58. You've Been Wrong About Marvel's "Eternals" Since the Dawn of Time

The crowning jewel of Spencer's Skidmark Trilogy!
These nerds, they don't do things by halves, I gotta hand it to them. They had already accepted 2 of Spencer's movie recommendations (The Green Knight and The Matrix Ressurections) for review episodes, so when he suggested a third — Marvel's Eternals — they didn't even waver: they accepted it and decided to go for broke in what has now been dubbed the Skidmark Trilogy, a trifecta for the ages!

Still, there are some surprises in this one, both for them as spectators and for us as listeners, and Matt has also come up with a couple of zany new questions for them to answer. All in all, a nice way to cap off movie reviews suggested by Spencer (probably forever, if I'm honest).
58. You've Been Wrong About Marvel's
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