48. You're Wrong About How You'd Recast "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Some would argue it'd be wrong to even *attempt* to recast it — but they went and did it anway...

[hosty_matt]: Hello, wel comee back to your wrong.

[hosty_matt]: We have a new shoul format we're trying out this week. Um. we are so confident

[hosty_matt]: in our ability to fix all problems in in the nerd rum that we are tackling

[hosty_matt]: recasting Star Trek the Next Generations There, I said, it's out. it's out. it's

[hosty_matt]: out. Um. I,

[cobra]: Can't change it now.

[hosty_matt]: because this is No. it's too late Because this is such a challenging slash easy

[hosty_matt]: topic to attack. Um, I have brought Um, a few people to take care of us. Uh, we

[hosty_matt]: have Luciana,

[cobra]: That's not true. I'm not here.

[hosty_matt]: odd, uh, we have, uh,

[hosty_matt]: our friend. Who is bringing the how you say

[hosty_matt]: foreign flavor, Chris du Morial?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: 'sa.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: mon,

[hosty_matt]: All right, fuck you. that's enough. That's too far.

[cobra]: Yeah, the worst part of this is that he's actually dancy on camera. That's the worst

[cobra]: part of

[ashley]: Six,

[cobra]: it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that is the only way can get the accent

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oute. the shimmi brings it out. It makes it more authentic.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oute. the shimmi brings it out. It makes it more authentic.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oute. the shimmi brings it out. It makes it more authentic.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oute. the shimmi brings it out. It makes it more authentic.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: With the shoulder shake,

[hosty_matt]: You have to dance it out.

[cobra]: Ion the shoulders.

[hosty_matt]: It seems legit.

[hosty_matt]: W. we also have Um.

[hosty_matt]: I'm not even to dignify saying his fake name, Spencer,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the final Frontier

[butt__ernut_squash_]: are the Voyages of the U.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Enterrise.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I am so excited for this episode. Guess it's been long overdue,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so let's go

[hosty_matt]: um. Spencer. we don't tru. We don't trust you on this episode because you're

[hosty_matt]: you, and your love of Picard is Um,

[hosty_matt]: quite scary and shocking. To be honest and concerning, Um,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: unhealthy. Is what my therapist calls it.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, well, so we decided that maybe we should bring someone in to to help rain

[hosty_matt]: you in.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: who? Who' you bring?

[hosty_matt]: Uh, well, um, I don't know. just maybe a therapist.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh, that's partially true. I believe today we have my wife. Is on the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: podcast with us today, Miss Ashley,

[ashley]: hello,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: welcome to the show. Actuallyh,

[cobra]: Hello.

[ashley]: I don't think I'll be able to rein Spencer in though, Because we do share our love

[ashley]: deeply for Picard.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's why I married her.

[hosty_matt]: Well that that makes a lot more sense. Actually,

[ashley]: it's going to

[ashley]: get real weird guys. real weird.

[cobra]: that's that is also concerning.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That and that and that alone.

[hosty_matt]: it's a.

[cobra]: I was going to say you was going to be the only thing preventing

[cobra]: Spencer from casting Patrick's toward as every other character as well, But now

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No one can stop me. try

[ashley]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and stop me.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Actually,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: The cracking has been unleashed.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: The cracking has been unleashed.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Patri Stewart is both of our uh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all loud cheating. What's that thing called your

[hosty_matt]: Oh yeah.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: hall pass? Patricks? Stewars. both are hall passes.

[hosty_matt]: at the same time,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I mean, let's not

[ashley]: Might as well

[butt__ernut_squash_]: rule anything out.

[cobra]: one one can dream.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: exactly one can dream.

[hosty_matt]: okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: minute I have

[hosty_matt]: I thought you were going to say that, Uh, John, or Um. Patrick'sz, was your

[hosty_matt]: emergency contact.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he. he can be more than one thing.

[hosty_matt]: That's fair.

[cobra]: He iss fully involved with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm.

[cobra]: their lives. not just in one aspect,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah, great.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: He cares that deeply

[butt__ernut_squash_]: hold on. let me call my son over Jean Luke.

[hosty_matt]: how is he your? You know, I don't need to go there. so

[hosty_matt]: just I think I'm going to set a one ground roll before we dive into this What we

[hosty_matt]: say recast.

[hosty_matt]: It can't be the same actor in that character.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm out.

[hosty_matt]: I'm sorry, spentr. I just had to put that out ahead of time.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: ro Ros Fester's credits.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: okay. thanks. good that dae there.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, let's let's dive into this because we allowed around to cover in the hour

[hosty_matt]: and a half to be. Allegedly try to stop ourselves out. We're going to. We're

[hosty_matt]: going to start, Um in sort of characters who were basically on this show the

[hosty_matt]: entire time. Um, and I'm going to try to work our way up to the to the Biggies,

[hosty_matt]: so we're going to start with Doctor Beverly Crusher, who was in a hundred and

[hosty_matt]: fifty four episodes. She basically took a season off. I don't remember why

[hosty_matt]: Spencer. Do you know why she took a season off?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Um, I don't recall. But they replaced her and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I did not like the replacement doctor. She was one of my least favorite

[hosty_matt]: We're not going to talk about her.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: characters.

[ashley]: it

[ashley]: was

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, we're not talking about her.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I can't even remember who she was, but

[ashley]: horrible. It was bad

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he was on the short curly hair, almost blond curly hair person.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she's like, Yeah, she was.

[hosty_matt]: We're not talking about it though,

[ashley]: and I feel like she was like eighty. It didn't work.

[hosty_matt]: I don't. i. I don't understand why we keep talking about this Because I said

[hosty_matt]: we're not talking about it

[ashley]: She is going to have the most air time in the F.

[hosty_matt]: it. You' just got a.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: It's an

[the_holodeck_strangler]: We' going to resurrect her career right now.

[hosty_matt]: hour and a half talking about Doctor Palasky,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: No, thank you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the full

[butt__ernut_squash_]: gather palaski.

[hosty_matt]: All right,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: She, she's due for some respect,

[hosty_matt]: so Doctor Beverley Crusher,

[hosty_matt]: Wow, okay, Doctor Beverley Crusher, was the ship's doctor. I do. They a like a

[hosty_matt]: specific title. She was like the lead doctor or like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: chief medical officer.

[hosty_matt]: number one, doctor.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: remember having an assistant chief medical officer.

[cobra]: I

[hosty_matt]: Oh, chief medical officer. Nice,

[cobra]: think I think's justth medical officer. That's what Mccoy was so.

[hosty_matt]: We're not talking about him. stay on target. stay focus. Sorry. that was the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What time about Palaski, Jesus, listen,

[hosty_matt]: wrong reference.

[cobra]: Isn't this star truck? Isn't a Star Trek? Wait?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, it's it's it's Doctor Fsky, anyways, so

[hosty_matt]: let's get rightd into it,

[hosty_matt]: Kate Mcfadden. That was the original actor.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: A couple of things. You're going to have to have this new character cover and

[hosty_matt]: filling anything I'm missing here. One. she asked to be able to rein in the

[hosty_matt]: captain of the ship. She has priority over him on certain situations and calls.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: also, Um, you're going to be able to basically have an organism because a ghost

[hosty_matt]: is inside of you, so that's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: a very important ability

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I think that's the most

[hosty_matt]: to. to. uh, le. Yeah, Okay,

[ashley]: No, you know what else is important.

[ashley]: The um. sexual chemistry between her and Picard.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: very good point.

[hosty_matt]: that's true.

[ashley]: Don't forget that,

[cobra]: Does she also need to be able to be the mother of an annoying child?

[hosty_matt]: Well, she didn't really do any mothering that. I really,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: so

[cobra]: So an absent mother of an annoying child? Okay,

[hosty_matt]: I don't know. Yeah, Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she has to be able to say. shut up, Wesley.

[hosty_matt]: it's great, an absent present mother.

[cobra]: that's important. Be able to see. shut up. Wesley is important.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, that's key.

[hosty_matt]: That's every cast member needs to say that just over clear.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I say every cast ever needs that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that is important.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah know, I also think

[hosty_matt]: So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know. Um.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, I think those are the big ones and she has to be like, you know,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: respected like, come off as like a well

[butt__ernut_squash_]: educated and really respected doctor.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she was. Uh, she was legit doctor Maerial, being a doctor.

[ashley]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: as doctor Ma,

[hosty_matt]: as doctor Ma,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, exactly

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: so um, what's I want to throw it there? What? what do we have for for a

[hosty_matt]: replacement for? In our twenty twenty two?

[hosty_matt]: What adapt adoption? remake

[cobra]: adoption

[cobra]: and adaption. Yes,

[hosty_matt]: adoption Yet

[the_holodeck_strangler]: adaptation

[cobra]: those are all the right words. You wanted to say.

[hosty_matt]: they're all there.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you in the rightbit.

[hosty_matt]: Pick the one you want. All right,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: adoption, adapt and adaptation all three.

[cobra]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I got

[cobra]: Three,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oneck off

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oneck off

[the_holodeck_strangler]: oneck off

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Let's hear it

[hosty_matt]: fire.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: for Doctor Beverly Crusher, my first pick

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Plaza.

[ashley]: o.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: interesting casing.

[cobra]: that spicy

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she she

[cobra]: realze, I didn't realze. You know, she needed crazy eyes, but go on,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Think about it, and since we have it, we haven't at all entered the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: realm of whoper, Carard is going to be. You know, Aure is going to

[the_holodeck_strangler]: fire eyes in one way shape form, whether it's positive, negative or

[the_holodeck_strangler]: snarkysy,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She does a lot with the eyes

[butt__ernut_squash_]: see, I think she would be. I think she'd be too sassy.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: andlylyly.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well, you's got me there, You said exactly to my point.

[hosty_matt]: I'm I'm concerned that she might not come across as a mother of a teenager.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it, Be

[cobra]: or a doctor.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it Be a challenge for her as an actress.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she actually played a mother in the Chucky movie to a young boy,

[hosty_matt]: Is chucky Thirteen,

[hosty_matt]: Fourteen

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but the movie came out three years ago.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Chucky has the demdic spirit of like a plus thirty or forty

[the_holodeck_strangler]: something. Wasnt it?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, it wasn't Chucky

[butt__ernut_squash_]: himself'. a doll.

[cobra]: She wasn't Chucky's mother.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: no? no, no, no, chucky.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: she was mother to Chcki, Correct,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, she wasn't No, her kid.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: never

[cobra]: No,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: ha,

[cobra]: do

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I.

[cobra]: you? have you ever watched Charles

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[cobra]: play? What is wrong with you?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, that the wholer movies don't do well with me? I yield my time

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah, she was. She was mother to a living

[butt__ernut_squash_]: boy aged nine and that was three years ago. so lets put that out there

[hosty_matt]: Okays seems plausible. Then

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and I, I yielded my time. But if I could just say one more thing,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Now you yielded your time. It's over.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, I respect. I respect it

[cobra]: I mean, we don't. we don't respect now. we don't respect sagways. Why we respect

[hosty_matt]: why would you expect yielding your own time?

[cobra]: that?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: for those reasons. I may take my yield of my time.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ah, well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all right

[cobra]: I don't know. I don't. I don't know if I would believe her as a doctor. I'll be

[cobra]: honest.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[cobra]: My, like, the the characters I've seen her play are way too wacky and insane.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: snarky?

[cobra]: Like for her to rein it in and she has to be a doctor at some point right.

[cobra]: Like for her to rein it in and she has to be a doctor at some point right.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[ashley]: I mean, you would hope her acting skills would kick in.

[ashley]: I mean, you would hope her acting skills would kick in.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: how manyinger?

[cobra]: hopefully,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you. you're saying you hope this,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: It's a risky move. I know

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you, this actress can act Is what you' saying?

[ashley]: Exactly.

[hosty_matt]: It'? A. it's a bold move. Assuming someone know how to act

[hosty_matt]: okay, I'm going to piv it off that completely in opposite direction. I to go

[hosty_matt]: with Viola Davis.

[cobra]: Oh, wow.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: so

[the_holodeck_strangler]: when I wait. Okay, so I love the choice, but when I made my roster I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was like. I'm not trying to throw rules on anybody, but I,

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: when I thought about certain people I was like, Would they do it

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like? like upper teer echelon,

[cobra]: Oh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: people like Viola. Would she do it really?

[hosty_matt]: I'm sorry, she doesn't

[cobra]: if we, if we do that

[hosty_matt]: want to be in one of the greatest Scifi series of all time.

[cobra]: after she's been in suicides. What?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: But a reboot.

[hosty_matt]: like she's not exactly picking great choices right now.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: she can do whatever she wants

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So I'm not. I like the choice, but like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and suicide. watch. Sure, but

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you. You bring

[the_holodeck_strangler]: so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: up a good point, though, because I, I'm not going to spoil any of my or

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ashley's picks, which I do know of, but some of if not all of us have

[butt__ernut_squash_]: picked like a class actors for like not top listing, which I don't know

[butt__ernut_squash_]: if they would sign up for that like that. Like are we doing our dream

[butt__ernut_squash_]: list or like a realistic could be casted list.

[ashley]: Yeah, so let's not do that.

[ashley]: My last.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: what a dream list?

[hosty_matt]: Let's not do what.

[cobra]: Yeah, because then we have to figure

[ashley]: Let's do our dream list.

[cobra]: out like unnamed people.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Who? who'? In who's in the budget?

[cobra]: Yeah, let's a D list. Yeah, for sure,

[cobra]: Yeah, let's a D list. Yeah, for sure,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, this is supposed to be fun, Not real. I.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You're

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: right. I'm sorry. I take it back. I yield my criticism.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I mean, if we having fun, why can't I pick Patchri's Suhoe for

[butt__ernut_squash_]: everybody?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: you could pick

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You guys are thrown.

[cobra]: cause that's

[hosty_matt]: Patrick's stewar for everybody but Pa, but Johncard.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: that's the role.

[cobra]: okay. My, my pi for Doctor Croscher, is Patrick Stewart,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: My pi for Wharf is a Stewart,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: everyone's

[hosty_matt]: I mean,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Patri Stewart, but Bacard is played by me

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and I'm surrounded by the guards.

[cobra]: Good lord, what a shit show.

[hosty_matt]: does actually get to be the voice of the computer.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[ashley]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: just the voice to look going. Oh yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, you know I'm destroying names out there. I'm spicy. We go here. Let's

[hosty_matt]: expens. You actually have prepared lesss. You,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yes. I.

[hosty_matt]: you actually prepared for once the only time ever

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I did.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm curious about the old The Davis, because I'm curious who your pre

[butt__ernut_squash_]: card would be to her Beverly Crusher, but

[butt__ernut_squash_]: we'll have to wait and see.

[hosty_matt]: I, I'm wing it and you'll find out

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah. So

[hosty_matt]: in the future.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my, uh, or would you like to go, Ashley wife?

[cobra]: Ladies first Ladies first.

[ashley]: I think I would like to go first. Thank you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes, go ahead,

[ashley]: This is not one of my favorite picks out of my pixs.

[ashley]: I was maybe not even give this, but I'm going to go for it. Uh, Justsa Chas,

[ashley]: and

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[ashley]: that's purely visual.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[ashley]: That's purely

[ashley]: visual and I think she's a fantastic actor so she

[cobra]: Yeah, I can see it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm,

[ashley]: could pull off anything

[hosty_matt]: so basically you, you picked a red head.

[ashley]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm.

[ashley]: did. I did.

[hosty_matt]: Listen, that's

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Ginger,

[hosty_matt]: as good of a reason as any.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, it's natural

[cobra]: I got to say my pick was going to be

[cobra]: Elizabeth Oen, because I saw her as redheaded division, so I can't

[cobra]: can

[ashley]: That's a good one. I like that pick

[cobra]: criticize that. Yeah, I think so too. Yeah, I think she would be good. She was a good

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's good. Yeah, she'd be good.

[cobra]: actress

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I,

[cobra]: too,

[ashley]: little young.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, two googled redheads

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and I came up with Uh, Kate Mara.

[cobra]: Matt. You came up with Matt. Then

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, because this is red beard

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh ki marra iss al read.

[cobra]: okay tomorrow, nice nice.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Kate Marra,

[hosty_matt]: I,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like because she's very serious and I find Beverly be a serious

[butt__ernut_squash_]: character. She's never

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like the light hearted one, Like up of the occasional ▁quip, here and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: there, but usually she's like the you know, the serious She talk like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you said. She talks down, not down to pic, but she like. She's the one

[butt__ernut_squash_]: who won. Call them on his bullshit and she has to be like a no nonsense

[butt__ernut_squash_]: kind of character, So I like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Kbarrow for that, because

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's kind of the vibe I get with her.

[cobra]: It's a actually very hard choice between Kmar and Jeses name.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I would go, Jessica. Ch.

[hosty_matt]: because of the same,

[cobra]: I think I would, too,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: personally,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Screw you guys.

[cobra]: just from a chops

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I mean,

[ashley]: S.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Kmart is a good actor, but she hasn't done much lately. Eh,

[cobra]: she is, but justs got. Justine is better.

[hosty_matt]: uh, camem, is okay.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: she' done quite a bit.

[cobra]: I didn't say shes not fuck you.

[hosty_matt]: I

[cobra]: There. Is that what you wanted to hear?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I would like to see Jessica testing personally.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so

[cobra]: See, I like your of Yola Davis, but now I hate it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: thank you,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, I like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I do like that Whenever I heard, the rest of

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the Oson. What's her name Elizabeth Olen? Is it Elizabeth

[cobra]: Mhm. Mhm.

[ashley]: Yeah, Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Mary, Kate.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: America,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mary is Mary Ky.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, Mary, cables.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Maryicate, and Ashley? Yeah, I want Mary, Kate,

[cobra]: Yeah, both

[butt__ernut_squash_]: andne Ashley to play them. Wrote Rotatingil

[cobra]: like they just do, Michelle from full house, but on Star Trek Okay,

[hosty_matt]: Well, I mean

[the_holodeck_strangler]: In their return to the spot, like

[hosty_matt]: the thing is

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mary Ky, Ashley, old, and sharing the same rule.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Unfortunately,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: in the new show Star Trek Beverly,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That it?

[hosty_matt]: K.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you got it.

[cobra]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I hate it.

[cobra]: Oh, wow, nice. nice call back.

[hosty_matt]: Um.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, So do we want to do? Want to do? We want to settle in on our cast? We want

[hosty_matt]: to go through everybody else because you know, maybe picking one leads to

[hosty_matt]: another choice.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Also, You want

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: to see us to voe now, kind of thing, and then carry on

[cobra]: yeah, we. we might know we might come back

[hosty_matt]: let's keep going.

[cobra]: and say if this is going to be Picard, then maybe we should revisit blah, blah,

[hosty_matt]: Y.

[cobra]: blah.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it.

[hosty_matt]: so next going up our list. And and we're using I m d B to to this ranking, so

[hosty_matt]: don't yll me yell at I, Db, Um.

[hosty_matt]: Lieutenant Wharf,

[hosty_matt]: originally acted and portrayed by Michael Dorn,

[ashley]: I got a good one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: famously,

[hosty_matt]: uh, Michael Dorn, also pulled double duty as his own grandfather or great

[hosty_matt]: uh, Michael Dorn, also pulled double duty as his own grandfather or great

[hosty_matt]: grandfather,

[hosty_matt]: grandfather,

[hosty_matt]: Um.

[cobra]: Who knows what clling ons.

[hosty_matt]: playing. He played the cling on uh lawyer who tried to defend Kirk and Mccoy

[hosty_matt]: from

[butt__ernut_squash_]: oh, really.

[hosty_matt]: Um, going to the Gu log in undiscovered country,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, an undiscovery country.

[cobra]: Oh, wow,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's right, Okay,

[hosty_matt]: Y,

[hosty_matt]: w. I mean, let's call it what it is. Whf, is a

[cobra]: beat up.

[hosty_matt]: cing on He, he isfficent of water.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: He, he needs to be able to get his as kicked, but look tough while doing

[hosty_matt]: it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's his main purpose.

[cobra]: exactly.

[hosty_matt]: Whf is the.

[cobra]: That's

[hosty_matt]: yeah.

[cobra]: literally the number one thing he needs to be good at.

[hosty_matt]: Whf is how we know if an alien is more stronger than the than than everybody

[hosty_matt]: else in the cast. And mostly they always are.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Don't

[cobra]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: to worry about that. but

[butt__ernut_squash_]: there are very few situations where they call them warf for security

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and he handles it promptly.

[hosty_matt]: yeah.

[cobra]: he's basically a Mitch.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Let's

[hosty_matt]: yeah.

[cobra]: let's be honest.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What?

[cobra]: he' just a a mich. He just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: but I say, nut shield, and like what the Fl is That

[the_holodeck_strangler]: but I say, nut shield, and like what the Fl is That

[cobra]: well, I mean, depends on what they kick

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, not the butt li to the net

[butt__ernut_squash_]: no, it's warf, so it's going to go ho.

[hosty_matt]: so yeah, he got cool.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: he's got to look cool. Willia Bali, and Um, he's got to be able to growl.

[hosty_matt]: Scily

[cobra]: Jason Sta him.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Hm, that's interesting.

[cobra]: He already, kind of. he already kind of looks like a clingle. First of all,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's how. Actually, this that opens up a whole can of worms because

[butt__ernut_squash_]: of the original T and g. Um, black and white actors played the clgons,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: But I don't know if

[butt__ernut_squash_]: if a white actor played a cling on,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: would they make the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: To have

[butt__ernut_squash_]: cling on white?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Christopher Pl was Christopher Plummer was one?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No,

[cobra]: Christopher Plummer did. Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: in the pa? No, I'm saying in the past they have. But now if you got

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Jason, stay them in a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: black face, cling on outfit. I,

[cobra]: it doesn't have to be.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't think any of the cling ons were.

[cobra]: There's nothing to say. He couldn't be a lighter skin cling on, couldn't he?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: well, that's what I was saying. Would they make it a a light skinned

[butt__ernut_squash_]: wharf

[cobra]: I think so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like?

[cobra]: you

[cobra]: want me to switch Brit than Okay, Ireslba.

[ashley]: Yeah, like Allna,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, don't switch. don't switch the cling on Race. The cling on Race

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, You can't

[ashley]: No switching. No switching.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: switch. I'm just asking you don't think pe? I think people would be

[cobra]: I

[cobra]: knowcause is not white or not. He's just cling on.

[cobra]: knowcause is not white or not. He's just cling on.

[cobra]: knowcause is not white or not. He's just cling on.

[cobra]: knowcause is not white or not. He's just cling on.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: is that Race and the actors assumed that role.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: offended, but I think people would be offended if you made wharf white

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like, in terms of like his skin color.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't. i. I just think that it would be tough to

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to change him to a white character.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Swallow.

[ashley]: Yeah,

[ashley]: Yeah, and like if you make some of

[hosty_matt]: be

[ashley]: the other roles like I'm not doing it by skin color.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, I know, I just think that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it might be controversial. Listen, I'm just

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it could be

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm just mind. listen. I'm just a producer here at Paramount. What

[butt__ernut_squash_]: company owns this Paramount

[cobra]: I think it'smote Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: yesra.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Im, just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a. I'm just a small shareholder here at Paramount and I'm just mining

[the_holodeck_strangler]: the Rodberry group.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: our dollars. I, mining our investors.

[cobra]: Also just wanted to hear a cling on with that nice

[cobra]: south lounder East London accent.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I can do a uh ja and sath impression, but I can only say one word and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it's Megaladon from his movie The Meg and it goes like this. It's a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: maybe little.

[cobra]: That's good.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's it. That's all I got

[ashley]: That's the same

[cobra]: Could just say the words

[ashley]: as your Gordon Ramsey accent as well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: true.

[cobra]: to every English person. Basically every British person

[hosty_matt]: bust it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ready. here's my Gordon Ramsay. It's a Magalto.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ready. here's my Gordon Ramsay. It's a Magalto.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They both say that one word.

[hosty_matt]: So how?

[hosty_matt]: how about

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Gordon Ramsey and Jason state them as

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Wharf, saying, the Meg Da,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Wharf, saying, the Meg Da,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay, this, this is go, Gordon Ramsay.

[cobra]: To be fair, if anybody looks more like a clingling on than Jasons, stadum.

[cobra]: its garden Ramsy,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, exactly.

[ashley]: the forehead wrinkles

[cobra]: It doesn't need any any makeup or anything.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah. it's got a enough crinles in it. Yeah,

[ashley]: You do it good for him for not getting boad talked.

[cobra]: Just yell. It's run

[cobra]: all the time.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah, a Fky roll.

[cobra]: I my type.

[cobra]: It's Fk and ransid,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How did we get here?

[hosty_matt]: so Whf recasting him? where

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: we at? we

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so we got Jason.

[hosty_matt]: got. we got Jason Stathum,

[cobra]: So Gardon Ramsay, No makeu

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: God,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So far, that's my pick.

[ashley]: Okay, Okay, I'm going to throw this out, but this isn't going to.

[ashley]: this isn't fitting me. He gets beat up.

[ashley]: He's just to be a full on warrior

[ashley]: the Rockcause. I don't know if people

[cobra]: Okay,

[ashley]: could beat him,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So that's where.

[cobra]: That's the thing like

[ashley]: so it may not be a good pick,

[cobra]: I, I wouldn't believe anything beating him up.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: And

[ashley]: Hemin.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so the top paid actor in the world is going to be our

[butt__ernut_squash_]: seventh highest billds actor in the movie.

[ashley]: Yes, yes,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: It's a one night only.

[ashley]: this is my dream

[ashley]: teamt.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, also to be fair, just because we recasting Star Trek doesn't mean we're

[hosty_matt]: just going to film every episode line by line exactly the way it was. We can

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How dare you?

[hosty_matt]: have. maybe may if we get. If forget the rock as Warf, Maybe he is like the

[hosty_matt]: number one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, you. you know. that's what would happen. The Rog would

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: be like This is I'm in, But we need to make the war star of the the

[hosty_matt]: the rock is wharf, Jasons, Sta, them as piard

[butt__ernut_squash_]: show

[cobra]: Oh, man,

[hosty_matt]: done.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Sylvester'

[the_holodeck_strangler]: beam me over.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: alone, as Riker.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: alone, as Riker.

[cobra]: so

[cobra]: too fast, too fast in Star Trek.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: If you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: what thelium

[the_holodeck_strangler]: crystals are cooking.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She goes out to turn buckles from on the on the deck. back and forth

[hosty_matt]: There's a lot. There's a lot of hollow de scenes with wrestling somehow

[hosty_matt]: war, a big, big wrestling fan. Now.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, actually, fun.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that how he says fake.

[cobra]: you can also

[butt__ernut_squash_]: fun. fact,

[cobra]: can also put like whf, like dragging a ship with like chains or something.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Al, also fun Fact, the rock was in an episode of Star Trek Voyager,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: where he fought seven of nine in a wrestling style match on a planet

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that add fights to the death.

[hosty_matt]: Was he

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: actually the Rock or is he dressed up in some sort of railing?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, he was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the rock with with the classic slight make up on his forehead

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he was dressed as the Scorpion King.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to make him alien, but it was the rock.

[ashley]: So he

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[ashley]: wasn't a rock.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, he wasn't playing the rock.

[ashley]: He wasn't playing the rock. And that's what Matthew was asking.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, nob. but he. Y. Yeah, you could recognize him and even does his eye

[hosty_matt]: No, but like he's visibly. The rock is what

[ashley]: Oh yeah

[hosty_matt]: I was getting out. Yeaht, what a. what a nice collision of references for people

[butt__ernut_squash_]: rorow rays at the camera.

[hosty_matt]: who love Star Trek and wrestling.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, everyone knows people who love Star Trek love love wrestling.

[cobra]: all three of them. all three of them.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You are welcome listeners,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, so we have our options with Uh, Wh, we have the rock and we have Jason

[hosty_matt]: Statham.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No,

[hosty_matt]: What? what else we got?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what do you mean? we

[butt__ernut_squash_]: also have Gord Ramsay?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You, you want my pet?

[cobra]: Yeah, we do have gens.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: true?

[hosty_matt]: Okay? Great, Who? What else we got Spend? You had a lis curated whisk.

[hosty_matt]: Okay? Great, Who? What else we got Spend? You had a lis curated whisk.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh, So my, my pick. The my pick was a Winston Duke And if you don't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: know who that is by name,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He playedbacu in Black Panther

[butt__ernut_squash_]: And he's also, I believe he was in the movie Us.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's a big guy

[hosty_matt]: Yep,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and he's intimidating and

[cobra]: O. Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I think he would be really good as

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Um. Wharfcause. I think he's a good actor

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and he and he's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He just seems like a like. I. I think him physical. It's important

[butt__ernut_squash_]: physically for him to be big

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know, bad ass and then get thrown around by a small alien with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: super huuman strength to indicate their power over humans.

[hosty_matt]: I feel like I feel like he could pull it off being intimidating, but bad at his

[hosty_matt]: job.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's getting beat up,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that would be the part he would be good at being a security officer. Is the part you

[cobra]: would be better

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but that's my. that's my pick.

[cobra]: go for

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: appreciate your pick. I. I. I thank you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Thank you. sir.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: My bit is, uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: a little a little different. I'm going to. I'm going to resurrect

[the_holodeck_strangler]: some one

[hosty_matt]: mean from the dead.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and you damn right

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Can just point

[hosty_matt]: Okay?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: out that Chris is eating

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and got to resurrect some one.

[cobra]: Charton, Charton, Haston, Wait, what?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: This is a podcast. but Chris is eating a handful of nuts or something

[butt__ernut_squash_]: as he speaking,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[cobra]: Yeah, something like that.

[cobra]: Yeah, something like that.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: yes, I am.

[hosty_matt]: why? why do? why do we need to call

[ashley]: and dancing intermittently.

[hosty_matt]: it up for the Poca Listeners?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Because I think it's I think it's important that people know why you'

[butt__ernut_squash_]: taking positive between each words and theirs crunches.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it's my. it's my. It's the only way I can. I can perfect my shat

[the_holodeck_strangler]: iner impression. So my pick resurreting this person from the dead

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and I'm setting into the ▁ gym and they're going to go undergo a

[the_holodeck_strangler]: transformation much like the Uh, much like ▁j. K. Simmons James

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Avery, Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bell Air,

[cobra]: Oh, wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and' let

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I resurrect him, I'm going to resurrect him. I'm going to send him

[cobra]: I can see it. actually, I can' see it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: to the gym. He's got a train with the rock and he's going to fuck

[the_holodeck_strangler]: people up and then he's going to get fucked up.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Can you imagine

[ashley]: Justing.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I feel like

[cobra]: I almost. I

[hosty_matt]: I, I can't

[cobra]: almost just want him to not go to the gym. Just be uncle. Feel in as a cling on.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like like throwing people out of that

[the_holodeck_strangler]: just like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: air lock. Like the way he throws the d ▁j Jazzi Jeff out of the front

[butt__ernut_squash_]: door.

[cobra]: Yeah, Yeah, exactly

[the_holodeck_strangler]: jazz and just like belly buck like Kngfu pad to people, just like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: belly bump people, And just look, stand over them. What are you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: talking about? Get off my ship and then he's the one who gets

[the_holodeck_strangler]: growrown out instead.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Who

[butt__ernut_squash_]: this Gu so strong?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: right?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well, that was that was

[hosty_matt]: so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: something.

[hosty_matt]: listen.

[cobra]: that was I of left field. I got to say I like it.

[hosty_matt]: well, really, not. we. really. not saying no. At's all. it's really all. Yes and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm say no,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: H,

[hosty_matt]: all the time. Well, I mean

[cobra]: I'm I'm saying

[the_holodeck_strangler]: listen butttered up squash.

[cobra]: I hate fun.

[hosty_matt]: that's fine.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you know you Ro. you shut your mouth.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: right Mat. what you got.

[hosty_matt]: Wow, No, we already talk with the rock.

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[cobra]: You got mad.

[hosty_matt]: what do I have is a great question.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Pull it on your butt.

[hosty_matt]: So

[hosty_matt]: if we're just going with straight what I want, and if we can bring people back

[hosty_matt]: from the dead that I feel like my choice is already alive. Is should be fine.

[hosty_matt]: I want to go with Wesley Snipes.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How old is he

[butt__ernut_squash_]: now'? true.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: now'? true.

[hosty_matt]: Who cares? Chris brought back a guy from the dead.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: that's

[cobra]: truet. what man is proposing is slightly more possible.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What what kind of question are you at?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: we' already dabbling in the dark arts here.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, and E, the reason why I think Wesley Spes has the ability to bring that

[hosty_matt]: physicality and he has the ability to pull off the I'm getting beaten up.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: but I still have the gravitas to like, seem intimidating and imposing. So that's

[hosty_matt]: why I want to pick Westy snipes.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: feel like he's a nightmare to work with.

[cobra]: We

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Listen.

[cobra]: don't care about

[hosty_matt]: At least he iss alive.

[cobra]: that. we just paing. People

[butt__ernut_squash_]: there's the famous story of where he had to open.

[cobra]: least live that the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's true.

[cobra]: bar for entry is so low.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You know the famous story where he had all you to do is lie down and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: open his eyes for Blade Three and he wouldn't do it, so they had to

[butt__ernut_squash_]: seee his eyes opening.

[hosty_matt]: That's

[ashley]: No.

[hosty_matt]: amazing.

[cobra]: What?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Watch it

[cobra]: No,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Let's em Bos. It.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a hundred percent his real. He was having a squabble with the director,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but it's hilarious. Watch the scene of Wesley' Knights opening his eyes

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and Blade Trinity.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Everybody who listens to this pockcast pause, this spotcast to go and

[hosty_matt]: watch the scene. It's very important.

[cobra]: The watch the whole movie and then come back.

[hosty_matt]: hope. Yeah, get to get the the gist of what he's doing. Um, I just want to call

[hosty_matt]: it one person before we move on. Um, and it's Vin Diesel and no one pick Beenn

[hosty_matt]: easel, Because there's no way in help. Ind will ever get beaten up by anything

[hosty_matt]: in any movie he's ever in.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: We know why, Though,

[ashley]: in his contract.

[hosty_matt]: I assume. why? why? Chris.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: because he's got family

[hosty_matt]: I hate that. I ask you why that's my fault.

[cobra]: Yeah, you knew U. S, knowing what the answer was going to be. And you still asked?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I

[ashley]: I e.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: think that was actually. I think that was actually the reason that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Himm,

[ashley]: the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the rock like had fights on the set of Fast Fearcause. Neither one of

[butt__ernut_squash_]: them wanted to be beat up on screen.

[cobra]: Get beat up?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Y?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, they have to tie.

[cobra]: Isn't he like

[cobra]: Tiny?

[hosty_matt]: Sure who cares?

[cobra]: especially in comparison to No say

[hosty_matt]: Well, Just we'll just film him looking up at all times.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: will use Tom

[cobra]: from the book

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Cruise. Yeah, we'll used to open the entire catalogue of Tom Cruise

[cobra]: The Tom Crew The Tom Cruise. Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: techniques.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Fair

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah, Okay,

[cobra]: enough. How about Tom Cruise is worth?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You went too far.

[hosty_matt]: moving on.

[hosty_matt]: we are moving.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you didn't even say way. That's how over it he is.

[cobra]: No? I know.

[hosty_matt]: No, I've just I'm dis too old for this shit. we're on to counselor Diana, shroy,

[hosty_matt]: uh, played by Marina s Sirtis, Um, to be counslled, Troy, you have to be imp

[hosty_matt]: paathtic, You have to be sexy. You have to have chemistry with multiple people.

[hosty_matt]: You have to be able to um, really emmote emotions on your face And

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's what means

[hosty_matt]: yep,

[cobra]: So are you? Are you saying no, Ko Reeves? Then Is that what you' saying

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Emmote emotions.

[hosty_matt]: yeah, no caners.

[cobra]: can be canerves? Okay? Okay,

[cobra]: can be canerves? Okay? Okay,

[hosty_matt]: I didn't know this is. this is the attack. Everybody poadcast. But that's cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well On? What do you mean it could be Canve? he alive? But that was our

[hosty_matt]: That's cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: bar.

[cobra]: Yeah, but he doesn't emot. If remoing is a prerequisite than I'm sorry, But even Da

[cobra]: uncle feel remotes better than Kenve.

[hosty_matt]: remotes. Okay, we're just, we're off the

[hosty_matt]: rails. Here you did anyways.

[cobra]: Did I say remotes, I meant emot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What's in that drink?

[hosty_matt]: So the only thing I'll say is that you really have to be able to deal with Um,

[hosty_matt]: people's shit

[cobra]: Yeah's true

[hosty_matt]: and still still care. So

[hosty_matt]: have I missed anything about Counsor? Troy?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: the

[ashley]: good

[the_holodeck_strangler]: chemistry with potential rier.

[ashley]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Yep, we got that and other other aliens

[hosty_matt]: know.

[hosty_matt]: leave option. Okay, So where where we going with this one? What are we thinking?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'll take this Lee on this one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I went with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Marian co to Lar, How did you say her name?

[cobra]: courtyard.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Coard, you're You're from Montreal, Uh, Chris, How do you say it,

[cobra]: You're from Montreal.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Marriette,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: as as of this week as

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: two weeks. Yes, it's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: thank you. There you.

[cobra]: That.

[ashley]: not Italian at all.

[cobra]: How? how did your accent feel in the middle of a word that's amazing?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, No, No, he nailed it. It's it's Marian.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it's the pumpkin seeds.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So I

[cobra]: Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: picked her because she's um.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I feel like Dienna has this like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: mystique to her as well. She's kind of.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I guess like.

[cobra]: it's a solid pick.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah. So she is like this. She's very motive and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know, but she has like this. Uh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like an edge to her a little bit,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and I think she's a. She's a greatress, She's been in a lot of stuff

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and she's a dark. You know dark features, dark hair, which I think Will

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know? I know? looks isn't all that matters. I think she fits in the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: roll. Well,

[ashley]: I like that peck.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's all that matters.

[ashley]: Yeah,

[ashley]: I do. I didn't think I was going

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: And now you trash it by telling us your

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: pick, which is going to be better.

[ashley]: okay. Well now I like my pick less.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the rock again.

[ashley]: the

[ashley]: No. I picked me lacunus, but I really need her to bring it down a few levels. Acting

[ashley]: wise, she seems to be a bit more. I, I think again, I went with looks a little bit,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's okay.

[ashley]: but I think if she could just act cool

[ashley]: calm, she has the seductiveness to her, so I think she

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm.

[ashley]: has that.

[ashley]: Yeah, she shes my. So. but I like Spencers. Better

[cobra]: So you're saying she needs to look like milacness, but not act like milacs.

[ashley]: think

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No,

[ashley]: so.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, No, she's saying she wants me lacunus. Aah, Black Swan.

[cobra]: Oh, okay or on? ▁xanax.

[cobra]: Oh, okay or on? ▁xanax.

[ashley]: I haven't seen that.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well, she's really good at acting in that movie.

[hosty_matt]: So

[ashley]: okay. okay, okay,

[hosty_matt]: then she's not saying that. she's not saying thatcause. she doesn't know what it

[butt__ernut_squash_]: She. I guess she's not signing up

[hosty_matt]: is.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because

[hosty_matt]: Y,

[cobra]: Yes, she' not

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she doesn't it. But if she saw it, she would say that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she doesn't it. But if she saw it, she would say that

[cobra]: like I. I can see like the like, the appearance being Yeah, like

[cobra]: and de emmoding, but she's too mannic like. I don't see like she look to like,

[ashley]: Yeah,

[cobra]: and I don't see like Diana.

[ashley]: and her voice goes really high and I don't think yeah.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: okay, Then

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she seems like

[cobra]: and just one to yell. shut up, Mag.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she

[ashley]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: seems like.

[hosty_matt]: actually actually, stop. Stop saying why your choice shouldn't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[ashley]: I know,

[hosty_matt]: be. That's probably not the best way to

[ashley]: really

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: to go about this.

[hosty_matt]: to go about this.

[cobra]: yeah, you're supposed to be defending it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: immediately, like, Give in. You're right. it's not good. I'm sorry,

[ashley]: is horrible.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: guy,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You

[hosty_matt]: It's terrible.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: know what. I take it back Asys, and say

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she, she, She,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: sorry. I'll go back to the drive board.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: She does seem a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: little bit like Un. like. she just seem a little unhinged to be the

[ashley]: I'll work on myself.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: therapist.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You know, she doesn't seem like she's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: got her shit together

[hosty_matt]: She's an actress. She can probably act

[ashley]: but yeah, she would. She would have.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Shes right. She takes a down a few notches. You might

[ashley]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: surprise Sara.

[hosty_matt]: she an actor.

[ashley]: exactly.

[hosty_matt]: I, I have no problem with that pick. I think it is.

[hosty_matt]: I. I'm going to go with Rachel Mcaddams.

[ashley]: O.

[cobra]: Okay.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You feel to you, feel bad for her Because guess he doesn't get a lot

[the_holodeck_strangler]: of work these days.

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What

[cobra]: Oh, wow.

[hosty_matt]: what is this? The just blow up operation by Adams for no reason, Pocast,

[hosty_matt]: what is this? The just blow up operation by Adams for no reason, Pocast,

[cobra]: yeah. He did.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She's Canadian,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: happy that, but I feel bad for her and happy at the same

[the_holodeck_strangler]: timerry.

[ashley]: Don't you think it's her own choice?

[cobra]: He didn't even say E, Leisha Cuthbert.

[ashley]: Maybe it's her own choice. Not working these days

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You. you could be right and I apologize.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: she was in. Doctor Strange, and I think she's supposed to be in the new

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Doctor Strange.

[hosty_matt]: Yup,

[hosty_matt]: she was in. What if

[cobra]: I like that pig too. It's a pretty good pick.

[hosty_matt]: she was in Euro Vision Game Night Disobedience,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, game night was good.

[cobra]: mean girls wait that a while ago.

[hosty_matt]: I mean, that's that was a couple of years ago. At this point.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, the note, Bookook,

[ashley]: she was a teenager.

[hosty_matt]: Listen, she's been in stuff. Don't worry,

[ashley]: I love her, so she could be any role and should have my vote?

[hosty_matt]: Captainard.

[ashley]: Well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like that pick. I think she's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know, really good actress. She beautiful and she has like the like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: her face as I see that her face fitting like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: very nice trusting looking face. You know, because she's Canadian.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, that that's what I was going for there, you you? you believe she has? She

[hosty_matt]: can pull off the empy thing. really well,

[hosty_matt]: probably no offence

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: to to uh,

[hosty_matt]: uh Marina. but probably better than she did. She wasn't the greatest deli

[cobra]: no,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How dare you

[cobra]: she was not. She got better. She got better.

[hosty_matt]: eming with her Abdy with her face.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: talk about Marina, Certis,

[cobra]: She got better as time went by, Though,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: but you remember Dianatoy's mother. How can you?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Waxnna'. the only episode that' Skipp, whenever

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah? like when you grow up under a mother like that?

[ashley]: Spence would make me skip those episodes. He haes walk that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Axander walked in that'd go next.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Axander walked in that'd go next.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Axander walked in that'd go next.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, she's she's a lot.

[hosty_matt]: Don. we'll get there.

[cobra]: wow,

[hosty_matt]: We'll get there in the speed round Ru.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, wolcaster.

[hosty_matt]: to cover a lot of characters real fast.

[hosty_matt]: Um, We' still waiting on Uh, Chris or Luciana for your options for Counsulor,

[hosty_matt]: Troy,

[cobra]: I, I don't have like. I really liked Marian Kard for it.

[cobra]: Yeah, I really like that.

[hosty_matt]: Your coward picked somebody.

[cobra]: Okay,

[cobra]: Patrick Stewart.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so of a bitch, A

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: In

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you play the old Unno, Reverse card on me.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Got me good.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Chris, Do you have anybody

[hosty_matt]: Luc yields this time. So Chris.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, I'm I look ahad,

[cobra]: Mhm

[hosty_matt]: Go ahead.

[hosty_matt]: Go ahead.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: um. I'm just looking for

[the_holodeck_strangler]: therecause. I can

[cobra]: names cause you didn't prepare.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: P make a proper. No, No, I'm I actually made a switch real time

[the_holodeck_strangler]: cause

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I. I. I just updated my guidance so

[hosty_matt]: who? who was who was the previous choice? Was that your Yourre guen?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I don't want to tell you. No. I'll tell you, but I don't want look

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay. Fine, my prev, but I don't. My previous choice was ▁zazy beats

[hosty_matt]: Okay? Yep,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: from Atlanta, But I want her to be. I want her to be my guin in. So

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that my, So that my

[cobra]: Oh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Diana Troy, I'm trying to. I'm trying to get her because she just

[the_holodeck_strangler]: popped up into into my head again. Oh God, where are you

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You're listening to Google the podcast

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Olivia Chang? There you go.

[hosty_matt]: what was she in?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So she's been in. Yeah, I wants to tell you she's been in Markel

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Polo, the twenty fourteen, uh T V series that Uh bern, uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: uh, Beneedt Wong was also and he was Gagus Kan. She was also in

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Warrior, Uh, based on the writings of Bruce Lee. She's been in quite

[the_holodeck_strangler]: a few things, so she's got that seductive quality to her, but she.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She always has an air of intelligence as well, and it, and like,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: let's I' leave it at that because I don't want to go into like the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like, the characters that she's playedcause. I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Very pretty,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: don't think it's necessary, but

[ashley]: I like that peck.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: yeah,

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I feel like she has that balance of both looks, charm intelligence

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and yeah, she's She's pretty good at that very macurial. You don't

[the_holodeck_strangler]: know which way she's going to go

[the_holodeck_strangler]: from the ros in her Olivia Chang.

[ashley]: She's also a Canadian.

[hosty_matt]: I will allow it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I didn't know that

[cobra]: justad yet.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: awesomee

[hosty_matt]: She is a former correspondent for Entertainment Tonight Canada.

[hosty_matt]: Thanks Wikipedia.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: T

[the_holodeck_strangler]: here at your wrong poadcast. We support all Canadian talent.

[hosty_matt]: All right, let's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: suggested Peber

[hosty_matt]: let's move us on here.

[cobra]: Well, not all Canadian talent, but let's go.

[hosty_matt]: All

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Well,

[hosty_matt]: Canadian talent.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: we've got

[cobra]: I'

[the_holodeck_strangler]: to someone, has you?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, it's all

[cobra]: okay.

[hosty_matt]: support all the time. Let's go. I think we're done here based on

[hosty_matt]: this conversation going into the ground,

[hosty_matt]: lieutenant.

[cobra]: I mean if it wasn't in the ground, you just put it in the ground now. but go ahe,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: but

[hosty_matt]: That's how

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it we got. We brought James Avery back, so

[hosty_matt]: that's Oh, Jesus,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you can't get any lower than that. That was pretty good.

[cobra]: Oh, wow,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: too soon,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Was

[hosty_matt]: of,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: not low. He was dead and we brought him back.

[hosty_matt]: are we? We're just going to use a hologram, right, we're just to like.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Pleasem,

[cobra]: can we please?

[cobra]: can we please segu?

[hosty_matt]: No, we're going a hologram. We're going to do a hologram like uh, like they did

[hosty_matt]: for Princess Layh in the Stars movies with just

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: hologram

[hosty_matt]: Uncle Phil

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and make am really

[hosty_matt]: into

[butt__ernut_squash_]: ripped.

[hosty_matt]: a hundred and seventy six episodes.

[cobra]: So basically put his head on someone

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: else's body that we are going to hologram

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you could look. I figured out we will deep, fake Uncle Phil onto the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: body of the rock.

[cobra]: the rock. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I love it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: take about guys. We did it.

[ashley]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: See now we're talker.

[hosty_matt]: See now we're talker.

[hosty_matt]: Speaking of deep faking, Lieutenant Commander Geordi the forge,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What that to do with deep baking?

[hosty_matt]: Lovev, Buren,

[cobra]: yeah, why

[butt__ernut_squash_]: The worse that way.

[cobra]: speaking ofy,

[hosty_matt]: I'm not done that you guys like, Let me

[hosty_matt]: finish. I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, sorry. go ahead.

[hosty_matt]: will get

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

[cobra]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: there.

[hosty_matt]: thank you.

[hosty_matt]: Jodel of Forge, was the chief engineer on the ship. He also spent some time at

[hosty_matt]: the helm. He

[hosty_matt]: apparently couldn't see, but had some sort of spectrographic ability to to see.

[hosty_matt]: That's the deep. Faing my mind. I have no idea what's going on there. I don't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay's a long way for nothing.

[hosty_matt]: think anybody knew what it was.

[cobra]: wow, yeah, Was that was a long way?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I appreciate it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So so who you guys got for Jordy?

[cobra]: Your.

[hosty_matt]: Let me tell you. Let me tell you who. I don't gotity

[hosty_matt]: larb. That's correct.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: We can't bring him back as new.

[hosty_matt]: So okay. Actually, you go first this time. Wh, who? who did you pick to be

[hosty_matt]: Lieutenant Commander Geor of the Forge, A K. A,

[ashley]: I was

[hosty_matt]: maybe blond guy,

[ashley]: stuck between two

[ashley]: and

[ashley]: so I, Donald Glover as one option. but

[hosty_matt]: Mhm, Mhm, Mhm,

[ashley]: I'm I. I prefer my other option and I can't remember his name right now.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What was he from?

[ashley]: He is from

[hosty_matt]: Do you

[hosty_matt]: want us to take a go? Google pause?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the guy from Td Laso,

[ashley]: Tad Lao. Yeah, he, Sam from Tdlaso.

[hosty_matt]: Yep, I know well, everybody knows who you're talking about. Y,

[ashley]: You know what I mean. He has the best

[cobra]: I don't.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I want to know.

[ashley]: smile, he wise. He is a nice calm actor

[ashley]: smile, he wise. He is a nice calm actor

[butt__ernut_squash_]: his name is Tohb,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, Gmo, Tohb G,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mo,

[cobra]: I can see it. I can see it. Yeah.

[ashley]: and I love

[hosty_matt]: Yp.

[ashley]: him. so

[hosty_matt]: Is she on your list?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he was. She changed it.

[ashley]: No, No, he's on my my

[ashley]: listencer

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, on their list,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh my God.

[hosty_matt]: Wink, wink,

[cobra]: oh, wow.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that list gets bigger every day.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: This this got personal.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No one

[cobra]: okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: gave permiss for that. You got to get permiss.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know, you know whos not on that list.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Me,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: God. Oh go.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, makes sense.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, I like that, I mean, I get it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I'm unlics unlicensed therapist. I wasn't prefared for this.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like that pick a lot because he, if you watched Ted last week is a very

[butt__ernut_squash_]: infectious smile, and Geordi Le Forge, because of the visor, Obviously

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it's a lot of acting without seeing the eyes, so it's important to have

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know big,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: emotional.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh, you know

[ashley]: mouth.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: good,

[cobra]: face parts.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I, I think that's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: A a very. a very motive, mouth

[hosty_matt]: yeah. I think that's fair. The thing. The thing I would love to do with this

[hosty_matt]: version of Star Trek is to Ch, shop all of the story lines where Gority is a

[hosty_matt]: creepy stalker.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: H.

[hosty_matt]: We could go those this time.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: with Doctor Lea Brahms,

[ashley]: Eight.

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, we don't need that

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah, we don't need that

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, causecause. not even not even the Sam from Dilaso can smile his wayight of

[hosty_matt]: how creepy

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: that is,

[ashley]: No,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[ashley]: those are Cat for sure.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I didn't remember those he creaked on people.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: listen, hollow addiction, Hollow addiction is a real problem in the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Star Trek universe.

[hosty_matt]: and well cover with with Wch. But in the meantime

[butt__ernut_squash_]: It's a radge.

[hosty_matt]: let's let's stop making Enjoy of the forge creepy.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, I agree,

[hosty_matt]: for no reason.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so

[hosty_matt]: I. I think that' that they good pick,

[hosty_matt]: let's go.

[cobra]: Mhm, Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: Let's let's bring strife into the household. Spencer,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yes.

[hosty_matt]: who is your choice?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So my pick

[butt__ernut_squash_]: was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, and I'm going to butcher his name.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Daniel

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Got that part Klua, klua.

[cobra]: from. Get out.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes, the man

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Iy from Get out

[cobra]: Good pick too. Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because he is a fantastic actor. I based a lot of my picks based on

[butt__ernut_squash_]: their acting abilities and their ability to pull off the character that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: love.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So I. I. I love these characters.

[hosty_matt]: Spencer. Did you also base it on sops you based on their ability to be alive as

[hosty_matt]: well?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my secondary. Most important thing was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that they were alive and W, within the you know, around the age that I

[hosty_matt]: Mhm, Okay, okay, Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: want them to be to play the role

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because some of the producers in this uh, this casting meeting

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because some of the producers in this uh, this casting meeting

[hosty_matt]: good choice. Yep,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: are crazy.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Listen, I got money to burn. Okay,

[cobra]: listen, listen, since we're be okay if we're bringing people from the dead

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[cobra]: and I am right now,

[hosty_matt]: we shouldn't be, but okay

[cobra]: but I am Chadwick, Bosman,

[hosty_matt]: Well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ah,

[hosty_matt]: Can are we done with Spencers

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah, yeah, wait,

[hosty_matt]: choice? We just like you just steamrolled him.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you. drop chat with Bowsman on me.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I

[cobra]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like it. it's good. choose.

[cobra]: I said I liked it. while more do you want from me?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well, I was trying to say

[ashley]: Well right away,

[hosty_matt]: Okay. well, I guess if you're good with it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: how

[ashley]: Lo

[butt__ernut_squash_]: important it is

[cobra]: Okay, Go ahead

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to me. C, like I was

[ashley]: you say

[butt__ernut_squash_]: saying, I was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: opening up my heart that they're alive. I like I say, I love these

[cobra]: that they are alive.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: characters. They' truly means something to me as I. This is my show

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like this is, and Pe, any other? like pe, Deep Star Trek Lover feels

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the same way. Like That's the only problem with recasting this whole

[butt__ernut_squash_]: thing. It's like they're so beloved to these people, so I think it's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: most important for them to capture their essence and not try too much

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to recreate it like, like, I mean, every created in the sense set like,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Don't try and alter the things that made the characters loved. You

[butt__ernut_squash_]: know, and I think that you know Daniel, Ka could bring that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so I think that that is. Um, my. A. My wife has tell me to wrap it up,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so I

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: will.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She's playing

[hosty_matt]: I like. I like her.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you out, Buu,

[cobra]: Somebody has to.

[hosty_matt]: I like. I like where she's coming from.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: playing on the stage.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So anyway, Daniel coua dun

[hosty_matt]: I should just just tell them to segu. Actuallyh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: say way, finish.

[cobra]: Yeah, Well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Fuck you get.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: there we go.

[cobra]: maybe he will respect it from you.

[hosty_matt]: Uh, so onto. Um, Well, Lucy, Alice gave us this pick. We don't care. Do we want

[hosty_matt]: to talk about it? more? cha,

[cobra]: Wow, fuck you, too.

[hosty_matt]: travi, Bosman, bring people from the dead.

[cobra]: Actually, Honestly think you would have If obiously who are he alive? would have been

[cobra]: a good

[hosty_matt]: Sure,

[cobra]: for the same reason, reason. you just a good actor. very expressive.

[cobra]: The same reasons.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Are you Mat

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: um,

[hosty_matt]: I would go with Stephen Young,

[hosty_matt]: cause I think the same reasons he he. he's able to. He has an expressive face.

[hosty_matt]: He seems like just a friendly positive dude. Um,

[hosty_matt]: who has good acting shops. And

[hosty_matt]: I think it would. It would add a nice diverse element to the cast that was was

[hosty_matt]: missing.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it? He, the guy from

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Walking Dead,

[hosty_matt]: Maybe I never watch Walking Dead, I guess he is based on what the internet

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay, Yeah know, he's a great actor too.

[hosty_matt]: telling me.

[ashley]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Don min.

[ashley]: just googled and there with a ninety year old man who pop us.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's the guy

[hosty_matt]: It's It's y, e u. N, just just to

[ashley]: Thank you.

[hosty_matt]: help everybody else out there in Google land.

[ashley]: Yeah, that helps.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I would recommend everyone. follow this podcast with Google Open, and

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: just just follow along with us. You know.

[cobra]: probably

[hosty_matt]: I mean we're doing it, so

[hosty_matt]: feel free. Feel free.

[cobra]: I know I am. I know I am.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Will feel free when we're not talking and googling. To go ahead and do that

[hosty_matt]: yourself too, just to bring up the interactor to nature.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and when we get to Picard, just google whatever act we say, and then

[butt__ernut_squash_]: write balled after Just be cause. there are

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: some useful images there that help you know. Help

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Visionready.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Thanks to deep faking.

[hosty_matt]: Jason. stay them. Um,

[hosty_matt]: problem solved.

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Go. okay, my pick,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, it's

[hosty_matt]: no it you.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: cool. My pick is ▁jimmy. O Yan

[the_holodeck_strangler]: from Silicon Valley Towards the end of the series, So like series

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I'm sorryson,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Four, five, and then, Um, he's got a special. He was also in that

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Steve Corral

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that Steve Corll, Netflix

[the_holodeck_strangler]: s Naassa type show, and he was also in a recent Christmas movie, Um

[the_holodeck_strangler]: with Nina de Brev, where he catfished her,

[ashley]: I saw that.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and Um, I like that

[ashley]: Yeah, I did too.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: movie. I, I, I had like my wife and I had a discussion. She's like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you, you. you, can you? Can you can forgive him for that? I was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like. Yes, for these reasons, so yeah, I like him. I

[ashley]: he reded himself,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like him. he's he's. He's petite and

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and he wears glasses

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's that's all you need

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and I like, and No, he's funny.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and I like, and No, he's funny.

[hosty_matt]: he's already used to.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: That was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: my

[cobra]: Oh shit.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: criteria. No, I

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: feel that he would embodyate the intelligence and the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: uh, and sort of like the engine. not even that the ingenuity of of

[the_holodeck_strangler]: La Forge, Um, and I, I think he would bring that levity sorely

[the_holodeck_strangler]: needed to the to, to the cast. Someone funny, but who knows how to

[the_holodeck_strangler]: rain it in? Um, my other

[hosty_matt]: love

[the_holodeck_strangler]: picks were

[hosty_matt]: ourbtons. To joke to you, Is

[the_holodeck_strangler]: no,

[hosty_matt]: you saying

[cobra]: wow.

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I said levity.

[cobra]: wow.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, what look Did Lavar Burton?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Does he put words in my mouth? I, reading rainbow you into the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: canvas?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Did love not bring levity.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Is what you' saying?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Well, I didn't say that.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I

[hosty_matt]: not really

[butt__ernut_squash_]: think that is what you' saying.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Well, you know what I'm

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You know what?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: saying, I'm saying Donald Lovever was also my my my pick, but I I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: wanted to like through the the. the magnificence of this discussion.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Um, it evolved a little bit. I wasll say, wait a minute. Have I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: really thought it through so I'd wait with ▁jimmy. And then my third

[the_holodeck_strangler]: choice was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: La, Keith Stanfield from Atlanta. He was also in Get out and he was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: also in. Um. I can't hear of that movie. Saw Ill, Just grarab it. So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what? your? what's your? What's your fourth pick?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he's also a great actor.

[cobra]: no, shut up. don't answer that.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: My fourth, Oh, sorry, I don't have.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: wait.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, I

[cobra]: Oh shit.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: don't sorry.

[hosty_matt]: of of your three picks, Could you give us your top top one?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, narrow it down. it's ▁jimmy. it's

[the_holodeck_strangler]: ▁jimm. ▁jimme. Yeah, yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: ▁jimmy Yang,

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Okay, thank you good,

[hosty_matt]: everybody.

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you could feel the of

[hosty_matt]: we have reached. We have reached the speed Ro. and and

[the_holodeck_strangler]: my

[hosty_matt]: in the speed round we're going knock off some some characters that are on the

[hosty_matt]: show a lot. Um, not as much as the ones we've been going through, And we just

[hosty_matt]: really want to toss out a person playing that role and move on. We're not going

[hosty_matt]: to. We're not going to really talk about the reasons why. So it's just going to

[hosty_matt]: be actor and move on. Um,

[hosty_matt]: let's just work backwards on this list.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Hold on. We going to start That

[hosty_matt]: so um,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: were going to start the clock speed around.

[hosty_matt]: show the clock. the clock has

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Start

[hosty_matt]: started. Um,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what? In post

[hosty_matt]: we. we need someone

[hosty_matt]: to play

[hosty_matt]: the computer's voice, Because Uh, Major Allberrett is dead. Whose voice do you

[hosty_matt]: want to hear is the computer?

[cobra]: een. Alan Mclane, the voice actor from Gladows from Port.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: not bad Dame Judy Dench,

[ashley]: Sir

[hosty_matt]: Umhum,

[ashley]: David Adinborgh,

[hosty_matt]: Oh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's pretty good,

[cobra]: Oh man.

[hosty_matt]: Ash. Whence is

[hosty_matt]: round I? I yield my time.

[cobra]: that' be amazing. Actually,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ro.

[hosty_matt]: next step. next step, Chief Miles O'beren

[butt__ernut_squash_]: John C Riley.

[cobra]: Bruce Willis

[the_holodeck_strangler]: all right.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, y, you know what? No, no questions asked for just going with people. Um,

[hosty_matt]: Chris, do you have? Do you have an option for Chief Obrien?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I can't get his curly fucking A out of my out of

[hosty_matt]: Okay, Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: my mind. I yield my time. I

[hosty_matt]: okay, Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: support. I, plus one. literallycause, welfare was not not a fit for

[the_holodeck_strangler]: me. Although we

[hosty_matt]: So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: The more I say it,

[hosty_matt]: okay coming back around,

[cobra]: Wellfars a good pick. If Jose Ri is a

[the_holodeck_strangler]: correct,

[cobra]: pick, then W is in Will Fararll,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: someone has to send him. Send him a script.

[hosty_matt]: Okay

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ashley

[hosty_matt]: Ashle do.

[cobra]: I said Bruce Willis, but I prefer Fararao. Actually,

[ashley]: I said Chris Doo.

[ashley]: I don't know that type pronouncer, but

[hosty_matt]: Oh, from the I. T crowd,

[ashley]: yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[ashley]: I haven't seen that. I think he's an apt who is. Yeah, he is also usually a kind of

[ashley]: a love interest in the movies I see. so

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, he was the love interest in brides and he was

[ashley]: Yeah, bridesmaids.

[hosty_matt]: like interest for

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Bridesmaids,

[hosty_matt]: and Thor for like five seconds. So me?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: we call

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yep.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: brides for short, Here,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and he was also in the movie The Boat That rocked with the Phillip

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Semor Hoffman.

[cobra]: Oh, Chrisd, Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what is it? Chryso?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Douo?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yep,

[hosty_matt]: you problem with that,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, let's do it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I also saw him live in on Broadway during Of Mice and

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Menful,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Hm who do you play Lenny?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yescause, You weren't there.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yescause, You weren't there.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I see.

[cobra]: I can. I can't. Okay. anyway.

[hosty_matt]: you can't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay. who's next? Is this is supposed to be the speed round boy?

[hosty_matt]: you? you don't?

[cobra]: fair enough,

[hosty_matt]: you don't want to see it. Yeah, speed around this next up. we're going with

[hosty_matt]: Lieutenant Tashe, Yar.

[cobra]: B Larson.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh, yeah. sure,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: great casting. You just f get nailed at next.

[hosty_matt]: Y? All right. We're moving on from that one Gu.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: go for

[the_holodeck_strangler]: itn. So that's where I was going to use Asz beats

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's fantastic,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Lupito Nuango,

[cobra]: Yeah, that's a good pick.

[ashley]: me,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Viola Davis could work

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: there, too,

[ashley]: Ch, yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah, all live would too.

[cobra]: Maybe she can play both,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you know. there was a defecke.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Did anybody say Da, Would you say Patrick Stewart

[hosty_matt]: So here's the thing. I know you're joking, but I actually really like that

[hosty_matt]: choice

[butt__ernut_squash_]: as like an honorary role like you

[hosty_matt]: because who better to play that role of advice for the the new Captain

[ashley]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: than

[cobra]: then the old

[hosty_matt]: Le Captain.

[cobra]: Captain, Fair enough. fair enough,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: only if he's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: wearing the exact same outfits that Gu in war?

[ashley]: I like this.

[hosty_matt]: Seems fair.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: exactly the same with the giant hats.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They come to the bar.

[hosty_matt]: That seems fair.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Had wrapping him,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What do you have?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well gan, you know, it's been a rough day. Tell me about it.

[hosty_matt]: All right. All right,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I found

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I challenge Sir Patrick Stewart with Sir Ben Kingsley

[hosty_matt]: I don't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, No, it's terrible.

[hosty_matt]: care. Mov. on.

[cobra]: Sir Ben Kingsley, as he is in the Marvel movies as The Mandarin,

[hosty_matt]: No,

[hosty_matt]: not na.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Trevorlatery,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I guess.

[hosty_matt]: We're moving on. It's speed round. not not google round.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, I put the name up

[hosty_matt]: Doctor Polaski,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh boy,

[hosty_matt]: So I don't know her name. I'll have to look it up, but um, you know the woman

[hosty_matt]: who played the evil

[hosty_matt]: Um witch in Harry Potter,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: evil. Oh, um, Professor Umbridch,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah, whoever,

[hosty_matt]: whoever played Professor Umbridge y

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Or like the the paint principle,

[cobra]: Oh's Maram. what's his

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the most hated character ever

[ashley]: Oh yeah,

[cobra]: name?

[hosty_matt]: Dolos, Sridge, yeah, um,

[cobra]: Profess Maram? No, wait, what, Emelda

[butt__ernut_squash_]: bad.

[hosty_matt]: y,

[cobra]: Stton, Yeah,

[cobra]: Stton, Yeah,

[cobra]: Stton, Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Good actress.

[cobra]: why did I think it was the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm going with the Dame Judy Dench.

[ashley]: no.

[hosty_matt]: okay.

[cobra]: is, the only British woman he knows.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Do you know anyone else? S

[hosty_matt]: The think, Yup, that's fair. Anybody else

[cobra]: What's her name of

[cobra]: the lady that played the Doctor Doctor Hole, Jodi

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Jodie Whiter,

[cobra]: Whittaker, Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that'

[hosty_matt]: it?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: way way off.

[hosty_matt]: She's too nice. I got to hate her. I got to despise this person playing

[cobra]: I got hate her.

[hosty_matt]: this role for one for one season.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I got one, Julie Louis Dyfus,

[hosty_matt]: Love it.

[ashley]: I love her too much

[ashley]: for her to

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[ashley]: take that roll.

[cobra]: Yeah, right.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, way too likeable.

[cobra]: I would have start waiting for her to start the deal, Lane Deance in the middle of

[hosty_matt]: hey, hey, it's the speed round. I don't. I don't need your your input. just him

[cobra]: the thing.

[hosty_matt]: with an actor.

[ashley]: I also love that option for a tri thought.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, that's actually year a little time. Um, ▁q,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Ive

[the_holodeck_strangler]: got it. just gold Bloom.

[cobra]: Oh

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I, I'm done.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's good.

[cobra]: man, that'd be amazing

[hosty_matt]: I'm here for it. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I'm here for it. Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I wrote it down before.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you know I had.

[cobra]: like you was. he would just play himself right.

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: see, I. I actually had one. I liked that you would like Chris. I had

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Matt Smith the doctor,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes. Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Doctor Who, but I

[hosty_matt]: good.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: think I like Jeff Gold, Blue Moore,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a A Allpo cart.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and

[the_holodeck_strangler]: the

[hosty_matt]: I think

[cobra]: oh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: entire cast is just a

[cobra]: uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: fear.

[cobra]: interested eachs

[cobra]: intom interesting.

[cobra]: intom interesting.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: hey. I don't think you guys understand the word speed around at all whatsoever.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: there's always time for a Goldu Gold bloom off, Ah

[hosty_matt]: There is not time when we have to. We love to do three characters

[hosty_matt]: and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: gold boom pips away,

[hosty_matt]: but we have one more speed round. contestant, um,

[hosty_matt]: uh, two more actually, first, um, we have.

[hosty_matt]: And this might comes a shock to some people in this pocast. But

[hosty_matt]: what is it Ensn young blood,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mm, key character,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mo, most beloved.

[hosty_matt]: For those

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes, this is true.

[hosty_matt]: of you who might not know who

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, they know who he is,

[hosty_matt]: Ening young blood was,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: this is true.

[hosty_matt]: just in case you don't,

[hosty_matt]: Anson Young Blow was in forty episodes. He was a main stay

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: in ten, Ford,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: y,

[hosty_matt]: there all the time who.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Matt. what was this? What was his most famous line again?

[hosty_matt]: He just shook his head in a way, Was like. it was like an. Knowing

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he was No, That was.

[hosty_matt]: it's like like after goon said everything, he's just like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he shook his head

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that's true.

[hosty_matt]: you go, girl

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so good when he shook his head,

[hosty_matt]: y.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, he used the neck,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You knew you knew what was up.

[hosty_matt]: And when got

[cobra]: I got one. I got one for it

[hosty_matt]: when gunt was offer rocker, he wouldn't shake his head like. Oh shit,

[hosty_matt]: Dunkbll. didn't shake Crakeray,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Gee,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: young blood. You did it again. You said of a bitch. You did it again.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: young.

[cobra]: one

[hosty_matt]: y,

[cobra]: Owen Wilson.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: See, I see Asers and I raise you, Bill Hater,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Wow.

[hosty_matt]: m

[cobra]: Ooh. nice.

[hosty_matt]: Mhm,

[ashley]: I see all of yours in a raise.

[ashley]: the sassy robot from Star Wars,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: what?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I?

[ashley]: You know the thought, the robot I like,

[hosty_matt]: Oh

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Which

[cobra]: which

[butt__ernut_squash_]: one?

[ashley]: I know

[hosty_matt]: flea bag.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Which one

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I think I think

[cobra]: one? Which one?

[ashley]: the tall one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: At the one from Rogueu,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: from Rogue one?

[hosty_matt]: the the actress from Fleabag

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Alan Turdick, I believe was the actor who played that sassy robot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh, I know her name. No, No, no, Oh wait.

[cobra]: No? No, No, the

[cobra]: wait.

[hosty_matt]: Phoebe Wallerbridge,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I know her name.

[cobra]: They talk about a female voice

[cobra]: or a male

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the male voice.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[cobra]: voice. Now?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: She. She was opposite

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Donald Glover in Rogue One Right,

[ashley]: It was a robot list.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, is the robot voice of

[hosty_matt]: what male or female?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the the male robot voice in Rogue One,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: The female was from Solo.

[hosty_matt]: Oh, that was Alan Tadk,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Oh, Alan to Dick, Yeah, okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: don't question my knowledge.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Never mind. Go ahead.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Never mind. Go ahead.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Well, we will question.

[hosty_matt]: anyways, I'm I'm still going to the fever while Ridge is my answer,

[cobra]: yeah, I take

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I just I can. I can't recast Young blood. He's too iconic.

[cobra]: itb. bridge

[cobra]: itb. bridge

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Wh who?

[hosty_matt]: Phoe, Phoebe, Waller Bridge,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: thank you. thank you for that.

[cobra]: actually should be a good doctor,

[hosty_matt]: moving on

[cobra]: palasky, let's live

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I agree.

[cobra]: that alone,

[hosty_matt]: to speed Ro. We, we blew past that speed round. youveielded all your time.

[hosty_matt]: Excuse me, finally,

[hosty_matt]: the most important

[hosty_matt]: casting in the speed round.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I know what this is.

[ashley]: Nerous,

[hosty_matt]: Wesley. shut up Crusher,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I was wrong. so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, it's shut up. It's it's shut up, Wesley Crusher,

[cobra]: just in beaver. I yield my time.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: My mistake. Yes,

[cobra]: Listen. Wouldn't you want to see everybody telling Justin Bieber to

[cobra]: shut the fuck up all the time?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They say, Fuck

[hosty_matt]: don't say shut

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that a shop. Wesley.

[hosty_matt]: the fuck up, sir. there's no swearing in the future.

[cobra]: They would. They would. Because it would be just in beaver?

[hosty_matt]: There's no swearing in the future.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I got one.

[hosty_matt]: They. they've evolved past it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I got one for real. Asher Angel, the guy who played young Billy Batson,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: in

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Chzm,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, he's actually a really good actor.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm, I see you and I raise.

[cobra]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I raise, Um, Jacob Tromb, Bly, I have any of you seen

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Lucca from like the Pixel movie Lu

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He also in room,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Pix movie, Luca.

[hosty_matt]: Y,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: He's a little kid. Pardon.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I believe,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: which was like an Academy award winning movie.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I believe you, And then he was also in a movie

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Goes at Good Boys when they were much younger. I thinkzeth Rogan

[the_holodeck_strangler]: wrote that movie to good.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's great actor

[the_holodeck_strangler]: He aged up enough, so he's probably a little younger looking than.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Um.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Whose pick was it just now? But yeah, that was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: mine, Ash Angel, All right, Ashley,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my wife is uh, checked

[butt__ernut_squash_]: outj.

[hosty_matt]: frozen

[ashley]: I, I got nothing. I was thinking I don' other names. so maybe one of the kids from

[ashley]: Uh

[ashley]: stranger things.

[hosty_matt]: Fin Wolfhard is the one that pops up here.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, not Finn Wolfar, Definitely the one that is like always getting

[butt__ernut_squash_]: kidnapped in the

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Will.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: well, the one who is always in the upside down.

[cobra]: well, yeah, the one that please will

[ashley]: Yeah, yeah, that poor guy.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: That could work. I like him. Yeah,

[cobra]: nothing.

[cobra]: Wf hard with both. well,

[ashley]: I don't want people to see sh up.

[cobra]: ches annoying enough.

[cobra]: this stranger things

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: We don't need to

[hosty_matt]: debate their ability to do the job. Just a speed around.

[hosty_matt]: debate their ability to do the job. Just a speed around.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes, the speed Rom.

[hosty_matt]: We

[the_holodeck_strangler]: right.

[hosty_matt]: operating on looks alone.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Can I just uh point

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: out the utter dis?

[cobra]: like the shallow basards, we are.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm just going to point of the utter disrespect to Reginald Barkley,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: We're not getting any

[butt__ernut_squash_]: flash round for him.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm just going to throw it out there be cause I,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that' who' going to go be?

[hosty_matt]: We' not done in Wesley Crusher, Sir,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you said he was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the last one in the speed aroundund. I know Barcley's out in the top

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, Okay, Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: deer.

[hosty_matt]: You have to let me host the pacast and not derail it every chance you can get.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I will not, sir, I will not.

[cobra]: Have you? Have you been in this

[hosty_matt]: I know

[cobra]: spotcast before? When? when

[butt__ernut_squash_]: K, are

[cobra]: has that ever happened?

[hosty_matt]: I'm trying to take control.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: where's your Christmas Spirit Believe?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: already got the perfect, The perfect cast for original Berkeley.

[hosty_matt]: I'm trying to steer the stirship

[hosty_matt]: towards

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, the line must be drawn here.

[hosty_matt]: something, Su. We going to whip around the sun and go back in time.

[hosty_matt]: No,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, father,

[cobra]: Let go.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, So we're done with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: Wesley Crusher, We have no other submissions.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Does anyone win or

[butt__ernut_squash_]: move it on.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: did? Did

[cobra]: No,

[hosty_matt]: care

[cobra]: our

[hosty_matt]: speed rounds. Theyve something

[cobra]: listeners went from listening to all of

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[cobra]: this great contents.

[hosty_matt]: I would. I would want to say Millie, Bobby Brown, except that she is actually

[hosty_matt]: really good, and I don't want to have people yell at her the entire time, so

[the_holodeck_strangler]: true? true?

[ashley]: y y.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I don't want to go there. Um. Okay, so we have a special last minute

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: entry into the speed round

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yes,

[hosty_matt]: Because Um, that was the plan all along, but somebody

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: ruined it,

[hosty_matt]: Reginald

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Already

[hosty_matt]: Barkeley,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: got it, Jeremy

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Cleal,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Germine, Clement or Cleon

[cobra]: who?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, I see you and go.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, I see you and go.

[hosty_matt]: I don't think

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: it's Clement, What with him being from New. ▁zealand,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Clement,

[hosty_matt]: and all

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Concorde,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and many

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Jamine, Clement,

[hosty_matt]: Y.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: other comedy,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he was. Yeah,

[cobra]: Ah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he's hilarious.

[cobra]: okay, Okay, all right, Okay,

[ashley]: I'

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Uhhuh, uhhuh, uhhuh,

[ashley]: going to go, Jason to Daus's sor

[hosty_matt]: I would go with Richard Ioe for the same reason.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: H.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: who? who' you say?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: That's also

[hosty_matt]: Richard Aoe

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes? I know him.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What's he from?

[hosty_matt]: Do what? How's it pronounce Chris?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What's he from?

[hosty_matt]: Thank you.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you. The I. T

[cobra]: crowd,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You guys love that.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: crowd. He Alsosi, was also in the Mandal Orion,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: crowd. He Alsosi, was also in the Mandal Orion,

[hosty_matt]: y.

[cobra]: Y

[the_holodeck_strangler]: as the robot.

[cobra]: was the the robot. ▁zero was his name?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh yeah, he'd be good. I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Thank you

[butt__ernut_squash_]: know that guy. Hed be good.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: during the Bilburg,

[hosty_matt]: y.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Bold bilber, Uh episode.

[cobra]: I like. I like that. I like that a lot. Actually.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: as was your pick.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, Okay

[cobra]: Oh, t. ▁j Miller,

[ashley]: sorry,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: is grow. He's pretty grody enough for it.

[cobra]: I know.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[ashley]: sor to so to

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay,

[ashley]: interrupted. I'm going to go at Jason's to daas

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's too cool,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: too cool to be barkey. Remember

[hosty_matt]: That's

[cobra]: No,

[hosty_matt]: but that's the perfect St. casting.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: no, remember,

[cobra]: I. I can see it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you need to get cats. Someone who you could see having sex with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: holograms of the cast members that they see every day.

[cobra]: Are you you saying Jason Saidacus couldn't do it?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, too much of a after watchhing T last was too much of a good guy.

[cobra]: But he's not he'. not. It's not his character

[butt__ernut_squash_]: My brain doesn't comprehend such things.

[cobra]: from Thatdla So it's the actor You realize this right

[hosty_matt]: Hey, hey, Spencer and Luciano,

[hosty_matt]: this is. This is a speed

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: round. I dont no one cares what you think.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: shut up, Luciano stopp, talking all the time.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Sh of Wesley.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, shut up, Wesley

[cobra]: there.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: All right perfect.

[cobra]: I'll play Wesley there.

[hosty_matt]: perfect. Lucio.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, here's my pick. Oh, go. Ah, goad, you have you go.

[hosty_matt]: No, no Lucy to pick shut up Luciano.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, whos who you have? Ford

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Chri.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So I was so confused. I thought Losian was actually going to go. My

[the_holodeck_strangler]: pick is an actor from the Tv show The Magicians, His name is Hale

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Abelman,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: He really really good,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: H. So he could totally capture the spectrum.

[cobra]: he looks dark. He looks Drky enough

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Sorry, so asked me aroundund. That's my

[hosty_matt]: Great choice Speed round over.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: pickr.

[hosty_matt]: Now you've left yourself way less time to talk about the three most important

[hosty_matt]: characters. But hey, that was your choice. You really want to get into Wretch?

[hosty_matt]: No big deal.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's my main character.

[hosty_matt]: Have you guys heard of

[hosty_matt]: a character called Commander

[hosty_matt]: William Raker,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: My

[butt__ernut_squash_]: God, God, my

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: heart just skipped a beat.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: good lord,

[hosty_matt]: Let's let's go around the room and the order I'm going to define right now,

[hosty_matt]: Luciano. What got?

[cobra]: William Shatner, No, I'm kidding.

[hosty_matt]: I hate you.

[cobra]: I mean, yeah, Ah, I don't have a specific pick,

[cobra]: Harry Cvell there,

[hosty_matt]: Do you not understand what this is supposed to be?

[cobra]: I do. I do do Hanry Cvell there,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: All right, he is handsome enough.

[cobra]: And yeah, I don't know. He looks good with the beard too, so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He does, but he doesn't have enough whimsy, he's not. He doesn't have

[cobra]: that's

[cobra]: importantimsy. Do you think you could sit down in chairs by? You know, moving his leg

[butt__ernut_squash_]: enough whimsy to play riker

[ashley]: love

[butt__ernut_squash_]: over the chair.

[ashley]: over the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't know if he's tall enough to do that and that is a key

[cobra]: over the chair's back.

[ashley]: li

[butt__ernut_squash_]: character trait,

[hosty_matt]: Is he tall enough to do that

[cobra]: that' that's important. Yeahly,

[hosty_matt]: important and playing musical instruments

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Trombone, specifically,

[hosty_matt]: whileing sexy

[cobra]: Oh, that's true. Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: wasn't it who a mooner? said?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: trombone.

[cobra]: No, he had sex,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They

[cobra]: but he playedmble.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all right,

[hosty_matt]: phras?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You totally redeems yourself.

[hosty_matt]: I mean,

[hosty_matt]: I, I don't know if Henry

[hosty_matt]: Henry Cvell is very attractive, but I don't know if he has the charisma

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: to bang

[hosty_matt]: every kind of alien,

[cobra]: How dare you even suggest that?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, he could do it, but does he have the balls to bang every alien

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like? I feel like he'd be like he'd pick and choose, but

[cobra]: I guess.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Riker just bangs every alien

[butt__ernut_squash_]: ever. re a le, y.

[cobra]: Oh, I see, he an equal opportunitynger

[cobra]: Fair enough.

[hosty_matt]: just

[hosty_matt]: as and see if they're interested and then go for. Yeah, Okay, moving on,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I just to say, Raker's uh position on women is much like our position

[butt__ernut_squash_]: on the casting of this show, which is they just have to be alive.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, they don't.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay, they don't

[cobra]: No, No, they don't

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Okay. maybe,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: they. don't.

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer. just

[the_holodeck_strangler]: no, No, all,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: uh,

[hosty_matt]: get to the point police.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So my casting is, I thought a lot long hard about this and I thought I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: wanted somebody who was handsome yet charismatic like you said, And I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: went with John Krizinsky

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because he telling about Riiker is he's not just handsome. He's like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: warm. He's a warm presence, you know,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Jonkerzski has that

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm

[cobra]: okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: eddi'som he, and he is a great beard.

[cobra]: but was also gym in the office, so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, I know that is one deteriorating factor, but that was a long

[cobra]: that takes me, takes me out of it a little bit.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: time ago. You got to see him in the ▁quiet place and then you can kind

[butt__ernut_squash_]: of see it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: kis

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my'. he's too cool.

[hosty_matt]: Okay.

[cobra]: Okay. All right,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Sp up John Ham,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: John,

[cobra]: Oh, very nice, very nice.

[hosty_matt]: I wonder if John Ham has too much charisma

[hosty_matt]: in the sense that his alien banging will take president over Bacard. trying to

[hosty_matt]: captain the ship.

[cobra]: Yeah, that's that's what we want, isn't it?

[hosty_matt]: No, No, No, It's uses a weapon to help you know, build relationships with with

[hosty_matt]: new world and species. Not.

[hosty_matt]: I said,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: building bridges with the human Breach,

[hosty_matt]: I said, Yeah, I said that all he's going to bang them with. I don't know what

[hosty_matt]: what else you want.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Let me. I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: want. I want to clarify something about Riker. It's not like John,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I wanted to have his beard.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Be like a womaner. Raker wasn't just using women he like fell in love

[butt__ernut_squash_]: with every person that he banged.

[hosty_matt]: true, all the time

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like every person that he talk to.

[cobra]: I think John Ham can pull that off.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he's too cool.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Agree, He's got enough range. He

[the_holodeck_strangler]: can be fractured. He be vulnerable.

[cobra]: Are you say Riker isn't cool? What's wrong with you?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's cool when I told you he' kind of goofy. You know

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You can do that. Have you not seen Kim Schmidt and the commercials?

[cobra]: The the commercials? the commercials.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's true.

[ashley]: dor ash

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Those door dash ads those sold me,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Schmidss,

[ashley]: or something,

[cobra]: Dasha. Yeah, yeah, Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: he, he seems a little dicy in those though likek

[cobra]: is also duious Sometimes

[hosty_matt]: No, but like he was always

[hosty_matt]: friends with everybody, and he banged everybody. Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's got a heart of gold.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm. He loved everybody in every way possible

[hosty_matt]: literally,

[cobra]: a lover, a lover of man of women of aliens of all three? Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: often

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Pasexual,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: at the same time.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Actually, what about you? What's your write pick?

[ashley]: Nathan.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: See,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Nathan's a good point.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Nathan's a good point.

[cobra]: nice.

[ashley]: I'm not sure about his beard,

[ashley]: but

[cobra]: I don't think I've ever seen him with a beard. La.

[ashley]: I think his personality. His acting skills would be

[ashley]: quite fitting.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Got that million Do, Smile

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, I like his. I think his personality fits

[cobra]: Oh, yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: really well with raker.

[cobra]: The the beard is the. the Hold

[ashley]: Know

[cobra]: backck. Have you guys seen

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh. Oh,

[cobra]: him with a beard? Is not good.

[hosty_matt]: don't go. don't google that. Don't ruin it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: there. I don't think

[ashley]: Google.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you can grow one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and S.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: He's only ever done stashes.

[ashley]: That's what. Uh, the makeup people are for.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, If googling Nathan Phlians beard, it's n s f. w.

[cobra]: fair fair,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay,

[hosty_matt]: Okay.

[cobra]: Yeah, I, I agree. The personality would be a like a

[ashley]: Mhm,

[cobra]: super

[butt__ernut_squash_]: oh, that's

[cobra]: good fit. Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: I have

[butt__ernut_squash_]: not good.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: not good.

[hosty_matt]: stop

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: searching

[hosty_matt]: and it's going to be a crossover from Star Wars John Boega,

[cobra]: wow, what a weird yet interesting pick.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I can't knock that

[the_holodeck_strangler]: a younger younger casting.

[cobra]: Yeah, I can't either. Like I was going to say. I was going to say na. but then I

[cobra]: started thinking about it is like that'd be

[cobra]: amazing to see. actually,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but,

[hosty_matt]: You're going through the

[hosty_matt]: woman like

[hosty_matt]: like,

[hosty_matt]: maybe,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but, but

[hosty_matt]: but now, but actually,

[cobra]: but yeah, yeah, yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: let me ask you something, though, Ma, how is his beard?

[hosty_matt]: yup,

[hosty_matt]: let me look it up here. I have no idea

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Well, then how can you cast him without even knowing it's just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: offensive.

[hosty_matt]: With the beard looks like Dansel Washington. The one picture I'm seeing.

[hosty_matt]: Actually, it's fine.

[hosty_matt]: See,

[cobra]: oh yes,

[hosty_matt]: it's good. I see

[cobra]: actually really good

[hosty_matt]: as a as a a British cop, He's good to go.

[cobra]: with with the British accent right. Just leave the British acc.

[hosty_matt]: Oh

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[ashley]: Yeah, yp, y.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, No, you can't make raker. British

[hosty_matt]: definitely, that's part of that's part of the

[ashley]: yeah.

[hosty_matt]: mistique. That's always going to bang all the space aliens.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: hold on

[ashley]: Yes, you can,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Raker is from Alaska, and you respect the Lord.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Listen, I brought James Avery back and you all allow it.

[cobra]: I mean, The Lord has the Lord, has the Frenchman, Je lu Picard, speaking with the

[cobra]: most British of all brief accents, So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[ashley]: too. shame.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that that's part of the law.

[hosty_matt]: Okay, we got to move on. We' got to hostle this up because we got. we got to get

[hosty_matt]: through a couple of more characters and pick our cast, so let's jump right into

[hosty_matt]: it, Lieutenant Commander Data. So really? all you needs to, all you need to know

[hosty_matt]: about who's going to both. This role is, you got to pretend to be a robot, but

[hosty_matt]: smile and smirk and deliver em motion with every line, thereby not actually

[hosty_matt]: being a robot or an android at all.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How dare you? How dare you, sir.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I got this.

[cobra]: I got this, but go ahead,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: my. Yeah. I want to say first, it's Richard a Ohada. That's what I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: wanted to do. but someone. I think someone used him in the speed

[the_holodeck_strangler]: round.

[hosty_matt]: That's fine. I'll allow this. It's different.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I hate. it

[hosty_matt]: I think. Sh. do

[hosty_matt]: you want? Do you want? Do you want to show you what, Chris or you'? just that

[cobra]: yeah. I could dig it.

[hosty_matt]: confident you just slapping down the gart

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I am confident and I will show my work. Dude loves technology. like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: act like Richard Lo Technology. He has a separate show called Uh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Techman or Techno, Gagetman, Sorry on the Bbc

[the_holodeck_strangler]: and aside from the I. T. crowd duds done done quite a lot of work.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: of course in the mandolian, and he's got more than enough. I think

[the_holodeck_strangler]: his communicability will will really allow for the moments where pe.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: his dead pen game is so on point that I'm very interested to hear.

[cobra]: That's the only game he has. Let's be honest,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Don you? If your version of honesty is liive. Well then that's on

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I think it'll be very interesting to hear what the rest of your your

[the_holodeck_strangler]: choices will be, Because I would love to see him do that.

[cobra]: I, I don't hate. It is like the the Dad pen is going to be perfection. right.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it will. it will.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: is

[cobra]: um,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: niney perent.

[cobra]: but I think

[cobra]: yeah, yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So who? So? what do

[cobra]: So my

[the_holodeck_strangler]: the rest of you think?

[cobra]: my pick. As much as I like Richard, A oade is stiff coral

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I knew

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: we were going to say

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that

[ashley]: Wow.

[hosty_matt]: What

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I actually know. That's how were you inside my head.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That may be? the worst casting. I' ever heard.

[hosty_matt]: you're drunk.

[ashley]: No, I'd watch Steve Cll in anything,

[cobra]: as

[ashley]: So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah, that would be interesting.

[cobra]: so. That was.

[ashley]: be

[cobra]: That was. actually, That's one of the first reasons why, Because Dad is so likable as

[cobra]: well,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm.

[cobra]: and you want someone who's instantly likeable like that as so. that was the first

[cobra]: thing, but he's also he. He is a good actor who's really funny so he can pull off

[cobra]: like the emotional moment that Data has sometimes,

[cobra]: But then the the stupid

[cobra]: silly fun as well. so I think it would be

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Data doesn't have emotional parts. What are you talking about?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Whating

[cobra]: it does.

[hosty_matt]: They slip through. He's not actually trying to act them.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He? He laughs one time when you give them the ability to laugh

[cobra]: Yeah, exactly.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that all.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, I watch it every day.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Spencer, you? you? you

[cobra]: yeah.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: claim to be, You claim to be a Star Trek and a trecki. but you

[cobra]: yeah. what? what? Uh? what Next generation were you watching

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: forgot.

[cobra]: If you didn't see the emotional moments,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay, I'll jump in.

[cobra]: Asktasha ya. okay, Ask

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Cashiar about the emotional moment.

[hosty_matt]: That's not

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: emotional. That's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that's all

[hosty_matt]: all physical, baby.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I am anatomically correct.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Data and Tasha, that the call back to data, andtasha y necrophelia.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, thanks. the emotional

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Neroia, what show are you watching?

[cobra]: Whoa, Wow,

[hosty_matt]: What a fudge.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: moment. That's what Y brought up the previous. The pre. I didn't

[the_holodeck_strangler]: watch it

[the_holodeck_strangler]: in one of the previous episodes anyways. Emotional moment, Data,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: when he had his daughter and had to deactivate her

[cobra]: Also, he would have to play lower

[ashley]: sa

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[cobra]: as well. Right, whoever we pick,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, lar ision, What was? what was? Uh? Davis' daughter's name?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was sad.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yep, I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was it low?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: think it was Lo. good job.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: think it was Lo. good job.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Um,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my pick for data was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Edsra Miller.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh, I see. I see.

[cobra]: what

[cobra]: the flash as

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes, he's got

[cobra]: Come on,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: this. He's got the face for it. he's got the jaw line.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he's got the creek for it to it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, I went with the opposite be cause you

[hosty_matt]: That's true.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: went with a liable actor. I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: The

[butt__ernut_squash_]: went with the opposite.

[cobra]: Yeah, you went with the one whose face is made for punching. Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I think he is a good

[butt__ernut_squash_]: actor and he looks like a robot.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he could do it.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, by that account we can pick Timy Sheman, Be done with it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he was one of my other

[ashley]: Mhm, Mhm,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: options.

[cobra]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Is that your big?

[cobra]: the hate. the hate is strong on this one.

[hosty_matt]: I wish

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay?

[hosty_matt]: if he acted better. Maybe

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How dare you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: But is that your actual pick? then Mat?

[cobra]: Jes. what is this? that timody? shall me hate. Hour of the fuck.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: actually ash? You going to sit there and let

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: him talk about Timothy,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I think it's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: your boy, Timothy Shatomman, Like that,

[ashley]: I, I can. I can't even go there.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you made a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: powerful enemy today, Ma, a powerful enemy

[ashley]: I can. my.

[cobra]: You've made a powerful enemy.

[hosty_matt]: makes makes sense. honestly.

[hosty_matt]: No, I

[hosty_matt]: actually Timothy, She,

[hosty_matt]: I will go with Uh,

[hosty_matt]: Ael, Elgort, who was bay from Baby Driver.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: or my other picks, too.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes. S

[ashley]: O. Yeah.

[hosty_matt]: I think you can pull off that stoic

[hosty_matt]: Ro

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Ba driver. Watch it good movie.

[hosty_matt]: and egort.

[cobra]: I watch. maybe Driver, but

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, he, he was baby.

[cobra]: the main character.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Okay, Yeah, yeah, I can see it. Yeah,

[ashley]: every time I picture Timothy Shae as data, I picture Edward scissor hands. I can't.

[ashley]: I can't get past it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I can see that

[hosty_matt]: Truly, Timothy. Shelly is too attractive to Beta.

[ashley]: Thank you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you put some respect on young Brent Spiner, cause that man is one

[butt__ernut_squash_]: tall glass of metal

[hosty_matt]: No, I'm not

[the_holodeck_strangler]: metal.

[hosty_matt]: yard tyard,

[cobra]: of milk. You mean one talls glas of milk.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: let's be. Let's be clear. It's not metal's not milk, is meam Mual,

[hosty_matt]: Yeahs,

[hosty_matt]: Tashiard did not bang data because he was attractive. She bagged them because he

[hosty_matt]: goes as long as she needed

[hosty_matt]: to fulfil her needs.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: was a

[cobra]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: living sex toy,

[ashley]: Oh my God.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: the living vibrtor,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Doctor, Doctor, What was the name of of Data's

[the_holodeck_strangler]: engineer builder, Father, Doctor Yson, thank you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Doctor Noonian, sayng, that Noon song,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a picture data withach,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I am optimated with a vibrating function.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: would you like optimized Ten?

[hosty_matt]: well, um, I'm going to move a law. Actually, Did you give your choice for

[hosty_matt]: lieutenantor?

[ashley]: I. No. I chose Rommy Mallck,

[hosty_matt]: I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: like that pi.

[ashley]: He very robotic. Exactly.

[cobra]: well, he has the robot part.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I feel like if all data looked like Rammy Maleck, they would never make

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it out of like phase one of joining humanity, like they would

[butt__ernut_squash_]: immediately make this guy is going to kill us all. Look at his eyes.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He would not be to start fleet. They would not gain anyone stress.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Theyd be like, let's destroy this thing before he teooes us.

[cobra]: I'm now picturing Rami Ma, as he was in Mister Robot

[ashley]: Yes,

[cobra]: as data,

[cobra]: and now I can see it.

[ashley]: I know I. I haveve gone through that cycle too

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like crazy, the schizophrenic, though, I think there's something

[butt__ernut_squash_]: wrong with the new robot.

[cobra]: Yeah.

[hosty_matt]: We've gotne too far.

[ashley]: malfunction,

[cobra]: Oh, I know not not remember about Christian. S. later, as does data.

[hosty_matt]: We're done here.

[hosty_matt]: Everybody is given their mister

[cobra]: No.

[hosty_matt]: Data

[hosty_matt]: Segu,

[cobra]: Yeah, I think so

[hosty_matt]: the man of the hour,

[hosty_matt]: Spencer's father,

[hosty_matt]: brother lover,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Why can't they be all things?

[hosty_matt]: best friend,

[ashley]: father of his son,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: sperm owner,

[hosty_matt]: father of a son, mother of his son. Somehow,

[cobra]: his

[hosty_matt]: his,

[cobra]: own son.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: his Holy

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Trinity,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Sheard

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: acted by

[hosty_matt]: the great you. What, Spencer

[hosty_matt]: Ola. You take this one because it's your turf

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh thank you,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Captain Jean Luke Bacard,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the greatest Star Trek captain of all time, greater than Kirk, greater

[butt__ernut_squash_]: than Jane, way greater than Cisco. Nobody argues that,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: truly an inspiration to all mankind,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: played by the one and only Patrick Stewart, cannot be replaced.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Although we will try our best, I tip my

[ashley]: Sir Patrick's do,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: hat to you, Sir and Patrick. I know you'. listing. I thank you for what

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you gave us in De performance.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Sorry, got a little emotional

[the_holodeck_strangler]: This is when this is when the Po.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: If the podcast was like visual when the screen freezes and then the

[cobra]: little emotion there. Huh,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: caption underneath Spencer Patrick's Stewart, reinstated and

[the_holodeck_strangler]: extended his his

[butt__ernut_squash_]: restraining order.

[hosty_matt]: restraining order,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: like um, restraining order and and filed for a for Poadcast

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's how I got it signature.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: harassment.

[cobra]: but just arass.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: This

[hosty_matt]: right,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: is tough.

[hosty_matt]: Spencer?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No, it's not

[hosty_matt]: K, tells what what we need and a good,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Card needs to be

[ashley]: Sssss,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: serious

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and eat no comedic tone. To this character's no Marvel character.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He needs to be

[butt__ernut_squash_]: inspirational,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: but more importantly he has to be able to give a speech that makes you

[butt__ernut_squash_]: feel

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like the world can be better and that you can be better.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He literally has to embody hope,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and that's not easy. So

[butt__ernut_squash_]: good luck. I truly think of all the characters that anything ever made.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He is probably one of the most irreplaceable characters in terms of

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like the actor who played them,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so let's replace him.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: done.

[hosty_matt]: Spencer. Yes,

[hosty_matt]: you go first. you set the bar for us.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So I thought

[ashley]: so I mustt to

[butt__ernut_squash_]: long and hard about this and I went with an actor that I that I think

[cobra]: I beg, you did

[butt__ernut_squash_]: is very, iss a good actor, But also, like I said, can be very serious,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and I went with Oscar Isaac,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm,

[cobra]: fork you. That was my pick,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: son of Sascka. You gotta get up pretty

[cobra]: Jes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: dearly to get this gay.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So I put. I picked. I picked Oscar Isaac.

[cobra]: I, not even Kitty is the only one I thought of ahead of time.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Google Oscar Isaac Baldcause, there's pictures of him And and you're

[cobra]: Yeahard,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: likem, that's not bad and I just picture him in these scenes like, just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: not like just you being like believing his sincerity and his se. like.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: How like he'll take the role seriously and not you know. Try and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: imitate someone or you know. he'll just do his own thing, but he'll do

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it with like class. you know, which I think is the most important

[butt__ernut_squash_]: thing,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: And he looks good. Balt.

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[hosty_matt]: yeah,

[hosty_matt]: we come back to Lu, since he just got his world rocked by that pig. Chris. Would

[hosty_matt]: you like to go next?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Sure

[the_holodeck_strangler]: for me, wasn't that difficult.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: For those reasons. I lay this this,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Dan, Helen Meing,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: What in the fuck are you high?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No,

[cobra]: I was thinking of of switching genders. toocause. I think it makes sense,

[cobra]: but

[ashley]: like

[cobra]: okay so why?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: because everything,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Can you de age her?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh my God,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I mean, Is that what is

[the_holodeck_strangler]: how dare you, sir.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the age of this? Your cast is like ages eighty to twenty with corpses

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So

[the_holodeck_strangler]: my my picks are better than yours Be

[hosty_matt]: Wow shots fire,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: so like you like. I understand your picks with with the dead you could

[butt__ernut_squash_]: bring back from the dead, but you're going to have like an eighty year

[butt__ernut_squash_]: old captain with like

[butt__ernut_squash_]: rekerb, Who's your writeer again? Isn't your data?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: John Ham,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Data was Richard Aoata.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he' like twenty two. Your cast. Eight ages are all over the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: place.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Let go. Let go. It's twenty twenty one.

[hosty_matt]: I'm sorry. What are we? Yeah, you' arguing the age line of this all star

[hosty_matt]: cascs is creating.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So agent

[the_holodeck_strangler]: so loud.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm talk about getting spots in the seats here.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I hate you.

[ashley]: apologized for my husband.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you're lucky we don't have more listeners. Because because they

[the_holodeck_strangler]: would jump on you for for smirching Da Ellen Mern's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't think I'd get that much hate for saying I don't think

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Helen Mern should be Je lupercard. I don't think that I'd get that much

[the_holodeck_strangler]: box office power,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Amail

[hosty_matt]: Sorry, so that Jean lookct thank you,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: M. Jean

[cobra]: yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: jean

[the_holodeck_strangler]: jean jean,

[cobra]: it can be Luke, Because looks also a male name.

[hosty_matt]: Jean

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Lucille,

[hosty_matt]: Laurence, pick out

[the_holodeck_strangler]: there you go.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Luc,

[cobra]: Laurence. I love it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Jean Lucill,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Lucille,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Lu.

[cobra]: No, larence, Jean Loenceard,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: See you've already

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: warmed to it.

[cobra]: I againt. so I would have picked well, Hele,

[cobra]: great, but I know would have picked her if I was going to flip the gender, but

[ashley]: Ssssssssss.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: That's w mine. That's whym.

[cobra]: fair enough

[hosty_matt]: Lu.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What the rest of you have

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What the rest of you have

[hosty_matt]: Do you want to get in here now? Since you have your thoughts

[cobra]: so well, I, I mean, I had another

[cobra]: two picks. other than Oscars. Our Oscarzk was my first, and I, for all the reasons

[cobra]: that that Spencer said, which is gross, agreeing with him, but you know here we are.

[cobra]: Um,

[cobra]: I mean we we? We always say when we agree something is wrong with the world,

[cobra]: so

[hosty_matt]: Sure is

[butt__ernut_squash_]: feels right, though feels

[cobra]: we shouldn't agree, but um

[cobra]: it does.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: an angel lost

[cobra]: so

[the_holodeck_strangler]: their wings?

[cobra]: I'm torn. so I, one of the things that always bothered me. I I love. Uh, you know,

[cobra]: Patri Stewart, as Picard, Obviously, but he always bothered me that he was a French

[cobra]: dude that said grund

[cobra]: and ourgourage like I. It's I don't believe he's French. This is what I'm saying, So

[cobra]: one of the things I went after was making that French part of him a little bit

[hosty_matt]: French.

[cobra]: more

[butt__ernut_squash_]: genuine.

[cobra]: believable. Yes, so I, so one of the picks is Vicent Cassel,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: interesting. He's a good actor.

[cobra]: However

[cobra]: he he is. However,

[cobra]: I don't see

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, he always.

[cobra]: him emboding. Hope he

[cobra]: looks too much like a super villain.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he' always a villain.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He's always a

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: supergenous bad guy

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Looks like

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he looks like a lean

[cobra]: Yeah, yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: version of the human version of Gw from despicable meat.

[hosty_matt]: Wow,

[cobra]: yes,

[hosty_matt]: they're not wrong. That's

[cobra]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: the worst part.

[cobra]: you're not wrong at all.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: freakishly right.

[cobra]: So,

[cobra]: barring that we could pick you know an actor who's not French, but could

[cobra]: do, uh, learn to do a proper French accent if he doesn't already know,

[cobra]: so in that case my pick would have been or would be Gary Oldman

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, I can see that.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I could

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Fantastic.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: see that, too.

[cobra]: because like he i, he would get into that character so hard

[cobra]: and would do a fantas of my favorite actors of all time. First of all, but like with

[cobra]: a fantastic job, I think he would. He would do an noage to the way that the Patrick

[cobra]: Stewardt played him without just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: would you? d h. him?

[cobra]: copying him. I think

[hosty_matt]: Okay.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I knew you're going to ask that

[cobra]: No, it's not that old.

[cobra]: What is wrong with you?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Hes, he's like seventy.

[hosty_matt]: The the problem is is,

[cobra]: So

[hosty_matt]: so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, my

[hosty_matt]: don't it's not. It's not. it's fine, we we're we'll vote on who the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: okay.

[hosty_matt]: cast is going to be spentr. You could argue that out.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: everybody don't vote for Spencers.

[hosty_matt]: We got. We got a

[hosty_matt]: couple of minutes left here before we should get it. We don't have time for

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I' try to start a franchise here,

[hosty_matt]: this. We got a couple of minutes left of talking about Picard, and then we start

[butt__ernut_squash_]: right

[hosty_matt]: casting our people. I'm going to go next because I think Ashley should have to

[hosty_matt]: last say on who we're going to cast. So, in the spirit of Luciano's idea that we

[hosty_matt]: should have someone who's literally French, playing John Picard, I am going to

[hosty_matt]: go with Ol Marc, and if you don't know who he is, He played Lupin in the Netflix

[hosty_matt]: special

[ashley]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: He

[the_holodeck_strangler]: good one

[hosty_matt]: he is. He can pull off the French accent, He can pull off

[cobra]: No,

[hosty_matt]: being the captain. My only concern

[hosty_matt]: is

[hosty_matt]: he might fight

[hosty_matt]: with Reiker, He won't fight with Riker, but the women might be torn

[hosty_matt]: between him

[hosty_matt]: and and write her casting. Just because

[ashley]: I think that's already an issue, though,

[cobra]: is

[hosty_matt]: that's fair,

[cobra]: he is a good looking to. Got to say

[hosty_matt]: it's like they present like a, Um, an intellectual sexual. Uh, you know,

[hosty_matt]: Um, conundrum. Yes, thank you, perfect versus a

[cobra]: conundrumine.

[hosty_matt]: physical, charismatic, sexual conundrum between Picard and wrecker, Um, And if I

[the_holodeck_strangler]: ceremonial. Mhm,

[ashley]: Mhm. Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: had to, if we were going to go to go back to that sort of classically trained

[hosty_matt]: actor.

[hosty_matt]: I, I want to go through Jackman,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Hugh Jackman,

[hosty_matt]: Yup,

[ashley]: Just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They' just saying a huge jack band

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: like the rock

[cobra]: Oh the rock.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: again.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: We

[hosty_matt]: go back to the rock, Jasons, Sta, Um, But so by, I think I, You know picking

[hosty_matt]: picking putting one forward, I'm going to put homemrcy, as as uh

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like old Marcy,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: thank

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's a good pick

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and bals.

[hosty_matt]: as as my choice.

[cobra]: Yeah.

[hosty_matt]: Actuallyhle, what? Yeah, what you got?

[ashley]: this man

[ashley]: brings me peace. I think he has wisdom. He has

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you those.

[ashley]: the ability to give speeches that will hit your heart.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Ashle. You can't pick me your husband. That's ridiculous.

[ashley]: I'm going to go with

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you cut her off

[ashley]: Idress Alba.

[ashley]: I know he was

[ashley]: mentioned

[hosty_matt]: Excellent

[cobra]: yeah, that's good.

[ashley]: for something else, but I just think he

[ashley]: do a fantastic

[ashley]: and

[hosty_matt]: we can.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: for Come

[ashley]: he is also British get. But I think he could learn to do the French accent.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I. I completely disagree with.

[cobra]: Yeah. well, so Gary Oldman is as well,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Not not that, but I disagree with you guys that they. He have to have a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: F. I think the British accent is part of his character.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: A Frenchman doing a British accent Is Bert,

[cobra]: you're wrong, but you know this is where we are.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, welcome to the name of the Pocast.

[hosty_matt]: The only thing we have to clear up shouldn't be too hard. probably barely

[hosty_matt]: inconvenience. is the fact that Elders Abra was crawl in Star Trek beyond, But

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Say that

[hosty_matt]: other than that that's fine.

[ashley]: I haven't seen the movies.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, This is in. No, in the new Star Trek

[cobra]: It doesn't really matter.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: movies, Do M. Kirk,

[ashley]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: you know it's

[ashley]: you, forget about those.

[hosty_matt]: finecause. It's like it's the Kalvin timeline and it

[ashley]: Mhm.

[hosty_matt]: completely different time

[hosty_matt]: lines, so it'll be easy than ever. explain to vock. So yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Andy's Alien In it?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, True, he is human

[hosty_matt]: well, no, he's human. That turns into an alien,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: spoilers.

[hosty_matt]: but it's why we didn't explain Touvoach showing up in the in the on the

[hosty_matt]: Enterprise

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Sea, and then being on Voyager,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: so it's fine. Don't even worry about it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: he was in the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Tg episode A ship robber.

[cobra]: Oh lord. I' just

[hosty_matt]: Y.

[cobra]: a quick side bar of just looking at the Wikipedia on the Wiki page, and apparently

[cobra]: Tom Hardy, at some point played

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, Picard and Nemesis,

[ashley]: Yeah, I saw that

[hosty_matt]: yeah. you

[the_holodeck_strangler]: love

[hosty_matt]: don't remember

[ashley]: I can't see it.

[hosty_matt]: that he was very obviously. Tom Hardy

[cobra]: No, Me, neither

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was good. He was good

[butt__ernut_squash_]: looked nothing like him.

[hosty_matt]: was good. The movie was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: when he was younger, like he

[hosty_matt]: okay.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was a younger.

[cobra]: younger and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: An robuln.

[cobra]: last diction is

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, we got. we. we

[cobra]: anyway,

[hosty_matt]: got a roll. The strain. We' already passed an hour or thirty and and we got to

[hosty_matt]: get our cast done All right. So

[cobra]: right,

[hosty_matt]: casting Beverly Crusher, who will we going with

[butt__ernut_squash_]: We like Jessica Chastein,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So'm good with that.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So'm good with that.

[cobra]: my vote is Jessica.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: All right, lock it in.

[hosty_matt]: Ashley?

[ashley]: What am I allowed to vote for myself?

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[ashley]: I yet. I'll go with justskjesting.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: We changed the rules often

[hosty_matt]: Okay,

[cobra]: this is. this is not a serious broadcast. Actually,

[hosty_matt]: the rules are what we make them.

[ashley]: I'm not winning money after this

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the only. there's only one rule and Patrick Stewart can't play every

[butt__ernut_squash_]: character, which is bullshit.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[ashley]: right right?

[hosty_matt]: um,

[hosty_matt]: actually, if you want to win money after of this I sugg. going into your

[hosty_matt]: husband's wallet. There's a

[hosty_matt]: a cash prize

[cobra]: Yeah, sounds all right.

[ashley]: Oh,

[hosty_matt]: there for you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's where you're wrong. I'm poor.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Youve

[hosty_matt]: Uh, whf. who' we going

[hosty_matt]: withck?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like my pick, wins

[the_holodeck_strangler]: what were the pigs or the pigs? Did? James Avery were with the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Embu,

[cobra]: I like my pig.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: others.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: not James Aprey,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: What were the other pigs? Hurry up.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mine was mine, Was Inbcu from Black Panther the

[ashley]: rock

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Rock,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay,

[cobra]: My

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Jason Statham,

[cobra]: mine was Jason Staum.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't think you picked one.

[hosty_matt]: I don't remember if I picked honestly. I don't think I picked one.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I'm going to stand by my my roomle to not vote

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, my God,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: for Spencer continuously and go for the rock.

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to go with Embu

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, me too.

[ashley]: me too.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all right.

[hosty_matt]: The rocks too much.

[ashley]: Y.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Got it Scre? Chris.

[cobra]: I, it's fine.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: moving on to Counselor Dianaroy,

[cobra]: sorry. I don't want to agree with Spencer, but

[ashley]: I

[hosty_matt]: I don't

[ashley]: agree with that too.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, that's three

[hosty_matt]: well's. that's three,

[ashley]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: but I don't like it. I think she's too. She's not warm enough for my taste, but

[hosty_matt]: vot,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: can be. She can be devious.

[hosty_matt]: is it so I will.

[hosty_matt]: I will.

[cobra]: she' a good actress. She can play.

[hosty_matt]: No, you're wrong,

[cobra]: Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah

[cobra]: Wow,

[hosty_matt]: Lieutenant Commander Geore of Forge

[cobra]: the head on the French,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Y.

[cobra]: don't know that people.

[hosty_matt]: Noad people

[cobra]: I,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was ▁jimmy O Yang.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: The only

[hosty_matt]: Steven Young

[butt__ernut_squash_]: problem is that I don't know ▁jimmy. O, y, so I can't vote for someone

[butt__ernut_squash_]: who I've never seen before.

[ashley]: I going to go with ▁jimmyo. ygcause. I have just seen them recently and I think it's

[ashley]: a good fit.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Right

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I going

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Take that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to trust my wife's taste as a diehard Tj fan like myself.

[hosty_matt]: Coward, moving on,

[hosty_matt]: Commander William Reger,

[cobra]: John ham for me.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mine was John Krsinsky

[ashley]: Nathan.

[hosty_matt]: I had Johnega

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Feel like Johnmbo, Yg

[hosty_matt]: a tough one.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: is too young. See

[cobra]: Oh, I forgot about that feel that Nath Feelian is a good pi. too.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the the age prejudice. My age prejudice swings both ways. I think Bolie

[butt__ernut_squash_]: is too young

[hosty_matt]: Riker wasn't old.

[hosty_matt]: Don't know

[the_holodeck_strangler]: what happened.

[hosty_matt]: what's happening here. So okay So we? we did this intentionally. We're matching

[hosty_matt]: this person to Uh, Marianne, uh, C. So with that in mind it might be John Ham.

[cobra]: true.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: or John

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Kzinsky.

[cobra]: more more than just.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: feel like Jun. Since

[cobra]: No.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you get eaten A Al.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Are you kidding? Have you seen Emily Blenn?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You can. he. can.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yes, but still

[cobra]: Yeah, and she's no marry on coard.

[cobra]: Yeah, and she's no marry on coard.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He can handle it

[hosty_matt]: I got to go, John Ham. with that one

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all right, John Hamon is

[hosty_matt]: All right, Lieutenant Commander Data,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: well, I know you're not picking Ezra Miller.

[cobra]: I'm going to stick with my Steve car.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's the worst pick worse than Helen Mern.

[hosty_matt]: That's the worst one.

[cobra]: No, yours is the worst week.

[hosty_matt]: No, this is the second worst.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Thank you, Matt.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So who is yours Mat again?

[cobra]: Steve Ko is the best pi.

[hosty_matt]: Um. I had um, baby driver,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm well with. I'm going with

[hosty_matt]: And so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Antel Egar Because that was my second. That was going to be my second

[butt__ernut_squash_]: pick.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: what was yours? Oh Ro. was it Romy? Mallck?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: See Robbi Mallock would lead

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to mass genocide, so I'm going against that pick.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: It be I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: robot all over

[butt__ernut_squash_]: there's no way he would not kill everyone.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: again for M robot As data.

[cobra]: so if I'm not going to, if I'm not allowed to vote the best choice Steve Corral, I

[cobra]: have to go with Richard E.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, we got two for two ass. You got to pick one. You got to settle the

[butt__ernut_squash_]: tie, Ansel Eghort or

[ashley]: What are my two pigs? I don't know what.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Anthel Egert, Baby Driver Guy, or

[ashley]: Okay,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the bad pick,

[hosty_matt]: Richard. Aoe.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Richard. I, Yo.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: For those reasons, I think I think you just voted for Richard A

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I. I went with your pick, As you got a The pendulum.

[ashley]: Oh, my gosh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Where where' a team here?

[hosty_matt]: Wow, that's the

[hosty_matt]: manipulation of the highest order. I'm going to go with it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Don't but don't betray me.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Justw,

[ashley]: I'm going to go with the other one.

[hosty_matt]: I'm going to allow it,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh my god,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Which was the other one?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: the other one.

[ashley]: Know

[hosty_matt]: Richard. I. I.

[hosty_matt]: Richard. I. I.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You don't even know who it is.

[hosty_matt]: wow. Wow,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: That's what you get you. Tri to use emotions,

[hosty_matt]: betrayal.

[hosty_matt]: That's how that's how the show works

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Top ten anime betrayals.

[hosty_matt]: right here.

[cobra]: Now I'm picturing that da infam, the scene with Richard Ae and Bre Larson,

[hosty_matt]: Yep, just just the worst,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: All right,

[hosty_matt]: but the best.

[hosty_matt]: I

[hosty_matt]: love it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'll fight through the tears,

[cobra]: It

[hosty_matt]: so we have so

[ashley]: I love you

[hosty_matt]: just a reminder here as we cast Uh, Patrick Stewart's uh

[cobra]: replacement.

[hosty_matt]: replacement. We did cast. Um, just

[hosty_matt]: replacement. We did cast. Um, just

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Mhm,

[hosty_matt]: right as crusher,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: So

[hosty_matt]: who are we going to pick for Captainard?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: for the listeners, I'm going to, because this is the big finale Going

[butt__ernut_squash_]: to go through the Pixs. We have heln min

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Edrisalba,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oscar, Isaac,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oscar, Isaac,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Gary Oldman

[cobra]: No old man for me.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and Matt pick.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, oh yeah. oh, I know, I like that pig. O

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Marcy

[cobra]: Wow, I see.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and I, I just totally forgot. and O Marcy,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: shame on you, thank you. Thank you, Casey, K him.

[hosty_matt]: Jesus. That's why you don't host this pocke, As just work all clear

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that's right. You can't see to shake your kisy case impression.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: It'll thank you very much coming up on the next to ten.

[hosty_matt]: right where where we at here? What we thinking?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I like Oscaraac.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That was my pick.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I want to go home. Our see.

[cobra]: I'm going to go.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: you eatte Loisiano, Do it.

[cobra]: Who did we pick? Who do we pick for Jordy Re picked. ▁jimm.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: No,

[cobra]: what's his name?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: that was for Georgei Le Forge.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: ▁jimmyo yang.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: That's Becard's love interest.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: Yep. Yep.

[cobra]: the so was asking.

[cobra]: No. I'm just thinking I'm just thinking

[the_holodeck_strangler]: okay.

[cobra]: Diversitychard.

[hosty_matt]: who do we pick for for data again?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: No, no,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: no,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: something's mixed up.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: no, we want O Yang for data.

[cobra]: Yeah, actually said I am going to vote against you.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, yet no Yang was data. Ao De was

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, yet no Yang was data. Ao De was

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh Yan for data. Yes, sorry.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: date

[the_holodeck_strangler]: a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: with data.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: data

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, y.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[ashley]: guys. Can I set re answer?

[hosty_matt]: so that

[hosty_matt]: what answer?

[ashley]: Can I go? Can I pick

[cobra]: Which answer

[ashley]: baby from baby driver?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Oh, shit.

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yes,

[hosty_matt]: she's back on board. I will allow it.

[ashley]: I, I just visualize it better. I'm very sorry

[hosty_matt]: Y.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my threatening

[the_holodeck_strangler]: as Jean Luke,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: text went through

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh, no. Bl, twice as if you wants to call back.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Oh, no. Bl, twice as if you wants to call back.

[cobra]: Well, in that in that case, in that case,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my threats. My, my

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: threading text are, please do this for me. I, this

[butt__ernut_squash_]: it. It's all I have.

[cobra]: I never asked you for anything

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I'll rub your back.

[ashley]: I need those.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I'll get you coffee.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I have

[cobra]: so

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a little baby and I be it.

[cobra]: in in that in that case, I'm going to go with O Mercy for the card.

[hosty_matt]: we've done it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't hate. O mercy.

[hosty_matt]: We've achieved perfection.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I think that is a good pick. I just don't know his acting ability in

[butt__ernut_squash_]: English that much.

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I've only seen him in Lupin.

[hosty_matt]: if Johncard can fake

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm not

[hosty_matt]: fake French. Oh, Marc, you can fake English Is fine.

[cobra]: Cannot think

[butt__ernut_squash_]: thinking can' do a French accent. I'm sure he can do a French accent.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: There's more to acting than doing a legit accent.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Is there?

[hosty_matt]: I don't think so much like many of these casting choices.

[hosty_matt]: I don't think that we have to have someone who is bald with an English accent to

[hosty_matt]: play Jean Pecard.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Uh, the,

[hosty_matt]: This time around, he could just be properly French,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: as long as he's bald,

[hosty_matt]: cause I balts fine. but

[cobra]: it doesn't have to be bold.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, he does.

[hosty_matt]: but the thing is is, I want. I want us to pay homage to the original characters,

[hosty_matt]: but I, if you try to replace them, it's going to be a bad time. so having some

[hosty_matt]: like oar C be French and not necessarily be bald allows that to go somewhere in

[hosty_matt]: the same way that Chris Pine is not William Shadner, Right

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Mhm,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: they really try to recreate

[cobra]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: chatter. Though

[hosty_matt]: did,

[hosty_matt]: but he's still not him.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: yeah,

[cobra]: No, not really.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: no one is. no one said

[hosty_matt]: Well on that.

[cobra]: Is that charismatic? Well, at

[cobra]: the same time being a

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, exactly

[cobra]: shety actor

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[hosty_matt]: on. on that note, we're going to start rapping this up as actually runs away

[hosty_matt]: from the forecast's

[butt__ernut_squash_]: we don't. either. She did her.

[hosty_matt]: Sp.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: He did her role.

[hosty_matt]: So how do you feel about this cast? This is your baby.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I

[butt__ernut_squash_]: am realizing now

[butt__ernut_squash_]: how bad an idea of remaking this. the show is into a movie.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: because, although I don't think our cast is terrible,

[the_holodeck_strangler]: it was a movie

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I don't think I think no matter what would come out Id as a diehard

[butt__ernut_squash_]: fan, I'd be like one of those guys. That's like. I've got a Rus. and

[butt__ernut_squash_]: all.

[hosty_matt]: You're going to give it the Ghostbusters reactions.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, Yeah, exactly it can't without seeing the movie at all, I'm mean,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: a lot of good of the original Os.

[cobra]: like just

[cobra]: fo me at the mouth, but not the same thing? Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Toritos in my beard and mountain do all over my pants.

[hosty_matt]: I can see that

[butt__ernut_squash_]: They theret ho

[hosty_matt]: hundred percent

[butt__ernut_squash_]: at life.

[cobra]: I can see it.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: So yeah, I, that's my

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Theriers in Descent

[butt__ernut_squash_]: feeling. I think we did as good as we can do.

[cobra]: I think it would be if we could get that cast. I think it would be great. Not as a

[cobra]: movie. Just you know,

[cobra]: Do do over of the series.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Do over mini series. What have you?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I mean

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I, I'm being

[cobra]: Yeah, something like that.

[ashley]: Oh so good.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: honest. I would rather they just made a new Star Trek That was actually

[butt__ernut_squash_]: good and in honor of the Originals,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Shut

[cobra]: Oh, you mean likecard

[butt__ernut_squash_]: your fucking mouth. I will. Fucking. Nothing makes me

[hosty_matt]: they're never going to do that.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: angrier than that show.

[ashley]: I don't.

[ashley]: that was that

[cobra]: I know

[ashley]: was so upsetting.

[cobra]: that's the reason why I brought it up.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I didn't even finish it. I,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: and it stars Patrick Stewart,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'd watch. I'd what. I'd watch

[cobra]: Yeah, that's that is.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Patrick Stwart eat a greatpe fruit all the way through two two seasons

[cobra]: that is saying something.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: So? Wascard

[butt__ernut_squash_]: in a movie

[the_holodeck_strangler]: was Pacard

[the_holodeck_strangler]: renewed or did it get canceled?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: that got renewed.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Four, second season or third?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, and ▁q, apparently is it, which makes me want to watch it. Got

[butt__ernut_squash_]: damn it.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: You said. Yeah, So

[ashley]: Second or third

[the_holodeck_strangler]: yet a second season? Third.

[cobra]: Yeah, for

[butt__ernut_squash_]: second.

[cobra]: second or

[cobra]: third.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: second. second

[hosty_matt]: Yes,

[cobra]: Yes,

[ashley]: Doesn't know.

[cobra]: great answer.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: second

[butt__ernut_squash_]: season was renewed.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Okay

[butt__ernut_squash_]: same guy to John Delancyes.

[cobra]: And who's going to be cute? The same guy? Same actor? Okay, yeah, he is. he's good.

[hosty_matt]: Actually, how do you feel about recasting the show? You? You're a super fan. So

[ashley]: it was very difficult.

[ashley]: It was sad

[the_holodeck_strangler]: to listen to us.

[ashley]: because I don't think

[ashley]: it will ever happen or properly like. I don't think

[ashley]: they can't seem to remake

[ashley]: the same feel.

[cobra]: Oh yeah.

[ashley]: So

[ashley]: this kind of gives me hope, I guess, but this is just us.

[cobra]: well, you know that nowadays in Hollywood if they did this, they did do a new A

[cobra]: reboot. They would put fucking Chris Pratt to pay to play

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Yeah,

[cobra]: Piard.

[ashley]: I' die.

[ashley]: I would die.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Now that we're putting,

[cobra]: Yeah, but the way the way things are going,

[ashley]: Know,

[cobra]: that's what would happen just playing everything everywhere.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: he be like Hey, Hey Romulins.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: middle finger,

[hosty_matt]: uh for

[cobra]: That's great podcasting, great podcasting

[hosty_matt]: for for the guests at home, Chris did the crank up your middle finger gesture

[hosty_matt]: from to the galaxy?

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Sorry, I was describing it, but also doing the voice and it wasn't

[the_holodeck_strangler]: working

[butt__ernut_squash_]: didn't work.

[hosty_matt]: It was okay.

[hosty_matt]: Well, thank you actually for joining us on this adventure.

[ashley]: thank you for having me.

[hosty_matt]: I think

[the_holodeck_strangler]: you.

[hosty_matt]: we've done a service to the public,

[hosty_matt]: Sorry or your welcome.

[cobra]: as we usually do right,

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, sorry. welcome. Whatever you want,

[hosty_matt]: that's your choice. You listen to us. so you listened all the way through that'.

[hosty_matt]: Really on you, not us.

[hosty_matt]: I like to say thank you again one time actually for joining a singlethllous

[hosty_matt]: nonsense with us. You did

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Thanks,

[hosty_matt]: an excellent job, Spencer. thank you for keeping. Get in your pants as much as

[butt__ernut_squash_]: You can't see below

[hosty_matt]: you possibly could.

[cobra]: Jesus,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: my. my waist.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I don't think he was wearing pants.

[hosty_matt]: That's fair.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: Thats aret,

[cobra]: Yeah,

[ashley]: I can confirm.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Have pants are up.

[hosty_matt]: Yep, not wearing pants. confirmed.

[the_holodeck_strangler]: I have a sixth sense about this. I predict. I predicted Luciano's

[the_holodeck_strangler]: pick andway.

[hosty_matt]: So, Um, if you're concerned or about Spencer's welfare,

[hosty_matt]: don't be, But you can find us on Twitter at your wrongcast. You can also find us

[hosty_matt]: on the worldwide web at W. W. dot you rocast out. C. A you can even email us at

[hosty_matt]: your wrong cast at a g. mail dot com. Those are all viable methods. I suggest

[hosty_matt]: Um,

[hosty_matt]: Twitter and adding all of us. Probably

[cobra]: probably it's the quickest way. I guess.

[hosty_matt]: A. Actually, we like to do with their guests. You have any. Do you want to let

[hosty_matt]: people know where to find you online or do you want to keep it a secret?

[ashley]: absolutely not

[the_holodeck_strangler]: See, I knew this was going to be good for her brand guys,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Do you? do you want a plug? You can

[hosty_matt]: Yeah,

[butt__ernut_squash_]: plug anything, Ash?

[cobra]: Yeah,

[ashley]: no, I'm I'm just plugging you' wrong. it's a. It's a really good

[cobra]: there you go.

[ashley]: podcast and there should be more listeners.

[hosty_matt]: Oh, I thought you, you were just going to plug how muchpens is wrong?

[butt__ernut_squash_]: Yeah, I'd like to.

[hosty_matt]: I would have. I would have liked that specifically.

[ashley]: Well, I, we can have our own show

[cobra]: Yeah,

[ashley]: for that, but

[hosty_matt]: Okay. great, a spin off.

[ashley]: I like that you guys keep him in line.

[hosty_matt]: Yeah, uh, awesome.

[cobra]: we try.

[hosty_matt]: so uh, for now, I'm Matt.

[butt__ernut_squash_]: I'm Spencer.

[cobra]: I' Luciano

[the_holodeck_strangler]: guys. I just come into millions of dollars of money. I'm going to

[the_holodeck_strangler]: make this casting habit. I'm going to make it though.

[hosty_matt]: We'll see your next time.

[cobra]: Montreals make no. okay.

48. You're Wrong About How You'd Recast
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