60. The Monthly Roundup: March 2022

A special "thank you" to both Chris Rock and Will Smith for so effectively embodying the name of our podcast.

[Unknown2]: well yes

[Unknown3]: it

[Unknown2]: those are all excellent points i don't care segue

[Unknown1]: jesus christ

[Unknown3]: excellent

[Unknown2]: next hey listen we got a tight shift around this news podcasts lots of news to

[Unknown4]: yo rapid fire digit

[Unknown2]: talk lots of things to cover

[Unknown2]: have you guys heard of crypto

[Unknown3]: no what is that

[Unknown1]: you yeah it

[Unknown4]: yeah it's the it's the newest thing

[Unknown1]: wait no i thought that was a superman's dog

[Unknown3]: start

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown3]: is that some k is uh

[Unknown2]: yep yeah

[Unknown2]: old

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown1]: no that's a crypt that's a crypt not

[Unknown2]: people comic book dogs

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: so crypto is the buying and selling of old people's graves the

[Unknown3]: ah

[Unknown2]: hot market yeah yeah it's a real hot market

[Unknown1]: well

[Unknown1]: and now and now young people's graves to at least financial graves

[Unknown4]: digging a whole

[Unknown2]: yeah fin financial graves got them

[Unknown3]: i think

[Unknown4]: a

[Unknown3]: i i think i used to watch this show that was related it was called tales from the

[Unknown3]: crypto keeper i don't know if you guys have heard that before

[Unknown4]: i'm

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: so yes

[Unknown2]: get yep

[Unknown2]: get yep

[Unknown3]: that has a really good impression of that actually

[Unknown1]: yeah it was but that would

[Unknown4]: thank you

[Unknown1]: be it would be a crypto bro doing that oh man i would watch that

[Unknown2]: e everybody's frozen on my side except unch i've i've

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown1]: what

[Unknown2]: exchanged

[Unknown3]: now

[Unknown3]: now who's good suckers

[Unknown4]: so can

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: you hear me

[Unknown4]: could

[Unknown4]: you hear me could you guys hear me

[Unknown1]: matt can you hear me

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: matt can you hear me

[Unknown2]: yeah i can hear nick i can

[Unknown4]: can you here

[Unknown2]: hear i can hear luciano again

[Unknown3]: okay no everyone else is talking as well but do you can't hear anybody

[Unknown2]: i c

[Unknown1]: what the fuck

[Unknown2]: i i don't know hear chris i hear lucy on on her neck i don't here chris

[Unknown4]: can you

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown4]: guys see me

[Unknown1]: i can see you

[Unknown3]: i see you chris luciana sees you matt does not see or hear you

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown4]: where the fuck all right

[Unknown2]: cut damn it

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: what the hell

[Unknown1]: i'll

[Unknown3]: the skip

[Unknown1]: refresh as well just in case

[Unknown3]: this could be a real rough podcast i think the record

[Unknown2]: yeah let me i wanna just check my speed here to see if i'm a i'm a problem

[Unknown3]: chris you should refresh as well chris yeah okay

[Unknown2]: now i got

[Unknown5]: matt

[Unknown2]: seven seventy down yeah

[Unknown2]: seven seventy down yeah

[Unknown5]: you should get your money back from from riverside

[Unknown2]: ah

[Unknown6]: joe y

[Unknown2]: this is the first time we've ever had problems

[Unknown6]: fo like on this scale it's very strange

[Unknown6]: fo like on this scale it's very strange

[Unknown5]: i know

[Unknown3]: that'd be a bad day

[Unknown2]: yeah my op is garbage as always but my down's per fine my down seventy five

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown5]: method

[Unknown2]: don't know

[Unknown2]: whatever i'll just edit it and post

[Unknown5]: i hope it recorded cause we had some good zingers in there

[Unknown2]: generally it records fine

[Unknown2]: two two riverside it's just a matter of um

[Unknown5]: communicating

[Unknown2]: not me not hearing it yeah so

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: i'm just going to forces into yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: just segue into the the actual yeah

[Unknown2]: so crypto in this case actually refers to uh the

[Unknown2]: token coin cryptozoology who knows well it's kind of cryptozoology way i'll get

[Unknown2]: toed the point the point is there is a very pock popular

[Unknown2]: nf t battler called axis infinity and it was one of the big success stories of the

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown2]: gaming world at least the crypto world uh blah blah blah read the article

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: real get to the heart of the matter or six hundred million dollars with the

[Unknown2]: cryptocurrency was drained from the never quack

[Unknown5]: sha i'm fried is so good

[Unknown2]: so yeah that's that's a thing apparently

[Unknown6]: that's i had no idea that this was even fucking impossible

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown6]: like it's a

[Unknown3]: i mean neither did they

[Unknown6]: i guess so

[Unknown5]: oh yeah clearly

[Unknown6]: shit like

[Unknown6]: this like it's just gonna turn into a into a a spanish a spanish tv show

[Unknown6]: crypto money heist de

[Unknown6]: i've got all the crypto

[Unknown5]: you mean you mean not t an novella

[Unknown6]: yes i would i would love a crypto hea novella de

[Unknown6]: and this is the dop over oh did you get the crypto yes a zeus they're

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: the same guy

[Unknown2]: chris one question in this

[Unknown6]: yeah man yes

[Unknown2]: play is the villa on the hacker or the villain the person who creates the game

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: the villain is the guy who creates the game because

[Unknown5]: this

[Unknown6]: we always need a hero we always need a

[Unknown6]: underdog so the villain yes no no even whether it's anti here we need we need some

[Unknown5]: no we don't

[Unknown6]: we need

[Unknown5]: listen

[Unknown6]: to conflict

[Unknown5]: listen

[Unknown6]: conflict

[Unknown5]: you're talking about good television and that's not what t t novellas are okay

[Unknown6]: but the high

[Unknown5]: tell novels are

[Unknown6]: yo

[Unknown5]: just bad tv so

[Unknown6]: na bro bro no no no no no' gonna get you right now no i'm gonna fight you on this

[Unknown5]: like your your

[Unknown5]: impression your impression

[Unknown3]: nine

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: first of all everybody only had one name

[Unknown6]: yo

[Unknown5]: they all need three names

[Unknown6]: yo

[Unknown5]: all of them

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown6]: silence no

[Unknown2]: i would like to volunteer myself as the villain for this tle villa

[Unknown6]: the highest is at jeopardy because ho hays l the love of hay's life he doesn't

[Unknown6]: even know she's she exists but she's looking to open up a a new account a new

[Unknown6]: crypto account and he's like yo yes

[Unknown6]: do it or do it so who is the villain

[Unknown6]: yourself or do you have a character

[Unknown3]: so matt what happened

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown5]: have the tales of the crypto guy again

[Unknown2]: what you mean what happened i have no idea i lost them

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown5]: oh no are you kidding me

[Unknown2]: it was allu together and then it dragged out so i don't know if i talked over him

[Unknown2]: or what was happening the whole thing i got pieces of it but

[Unknown3]: you just let him go too that's the best part i think

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: matt can't hear you chris

[Unknown5]: yeah can you hear us

[Unknown2]: i can hear him now no i

[Unknown2]: i i got

[Unknown6]: i could i could

[Unknown3]: oh okay he's got you now all

[Unknown5]: ah okay okay

[Unknown2]: i have a re back now but i only got

[Unknown2]: i have a re back now but i only got

[Unknown6]: i could hear all of you all this

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: entire time i've had all of you

[Unknown5]: this is gonna be a nightmare to stitch together

[Unknown2]: it's it's fine i think we're just gonna roll through as much as possible we have

[Unknown2]: visual queues so

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: yeah i'll just

[Unknown2]: if i

[Unknown6]: eight

[Unknown2]: can't connect i will let you guys roll

[Unknown2]: i guess

[Unknown2]: maybe

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: but then okay

[Unknown2]: the maybe the chat i don't know i'll

[Unknown2]: put it something in the chat yeah it it

[Unknown5]: yeah i was gonna say that's just the chat yeah

[Unknown6]: this chat here

[Unknown2]: it'll yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah the chat olive riverside yeah

[Unknown6]: okay so as we so what do we use it for like when when we have drops or something

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown5]: if you can't if someone if you can't hear someone let us know on the chat

[Unknown2]: yeah basically

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown2]: and we'll work around it i guess dance around it

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: all right i got it open now

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: okay so we went full evil tell novella on that story what if we finish talking

[Unknown2]: about the actual story

[Unknown2]: anybody wanna take

[Unknown6]: sharp

[Unknown5]: sure

[Unknown2]: that one just jump in like you just let chris laugh evilly and you're moving off

[Unknown2]: from that

[Unknown6]: so i wait three three seconds and do it like

[Unknown6]: laugh and then we go in good

[Unknown2]: no no you're you're cut off

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: let's assume let's just assume we got all your stuff

[Unknown2]: let's assume let's just assume we got all your stuff

[Unknown6]: so

[Unknown2]: next person coming in is like chris just had his ea laugh pick it up from there

[Unknown2]: and like

[Unknown5]: okay anyway um so yeah like i

[Unknown5]: how did that even happen

[Unknown5]: exactly like how did they get six million dollars stolen

[Unknown6]: shit

[Unknown5]: from a game that uses nf t like what the fuck

[Unknown3]: so my my superficial understanding of what happened

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown3]: was basically

[Unknown3]: um so there's this like network that processes i think those payments and stuff

[Unknown3]: like that and that process that network uses like a bunch of like distributed

[Unknown3]: nodes to like sign and authorize like yes

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown3]: validate that payment is valid and then process it and whatever

[Unknown3]: and then the game the game started like using this network as like it's big like

[Unknown3]: hey it's a crypt crypto game like we integrate crypto stuff

[Unknown5]: oh overloaded the network

[Unknown3]: but i think no i think they needed more throughput on the network or something so

[Unknown3]: then the game was like hey what if you let us just run our own centralized way of

[Unknown3]: processing payments

[Unknown3]: and then

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown3]: and then apparently as some hackers got a hold of that and then and then just took

[Unknown3]: all the money

[Unknown3]: so

[Unknown5]: nice

[Unknown2]: whoopsies

[Unknown3]: oops

[Unknown5]: and because there's no regulation or anything like that it's just gone right

[Unknown3]: yeah it's gone it's

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: i mean i

[Unknown5]: nice

[Unknown3]: i think there maybe have been situations where like

[Unknown3]: in in other scams or heists or whatever you want to call them where some of those

[Unknown3]: transactions have been rolled back

[Unknown3]: but i also know

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: that's that's a little bit like against what the whole like premise of crypto is

[Unknown3]: essentially so

[Unknown5]: yeah because you have to track who did what right and and then

[Unknown2]: five

[Unknown5]: if it's

[Unknown3]: well yeah and it's supposed to be

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: like that's the that

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: blockchain or whatever is like the source of truth right so if you roll that back

[Unknown3]: you're rolling the truth back and you're like okay well then those are a little

[Unknown5]: philosophical

[Unknown3]: bit incompatible things i think

[Unknown3]: bit incompatible things i think

[Unknown2]: but one of the challenges is i don't know if it's specifically true for this one

[Unknown2]: but in general the blockchain only works as long as the way you're keeping the

[Unknown2]: list of things to register if you will it's the same right if you pull it out of

[Unknown2]: that register all you know is it left but but you don't know where it went or

[Unknown2]: where it lives right so in those scenarios you're kind of screwed that's probably

[Unknown2]: one of the biggest reasons

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown2]: why they can't get this money back because they know someone a hacker took it but

[Unknown2]: they have no proof of of what happened right

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah it's supposed to also be like hey like one of the whole premise of like

[Unknown3]: distributed distributed currency whatever is like there's no centralized authority

[Unknown3]: for those things

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: right except if you roll back a transaction there is a centralized authority

[Unknown3]: saying

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: hey we're rolling back these transactions

[Unknown5]: i i was gonna say there's supposed to be no centralized authority but there's

[Unknown5]: always an entity centralized it somewhere

[Unknown3]: it's

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: a trade off i mean it's a trade off of all of those things i don't know like

[Unknown2]: it's

[Unknown5]: ha did i say shad and fried is great

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: apparently

[Unknown6]: mm

[Unknown3]: yeah he did

[Unknown2]: the the last thing i'll say on this one really comes down to you know um

[Unknown2]: the come back to we just circle back to the idea that everybody wants web three

[Unknown2]: and no one wants anything tracked you know i want to anything centralized but i

[Unknown2]: was

[Unknown6]: when you

[Unknown2]: web one and we centralized everything for a reason and so until until we reckon

[Unknown2]: with that this is going to this might still keep happening obviously also

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: they need better security and not making dumb decisions but

[Unknown3]: i think i think web one was decentralized uh i

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: mean when you talk

[Unknown2]: yes yeah it was yeah

[Unknown3]: about like b b s s and stuff

[Unknown5]: it's web two that was centralized yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah okay alright

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: so to go back to decentralization was like

[Unknown2]: okay i didn't i didn't think we were done with it but i'm being told we are so

[Unknown2]: that's that's

[Unknown3]: yeah we're over it we're past it mat

[Unknown2]: okay yeah oh thank you that's great um

[Unknown2]: moving onwards ever onwards to our next story

[Unknown2]: are you guys familiar with stroking your penis

[Unknown5]: no never done it

[Unknown3]: now what is that

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: that is unfamiliar to me

[Unknown2]: of here

[Unknown2]: that men if they want to could

[Unknown2]: play a

[Unknown6]: mm

[Unknown2]: video game that can

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown2]: help them

[Unknown2]: ta tackle i guess we'll call it

[Unknown6]: hmm

[Unknown2]: they're sexual dysfunction

[Unknown5]: sounds painful

[Unknown2]: very

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown2]: so there's this game called

[Unknown2]: i'm gonna put you this i'm sure there's some pun in here my hixon play

[Unknown6]: hm okay

[Unknown2]: i don't know why it's called that

[Unknown6]: neither do i

[Unknown2]: and it's part of a system

[Unknown5]: that is the weirdest spelling of a name i've ever seen in my life

[Unknown2]: well it's spanish right it's from the spanish

[Unknown5]: it trust me

[Unknown2]: sexual startup can you

[Unknown5]: that doesn't look like anything in spanish

[Unknown2]: can you can you put a i know it's spanish but but a portuguese flour on it

[Unknown5]: i can put his up a spanish on

[Unknown2]: sure

[Unknown5]: it

[Unknown3]: yeah but if you do it

[Unknown5]: m

[Unknown3]: if you put a spanish flour on it and your portuguese it's offensive so you better

[Unknown3]: just do the portuguese one

[Unknown5]: yeah that's why that's why i do it

[Unknown3]: okay alright

[Unknown2]: okay well nice try

[Unknown5]: it's

[Unknown2]: to help them nick but yeah

[Unknown3]: i don't know

[Unknown2]: you're wrong

[Unknown5]: mi excel probably

[Unknown2]: oh yeah

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown2]: there it is sounds

[Unknown5]: it's it still doesn't make any fucking sense i'm gonna look about this

[Unknown2]: yeah but it sounds way better that way

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: this system from the sexual startup what he said

[Unknown2]: pairs a masturbation device with a simple gm five program designed to help users

[Unknown2]: overcome premature ejaculation the picture

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: you think it might look like a flesh light but it looks like like a barbell or a

[Unknown2]: speaker or something

[Unknown5]: here here

[Unknown6]: i know what it looks like it

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown6]: looks like a diffuser

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown3]: like for water

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown5]: yes yeah it does it does

[Unknown6]: for water and like

[Unknown2]: or like for smells yeah

[Unknown6]: for spells

[Unknown6]: now you can put your dig at it

[Unknown5]: jesus

[Unknown6]: dick and the diffuser dick in the diffuser dick

[Unknown6]: ticket the diffuser

[Unknown3]: quick question would uh would

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: you guys work at a sexual startup

[Unknown5]: a sexual startup

[Unknown3]: yeah that's what

[Unknown6]: a sexual st

[Unknown3]: matt described that that's what ba

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: that was the words he used right that

[Unknown2]: they they are a spanish sexual health startup

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown6]: yo real talk i'd consider it i actually had an interview last year for for the

[Unknown6]: design team with uh let's just say a purveyor of

[Unknown6]: carnal pixelation and i was like what is that interview gonna be like and i knew

[Unknown6]: and like they try to mask what they're doing behind our corporation but like it's

[Unknown6]: in the job description you know what they're talking about and so

[Unknown3]: what was the job

[Unknown6]: translation oh

[Unknown3]: description like what was that ja description like

[Unknown6]: like

[Unknown6]: work with work with the team to to

[Unknown6]: sorry sorry sorry work with the team to develop solutions for users

[Unknown6]: with you with users who ah

[Unknown6]: i'm trying to remember but anyways it was for porn hub right

[Unknown3]: okay yeah

[Unknown6]: so i'm

[Unknown5]: ah there you go

[Unknown6]: like so they're trying to like scrub that that tone

[Unknown5]: oh i see like

[Unknown6]: but you know it's them and they

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown6]: like we're the number one canadian something something in quebec and i'm like

[Unknown6]: googling and then you put it together so it was pouring up and then in the first

[Unknown6]: call and the first call the per the hr didn't like no bullshit like this is you

[Unknown6]: know this is what you know this is for a porn website right i like yeah

[Unknown3]: you're just sitting there you're sitting there in the video call with your shirt

[Unknown3]: off you're like yeah i'm aware

[Unknown6]: and like and like in these

[Unknown5]: i claim draft for the occasion

[Unknown6]: right well and

[Unknown3]: dre

[Unknown5]: or undressed for the occasion

[Unknown3]: he's dressed for the job he wants right

[Unknown6]: naked with like i'm just like ready to pierce a new nipple ring or some shit and

[Unknown6]: then like they had they had like a games division i'm like games tell me more and

[Unknown6]: so in the end of course not i didn't i didn't go forward with it but like i i

[Unknown6]: would i considered like what would that conversation be like so

[Unknown3]: h

[Unknown6]: we'll have to see maybe me excel is onto something

[Unknown3]: imagine tell

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: your family they're like oh where'd you get your new job at and you have to make

[Unknown3]: something up like you're not gonna tell your family work for pornhub right like

[Unknown2]: but

[Unknown6]: oh my god

[Unknown2]: they believe you even if

[Unknown2]: you did you just like i work for porn

[Unknown5]: what it

[Unknown3]: and

[Unknown3]: you watch

[Unknown6]: you're so funny

[Unknown2]: good good story

[Unknown3]: you watch everybody try to be like what is that

[Unknown2]: yeah oh i i don't know what that is

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah porn is that like youtube

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown2]: it is actually

[Unknown5]: but

[Unknown6]: uncle jared

[Unknown5]: uh okay

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown5]: okay jared

[Unknown2]: back to xu startups and off of

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: uncle jared cause that name

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: is not to have a good track record

[Unknown2]: the way this works is uh just in case you were asking and i know you did

[Unknown6]: yep

[Unknown2]: basically you travel through eight planets and the device

[Unknown2]: sits over top of your penis i guess

[Unknown6]: the diffuser the dick diffuser

[Unknown2]: diffuser um and and they watched amim videos about the key role the public floor

[Unknown2]: muscles play in ejaculation you know pretty standard stuff

[Unknown3]: uhhuh

[Unknown2]: and they're ask to macer using the device while identifying the muscles they tense

[Unknown2]: to the process

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown6]: okay okay i mean it sounds like it's kind of based on some form of logic

[Unknown6]: anatomical logic

[Unknown2]: i mean i guess i mean

[Unknown2]: like i really want how much this cost i don't really see it in the article like

[Unknown2]: would you buy this or a flashlight what's less embarrassing the diffuser in your

[Unknown2]: house

[Unknown6]: i found the price there's two versions um one that's two hundred forty dollars and

[Unknown6]: one that's three hundred but it doesn't say what the difference is

[Unknown6]: hmm

[Unknown3]: early bird whether how early order it in the kick starter

[Unknown5]: or

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: how long the diffuser is

[Unknown3]: if

[Unknown2]: listen

[Unknown3]: it's if it's smaller they charge you more money

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: let's see we know you we we've got you we've got the solution you need just give

[Unknown6]: us your money and all your problems will be solved

[Unknown2]: what the last thing i'll say on this is that apparently according to the company

[Unknown2]: once you use this device you will last between four and seven times longer after

[Unknown2]: completing the program

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown5]: well that's

[Unknown5]: that's not well

[Unknown3]: that's too long

[Unknown2]: great great talk great

[Unknown6]: is it

[Unknown2]: insight

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown3]: no thank you

[Unknown5]: i was gonna i was gonna say cause four to seven times longer it really depends on

[Unknown5]: how long you already last

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: why

[Unknown6]: so like y

[Unknown3]: what if you what if you're already lasting like half an hour

[Unknown3]: what if you what if you're already lasting like half an hour

[Unknown2]: well it did say

[Unknown5]: exactly or what if you're lasting thirty seconds like

[Unknown2]: it did say this this was to combat premature ejaculation

[Unknown5]: that's

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown5]: that's

[Unknown2]: so if it lasts for more than half an hour uh that sounds like you might be in a

[Unknown2]: hospital territory i'm not sure

[Unknown3]: like

[Unknown3]: yeah like

[Unknown6]: maybe maybe not

[Unknown3]: what like what is that like three

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown3]: hours or or something like

[Unknown2]: sorry seven times longer than thirty minutes

[Unknown2]: sorry seven times longer than thirty minutes

[Unknown5]: yeah or more yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah someone did the math for that

[Unknown5]: yeah that's two and a half hours three and a half hours yeah

[Unknown3]: okay i was close yeah three and a half hours

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: doesn't viagra say with it four hours if you re doesn't i guess it has to go away

[Unknown2]: right

[Unknown3]: yeah only if you take viagra though

[Unknown2]: but like so but if i yeah fair enough i don't have more to say

[Unknown5]: but like my point is the opposite it's like oh i've been lasting twelve seconds

[Unknown2]: yeah then you want to use this

[Unknown5]: and now i last forty eight

[Unknown3]: ah okay that's true

[Unknown2]: bro

[Unknown2]: that's it that's a huge

[Unknown6]: yo the

[Unknown5]: what the

[Unknown2]: improvement i don't think you should

[Unknown6]: that's games you listen

[Unknown3]: that is a huge improvement matt's

[Unknown2]: like

[Unknown3]: right about that

[Unknown6]: real talk it's it to me this out like all we have to do is apply the the rule of

[Unknown6]: dragon ball operations one diffuser dick mihiel plus a sensu viagra beam equals

[Unknown6]: supers level dick four

[Unknown2]: i don't

[Unknown6]: so i don't see how how people who were suffering from premature ejaculation like

[Unknown6]: why they have to wait like

[Unknown3]: the

[Unknown6]: just just ha fork over the money

[Unknown3]: i don't i don't think viger makes you last longer does it

[Unknown6]: i don't

[Unknown6]: know

[Unknown2]: makes you it makes you hard

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah yeah it does

[Unknown6]: isn't that what it's supposed to do

[Unknown3]: i think it just gets you hard

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: oh yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: oh well then i don't know what the to do for those people

[Unknown3]: i can't think of

[Unknown2]: yeah that's the

[Unknown5]: just just you know just

[Unknown2]: that's the limitation not the dragon ball portion of this conversation

[Unknown5]: well just you know just have a dry session it's fine

[Unknown2]: what is

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: segue we're moving on

[Unknown2]: you can't be trusted hey amazon is just pouring out the remix not the remix or the

[Unknown2]: adaptations of different properties we've had laura the rings we've had um

[Unknown2]: reacher from the reacher books they're doing all the tom clancy stuff now and next

[Unknown2]: up uh

[Unknown5]: american gods su

[Unknown2]: yeah we have time i think i

[Unknown6]: h

[Unknown2]: heard that once important next up

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: on the list potentially god of war how do we feel about that

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown3]: i would love to watch it but only if jeff basis as bald as as credo

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown3]: he got jacked

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown3]: he's jacked now he's jacked

[Unknown6]: i'm not saying but like

[Unknown5]: wait wait wait so you want his ass to play curtis

[Unknown2]: he said what he said

[Unknown3]: sure i said what i said

[Unknown5]: okay i'm just cracking this yeah

[Unknown3]: have you have you seen jeff bezos recently i'm

[Unknown3]: not

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown3]: saying he's a i'm not saying he's like arnold schwarzer or anything but like he

[Unknown5]: no i try not to

[Unknown3]: got he got put some muscle on

[Unknown2]: swell

[Unknown6]: damn

[Unknown5]: heck i gonna put an old bald guy whose jack just put ah what's his face uh the guy

[Unknown5]: that plays

[Unknown5]: j john and jameson

[Unknown3]: you said you

[Unknown6]: jk simmons

[Unknown5]: yeah jackie simmons

[Unknown3]: said old bald guy who's jacked and i'd like to remind you that's exactly who

[Unknown3]: said old bald guy who's jacked and i'd like to remind you that's exactly who

[Unknown3]: kratos is so

[Unknown3]: kratos is so

[Unknown5]: he's that old

[Unknown3]: now

[Unknown6]: me

[Unknown3]: he is

[Unknown2]: who kratos

[Unknown5]: why he now he just has a beard on dude

[Unknown2]: he's got a kid bro no he's got a kid that that it ages you

[Unknown3]: age is you

[Unknown2]: i i assume

[Unknown6]: season

[Unknown5]: says the guy who has no kids

[Unknown5]: says the guy who has no kids

[Unknown2]: i got a puppy

[Unknown3]: yeah that's why matt's looking youthful

[Unknown3]: yeah that's why matt's looking youthful

[Unknown2]: i got a

[Unknown2]: puppy it's i hear it's the same yeah well it depends i mean part of this just

[Unknown6]: you know he's glowing

[Unknown2]: depends on where in the cortos

[Unknown6]: met

[Unknown2]: like ethos do they pick them up in right are they

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: picking it up now when craters is a father and dealing with his stupid son all the

[Unknown2]: time or

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: we're going back to the beginning cause

[Unknown6]: uh

[Unknown2]: i feel like

[Unknown2]: amazon

[Unknown6]: boy

[Unknown2]: wants to go back

[Unknown3]: i think

[Unknown2]: to the beginning

[Unknown5]: boy yeah

[Unknown6]: i feel like that might be that might be i know it's a guess like it's either one

[Unknown6]: way or the other and maybe they want to swoop in and like get new eyeballs right

[Unknown6]: to like build like i guess everyone's essentially trying to fill the void left by

[Unknown6]: game of thrones in some way right so thats just my opinion

[Unknown2]: i think i think amazon's just trying to fill the void period because they don't

[Unknown2]: have a lot of stuff right

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown6]: right

[Unknown3]: good bye

[Unknown2]: they're still catching up

[Unknown5]: think they're to fill the voids in their pockets which there

[Unknown6]: voids exactly

[Unknown5]: there's no void

[Unknown2]: listen

[Unknown5]: there's no void there yeah

[Unknown2]: if all

[Unknown3]: listen

[Unknown2]: we're gonna do is claim every company is trying to fill their voids of money then

[Unknown2]: what are we talking about of course

[Unknown6]: how can you

[Unknown5]: i are we wrong though

[Unknown2]: well yeah but that's that the no one listens to us for your for your wrong

[Unknown2]: statements like that they want them

[Unknown3]: if you're having trouble filling voids try me pixel we'd like to thank mihiel for

[Unknown3]: sponsoring this podcast

[Unknown6]: any dating beating

[Unknown2]: now that is what they come for

[Unknown3]: that's

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown3]: the tagline for me hixon

[Unknown5]: yeah i was gonna say

[Unknown2]: i mean

[Unknown5]: mihiel that's what they come for

[Unknown3]: but for the cradles thing like sorry

[Unknown2]: bd mi exel we we segue into

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: cradock

[Unknown5]: did we

[Unknown3]: no problem

[Unknown2]: so the adaptations is coming from

[Unknown2]: the sort of creators or producers of the expanse so they have a history with

[Unknown2]: amazon

[Unknown2]: and then also looks like the wheel of time executive and share owner also involved

[Unknown2]: so you know decent names who have done some stuff um it'll be curious to see if

[Unknown2]: where they take it or if they actually implement it because it this is just

[Unknown2]: potentially something they're investigating right now there's not a whole lot of

[Unknown3]: who do you cast asks credo for real

[Unknown6]: it's a

[Unknown5]: gilbert godfred

[Unknown2]: oh don't do that

[Unknown3]: bald

[Unknown3]: people only

[Unknown6]: you know

[Unknown2]: don't do that gilbert gore's the boy obviously

[Unknown6]: true

[Unknown5]: oh it matter even better

[Unknown2]: if if

[Unknown2]: we're casting if we're casting for old kratos the

[Unknown6]: father no

[Unknown6]: old

[Unknown2]: current ctos yeah the current cdos with the

[Unknown2]: kid right cause i think it matters a a lot

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: he's not why are you call him an he's not old

[Unknown6]: we could go about we could we could do both we could do both cobra

[Unknown2]: just because you're forty doesn't make that not old compared to twenty year old

[Unknown2]: cradles

[Unknown5]: okay that's fine but that's still not old like you oh that's cast fucking ah the

[Unknown5]: guy that plays dumbledor his debt uh

[Unknown5]: the the

[Unknown2]: jesus

[Unknown5]: guy that plays no the other guy

[Unknown6]: richard harris

[Unknown3]: the first stumble door

[Unknown2]: no richard harris is dead michael campen's fine

[Unknown5]: k's test all right fine ok i i got

[Unknown6]: jude law is not dead

[Unknown5]: it i got it i got it patrick stewart there done

[Unknown6]: uh we need someone

[Unknown2]: you

[Unknown6]: who can still pull off the physical couldn't we

[Unknown2]: so so you got

[Unknown5]: that's what i'm saying

[Unknown2]: you

[Unknown5]: you can't be there someone that old

[Unknown2]: you go through all of this because we called someone old and you spite us by

[Unknown2]: saying patrick stewart just let it go

[Unknown5]: yeah i that

[Unknown2]: man it's just a

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown2]: shore form old is whatever you want it to be

[Unknown6]: gerard butler gerard butler what about that

[Unknown2]: see now this not like i was

[Unknown2]: thinking

[Unknown3]: okay all right yeah leonatus yeah

[Unknown2]: i like that is is gerard butler in shape though that'll be

[Unknown5]: okay i'm here for that

[Unknown2]: that'll be interesting let's check out i

[Unknown6]: three hundred there you go

[Unknown5]: is he going to is he going to like kick someone into a well

[Unknown6]: he

[Unknown3]: maybe

[Unknown6]: could he kicks a lotta cradles kicks a lot of people

[Unknown5]: he

[Unknown3]: he's gotta get

[Unknown5]: he's played a greek person before

[Unknown3]: he's got to get jacked again though

[Unknown5]: with his like very very scottish accent

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: it might take like he's he has some kind of

[Unknown6]: s not scrubbed but he can he can he could pick up an

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown6]: accent he could work with a coach ah hugh jackman is a bit i don't i don't know if

[Unknown6]: it's too close to wolverine i don't think he would wanna do that to be honest

[Unknown3]: his name is close to huge jacked man

[Unknown6]: i know

[Unknown5]: that's true that is true

[Unknown6]: like if like let's say if we if we if we went back ten years

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: before hugh before hugh got to logan and that opportunity who knows maybe he did

[Unknown6]: behind the scenes but like what if he was to take that into consideration that

[Unknown6]: could have been a vehicle for him to to transition but maybe it's too much of the

[Unknown6]: same you know

[Unknown2]: i think

[Unknown5]: about the rock

[Unknown6]: of course

[Unknown5]: he may be

[Unknown3]: i like it

[Unknown5]: he may be too big

[Unknown3]: too big

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown3]: come on

[Unknown3]: come

[Unknown5]: nine

[Unknown3]: on now

[Unknown6]: for the phys for the physicality like what i think about the video when i think

[Unknown6]: about kratos like move

[Unknown5]: to

[Unknown6]: set

[Unknown6]: it it i feel like it could work with with the rock or like dave bautista maybe

[Unknown3]: what what

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown3]: about matt

[Unknown6]: matt mat

[Unknown3]: i mean he's got the look out gua hut

[Unknown6]: someone needs to tap into

[Unknown2]: five

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown5]: hey matt yeah i

[Unknown3]: see there you go

[Unknown5]: was gonna say matt say boy

[Unknown6]: all you need all you need is that amazon weight trainer money and you sir shall

[Unknown6]: drink deep from the well of muscle and sinu

[Unknown2]: great casted i'm doing it thanks everybody

[Unknown6]: yep

[Unknown3]: no prom we did it

[Unknown2]: that will be the end of the podcast unfortunately

[Unknown5]: don't don't forget us when you're rich and famous

[Unknown2]: who who are you please stop talking

[Unknown5]: exactly

[Unknown2]: i'm too famous for this

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown2]: let's let's

[Unknown6]: memories

[Unknown2]: progress down down our trail this one is i think is going to be we're gonna spend

[Unknown2]: some time here

[Unknown2]: the fun people at playstation people say away from god of war

[Unknown6]: hey

[Unknown2]: have finally unveiled their game pass competitor

[Unknown6]: or

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown2]: real high level

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: there are

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown2]: not one not two but three tiers

[Unknown5]: of course there are

[Unknown2]: of pricing yep

[Unknown2]: the middle tier is going to add a quote unquote four hundred playstation four

[Unknown2]: playstation five games

[Unknown2]: the let's get to something that she shows us a nice

[Unknown6]: wow

[Unknown2]: breakdown the original tier the i guess it's kind of the original tier playstation

[Unknown2]: plus that's what it was called

[Unknown6]: here

[Unknown2]: originally it's the same the essential tier it basically what you get today you

[Unknown2]: get two monthly downloadable games some discounts cloud storage online access

[Unknown5]: how much is that for for for one month

[Unknown2]: nine ninety

[Unknown3]: it's like ten us yeah

[Unknown6]: mm so yeah

[Unknown2]: nine monthly yep you could

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown2]: buy for a year at sixty bucks to save a couple couple months do you

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown2]: you don't you don't even save any money so don't bother

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: playstation plus extra loving the name scheme on us already nice and complicated

[Unknown5]: oh no

[Unknown2]: plus extra provides all the benefits from the essentials tier that t we just

[Unknown2]: talked about plus four hundred of the most enjoyable ps four and ps five games

[Unknown2]: including blockbuster hits from our playstation studios catalog and third party

[Unknown2]: partners games in the extra tier are downloadable for play i don't

[Unknown6]: anyone

[Unknown2]: know why it said that this is a kotaku article is it

[Unknown3]: it's it's an important distinction when you read the next one matt it is an

[Unknown3]: important distinction

[Unknown2]: okay um that is the same price as game pass that is a fourteen ninety nine monthly

[Unknown2]: joint or a a hundred dollar yearly i think you get a discount there and i may have

[Unknown2]: pation plus premium just so everybody's clear

[Unknown5]: oh i was so expected expecting it was pre playstation plus extra ultra

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown6]: i'm glad you said also i was thinking ultra ultra is a better word than premium

[Unknown6]: but

[Unknown2]: they

[Unknown6]: premium i guess is more marketing age right

[Unknown6]: premium i guess is more marketing age right

[Unknown2]: they didn't they didn't go full into street fighter four

[Unknown2]: five six terminology

[Unknown6]: you know so easy

[Unknown5]: super street

[Unknown2]: sort of

[Unknown5]: fighter too delu stb extra

[Unknown6]: e x

[Unknown6]: cabo

[Unknown2]: so in super playstation plus premium ultra

[Unknown2]: you get

[Unknown6]: combo

[Unknown2]: the same benefits from the essentials and extras tier it adds up to three hundred

[Unknown2]: forty star whatever that means additional games including ps three games beloved

[Unknown2]: classic games both streaming and downing options from the original playstation ps

[Unknown2]: two and ps p generations offers cloud streaming access for original playstation ps

[Unknown2]: two p s p ps four

[Unknown2]: uh games offered in the extra and premium tier in markets where playstation now

[Unknown2]: exists

[Unknown2]: and customers can stream games using the ps four nps five console and pc

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: time limited trials will also be offered in the tier so customers can try selected

[Unknown2]: gains before they buy that's going to come in at slightly more than the game pass

[Unknown2]: at seventeen ninety nine monthly or a hundred twenty yearly um

[Unknown5]: so wait

[Unknown2]: in case just the one that i'll add before in case you didn't hear this because it

[Unknown2]: was kind of missed and was brought up later playstation has no plans to do day one

[Unknown2]: new game releases in any of their past levels so there will be let's call them

[Unknown2]: time exclusives on the playstation kept out of all the playstation tiers

[Unknown5]: what the fuck

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown2]: it's it's called money

[Unknown2]: it's it's called money

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown5]: it's also called not competing with game pass because they already lost

[Unknown2]: i mean

[Unknown6]: so

[Unknown6]: like break it down like like again for me

[Unknown2]: okay

[Unknown6]: day one releases are not included

[Unknown2]: yeah that's correct

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown6]: why

[Unknown5]: because people pay money they pay they're still interested in paying eighty

[Unknown5]: dollars for the that day one thing and people still do it

[Unknown2]: this this

[Unknown6]: five

[Unknown2]: is this is the trick trip right so i bought tiny tin island when it came out cause

[Unknown2]: i wanted to play it

[Unknown2]: it cost

[Unknown2]: eighty dollars in canada so it's basically ninety dollars with tax and the state

[Unknown2]: it's

[Unknown2]: technically they're trying to stay sixty to sixty five but a lot of companies are

[Unknown2]: pushing it to that seventy level and so that's what they want to do they want to

[Unknown2]: make seventy dollars off the game sales for the people who absolutely want it and

[Unknown2]: then and then if you're a person who will wait then you'll get it whenever it

[Unknown5]: eventually

[Unknown2]: comes they haven't really said how long it's gonna take to go from new to on the

[Unknown2]: service you know i'd expect at least a year but that's that

[Unknown5]: this is like the the disney plus mode of

[Unknown5]: of of streaming services it's like now if you want to watch it now you pay an

[Unknown5]: extra thirty five dollars on top of your stupid subscription otherwise just wait

[Unknown5]: and eventually one day your money will be good enough for us to give you f pbs

[Unknown5]: this later

[Unknown2]: nick as the ultimate guest

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown3]: wait

[Unknown2]: on the podcast

[Unknown3]: ultimate i'm the only guest

[Unknown5]: yeah therefore the ultimate one

[Unknown3]: okay i mean i

[Unknown6]: ultimate combo guest

[Unknown3]: guess that's factually correct yep

[Unknown2]: take take

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: take the compliment when you get it bro

[Unknown3]: all right

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown2]: like what

[Unknown3]: i am the ultimate guest

[Unknown6]: i hope

[Unknown2]: what yeah what are your thoughts on this

[Unknown3]: uh yeah it's it's a hard

[Unknown5]: two

[Unknown3]: one cause like i don't know if it's going to compete very well with game pass i

[Unknown3]: have game pass i use game pass played halo and it came out

[Unknown3]: i got a ps five it's mostly been sitting there to be honest uh

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: oh like my ps three that's still sitting there

[Unknown5]: oh like my ps three that's still sitting there

[Unknown3]: y yeah and i'm kind of like i don't know if i get if i get this like if i was

[Unknown3]: going to go in on i have the first here already obviously right of like

[Unknown3]: playstation online the

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: two the two that game downloads a month are like pretty cool i think play s show

[Unknown3]: one's like the first one to kind of get into that aspect

[Unknown3]: playstation also has ha has slash hadad ps now which i don't know if many people

[Unknown3]: know about it because it was marketed and like arranged super weirdly which is

[Unknown6]: you

[Unknown3]: like

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: hey pay this extra money and you can stream like ps three games or ps

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: three ps four games i think

[Unknown6]: that w that's what it means

[Unknown3]: that exists that

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: i have

[Unknown3]: exists already

[Unknown3]: exists already

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown6]: wow

[Unknown5]: sony is garbage at name eatings

[Unknown6]: and they're

[Unknown3]: and

[Unknown6]: garbage at communication

[Unknown3]: and i remember looking at it i'm like oh cool that's cool and then i tried to use

[Unknown3]: it and it was like oh it costs more money than what i'm already paying for online

[Unknown3]: i'm like yeah that's okay so like they but they had p s now the crazy part is they

[Unknown3]: had p s now before game pass like even existed like they've had it

[Unknown5]: yep

[Unknown3]: for so

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: long they've had game streaming for so long

[Unknown3]: and yeah it it feels like such a shame i

[Unknown3]: i don't know i'm hopeful because i think competition is good i hope that it comes

[Unknown3]: out and they see the problems with it and they

[Unknown6]: h

[Unknown3]: adapt to it

[Unknown3]: am i

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: going to upgrade from the first year

[Unknown2]: about

[Unknown3]: right now probably not because

[Unknown6]: you

[Unknown3]: realistically i'm not playing more than those two free games a month anyways so

[Unknown6]: mm hm i'm here for that i'm here for competition and i i want them like i'm a i i

[Unknown3]: yeah i don't know

[Unknown6]: i have a ps four it's my only console i want to see them fail so they can learn

[Unknown6]: and improve and give people what they want like unfortunately that's the only way

[Unknown6]: some companies or teams learn they need to fuck up in order to learn and just

[Unknown6]: because

[Unknown3]: well

[Unknown6]: you're a big name that doesn't mean you can't fail bro so

[Unknown2]: i i you're wrong i'm using the name of the podcast

[Unknown3]: ice

[Unknown5]: oh wow

[Unknown5]: oh wow

[Unknown6]: do tell

[Unknown2]: got them

[Unknown5]: titled title dropping

[Unknown6]: explain explain

[Unknown2]: so i i think you're wrong because i don't think sons miss the boat on competing

[Unknown2]: with game pass

[Unknown6]: okay how hm

[Unknown5]: thank you

[Unknown3]: it sailed

[Unknown2]: campas has been out for like a year plus and like they have millions and millions

[Unknown2]: and millions of subscribers because you don't need to own like the xbox is it

[Unknown5]: that's the thing that's the thing

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: game pass lets you download on pc

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: two which is a huge market for games as well

[Unknown2]: and microsoft also does stuff like in the states

[Unknown2]: it's cheaper for you to let microsoft finance buying you an xbox because it comes

[Unknown2]: with game pass included than buying an xbox outright so

[Unknown2]: so what it comes down to is sony it's smart in sony's

[Unknown2]: area because they are just they've given up market leadership they're offering

[Unknown2]: something that is semi comparable so now they're just like oh you have our own

[Unknown2]: service it's fine you hit the bullet points and that sales conversation

[Unknown2]: but they are still able to make the money the way the way they currently do from

[Unknown2]: their hardcore base of having them pay for those exclusives because they are top

[Unknown2]: notch exclusives right and they won't get enough users on their service to justify

[Unknown2]: putting those games and only collecting fifteen dollars a month

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown3]: exclusives what playstation exclusives have he bought in the last year

[Unknown5]: that's the thing

[Unknown2]: i don't own a playstation five so none

[Unknown3]: okay chris i guess chris

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown6]: in the past year am not certain if if it's a yeah i

[Unknown3]: like right like right when they came out right when they came out

[Unknown6]: okay so avengers and then after that

[Unknown3]: oh you're one

[Unknown6]: eventual

[Unknown3]: of those people okay

[Unknown5]: yeah he is

[Unknown6]: yoo i i i feel like it's it's not going to improve so that's sad but when it came

[Unknown6]: out i was excited but anyways

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: gos

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown6]: susa after that day won uh both spiderman games

[Unknown3]: both spiderman games right so

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: that's what four games that you played probably full price four

[Unknown6]: yeah not ghosts of shisha

[Unknown3]: so there's your that's like way over what it would cost for that subscription

[Unknown3]: anyways right so that's the money that they're afraid of losing out on i think for

[Unknown6]: then to have been

[Unknown3]: sure

[Unknown5]: and and people are like none of us here are really like hardcore fen bays of of

[Unknown5]: like son or playstation but people will buy those exclusives on day

[Unknown3]: there

[Unknown5]: one even if they have the past and that's what they're banking on it that's what

[Unknown5]: they're afraid of losing like you said so they have no incentive i agree with matt

[Unknown5]: unfortunately cause i lack agreement with that but like they don't have any

[Unknown5]: incentive to make it any better because they're still getting the money that

[Unknown5]: ultimately that's what they want

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown3]: they

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown3]: they want that money and i think i think right now microsoft is doing let's

[Unknown3]: dominate the market share move where we're making less money because we're not

[Unknown3]: charging full price for those exclusives but everybody and their mother's going to

[Unknown3]: own a game pass because you get that stuff right when it comes out right

[Unknown5]: and especially once the the blizzard and activation stuff get into the game

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: pas that's going to didn't even be even more pronounced

[Unknown3]: yeah like look at what they're doing right like they release ha you geto you got

[Unknown3]: halo immediately on the game pass when it came out they're buying studios right

[Unknown3]: how many studios have they bought in the past few years i'm talking about

[Unknown3]: microsoft

[Unknown5]: jesus

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: like a ton right

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown3]: so

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: they're they're just saying like let's absorb as many games and people playing

[Unknown2]: two huge publishers basically

[Unknown3]: games

[Unknown5]: y

[Unknown3]: as we can

[Unknown3]: as we can

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: and i don't think

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: they have all the all the bethesda stuff now they have all the blizzard and

[Unknown5]: they have all the all the bethesda stuff now they have all the blizzard and

[Unknown5]: activation stuff it's a lot of games

[Unknown5]: activation stuff it's a lot of games

[Unknown3]: yeah and i don't think i don't think

[Unknown2]: it w

[Unknown3]: that sony can do that because i they don't have as much money as god like

[Unknown3]: microsoft does right

[Unknown5]: that's fair yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah i don't i think sony is like

[Unknown2]: worth a bit more than what microsoft paid for activision b king

[Unknown2]: because it's

[Unknown5]: they said ninety million right that's what they evaluated it yet

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah it's not it's not a

[Unknown3]: hold me

[Unknown2]: lot more so that's yeah but they would never

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: be allowed to buy them

[Unknown6]: two

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah for sure

[Unknown3]: they don't have to they don't have to buy them they just need

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown6]: true

[Unknown3]: to keep buying they just need to keep absorbing market share they don't need to

[Unknown3]: to keep buying they just need to keep absorbing market share they don't need to

[Unknown3]: buy this sony

[Unknown3]: buy this sony

[Unknown6]: strangle them out if if that's the move

[Unknown2]: yeah and i think that i

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: think i mean listen microsoft has absorbed twenty five million subscribers of

[Unknown2]: market share in game pass currently so they're doing okay they um

[Unknown2]: maybe they could build a rocket ship is in shape like a dick to go to space with

[Unknown3]: maybe

[Unknown6]: honestly i'm open to another console or pc gaming i'm open to it because the

[Unknown6]: landscape has shifted and grown and i just wanna enjoy games so whatever lets me

[Unknown6]: whatever gives me the best like i guess best for me would be the most expansive

[Unknown6]: library as long as i can get what i want i don't have to stay with a playstation

[Unknown6]: so to speak

[Unknown2]: no that's that's incorrect there must be one console to rule them all otherwise

[Unknown2]: what have

[Unknown2]: we

[Unknown6]: really

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: been doing for the last forty years

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah haven't you heard

[Unknown3]: you know what it is it's the steam deck

[Unknown5]: what yeah i agreed

[Unknown6]: i w i i love that we've been we've chatted about the steam deck before and as far

[Unknown6]: as like my like this this new era of me being

[Unknown6]: a parent to an almost two year old now it's like how can i get the most comfort

[Unknown6]: out of the games i want to play anywhere i can in the house so i'm open to that

[Unknown6]: and like that if if it performs well cool like i'm gonna get it but i'm gonna wait

[Unknown6]: and see

[Unknown3]: mine's pre ordered i'm waiting for it

[Unknown6]: dope dope

[Unknown2]: i'm really happy that we've come full circle on the game gear conversation and

[Unknown6]: dream gear

[Unknown2]: it's going to happen for real 'cause that the game gear is the greatest piece of

[Unknown2]: technology that ever came out but it was so unsustainable because you could pay

[Unknown2]: for like a half hour before it died

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah i feel like

[Unknown6]: i never had one i i i i was so thirsty back then

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: for it

[Unknown3]: i'm

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown3]: scared that that's what the steve tick is gonna be like where they're like listen

[Unknown3]: you're running a graphics card at maximum power like you can play for half an hour

[Unknown3]: good luck

[Unknown5]: yeah it's good it's going to like your your battery is gonna run in half an hour

[Unknown5]: and it's gonna melt your

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: hands from how hot it is gonna run

[Unknown2]: yeah that is that's the other thing can you hold it are you playing

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: with like fucking like oven mis on so it's only

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown2]: like large movements

[Unknown5]: no you're playing with the with those razor finger condom things

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown6]: a

[Unknown2]: don't i don't think they're going to protect your fingers that well that's for

[Unknown2]: different that's a different kind of protection

[Unknown6]: but you know who the you do you do know who the silent partner in the steam deck

[Unknown6]: like revolution is right

[Unknown3]: yeah gab no

[Unknown6]: yes but you know who is the silent

[Unknown5]: mix mihiel

[Unknown6]: silent yes all that friction all the technology all the innovation all that heat

[Unknown6]: sink tech is going right into the steam deck

[Unknown3]: hm

[Unknown6]: so that players can enjoy

[Unknown5]: you guys you guys can't see this because this is an audio medium but chris was

[Unknown5]: like giving dire a hander just now

[Unknown2]: he was just using a shake quick a shad wake shake weight wow wow

[Unknown6]: exactly i gotta i gotta i gotta get toned and so

[Unknown5]: sure or that it was one of the a shake weight shake wake

[Unknown2]: it took me a while yeah shake can wake that's how we do here

[Unknown5]: yeah i mean depending on why you are shaking you go it's gonna

[Unknown5]: wake something up

[Unknown2]: yeah it is

[Unknown6]: i was checking the metaphor

[Unknown2]: segue

[Unknown6]: so

[Unknown2]: have you guys heard of

[Unknown2]: activision blizzard king

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown2]: this

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown2]: is this podcast is propped up by activation blizzard king just doing dumb things

[Unknown5]: it's it's propped up by us dunking on it

[Unknown2]: well that's yeah they they set them up and it's like an a from them

[Unknown5]: yeah we slam it down

[Unknown2]: du it's great

[Unknown6]: they give us they give us everything we need to n b a jam on them on this podcast

[Unknown2]: he

[Unknown5]: nice

[Unknown2]: made that sound dirty chris good for you

[Unknown6]: you're welcome

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: so a couple things happened this month many things happened this month and we're

[Unknown2]: gonna steer away from lawsuits because it it's depressing get your shit together

[Unknown2]: activation blizzard

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown2]: this is moronic and we're going to go to the fun things that happen to them

[Unknown2]: because they don't have their shit together

[Unknown5]: thank

[Unknown2]: um south by southwest was just like thanks but no thanks all your speakers can

[Unknown2]: come out we're not gonna just get get gone

[Unknown6]: good

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: be gone

[Unknown5]: not it's not that they weren't invited it's that they were

[Unknown5]: uninvited

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown5]: like ah we're good you guys stay we'll we'll get the guy from amazon

[Unknown5]: games to talk about stuff which is what they did yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah that's how low they went

[Unknown6]: we'll get bezos to come and just you know take his shirt off as the dude's jacked

[Unknown6]: now apparently

[Unknown3]: he's jacked i've telled you

[Unknown2]: basically

[Unknown2]: bass was there

[Unknown5]: get him to play master rosi on now get him to play

[Unknown3]: look it up

[Unknown2]: just flexing and the

[Unknown3]: i know

[Unknown2]: amazon games guy was talking

[Unknown5]: yeah he's just doing like the johnny bravo thing at the background

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown2]: exactly

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown3]: really

[Unknown6]: her little

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: so i mean

[Unknown2]: i find

[Unknown5]: they like it

[Unknown2]: i thought i just found it was interesting that they

[Unknown2]: i know this is not true but it feels like they invited them to un invite them just

[Unknown2]: to like

[Unknown6]: eight

[Unknown2]: just like throw it in their face

[Unknown5]: shit on them

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah well they deserve it co they've not had their like we didn't know right

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: how long has it been since this has been going on it's coming out now but how long

[Unknown5]: has it been going on right

[Unknown2]: the answer is yes

[Unknown3]: south south by southwest like quite a while i think they've had like quite a few

[Unknown5]: well i mean i mean more you know blizzard being a toxic dump of a place

[Unknown3]: years of it

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown2]: oh spoiler stick sorry

[Unknown5]: yeah spoilers yeah i'm sorry i'm sorry to ruin for you

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: no where are you telling me are you telling me bobby codex had a beacon of

[Unknown3]: morality

[Unknown5]: no we all thought so

[Unknown6]: he's a paragon of altruism

[Unknown5]: we we thought so but it turns out not so much

[Unknown2]: we were stung as much as you are just now from hearing that news

[Unknown3]: do you ever

[Unknown6]: wow

[Unknown3]: see how much money he makes

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown5]: y

[Unknown2]: it's disgusting

[Unknown3]: did jerry talk about

[Unknown5]: jeff

[Unknown3]: it in the podcast was this

[Unknown2]: sure did

[Unknown3]: is this already happened in the podcast

[Unknown5]: i think we did we

[Unknown6]: i feel like

[Unknown5]: talked about it when microsoft bought activ

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: vision that if he were to be

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: fired he would make like literally like three hundred million dollars

[Unknown3]: yeah that's insane uh

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: that's wild

[Unknown6]: one

[Unknown3]: that's called failing upwards

[Unknown6]: me you know

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: oh yeah

[Unknown2]: it's nice if you got it um

[Unknown2]: other things that uh acts and blazer did or didn't do depending on how you really

[Unknown2]: want to look

[Unknown5]: store

[Unknown2]: at it

[Unknown2]: you guys remember overwatch

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: uh

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: now what is that

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: it's a team based shooter with a bunch of characters

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown6]: pub

[Unknown2]: different stylized characters

[Unknown5]: oh i thought it was it was the uh the command you can give your units on x com

[Unknown2]: it is also that but

[Unknown3]: hey what's the

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown3]: what's the cowboys' name in that game

[Unknown6]: chief wigan

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown5]: what oh that's bad

[Unknown2]: if if i'm a hundred percent honest i still

[Unknown2]: call him the name that shall not be named when i see him and

[Unknown2]: then

[Unknown6]: valdo

[Unknown3]: i i was

[Unknown2]: every time it's cassidy i believe every time cassidy comes up

[Unknown3]: cassy yeah okay

[Unknown5]: did it owe its cac yeah

[Unknown2]: i'm like who the

[Unknown5]: it

[Unknown2]: fuck is cassie

[Unknown5]: it's mccree fuck it like it's at this point whatever

[Unknown2]: i'm not giving that guy guy's name he's valdemar or

[Unknown6]: good

[Unknown2]: he's the anti i don't know that guy i'm not using his name

[Unknown2]: so listen we're not talking about over wash that shit's dead but

[Unknown3]: you brought it up

[Unknown2]: still how somehow alive i did we're talking about overwatch two

[Unknown5]: well you brought it up

[Unknown3]: oh okay

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: ah totally different game

[Unknown2]: totally different game so

[Unknown6]: wow

[Unknown2]: i don't know if you know this um

[Unknown2]: instead of releasing video games

[Unknown3]: uh

[Unknown2]: they've been you know just sexually harassing their employees and

[Unknown6]: four

[Unknown2]: because of that

[Unknown2]: they're not able to release watch two on time for several years and they found the

[Unknown2]: perfect solution the perfect solution is they're going to decouple the pvp element

[Unknown2]: of the game from the pv element so they can get p pvp up faster and yes i will say

[Unknown2]: this here

[Unknown2]: overwatch one has been out the entire time and that is only a pvp game so i'm not

[Unknown2]: sure sure what they've been doing for the past five years anybody have any ideas

[Unknown5]: i mean have you ever tried dis lodging your entire head out of your ass it takes a

[Unknown5]: while

[Unknown2]: well

[Unknown6]: have you ever

[Unknown2]: you you would know

[Unknown6]: have

[Unknown5]: i would know

[Unknown6]: you ever tried

[Unknown6]: reverse engineering a me hex

[Unknown6]: to leverage the scientific marvel and applications into words overwatch two

[Unknown2]: have you ever

[Unknown3]: i i think

[Unknown2]: tried dancing with the devil and the pale moonlight

[Unknown2]: tried dancing with the devil and the pale moonlight

[Unknown5]: i think we know where chris is applying for a job again

[Unknown6]: have you ever

[Unknown6]: cry to the blue corn

[Unknown6]: poca hans res

[Unknown3]: mm

[Unknown2]: it's dead yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: it's dead yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: uh is this

[Unknown5]: sangria done cause it should be

[Unknown3]: i'm more of a little mermaid guy

[Unknown2]: yeah it's fair

[Unknown6]: i i i i feel that seconded

[Unknown5]: i'm not gonna go there nick

[Unknown3]: uh i had a question

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: uh or rather a statement i you know it really sucks i feel like there are

[Unknown3]: genuinely so many people active vision blizzard who've been working so hard on

[Unknown3]: overwatch two and i bet you it's like it's just the constant

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: uh what's the word i'm looking for when a lot of people leave and a lot of people

[Unknown3]: get hired churn

[Unknown3]: the constant ch that is just screwing that game probably

[Unknown6]: exodus okay sure

[Unknown5]: well for sure for sure because you get a new like lead

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: designer of whatever and they want to change directions again

[Unknown3]: not just change directions it takes them probably like three months to get up to

[Unknown3]: speed i'm like what the

[Unknown5]: up yeah

[Unknown3]: heck is even happening right

[Unknown6]: true true

[Unknown2]: and we do have have knowledge

[Unknown5]: yeah plus it must be really hard to develop a game while being sexually harassed

[Unknown5]: by your managers too

[Unknown3]: yeah i yeah i don't know a lot

[Unknown3]: of people working hard

[Unknown6]: yeah the

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: it really sucks it's i feel like

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: they're really being punished by their execs so

[Unknown2]: you so this this is the interesting thing right bobby kotch add them shift gears

[Unknown2]: and do other instead of working on overwatch two the man who then blamed them when

[Unknown2]: he had the seller company so you know that's a fun work environment to be in and

[Unknown2]: and it's unfortunate that they get to it as much as the next person they had chit

[Unknown2]: on because they haven't released the game in five years and and it's doubly

[Unknown2]: unfortunate for from my eyes because now you're just putting out the portion of

[Unknown2]: the game that we already basically have the thing we all want is the pv elements

[Unknown2]: to the game not not p v p

[Unknown5]: yeah cause the pvp is gonna be what it is good

[Unknown3]: really i i'm like the total opposite of that i think actually

[Unknown5]: no but like but the point matt's making is

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: how different is overwatch two pvp going to be from overwatch one pvp

[Unknown2]: i'm glad you asked trapped you bitch there's like one tank that's the only thing i

[Unknown2]: know

[Unknown5]: oh wow

[Unknown2]: a o two things

[Unknown2]: doomfist is now a tank

[Unknown5]: my so

[Unknown5]: much difference so wow

[Unknown3]: you

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: guys don't know you don't know what's gonna be different you're just say that is

[Unknown3]: one difference that you know of and

[Unknown2]: i gave you two differences

[Unknown3]: that's not the safest thing that is the only difference or the only differences

[Unknown5]: well they they've been saying ever since they announced that overwatch two was

[Unknown5]: going to be a game that the pvp portion isn't going to be much different what they

[Unknown5]: wanted to add was a whole pv experience outside of the event and

[Unknown3]: hm

[Unknown5]: stuff that was the main driver at least when jeff whatever the

[Unknown2]: caplan

[Unknown5]: fuck his last name was caplin he when he was at the helm of this he was like yeah

[Unknown5]: we want to bring you some more story in in ways that we can't now and we want to

[Unknown5]: know upgrade ship and we want more money so therefore there you go if that's still

[Unknown5]: the plan overwatch two is like a patch an overwatch one at the most

[Unknown3]: hm maybe maybe it is here

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: whether or not it comes out

[Unknown6]: this is what i think is

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown6]: going on as an employee on the inside if it was me

[Unknown3]: are you employed there

[Unknown6]: no no no

[Unknown3]: you can't say

[Unknown2]: that's

[Unknown3]: as an employee on the inside then

[Unknown6]: i'm thinking well i'm trying to h trying to create a hypothetical

[Unknown6]: like

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown2]: what chris

[Unknown6]: try to put put put myself in the shoes for a second

[Unknown2]: change it here um what if you're a hypothetical porn hub employee who had

[Unknown6]: uhhuh

[Unknown2]: the same problems take it from that angle yeah you have more experience in that

[Unknown6]: there you go let's go with it and then i i'll i'll bring it it's true it's so true

[Unknown2]: realm thank you

[Unknown6]: so if the company i was working for with a similar track record as activision

[Unknown6]: blizzard right i would just write it out and

[Unknown2]: hey

[Unknown6]: just a ha yeah just to have it on my c v just that just like so why did you ship

[Unknown6]: anything at that time well there were so many like you know everything is po

[Unknown6]: everything was in the public you know what happened how could i how could i and so

[Unknown6]: i think it's just going to be a springboard for a lot of a lot of employees who

[Unknown6]: are just biding their time to essentially coast and i'm not blaming them i'm

[Unknown6]: saying like you can

[Unknown6]: plant i'm not blaming i'm not blaming the top

[Unknown5]: now what else can you do

[Unknown5]: and

[Unknown6]: level i'm talking about like

[Unknown6]: i'm talking about everyone who like i'm talking about the so called innocence like

[Unknown6]: the everyday the everyday like devs design people who

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: actually want to do something meaningful they're probably i feel like they're just

[Unknown6]: cooling their jets and then planning their their their next their next moves you

[Unknown6]: know out of that company so

[Unknown5]: i don't know about everybody else but whenever i dunk on like anything like this i

[Unknown5]: don't mean to dunk on like the lowly guy who's like testing

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: the same level a hundred times it's like it's the whole entity of the company

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: and you know the people that are actually on the ground floor they're doing they

[Unknown5]: have very little control over what actually happens for all we know the game might

[Unknown5]: be ready or might have been ready and then they went no no no we want something

[Unknown5]: else right

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: so i feel for them but at the same time

[Unknown5]: like like chris said like i i i bet and it's been happening a lot of people are

[Unknown5]: probably leaving if they can to go somewhere else

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown5]: it's like what the fuck

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: anyways that

[Unknown6]: yep

[Unknown2]: bl that overwatch two be is coming out in uh

[Unknown2]: in april so we'll know a lot real

[Unknown6]: money

[Unknown2]: soon

[Unknown5]: oh yeah

[Unknown5]: anyway

[Unknown2]: good good good comedy beats everybody really really

[Unknown2]: a lot of a lot of laughs a lot of laughs out of that it was great

[Unknown5]: but let listen they don't give us a lot of material to laugh with at least at yes

[Unknown5]: but not with

[Unknown2]: let's segue into something you can laugh at

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown2]: not this thing but the next thing i promise

[Unknown6]: laugh at oh yeah

[Unknown2]: are you guys familiar with samuel well l jackson

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: y the fucker yeah

[Unknown6]: yes they deserve to die i hope they burn in hail you have seen my movies juice

[Unknown6]: that was a good one deep blue sea they ate me a sock ate me drake bitch jurassic

[Unknown6]: park samuel jackson it's my

[Unknown5]: so i guess what chris is saying is he's heard of him

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown2]: now chris just found that on the internet today the first time

[Unknown3]: my favorite

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: is when he says hold on to your butts

[Unknown6]: good bye back choice by

[Unknown2]: so samuel jackson who no one's heard of really shock her he

[Unknown6]: eight

[Unknown2]: finally won an oscar

[Unknown6]: insult

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: finally finally

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: a goat

[Unknown2]: it so

[Unknown2]: unfortunately

[Unknown2]: it was one that was

[Unknown6]: one

[Unknown2]: honorary so you know listen i'd say that unfortunately just because he probably

[Unknown2]: should have won an oscar at some point in his career

[Unknown6]: mm hm

[Unknown2]: so at least they are rectifying

[Unknown2]: this by by g giving it giving him one

[Unknown5]: pop fiction man

[Unknown6]: yep dude's got more movies in the nineties than everyone

[Unknown6]: everyone

[Unknown6]: everyone

[Unknown5]: honn zell or similar object

[Unknown6]: samuel jackson

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: due was working

[Unknown2]: denzel you're bringing up because denzel gave him the award

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: the other

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown2]: night at the oscars and listen you know i'm really happy for samuel i think it

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: shows how much the oscars are

[Unknown2]: pointed at the wrong thing in many

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: ways right like

[Unknown6]: oh man

[Unknown2]: there should be more

[Unknown5]: it really is

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it really is a slap in

[Unknown6]: you know

[Unknown5]: the face if i'm honest

[Unknown2]: hey listen we're still talking about this we have not segued stay on target

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown5]: thou shalt not segue ahead of time

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown6]: i sh nine

[Unknown3]: are you guys talking about

[Unknown3]: are you guys talking about

[Unknown2]: nothing

[Unknown2]: that's that's why i no nothing else happened at the osts it was just this

[Unknown3]: did something happen at the at the oscars

[Unknown6]: samuel jackson got an oscar

[Unknown6]: that's

[Unknown3]: oh okay

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: what happened

[Unknown5]: yeah that's what we're talking

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: about yeah

[Unknown5]: about yeah

[Unknown2]: and so like i think the oscar needs a bit more awards that aren't solely based on

[Unknown2]: the one skills or the couple skills they care about right the best actor or the

[Unknown5]: spencer would disagree with you giving our

[Unknown2]: best supporting actor spencer has no whimsy that's why i

[Unknown2]: i i made him go missing

[Unknown6]: oh my god

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: confession don't don't home

[Unknown5]: the the plot thickens

[Unknown3]: this

[Unknown2]: he knows what he did

[Unknown2]: he knows what he did

[Unknown3]: this

[Unknown6]: don

[Unknown3]: just turn this just turned into a

[Unknown5]: he knows what he did

[Unknown3]: it's a turn to true crime podcast

[Unknown6]: exactly

[Unknown6]: matt conquer was

[Unknown5]: we

[Unknown6]: seen leaving the building with an undisclosed body bag what color was it camel

[Unknown6]: green

[Unknown2]: i would never used camel grain as too tacky

[Unknown5]: no yeah i was gonna say you know no matt it would be bright red you'd be bright

[Unknown6]: that's not the point

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: well i thought listen listen i thought i knew you met i thought i knew you

[Unknown5]: red

[Unknown3]: the least

[Unknown2]: listen

[Unknown3]: believable thing about all that is the idea that you could see a camouflaged color

[Unknown3]: body bag

[Unknown6]: listen

[Unknown2]: bright

[Unknown5]: yeah it disappears right

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: it's called spur up the moment improvisation

[Unknown2]: well

[Unknown6]: you're supposed to yes add team

[Unknown6]: you're supposed to yes add team

[Unknown2]: uh no

[Unknown3]: yes and that's a bad one

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: yeah yes and please stop talking

[Unknown2]: so samuel jackson won't ask her and i would just hope in the future

[Unknown6]: yes ma'am

[Unknown2]: we can get some some oscars that like the honor oscars great but get some oscars

[Unknown2]: that are like you know audience participate favorite like if you want people to

[Unknown2]: give a shit up with the oscars you're either

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: gonna have to i don't know slap somebody or give them things that's going to

[Unknown2]: excite them you know things they canoe on

[Unknown3]: best light saber color

[Unknown2]: maybe best lights to recover love it

[Unknown3]: purple

[Unknown2]: i think

[Unknown3]: samuel jackson win an oscar

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown6]: dig it

[Unknown2]: there you go i mean would he win the oscar with the design

[Unknown2]: team

[Unknown5]: i don yeah

[Unknown6]: he would he could

[Unknown2]: when the oscar

[Unknown3]: he picked that color

[Unknown5]: i i think you

[Unknown3]: he picked that do you guys ever hear that story

[Unknown2]: oh that's true that's true he is that's right

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it's it's great the story about it is amazing

[Unknown3]: the story was like the story was like george lucas was like hey samuel jackson we

[Unknown3]: wants you to play mace window and he's like i don't know whatever i don't know if

[Unknown3]: i wanna do it ands like okay i'll do it but only if i get a purple light sla and i

[Unknown3]: i feel like this is the quote i'm not sure if it's true or not but i george

[Unknown3]: lucasfilm

[Unknown3]: that was the reason he

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: got up a full light saver

[Unknown2]: it has

[Unknown6]: w

[Unknown2]: to be true

[Unknown5]: some some version of that like for sure some version of that

[Unknown6]: listen listen like the it's such a slap in the face honorary when it's probably

[Unknown6]: like maybe why not something more distinguished like lifetime achievement

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: oscar academy yes they're out of touch and i hope they burn it out

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: other things you could probably not give awards for at the oscars include such

[Unknown2]: things as

[Unknown2]: the most cheer worthy moment as

[Unknown5]: i think

[Unknown2]: voted by the fans because when they announced this to them that

[Unknown6]: hey

[Unknown2]: the movie jack sanders justice league uh won this

[Unknown6]: doctor

[Unknown2]: no one in the theater did anything

[Unknown3]: is this

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: just an ad is that just an ad like what like who voted on most cheer worthy movie

[Unknown2]: to twitter

[Unknown6]: the same people who constructed the who constructed the honorary category category

[Unknown6]: honorary exercise of giving out oscars

[Unknown3]: like had

[Unknown2]: well i think they did but i also think other people could vote cause it was a

[Unknown2]: twitter thing so

[Unknown6]: yeah i yeah

[Unknown3]: oh you're asking like regular people people are stupid dude don't do that

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: but to be fair

[Unknown2]: thanks for listening

[Unknown5]: the people the people that vote for actual shit on the oscars are also stupid so i

[Unknown5]: don't know where we go from there

[Unknown3]: that's

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: a good point we should have a single

[Unknown3]: dictator at the

[Unknown3]: oscar's handing out a word his name

[Unknown6]: a chancellor an oscar chancellor

[Unknown2]: oh no no no

[Unknown3]: his name will be oscar

[Unknown5]: oh like the few

[Unknown6]: ah

[Unknown2]: yeah like i love it

[Unknown3]: and he will end up

[Unknown3]: and he will end up

[Unknown6]: oscar isaac

[Unknown5]: the f the fewer the fewer the fewer of

[Unknown5]: hollywood is that what

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: you're saying okay

[Unknown5]: you're saying okay

[Unknown6]: oscar meyer

[Unknown2]: yeah the rule is the person in charge always has to be named oscar

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: so you know how like you gotta be born in america to be president you gotta be

[Unknown2]: named oscar at burst i don't want you changing your name

[Unknown3]: is

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: that true i can't be president

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown6]: damn

[Unknown6]: i wanted to change my name to

[Unknown5]: there

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: goes that plan

[Unknown6]: i wanted to change my name to oscar titus and ramadan and like ma

[Unknown3]: one

[Unknown6]: and throw my hat into the ring to

[Unknown2]: no it

[Unknown6]: you know lead the uh

[Unknown2]: can't just let anybody be an oscar let's come on bro

[Unknown6]: yo yo yo try by combat

[Unknown2]: you want

[Unknown5]: oh i would watch that

[Unknown2]: okay you gotta fight oscar isaac and if you win you could be an oscar

[Unknown3]: you gotta lose dud

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown5]: bro is moon night you're gonna lose

[Unknown2]: yeah your dead

[Unknown6]: well see you don't know what i'm capable of

[Unknown2]: you died already

[Unknown6]: i want that i

[Unknown5]: i do

[Unknown6]: want the title and

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: july seventh in the ring i'm gonna break a table and then a chair over your candy

[Unknown6]: ass oscar cause i'm the oscar

[Unknown2]: you can't you can't can't say that

[Unknown6]: why why

[Unknown5]: yeah you can't say that

[Unknown2]: canny ass i'm pretty sure as a register trademark of the rock

[Unknown6]: well you know what

[Unknown3]: you're gonna get sued

[Unknown6]: set your mouth

[Unknown5]: i do you want to be a dwaine on top of an oscar is that what you're saying

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown6]: listen i will get permission from from dwayne johnson

[Unknown6]: listen i will get permission from from dwayne johnson

[Unknown3]: can you imagine

[Unknown5]: oh you see you

[Unknown6]: i'll just ask i'll just ask for it if he says no i'll honor it

[Unknown5]: see how the tables turned there ah like i'll i will i will break a bit when it's

[Unknown5]: against oscar isaac but i'll ask you know the rock nicely

[Unknown3]: can you imagine like he sues you and then the

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: the the judge awards him the winner

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown3]: and like to for like for payment he gets to hit you with the people's elbow

[Unknown6]: listen i have nothing but respect for for the rock i would i would apologize and

[Unknown6]: then in turn i'm sorry could i could i please could i please use it

[Unknown3]: yeah he'd walk up to you he'd just smell you

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown3]: and be like can't you smell

[Unknown6]: the fist that's gonna break your bucket head off

[Unknown3]: i would watch that

[Unknown5]: you know he would just he would fuck you up with just the eyebrow let's be honest

[Unknown6]: probably

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: it's a supp have you ever received a suplex from an eyebrow

[Unknown5]: here

[Unknown2]: no not not this week

[Unknown5]: sounds painful

[Unknown6]: the people's eyebrow

[Unknown2]: i don't know i

[Unknown5]: not this week

[Unknown3]: not this week

[Unknown5]: i'm quitting cold turkey from getting suplex is from eyebrows

[Unknown2]: yeah i'm off i'm off i it's it's not been going well for me personally

[Unknown6]: you know you know i have it stretched

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown3]: it

[Unknown2]: other listen i think i think that's it for the oscars i don't think anything else

[Unknown2]: happened oh

[Unknown3]: no i

[Unknown5]: nothing else happened no

[Unknown6]: nah

[Unknown3]: think that was it

[Unknown6]: na it was dry i never washed the arc o oh

[Unknown2]: no there's one there's one other thing i

[Unknown3]: remember

[Unknown2]: i think

[Unknown5]: wait no you keep the news out your fuck

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: mouth okay

[Unknown2]: okay

[Unknown6]: gasp

[Unknown5]: keep the news out your fuck

[Unknown6]: gasp

[Unknown5]: mouth

[Unknown2]: luciana just

[Unknown5]: gasp

[Unknown2]: lucy angus verbally slapped ait out of me

[Unknown2]: lucy angus verbally slapped ait out of me

[Unknown6]: p tell

[Unknown2]: so if you re you haven't been hiding if you haven't been have been

[Unknown2]: hiding on a rock one of the things

[Unknown6]: if you if

[Unknown5]: if you have been alive if you've been alive

[Unknown6]: if you've been living under the rock that lives underneath the d the rock

[Unknown6]: johnson's eyebrow

[Unknown2]: yeah that's very if you were born since monday you might not know about this um

[Unknown5]: nice

[Unknown2]: chris

[Unknown3]: went i met

[Unknown2]: rock had a very poor not funny joke someone

[Unknown2]: called distasteful uh he made about will smith's wife

[Unknown6]: mm yep

[Unknown2]: jada pinkett smith

[Unknown6]: cheeto

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown2]: um wills laughed at it jada did not jade was very upset will smith then took that

[Unknown2]: upon himself to level the visual displeasure from j to face into chris rock's face

[Unknown2]: via his right hand left hand

[Unknown5]: the the world's weirdest slap

[Unknown2]: great form actually

[Unknown2]: honestly from the pictures great form

[Unknown3]: he had good form you

[Unknown6]: you saw the way he was on the ball of his feet trying to

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: leverage some

[Unknown5]: two

[Unknown6]: of that old ae training

[Unknown3]: do you see

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: the waist the waist rotation like that's

[Unknown6]: you know

[Unknown3]: how you know that's where the power comes from

[Unknown5]: yeah but that's the thing i

[Unknown6]: he

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: pulled it too like it was it he

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: made contact but he he still pulled it

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: i i think he was gearing up for a punch like the al ali pinch because of

[Unknown6]: it

[Unknown5]: the movie it is like ah let's just

[Unknown5]: stick with an open hand slap and eat yeah

[Unknown3]: he thought it might kill him yeah

[Unknown6]: you you need more disrespect in it so i will open the hand

[Unknown2]: yeah that's that's way more

[Unknown5]: yeah so he

[Unknown3]: umhum

[Unknown5]: gave up mid midway and so they they turned the punch into a slap

[Unknown6]: mm hm

[Unknown5]: but there was a lot of torque in it i agree

[Unknown6]: sure got damn

[Unknown2]: yeah i mean the real victims here chris rock i mean yes technically but not the

[Unknown2]: chris rocker thinking is chris rock the developer

[Unknown6]: oh no

[Unknown2]: yes the the

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: person who owns at chris underscore rock ah whose name may not be mike mica based

[Unknown2]: on what i'm saying oh that's a different guy

[Unknown5]: jesus

[Unknown2]: chris it's just chrisp ogg

[Unknown2]: some

[Unknown6]: hey

[Unknown3]: that's its legal name

[Unknown2]: great radio happening right now

[Unknown2]: he and at will smith who is most definitely not

[Unknown2]: most with the actor at wells has been in the games media for a while he ran tested

[Unknown2]: i think the website

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: so he's he's well known in the circles they both got into it verbally as well on

[Unknown2]: the internet as a result of this mostly people tweeting at him and yelling at them

[Unknown2]: for what they did which wasn't them

[Unknown5]: not just that right but like a bunch of people that have just happened to have

[Unknown5]: will smith or chris rock somewhere there's a guy called good will smith got

[Unknown5]: blasted too

[Unknown6]: uh uh i like da apples

[Unknown2]: yeah see it's interesting to me because i understand tweeting at will smith or

[Unknown2]: like at cna square rock like steaks are made but like what goes on your life that

[Unknown2]: you're like oh i know bills miss real twitter handlers at goodwill smith

[Unknown3]: yeah that's the one where you like how you bust that one up

[Unknown5]: he's hiding he's hiding in plain sight

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: like do would you want to have a celebrity based twitter handle just to see if you

[Unknown2]: can catch some flack when they do something wrong just to see what it's like

[Unknown6]: i have i i have a k a named

[Unknown3]: sleep

[Unknown6]: kinship with uh with one of with a director like from the mitchells um

[Unknown6]: from twenty one

[Unknown3]: school

[Unknown6]: jump street the new one phil lord and chris miller

[Unknown2]: oh yeah lord miller that was chris miller

[Unknown6]: this critic is christopher miller so i follow it so every now and then

[Unknown5]: are we

[Unknown5]: are we beeping that or

[Unknown6]: ah add vi with it and buy with this

[Unknown2]: it's too late it's out in the wild

[Unknown5]: the government

[Unknown6]: the government this is the only time i will relinquish my government my government

[Unknown6]: name

[Unknown6]: so like yeah i like if happened to that christopher miller and people just started

[Unknown6]: coming at me but that's not

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: my handle anyway but if they just like hey there's another christopher miller and

[Unknown2]: that'd be really impressive if they found her your twitter handle and blamed

[Unknown6]: then you start

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: it on chris miller co

[Unknown3]: yeah they tweeted you in all caps they're like hey

[Unknown3]: loved mitchell and the machines

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: it was amazing

[Unknown6]: yeah how dare you how dare you christopher miller

[Unknown2]: hey hey star wars they should let you finish that movie w way better

[Unknown6]: you know

[Unknown2]: just all the positivity that chris miller

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: the director deserves yeah

[Unknown6]: i would love it i would be like thank you but i can't accept it like thank you but

[Unknown6]: if it was the flat i'd be like again can't accept it you know for different with a

[Unknown6]: different the wrong guy but if it's like positive like i i i didn't earn that so

[Unknown2]: what if what if they came looking for you to write like what if someone was like

[Unknown6]: it would be fun

[Unknown2]: asking you to write like edit their script but it's like it's not it's not

[Unknown2]: something famous there's like a low level

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: script would you edit it for though

[Unknown6]: yeah would you please please mr miller would you please i'd be

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: like come forward step into my digital office

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: tell me wax poetic what do you got time is money smoking cigar

[Unknown5]: wait you can't ask them to wax poetic and say time is money in the same that's

[Unknown6]: i'm christopher miller

[Unknown5]: just mean

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: i can do whatever i want sir

[Unknown3]: who are

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: you to question christopher miller

[Unknown5]: i'm

[Unknown5]: sorry i'm sorry

[Unknown2]: how do you how many movies you made luciano

[Unknown6]: be on

[Unknown5]: sir i'm sorry sir i don't i'm sorry sir i don't

[Unknown6]: that's right now go get me a coffee and a

[Unknown6]: croissant almond

[Unknown5]: i actually

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown6]: croissant

[Unknown5]: on first name

[Unknown3]: that

[Unknown5]: basis i would have in brazil a lot of like namesake but my last name just destroys

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: it so

[Unknown2]: yeah that's your fault

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah i chose my last name you assel

[Unknown2]: you can change it whenever you want

[Unknown2]: you can change it whenever you want

[Unknown3]: can't you dumbs

[Unknown5]: well here not

[Unknown2]: oh really

[Unknown5]: in brazil in brazil you need you need like

[Unknown5]: some sort of like a catastrophe to happen for you to be able to

[Unknown6]: damn

[Unknown5]: do it yeah

[Unknown2]: we can make that happen

[Unknown6]: slap somebody that'll get started

[Unknown5]: am i gonna join spencer is that the catastrophe are planning

[Unknown2]: listen you need it to happen i can find a place

[Unknown6]: oh my god

[Unknown5]: i'll let you know

[Unknown2]: moving on

[Unknown6]: true crime season two

[Unknown2]: from the oscars um slopping the rest of the news in the face as you will um

[Unknown2]: nintendo

[Unknown5]: too

[Unknown6]: uhhuh

[Unknown2]: virtually slaps us all the face by

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown2]: delaying breath of wil two to twenty twenty three

[Unknown6]: f

[Unknown2]: but but they didn't slap us with their hands or the news they slapped us with a

[Unknown2]: well it's an apology video from

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown2]: the the producer of the game to say our bat

[Unknown2]: the the producer of the game to say our bat

[Unknown2]: which is like it does not happen in north america

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown2]: ever right

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown2]: would would you would you feel better about games if if every time they delete it

[Unknown2]: someone gave you an apology even like not you specifically but like you got a

[Unknown2]: youtube topology being like yeah my bad

[Unknown3]: only

[Unknown6]: it feels

[Unknown3]: if it was from an exec

[Unknown2]: right

[Unknown6]: yeah someone has to someone someone with clout needs to needs to take the not the

[Unknown6]: l but like i guess the

[Unknown3]: yeah take the l

[Unknown6]: l and the responsibility like

[Unknown6]: i'm sorry

[Unknown2]: but like but like it's gotta

[Unknown6]: and go for it

[Unknown2]: be someone who's someone who's high enough up but not like a bobby coch level

[Unknown2]: where like like their their

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown2]: name is mud right

[Unknown3]: i want bobby kodak to apologize to me

[Unknown6]: every time

[Unknown2]: bobby you hurt us we want an apology

[Unknown6]: barbara

[Unknown3]: like

[Unknown6]: i tell her hot

[Unknown3]: like if overwatch two got you know it's they're like hey it's delayed whatever

[Unknown3]: we're cutting it in half how would you

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: feel if bobby codec had to make a sad apology video i think that would be

[Unknown3]: hilarious i want that

[Unknown2]: well that's this is the thing

[Unknown2]: like l if he made a video at all

[Unknown2]: he would just tell us to go fuck ourselves i'm pretty sure

[Unknown6]: who well now

[Unknown3]: quote unquote i will destroy you

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah

[Unknown3]: uh that's a real bobby cota quote that he said to like a secretary or something

[Unknown3]: with the

[Unknown2]: i guess we i guess we could make one up if we just strung all the deplorable

[Unknown2]: offensive things he said to people into

[Unknown6]: right

[Unknown2]: one video and that's his apology video

[Unknown6]: a deep someone needs to do a deep faith just to just to to

[Unknown6]: i don't know shift shift the tide you know he can't keep winning he keeps failing

[Unknown6]: up quote unquote

[Unknown3]: but

[Unknown5]: well i mean have you seen his face he already looks like a deep fake so

[Unknown6]: well

[Unknown2]: wow sick burn

[Unknown3]: honestly like an honest apology from an exec i feel like shows a level of like

[Unknown3]: kind of like class and responsibility that you don't see in north american

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown3]: exacts i guess i don't know

[Unknown3]: exacts i guess i don't know

[Unknown2]: no you're you're generally right

[Unknown3]: so i think it's pretty cool

[Unknown5]: yeah and that's the thing it wouldn't be it wouldn't be heartfelt it would be just

[Unknown5]: like oh fuck i have to go do this

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown6]: right

[Unknown3]: the the apology videos from the breath of the wild two one seems heartfelt seems

[Unknown3]: like guys

[Unknown6]: mm hmm

[Unknown5]: well but they're not north american

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: true

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: that's my point like bobby kick would not be

[Unknown5]: that's my point like bobby kick would not be

[Unknown3]: i guess what i'm really asking for

[Unknown3]: i guess what

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown3]: i am really asking for is for north american video game executives to care

[Unknown6]: yep

[Unknown5]: yeah that's why and and that's what

[Unknown3]: which maybe is a bit of a taller ask

[Unknown5]: that's what i was gonna say like you're ha asking for a heartfelt apology for

[Unknown5]: someone who doesn't have a heart that's gonna be

[Unknown3]: they

[Unknown5]: hard

[Unknown6]: so you try to get blood from stone ain't gonna happen

[Unknown2]: no i i think

[Unknown5]: like so i have no no dog in this race because i have i do not care about zelda but

[Unknown5]: do you guys feel any better from getting an apology like that

[Unknown6]: i actually having seen the video i do like even with the like whether you yes it's

[Unknown6]: it's it's it's cultural for the bow but i felt like it like it seemed very human

[Unknown6]: to me and that's what i i

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: that's what i would look for

[Unknown5]: that's good then yeah

[Unknown6]: that's like that's disruptive you know in a in in a positive way that's disruptive

[Unknown6]: because

[Unknown6]: like we're we're people and this is

[Unknown2]: why

[Unknown6]: the kind of experience that would be that would help the industry

[Unknown6]: like more examples of this for so to speak that intention

[Unknown3]: and they

[Unknown6]: i think it goes a long way

[Unknown5]: that's good

[Unknown2]: do do gamers deserve apologies

[Unknown5]: that is a good question too we are

[Unknown6]: no not reframe it reframe it gamers are customers

[Unknown2]: yeah but like

[Unknown5]: well but still they're still gamers

[Unknown2]: but they there okay the c what if your customer base is full of angry assal who

[Unknown2]: yell at you for any time you do anything they don't like including taking

[Unknown2]: vacations not putting out their video game on time changing how the video

[Unknown5]: now

[Unknown2]: game works

[Unknown5]: or putting like

[Unknown5]: a woman as the main character

[Unknown5]: or a black person

[Unknown2]: jesus

[Unknown5]: as the main character

[Unknown5]: i mean don't they they do

[Unknown6]: that's not everybody though but if that's it

[Unknown6]: that's not everybody though but if that's it

[Unknown2]: moham yep

[Unknown5]: no but it's a lot it's a lot of people

[Unknown6]: if it's a lot like so check it out if it was if if i was part of a team if i was

[Unknown6]: part of that nintendo team and that was and and like that happened this happened

[Unknown6]: right if i was part of that team and i was the one who had to make that apology

[Unknown6]: i'd be thinking of like the level headed

[Unknown6]: the level

[Unknown2]: the children the children

[Unknown5]: that's fair

[Unknown6]: headed the ch well children and the level headed customers and gamers that you

[Unknown6]: know have you know that are decent i'd be speaking to them

[Unknown5]: that's fair

[Unknown6]: i'd be thinking of them and i would try and target my message you know to them and

[Unknown6]: if others don't don't accept it well we're doing

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown6]: i'm assuming that this team is are doing their best and that they've they have

[Unknown6]: reasons

[Unknown5]: you get a neck beard un reddit to saying you tweeter at here when he apologized to

[Unknown5]: me me you know that that would happen

[Unknown2]: wire

[Unknown6]: well i wouldn't like

[Unknown3]: sky like like a hundred years old

[Unknown3]: sky like like a hundred years old

[Unknown3]: sky like like a hundred years old

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: jesus

[Unknown6]: mister burns i didn't know you played games

[Unknown3]: it was like i i was around when solitaire was invented in real card game form

[Unknown5]: i played mine sweeper in the war

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown2]: five

[Unknown6]: i had to disassemble them in the water and i couldn't even tread water

[Unknown3]: good good sigo moto quote a delayed game is eventually good a bad game is forever

[Unknown3]: bad so

[Unknown6]: co

[Unknown5]: that's true

[Unknown5]: that's true

[Unknown2]: listen that's

[Unknown5]: that's that's true

[Unknown2]: that

[Unknown2]: should hang on the in the office of every every developer ever

[Unknown3]: i'm cool i'm cool with them de ling

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: now i'm okay with it like in general but now cherry on top

[Unknown5]: now if they're if they're delaying it to make it good yeah definitely just i'll

[Unknown5]: wait it's fine

[Unknown3]: i think nintendo has

[Unknown3]: a large history

[Unknown6]: mar

[Unknown3]: of saying

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown3]: hey we're gonna delay a game and they take the time and they make it good and

[Unknown3]: honestly a lot of nintendo games are friant bangers they're so good when they come

[Unknown3]: out so if they need us to wait for breath of the wild too to be more solid

[Unknown6]: from next year

[Unknown3]: we got a lot of open world games came out already look at elden ring i could play

[Unknown3]: elden ring another year and wait no problem

[Unknown2]: yep

[Unknown6]: talking to

[Unknown2]: yeah we had

[Unknown3]: so i'm

[Unknown2]: elder ring and

[Unknown5]: we

[Unknown2]: that other one

[Unknown5]: should have had nick here talking about alden ring when we did cause all four of

[Unknown5]: us were like who would play this

[Unknown3]: i i would

[Unknown6]: i would

[Unknown3]: play this

[Unknown5]: apparently

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: nick yeah

[Unknown6]: and that's fine that's funny man i'm i'm

[Unknown3]: yeah no but like when they were like it i it's gonna be delayed i'm like okay

[Unknown3]: sounds good no problem you

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: apologize i appreciate the apology seems good lot of goodwill there still

[Unknown5]: the the bad the bad thing is when they delay it a couple of times and it still

[Unknown5]: come out like full of bugs like

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: cyber puck did right

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: that's bad

[Unknown2]: yeah me and moa already said that stop trying to feel like i thunder

[Unknown3]: but yeah but yeah like

[Unknown3]: but i think like when you look at nintendo's like history of like delaying and

[Unknown3]: releasing games it's usually it seems like it's been at least for the better for

[Unknown3]: for me so

[Unknown5]: that's good

[Unknown6]: and breath of the wild one was dope

[Unknown3]: oh yeah

[Unknown6]: so if they like it it it as long as it's not a copy and pas job and like there's

[Unknown6]: there are areas that are lacking easily forgivable forgivable so

[Unknown3]: that's a

[Unknown6]: i i i trust them

[Unknown3]: original bre w games a mold breaking game i would

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: say so

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown2]: segue

[Unknown6]: i'm here for it seg

[Unknown2]: into our last story do you guys remember vimeo

[Unknown5]: no genuinely i'll forget it exists

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown3]: i watch the videos i can't find on youtube there

[Unknown6]: a

[Unknown2]: yeah that's

[Unknown5]: no that's that's more daily motion than video

[Unknown2]: well listen

[Unknown3]: maybe for you

[Unknown6]: daily motion

[Unknown2]: don't tell don't tell nick how to live his life if he

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: wants to go on female he can vit mio

[Unknown2]: has decided that the best way to get people to go on your platform is to make the

[Unknown2]: creators pay them

[Unknown6]: me

[Unknown2]: a bold a bold move

[Unknown2]: um right now people were paying a couple hundred bucks a year give or take and

[Unknown2]: they've decided that's maybe they should up that a bit so one user got quoted a

[Unknown2]: price of three and a two thousand dollars a year just for context she has one

[Unknown2]: hundred seventeen subscriber only videos uploaded and she gets about one hundred

[Unknown2]: fifty views on average her most viewed video was eight hundred and fifteen

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown3]: has she

[Unknown6]: it's

[Unknown2]: i think

[Unknown3]: considered youtube

[Unknown6]: just download that honey sorry

[Unknown5]: that so that's

[Unknown6]: not honey download that creator

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: that's the that's the the just that people are going fucking we went to vimeo

[Unknown5]: because we thought it was a better

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: platform that would give us more control of

[Unknown5]: our content and you know be partners with us and they're like you know what you

[Unknown5]: you use way too much of our hosting and way too much of our network ability here

[Unknown5]: pay three five hundred dollars bitch that's what they said

[Unknown3]: that's that seems like more money than she probably used in hosting and stuff if

[Unknown3]: she only

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: got like eight hundred views or whatever like how is she paying th how much was it

[Unknown2]: that's her max view she

[Unknown3]: how much was it

[Unknown6]: six

[Unknown2]: averages about a hundred and fifty views per video

[Unknown2]: as she

[Unknown3]: a hundred

[Unknown2]: has a hundred and seventeen videos

[Unknown3]: but how much did you have to

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: pay

[Unknown2]: three and a half thousand

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown6]: a year

[Unknown3]: no i sorry not thank

[Unknown5]: you will have

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: to pay there's another one who's was who was quoted at seven thousand a year

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown6]: look wow

[Unknown2]: so so just for context this stems

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: from the current ceo's

[Unknown2]: belief uh that um they should be uh no be the alternative to youtube and instead

[Unknown2]: take up the just delightful position of

[Unknown2]: let's find the quote here

[Unknown2]: they want to be a software company for businesses of quote unquote all sizes a k a

[Unknown2]: big business who will spends of money on sh they'll forget they're paying for

[Unknown3]: i mean i think for our company i think we host some internal videos on vimeo

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: i'm not saying it's good or not good i really have no idea but like

[Unknown2]: well you guys probably get

[Unknown3]: it's also a ceo's responsibility to have visions of grandeur i

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: think like that's kind of their

[Unknown2]: sure how to present

[Unknown5]: well visions of grandeur is one thing delusions of

[Unknown5]: grandeur is a

[Unknown6]: a yeah

[Unknown5]: completely different one

[Unknown3]: yeah sure

[Unknown6]: i also use vimeo for like some of my like some

[Unknown2]: not anymore you don't

[Unknown6]: of my um no not anymore i used to i'm going to be migrating

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown6]: so it doesn't it doesn't make sense and like yes this this story needs to be told

[Unknown6]: but if the if these

[Unknown6]: if these users don't migrate their content they're just gonna be they're just

[Unknown6]: gonna be you're gonna get back into a corner so i'm hoping that there are already

[Unknown6]: shifting gears and backing up all of their good content to make that transition

[Unknown6]: cause this is a red flag red flag times red red flag to the power of two

[Unknown3]: i think

[Unknown2]: where where

[Unknown3]: they me give me a wants them out right like they wanna get rid of these users i

[Unknown3]: think

[Unknown2]: yeah i was gonna

[Unknown2]: ask where where should where should these video where should these people go like

[Unknown5]: that's what it seems like

[Unknown6]: so if not okay go ahead qu

[Unknown2]: cause 'cause it seems like they left youtube for reasons so it's fair

[Unknown6]: that's a i feel like it's an assumption but if they if not to answer your question

[Unknown6]: if not youtube there's got to be other competitors looking to take advantage and

[Unknown2]: porn hub

[Unknown6]: you know that's that you know they've got the servers

[Unknown3]: uhhuh

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: they've got the servers

[Unknown3]: mhm

[Unknown2]: infrastructure's there

[Unknown2]: infrastructure's there

[Unknown6]: you know i i feel like they're this is where this is the limit of my of my my it

[Unknown6]: infrastructure knowledge taps out i got nothing left just

[Unknown2]: cat

[Unknown6]: go take it to port ha that

[Unknown2]: cat

[Unknown6]: there's already a a view of viewership there

[Unknown2]: great love it and may also have suggestions

[Unknown3]: daily motion or whatever i don't know what that other one is

[Unknown6]: yes what happened to them the yes bring it back daily motion

[Unknown2]: le it's still there

[Unknown5]: meat

[Unknown3]: like honestly

[Unknown5]: yeah so there is

[Unknown3]: like there's very few businesses that are interested in in a hundred fifty view

[Unknown5]: i know

[Unknown3]: channels i think right like you're not they're not going to make money on those so

[Unknown3]: either if you get people interested if you have like a few people who are really

[Unknown3]: interested in your

[Unknown2]: one one

[Unknown3]: niche videos and you need to host them somewhere set up a patreon get paid for it

[Unknown3]: you know if you have an active following i think

[Unknown3]: uh

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown3]: but otherwise like i i don't think those free video platforms are like interested

[Unknown3]: in those channels

[Unknown2]: if well so

[Unknown5]: there's a there is a video streaming platform called

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: nebula that also they people people set up ex ex specifically because like youtube

[Unknown5]: cuts like demonize his

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown5]: vehicles or like uh flags them and all that stuff and they so they they go there

[Unknown5]: they pay the the the subscribers pay per month and then i i guess they get like a

[Unknown5]: flat fee every month

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown5]: that like there are options

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown2]: well as much

[Unknown5]: but

[Unknown2]: as porn ho was a joke the initial implementation of only fans might have been an

[Unknown2]: actual option for them

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown5]: yeah that's true

[Unknown2]: because i think one of the things i i'm reading here in this one article so i'm

[Unknown2]: obviously an expert now in vimeo is that they are

[Unknown5]: yeah of course

[Unknown2]: controlling access to their videos right so it's like subscribers patreon points a

[Unknown2]: lot of people to vimeo because then you can't see the video unless you're paying

[Unknown2]: right 'cause they give a password that's why companies use it yeah

[Unknown5]: and theres like a discount thing that happens as well yeah

[Unknown2]: and so one of the reasons you wouldn't want to put your stuff on youtube is

[Unknown2]: because there's really no great way on youtube that i've seen to limit people's

[Unknown2]: access to your videos so some like old fans has the same sort of setup where you

[Unknown2]: have to pay for access to things that might be i don't know if if os is still in

[Unknown2]: the everybody business or is just kind of focusing on their new core demographic

[Unknown2]: but but that would be be an option for these people and i think nick's right like

[Unknown2]: that's that's pricing

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown2]: scheme of please go away don't want we want to deal with high volume customers not

[Unknown2]: not a large number of tiny customers

[Unknown3]: i i just look at nebula ciano and i think neb also looks to me like curated

[Unknown3]: content so i don't think i don't think you can go and set up a of whatever like

[Unknown5]: it's not nebula as far as i understand you have to and from their side that you

[Unknown5]: have to sign up for it and then you can host your stuff there then

[Unknown5]: instead of your customers paying for you or like for your viewers paying for your

[Unknown5]: stuff they just pay for the subscription to nebula where your stuff is yeah

[Unknown3]: that's cool it looks like five bucks a month too which is like pretty reasonable

[Unknown5]: yeah and you can get like some i there's a lot of content creators i follow on

[Unknown5]: youtube that they they are on abul and they offer like plans or like like discount

[Unknown5]: codes and stuff like that so

[Unknown3]: i like that that's cool

[Unknown6]: rattling off the sort of like the quote unquote top ten vo alternatives

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown6]: and competitors vid yard bright cove cloud app loom pan doo use screen hippo video

[Unknown6]: ado

[Unknown6]: there's got to be options something's got to work for for people looking to

[Unknown2]: ladies and gentlemen he just made up words on the spot to make those ten video

[Unknown6]: migrate

[Unknown3]: i know

[Unknown2]: services

[Unknown6]: i don't

[Unknown3]: loom but i don't think lom is really an alternative for for this use

[Unknown5]: no i no

[Unknown3]: case specifically

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: maybe maybe not i don't know

[Unknown6]: maybe maybe not i don't know

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: the the real kicker is that patreon really sort of like leans on hey go to vimeo

[Unknown5]: go to vinu right and they're like they're doing this video is and patron is not

[Unknown5]: really telling anybody right

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown5]: so it's like oh have you considered using vimeo and they're like oh that's a good

[Unknown5]: idea f like you know so

[Unknown6]: additionally what if people what if i guess i guess it just take more money but

[Unknown6]: what if you not host it yourself but if you're let's say if you have a website

[Unknown6]: could you not check out like an extended hosting package so you could have like

[Unknown6]: say go get go daddy or somebody run your videos

[Unknown3]: yeah you're never gonna drive traffic to that though so

[Unknown6]: in fact well there's

[Unknown2]: yeah the advantage of being on a site like vimeo is they handle all that for you

[Unknown2]: and you just have to worry about getting traffic to your site

[Unknown3]: it's hard like how many times have you been like i got to watch this specific

[Unknown3]: websites videos let me go there

[Unknown5]: it's

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown5]: so rare

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: i suppose also it depends on what industry you're in if you're targeting at all or

[Unknown6]: if you're just in an open market like a a youtube or a vimeo like

[Unknown6]: i feel like it's it also depends on what your goals are

[Unknown6]: hmm

[Unknown3]: giant bomb the video game site i used to follow we used to have all their stuff on

[Unknown3]: their own website um

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown3]: and like i would go there once in a while to check it out but it's hard when it's

[Unknown3]: not like part of your you know your people i feel like people are so used to going

[Unknown3]: on youtube hit the subscriptions button and just see what's there you know and

[Unknown3]: that's their

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: it's

[Unknown3]: you know

[Unknown2]: the number one model for a reason

[Unknown6]: it makes also makes me wonder what like the f like what the funny or die approach

[Unknown6]: like the f a dying website what their approach was how was how was that hosted i

[Unknown6]: don't know but

[Unknown6]: uh

[Unknown6]: he is what it is

[Unknown3]: mhm

[Unknown5]: anyway i'm looking forward to never hearing of vimeo ever again in my life

[Unknown6]: yeah honestly fuck that that's that's that's

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: not cool but hey it's their choice it'll be interesting to watch that watch that

[Unknown6]: ship's sake if they can't make this work

[Unknown2]: you won't watch it you don't even know what happens you'll have no idea you'll

[Unknown6]: i don't care actually

[Unknown2]: just you'll just be like

[Unknown5]: go out with a whimper

[Unknown6]: you maybe

[Unknown2]: some one of the kids on the street will be like oh my dad told me about vim you

[Unknown2]: like you'll be like oh i remember email and that'll be like forty years from now

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown6]: maybe and you know what that's probably

[Unknown5]: in my day there was another platform

[Unknown2]: yeah that guy that guy's gonna tell you what

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown2]: vio

[Unknown6]: that's probably what they deserve

[Unknown2]: ten percent

[Unknown6]: that's what they deserve fade into nothingness

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah how dare you have a different business model

[Unknown6]: that's right

[Unknown2]: you um that's it that's the news for the month of march some of it was interesting

[Unknown2]: most of it was dumb some of it was

[Unknown3]: the

[Unknown2]: um the craziest

[Unknown5]: s about every month that we come

[Unknown2]: shit i've ever seen on television my entire life

[Unknown6]: me hex

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown2]: that's it yeah i saw that on television once

[Unknown5]: i thought you're gonna say me too and then you went to with hixon and you threw me

[Unknown2]: not no nick

[Unknown5]: i know

[Unknown2]: do you wanna plug yourself anywhere do you want to acknowledge your

[Unknown2]: existence

[Unknown3]: hello no thanks man that's disgusting

[Unknown5]: with be hixon

[Unknown2]: outside this yeah i yeah

[Unknown6]: plug yourself oh my

[Unknown3]: go plug yourself dude

[Unknown6]: wow

[Unknown2]: that's uh hiko go plug yourself

[Unknown2]: that's uh hiko go plug yourself

[Unknown3]: no no that's okay

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown3]: i can i don't really want to be associated with this podcast

[Unknown2]: understandable

[Unknown5]: yeah i don't blame you

[Unknown6]: dale

[Unknown2]: no one who comes on does great

[Unknown5]: we

[Unknown2]: un

[Unknown5]: barely do

[Unknown6]: speak for yourself

[Unknown2]: unrelated to to that cruel burn from nick we do have website do have twitter

[Unknown2]: twitter okay we'll do that first we like to line it up twitter is at your wrong

[Unknown2]: cast twitter very simple website

[Unknown2]: we got one

[Unknown2]: w w w

[Unknown6]: dublo dublo do

[Unknown5]: fuck sake

[Unknown2]: y

[Unknown5]: ah fuck boomer

[Unknown2]: ru cast dos and we also have an email address you broadcast at gmail dot com

[Unknown2]: please tell us why why you wanna hear the dule vess the ws

[Unknown6]: we should take up and just like do the the the do both at the same time a two

[Unknown6]: prong attack drive luciano insane

[Unknown2]: at

[Unknown2]: that's fine

[Unknown5]: that too late buddy

[Unknown2]: i'm gonna send him i'm gonna send him a singing telegram

[Unknown6]: this is always the next time

[Unknown5]: no i'm too late driving me insane i'm

[Unknown5]: already there

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown3]: do guys ever do you guys ever do listener questions

[Unknown6]: would love to

[Unknown3]: sorry wait wait let me go back do you guys

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: ever get listeners

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown5]: ah that's a better question

[Unknown2]: well you're our friend and you don't know we talked about them in previous

[Unknown2]: episodes so i don't think so

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: he knew he knew the greatest weapons

[Unknown3]: yeah i was on that one

[Unknown2]: he was on that

[Unknown5]: yeah the one he was in

[Unknown6]: listen yoo yoo yo yo

[Unknown6]: yes and

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown3]: and i was

[Unknown5]: yes and shut up

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown3]: on that one

[Unknown2]: so yeah he knows two of her episodes now where he's moving on up thanks sure

[Unknown2]: thanks for

[Unknown5]: he knows the new medal episode too that's the one he quotes all the time

[Unknown2]: thanks for liking and

[Unknown2]: subscribing nick i really appreciate that

[Unknown3]: yeah i was on that one too

[Unknown6]: nick

[Unknown5]: i know

[Unknown6]: i'm so glad you gave us feedback on the guinness nisan

[Unknown6]: wonderful genius streak of of of movie reviews we did

[Unknown3]: yeah no problem any time

[Unknown6]: nine

[Unknown6]: it happened

[Unknown5]: okay sure

[Unknown2]: so yeah thanks for listening

[Unknown2]: hit us up on those places if you want to for now i am met

[Unknown5]: i'm luciana

[Unknown6]: thanks

[Unknown3]: i'm nick

[Unknown5]: at night

[Unknown6]: tails from the crypto

60. The Monthly Roundup: March 2022
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