, he's got some strews in his pocket. Can you imagine

[brick_tamblin]: Reberto Bynini going ham? As Mario goes Mega.

[cobra]: Can you imagine Ben voicing Mario while he has a start?

[brick_tamblin]: Somebody would just

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly.

[brick_tamblin]: give them rooms or some speed, and that would be pretty much it.

[your_butt]: No, No, everyone knows

[host_matt]: Hey, So,

[your_butt]: the stars. The cocaine of the drugs

[host_matt]: since you guys

[your_butt]: did

[host_matt]: ruined the Revial,

[brick_tamblin]: but we didn't.

[host_matt]: I'm sorry, Can we can we go back to the pockect, Thatr

[brick_tamblin]: We

[your_butt]: sor

[brick_tamblin]: didn't ruin the reveal. So to speak,

[host_matt]: you jump, you jumped ahead and we haven't done Green Mario

[cobra]: then say it, then say it. who is it?

[host_matt]: yet, And you' already on tomorrow? Well green.

[brick_tamblin]: good,

[host_matt]: I'm sorry how to cut in here. Green Mario is being voiced by Charlie Day, Which

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: listen, Spencer has previously sent us

[host_matt]: the cut of Uh Louigs, searching for Pepvia,

[your_butt]: Penila

[host_matt]: and I'm here for that energy. If he brings it.

[your_butt]: That sold me on it so good it's a C. It's a clip of Luigi,

[your_butt]: but with the voice of Charlie Da from, It's always Sunn in Philadelphia, talking

[your_butt]: about Tepe Slvia, And it it fits surprisingly well like Luigi' neurotic like

[your_butt]: my. I can admire you. I need. I need have Hermo.

[your_butt]: That's Victor, Charlie Day.

[cobra]: I have a question. Do you guys think he is going to put on a Italian accent

[your_butt]: I don't think anyone is putting on Italian accent

[brick_tamblin]: I was about to

[cobra]: on?

[brick_tamblin]: say that I don't think Anybdy will,

[host_matt]: This is thing.

[your_butt]: cause an Italian character with an Italian accent.

[brick_tamblin]: But then again, to counter that, then

[your_butt]: What? what if he wasn't

[brick_tamblin]: what's the? What's the deal with?

[your_butt]: But if he was

[brick_tamblin]: Not even,

[your_butt]: a white guy from California,

[brick_tamblin]: but then it's this idea of it'. this idea of of of stereotypes, Right if you

[brick_tamblin]: have an Italian person who who was born and raised in Australia or the U. K,

[brick_tamblin]: they are going to have a completely different accent and then swap that with

[brick_tamblin]: any person from from a culture that has a uh, a noticeable accent indicative

[brick_tamblin]: of that region. So

[cobra]: I mean, you could do that with anything but the fact that

[brick_tamblin]: yeah,

[cobra]: the matter is, everybody is used to the well, not from Louisia, because it doesn't

[cobra]: speak.

[your_butt]: Like what? they? they could have easily gotten an Italian actor with an authentic

[your_butt]: Italian accent,

[brick_tamblin]: and I'm okay with that, too. I am

[your_butt]: but I feel like they're going to just go with like

[brick_tamblin]: that the question is who

[brick_tamblin]: wait? Did we even reveal we didn't reveal Mario yet,

[your_butt]: No,

[your_butt]: We're getting tomorrow. We're on Luigi.

[cobra]: No, we will.

[host_matt]: W. Hey, can we talk? Can we talk about Green Luigi a bit more? You just running

[host_matt]: over?

[brick_tamblin]: right? So if we're Mhm, Go ahead.

[your_butt]: Just Luigi.

[host_matt]: Go ahead.

[your_butt]: stop disrespecting that man.

[cobra]: Luig

[your_butt]: Is

[your_butt]: that green

[cobra]: is just Luigi.

[brick_tamblin]: I love Gree. I love Luuigi.

[your_butt]: Mario. He's not green Luigi. It's Luigi.

[brick_tamblin]: So then it's a question of gra. I just wanted to be sure that we that I want

[brick_tamblin]: double make dou show that where where where we are, where we say we are. So

[brick_tamblin]: if it's Luigi right and you want someone who's affected to the culture. Maybe

[brick_tamblin]: why not Stanley, too chei,

[cobra]: Okay,

[your_butt]: that's fine.

[your_butt]: that's fine.

[cobra]: interesting pick.

[brick_tamblin]: You

[brick_tamblin]: don't necessarily have to have someone within with an accent, But then just

[host_matt]: I actually hate it.

[your_butt]: So like, let me get as. Let me ask you something. This is totally off topic. but

[brick_tamblin]: great actor.

[your_butt]: this just we're

[host_matt]: Oh cool.

[your_butt]: dancing around this. Hold on. Listen for one second. Sh. it's it. This is. I'm

[your_butt]: dancing around this. Hold on. Listen for one second. Sh. it's it. This is. I'm

[cobra]: Oh, oh, no. I can't have that Here cannot have that here.

[your_butt]: getting serious for a second.

[your_butt]: getting serious for a second.

[your_butt]: Are all

[brick_tamblin]: do it.

[your_butt]: accents

[your_butt]: like actors doing accents that they don't have now going to become

[your_butt]: uh, like taboo because it's

[your_butt]: like

[cobra]: I don't think it should. I don't think it should be.

[host_matt]: No,

[your_butt]: cultural appreciation. I don't think so either. I think it's like W. it's over

[your_butt]: the top and I think it's happening and I think it. it's

[host_matt]: I disagree. I think people are still doing accents and they' doing them very

[your_butt]: I've talked to people who have said

[host_matt]: poorly and I think

[host_matt]: you need to. Oh, okay, I'm done.

[your_butt]: that like if you get a white guy to play a Mexican character

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: if he has,

[host_matt]: yeah, but that's different.

[your_butt]: Like, if he has a Mexican accent

[your_butt]: and he's like pretending to be Mexican. That's offensive.

[host_matt]: I don't. I don't see why we need to get like cause you'.

[host_matt]: this is going to sound bad, but we' runing in shades there.

[host_matt]: right's do? do I?

[cobra]: It does sound bad. you arere right.

[your_butt]: Yeah, you probably shouldn't have said it.

[host_matt]: right? Do I believe that? Do I believe that this white person is Mexican? That

[host_matt]: really is the game we're asking Right because If you, if he's pasty white like I

[host_matt]: am, Me trying to sound like a Mexican. people going to be like lots fucked up,

[cobra]: Well, but wait, wait, Luuisy.

[host_matt]: but if it looks the part, then that might be a little more accessible to it.

[your_butt]: so

[cobra]: K is Mexican and he looks like you.

[your_butt]: Yeah, they're white Mexicans.

[cobra]: I'm

[cobra]: serious. I'm not even kidding. He is Mexican, was born in

[your_butt]: Also, He act also acts like Ma.

[host_matt]: K.

[cobra]: Mexico.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: what? what? what?

[cobra]: Lucy, Ky was born in Mexico.

[your_butt]: Yeah.

[host_matt]: No. What? see that I?

[brick_tamblin]: Okay? Wow,

[brick_tamblin]: Okay,

[host_matt]: I? I'm not here to litigate that whole thing just because you're born somewhere

[host_matt]: doesn't make you

[cobra]: I know I know

[host_matt]: like we're talking about the heritage right. And so in the heritage standpoint

[host_matt]: like, I think, the challenge here is that the person doing the accent can't be

[host_matt]: stereotypical And that's the

[host_matt]: challenge

[cobra]: that's fair

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: with Charles

[host_matt]: Martinet's version is it's a very stereotypical Italian.

[your_butt]: so what about Makeu

[your_butt]: make up slightly darkening your skin

[cobra]: an

[cobra]: hour getting into dangerous territory.

[host_matt]: What won't make up?

[your_butt]: dying your hair

[your_butt]: dark

[brick_tamblin]: like blackfac or something?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: like a white guy,

[host_matt]: You don't

[your_butt]: getting not black face, but like a a white guy, getting

[brick_tamblin]: Okay,

[your_butt]: brown dyed hair when he's actually blonde

[host_matt]: all right? So here's

[your_butt]: and and getting like a slightly darker complexion to play Mexican character.

[host_matt]: here's what. Here's what. I'm saying. No, you, anybody can reproduce any accent

[host_matt]: because

[host_matt]: everybody like to course'. point already, Everybody already does. If you are

[host_matt]: Asian and live in France, you're going to how to speak French. That's just the

[host_matt]: way it works right. So anybody could do that. But you're white or you're black or

[host_matt]: you're Asian or you Indian.

[host_matt]: You can't

[host_matt]: just do that without

[your_butt]: I don't see color, so

[host_matt]: Mhm. says the like,

[your_butt]: Ma Mat sees them all as separate sex. I see them as one human people.

[host_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: jesus,

[your_butt]: That's just me, though a unified world.

[host_matt]: So is this all just one big setup for the worst joke of all time?

[your_butt]: That is, I believe that that's not. It's no joke.

[host_matt]: Hm, Mhm,

[your_butt]: Um, but yeah, like I feel like that's right now where the line is, but I could

[your_butt]: see that line keeping on moving to the point where it becomes you can't

[your_butt]: impersonate culture

[host_matt]: We

[host_matt]: don't

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[your_butt]: and

[host_matt]: need you to imperson a culture.

[your_butt]: it, I feel like if you have a white guy doing like a uh, let's say

[host_matt]: An an accent isn't a culture.

[cobra]: yeah. yeah.

[your_butt]: well, okay, Hear how about this.

[cobra]: And, and also doing an accent and doing an impersonation like a stereotypical thing,

[cobra]: which is what Charles Martineise does. That's bad.

[your_butt]: Yeah, exactly, but that's what I'm saying. So if you're like a white guy doing a

[your_butt]: Native American accent

[your_butt]: is that

[host_matt]: Okay,

[your_butt]: going to be offensive?

[cobra]: No, it's not offensive. but it raises

[host_matt]: yeah, yes,

[cobra]: other questions like why didn't they hire a Native American actor?

[host_matt]: yes, because white people making fun of make doing an accent of people they have

[host_matt]: been historically racist to is going to sound racist.

[your_butt]: So so accents are are okay. If it's a culture that hasn't been oppressed by that

[your_butt]: culture playing that role,

[host_matt]: It's it's really just white people shouldn't do it. It's the answer.

[your_butt]: so an Asian guy could play a Native American accent

[cobra]: They have

[cobra]: Actually

[host_matt]: I mean two to like. I don't we? We're getting way off topic here

[cobra]: what never happens.

[host_matt]: and and this is maybe a a topic for another show. But I don't know what

[host_matt]: you can't separate. You're trying to separate an accent from playing a culture.

[host_matt]: And and

[host_matt]: you, there are two different things. If if I am a a Asian man who grew up in a

[host_matt]: community and my entire life I was surrounded by people who are uh, first

[host_matt]: nations, then I would talk like that and that makes sense. And if that's part of

[host_matt]: the character that, I don't see a problem with it. But when you get into culture,

[host_matt]: and and trying to say, a white person is going to play a person who is a Native

[host_matt]: American, But there's no basis for it in the story or otherwise, now you're just

[host_matt]: being like mean

[your_butt]: And that,

[host_matt]: and it it makes it's to know there's no value in doing it

[your_butt]: And that's kind of the situation in this movie where

[your_butt]: the character

[your_butt]: I

[host_matt]: back.

[your_butt]: see exactly It's the character is played by a white guy like you said, But't the

[your_butt]: character isn't a white guy who grew up in Italy. You know

[cobra]: No,

[your_butt]: it's not nothing to do the character. It's just an Italian character,

[your_butt]: so

[host_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: aren't they from Brooklyn?

[your_butt]: why not hire it Italian?

[your_butt]: No, that's

[host_matt]: he's from. He's an Italian American character.

[brick_tamblin]: I was just saying that I don't know for

[cobra]: Not

[brick_tamblin]: sure. I don't know what where his g. P s is.

[host_matt]: Yes, I, I believe story, story, wise, Marios from Brooklyn.

[your_butt]: but he does have an Italian accent,

[cobra]: if in Brooklyn, and they could just do a New York accent that

[your_butt]: so this brings

[cobra]: I'm walking here

[host_matt]: I'm fucking with you,

[your_butt]: and

[cobra]: stuff,

[your_butt]: fully to bring it like. So you? you guys think that Uh, lasting? Do you think Al

[your_butt]: Pacino and Scar Faceace is racist

[cobra]: not not,

[cobra]: yes, justcause it's bad. His. his accent is atrocious. That's why.

[your_butt]: Cause he's darkn skin? right?

[host_matt]: Product of the times, but yeah, bad.

[your_butt]: Yeah, I think I think it hasn't aged well for sure,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: and neither will Chris Pratt. Bl, Mario. if he starts going, He send me ya audio

[host_matt]: Hey, so Sa, guys, Um, Chris Pratt is

[your_butt]: spoiler.

[host_matt]: doing the voice of Mario in in this movie. I don't know if I just want to finish

[your_butt]: What? I didn't even know that I didn't even know that

[host_matt]: this off.

[brick_tamblin]: It wasn't me as long as it was at me.

[cobra]: this, this to me is the

[host_matt]: I looked it up on the internet.

[cobra]: weirdest choice of all of them. I

[your_butt]: I'm just throwing names around.

[cobra]: have no fucking idea why

[host_matt]: That's just star par. They just want to include them

[your_butt]: Oh, can't you get picture? a scene in this movie where where Marrow's down on his

[your_butt]: luck, and as Chris Pratt, just doing his normal crisp proud voice going like, I

[your_butt]: just don't know what to do.

[your_butt]: and just like that kind of exact

[your_butt]: like it's going to be like. I feel like it should be Chris Prat playing Chris

[your_butt]: Pratt To play it safe

[cobra]: Chris

[your_butt]: cause I don't,

[cobra]: Pratt, playing

[host_matt]: Going to be.

[cobra]: his character from Parks and Rax, Playing you

[your_butt]: y.

[host_matt]: when has? when? does Chris Pratt ever use an accent or play anything other than

[host_matt]: Chris Pratt.

[cobra]: actually

[brick_tamblin]: Don' know

[your_butt]: he was in a western.

[cobra]: only seen him try an accident on a talk show once that never him. Do accent.

[cobra]: Otherwise

[your_butt]: I think he seem like a southern accent,

[your_butt]: like in Like magnificent seven

[cobra]: Well, maybe

[cobra]: he'll

[your_butt]: ya Bo.

[cobra]: do that. I'm here for Southern Mario.

[host_matt]: So not good.

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: southern Ital, Southn, Georgia Peach, Georgia Peach, Italian lasagna

[brick_tamblin]: eating Mario, played by

[your_butt]: he's just like now

[cobra]: Yes,

[your_butt]: now'm no.

[brick_tamblin]: Chris Pratt. Good luck Pratt.

[brick_tamblin]: Chris Pratt. Good luck Pratt.

[your_butt]: I'm no big city Lawyal, It's just a me. Mari from old T a Fe

[cobra]: I'm here for that.

[host_matt]: All right, Sayg away, We way

[your_butt]: Matt hates.

[host_matt]: too much S. timem on that topic.

[your_butt]: It's fun.

[host_matt]: Yeah, I do. I really, really. do.

[brick_tamblin]: but it's so much fun to have fun.

[host_matt]: No, I hate it. Moving

[brick_tamblin]: Oh

[host_matt]: on. We already seu. You guys heard about Amazon

[cobra]: The the place in Brazil.

[host_matt]: specific, specifically the delivery company,

[cobra]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Not the thing that

[host_matt]: Brazil is

[brick_tamblin]: the Amazon.

[host_matt]: burning down in a predigious Ra.

[your_butt]: Not the burning fire.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: So

[brick_tamblin]: Oh, yeah,

[cobra]: we've hear. I heard of. it Might have

[host_matt]: okay, good.

[cobra]: gotten a package from them today.

[brick_tamblin]: as did I, but not today.

[host_matt]: well, still supporting supporting an evil company?

[your_butt]: That evil is that that evil conglomerate that's taking over space?

[host_matt]: No, we're not talking to you on this onementt. I decided needed to time out.

[host_matt]: Um.

[your_butt]: I will. not,

[cobra]: Jesus.

[host_matt]: So

[host_matt]: Amazon has has equipped.

[your_butt]: you know. that's going to just make me talk more

[host_matt]: Amazon has equipped a I. powered cameras to their delivery vehicles. Spefically,

[host_matt]: the ones they run themselves right in big cities. I have their own Lo delivery

[host_matt]: fleet. Um. And and they look at side like could check out looking at side

[host_matt]: mirrors, or they can tell when other cars cut off the the drivers. Um, and

[host_matt]: apparently this is. is this? Is this this part of this or you're not going to

[host_matt]: believe Um. Amazon is using that to. Um, enforce penalties against their

[cobra]: What?

[host_matt]: workers. Um,

[brick_tamblin]: Yep,

[host_matt]: such as like delivery performance scores and their chances to get bonuses right,

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[cobra]: the worst

[your_butt]: for one

[cobra]: part of this this story for me is that

[cobra]: I? I thought you're supposed to look at S mirror sometimes while are they there, but

[cobra]: apparently whenever they do they get punished. This is.

[host_matt]: You should

[brick_tamblin]: yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: look at them

[host_matt]: between one and seven times a day. That, no more, no less,

[your_butt]: that how many times are supposed to look at their mirror?

[host_matt]: I'm just making

[brick_tamblin]: they don't want their drivers looking using their mirrors.

[host_matt]: that up. But see the fact that you believe

[your_butt]: No, was like,

[host_matt]: that the facty believe that

[your_butt]: Yeah, that was crazy.

[host_matt]: this was is problematic.

[your_butt]: others wanted seven times per five minutes.

[brick_tamblin]: Nope, they don't want them using their their side mirrors. They don't want.

[brick_tamblin]: they don't want them to get cauutht

[cobra]: Yeah, but

[brick_tamblin]: up off. They want them to drive in a straight

[brick_tamblin]: line, always cause that's the key to getting anywhere. Drive straight. No

[cobra]: this is the worst one.

[cobra]: This is the worst one. Like if someone cuts them off, they get like. how the fuck

[brick_tamblin]: turns

[cobra]: does that work?

[brick_tamblin]: correct. How fucked up is it

[brick_tamblin]: correct. How fucked up is it

[your_butt]: I just pick. I just picture.

[host_matt]: Nobody cuts you off. You're an Amazon employee.

[your_butt]: I just pick her a Dr. I picture driver at it like mirror check limit being like I

[your_butt]: need to change Las, but I need this job.

[brick_tamblin]: on the highway

[cobra]: It just goes. I need this job and just goes.

[brick_tamblin]: doing eighty eighty five

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: just

[brick_tamblin]: divin divine power. take the wheel.

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly.

[brick_tamblin]: Let go.

[cobra]: I can't look at the mirrors. I can' look to the side. I'm just going to go.

[host_matt]: I want that to be one of those new Amazon worker commercials where I trying to

[host_matt]: make Azon looks like a good place to work.

[your_butt]: yeah. yeah.

[brick_tamblin]: Do you have a family? You're a

[cobra]: Yeah.

[brick_tamblin]: hard worker at Amazon, aren't you Well? we've got your back. Amazon. Drivers

[brick_tamblin]: are duct tape to the chairs and the driver's seats, and their hands are also

[brick_tamblin]: clamped clamped to the steering wheel, and their eyes also stuck open with

[brick_tamblin]: pins and

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: needles, Because we want you to get your package, Azon,

[cobra]: now I might imagine that that song that they always put in the background of like

[cobra]: these things like that, then

[cobra]: and Amazon. Our drivers do not require side mirrors at Amazon. we just change lanes,

[cobra]: Amazon. we love you. Not really.

[your_butt]: I just like it being like

[brick_tamblin]: Amazon, we will. we will. We will blindly change lanes with no regard for

[brick_tamblin]: other life,

[cobra]: Yeah. Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: because we want you

[cobra]: your package.

[brick_tamblin]: to get your season six yet to get your season six of Gilmore Girls.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[your_butt]: it's been two days

[cobra]: Amazon. Amazon drivers do not look at their mirrors so you can get your package

[cobra]: faster.

[brick_tamblin]: Amazon chose not to use machine learning and automated driving technology is

[brick_tamblin]: due to budget cuts,

[host_matt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: so we've decided to disregard all the rules of the ad. Amazon.

[host_matt]: Chris. I, no, I' take yours. But except when they say we haven't used machine

[host_matt]: learning technology, you

[host_matt]: have like a No. They and they have an Amazon van drive up, and the driver rolls

[brick_tamblin]: They chose against it.

[host_matt]: down the window and it's just a terminator like the exoskeleton sting fa at them.

[brick_tamblin]: My name used to be Hubert.

[your_butt]: And and that's just a woman being. thank you. accepting the package.

[brick_tamblin]: You are welcome, customers, seven, four, a, two, two, one, ▁zero, ▁x, period

[brick_tamblin]: slash hash hag, Have a pleasant day.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Don't don't don. Widow goes up, do,

[your_butt]: You, you too, Hubert,

[cobra]: take this package if you want to live.

[your_butt]: Amazon

[cobra]: it's

[host_matt]: So what of is

[your_butt]: will kill you

[cobra]: so ridiculous. This is

[host_matt]: that's that's a thing

[brick_tamblin]: do. Do you know what this means? though you know what this means. Good,

[cobra]: is the beginning of the dystopia. Is this the beginning of Thetopia

[brick_tamblin]: maybe

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: probably, but you know also know what this means. If Miss Amazon doesn't want

[brick_tamblin]: their drivers to checks side mirrors or their rear view or their rear their

[brick_tamblin]: rear mirrors. This means that Amazon is secretly working on vehicles that

[brick_tamblin]: have defense systems and mechanisms. I'm talking oil slicks, smoke screens,

[brick_tamblin]: gatling guns, um, the the wheel spikes that pop out and and pop tires. This

[brick_tamblin]: is their gain.

[cobra]: are you saying

[brick_tamblin]: this is their end game.

[host_matt]: Th. That's actually their next game. They've uh bought the license to Twisted

[host_matt]: Metal and they are going to make

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[host_matt]: a Twisted Metal game, But it's only under the Amazon delivery vehicles.

[cobra]: I was going to ask you

[cobra]: if you if you were

[your_butt]: And it's not a game.

[brick_tamblin]: oh, wow,

[cobra]: saying that Amazon drivers are going to start driving Myrio Cart cars Now

[host_matt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: muscled up Mario cars with spikes that come out the wheels.

[cobra]: Is is that what they're going to

[host_matt]: we,

[cobra]: do? Is that what they' going to do

[host_matt]: we. We never go backwards on the show. We only move forwards and that's a call

[host_matt]: backck. We're not doing that.

[cobra]: right?

[host_matt]: Where are you going to move forwards to this Segway of you know why Amazon is is

[host_matt]: up to this Because they need more money

[brick_tamblin]: Why? Oh,

[host_matt]: so that Jeff Basos can um invest in an antiaging biotech Startu, Because

[cobra]: More than

[brick_tamblin]: Hm,

[cobra]: one? Actually,

[host_matt]: because we don't want Jezos to die, he is the next. Um.

[brick_tamblin]: head in a jar personing.

[host_matt]: Yeah, the

[your_butt]: King Pin,

[host_matt]: I don't know who King Pen. Sure, I like King. Well, he' a little skinny to be

[host_matt]: King Pin,

[cobra]: Oh, he's

[your_butt]: Lex Luther,

[cobra]: a shiting pin, though,

[host_matt]: but uh, he's not I don't. Is he smart enough to be Luther Like? he just seemed

[host_matt]: like he got lucky and he's an assle more than he is Like smart.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, I don't know about Luther that.

[brick_tamblin]: let us not be smirched The Luther title.

[your_butt]: more like Leg poother,

[cobra]: or the Wilom Fisk title?

[your_butt]: more like

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: Wilson, Dick.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[brick_tamblin]: maybe's like stepped into it and just decided to own the. just own his

[your_butt]: that doesn't even rhyme.

[host_matt]: okay,

[cobra]: Wow, his, his rocket looks like a dick.

[host_matt]: this is why you. This is why you got a time out.

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, So

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[brick_tamblin]: villainy. Carry on

[host_matt]: it's It's interesting because Um in back I think it' the nineties. Um, right

[host_matt]: around the time that the world's greatest movie demolition, Uh man came out, Um,

[your_butt]: great, great movie.

[host_matt]: We were really. the world was really excited about Um.

[host_matt]: cryogeenics,

[your_butt]: Mhm.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: And you know, Obviously, we quickly learned the you can'tious freeze of audience

[host_matt]: on. Thought it's not that easy and that went by the wayside, But it's interesting

[host_matt]: that he is now just going with the anti aging stuff because we've all seen the

[host_matt]: stat where it's like Oh humans. S you know, humans life span has average has gone

[host_matt]: up like tremendously over the last couple hundred hundreds of years, but that's

[host_matt]: mostly because baby stopped dying right, And so, I wonder how much he's actually

[host_matt]: going to live longer by doing anti aging stuff when you know it's likely like. Is

[host_matt]: that going to help with heart disease? Is that going to help with like cancers?

[host_matt]: or is it just like my skin's going to look soft and pretty.

[cobra]: so he's investing in two companies that are doing basically both of those things. One

[cobra]: is as looking into technology that they like, make the revert back to like a stem

[cobra]: cell, sort of status or state, and the other one is treating actual diseases that

[cobra]: only come or come more with age, and treating those and reversing them.

[your_butt]: I'd like to think he' just making anti Agian creams because you want the skinn to

[your_butt]: look

[your_butt]: that'. that's his only goal

[brick_tamblin]: anti aging creams and bad hair cuts. Have any of you like checked out the

[brick_tamblin]: other company that

[cobra]: Yeah. I was going to say

[brick_tamblin]: he's investing or that he's investing Unity, biotechnology. Like

[cobra]: that guy, that guy is going to give Mark ▁zuckerberger run for his money from being.

[cobra]: We, a weird of

[brick_tamblin]: I'm seeing, I'm feeling booxs feeling botox. and like, I don't even know what

[brick_tamblin]: kind of haircut that is That looks like a packman. Uh,

[cobra]: no,

[brick_tamblin]: fell off The. the fell off the the road haircut.

[cobra]: that looks like someone was in a character creator and hit random. That's what that

[cobra]: looks like.

[your_butt]: mat. You know who they're talking about.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh lord, Ned. I'm talking about Ned David. Look, look him up. He's

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: from Unity Bioechnology. I'm scared

[your_butt]: That's a joke where all our audience will get the old reference to

[host_matt]: y?

[your_butt]: the guy

[brick_tamblin]: well.

[your_butt]: from Un Biotech

[brick_tamblin]: that's right.

[your_butt]: The Superstar,

[host_matt]: Um, this sounds like

[brick_tamblin]: Well, God,

[host_matt]: that Elizabeth

[host_matt]: woman who ran that company

[your_butt]: Very accurate.

[host_matt]: all

[cobra]: Oh,

[host_matt]: yp.

[cobra]: Elizabeth Holmes, hol,

[brick_tamblin]: Elizabeth,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: she sounds like the she. Are you sure? That's the same person That sounds

[brick_tamblin]: like the, The, the poor girl that was kidnapped and stayed with the the

[brick_tamblin]: family and grew up with them.

[cobra]: no.

[host_matt]: No,

[cobra]: It's the one from that that company that was sued out to Helen back on Silicon

[cobra]: It's the one from that that company that was sued out to Helen back on Silicon

[your_butt]: No, that's

[cobra]: Valley.

[cobra]: Valley.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Okay,

[host_matt]: Anyways, this this conversation go off the real, so I'm seg waying into a better

[your_butt]: just just this one just with this one, though,

[host_matt]: conversation.

[cobra]: Just this one. Yeah,

[host_matt]: Just this one is the first time

[brick_tamblin]: only this time

[host_matt]: ever happened.

[host_matt]: Are you guys familiar with reboots?

[your_butt]: like the the

[your_butt]: Nineties animated show. Yeah, that's exactly what I

[brick_tamblin]: reboot. as in Bob

[your_butt]: thought. incoming, ga,

[host_matt]: No, no, no,

[brick_tamblin]: Raybat

[your_butt]: incoming game.

[host_matt]: no, no, no,

[host_matt]: re, re

[brick_tamblin]: user wins.

[host_matt]: restarting something.

[cobra]: Yeah, I did that with my

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[cobra]: machine this morning.

[host_matt]: Yeah, okay,

[your_butt]: Oh God,

[host_matt]: that's good enough. good stuff. Um, let me try a different angle. Are you

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: guys familiar with Babylon Five?

[cobra]: Yes.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh

[brick_tamblin]: bety. let thinkingle

[your_butt]: have another reboo joke is like when you like

[host_matt]: Mhm?

[your_butt]: put your boots back on and you reboot up.

[host_matt]: Yeah, Spencer. Have you ever heard of things? Sometimes you just have to let it

[host_matt]: go.

[your_butt]: Have you heard of Reboots

[cobra]: Guess the answer to your question is no, ma.

[host_matt]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: So so I guess

[brick_tamblin]: my hurts.

[host_matt]: not, But that's okay. We can educate you. Bablo on Five was a very influential

[host_matt]: Uh. Scifi show in the nineties, And

[host_matt]: it was

[host_matt]: the biggest reason why I was influential at the time was because it was doing

[host_matt]: what shows do now having an ongoing narrative. Uh, but it was going back in the

[host_matt]: nineties when ongoing narratives never happened. One with certainly real

[host_matt]: impactful consequences. So uh, it was very well. it wasn't. It didn't get. The

[host_matt]: popular. Star Trek Is certainly is a a fan favorite of

[host_matt]: beloved show. Um. And and the really interesting piece about this news is not

[your_butt]: Cul classic?

[host_matt]: onlys getting rebooted but the same show runner who created it initially is

[host_matt]: coming back to Bn. said show again.

[your_butt]: Oh, that's cool.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that's the only way to do it Because the whole, the the reason why the story

[brick_tamblin]: Mhms. a good writer

[cobra]: and and everything really about that five was so good was because

[cobra]: he kept really tight like he ran a really tight chip and he had a story all written

[cobra]: down. The whole thing. It wasn't like just season overeson overseas and he had a

[cobra]: story that he wanted to tell an Abc. Fuck him off.

[your_butt]: Don't insult. Don't insult Los like that

[cobra]: Yeah, they a b C fucked him over because they told him No, You're going to have to

[cobra]: finish in four. And then they ran with the story and they were like Just kidding you,

[cobra]: Cat a fifth season and they were like Fuck. We told the whole story now, but like

[your_butt]: is the fifth season. Bad.

[cobra]: it's not as good. You can tell. They. they had to fill in stuff, but

[your_butt]: Well,

[cobra]: it's yeah.

[your_butt]: it's it sounds like they're doing the right thing by getting the the old people

[your_butt]: back, Because one thing Star Trek taught us is how not to reboot something,

[cobra]: yeah.

[your_butt]: Alexurtsman. I'm looking at you,

[your_butt]: Alexurtsman. I'm looking at you,

[your_butt]: looking right at you.

[host_matt]: Are we talking about Picard or the movies?

[your_butt]: all of it. No, No,

[brick_tamblin]: Like movies.

[your_butt]: I'm talking about Picard and I'm talking about discovery. Primarily Alex

[your_butt]: Kiurtsman had his

[brick_tamblin]: In what way?

[your_butt]: dirty grubby fingers involved in all of them. But

[your_butt]: uh

[brick_tamblin]: Oh

[your_butt]: discovery iss terrible. and uh Picard is terrible. and I,

[cobra]: wow, I do. not. I did not expect to hear that from from Spencer.

[your_butt]: you know how I feel about a

[your_butt]: card's so bad.

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[host_matt]: We're going to need to say that, because there's a lot of I can just see in your

[host_matt]: eyes already. There's a lot of a lot on pack.

[host_matt]: there. Um,

[your_butt]: So much so much. Start the timer.

[brick_tamblin]: fire lit

[host_matt]: I was thinking we could go back to talking about Bablon Five for a couple

[host_matt]: minutes, since that's what the

[brick_tamblin]: di.

[host_matt]: news topic is about.

[your_butt]: Yeah, Sure, the thing about Star Trek is no

[host_matt]: I'm it is interesting that I think this is happening because

[host_matt]: everybody has their stupid dreamreing service right. So it's like they all need

[host_matt]: original content. so it makes you pay for their service because you know the

[host_matt]: reality is, I think what is it like between Friends and Seinfeld That makes up

[host_matt]: like an overwhelming proportion of the actual streams of older television

[your_butt]: Mhm.

[host_matt]: shows Like It's not like people are going to sight to watching all this old

[host_matt]: content? It's just friends, Seinfeld And then you know the next season

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: of Stranger Things

[your_butt]: T and g.

[host_matt]: and that's it.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: Uh,

[host_matt]: not popular.

[your_butt]: not at all. Um, what if you guys could choose which show slash streaming service

[your_butt]: to reboot It to be the ones behind it. What would you want Like?

[brick_tamblin]: it wouldn't be the Cw. That's where. damn sure,

[your_butt]: Well, Fox, nobody wants to see W,

[cobra]: yeah, but

[your_butt]: Even the see. W doesn't want to see W to M. C. W shows.

[cobra]: well, they're the

[host_matt]: Well,

[cobra]: ones who are behind the reboot.

[brick_tamblin]: youics.

[host_matt]: Dc Comics does,

[cobra]: Oh, that's true. like C. W.

[your_butt]: Yeah, D C comments will make. Well have. Yeah, but D C will have anyone make

[brick_tamblin]: whatly

[brick_tamblin]: whatly

[brick_tamblin]: whatly

[brick_tamblin]: whatly

[host_matt]: let's see W. make everything

[your_butt]: anything

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: we've learned that the hard way.

[your_butt]: we've learned that the hard way.

[cobra]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: we

[host_matt]: sit.

[brick_tamblin]: want to make a show on on apple pies and pies and cream pies getting thrown

[brick_tamblin]: into people's faces. Let's make it a superhero show,

[your_butt]: Yeah, exactly. it's uh,

[cobra]: at onun C. w.

[cobra]: Yeah.

[your_butt]: like litally like,

[cobra]: so

[your_butt]: while we've been talking, D C has offered us to make their next Dc show

[brick_tamblin]: But see that's how you take them down

[cobra]: yeah.

[brick_tamblin]: from the inside.

[your_butt]: by making good content.

[brick_tamblin]: We could do it. We could do that, but Um other networks. E.

[cobra]: well

[brick_tamblin]: Okay, Hm,

[cobra]: it is it is. See that. Bring it back this time. Bab five

[your_butt]: No, it's not.

[brick_tamblin]: but he asked

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: who you. He asked. Who would you swap? instead of like. Who would you want

[cobra]: to do to do it.

[your_butt]: Yeah, would

[brick_tamblin]: to sort of helm and bring Babylong Five into the you

[cobra]: Netflix.

[brick_tamblin]: know into the foray,

[cobra]: Probably

[your_butt]: be good.

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm.

[your_butt]: I would love H. B O, but they just always make good quality. but they don't

[your_butt]: really Scifi

[brick_tamblin]: I'm trying to think of another one. Who else is there Prime? Sometimes high

[cobra]: is you ever

[host_matt]: I, I would be curious.

[cobra]: want to to insert ties in there, Which Im you know, I don't think it's necessary.

[brick_tamblin]: stuff.

[host_matt]: I would love to

[brick_tamblin]: Scifi,

[host_matt]: put. Let the crew that does all the

[host_matt]: Disney stuff

[host_matt]: for sort

[brick_tamblin]: Hm,

[host_matt]: of dizzy Starar stuff for Disney.

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm

[host_matt]: Give, give those crazy Fers do the Star War stuff access to this content.

[your_butt]: about Phloy.

[brick_tamblin]: makes sense. That makes sense.

[your_butt]: Give it to Phloney

[cobra]: Okay,

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, Yeah,

[cobra]: everything the man touches turns to gold. So Im in?

[cobra]: everything the man touches turns to gold. So Im in?

[brick_tamblin]: so in a sense that's Disney.

[your_butt]: or Favro.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Uhhuh,

[cobra]: No, but, but like

[brick_tamblin]: I, I like that

[cobra]: barring dad, I would. I would like to have seen this come back as an netf show. Think

[your_butt]: So Cw is actually the ones making it.

[cobra]: it would have worked well.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: Yeah, course

[host_matt]: Yeah, course

[brick_tamblin]: that looks that way

[your_butt]: Oh man, looks like I'm out.

[cobra]: well, I'm going to watch you because I'm you know a bitch, butper

[your_butt]: What's the best

[host_matt]: you have to.

[your_butt]: C W show

[your_butt]: Everlyly,

[brick_tamblin]: ever.

[brick_tamblin]: I, Mm.

[brick_tamblin]: I'm torn.

[host_matt]: can. I can,

[host_matt]: Iry. I was going to say, Can I count to the Upn as the foreruner to see W, and

[brick_tamblin]: I. I go ahead.

[host_matt]: say Waager,

[brick_tamblin]: you. p.

[cobra]: Je,

[brick_tamblin]: your p. N is the throwback to like,

[your_butt]: No, sir, you cannot.

[brick_tamblin]: but you see, actually he could be cause U. p. N had some good shows like

[brick_tamblin]: Tracy, Alice Ross's girlfriends. That was better that that that show was

[your_butt]: sorry. Did I ask? Did I ask about up? I don't think I did. I asked about the sea,

[brick_tamblin]: better than what this is going to be.

[your_butt]: Mother, fucking W.

[brick_tamblin]: You didn't. But sometimes you get what you need

[host_matt]: Spencer, Now,

[brick_tamblin]: and what you need is a spoonful of uped in this bitch.

[host_matt]: Spencer. Now you know what it feels like? the Hostes clown car.

[your_butt]: So you just so you know, you know you don't have a good answer. When someone says

[your_butt]: name a good show by C. W. You go well. there's another network called U, P. N,

[your_butt]: and they make some good stuff.

[brick_tamblin]: They do.

[your_butt]: I think that answers the question.

[brick_tamblin]: they did. I don't know if they're still on the air.

[cobra]: Oh, the hundred is okay. No, it's not. It was

[your_butt]: they're all.

[cobra]: the first. The first

[brick_tamblin]: U p.

[cobra]: season was

[cobra]: Okayarmed,

[your_butt]: If See's making a show. You know that's going to be like eighteen something

[your_butt]: people in in sexual relationships and that's the show.

[host_matt]: I have. I have the answer.

[host_matt]: Sorry. I was.

[cobra]: Charmed

[cobra]: Charmed

[brick_tamblin]: true.

[host_matt]: No.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[your_butt]: No,

[host_matt]: it's Smallville.

[cobra]: Charm is better than Smallville, Sorry,

[brick_tamblin]: what about Smallville on the C. W.

[brick_tamblin]: no,

[your_butt]: I think

[cobra]: Yeah, it was.

[brick_tamblin]: Hm, I

[host_matt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: didn't see charm, so

[your_butt]: a Aerrow season one was good.

[brick_tamblin]: I can't argue it, but smaller was good

[brick_tamblin]: flash.

[brick_tamblin]: Seasons one to four were really good

[host_matt]: who? Whose line is it? anyway?

[your_butt]: That's a good one.

[cobra]: Oh, there you go. That's a great show.

[cobra]: Oh, there you go. That's a great show.

[brick_tamblin]: on C on C. W.

[your_butt]: They. They definitely

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: didn't just buy the rights. They def. They made that from

[brick_tamblin]: But

[your_butt]: scratch,

[brick_tamblin]: who owned whose line is it anyway? Before the C. W picked it up,

[cobra]: Oh, Gilmore Girls There, a few good ones. Come on,

[your_butt]: kill more girls.

[cobra]: I like it.

[host_matt]: anyways, um segu

[brick_tamblin]: Chris, Pat came from Gilmore Girls but okay, Sure,

[your_butt]: Oh

[host_matt]: seguy were seu?

[host_matt]: seguy were seu?

[your_butt]: thank you, thank you, mad

[host_matt]: Enough of this we lost.

[brick_tamblin]: I think I just helped us win upion.

[host_matt]: Have Have you guys heard of Russell T Davies

[cobra]: Actually, No,

[host_matt]: Spencer?

[brick_tamblin]: He's a guy from Get him to the

[brick_tamblin]: Greekzing,

[your_butt]: that. Oh you, you scamp you.

[cobra]: okay,

[cobra]: Oh, okay,

[your_butt]: That's

[host_matt]: That is the Spencer joke.

[your_butt]: not ruse. That's uh, Russell Brand.

[cobra]: I was going to say that's a different brand of Russell, but you beat me

[your_butt]: Oh,

[your_butt]: Cobra

[your_butt]: Luceno, leave, just leave.

[host_matt]: moving on um

[host_matt]: Doctor

[host_matt]: Doctor

[brick_tamblin]: But that was a good one.

[your_butt]: just. I don't care,

[host_matt]: Ho. Now', moving on,

[brick_tamblin]: Luciano has been booted from the chat.

[host_matt]: Doctor Spencers, going first, Don't worry about it.

[cobra]: not going to get boot

[your_butt]: Russell

[cobra]: from my own potck, you

[your_butt]: Russell Davies,

[brick_tamblin]: I'm not saying. listen, listen,

[your_butt]: Ma, uh was a main show runner on Doctor Who For a lot of the good stuff.

[host_matt]: Wow, thank you for paying attention.

[your_butt]: What? what? What exactly he met me made?

[your_butt]: I will. I will defer to the Doctor Who, the resident Doctor, Who Exper, uh,

[your_butt]: mister,

[brick_tamblin]: the Hovians,

[your_butt]: Uh, the Who, head over here,

[brick_tamblin]: It's a title that I I gladly

[cobra]: brick tamblan from Whby.

[your_butt]: Mister Mister Chris.

[brick_tamblin]: share with Matt, Thoughs, like

[brick_tamblin]: share with Matt, Thoughs, like

[host_matt]: I'm going. I'm going to step it. I'm going to step in here because like all times

[host_matt]: I haven't actually told you. What about Russell Te Davies were talking about? So

[your_butt]: You asked you. Will you asked if we know who he was And you deferred to me to

[your_butt]: enter,

[host_matt]: yes,

[your_butt]: and iferred Chris to answer. And he's going to fertile Seattle, answer,

[host_matt]: and that's why

[host_matt]: I'm stepping in cause I'm deferring to myself to answer

[cobra]: I'm going to say I don't know.

[your_butt]: and to be deferred back to Mat.

[brick_tamblin]: sharing his caring here on the podcast

[host_matt]: that he is the onench and future show runner for Doctor

[brick_tamblin]: H

[host_matt]: Who.

[your_butt]: What?

[host_matt]: So

[host_matt]: Yeah, So they have decided to go back to the roots to one of the more successful

[host_matt]: show runners of Modern Doctor and tap, Russell T Davies to come back, Chris.

[your_butt]: And he made W seasons.

[host_matt]: Since

[host_matt]: Chris,

[your_butt]: Which doctor?

[brick_tamblin]: season. So Uh, Christopher Ecklesson number nine, Um, tenant, and I think he

[brick_tamblin]: left. I think he left before Matt

[brick_tamblin]: Smith. joint jumped on. I could be wrong,

[your_butt]: Those are the three best ones.

[host_matt]: that is correct, Matsmith was a mofft,

[your_butt]: So tenant and uh

[your_butt]: and Ecleston, Yeah, the best

[brick_tamblin]: Lieutenant, Had it like three, four, five seasons,

[host_matt]: Five, Ecklestone was one season, An Tennna was four or five.

[your_butt]: Td was the best doctor and had the best run. I think, In my correct opinion,

[host_matt]: Honestly, it's who you started with.

[your_butt]: No, I started from beginning, I said with Ecleston

[host_matt]: I,

[brick_tamblin]: Ied withton, too.

[host_matt]: Eklesson didn't have long enough. I started with mass

[brick_tamblin]: I agree.

[host_matt]: and work backwards and Masmith was the best one.

[brick_tamblin]: I, also, I liketh Matsmith, Mathsmith is my favorite doctor and tenant Like

[brick_tamblin]: used to go neck and neckli, before Matt. Tenant was my guy, And now? when

[brick_tamblin]: then? with Matt Smith,

[your_butt]: Mat.

[brick_tamblin]: he's my guy. So

[your_butt]: I find

[brick_tamblin]: is

[your_butt]: math, Miss Run is very American. I think you really tried to play Ky to the

[your_butt]: American audience.

[brick_tamblin]: I, I see what you mean.

[brick_tamblin]: I see what you mean. I felt that during those seasons and now and now it's

[brick_tamblin]: like, But at the same time it's like who's going to be the next? like both

[brick_tamblin]: the show runner for current, like the show Runner and the doctor, Uh, Gdy,

[brick_tamblin]: Whitter, both the show runner and Jodie are leaving, So it's like clean

[brick_tamblin]: slate. What's going to happen? I don't know so,

[your_butt]: Luciano. Uh, would you like a tenant or Smith, and uh, give me a S. Examples for

[your_butt]: why.

[cobra]: I'm going to answer that with Doctor Who.

[your_butt]: Oh my God, I regret. I regret setting you

[host_matt]: you.

[your_butt]: up like that. I regret.

[host_matt]: This is why you usually leave it to the professionals and stop taking my job.

[cobra]: That that was

[cobra]: a reason why I was ▁quiet. Because I know nothing about Doctor Who.

[your_butt]: sorry. Sorry.

[brick_tamblin]: but it doesn't mean we love you any

[your_butt]: you should have said.

[brick_tamblin]: last. Luciano.

[host_matt]: It does for me.

[cobra]: It kind of does, I think,

[brick_tamblin]: No,

[cobra]: but okay, I

[cobra]: was

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: no, it's a great series.

[cobra]: going to ask. It sounds like it sounds like this guy coming back is like a very good

[cobra]: going to ask. It sounds like it sounds like this guy coming back is like a very good

[cobra]: thing. From what. from what I'm hearing.

[cobra]: thing. From what. from what I'm hearing.

[host_matt]: well, the Internet would have you.

[host_matt]: The Internet is a bit of a tissy

[host_matt]: over it, as I like to say, and

[cobra]: Oh no. you're ▁lying. That never happens.

[brick_tamblin]: Makes sense.

[host_matt]: I'm not sure why

[host_matt]: I try to look into it, and other than you know, being a show runner for the show

[host_matt]: essentially fifteen plus years ago,

[host_matt]: I, I couldn't figure out what he did. that it would be problematic going for

[cobra]: Okay.

[host_matt]: for the show.

[your_butt]: People are actually not happy about it.

[brick_tamblin]: I could see that I could see both sides

[host_matt]: There is certain. Yeah, there's a certain group of people who think you know he's

[host_matt]: out of touch.

[your_butt]: I mean, how could they?

[brick_tamblin]: and then I would go ahead.

[your_butt]: How could they say that without seeing what he does?

[cobra]: Yeah, what

[your_butt]: What are they basing that on?

[cobra]: has has he been doing lately?

[host_matt]: Well, let me stop Russet Davies for Ay chat.

[brick_tamblin]: Let's all stop him.

[cobra]: It' like you guys were talking about Steve Mof, right that he was

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[cobra]: like. I the only thing I watch that I think I believe he was the show runner For that

[cobra]: like. I the only thing I watch that I think I believe he was the show runner For that

[cobra]: was the Sherlock series withn,

[cobra]: was the Sherlock series withn,

[your_butt]: Sherlock? Yeah,

[cobra]: I like that.

[your_butt]: I love that, too.

[brick_tamblin]: Sherlock was great, but he did what side know or like. Did you know? Um

[brick_tamblin]: moffet and Mark Gatis, Like Co ran

[cobra]: Uhhuh, Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: that show and Markds Youve seen like Gadtis was in that show too, so I'm

[brick_tamblin]: like. Why

[brick_tamblin]: if they wanted to keep it in the family? ▁quote. unquote. Why not let Mark

[brick_tamblin]: Gadtis do it, or why not let someone new do it altogether? I don't know. my

[cobra]: maybe nobody wanted to do it. Maybe nobody else wanted to do

[brick_tamblin]: feeling is like. sorry.

[cobra]: itresb. Come

[brick_tamblin]: That's possible. That's possible.

[your_butt]: What if what if Russell Davies was like? I very passionate about coming back and

[your_butt]: I have a really good plan and I'm really excited about it and he pitched it and

[host_matt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: they were like Fuck. Yeah, let's go. You're the fucking man.

[brick_tamblin]: That's the case.

[host_matt]: so

[host_matt]: I think this is all good, a Ste, like always does On who gets as a doctor.

[your_butt]: Ares Alba. Whoa, did we just read each other's minds? Yeah, that was crazy. Did

[brick_tamblin]: H.

[cobra]: on who. Yeah, we did. we did. Yeah, was

[your_butt]: you see that

[brick_tamblin]: I would love that

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[cobra]: almost at the same time that was insane.

[your_butt]: listeners? We did not plan that.

[brick_tamblin]: I think the planets have a line. If we've cosmically channelled our

[brick_tamblin]: clairvoyance into the prediction. You heard it. Hear first listeners.

[cobra]: Not not just that for me and Spencer to agree on something immediately.

[your_butt]: Yeah, you know what, I'm going to have to ruin this part. I think we discussed

[your_butt]: this once and we said we'd like Asa, and I said.

[brick_tamblin]: No, that's not what happened.

[your_butt]: I said Ari Alb was too big of a star to come back to that show and we argued

[brick_tamblin]: That didn't happen. That didn't happen.

[your_butt]: that.

[host_matt]: Well, what what I will tell you is it'll never happen. But anyways

[your_butt]: Yes, that's what I said last time

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[your_butt]: and you

[host_matt]: they.

[your_butt]: disagreed with me.

[cobra]: Do you think it's be its easy because he' is too big of a star

[host_matt]: I disagree with you on principle.

[your_butt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: we

[host_matt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: went over this.

[brick_tamblin]: hm.

[host_matt]: If you, if you've watched enough Doctor Who, you notice that the production

[host_matt]: values are

[host_matt]: there and they not great.

[host_matt]: They do their best at times, but but they're not.

[host_matt]: They're like using production

[host_matt]: five years ago.

[your_butt]: Yeah, they' always like. like, like almost a decade behind in their in their

[your_butt]: visual effects.

[brick_tamblin]: I

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: would actually say.

[cobra]: about

[your_butt]: Actually, the Mat,

[cobra]: you, Lari.

[brick_tamblin]: Well, I would say, Hm

[cobra]: How about you? Lauriery?

[brick_tamblin]: would be great.

[host_matt]: but that's just another. It

[host_matt]: feels like they were doing capal twice

[your_butt]: another old guy.

[your_butt]: Exactly?

[brick_tamblin]: You see, I'm going to call so not only do I I, I love this. S energy that

[host_matt]: just without the accent.

[brick_tamblin]: with your with your call out just now, guys with Edrisalba, Edrasla won't do

[brick_tamblin]: it now. He's going to do it in

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: twenty thirty years from now,

[host_matt]: I like that. Yes,

[brick_tamblin]: just like Peter Kaldi, Just like a lot of the other actors, and that that

[brick_tamblin]: just like Peter Kaldi, Just like a lot of the other actors, and that that

[brick_tamblin]: that tends to be the spectrum, either get a an an actor not in their

[brick_tamblin]: that tends to be the spectrum, either get a an an actor not in their

[brick_tamblin]: twilight, but an older actor or an unknown or someone that people will just

[brick_tamblin]: twilight, but an older actor or an unknown or someone that people will just

[brick_tamblin]: never expect Ex, for example, Jodie Whittaker, who's like awesome. still?

[brick_tamblin]: never expect Ex, for example, Jodie Whittaker, who's like awesome. still?

[cobra]: maybe maybe

[your_butt]: Yeah, I don't.

[cobra]: they could take a page from the marrirow moving. Get Chris Pt to the doctor.

[brick_tamblin]: Mm,

[host_matt]: now I have it. It's very simple. It's Richard Iote,

[cobra]: Okay that

[brick_tamblin]: Oh my God,

[cobra]: be? Actually, that would make me watch it.

[your_butt]: who. Who's that

[brick_tamblin]: that would be perfect.

[your_butt]: sorry?

[brick_tamblin]: We need more. Richard

[your_butt]: Who is he?

[brick_tamblin]: a Oade. Don't touch his hair. Just let him come on stage and fucking shoot

[cobra]: Have you ever watched I

[brick_tamblin]: the thing.

[host_matt]: Spencer.

[cobra]: crowd? Spencer,

[host_matt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: Have you

[brick_tamblin]: Yes,

[your_butt]: ever watched what?

[cobra]: T crowd.

[brick_tamblin]: the

[your_butt]: No? No, No,

[brick_tamblin]: the I. T crowd. it might still be on Netflix If not just go and dig it up.

[brick_tamblin]: Also he has um. he. He has a one or two seasons of um,

[brick_tamblin]: uh, I think it's called tech Man

[cobra]: no idea.

[brick_tamblin]: and he's It's like he's playing himself. I, that's probably the wrong name,

[host_matt]: it,

[brick_tamblin]: but Um, he's playing himself and he's essentially just like a observing

[brick_tamblin]: different tech, And he, his first episode I think was like Over the Oculus

[brick_tamblin]: Rift, and then he. E. Every episode is framed around. How can he use

[brick_tamblin]: technology to not do the thing people want him to do? They're like Hey,

[brick_tamblin]: Richard, you should go camping and he's like, I don't want to do that, but

[brick_tamblin]: I'm going to use technology to make it happen and be as comfortable as

[brick_tamblin]: possible, because I don't want to be out here. I'd rather be inside. It's

[cobra]: I can imagine all that you said in his voice and it does sound hilarious.

[brick_tamblin]: hilarious.

[brick_tamblin]: Yes, he also has a min series called Um Dean Lerner, where he tries to like

[brick_tamblin]: Shed the bespectacled like nerd and be that that smoken

[cobra]: Oh God,

[brick_tamblin]: jacket kind of guy, Ah, Richard Aoe, Yes,

[your_butt]: Was it a commercial for Richard A? Oae.

[cobra]: I'm here for.

[cobra]: I'm here

[brick_tamblin]: brought you by Richard Aootte,

[cobra]: for it. I think you amazing. Can you imagine just that dead pen delivery on

[your_butt]: Yeah, he' res. Apparently,

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[host_matt]: umr be you. You ask so nicely. we will say.

[cobra]: everything the doctor said?

[brick_tamblin]: I'll take Tennetinba dolex. They like. What is a ta natin Ba? What is thatt

[brick_tamblin]: and Bod? It's like Yes, I'll explain, and like

[brick_tamblin]: tatin bar. Then he blows them up,

[your_butt]: I got to take it by Luciana's reaction that whatever he is saying is somehow

[your_butt]: funny? I do not comprehend what the fucky is talking about.

[cobra]: It is funny.

[brick_tamblin]: or I'm the doctor I came here to. I came here to drink milk and kick ass and

[your_butt]: Can I beg you for a segway

[brick_tamblin]: I' just finished my milk, Dolax.

[cobra]: It's because I'm hearing all the Chris is saying in Richard Dia'? voice in my head.

[cobra]: That's why it's funny.

[your_butt]: mat mat segu please? I beg of you,

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: this is awesome

[your_butt]: Sp segu S.

[brick_tamblin]: denied.

[host_matt]: Have you heard of Twitch?

[cobra]: I have. I have one in

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[cobra]: my leg right now.

[brick_tamblin]: and I got one in my eye.

[your_butt]: Oh my God,

[host_matt]: Okay? I, going this is. I'm doing this for our fans.

[brick_tamblin]: Yes, yes, twi yeswi,

[host_matt]: Y can't take the easiest joke

[cobra]: Why not? Yeah, we can. Yes, we can.

[host_matt]: All the time. You got to

[brick_tamblin]: listen.

[host_matt]: show some some depth and range

[brick_tamblin]: Yes, what happened to twitch this time?

[host_matt]: twist. Twitch got the shit

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: hacked out of them or the fuck hacked out of them or both.

[cobra]: just

[brick_tamblin]: Oh

[cobra]: a day right. It came out today the day of this recording.

[brick_tamblin]: God, dang

[host_matt]: Thank you. thank you for dating our episode that were released five days from

[cobra]: Yeahcause, a monthly roundup is not a dated episode. By definition, you whstle, you

[host_matt]: now, saying today,

[host_matt]: it's not it is, it's the month of September and we don't do the Must September.

[cobra]: assle.

[cobra]: what a massive bungalow you are. Fuck you.

[brick_tamblin]: I'm clgging into the kion. Miss.

[host_matt]: So

[host_matt]: anyway,

[cobra]: Yeah, I got

[host_matt]: have we done here?

[cobra]: the shit hicked out hacked out of the

[your_butt]: I like

[host_matt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: mat pating. the listeners being like, Wait. this podcast isn't live. What the

[your_butt]: fuck this is recorded?

[brick_tamblin]: what is time?

[your_butt]: This was recorded days ago.

[cobra]: dear

[cobra]: listeners. I really wish you guys could see Mat's face right now. It is pales.

[brick_tamblin]: Have I am? I stuck in a ground hog. Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: as you were, sir,

[cobra]: Carry on

[your_butt]: It looks like he just got painted a bill for his taxes and it's like way above

[your_butt]: what he expected,

[cobra]: now, Sounds like someone told him Hey, Matt. now your job is to herd cats. That's

[cobra]: what his face looks like.

[your_butt]: but he's not smiling.

[cobra]: it wouldn't be.

[brick_tamblin]: he is kind of he is kind of enjoying this. You could tell. Oh, the E are

[brick_tamblin]: squi. Oh God,

[cobra]: There's plenty of thats. Is what is doing?

[brick_tamblin]: he's planning to snipe us.

[cobra]: Go ahead meth.

[host_matt]: so, um, if we're done with the weird Seg away from Twitch,

[host_matt]: I do the segways

[brick_tamblin]: Only I may say, way,

[host_matt]: Twitch. Twitch got the shit fuck hacked out of them today,

[brick_tamblin]: mhm,

[host_matt]: Um,

[host_matt]: previous versions of the platform were released Ono, four cha uh, were talking

[host_matt]: the Justin T V stuff. Uh. Also, all of the revenue did when it comes to paying

[host_matt]: streamers was released and that was the biggest talking point going around today.

[host_matt]: Um, I do like to to highlight that. Um, the person who who who released it to the

[host_matt]: hacker. We don't know who it was did sort of say I did this because twitches a

[host_matt]: shit show and they need to get their shit together and he did this while posting

[host_matt]: it all

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: on Forhan. So

[cobra]: imagine imagine going on to Fort Chinae and saying guys, look how toxic this Shi is.

[cobra]: Yeah, by the way, if you guys haven't changed yourwi passwords and all that and

[cobra]: enabled to factor deication go do so'. probably not safe.

[brick_tamblin]: y, I'm going to be doing that now

[host_matt]: it was all over the internet today, as we've already said,

[cobra]: Yes, today the day of why

[cobra]: I' got nothing. I've got nothing.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: But the the list of of people who it was interesting to see and I'm I'm looking

[host_matt]: for a list here just to talk specifically about people I remember, couple so

[host_matt]: criticalle, which is the sort of mat Mercer and gang led. And I knows more people

[host_matt]: involved, but I just can't remember

[cobra]: there' a lot of people right. not just the ones we see, but it's a whole crew right.

[host_matt]: them so please don't email us. There's a lot. Well, it's well, those five people

[host_matt]: that are co to the Critical World cast,

[cobra]: Okay, okay,

[host_matt]: but we're not talking about that. Um, but they made over the last roughly two

[host_matt]: years. I believe the exact dates were August, twenty, nineteen to October, twenty

[host_matt]: twenty, one.

[cobra]: you

[host_matt]: Um.

[cobra]: talk

[host_matt]: They made nine point eight million dollars, or the Payil was

[cobra]: gross payout right, yeah,

[host_matt]: nine point eight million dollars From from Twitch. the gross Fale Yeah, uh.

[host_matt]: Second to that was ▁, ▁q C. who uh is a French Canadian, Um, uh, overw player. He

[host_matt]: actually played in the league before they kicked them up because they kept

[host_matt]: suspending him for being toxic,

[cobra]: y.

[host_matt]: Um. and he made in the Was it The Six or the eight, eight mill range?

[host_matt]: Yeah, Um, And so going through that list. Other interesting call outes are

[host_matt]: basically,

[host_matt]: there's about two thousand people that make twenty five thousand or more

[host_matt]: per

[host_matt]: Um. Was it per year?

[brick_tamblin]: month year.

[host_matt]: I think No, it's I think it's around two thousand. Our people make enough money

[host_matt]: to actually make it their career, so maybe was fit or fifty thousand out. Look

[host_matt]: the numbers exactly, but um, basically it's really really heavy. ended in terms

[host_matt]: of if you're really popular, you make all the money, and if you're not popular,

[host_matt]: you make none of the money.

[cobra]: yeah. It's I honestly found the numbers

[cobra]: like I knew people made money, and this is. remember. this is just the gross baout

[cobra]: from Twitch. not counting the stuff that they have with like merchandise and

[cobra]: sponsorships and stuff. And to hear that a douch nozzle like Excus C made that much

[cobra]: money in two years is

[cobra]: jeus.

[cobra]: That was

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: not.

[cobra]: I was not happy to hear it.

[brick_tamblin]: that's really scary. That's really scary. So like any a way this kind of

[brick_tamblin]: reminded this. I don't know if this is like this is a creepy kind of

[brick_tamblin]: twist of fate, because it's like I remember another streamer. Um think

[brick_tamblin]: the name is Gaing right now, but he used to primarily p, uh, like you know,

[brick_tamblin]: make content on Twitch And then he talked about his shift Alpha gaming. There

[brick_tamblin]: you go. Uh. He switched over to Youtube live streaming and he was justifying

[brick_tamblin]: this was months ago. Like Wow, this is this is September now. Uh, he was

[brick_tamblin]: talking about the reasons why he was doing his switch a long time ago, So

[brick_tamblin]: it's like you was talking about the benefits of why he did the switch. Why

[brick_tamblin]: didn't seem Uh sustainable and now fast forward to now. it's like this is

[brick_tamblin]: happening to Twitch, so it makes me wonder if this is like

[brick_tamblin]: I don't know one of the first of whatever nails in in the coffin for Twitch.

[brick_tamblin]: But maybe not because there's millions running through it That'll keep it

[cobra]: I don't think it's going to affect too much. in that sense. Unfortunately, it's a big

[brick_tamblin]: going. What do you guys think?

[cobra]: while right now, even when Facebook gaming had a big push for pulling people out a

[cobra]: Twitch and having them stream on Facebook exclusively, and even like

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[cobra]: basically driving a truck full of money and backing it into people's back yards, they

[cobra]: couldn't do it

[cobra]: just because everybody

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[cobra]: goes towitch. Anybody that wants to watch stream immediately goes the treat. It

[cobra]: automatic

[cobra]: know,

[host_matt]: yeah, I agree. I think it's if you look at one of the reasons why this probably

[host_matt]: came up. Waswi was pilot a system whereby people could pay to have themselves

[host_matt]: promoted to be the top of pages.

[host_matt]: And and you can see here how, how dumb of an idea. that is that if these people

[host_matt]: are getting this much money, it's very top end,

[host_matt]: top heavy. Um, You know that that means that they have fans and people who are

[host_matt]: paying the the

[host_matt]: subscription fees. They are also going to continue to pump them. So that scenario

[host_matt]: isn't going to help a little guy, because there's no way the little guy is going

[host_matt]: to, And you know I'm on the list of people you know making money in the last

[host_matt]: month. You know the twentieth person on this list got forty three thousand

[host_matt]: dollars. You think a little guy is going to throw, you know a that comparable

[host_matt]: amount of money into trying to promote themselves when everybody else ahead of

[host_matt]: them is being promoted to. It's just it's not going to fly

[cobra]: and it

[host_matt]: right. so I think I think

[cobra]: Go ahead.

[host_matt]: it's just dumb. It's a dumb idea.

[cobra]: Yeah, and it's It's like, uh, almost a self fulfilling prophecy Because

[cobra]: the the larger you are, the more Twitch wants to promote just you and fuck everybody

[cobra]: else. Instead of like trying to level the playing field, they just like investing on

[cobra]: the ones that already bring them the most money.

[cobra]: And and they they cover up like

[cobra]: I, I believe. Excus See got

[cobra]: like weeks of bans from Twitch from Like Shi that he said. Maybe I mis remembering,

[cobra]: but

[cobra]: they don't really care much about what the people do, unless it's like against the

[cobra]: the terms of of agreement or whatever.

[cobra]: And and so it doesn't

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[cobra]: matter if you're a shit person as long as you're bringing the money they're investing

[cobra]: on you, So yeah, its. it's a stupid idea. I agree.

[your_butt]: What Twitch?

[cobra]: I knew it. I fucking knew it. you're so predictable.

[your_butt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: So then does this mean?

[your_butt]: I'm not even really joking like I don't. really. I don't know what Twitch is Per

[your_butt]: se. I know you can stream stuff.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[your_butt]: I thought originally it was for streaming people play video games. Is that

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: all it

[host_matt]: Yes,

[your_butt]: is?

[cobra]: no, not

[host_matt]: yes,

[cobra]: anymore. Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: well, there's other content. It

[host_matt]: listen,

[brick_tamblin]: expanded. it diversified.

[host_matt]: yes, Benenceer, we don't have the time to explain the new answers. The

[host_matt]: Twitch. but for all intense and purposes, people stream video games. You can

[your_butt]: Just give me the basics.

[host_matt]: watch some stream video games and interact with them there. that's

[your_butt]: That's it.

[host_matt]: it. There are other things on there. That's the majority of

[host_matt]: the

[cobra]: yeah.

[brick_tamblin]: Primarily

[host_matt]: thing. There are other people on there who just chat like it's not. It's kind of

[host_matt]: like what only fans wishes it was. You could pretty do anything on there except

[host_matt]: porn and

[host_matt]: that's what it comes down to

[your_butt]: so like people will.

[brick_tamblin]: this. just inwi buys only

[cobra]: Oh God,

[brick_tamblin]: fans.

[brick_tamblin]: O. fans diversifies into not naked chats.

[your_butt]: Well, that didn't answer my question.

[cobra]: it's a streaming service. You can stream yourself doing whatever you want as long as

[cobra]: it's not up

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[cobra]: your. but

[your_butt]: Okay, all right, that's kind of, but it's primarily video games. Okay, do you

[your_butt]: get? Do you got? Do you guys watch it?

[brick_tamblin]: so I guess we won't see you there. then.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, use it from time

[your_butt]: Do? Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: to time. Actually, it's been a whilecause. I've slowed down so like some some

[brick_tamblin]: gamers that I, I follow the the live stream Onwi and then sometimes they'll

[brick_tamblin]: have uh, you know recordings. Whatever so short answers,

[brick_tamblin]: Yesdeed,

[your_butt]: Okay,

[your_butt]: I'll take your word for it.

[cobra]: also you guys can catch. while I was going to say all of us. but at least three of

[cobra]: us. You can catch us on Twitch next month. When we do extra life.

[cobra]: Assume doesn't tank because it was hacked. Hopefully not.

[host_matt]: exce. Excuse me, sir, You didn't say Segway before you did that, you can just do

[cobra]: I didn't say you' still talking about? Which

[host_matt]: that to the listeners.

[brick_tamblin]: you said. Speaking of which,

[cobra]: do you know? Do you know what a segu is?

[host_matt]: You not talk about Twich, you're talking about extra life. Now that's called the

[host_matt]: Segu,

[your_butt]: Who? who's going to help

[cobra]: My seways are natural. I don't need to use the words Seway,

[your_butt]: who's going to?

[brick_tamblin]: who's going to help

[your_butt]: Yeah, segu

[brick_tamblin]: Spencer understand what twitches

[cobra]: Matt Matwell,

[your_butt]: uh

[host_matt]: Google,

[host_matt]: go

[your_butt]: se se,

[cobra]: Guco,

[host_matt]: Google it.

[your_butt]: ps,

[host_matt]: go, go on towitching, Google

[host_matt]: go, go on towitching, Google

[brick_tamblin]: Googles are wonderful? Uh,

[your_butt]: segu Who's going to who's going to come over and help set up my twitch?

[cobra]: That's not what a segu is,

[your_butt]: Do I do? I need a. Do I need to buy something?

[host_matt]: Nobdy,

[host_matt]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: you need to buy a

[brick_tamblin]: Twitchbx and the Twitchbox will allow for you to connect to the Internet,

[your_butt]: Oh boy,

[cobra]: Are you? Are you doing a nicety crowd? The elders of the Internet,

[brick_tamblin]: which is another box you need to buy.

[brick_tamblin]: Yes,

[cobra]: Okay,

[brick_tamblin]: indeed,

[host_matt]: So so we're goingnna, we're going to say, go into news. Um, away from uh,

[host_matt]: explaining how to find the Internet and Twitch

[your_butt]: I think there's a lot of people out there that don't know whatwiches and I'm just

[your_butt]: I'm speaking up for them.

[host_matt]: I, based on based on those numbers. I don't think that's accurate.

[host_matt]: ▁ Segu.

[host_matt]: Have you guys heard of a cowboy beeb up?

[brick_tamblin]: Yes,

[cobra]: havened itme,

[cobra]: havened itme,

[your_butt]: Who's what?

[brick_tamblin]: an

[your_butt]: whos watched it

[your_butt]: else?

[your_butt]: Know you have

[cobra]: Have you,

[your_butt]: loser.

[host_matt]: Okay,

[brick_tamblin]: what's shame on you?

[brick_tamblin]: what's shame on you?

[cobra]: dear listeners? we are

[host_matt]: we're not.

[cobra]: terrible, dear listeners,

[brick_tamblin]: You? just you, Just you, just putting words together and pushing them out of

[your_butt]: No, I'm just

[brick_tamblin]: your mouth.

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: I just mad in mad for shaming my twitch stupidity.

[cobra]: so dear listeners.

[host_matt]: I'm not shaming it.

[cobra]: we are terrible at podcasting. So while we are reacting to his mad, raising his hand

[cobra]: when we asked who who watched it

[your_butt]: Oh, oh yeah,

[host_matt]: Youre welcome.

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[your_butt]: yeah, Gus. you can't raise your head on a podcast.

[your_butt]: yeah, Gus. you can't raise your head on a podcast.

[your_butt]: Good point,

[host_matt]: Okay,

[your_butt]: Luciano.

[host_matt]: but you could ask for me to give you a point point point power, Probably

[host_matt]: presentation, explaining how Twitch

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: works.

[brick_tamblin]: a fullsome synopsis of what twitches

[your_butt]: a lot of people want to know that stuff

[cobra]: think should be, Think

[cobra]: it should

[host_matt]: They don't

[cobra]: be Google slides,

[brick_tamblin]: You just want to know?

[host_matt]: justs you,

[cobra]: not not

[your_butt]: of them

[cobra]: Powerpo, but anyway,

[host_matt]: so cowboy

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: be bop. The just, we's more we're talking about it is are our chance to do a

[host_matt]: little bit of of theory, craft a theory, hoping because they just released in the

[host_matt]: month of September. There, the opening credits, the live action opening credits

[host_matt]: where we get to see John show, Uh, and we get to see. Um. Well, I don't know the

[host_matt]: dog's name, so I'm just going to call them on. Um,

[host_matt]: we get to see all of these characters in in sort of a. A. A. It's a new version

[host_matt]: of the opening and the really interesting thing about it is the. Um. the person

[host_matt]: who did the original score for the T V show came back and wrote an all new

[host_matt]: original score

[cobra]: Oh, that's neat.

[host_matt]: for this intro. Um, yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: oh gosh. oh, gosh.

[your_butt]: was the same same song.

[brick_tamblin]: well,

[your_butt]: Sounds the same.

[host_matt]: Same composer So

[brick_tamblin]: I, I hear that. Yeah,

[cobra]: I. I only know one thing about this particular iteration that we were going to get

[cobra]: from cowboy beep up, and that there was some controversy about

[cobra]: the Cas

[cobra]: or some of the Cas.

[your_butt]: When is there not a controversy about everything?

[cobra]: right. I know. I know.

[your_butt]: He's too old, he's too young, too too skinny. Two do that.

[brick_tamblin]: he's not Italian.

[your_butt]: he's not

[your_butt]: Italian. He's not Athtician,

[host_matt]: Well as

[cobra]: I think you

[cobra]: pronounceed it. I. Italian. Its Italian, Excuse you,

[your_butt]: Marios.

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: it is not

[host_matt]: yournster.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh

[cobra]: that bred pit. He'll tell

[cobra]: your,

[your_butt]: bow', not play by in Diesel, O,

[host_matt]: Okay,

[host_matt]: yeah, thank you

[brick_tamblin]: listeners. we all love each other. Just

[your_butt]: na. Don't

[brick_tamblin]: so you know, we give each other high fives after every recording is complete.

[your_butt]: I hate Mat, but

[your_butt]: that's all

[brick_tamblin]: jumping

[cobra]: and you're asking for his help on Twi.

[brick_tamblin]: back into the topic cowboy Be bo.

[cobra]: Anyway,

[your_butt]: well that' that's that's

[brick_tamblin]: You see, biting the head that feeds you. I believe the term is.

[your_butt]: I love Mat. I'm just kidding.

[host_matt]: to Cowboy. Beep Up,

[cobra]: Yes,

[your_butt]: Yes.

[host_matt]: had a live action opening sequence. Creits, if you will, and

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: yes, people have been mad that John show is old, too old to play Spike. But I

[brick_tamblin]: hm'. A good.

[brick_tamblin]: hm'. A good.

[host_matt]: guess that comes down to the question of when when we go from anime action be

[host_matt]: very popular. What? what are you all expecting? Are you expecting them to just

[host_matt]: reshoooot the the anime Uh show

[host_matt]: in in live action are expecting new stories like Where where do you want to go?

[brick_tamblin]: I like a mix like. It Also depends when we look at adaptations. if it's like

[brick_tamblin]: sh, for shot or just using the script. Unfortunately, there there are more

[brick_tamblin]: adaptations that that go off the book than those that stay on book.

[brick_tamblin]: You

[host_matt]: Y?

[your_butt]: Yeah, like what movies?

[brick_tamblin]: know, So Ins is Netflix

[your_butt]: Yeah, What movies have gone shot for

[brick_tamblin]: good?

[your_butt]: shot because everyone'. always like. Oh, you can't make a shop or shot. It won't

[your_butt]: work. But the ones that have been shopper shot and there's not many of them. I

[your_butt]: feel like Sinci did it kind of with a comic and watchmen, which are like they

[your_butt]: were pretty similar and those are pretty well received.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: It's the ones that change a lot of

[brick_tamblin]: yeah,

[your_butt]: stuff that usually goes really badly,

[host_matt]: Well, Yeah, I.

[host_matt]: it's hard to say like the watchman did change a few things right.

[your_butt]: but

[host_matt]: but

[host_matt]: I also

[brick_tamblin]: look the big Bad in the.

[your_butt]: but it wasn't like,

[host_matt]: think I think it's

[your_butt]: wasn't crazy changes.

[cobra]: I think you have to change sometimes

[host_matt]: well. Watch from the movie wasn't good

[host_matt]: right.

[brick_tamblin]: sometimes, Yes, sometimes no. I honestly, I'm fifty fifty when it comes to

[your_butt]: Oh, sorry, I can't hear you because you, I can hear through that fence you're

[brick_tamblin]: um, but I, I, I'll revise that.

[your_butt]: sitting on.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, I'm about to. I'm about to hop off the fence if there's an opportunity

[brick_tamblin]: to

[brick_tamblin]: be, cause. Yeah, sometimes certain things don't age well right, But then

[cobra]: or they don't work in the medium right sometimes, they don't work in a specific

[brick_tamblin]: again, cowboy be bought fits. Sorry,

[cobra]: medium when they work in another one.

[brick_tamblin]: sometimes

[brick_tamblin]: right. And so youve got to. You've got to try and, and I guess you know,

[brick_tamblin]: massage the content so that it that the audience will receive it, so in that

[brick_tamblin]: case I'm for it. but then again,

[brick_tamblin]: I don't think that's necessary. With Cowboy be boop. it's already set in in

[brick_tamblin]: in in the distant future, So why it's all? it's almost like I don't know. I

[brick_tamblin]: mean well, I haven't what. So let me let me put it to you guys. What would

[brick_tamblin]: happen if let's say Battle Sar, Galactica and Babylo Onn Five came from a

[brick_tamblin]: different medium, And then someone wanted to adapt it for live action? but

[brick_tamblin]: they didn't stick to the original material and they started changing things

[cobra]: Well,

[host_matt]: Well,

[cobra]: Battle Star already did that

[brick_tamblin]: up.

[host_matt]: you picked a wrong. Yeah, Bo, start at it.

[brick_tamblin]: I don't know. well, I know they adapted, but like it came from. Like did it

[brick_tamblin]: exist at a different medium before Battle Golaxica, Seventies or something?

[host_matt]: No, it was a T

[cobra]: a Tv show.

[host_matt]: V show. It was a T V show in the seventies. That's all. it was.

[your_butt]: Yeah, yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Nagno, T v show

[cobra]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: but like there's there,

[brick_tamblin]: D. That's all okay,

[your_butt]: but there's some things that like need to be changed and updated Like the

[your_butt]: g

[your_butt]: is like terrible, like a age. they needed to

[your_butt]: modernize it. This show's not that old, and from what I can tell, people

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[brick_tamblin]: nineties,

[your_butt]: fucking love it like that, the number one anime all the time. So it's like

[your_butt]: changing. That is like sacrilege as opposed to people like. Yeah, Battle starts

[your_butt]: an ip. I remember, and I'd love to see a new one But like it's not. It's not like

[your_butt]: that. It's not super old.

[cobra]: I

[cobra]: don't know if I would go as far as to say it's a basom, but's super iconic. I's

[your_butt]: What year did it come out?

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: what kind of what happened with Gst In the Shell in the movie Right like? they? fuck

[cobra]: that up

[brick_tamblin]: Hm,

[cobra]: pretty badly.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, I

[cobra]: so

[brick_tamblin]: think they did mess it up. I didn't get to see

[cobra]: I think

[brick_tamblin]: it for those reasons. I, I didn't like the the feedback was getting going.

[cobra]: I think certain things require from like a medium perspective. certain things require

[cobra]: change. I don't think they should change

[cobra]: like they should keep the spirit of the thing alive. If they do that, we probably bo

[cobra]: and they keep what makes the show good. And they change some beats here and there.

[cobra]: That's fine for me. I think

[brick_tamblin]: I would also say, I would also say to that, Um, the show runners or the

[brick_tamblin]: studio? that's that's working with y adaptation. Their track record is is is

[brick_tamblin]: a huge, Is a big indicator of like how this how a thing

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: will turn out right. So for me, Netflix, uh, teing with Dream Works on

[brick_tamblin]: Voltron and Uh and Shira, And I mean I don't well, I'm just going to sick

[brick_tamblin]: with those. Voltron was a Chef's kiss adaptation. Not only did they respect

[brick_tamblin]: the lore, but they also found ways to go into new territory and expand and

[brick_tamblin]: flush things out. and they, and I think they're doing the same thing with he

[your_butt]: but those are, but those are both animated. Correct. Netflix.

[brick_tamblin]: man Actually won't go into that based on spoilers

[brick_tamblin]: True. Yes, they are.

[your_butt]: this live action anime and I'm going to bring it up again. Deaf Death Note

[your_butt]: was

[brick_tamblin]: Yep.

[your_butt]: absolute garbage and they did not honor the source

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[your_butt]: material in. anyway. So and I think if they do a shot for Shopot remake of Death

[your_butt]: Nota would have worked fine. as with again, A couple filler beats there that you

[your_butt]: get rid of because it's like, obviously a full season of a show doesn't need to

[your_butt]: be dragged on like that. They just c cut

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm,

[your_butt]: the fat, and then you're good to go. In my opinion,

[cobra]: if you did the shot for shot of death Noe, it would look very weird in life. A.

[cobra]: because there'

[your_butt]: I'm not talking about cineotography, I'm talking about a story story wise.

[cobra]: story wise, Yes, I agree be cause the story was already

[brick_tamblin]: Then we should be Yes,

[cobra]: so tight and

[brick_tamblin]: story

[cobra]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: beat for beat, as opposed to shopffer shot.

[brick_tamblin]: beat for beat, as opposed to shopffer shot.

[your_butt]: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, yes.

[host_matt]: So,

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[host_matt]: but the Ch, the challenge for me with doing this story beat Shaer Shaot is

[brick_tamblin]: Are you? are you serious? Are you committed to strafer shot or a story? Beat

[your_butt]: Yeah. Now when I think shot to Sha, I think you talking about

[brick_tamblin]: for beat?

[host_matt]: well,

[your_butt]: semimoography shop for Sh.

[host_matt]: Shuffer shot is almost impossible. because you're going you. when you're jumping

[host_matt]: medis.

[cobra]: yeah, agreed.

[host_matt]: you can't do shopff shot right like they're not off content. So it's a story be

[host_matt]: for storybeat and the challenge of a story be for story beat. To some degree is

[host_matt]: it just doesn't make good television. And

[host_matt]: why if you're going to do a live ashing cowboy, be Bob. There's probably no value

[host_matt]: in recreating all the same Tv shows like you want. You want to be able to tell

[host_matt]: new stories and different stories. That's that's part of the game right. It's

[host_matt]: like it's like Star Trek. Starchtark keeps making new Star Trek series, but they

[host_matt]: don't go back and remake generations because there's no need to re tell that

[host_matt]: story. even when they made the new Star Trek movies. You know, recasting all the

[host_matt]: original cast. They didn't go back and just show those old stories and movies

[host_matt]: they made their own, whether they're good or bad. Whether

[brick_tamblin]: How do we ship? How do we get a whe into space yet?

[host_matt]: yeah, so like so, I think that the expectation that if we do, we take animmental

[host_matt]: live action and we redo, especially a T. V show.

[host_matt]: It's just

[host_matt]: think hard. You really want that. Now you want you to be faithful to the

[your_butt]: I haven't. I haven't seen it. so I, I can't say. I can't say that I wanted. I'm

[host_matt]: material, But

[your_butt]: just thinking in Di. In past iterations it's

[your_butt]: there are things

[your_butt]: that when that are so beloved that if you change it, it's almost like, Like

[your_butt]: disrespecting it, you know, and I'm not saying, saying the exact

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: same story. But there's like certain themes and elements

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[your_butt]: and and and main story points that have to be there. Like again. I go back to the

[your_butt]: death note. They completely change the characters, motives, and the. the. The

[your_butt]: whole. the whole thing was like, And they're just like trying to make

[host_matt]: yeah,

[your_butt]: it. They're doing what you're describing, though they're like trying to make it

[your_butt]: new and for a modern audience and all this shit.

[host_matt]: I, I'm not describing that, I think you'. You're assuming that I'm saying that

[host_matt]: the challenge here is that you didn't change how who Kirk was. You didn't change

[host_matt]: the Kiks relationship when you made in new movies, like changing the core motive

[host_matt]: of a main character. Now you're just remagining a story and I think that's

[host_matt]: stupid. Now you' you? You don't go and change

[host_matt]: the the reasons behind you know the kid getting the Deaath note and why he uses

[host_matt]: it and his relationship to to all the things going on around with him.

[host_matt]: But, but does he specifically kill everybody? The exact same names in

[cobra]: no, that doesn't have to be the case.

[host_matt]: the exact water. Now, as long as the beats are there, that's fine.

[your_butt]: No, I agree with you there, but Star Trek is not a good example because Star Trek

[your_butt]: isn't a of like you said before. Uh, it's episodic so it's not like one overlaing

[your_butt]: story that they have to reta. It's like they. The the setting is what they what,

[your_butt]: and the characters are what you love. and the story changes every episode so a

[your_butt]: rebook can change E episode episode as well,

[host_matt]: right.

[your_butt]: if if death don't take a long story and say, I don't know howowb be, but I don't

[your_butt]: know if it's episodic or not.

[host_matt]: Well, so so I hate to to do this, but we shouldn't focus too much on Deno,

[your_butt]: shut up. So about be, but

[host_matt]: because this is about cowboy

[host_matt]: And

[your_butt]: I said

[cobra]: No,

[brick_tamblin]: he's worried, though he's worried

[cobra]: but

[your_butt]: no. I said

[host_matt]: but, but but

[cobra]: like I think of, I think of

[brick_tamblin]: about about what happened between the fi.

[cobra]: movie that adapt books right and I, I've been on both sides of like watching a movie

[cobra]: that was adapted from a book, and then reading the book after and then reading the

[cobra]: book first and seeing the thing adapted and it always. The thing that old always

[cobra]: irritates me. Is what Spencer was talking about is changing the spirit and the core,

[cobra]: and like the the beloved beats of

[your_butt]: yeah,

[cobra]: the original, Like If you change that, why are you using that like just using the

[cobra]: name to make money? you know.

[your_butt]: W. we all know what. What We all know what we don't want. We don't want that

[your_butt]: greasy producer to come in there and me like you know they're going to love this.

[host_matt]: so I,

[your_butt]: Uh, if we get a love story in

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[your_butt]: there, you know, and theyre

[brick_tamblin]: Mhm. More we need more sex.

[your_butt]: going to. we

[cobra]: yeah,

[your_butt]: need more. We

[host_matt]: so,

[your_butt]: need more a fight scene here and we need we need Kirk. We need Pa car to kick

[your_butt]: need more a fight scene here and we need we need Kirk. We need Pa car to kick

[your_butt]: that guy in the balls and say that's up. Fuck, cause they'll love that. You know.

[your_butt]: that guy in the balls and say that's up. Fuck, cause they'll love that. You know.

[brick_tamblin]: That's right. You know who. that's right. You know who's got a great play

[brick_tamblin]: book that we need it. You know what we need to be doing. Fire Jeff, Jeff,

[brick_tamblin]: you're out of here. You know what we're going to do. We'll do what the C. W

[brick_tamblin]: does. Okay,

[your_butt]: nobody's ever said that

[cobra]: nobody's

[host_matt]: no, no, no,

[cobra]: ever said that in the history of Sp. some time,

[brick_tamblin]: that's why we'

[your_butt]: no one's ever.

[brick_tamblin]: nobody wants that. Nobody, nobody wants that, But that's what. That's what

[brick_tamblin]: those

[brick_tamblin]: assholes are thinking. They are following the same play book.

[your_butt]: No, nobody's ever said that.

[host_matt]: well, Dy, Dc is definitely done. That I, the one I'm going to add here because I

[host_matt]: think it's really important to to make a distinction when you talk about Deathno

[host_matt]: Denut came from a manga turned

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: into an anime. And that means that it has a much more defined story where Cowboy

[host_matt]: Beb was just an anime. And so to me, Cowboy Beb feels like you just want to be

[host_matt]: with the crew in that same universe. We want to repeat the

[your_butt]: So

[host_matt]: stories, but with deaf note is a very structured

[your_butt]: yes,

[host_matt]: story you need to follow. If you're If you're using the same characters.

[your_butt]: so that's what I was asking Is is cowboy Beb one long story? Is it episod?

[host_matt]: It's mostly episod'

[host_matt]: it's got volumes right, so it has

[host_matt]: themes,

[host_matt]: But it's been a while since I washed it, but I don't think it like it's not like

[host_matt]: shows today where like every episode builds on the episode before telling a

[your_butt]: So if that's the case, I mean, I guess they don't have to like. Do it

[host_matt]: specific story.

[your_butt]: exactly the same, you know, as as long as like

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, yeah,

[your_butt]: the best St. you knowt you watch a show and you're like. Oh, that part was like

[your_butt]: the best. That was such a sick moment. You know. those moments have to be

[your_butt]: captured in the show. In my opinion,

[brick_tamblin]: Hm, this show. I'm rewk. I'm I'm actually, I'm rewching it now, so

[brick_tamblin]: I feel like the advantage they have since it's set so far in the future, and

[brick_tamblin]: then since a lot like there are threads that will that will continue through

[brick_tamblin]: each episode, but most episodes feel pretty contained, so I feel like they

[brick_tamblin]: have enough room to adapt, but be in the right,

[brick_tamblin]: but apply the right lenses that make it feel like it's of this of this like

[brick_tamblin]: it's it's. It's channeing the right energy. So when I look at the the

[brick_tamblin]: breakdown like they're saying, it's based on the beloved anime series like

[brick_tamblin]: they know they. If they F this up like they're they're going to. They. Their

[brick_tamblin]: their feet are go. Their feet are going to be set to the coals. right. So Th

[brick_tamblin]: that that's what. Making that's what'm choosing the right people for your

[brick_tamblin]: team. like your show runs, and bla, blah blh, blah. It makes it so crucial.

[brick_tamblin]: But then again, who knows who was on the team when it came to the Netflix

[brick_tamblin]: adaptation of Death Note, they didn't have the right people. They didn't have

[brick_tamblin]: the right vision. They didn't. They didn't respect the material enough to

[brick_tamblin]: properly apply the themes

[cobra]: well,

[brick_tamblin]: that would make the Netflix

[cobra]: that's that's what happens with almost every eneme to love A and adaptation.

[brick_tamblin]: adaptation successfulm.

[your_butt]: almost every almost every time it's that producer that gets in there and says we

[your_butt]: need a love story between abstractive mail and a grab tracked. Fema took the

[your_butt]: storyt. have any love interest stories? Well,

[cobra]: Now it does now it does,

[your_butt]: make a new character her name. Her name's Joanna, and she' a sixxy pilot from

[your_butt]: Venus Seven and it's just like Fck.

[host_matt]: Well,

[host_matt]: I'll say this is the last point.

[host_matt]: There are something from anime you can't bring to North America because you just

[host_matt]: can

[your_butt]: Yes, agree.

[host_matt]: write

[host_matt]: the whole

[cobra]: pray, pray tell,

[brick_tamblin]: Hm,

[host_matt]: Master Roche thing.

[host_matt]: Master Roche is my prime example of just so much of a character you could not

[host_matt]: show in

[your_butt]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, I guess so

[host_matt]: as as if you do a live asction version right of of Dragon Ball

[your_butt]: he an honest, trueiform,

[brick_tamblin]: they tried to bring Roche, but they couldn'tcause

[host_matt]: right,

[brick_tamblin]: like, Listen, how we saw

[host_matt]: whoa,

[brick_tamblin]: This is how we solve it, Chow, young, fat like we can, we could sweep, we

[brick_tamblin]: could sweep. Do

[host_matt]: right.

[brick_tamblin]: you guys

[your_butt]: Yeah, yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: remember the Dr. The D

[host_matt]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: v C movie like we could justweep the creep vids under

[host_matt]: just

[brick_tamblin]: and let the

[cobra]: listen. Listen,

[brick_tamblin]: venerable Chow young fat, just like usher in the The The Thing

[cobra]: that's not what happened with that movie Like we' going to make a

[brick_tamblin]: I know.

[cobra]: movie so bad that no matter what what else we do, nobody is going to pay attention.

[cobra]: That's what they did.

[brick_tamblin]: Oh, we should break that movie down one day, But anyways,

[host_matt]: one day. so anyways, I think it's time to say away off that topic because we

[host_matt]: really exhausted it. but there's there's. It could be good, but it's

[cobra]: I am curious to watch it.

[host_matt]: always dangerous when North America adapts anime.

[your_butt]: but we didn't. Actually, we didn't have to talk at all about what the actual news

[your_butt]: thing was. Which was

[cobra]: It's just the opening credit.

[your_butt]: what did you think of the opening?

[host_matt]: No,

[your_butt]: Did you do you like it?

[brick_tamblin]: okay, here you go. It was exciting. I'm looking forward to it November

[host_matt]: no, no, no, we

[host_matt]: seguate we, not, we're segway. We, we're past

[your_butt]: but it seway The segways happened, Man,

[brick_tamblin]: nineteenth. That's all

[cobra]: The Segu train has left the station.

[host_matt]: it now, Theway

[brick_tamblin]: it happened.

[host_matt]: the segu is. Yeah, we can't just go back as

[brick_tamblin]: you know what,

[host_matt]: you feel like it. We already spent like fifteen minutes on that. We. we're out.

[brick_tamblin]: But he called out the thing. So anyways,

[your_butt]: No, No, you live. you' living in the past, Man,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[your_butt]: wake up.

[brick_tamblin]: no man.

[host_matt]: we always move forward. We never go back.

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, Well, tell that to Spencer.

[host_matt]: Well I did just now,

[cobra]: That feels like a burn. For some reason.

[host_matt]: Segu.

[your_butt]: Yeah, I know.

[host_matt]: this is the last one we're doing

[brick_tamblin]: Tell that

[your_butt]: Oh,

[brick_tamblin]: to your butt.

[host_matt]: right.

[your_butt]: you got him,

[brick_tamblin]: I respect you, but you. S me. After that, I'm looking forward to the next

[brick_tamblin]: thing.

[your_butt]: Ma,

[cobra]: that's going to murder everyone of

[your_butt]: mat,

[cobra]: us in our sleep.

[your_butt]: Uh mats up, Ma, walking up behind Chris. He got to his house and he's going to

[your_butt]: get him. He's got his heads around his neck, Ma, no, don't ma, please. he's just

[your_butt]: a boy.

[cobra]: Just a boy.

[host_matt]: This is.

[brick_tamblin]: Got a family.

[host_matt]: this is an excellent segue. Uh into our final topic. Netflix. Have you heard of

[host_matt]: them? Great,

[host_matt]: Don't care

[cobra]: Wow,

[brick_tamblin]: Yep, yup

[host_matt]: is releasing an interactive w w horror movie. Um,

[brick_tamblin]: interactive.

[host_matt]: Apparently it's already been released.

[cobra]: came out yesterday. Yes,

[host_matt]: Came out

[brick_tamblin]: Good God.

[host_matt]: yesterday.

[your_butt]: Wait,

[host_matt]: Um, we haven't obviously watched it, but it

[your_butt]: but we, but we didn't get a chance to make bad puns about the name of Netflix.

[your_butt]: Is that like a

[cobra]: that's

[your_butt]: show for Nets?

[cobra]: see. This is why we didn't do it. Because it was a good thing he was a good thing.

[host_matt]: okay. Really. That's that's why we want to spend

[your_butt]: I was. I was.

[host_matt]: our time

[host_matt]: on's.

[brick_tamblin]: Okay, so my first question is how the hell

[brick_tamblin]: why it's not impossible but uninterted First of all, it's slow down

[brick_tamblin]: interactive. w w e. horrly.

[cobra]: I know right. there's too many adjectives in that in that thing.

[brick_tamblin]: No,

[host_matt]: it's everything you didn

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: know you want.

[host_matt]: know you want.

[host_matt]: know you want.

[brick_tamblin]: listen. I'm just going to. I'm going to do this is like Im. I'm doing it as

[brick_tamblin]: the resident as the resident bypock of this of this forcast,

[brick_tamblin]: three brothers try to take on the undertaker, You know they're all going to

[brick_tamblin]: die.

[cobra]: can can't

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: This is not right.

[cobra]: really argue with you there.

[host_matt]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: It makes no

[host_matt]: yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: sense. Furthermore, but I can't suspend my disbelief in this shit. Other

[brick_tamblin]: takeer is old. Let Mark retire for for pe sake.

[host_matt]: it's a supernatural thing you. You don't understand?

[cobra]: he looks. no. No, no, Chris is right. he looks like he shouldn't be the undertaker

[cobra]: anymore. He nukes like another, take years to go get him be cause his his past due.

[your_butt]: Oh, my God, it was too much work to get to that punchline.

[cobra]: I know I tried.

[brick_tamblin]: I like it

[cobra]: I try my best

[brick_tamblin]: Escap. the undertaker

[cobra]: escape. The undertaker is the name of it.

[your_butt]: He so old, he's like Come back, crazy kids.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: tries to roll his eyes back into his into his head and then he has an anism.

[brick_tamblin]: He like. Wait some to get my pills cut

[brick_tamblin]: clear.

[cobra]: Apparently there is a long history of w. w. horror movies. I didn't know. I didn't

[cobra]: know that before

[brick_tamblin]: Really,

[cobra]: reading this this news Bi. Yeah, but yeah,

[cobra]: reading this this news Bi. Yeah, but yeah,

[your_butt]: Yeah, I remember. The,

[host_matt]: Oh, O. of course,

[your_butt]: have you heard of the classic name One Mat? please?

[host_matt]: the classic armed

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: response. It is an actction horror movie that stars Wesley Snipes and W w e.

[host_matt]: Kolbe Lopez

[host_matt]: Lopez, K

[your_butt]: like. like youl, like you have to describe it. We all know what you're talking

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[host_matt]: Cthralands'mrry, you? not? You're not aware of the Leprc series.

[your_butt]: about.

[your_butt]: Well, it's all cobra, say your favorite line from armed response.

[cobra]: no, they're coming.

[your_butt]: Oh, that's a classic, Chris. What's your favorite linemaned response?

[brick_tamblin]: Oh no, someone's behind me.

[cobra]: That's just Ma.

[your_butt]: You know what

[your_butt]: I?

[your_butt]: I like your answer. but I think. Oh, They' coming was my favorite too.

[your_butt]: That's that's the great. That's such great word play.

[brick_tamblin]: Give me a break. this is. this is definitely not going to end up in the in

[your_butt]: I like when they say the movie title, They looks like we need a armed response.

[brick_tamblin]: the razzy bin.

[cobra]: Oh, my lord.

[cobra]: apparently there'. there's a. There's a series called the Leperc series and that one

[cobra]: of the movies is called Leprion Origins.

[your_butt]: Yeah, you're not familiar with Lepriicon, Dude. What?

[cobra]: My bad.

[host_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: My, my bed.

[host_matt]: there's a a gaping hole.

[brick_tamblin]: Furthermore, what is the connection? What's the connection to W. W. We, in

[brick_tamblin]: deprecon, Did someone come from that and to work

[cobra]: I don't know.

[brick_tamblin]: onto this,

[your_butt]: No,

[host_matt]: Let me let me find out for you.

[cobra]: Apparently two couples of vacation in an Irish village There. I think that's the

[cobra]: Apparently two couples of vacation in an Irish village There. I think that's the

[brick_tamblin]: I would be surprised.

[cobra]: connection.

[cobra]: connection.

[brick_tamblin]: Are you still

[brick_tamblin]: talking about Lepriiconn or this Netflix horror movie?

[cobra]: Yes, I am no lefrican.

[your_butt]: Have you seen Le?

[brick_tamblin]: I feel like that would happen.

[your_butt]: Isn't there a leprcorn in the Hood movie?

[host_matt]: Yes, yes,

[brick_tamblin]: Oh my God,

[host_matt]: listen,

[host_matt]: I think there may be a future where we have to do some ranking of the best like

[host_matt]: bad horror films because there's just

[cobra]: Yeah,

[host_matt]: so many so

[host_matt]: many to cover'. know

[your_butt]: I think number one is armed response.

[brick_tamblin]: I think we're going to be. we going? We going to safely safely fall onto the

[brick_tamblin]: side of the fence. That does not include armed response or escape the

[cobra]: what about Leprionn Origins?

[brick_tamblin]: undertaker.

[your_butt]: Listen,

[brick_tamblin]: I dont know. I'm kind of curious now,

[your_butt]: I'm sick of you insulting the leperc Braan that those movies are classics.

[host_matt]: ly. the first couple were pretty tight.

[your_butt]: Yeah, you know Jennifer Andiston got her start in Leperc, too. I believe

[brick_tamblin]: did she?

[host_matt]: Yes,

[brick_tamblin]: I don't do well with horror movies, But if we were going

[brick_tamblin]: to, you know if we were going to lean into this. I, I will you know.

[cobra]: I hate him. I hate him.

[host_matt]: Do do what I do. Just read about them on Wikipedia.

[cobra]: That's what I do as well. I do

[your_butt]: the same

[cobra]: exactly that.

[brick_tamblin]: No lie. I had to read a full breakdown synopsis of Get

[cobra]: watching it.

[brick_tamblin]: out Before I could watch that movie. I had to. I couldn't, and like I

[brick_tamblin]: couldn't, my wife was watching me. I was in so many blankets, and like how

[brick_tamblin]: and I had. I had to watch the movie on my laptop, so it could like not

[brick_tamblin]: immerse me as much and I was still affected.

[your_butt]: Chris, Chris, Don't worry. White people can't get you in when you're under

[your_butt]: blankets. That's their weakness.

[brick_tamblin]: It's true. it's science.

[cobra]: Just watching in twenty to forty P on like a small sidecreen. Then

[brick_tamblin]: Oh,

[cobra]: won be you won't be scared. Thats fine.

[your_butt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: okay, thanks for the support. I appreci.

[host_matt]: Nothing is scary and poo.

[host_matt]: Yeah, I think I think we're done this. This has been an. a, very loose coverage

[host_matt]: of the news from September and of October,

[cobra]: I think I think we were

[brick_tamblin]: h.

[cobra]: very veryignant in everything we said.

[host_matt]: I don't.

[brick_tamblin]: pretty cash

[host_matt]: you took the laziest of jokes. You. You went miles in a direction to get to the

[host_matt]: laziest of

[host_matt]: jokes.

[your_butt]: yeah, yeah,

[cobra]: Those two things are contradictory. If I. if

[brick_tamblin]: laz.

[cobra]: I go miles, then I'm not lazy.

[your_butt]: no, you're just bad of setting

[host_matt]: No,

[your_butt]: up jokes.

[cobra]: That's fine. That'll take. but I'm

[host_matt]: yes,

[cobra]: not lazy.

[brick_tamblin]: Listen,

[cobra]: I work for my bad jokes.

[brick_tamblin]: but

[your_butt]: Oh,

[brick_tamblin]: I'm not

[brick_tamblin]: make sure you make sure you know what Twitch is before you before you log on.

[your_butt]: that wasn't a

[host_matt]: yeah,

[your_butt]: joke. I really don't know.

[your_butt]: So sick of you guys.

[host_matt]: this isn't This is an.

[brick_tamblin]: That sounds so deuine, I think I

[your_butt]: I don't.

[brick_tamblin]: both believe

[host_matt]: unless Spencer, unless you get

[your_butt]: everyone keeps talking about it. I keep pretending like I do know what it is and

[your_butt]: I finally came clean.

[host_matt]: Spencer

[host_matt]: Spencer,

[brick_tamblin]: Follow along,

[host_matt]: unless you can slip in a news report. That explains

[host_matt]: Twitch. We're not pausing the monthly roundu to explain anything to you.

[your_butt]: Oh smart

[your_butt]: uhh and I'm going to have trouble talking about a lot of things.

[cobra]: How how are you? How are you? The

[host_matt]: Yep,

[cobra]: baby and the grandpa In this? That's weird,

[your_butt]: Listen.

[your_butt]: I just

[your_butt]: I, I'm afraid of new things. Okay.

[cobra]: Just wants to explain it to me.

[brick_tamblin]: Spencer, still coming coming down off of watching Escape The Undertaker, and

[brick_tamblin]: he' still

[your_butt]: still,

[brick_tamblin]: processing, so he' trying to keep it to himself.

[your_butt]: I'm still soock. I.

[your_butt]: I. I'm still interacting with the movie. To this day

[brick_tamblin]: Choose your adventure. Do the three black Gentlemen live past this scene or

[brick_tamblin]: just one of the black gentlemen die? Please select yes or yes.

[cobra]: I think it's

[host_matt]: seu

[cobra]: going. I think it is going

[cobra]: to be much more. Which one dies first than anything.

[host_matt]: shag away. Now, no one's answering that question.

[brick_tamblin]: Thank you.

[host_matt]: No, no one's going to answer that question. We all love everybody here. It's it's

[brick_tamblin]: a scenario. I wasn't looking for an answer be cause we all know the go.

[host_matt]: a trap. It is a trap.

[host_matt]: That's all the time we have for this week.

[host_matt]: I would like to point out again that we are going to be doing extra life on. what

[host_matt]: is it? November the fourth,

[cobra]: No, fifth fifth.

[host_matt]: six fifth,

[host_matt]: There it is, one of those numbers. The fifth. It's on the websites.

[cobra]: It's on our website.

[your_butt]: It's almost. It's almost like we could have prepared.

[host_matt]: Wow, Really, you' to throw that card at me, Person who doesn't know what Twich

[host_matt]: does

[your_butt]: Hey,

[cobra]: That's going to be like this automatice

[cobra]: car. or

[your_butt]: I, I,

[brick_tamblin]: We've just found the best defense offense

[cobra]: yeah,

[your_butt]: I listen. Iveiled, my greatest weakness,

[cobra]: but you don't know about which like this's just going to be.

[your_butt]: I, Bo. I,

[host_matt]: and I'm going to wheel that weakness against you like a cudgel.

[your_butt]: well, I, you know I opened up to you guys and I bared my soul, and uh, you know,

[cobra]: That's what you get. now you know better.

[host_matt]: That was a mistake

[your_butt]: so that's what I get.

[host_matt]: And now you've learned your lesson,

[brick_tamblin]: before. Before you open up. Make sure you log on and find out what Twitch is

[brick_tamblin]: before you join this, this, this gathering this Fellowship of

[host_matt]: Please please donate to our extra life

[host_matt]: on the website. The website is you, w. w. w. Dot your wrong cast. Dot C A. You

[host_matt]: can also check us out on Twitter at your wrong cast. Um. I might recommend

[host_matt]: tweeing at us. Um, explanations on what Twitter does for

[cobra]: Yes, please.

[host_matt]: Spencer. Um, it'll help them learn.

[your_butt]: I'll never see them be cause imcause. I

[host_matt]: Oh,

[brick_tamblin]: or you could twe,

[your_butt]: can't figur it out

[host_matt]: don't worry.

[brick_tamblin]: twe,

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: tweet logging into Twitch now

[host_matt]: y. um. Yeah, just let Spencer now. Well, you know what will postpencers? Um,

[host_matt]: what home

[cobra]: Yeah, Sure,

[brick_tamblin]: passwords. Yes,

[host_matt]: address? His, his mailing address that you could take screen shots of tuitions,

[brick_tamblin]: his passwords.

[host_matt]: set it to passwords.

[cobra]: his passwords

[brick_tamblin]: Yeah, you can that you can. You can call in and take control and then give

[brick_tamblin]: remote. Accs, will provide to you

[host_matt]: Yeah,

[brick_tamblin]: some remote access to his computer so that you can install Twitch, Because

[your_butt]: you. You can also reach me by Mors code at dot da da

[brick_tamblin]: that's how you do it.

[your_butt]: dot

[cobra]: does that. Why? I

[cobra]: bet that' spell something stupid, but

[your_butt]: da

[host_matt]: I hope it does. Oh, it's not done.

[your_butt]: that.

[cobra]: not done. It's not

[your_butt]: Oh no, Ive always got four letters. That that that that

[cobra]: I. I mess up. I'm going to start over.

[brick_tamblin]: You can't stop. you can't stop.

[brick_tamblin]: He went full more code,

[host_matt]: That's Um. That's been an example of Spencer, Um. talking about all of his

[host_matt]: thoughts in Morse code is a new audio

[cobra]: Not's been enough

[your_butt]: da

[host_matt]: podcast from another spin offff from the wrong group. Um,

[host_matt]: podcast from another spin offff from the wrong group. Um,

[host_matt]: So I just like to take a moment and also recommend that's um.

[host_matt]: We end the broadcast immediately.

[cobra]: now he's

[host_matt]: For now, I'm Matt.

[cobra]: just as solaing.

[your_butt]: da

[cobra]: I see

[brick_tamblin]: Didn't do anything, do you it?

[cobra]: we've got off the

[brick_tamblin]: Do you really read?

[your_butt]: what you?

[cobra]: deepen, gentlemen.

[cobra]: deepen, gentlemen.

[host_matt]: What's see next time?

40. The Monthly Roundup: September 2021
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