61. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: The Prodigal Son Returns

And he returned *weird*. Yeah, I know, that IS saying something.

[Unknown3]: hello welcome back to your wrong

[Unknown3]: this week we are gonna look at some trailers and

[Unknown3]: make some wild accusations about them

[Unknown3]: with us as always we have luciana

[Unknown1]: happy t and day everybody

[Unknown3]: mmm hmm hmm just in case you're wondering that apparently is april sixth

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: other that

[Unknown1]: i found out i found out about it on april fourth

[Unknown3]: nice that's sooner than i did

[Unknown3]: we also have who is listing himself as raphael del gto

[Unknown4]: can

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown4]: the left of them

[Unknown4]: to the rights of the canted front up the val and tha

[Unknown3]: um chris it is a good time to remind you your mike is so hot

[Unknown4]: oh i'm sorry

[Unknown4]: shit

[Unknown1]: are you are you

[Unknown1]: are you are you

[Unknown4]: so hot right now

[Unknown1]: you don't sound sorry

[Unknown3]: he doesn't

[Unknown4]: i am sorry the mike is super repositioned it' like right there boom okay sorry

[Unknown4]: i am sorry the mike is super repositioned it' like right there boom okay sorry

[Unknown3]: yeah yep you're just that's okay we'll we'll edit in post or not it's so terrible

[Unknown4]: i'll tell you it back

[Unknown3]: and with us we have a guest

[Unknown3]: joining us we still haven't found spencer the party we sent to find the party we

[Unknown3]: sent to find spencer listen we sent another party um because we care listeners but

[Unknown3]: our guest this week you know

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: guess why don't you introduce yourself

[Unknown2]: my name is jacques

[Unknown2]: jacques in theo raju montoya

[Unknown1]: cheese ism

[Unknown2]: you killed my father

[Unknown1]: butcher then the whole thing

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: prepared the hey get a

[Unknown2]: i'm back

[Unknown4]: back

[Unknown2]: get out of your jaques up the rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated

[Unknown3]: unfortunately

[Unknown2]: spencer and back from the grave

[Unknown4]: he laughs

[Unknown2]: hello everybody

[Unknown4]: om

[Unknown2]: i'm happy to be back here

[Unknown4]: oh my gosh

[Unknown2]: the wolves couldn't keep me down

[Unknown3]: do you do you do you wanna explain yourself

[Unknown4]: water is

[Unknown2]: yeah so

[Unknown2]: i was going for my nightly walk

[Unknown4]: as one does

[Unknown2]: i i typically go through the foggiest areas of the woods to

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown2]: to get calm

[Unknown2]: and there was a slight

[Unknown2]: thirty foot drop

[Unknown4]: gasp

[Unknown2]: that i fell down

[Unknown2]: and in the haze

[Unknown2]: i found a puppy and i was like oh

[Unknown2]: and it was too foggy but it turns out it was actually a massive wolf and that wolf

[Unknown2]: befriended me

[Unknown2]: and we developed a relationship

[Unknown4]: how long is this

[Unknown1]: okay yeah

[Unknown2]: this is act one of seven

[Unknown3]: um don't worry folks we're gonna pepper the a throughout the show

[Unknown3]: um one question here of this relationship you had

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown3]: was it consensual

[Unknown4]: oh god

[Unknown1]: i think you need to ask the wolf more than

[Unknown2]: for for him it was

[Unknown1]: oh i see

[Unknown3]: all right well we'll leave that act

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown4]: man

[Unknown3]: one act one there

[Unknown2]: cliff agger

[Unknown3]: five you won't believe what happens to spencer in act two

[Unknown1]: oh no oh no

[Unknown4]: tune in next time

[Unknown2]: i made it back

[Unknown4]: to the same episode

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown3]: great thank you for making it back spencer

[Unknown2]: hey

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown2]: good to be here guys

[Unknown3]: so we're gonna get into our

[Unknown3]: trailers we have selected four as his tradition each one of us has brought a

[Unknown3]: trailer to the mix we're

[Unknown1]: trees

[Unknown3]: going to talk about it we're gonna share hopes our

[Unknown4]: two

[Unknown3]: dreams our fears

[Unknown4]: do some truss falls

[Unknown3]: maybe if we have to

[Unknown4]: mm hm

[Unknown3]: i work at

[Unknown1]: into the ditch where spencer found the wolf

[Unknown3]: that

[Unknown2]: i'm afraid of wolves now

[Unknown2]: i'm afraid of wolves now

[Unknown3]: listen it's an all wolf themed trailers it was hard heartening to think

[Unknown1]: except except for all of them

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: there better not be any wolves

[Unknown1]: every one else every other one is wolfing

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown3]: so

[Unknown2]: triggered

[Unknown4]: how

[Unknown3]: does that

[Unknown4]: old is this tea is this wolf now is it older than ten would would one consider

[Unknown3]: zero

[Unknown4]: it to be a teen wolf

[Unknown2]: i don't know how old are you

[Unknown4]: wolfe

[Unknown2]: uh wolfie

[Unknown2]: uh wolfie

[Unknown1]: who was he

[Unknown2]: glad you sorry

[Unknown4]: wow

[Unknown2]: i'll be good

[Unknown3]: maybe the wolster join this album

[Unknown3]: who who wants to bring up their trailer first he wants to take the lead on the

[Unknown3]: trailer sort of just give us

[Unknown3]: you know the trailer and the reasons why you wanna talk about the shiller

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: i guess i can start since mine's a

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown1]: teaser trailer might

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown1]: as well start with it

[Unknown2]: oh yeah good start good start with that

[Unknown1]: s so i picked the uh ob one

[Unknown4]: two

[Unknown1]: series

[Unknown3]: of course you did

[Unknown2]: hm

[Unknown1]: what's that supposed to mean we never talk about star wars here i thought

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown1]: i diversified

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown3]: i mean literally

[Unknown2]: is that

[Unknown3]: two episodes ago

[Unknown2]: like aa swedish name

[Unknown1]: yeah i don't know

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: the

[Unknown1]: it's uh it's uh the very japanese

[Unknown2]: obv

[Unknown1]: name yeah no it's obi one it's very japanese that's why you mcgregor's play

[Unknown2]: ah

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown1]: no uh so i picked it because the but also because i was somewhat intrigued

[Unknown1]: by

[Unknown1]: what i saw in the trailer like it seems like it's not gonna be as action focused

[Unknown1]: as i thought it would be or it's gonna be a little bit less action focused than i

[Unknown1]: thought it would be which is a good thing

[Unknown1]: because i think

[Unknown1]: we said this you know at the end of guinness but ya gregor is the best thing that

[Unknown1]: ever came out of the preps in my opinion

[Unknown1]: as as

[Unknown2]: yeah right

[Unknown1]: obi one

[Unknown1]: listen you didn't even listen to the

[Unknown1]: episode spencer i don't know what you're talking about okay

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: i i don't need to listen to that

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: to know you're wrong it's the name of the show

[Unknown3]: the wolf has very strict hours

[Unknown2]: don't say his name

[Unknown3]: the wolf

[Unknown1]: we don't know his name

[Unknown2]: yeah it it's the wall

[Unknown1]: oh that's his name okay

[Unknown2]: i i'm not creative

[Unknown4]: you spoke you referred to us you would referred to the wolf as wolfy so

[Unknown2]: it's a nickname it is our pet names

[Unknown1]: it's a pet name only only a few people are allowed to call them debt

[Unknown3]: should i ask

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: what the

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: wolf's pet name is for you

[Unknown1]: yeah he

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown1]: said it a couple times

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah it's

[Unknown1]: anyway i i i was i'm very excited this cause i i'm very eager to see you and

[Unknown1]: mcgregor do a lot more as be one hopefully this time in dave felons hand it's

[Unknown1]: gonna be a lot better

[Unknown1]: um but i'm i'm also interested to see if they're gonna stick to tatwine if he's

[Unknown1]: going to like travel he seems in the trailer like he's travelling and i wonder if

[Unknown1]: you know if it's gonna be they're going to expand on the whole inquisitors thing

[Unknown1]: that we don't have only seen in animation and games so far as far as i know so

[Unknown1]: that's why i brought it up i am very excited to see it and that's probably gonna

[Unknown2]: he does seem to travel

[Unknown1]: be

[Unknown1]: yeah that's gonna be

[Unknown2]: he seems to travel

[Unknown1]: the thing that's gonna make me subscribe back to disneyl when when it hits

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown2]: he seems to travel to the blade runner movie

[Unknown4]: death

[Unknown2]: at some point in the show

[Unknown3]: yeah why

[Unknown1]: that's true

[Unknown3]: is every future seen like even if it's a different planet it's just blade runner

[Unknown3]: it's just blade

[Unknown3]: runner planet cyber punk yeah

[Unknown2]: the neon rain world

[Unknown3]: or it's

[Unknown1]: well

[Unknown3]: no tattooing

[Unknown1]: y well yeah it's it it seems like well ty star wars has always had this trope of

[Unknown1]: you know it's an ice planet it's a jungle planet it's a sand planet or it's like a

[Unknown1]: huge metropolis

[Unknown2]: a casino planet

[Unknown1]: oh we

[Unknown4]: eight

[Unknown1]: don't talk about those well or or

[Unknown2]: flashbacks ptsd

[Unknown1]: or if it's a sith planet then is like completely impossible and

[Unknown3]: lava yeah no one could live there yep

[Unknown1]: nonsensical yeah it's either lava or it's like a giant floating piece of shit with

[Unknown4]: inhabitable

[Unknown1]: a

[Unknown2]: but

[Unknown1]: billion

[Unknown1]: akals that nobody knows how they get fed yeah

[Unknown1]: akals that nobody knows how they get fed yeah

[Unknown4]: we both said turn yeah

[Unknown2]: what is it s don't have vegetation like how do they grow anything on any of their

[Unknown2]: planets

[Unknown4]: they

[Unknown1]: i don't answer

[Unknown4]: feed off hate

[Unknown2]: mmm

[Unknown1]: which we i'm gonna go

[Unknown2]: it lets it blow

[Unknown1]: on a very quick tangent problem mat i promises map it's a very quick tangent but

[Unknown3]: oh my god already it's

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown3]: we're eight minutes in

[Unknown1]: like

[Unknown1]: no no no it's quick it's just one sentence that

[Unknown2]: should i leave and come back

[Unknown1]: i'm gonna say i'm not

[Unknown1]: i'm gonna say i'm not

[Unknown2]: all right wolfie let's get out of here

[Unknown2]: jack you got this not all

[Unknown1]: i'm not sure why like the more recent star wars stuff

[Unknown1]: the sith planets are so when we have so many good examples of games from like like

[Unknown1]: the naab where they had a bunch of sith plans that were very interesting i just

[Unknown1]: think whoever is running those things now is very uncreative that's all i wanted

[Unknown1]: to say

[Unknown2]: maybe they just thought when they said make sith planets they thought it was like

[Unknown2]: a typo

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: and they thought it was just shit planets and they just design shitty planets

[Unknown1]: well played i like it

[Unknown1]: let's go with that i think that's the head cannon now

[Unknown2]: that's that's the most likely answer

[Unknown3]: well because all luciano thing was a statement and it was a one kind of run on

[Unknown3]: sentence if i'm gonna be honest about it

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: we're gonna move on for that i'm gonna talk about it um i'm

[Unknown1]: wow

[Unknown3]: curious with this yeah welcome to you wrong it's you today um i i'm

[Unknown3]: curious just today how

[Unknown1]: dr today that's an improvement

[Unknown3]: how can we

[Unknown3]: how can this show be made in such a way that all be want is the villain

[Unknown4]: oh my

[Unknown4]: well oh the one thing that comes to mind is i mean

[Unknown4]: order sixty six and then and once it's revealed that he's still alive he's labeled

[Unknown4]: either an outlaw wanted probably some kind of falsified scenario

[Unknown4]: probably due to the inquisitors and they're like none of you villagers say

[Unknown4]: anything and then that scenario is like they set ob one up to take the fa and then

[Unknown4]: maybe that's why he has

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: to leave tattooing

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown4]: because it's just like he's his his i don't know maybe maybe it gets maybe it's a

[Unknown4]: it's more contained throughout this this series and like he secretly leaves

[Unknown4]: tattooing but then he still put on blast maybe on

[Unknown2]: two

[Unknown4]: another planet so that he can come back secretly to tattooing i don't know

[Unknown3]: you can put them on

[Unknown2]: what

[Unknown3]: blast in the hollow net

[Unknown4]: okay sure sure derna these are not

[Unknown2]: what w why do you think he's the bad guy

[Unknown4]: we're hypothesis we're just doing

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown4]: some high hypotheticals

[Unknown3]: how do we make him into the bad guy for this because he's being hunted throughout

[Unknown3]: the galaxy right so how do you shift like cause cause the thing is if we're

[Unknown3]: watching the show i can tell you a couple of things that are gonna happen that kid

[Unknown3]: is not going to die the one that's driving apart like a moron and

[Unknown1]: well and

[Unknown4]: what wait

[Unknown1]: he's not gonna die either

[Unknown3]: he's not gonna die yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: driving the pod like a monk you mean luke right

[Unknown1]: that that's my concern with

[Unknown3]: yeah he's like a

[Unknown1]: this with this show is that we

[Unknown1]: it's like pre

[Unknown3]: in the trailer yeah

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown1]: cools are prickles are where you can introduce some characters where you might not

[Unknown1]: see them again and blah blah blah and then if it's something entirely new that's

[Unknown1]: fine but when you're sticking something in the middle like rogue one right you

[Unknown1]: have to do a good job

[Unknown1]: of sticking a story in the middle where you kind of know who lives and who doesn't

[Unknown1]: and what happens to them

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: and still make it interesting

[Unknown2]: yeah why don't we see j urso anywhere

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown2]: i got a bad feeling about this

[Unknown3]: who's that guy now

[Unknown4]: who's that again who's jin ursell again

[Unknown3]: he's good

[Unknown2]: she's the main girl in

[Unknown1]: in rog one

[Unknown2]: rogue one i

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown2]: don't know if that's her name

[Unknown1]: felicity

[Unknown1]: jones

[Unknown2]: half man hoffman nailed it

[Unknown3]: jones it's not hoffman

[Unknown1]: hey i was gonna say eman too that's not the that's not the right

[Unknown3]: it's yes ja yeah good

[Unknown2]: okay i have a i have a quick o over under for you guys y or nay i was curious yara

[Unknown2]: we will see

[Unknown2]: darth wall

[Unknown1]: jer

[Unknown4]: i want to say nay

[Unknown2]: y right

[Unknown1]: at the end at the end of the first season

[Unknown1]: at the end at the end of the first season

[Unknown4]: you could that could have oh they had do they have more seasons planned

[Unknown3]: no i'm going under

[Unknown1]: so

[Unknown2]: under no

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: what they said was that it was a special series that's what that's what the

[Unknown1]: trailer says

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: but

[Unknown2]: means if it's successful they'll continue it

[Unknown1]: what that means i don't know

[Unknown4]: and

[Unknown1]: yeah that's what i think

[Unknown1]: yeah that's what i think

[Unknown3]: it probably means it's not necessarily gonna be ten episodes it gives them

[Unknown3]: license to make like four if they need to and they could be longer they could be

[Unknown1]: right could be like six maybe yeah

[Unknown3]: movie lengths if they need to

[Unknown1]: oh i like that

[Unknown4]: they might they might do the whole they might do

[Unknown2]: debbie dope

[Unknown4]: the loop in thing and do like five episodes this is part one part

[Unknown4]: two is coming dangling the ca oh boy okay i see ac hm

[Unknown3]: yeah something like that yeah

[Unknown2]: okay do you think

[Unknown3]: special means anything

[Unknown3]: special means anything

[Unknown1]: disney would never

[Unknown2]: just i for

[Unknown3]: have you

[Unknown2]: one trust disney our new overlords i mean um

[Unknown4]: benevolent

[Unknown2]: company making this benevolent uh friends um do you think that i'll just ask all

[Unknown2]: of the my questions you can say yes or no to these three

[Unknown3]: i really don't like how you've come back to the show and automatically taken over

[Unknown3]: this is why

[Unknown2]: i just this is two seconds

[Unknown3]: this is why you go away for a month it was a time out

[Unknown4]: i'm that look at me look at me look at me i'm the captain now

[Unknown2]: look at i yeah okay y orne for these three things emperor

[Unknown1]: no

[Unknown2]: darth vader

[Unknown3]: emperor yes you already heard him talking

[Unknown4]: oh i miss that

[Unknown2]: did you

[Unknown1]: oh really when where

[Unknown1]: oh really when where

[Unknown3]: yep

[Unknown2]: i didn't hear them no i think that was the inquisitor guy

[Unknown3]: he's the he's the guy talking at the beginning of the trailer no no he's the

[Unknown2]: no i think

[Unknown3]: guy talking to the talking to everybody about how you captured jedi

[Unknown2]: no that was

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown2]: the guy with the spiny blades i think

[Unknown1]: oh that's

[Unknown4]: i thought that was the inquisitor richard rupert friend

[Unknown1]: that's right

[Unknown3]: no us yet

[Unknown1]: yeah no yeah yeah it was the kriser no he's right you're right right

[Unknown1]: it's an

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown4]: bald inquisitor

[Unknown1]: inquisitor it's the

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: the

[Unknown1]: guy

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: the main in crier guy that's narrating

[Unknown1]: the main in crier guy that's narrating

[Unknown4]: yeah i thought that was

[Unknown3]: he sounds a lot

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: fucking like emperor palpatine

[Unknown1]: maybe he's a pulpit

[Unknown2]: no he doesn't

[Unknown4]: i i would

[Unknown3]: oh sorry

[Unknown2]: do it

[Unknown4]: i would argue

[Unknown2]: i was busy that day

[Unknown1]: uh that's the wolf that's the wolf right there that's the wolf

[Unknown2]: they they didn't bay me for that

[Unknown4]: that's what that's what

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown4]: happened to the wolf after smoking to after many many years of menthols had

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: he's like ah

[Unknown4]: lyrics removed

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown2]: i mean hello there

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: oh that's my other question will he say hello there last question

[Unknown2]: oh that's my other question will he say hello there last question

[Unknown3]: i'm i'm so

[Unknown3]: i'm i'm still

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: going with yes on the emperor

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown2]: cape

[Unknown3]: because i still

[Unknown1]: that's better

[Unknown3]: think it's it's too easy to have a show just better we know isn't it because an

[Unknown4]: true hayen christensen

[Unknown3]: well annakin signed up

[Unknown1]: well door of the fate yeah yeah no they dave's shot together so he's definitely

[Unknown3]: yeah um and answer your third question spencer just to derail as quickly as

[Unknown1]: gonna be there

[Unknown3]: possible

[Unknown2]: i mean reil it

[Unknown3]: i don't like how that sounds

[Unknown2]: matt always reil and everybody

[Unknown4]: oh boy

[Unknown3]: i i don't think he's gonna say it because i don't think it's actually iconic

[Unknown4]: really okay

[Unknown3]: yeah i

[Unknown2]: pardon

[Unknown3]: he says like once in one

[Unknown2]: well you

[Unknown3]: fucking movie

[Unknown2]: you are a bold one

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: it's much more likely that he's gonna say unlimited power let's be honest ek

[Unknown3]: i mean

[Unknown1]: i don't know what the context would be but

[Unknown1]: i don't know what the context would be but

[Unknown3]: you were the chosen

[Unknown2]: you mean

[Unknown3]: one that's gotta come up

[Unknown4]: i hope so

[Unknown4]: probably

[Unknown1]: do you think they're gonna mention the diet

[Unknown2]: yeah i thought

[Unknown4]: more under probably more subtle

[Unknown4]: how could they

[Unknown2]: my mio chlorine

[Unknown4]: low key yo what if they introduce a new diad between ob one and darth

[Unknown1]: darth what's

[Unknown4]: dad

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah who call who calls him darth

[Unknown2]: oh it could be darth mall

[Unknown4]: i don't know

[Unknown2]: yeah there's a lot of dirts

[Unknown4]: read between the dam lines

[Unknown3]: don't don't let

[Unknown3]: du

[Unknown4]: through through the power of sound and the podcast

[Unknown3]: it no it's fine chris i got to it's like you know soccer stars yeah there's a

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown3]: lot of like guys with the same names but like you're the best one you get you get

[Unknown3]: to use it your name

[Unknown2]: hm that's true

[Unknown1]: yeah sure that's

[Unknown3]: he how many tars do you care about

[Unknown1]: two

[Unknown2]: two

[Unknown4]: which are

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown1]: molin

[Unknown1]: vader what's the third

[Unknown2]: three but about sidious

[Unknown4]: exactly

[Unknown1]: oh fuck fuck that guy

[Unknown4]: but about it long most like they c like it's exactly it's like who comes who

[Unknown4]: strikes your mind first vader maybe mall but i would argue mall and sidious oh

[Unknown4]: well we've we've

[Unknown3]: vader

[Unknown4]: but he's been branded as emperor you know

[Unknown3]: vader is held the darth championship belt way longer the mall all

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: showed up

[Unknown1]: well yeah

[Unknown3]: for like an hour and then

[Unknown4]: yes let's wwf this

[Unknown3]: and then he comes back like

[Unknown4]: don' do don

[Unknown3]: uh twenty years later

[Unknown4]: do no doner don't

[Unknown3]: is i guess fifteen years later

[Unknown1]: well he ha he half comes back let's be

[Unknown3]: who

[Unknown1]: honest here

[Unknown3]: got them

[Unknown2]: too soon

[Unknown4]: i also heard that they're not that they may not do the dark mall thing because

[Unknown4]: like most of it was addressed in clone wars

[Unknown1]: rebel rabel and cons here

[Unknown3]: yep

[Unknown4]: thank you yeah and i i

[Unknown1]: that's true

[Unknown4]: i'm here for it i'm here for it but at the same time not really

[Unknown4]: i'm here for it i'm here for it but at the same time not really

[Unknown1]: no no but you know what you're right because ob one is very surprised when he

[Unknown1]: shows up so yeah

[Unknown2]: does he

[Unknown1]: so that w it wouldn't make sense

[Unknown2]: does he kill him does o does a star fader die in that show

[Unknown4]: you mean mall

[Unknown4]: darth mall in

[Unknown2]: the mall the small die in rebels

[Unknown1]: it

[Unknown4]: clone wars and rebels

[Unknown1]: i don't think he

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown1]: we

[Unknown4]: second

[Unknown1]: know exactly he just goes away does he die

[Unknown3]: yeah i don't

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: think so

[Unknown2]: gz in han solo

[Unknown1]: uh yeah he died before

[Unknown1]: chris

[Unknown4]: no they no no no

[Unknown1]: he died he died in the in in the fucking fight so

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown4]: but you didn't you

[Unknown1]: i remember i remember i remember

[Unknown2]: i would

[Unknown4]: didn't eat okay now just now you why you angry at me you asked the question

[Unknown1]: i didn't ask the question

[Unknown4]: yeah your tone

[Unknown2]: i'm just wondering

[Unknown2]: so is

[Unknown4]: they dueled and he died

[Unknown2]: is is solo is solo after rebels his appearance in solo

[Unknown3]: um

[Unknown2]: spoilers

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown3]: sorry no

[Unknown3]: rebels is after solo

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i'm getting so

[Unknown2]: oh it is

[Unknown4]: confused but it's all good

[Unknown1]: where know i'm i'm thinking about the time lines yeah i think i think by the time

[Unknown1]: of the series i think mall is already dead so then that that's completely out

[Unknown2]: wait how did maul die

[Unknown4]: what's which which which series though wo

[Unknown2]: in the show in the t v show

[Unknown3]: darmo

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: was killed on rebels on tass in rebels on tattoo

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: there you go

[Unknown1]: also rebel

[Unknown2]: oh so

[Unknown1]: so then no okay yeah yeah i i listen

[Unknown2]: t solo was before that

[Unknown1]: i always

[Unknown2]: my brain

[Unknown1]: confuse the two that i always confuse the two animations because

[Unknown1]: like sorry i just watch all of them together

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: should i watch them

[Unknown1]: and they bland it in my head

[Unknown4]: i think you

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown4]: should i haven't completed them all but i it's on my my to do list

[Unknown1]: but i think i think it would be too much to have mall and vader in the same o so

[Unknown1]: if

[Unknown2]: seems to he a missed opportunity not to have a live action mall than him

[Unknown1]: well i don't know if ray park's gonna

[Unknown3]: oh no

[Unknown1]: want

[Unknown3]: he's he's crazy i'm making the crazy signal for i was at home

[Unknown2]: ray park needs a paycheck is what he needs

[Unknown3]: well

[Unknown1]: what why is he crazy how crazy

[Unknown3]: he's had some like um

[Unknown2]: out

[Unknown3]: running with the law

[Unknown4]: good morning

[Unknown3]: and had some well let me look it up i don't want to just

[Unknown2]: haven't we all

[Unknown3]: like throw them under the bus

[Unknown1]: i don't want a badmouth him on

[Unknown1]: like wrongly i wanna badmouth him rightly

[Unknown3]: i i i will but

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah i wanna be

[Unknown2]: i think he i don't want to be exactly i think he ate some people or something i'm

[Unknown2]: gonna you know what we'll we'll bring it up later

[Unknown3]: basically

[Unknown1]: he

[Unknown3]: he's there's been like allegations of abuse um at one

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown3]: point his wife said he put out some revenge porn uh of

[Unknown1]: jesus

[Unknown3]: them her so what does seer clear him i don't i don't think we need him

[Unknown1]: well okay yeah he's up he's out one way or another

[Unknown2]: see was he in darth mall make up during it

[Unknown3]: i would assume so

[Unknown3]: just just to give us timelines here um i checked out wikipedia our favorite non

[Unknown3]: just just to give us timelines here um i checked out wikipedia our favorite non

[Unknown2]: well that's terrible then

[Unknown3]: star wars related website ak it star wars related website

[Unknown3]: star wars related website ak it star wars related website

[Unknown3]: the problem with these lists is they never actually tell you when things are

[Unknown3]: happening but uh let's see we got here

[Unknown4]: the only thing we need

[Unknown3]: the higher pro lists garbage i don't even know why i interrupted you guys with the

[Unknown3]: scabers list because they don't tell you when the movies happened right it's like

[Unknown3]: oh this is the old republic this is the new republic this is twenty two thousand

[Unknown3]: to five thousand bb y which apparently the reference point for these

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: timelines is the battle or battle of yvan i believe yeah

[Unknown1]: oh yeah oh yeah it always is yeah

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown3]: what it always is

[Unknown2]: i think they're gonna make the the cartoons non cannon they cause they're they're

[Unknown2]: too

[Unknown3]: no those

[Unknown3]: are those are well one of them's disney right

[Unknown2]: held down by them

[Unknown3]: i think rebels is

[Unknown2]: yeah but they're gonna be like fug it

[Unknown1]: i

[Unknown3]: disney

[Unknown3]: disney

[Unknown1]: so disney finished uh clone wars and they did revels

[Unknown1]: almost entirely i think

[Unknown1]: and they did

[Unknown2]: you know that you know this

[Unknown1]: bad batch so they're not gonna cancel it so

[Unknown2]: you know this trailer breakdown went off the rails when we're talking about ray

[Unknown2]: park's revenge porn

[Unknown3]: welcome back

[Unknown4]: and then

[Unknown2]: how did we get here

[Unknown4]: d them d down and then then

[Unknown2]: i come

[Unknown3]: i see

[Unknown2]: back for one

[Unknown2]: episode yeah the ju fades playing yeah let's re rail this show matt that's your

[Unknown1]: yeah i don't i don't mean to re rail this but

[Unknown2]: specialty

[Unknown4]: oh wow

[Unknown1]: oh wow

[Unknown3]: um

[Unknown3]: hello welcome back to your wrong

[Unknown4]: phrasing

[Unknown2]: cut all that out

[Unknown1]: the

[Unknown3]: the first trailer

[Unknown4]: i don't know i

[Unknown1]: they show everything's made up and the points don't matter

[Unknown3]: the first yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: exactly

[Unknown3]: the first trailer we're gonna talk about is obiwan kv

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown2]: oh that's interesting

[Unknown3]: let's see if we

[Unknown1]: oh yeah

[Unknown3]: can get it right the second time who

[Unknown4]: well hello there

[Unknown3]: knows um i found a better timeline

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown3]: it's really detailed it goes down to the level of like it

[Unknown3]: plots out like episodes of like colin wars where they fit in the timeline um

[Unknown1]: months

[Unknown4]: that's what i like to hear infographics for the wind

[Unknown1]: is

[Unknown3]: it's

[Unknown1]: it on star wars dot fandom dot com

[Unknown3]: of

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown3]: course it is where else would i go

[Unknown1]: there we go now we got it

[Unknown4]: are you are you play are you are you messing with him though is it actually there

[Unknown3]: it tells

[Unknown4]: or no is that where oh wow

[Unknown1]: of course it is

[Unknown3]: a hundred percent there but like it so there's so much to scroll through because

[Unknown3]: every episode exists so i'm just trying to look for like when the movie happened

[Unknown3]: i'm just gonna

[Unknown1]: did you say did you say every episode exists every day do

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah but like it's like

[Unknown2]: except for the ones that don't

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah the ones that were just thought of

[Unknown3]: okay so star wars solo star wars stories ten b b y

[Unknown3]: the bad batch is currently before in about nineteen

[Unknown3]: uh

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown3]: the clone wars was nineteen backwards for their seven seasons so like

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah

[Unknown3]: the seasons were not a year per season but as we scroll back long wars is like

[Unknown3]: season three is and twenty one

[Unknown3]: season one is in twenty one

[Unknown2]: this is like you know when your eyes roll

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: my brain is rolling right

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: now it's doing like a brain roll

[Unknown3]: so there's your answer

[Unknown2]: okay i f i regret asking it

[Unknown1]: well it is it's there should

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: i should i go

[Unknown2]: good

[Unknown1]: sift for it

[Unknown3]: so ob one kobi is coming in at nine bb y that's what we call a segways boys

[Unknown1]: nice

[Unknown2]: nice so that's after solo

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown3]: a year after

[Unknown1]: and after and also after

[Unknown1]: rebels right

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown3]: rebels is four years after kobi or five years after solo

[Unknown3]: rebels is four years after kobi or five years after solo

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown1]: so then darmo is very much alive yeah

[Unknown2]: so then darth mall's alive yeah so

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: he'll be in it and then uh o be one can we will have his memory erased and

[Unknown1]: oh we've decided

[Unknown4]: but

[Unknown1]: he's here he's in call

[Unknown2]: he's there

[Unknown1]: ray park to to stop with the revenge war

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown1]: he needs to come back

[Unknown2]: yeah we got to we we need up we need you back

[Unknown4]: listen put the camera put the porn camera down listen listen stop

[Unknown3]: there's a porn camera

[Unknown4]: like put the makeup on i don't know

[Unknown1]: he hit the gym hit the gym again probably because you know

[Unknown4]: get some cass routines back in there mr rapt

[Unknown4]: get some cass routines back in there mr rapt

[Unknown2]: yeah cause

[Unknown1]: no you know you know i bet you what they're gonna do is they're gonna like park a

[Unknown1]: white van like panellist van

[Unknown4]: i don't know if

[Unknown1]: st

[Unknown4]: i like where this is going

[Unknown1]: now i will they're gonna kidnap

[Unknown2]: nothing good start okay

[Unknown1]: ra park and just play do love the fates for like twenty four hours straight and

[Unknown1]: he's gonna come back out of it without revenge porn back to be done

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown2]: i mean i i feel like realistically ray park is the most replaceable actor in

[Unknown1]: oh yeah talking hundred percent

[Unknown2]: all of media

[Unknown3]: given

[Unknown2]: he doesn't say a word

[Unknown3]: he

[Unknown2]: his voices his lines are overdubbed

[Unknown3]: yeah and he wears black and red face makeup yeah

[Unknown1]: well yeah

[Unknown2]: and and he wears full makeup yeah exact

[Unknown1]: we we talked about it too cause he cause

[Unknown4]: peter

[Unknown1]: he sounds like he sounds

[Unknown2]: i could

[Unknown1]: like alvin from chipmunks

[Unknown2]: i feel like

[Unknown4]: pe

[Unknown2]: cobra could play fuck a darth ball they'd pull it off

[Unknown3]: yeah probably

[Unknown1]: the tatter little to lutsk never mind

[Unknown4]: pierce

[Unknown3]: like

[Unknown4]: arafin did the original dub over i believe

[Unknown2]: yeah they dubbed them in the new

[Unknown2]: i think the guy who does the voice for him in the tv show did the voice or him in

[Unknown2]: solo

[Unknown4]: six

[Unknown1]: that works

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown1]: 'cause the guy's good

[Unknown2]: and overdubbed it

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown2]: yeah you say it

[Unknown1]: it bruce bruce oh no is that bruiser is that ah is

[Unknown2]: oh god it's will be

[Unknown1]: that spencer's wolf

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: ptsd

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown4]: oh no

[Unknown2]: he's back

[Unknown4]: woe is

[Unknown2]: i'm sorry

[Unknown4]: wolfie doesn't like the trajectory of this episode oh my god talk about executive

[Unknown1]: yeah it's it's too too many tangents

[Unknown4]: producing

[Unknown2]: will be

[Unknown3]: what's

[Unknown3]: let's segway off of kobi even though we have lots of

[Unknown2]: we didn't

[Unknown3]: speculating

[Unknown2]: we didn't talk about it at all

[Unknown3]: and and we need to segue into

[Unknown1]: we did

[Unknown3]: act two of

[Unknown1]: we did we did

[Unknown3]: spencer in the

[Unknown2]: mm

[Unknown3]: forest with wolf richer can you run us up to speed on what happened in act two

[Unknown2]: yeah sure

[Unknown2]: oh god he's here with me now

[Unknown1]: the

[Unknown2]: i don't know

[Unknown1]: call is coming from inside the house

[Unknown4]: blake

[Unknown2]: this is

[Unknown4]: twice spencer if he's if he's in the room with you now

[Unknown2]: you can smell my blinking

[Unknown4]: no no audience he's blink egg

[Unknown1]: so so we're

[Unknown2]: i don't

[Unknown1]: using smell and sight on

[Unknown3]: hm

[Unknown1]: a podcast we are professionals in this

[Unknown3]: next level

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown4]: just me go

[Unknown2]: after me and wolfie watched the prequel trilogy we really got close so he he knows

[Unknown2]: what we're talking about

[Unknown3]: that

[Unknown2]: i don't know

[Unknown4]: awkward silence

[Unknown3]: so act act two was you guys washing the prequels together

[Unknown2]: yeah we watched the movies we grew close emotionally

[Unknown1]: how

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: how how does how does wolfie feel about tan

[Unknown2]: about what

[Unknown1]: seven

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown2]: don't get him

[Unknown2]: no he said the he said

[Unknown1]: it's it's car it's two cars i hate it

[Unknown2]: the wrong word yeah it's course

[Unknown4]: more importantly

[Unknown2]: it's cars and rough it gets everywhere

[Unknown4]: more importantly how does wolfie feel about the diet

[Unknown1]: oh god

[Unknown2]: oh my god

[Unknown2]: oh my god

[Unknown2]: ah

[Unknown1]: that's he they haven't he

[Unknown1]: hasn't

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: i'll go

[Unknown1]: gotten to that point in the

[Unknown3]: moy hasn't watched those yet

[Unknown1]: story yet they just watched the prequels

[Unknown1]: story yet they just watched the prequels

[Unknown4]: how do we know okay

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: not right sure okay

[Unknown3]: most

[Unknown2]: i mean i mentioned the

[Unknown2]: diets and that's that's when things went went off the brails and then i got re

[Unknown2]: diets and that's that's when things went went off the brails and then i got re

[Unknown3]: act act two

[Unknown3]: oh okay act two apparently thank you yeah

[Unknown2]: then i got re railed

[Unknown2]: then i got re railed

[Unknown1]: did you get re

[Unknown3]: that's

[Unknown1]: railed is that what you're saying

[Unknown2]: i got real reed by

[Unknown3]: i mean okay that's it you gotta wait

[Unknown2]: ended back to

[Unknown3]: till act three to learn more of wolfe and the spencer re railing adventures that's

[Unknown3]: we're gonna to drip feed this content it's too good

[Unknown2]: yeah that's too good

[Unknown3]: just wanted to bounce back to kobi real quick real quick

[Unknown1]: oh wait

[Unknown3]: answer from everybody are you

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown3]: excited for this yes or no

[Unknown4]: he yes

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown2]: but i know you said quick answer

[Unknown4]: it took you too long

[Unknown1]: how was the slowest fing yet in the easter space in time

[Unknown2]: because okay because after mandan i was super hyped for it after watching the

[Unknown2]: first three episodes of boba fat i'm way less excited because bot is not enjoyable

[Unknown2]: so far

[Unknown2]: um and i

[Unknown2]: haven't even continued it so

[Unknown1]: haven't watched it yet but you know

[Unknown2]: apparently it gets better anyways both that kind of dulled my excitement i will

[Unknown2]: say that

[Unknown4]: but it's a separate it's a different character altogether but i hear you

[Unknown1]: i uh

[Unknown2]: i know

[Unknown1]: i saw i didn't hear it but i i didn't listen to it but i saw another podcast talk

[Unknown1]: about bo fet and they named the episode the unnecessary book of bobo effect

[Unknown2]: yes that's what it feels like

[Unknown1]: which is not very encouraging

[Unknown3]: yeah i'm i

[Unknown2]: it feels it feels less like star wars and more like generic tv

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown2]: agents of shield type fodder

[Unknown3]: may

[Unknown4]: interesting

[Unknown3]: i've watched a few of episodes i

[Unknown4]: same here

[Unknown3]: i understand what spencer is saying and i think the the mistake honestly was

[Unknown3]: twofold and maybe it's it's not they're not together but they kind of compound

[Unknown3]: each other one we just watch

[Unknown2]: one

[Unknown3]: the mandal and i don't need another manor in and

[Unknown3]: two

[Unknown1]: fair fair

[Unknown2]: hundred percent

[Unknown3]: could you just get the fuck off of tattooing for like one season of a show

[Unknown2]: jesus christ

[Unknown1]: uh they

[Unknown2]: so sick of tattooing

[Unknown1]: have the s man and it's cheap sand is coarse and goes everywhere but it's also

[Unknown3]: they don't have a set they use video screens to do

[Unknown1]: cheap

[Unknown1]: i know

[Unknown3]: every single thing they do

[Unknown4]: actually

[Unknown1]: it's so amazing that thing by

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown1]: the way listeners if you haven't seen the making off of of mandolin highly

[Unknown1]: recommended

[Unknown4]: i will i'm looking forward to that

[Unknown2]: and also i don't want to be

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown2]: knit picky here but but also i love tamora morrison

[Unknown2]: what was his name

[Unknown4]: yes yes yeah i believe so yes

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: i i love him as much as the next guy but isn't bo f supposed to be like thirty six

[Unknown2]: at this time or something like

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown2]: he was like ten he was like ten in attack of the clones when anakin was like

[Unknown2]: almost twenty

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown2]: he was like so

[Unknown2]: he was like so

[Unknown2]: hm

[Unknown1]: he should

[Unknown2]: should he not be that old

[Unknown1]: be like in his forties shouldn't be the forties

[Unknown3]: hey man you ever

[Unknown2]: i'm pretty

[Unknown3]: sit sit in a sar lac pit and get

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: your body slowly eaten over ten thousand years

[Unknown2]: yeah that

[Unknown2]: that is that is how i read k it in my mind okay so how old was obi one look how

[Unknown1]: oh that's that's a good point

[Unknown2]: old ob one is now and and he was like almost

[Unknown2]: like fifteen years younger than ob one when he met him

[Unknown3]: you name me gen

[Unknown3]: need me to go to the book wikipedia list

[Unknown2]: oh god know i regret i take it back i take it back he's perfect

[Unknown4]: listen let's not do that listen okay i'm gonna help re rail this the reason why

[Unknown4]: and i haven't finished book of boba fett the real reason why the show is is what

[Unknown4]: it is because we get way too much time with bufton his bridges like that's not

[Unknown4]: when i

[Unknown2]: yeah i know

[Unknown4]: like talk about taking art

[Unknown1]: and i did not come here for this

[Unknown4]: like talk about taking an iconic character down too many pegs like he's still

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown4]: badass but like damn

[Unknown2]: no he's not he is underwear way too much

[Unknown4]: dam like not don't worry

[Unknown2]: and and

[Unknown4]: like it's it's like it's like the it's like the uh it's like a pie's like the

[Unknown4]: under layer pajamas that like

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown4]: it like that's what it is like we're watching it's like oh my god it's like back

[Unknown4]: to the future three when you see a bunch of those uh those like the locals like

[Unknown4]: get out of bed they're in those like the head to toe britches

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown2]: yeah i wasn't t nation

[Unknown4]: go my

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown4]: bo i tell you what i like pin in the spoon it's kind of that and i don't and and

[Unknown4]: it's not

[Unknown2]: i hundred percent agree

[Unknown4]: a good look for him so

[Unknown1]: that is so

[Unknown2]: he

[Unknown1]: dumb considering that they kept mano in like without us seeing pedro pascal's face

[Unknown1]: for like a whole season

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown1]: why did they

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: not do the same thing for boba fet

[Unknown2]: they should have kept bobet suit on the whole time and made him seem like he's

[Unknown2]: ripped and just put tamara's head on a like a ripped guy's body

[Unknown2]: and like

[Unknown4]: that is an idea

[Unknown2]: i'm sure they could have done it and like it would been his head the guy looks

[Unknown2]: like like and the guy's doing like karate and shit and like it's very mobile

[Unknown2]: because also when he's in fight scenes he looks like he's moving in molasses

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: he's like

[Unknown1]: so you know

[Unknown2]: old mad punch

[Unknown1]: ob one which is the trailer we're fucking talking about

[Unknown1]: one thing that i appreciate is that i don't know if it was on purpose or not if it

[Unknown1]: was just like sips but they waited until

[Unknown1]: like i mcgregor was a little bit older so he kind of looks like the age he's

[Unknown1]: supposed to be didn't have

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: to do some shenanigans so that was that was good

[Unknown4]: but

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: fortunately makeup and makeup in like

[Unknown1]: yeah it'd be fine yeah

[Unknown4]: og effects and stuff they could have done that too cause he doesn't he's not that

[Unknown4]: old like i don't think he like he still is

[Unknown1]: no he's not

[Unknown4]: fairly spry you know

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: he looks like an angel

[Unknown3]: he does um

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: i'm gonna segway out of this with just one piece of information i think is very

[Unknown3]: i'm gonna segway out of this with just one piece of information i think is very

[Unknown2]: a sexy angel

[Unknown3]: important to this conversation

[Unknown3]: important to this conversation

[Unknown2]: one

[Unknown3]: bobo fet is five years older than he was in return of the jetta

[Unknown2]: older

[Unknown1]: in book boba fat wow man being in the

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown2]: yeah he

[Unknown4]: makes a lot of sense let's just stick to that

[Unknown2]: so he was like so he was like fifty five in return to the jedi

[Unknown1]: no that

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: that needs to be that just needs to be the explanation the stomach acid of a sar

[Unknown1]: lac just ages you that's that's how they like kills you

[Unknown3]: i mean is that what you want you wanna go with

[Unknown1]: sure

[Unknown4]: prime bubble fet would have been able to handle a lot of of the a lot of those

[Unknown2]: okay

[Unknown4]: skirmishes that took place in that show but anyways

[Unknown1]: prime buffet got knocked into the fucking sar lack pit by mistake so

[Unknown4]: six

[Unknown1]: let's not you know

[Unknown3]: well i mean it's hard to say what happened to brian bobo ft there a lot was going

[Unknown3]: on there was stuff flying around blowing up and exploding everywhere

[Unknown1]: bro that was

[Unknown2]: that was

[Unknown1]: straight out of a three sto just sketch

[Unknown3]: yeah a hundred percent was

[Unknown2]: bupp

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: but i

[Unknown3]: uh

[Unknown2]: about it

[Unknown4]: but real talk though

[Unknown4]: bft had more cloud and and like gravitas in mandalore without his armor

[Unknown1]: yeah agreed

[Unknown4]: and felt a lot like i don't understand

[Unknown1]: from the little that i saw

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown1]: from like the internet i agree yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i don't get it

[Unknown1]: especially if he's in he has fucking breeches all the time yeah i can see that

[Unknown2]: bo bo's a perfect example of like a character that's cool

[Unknown2]: in light doses and then like the more you peel back the mystery the less cool he

[Unknown2]: is you know he was cool just like all he was was like this bounty hunter that you

[Unknown2]: don't know much about he's just badass

[Unknown3]: all right

[Unknown2]: and then you know disney's like let's let's milk this this uh green milk from this

[Unknown3]: the the book of bob the book

[Unknown2]: alien teat

[Unknown1]: the

[Unknown3]: of boa fed hour is over

[Unknown2]: oh yeah

[Unknown4]: to

[Unknown2]: sorry

[Unknown3]: in you guys forgot okobi is coming out soon um

[Unknown3]: it's

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: gotta love it can't wait

[Unknown3]: a show check it out i guess

[Unknown2]: what's the next movie can i go

[Unknown3]: what is the next movie you wanna go yeah drop drop your movie

[Unknown2]: i'm ready okay the trailer i picked was nope

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown2]: which nope

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown2]: which is

[Unknown1]: what

[Unknown2]: the new uh jordan peel movie

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown1]: it apparently means not of planet earth i just read

[Unknown2]: oh that kind of ruins a little bit of my excitement because i thought it was just

[Unknown2]: like the reaction of somebody sees an alien it's like nope

[Unknown1]: i i hope that that's what it is

[Unknown3]: it's both it's a double on tre

[Unknown2]: like they see crazy shit

[Unknown2]: mm okay well yeah i think uh that should have been in the trailer just somebody

[Unknown2]: going nope u i'm out of here

[Unknown4]: i think it did happen i thought someone did say nope

[Unknown1]: almost almost

[Unknown2]: no she goes na na na na

[Unknown2]: na

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah exactly

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown2]: and then she says run which should have been cut anyways

[Unknown2]: the trailer is very mysterious it's clearly about aliens but there's also some

[Unknown2]: other weird going on and

[Unknown2]: i i haven't actually seen most of jordan peel's movies for some reason

[Unknown1]: same i haven't either

[Unknown2]: i've been meaning to but they all seem like they're good and

[Unknown4]: eight

[Unknown2]: i say that from literally zero experience

[Unknown2]: but he seems like a good filmmaker and

[Unknown2]: it looks cool right

[Unknown4]: matt have you seen any of jordan peel's movies

[Unknown3]: i've seen i've seen ghetto that's the only one i've seen

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown2]: get out of here

[Unknown4]: i've also only seen get out and and here's the thing

[Unknown4]: i love jordan peel and i'm i'm here for all of all of his work but i

[Unknown3]: do you

[Unknown4]: i scare way too easily i

[Unknown1]: same

[Unknown4]: i can't handle it's so cycle get out like for me was

[Unknown2]: does it scare you

[Unknown4]: it it was really difficult and i'm and i loved it but oh my god like i it got to

[Unknown4]: the point where i had to stop the movie i was like the lights were all on and like

[Unknown4]: i was watching it solo my wife was like it's not are you okay and i'm like in

[Unknown4]: blankets i'm like honey i j i'm okay but i need to read this or not the full

[Unknown4]: fucking synopsis to no i'm not kidding i had to read the whole synopsis to know

[Unknown4]: what was coming to like to prepare myself and it was still mega enjoyable but oh

[Unknown4]: my god i couldn't handle it and so with us i couldn't do it

[Unknown1]: but are you talking about like jump scares and stuff like that or

[Unknown4]: the whole premise man the whole

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown2]: the whole kitten goole

[Unknown4]: premise the whole enchilada so i want to watch this but i'm terrified

[Unknown4]: premise the whole enchilada so i want to watch this but i'm terrified

[Unknown1]: i don't

[Unknown4]: i am

[Unknown2]: yeah i also don't love horror

[Unknown1]: i wanna watch get out i wanna watch us and i wanna watch this and i'm also scared

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: do you know do you know anything about those movies cobra like the stories

[Unknown1]: very little

[Unknown2]: i know some of both of us and get out and i'm more able to like ruin my enjoyment

[Unknown2]: a little bit but i still want to see it because apparently they're really good

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: and this movie i love alien movies it reminds me of signs

[Unknown2]: which is

[Unknown4]: don't do that don't do that to

[Unknown1]: jesus

[Unknown4]: yourself sides

[Unknown2]: y

[Unknown4]: was such a let down but

[Unknown4]: was such a let down but

[Unknown2]: you s of a good movie

[Unknown4]: no it's not

[Unknown2]: you watch your tongue

[Unknown3]: hey

[Unknown2]: hu

[Unknown3]: can we talk

[Unknown1]: wait what

[Unknown3]: about the trailer we watched

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown3]: i like i need to be a little more forceful here cause so far we

[Unknown4]: ap

[Unknown3]: talked about every other movie jordan peel has done and

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown2]: you cannot bad talk mel gibson

[Unknown3]: now he slipped into signs um yeah

[Unknown4]: please

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown1]: science is garbage

[Unknown1]: science is garbage

[Unknown3]: let the man

[Unknown2]: oh my god b

[Unknown3]: give his his like corollary or

[Unknown1]: i i

[Unknown3]: why he thinks it's like science

[Unknown2]: okay it's like science because hear me out there are aliens and

[Unknown2]: it's from the po view of the people

[Unknown2]: seemingly interacting with an alien invasion unlike the ground level

[Unknown2]: and science is a good movie my is a weird religious but even that some people have

[Unknown2]: interesting takes on it

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown2]: fuck you

[Unknown2]: i'm going home

[Unknown1]: garbage it's garbage

[Unknown3]: okay i as as the person

[Unknown2]: no it's not garbage science is is a good movie rewatch it

[Unknown3]: as the ho as the host of this cast i have to stop you here and say no alien that

[Unknown3]: is susceptible to water that easily goes to a planet that is made up of so much

[Unknown3]: water that is

[Unknown1]: yep

[Unknown3]: idiotic it's stupid you rest your time case yield

[Unknown2]: they weren't

[Unknown1]: yep

[Unknown2]: aliens they were demons

[Unknown4]: what

[Unknown2]: that's the

[Unknown2]: fucking truth for read into it man

[Unknown1]: that doesn't help

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown1]: that doesn't help

[Unknown3]: if you can't show me that in your movie you did a bad job

[Unknown2]: corn crops was an inside job tom saying

[Unknown4]: question for you question for you

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown4]: true or false are you kurt caen movie fan

[Unknown3]: oh god hey no

[Unknown2]: no she stayed out of this

[Unknown1]: oh fuck

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown1]: i forgot about that

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown1]: shit i'd forgotten about that yeah

[Unknown3]: no no no no

[Unknown3]: nope it's a movie trailer

[Unknown1]: nice

[Unknown2]: nice

[Unknown1]: nice

[Unknown2]: nicely done no what this movie does look

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown2]: cool some of the shots that really interest me is that one with that lady it looks

[Unknown2]: like she's a skeleton

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown2]: of some

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: kind

[Unknown2]: that's really creeped me out

[Unknown1]: yeah creepy creepy as fuck yeah

[Unknown4]: there's also yet

[Unknown2]: and that one shot of that thing behind the sign and you just see that it's like it

[Unknown2]: looks like a little alien with a a bald head

[Unknown4]: oh yeah

[Unknown2]: or something and he's just you don't know what you don't see it which makes him so

[Unknown2]: creepy but he's like walking e really behind the wall you see the top of it like

[Unknown2]: big head or something

[Unknown4]: i miss that

[Unknown1]: that's what i like really about this trailer and some of the the other ones i

[Unknown1]: watched recently was like they're not giving you the entire fucking story of the

[Unknown1]: movie the

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: just teasing it enough that you get excited about it without ruining it i'm here

[Unknown1]: for that

[Unknown4]: written and directed by jordan peel i'm so

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: happy for him i'm so happy for him

[Unknown2]: like i feel like there's gonna be multiple types of aliens in this movie and then

[Unknown4]: there was that one there was that one shot when like there's

[Unknown2]: they're not gonna be aliens

[Unknown4]: this like monkey paw hand knuckle

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah the knuckle

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: like reaching through something i don't know

[Unknown1]: like they're gonna do like a fist

[Unknown1]: bump

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i it seemed like

[Unknown2]: yeah totally

[Unknown4]: it's like

[Unknown4]: i'm

[Unknown2]: that's the ending of the movie peace

[Unknown3]: homies

[Unknown4]: me friendly

[Unknown2]: oh good

[Unknown4]: i don't know

[Unknown2]: i'm about an open

[Unknown1]: yet

[Unknown2]: out of this

[Unknown1]: i i agree i i

[Unknown1]: like chris i am not a huge fan of things that are very scary like i don't mind

[Unknown1]: like if the story is

[Unknown2]: he

[Unknown1]: scary i i just hate jump jump scares so much older that i have a site book marked

[Unknown1]: where they tell you how many ju scares and where

[Unknown4]: right

[Unknown1]: they are in movies

[Unknown1]: and if there's too many i don't fuck and watch it

[Unknown2]: oh you you don't

[Unknown2]: you don't like you don't like jumps stairs got him them

[Unknown4]: that was

[Unknown2]: he just

[Unknown1]: that was

[Unknown2]: jumped out of his chair

[Unknown1]: are you uh okay

[Unknown4]: i think he's having

[Unknown2]: no i was just joking

[Unknown1]: was that wolfy was that wolfe biting your ass

[Unknown1]: was that wolfy was that wolfe biting your ass

[Unknown2]: no i just got you

[Unknown3]: well wolfie

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: was re railing spencer

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown2]: no no

[Unknown4]: but

[Unknown2]: truly terrifying

[Unknown4]: check it out yo i actually

[Unknown1]: it's the time it's that time of the day

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown4]: fresh idea fresh idea

[Unknown4]: i would like

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: in my bones i'm scared of this yes sir

[Unknown3]: chris chris is this about the movie nope

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown4]: trust me

[Unknown2]: okay

[Unknown4]: no idea

[Unknown1]: nope it's no yes it's nope

[Unknown3]: five

[Unknown4]: well it's about nope i would

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown4]: i as as scared as i i'm legit scared of this i would be open to like

[Unknown4]: watching this with all of you like real time somehow

[Unknown3]: with the lights turned on

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown3]: after having

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: read the

[Unknown2]: or

[Unknown3]: synopsis

[Unknown4]: if i could get it

[Unknown2]: no or we see it or we see it in theaters together and we record ourselves

[Unknown4]: we're getting kicked out that's a week ago

[Unknown2]: and there's just there's just recordings no recordings of crisp like

[Unknown3]: yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: and then like grab it and then grabbing all of your heads for moral support and

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: emotional support you're like chris your nails are piercing my skiing through my

[Unknown4]: buddy

[Unknown3]: we're not when

[Unknown2]: chris was just like this is a bad idea this was a bad idea

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: this is about idea

[Unknown3]: yeah you're you're not talking about your thoughts of the movie as it goes on

[Unknown3]: you're just it's just the react the sound of reactions that's it

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah just reactions

[Unknown4]: we only do audio

[Unknown1]: it's

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: it's

[Unknown1]: like

[Unknown2]: and yeah

[Unknown4]: we don't comment no commentary

[Unknown1]: it's like some sort of reverse a smr

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah it's just like

[Unknown1]: where it just makes you stressed out

[Unknown1]: where it just makes you stressed out

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: it

[Unknown2]: and matt's just laughing

[Unknown2]: and matt's just laughing

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: it's just silence for forty five minutes and then chris was like oh my god

[Unknown1]: yeah it's just like just kind of silence with random bouts of screaming and

[Unknown1]: screeching

[Unknown3]: yeah it's just it

[Unknown4]: you guys this is a bad idea

[Unknown2]: yeah i i mean

[Unknown3]: okay no i like it um

[Unknown3]: i'd like to take a moment here to take a a break in here from one of our sponsors

[Unknown3]: act three spencer

[Unknown2]: ah this this

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: use trojan condoms for protection

[Unknown2]: so let me pay the picture for

[Unknown3]: thank you

[Unknown2]: you me and wolfie

[Unknown2]: we're in our cave snuggled up at this point it's a healthy

[Unknown2]: relationship between man and dog

[Unknown4]: a word

[Unknown3]: wolf

[Unknown2]: or wolf

[Unknown1]: it's co it's

[Unknown3]: wait what

[Unknown2]: whatever

[Unknown1]: called stockholm syndrome

[Unknown2]: whatever

[Unknown1]: that's a that's got

[Unknown1]: that's a that's got

[Unknown2]: and at this point we've raised a few pups

[Unknown2]: who are now going off to university

[Unknown3]: toy come again for big fudge

[Unknown1]: i

[Unknown2]: it w what

[Unknown1]: need to i need i need to ask a very important question

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown1]: who

[Unknown2]: hook who carried them to term

[Unknown1]: who who who carried them to term yes

[Unknown2]: i think you know the answer

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown2]: so as i fed the wolf from my nipple

[Unknown4]: you're supposed to say tee sir tee

[Unknown2]: as i as i fed these these pups from my naps

[Unknown2]: i i came onto a discovery

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown2]: and this discovery changed

[Unknown2]: everything

[Unknown3]: men's teeth don't have wolf milk

[Unknown4]: i have teeth can you milk me

[Unknown3]: oh sorry sorry no no no

[Unknown1]: or or or any kind of milk

[Unknown3]: i mean listen

[Unknown2]: no it i told you

[Unknown3]: this it's a great question but i think i think expense i think i think our unable

[Unknown3]: dispenser act four

[Unknown2]: yes it's too big of a revelation to be said now

[Unknown3]: yeah like we yeah it the revelation itself is a whole entire act in this story so

[Unknown3]: we'll get to that surely so dipping back to nope real quick what i'm hearing is a

[Unknown3]: resounding yes if the lights are turned on and we're in a public place and we've

[Unknown3]: read the synopsis and checked all the jump scares we will watch this movie

[Unknown4]: i'm

[Unknown4]: open to it i'm i'm i'm actually scared of it

[Unknown1]: sure why not why not

[Unknown3]: not even committing to that but committing to maybe committing

[Unknown4]: committing to maybe committee

[Unknown1]: yeah coming into talking about it

[Unknown4]: yeah left let's like

[Unknown3]: okay

[Unknown4]: i legit need your support like this is not funny to me it's it may be funny to

[Unknown4]: people listening but like yeah anyways

[Unknown2]: i just hope that jordan peel

[Unknown2]: his anthology when you put all their titles together creates a sentence eventually

[Unknown2]: so it's like nope get out

[Unknown2]: stay with us or something like it's

[Unknown4]: a

[Unknown2]: gotta it'd be cool if if it if it all came and then that

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown2]: sentence meant something

[Unknown2]: deeper

[Unknown4]: who knows maybe that's part of his grand his grandmaster plan

[Unknown2]: is that genius or what

[Unknown4]: the maestro move

[Unknown3]: not

[Unknown3]: anymore now you you blue it now everybody

[Unknown2]: call me jordan

[Unknown3]: knows

[Unknown2]: ab

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: it

[Unknown1]: you uh

[Unknown4]: you've you've literally just

[Unknown2]: he's listening he's listening right now

[Unknown1]: you gave out you gave up the secret

[Unknown4]: know

[Unknown1]: and now it's it's ruined

[Unknown3]: he's gonna

[Unknown4]: youth

[Unknown3]: cancel nope just cause you ruined everything

[Unknown4]: listen

[Unknown2]: yeah good yeah

[Unknown4]: why did you do that spencer why did you lift the

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: pot off jordan

[Unknown4]: peel's uh recipe and now now his career is gonna he's gonna spend the rest of his

[Unknown2]: i'm sorry

[Unknown4]: career like poor mn

[Unknown2]: i i

[Unknown1]: yeah it was it was it was good it was like a nice beautiful to flay and you

[Unknown1]: fucking kick the oven

[Unknown1]: door

[Unknown1]: door

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown2]: i feel

[Unknown3]: wow

[Unknown2]: i i just picture jordan be listening and just being like

[Unknown2]: he picks up the phone and just like cancel it nope cancel it all

[Unknown2]: everything

[Unknown4]: active activate alternate

[Unknown2]: everything

[Unknown4]: movie titles

[Unknown4]: movie titles

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: oh he turns into gary oman

[Unknown2]: yeah bagly everything

[Unknown3]: perfect i'm

[Unknown4]: wow

[Unknown3]: i'm here for that sorry everybody else but i think we need to be right

[Unknown3]: that's another prediction we'll add to our li spencer ten thousand on that one or

[Unknown2]: yeah ten

[Unknown3]: okay great

[Unknown2]: no hold

[Unknown2]: on

[Unknown4]: what it up

[Unknown3]: oh

[Unknown2]: if if if that's right

[Unknown3]: right

[Unknown4]: nope no

[Unknown4]: nope no

[Unknown2]: i will pay me

[Unknown2]: ten thousand dollars cash

[Unknown3]: and if it's wrong

[Unknown2]: then i will owe to ten thousand dollars cash

[Unknown4]: to the charity of our choosing

[Unknown2]: to the charity

[Unknown1]: yeah this spencer the spencer fun of i made too many bets

[Unknown3]: yeah that's

[Unknown2]: uh actually i'm being told by my my partner here

[Unknown4]: wolfy

[Unknown2]: i don't have the funds for that

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown2]: a new t v

[Unknown2]: yeah that's right when you get a new tv

[Unknown3]: i'm i'm actually really yeah

[Unknown1]: oh is your account is your accountant to

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: on top of everything

[Unknown3]: this

[Unknown4]: wolfie is very learned

[Unknown3]: relationship might be going places

[Unknown2]: he wears the pants

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i wanna see that sitcom wolf and spencer getting into trouble found their way deep

[Unknown4]: de trouble the ma in the forest and now they have kids but it's better to wolf we

[Unknown4]: living together

[Unknown2]: this this show is filmed in front of a live studio audience

[Unknown4]: de lis

[Unknown2]: wolfe's beds filmed ford studio audience

[Unknown3]: alright we're going to

[Unknown4]: spencer i am so

[Unknown3]: oh my god

[Unknown4]: tired i can't believe the day i've had

[Unknown1]: i it's gonna say sitcom was not the the ahead in my head i was thinking more like

[Unknown1]: penny dreadful

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown1]: but you know

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown3]: so

[Unknown4]: i need to check that out what it is

[Unknown3]: third movie

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: oh that's what we're doing that's right

[Unknown2]: re railed

[Unknown3]: the third movie

[Unknown3]: will be revealed to you shortly after act four

[Unknown2]: oh my god did we just do artery

[Unknown4]: we also created a new spin up

[Unknown1]: yeah we're ramping up there's seven of these we have

[Unknown4]: we just want a visioned wolfy

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown4]: and spencer

[Unknown2]: yeah that's true

[Unknown4]: anyways

[Unknown2]: well that was a little bit of a spoiler because

[Unknown2]: as the as the milk dripped from my ever flowing teeth

[Unknown4]: and all out

[Unknown1]: i know yeah i know

[Unknown3]: that's a

[Unknown1]: can i can i be excused

[Unknown3]: a one jump scare for the podcast

[Unknown4]: you don't ask you don't you don't ask for permission lucado we scare too easily

[Unknown4]: you just stuck in a roden no no

[Unknown2]: these these pups that have become my children

[Unknown3]: what you become

[Unknown4]: come two c di

[Unknown3]: what did you adopt them

[Unknown2]: they've become like family to me

[Unknown2]: hold bond

[Unknown4]: baja faga

[Unknown2]: as as i realized

[Unknown1]: the fuck are they pups or are they

[Unknown2]: the

[Unknown1]: like mini gold members from

[Unknown2]: no they're

[Unknown1]: the like the austin power movies

[Unknown2]: they're pups but they're

[Unknown4]: five

[Unknown2]: they're

[Unknown1]: they're dutch they're dutch

[Unknown2]: powered by they're powered by man milk

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown1]: oh god

[Unknown3]: that's not right

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown2]: as i fed these these pups

[Unknown1]: who look

[Unknown4]: b by

[Unknown2]: the fruit of my lawn

[Unknown2]: the fruit of my lawn

[Unknown4]: why didn't you come back

[Unknown1]: i blame matt for this

[Unknown2]: that's that's what i realized that they were not satisfied with the simple taste

[Unknown4]: no you got two logs spencer you needed to you need a detox

[Unknown2]: of my fluids

[Unknown3]: chris

[Unknown4]: you need to get into the patted room yes sir

[Unknown1]: you need

[Unknown3]: cars

[Unknown1]: jesus and you're jewish that's

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: saying something

[Unknown3]: we're gonna detox by talking about movie three

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown3]: movie three

[Unknown2]: act w

[Unknown3]: is well it's a little throwback to uh our times during guinness

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown3]: move movie three is called memory lane

[Unknown4]: could it be

[Unknown3]: oh no just memory we're gonna cut that

[Unknown2]: yeah what memory way

[Unknown4]: don't get it don't c it that's beautiful

[Unknown1]: the the

[Unknown2]: you're so

[Unknown1]: trailer i brought the trailer i brought is called memory but i have no memory of

[Unknown3]: who knows yeah i don't know what

[Unknown1]: what the name is

[Unknown3]: it's called

[Unknown4]: memory lane it's so

[Unknown2]: uh i can tell you're very excited about it matt

[Unknown3]: there's a lot of

[Unknown4]: it's so wistful

[Unknown3]: there's a lot of letters i'm very excited it's a lot of letters after memory uh

[Unknown3]: it's just called memory there's no

[Unknown2]: go

[Unknown3]: lane it's it's ironic

[Unknown2]: what's memory lane

[Unknown3]: i don't know i

[Unknown4]: it's the deep cut

[Unknown3]: think guy peerce is in that too but

[Unknown1]: it's yeah it's like a version of penny lane that they're gonna play in the movie

[Unknown3]: hm

[Unknown4]: no it's a version of memento

[Unknown4]: no it's a version of memento

[Unknown3]: yep so

[Unknown1]: that's what i thought this movie was gonna be actually

[Unknown3]: well no let's just okay so here lim stars in memory lane

[Unknown1]: a

[Unknown3]: our our boy

[Unknown4]: grab up

[Unknown3]: he is co starring maybe guy pierce is like you know here when they win their

[Unknown3]: oscars for this guy peerce will win best supporting actor will nisan best actor

[Unknown3]: that's that's how i see the movie

[Unknown1]: sh

[Unknown2]: obviously

[Unknown1]: c w ah what oscars

[Unknown3]: what let me explain let me explain the movie to people who haven't seen the

[Unknown3]: trailer because we

[Unknown4]: this is

[Unknown3]: didn't do that for the last two movies but we're gonna do it here because pretty

[Unknown3]: sure you're not aware of this movie

[Unknown4]: context

[Unknown3]: basically the high level portion of the story is uh this is going to be the

[Unknown3]: biggest spoiler of your life liam nissen is a hitman for hire never

[Unknown1]: no

[Unknown3]: never played that before

[Unknown1]: wow play

[Unknown1]: against type cast against type

[Unknown3]: yeah totally

[Unknown3]: um and

[Unknown3]: he starting to lose his memory and so

[Unknown3]: he is maybe sent to kill a kid but doesn't kill kids cause he's got a code cause

[Unknown3]: he's a criminal of the heart of gold but then can't remember

[Unknown3]: if he was sent to kill the kid or

[Unknown3]: he wasn't and who sent him and like guy

[Unknown2]: sorry

[Unknown3]: pierces a cop trying to help him cause the's losing his memory so he doesn't

[Unknown3]: remember anything he need someone else to stop

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: the evil people that may be hiring mec to kill the kid or didn't

[Unknown2]: does anybody else feel like this sounds like a hilarious comedy like of a hitman

[Unknown2]: with like

[Unknown1]: like a bumbling hitman

[Unknown2]: well yeah he's like got like

[Unknown1]: yet

[Unknown2]: alzheimer's he's like i don't know if i was i supposed to kill him and he's just

[Unknown2]: constantly being pointed in the wrong direction back and forth i feel like

[Unknown4]: rowan atkinson in your favorite

[Unknown2]: yeah exactly yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah that's what i thought johnny english right

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: not even that rowan atkinson as leon nisan as an assassin who can't remember

[Unknown4]: himself or his code yet

[Unknown1]: nice

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown2]: or code

[Unknown4]: knows the code and

[Unknown1]: no no

[Unknown4]: and it becomes

[Unknown4]: morse code

[Unknown1]: oh god

[Unknown2]: that's the twist

[Unknown1]: it's it's it's

[Unknown2]: at the end of the movie too he's like i have a code i don't kill children they're

[Unknown2]: like no that your code is you only kill children

[Unknown4]: snow

[Unknown2]: that's why you're paid so much

[Unknown1]: your

[Unknown4]: rot

[Unknown1]: your code is your child that only kills adults

[Unknown4]: and there you go that's that old wow shoot that w

[Unknown2]: that's the twist i i'm just happy to see liam nissen playing a

[Unknown2]: a role that fits his age of an assassin's losing his memory

[Unknown1]: but he's still like

[Unknown1]: super effective apparently

[Unknown4]: seems like

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: at least in these

[Unknown1]: even though he's senile is this should really have been called the senile hitman

[Unknown4]: sure

[Unknown1]: like let's be honest here

[Unknown3]: first

[Unknown3]: of all it is from a belgian book that is loosely tra well not lucy translated as

[Unknown4]: but it g gogo

[Unknown3]: the alzheimer case so that's an option

[Unknown2]: oh she

[Unknown1]: no

[Unknown2]: actually does have alzheimer's

[Unknown1]: oh my god oh ter disease

[Unknown3]: and it's already been made uh in i assume in belgium

[Unknown3]: belgium uh it was called the memory of a killer and uh roger ebert gave it uh four

[Unknown4]: brother

[Unknown3]: and a half stars or sorry three and a half stars on december eighth two thousand

[Unknown3]: and five

[Unknown4]: wow to roger ebert rest in peace well

[Unknown3]: so yeah that's a whole thing

[Unknown2]: i would just like to see him trying to kill someone with like a banana he just

[Unknown4]: he could probably do that but check it out but check it out yo

[Unknown2]: doesn't know he

[Unknown1]: just throwing pills at him here it this you're gonna die if you do

[Unknown2]: yeah he doesn't know where he's in he's in a home and he's just like i bought a

[Unknown2]: job

[Unknown2]: that

[Unknown1]: jesus that that actually makes me want to watch it even less because fuck like is

[Unknown1]: jesus that that actually makes me want to watch it even less because fuck like is

[Unknown1]: there nothing new other than the jordan peel movie everything else is an

[Unknown1]: there nothing new other than the jordan peel movie everything else is an

[Unknown1]: adaptation of something else like hell

[Unknown1]: adaptation of something else like hell

[Unknown3]: oh i'm sorry i'm sorry obiwan kobi knew

[Unknown1]: that's that's what i side with the exception of nope that's what i said

[Unknown2]: nope are hold on nope a remake of science

[Unknown1]: f you now i tell you gonna say nope no piece a remake of yep but what is the

[Unknown2]: ah that's even worse

[Unknown3]: well worst yeah i had it

[Unknown1]: comedy then

[Unknown4]: check this out though i i

[Unknown2]: bo

[Unknown4]: i did a quick check right and i for the life of me don't understand how this mo

[Unknown4]: how this new liam nisan movie manages to to depict mister nisan or his character

[Unknown4]: as mega like as energetic as he is in kinetic on screen meanwhile and in real life

[Unknown4]: he's sixty nine years old but to moura morrison inba fet sixty one years old and

[Unknown4]: he manages to to to like he's sluggish just as we we commented before so that's

[Unknown1]: wow that's that's because that's because when whenever someone directly am nisan

[Unknown4]: really good

[Unknown1]: they know that they have to do as many

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: cuts per scene as his age so if he's sixty nine

[Unknown4]: he did practice

[Unknown2]: about his age

[Unknown1]: every every scene is every action seen is sixty nine cuts so it seems like it's

[Unknown1]: energetic

[Unknown4]: but in the trailer though the like one of the like the some of the establishing

[Unknown4]: shots that show like show us this dude is a legit like like as soon as he finds

[Unknown4]: out i'm not killing kids he he grabs that guy and pushes him into the toilet stall

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: looked that was a that

[Unknown1]: and breaks the toilet yeah

[Unknown2]: that was pretty cool

[Unknown4]: was a good shot we

[Unknown4]: didn't get

[Unknown1]: true

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: that level of energy with bob fet i'm just

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: so i'm still i'm i'm already into this movie coz like he looks pissed

[Unknown4]: so i'm still i'm i'm already into this movie coz like he looks pissed

[Unknown2]: it will would be cool if bub fed also just use used a lot of guns because

[Unknown2]: he's old he just killed a fuck at a people

[Unknown1]: he looks i

[Unknown1]: i don't

[Unknown1]: i don't

[Unknown2]: but it's pg disney

[Unknown3]: he's that old

[Unknown1]: think he looks pissed he looks he looks lost i'll be honest

[Unknown4]: sure

[Unknown3]: he's got alzheimer's maybe that they said it

[Unknown4]: but at the same time like he he was also pissed because they wanted him to kill a

[Unknown4]: kid and he really he caught himself and so he went to he went to take it out on

[Unknown4]: his like i guess you could say agents or whatever manager or whatever

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: so

[Unknown2]: it's manager i'm gonna speak to your manager

[Unknown1]: yeah his he's his agent

[Unknown4]: no his

[Unknown3]: prep

[Unknown4]: his manager listen listen i've had it up to here you didn't give me any any any

[Unknown4]: days off last year this year is gonna be different and i'm not killing janes

[Unknown3]: the interesting thing

[Unknown2]: now let me speak to the manager

[Unknown4]: i am the manager

[Unknown1]: to me the only way that this movie can be good in any way shape or form is if

[Unknown1]: there's like a huge twist somewhere because otherwise it's gonna be a massive turn

[Unknown1]: like

[Unknown4]: but tell me more tell

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: me more about like like tell me more about why you think it's gonna be ater

[Unknown1]: because it's so the premise i think the premise is interesting but the way unless

[Unknown1]: the trailer is lying to me the way that it's gonna play out is gonna be very

[Unknown1]: cliche and also very like

[Unknown1]: um how did you say it um

[Unknown1]: unbelievable it's gonna strike suspension of this belief to hell and back like

[Unknown1]: that very seni you said

[Unknown4]: uhhuh

[Unknown1]: right where he's like

[Unknown1]: he tosses someone into into a bathroom store and breaks the

[Unknown4]: toilet

[Unknown1]: the the toilet like i believe that if it was darkman coz he doesn't have any any

[Unknown1]: you know nerves anymore so it doesn't feel pain or whatever but like a node very

[Unknown1]: like a very old dude who's like popping pills and dropping pills in assassination

[Unknown4]: popping pills and dropping

[Unknown4]: pills popping nails and chopping pills and popping bills and dropping pills but

[Unknown1]: and drop in pills exactly yeah

[Unknown1]: i don't know i i think it's gonna be very hard for me to find it

[Unknown1]: believable and engaging at the same time but it might just be the trailer

[Unknown3]: okay i don't

[Unknown2]: like

[Unknown3]: it's my this is my trailer i have to defend it a bit i don't understand why

[Unknown2]: i don't

[Unknown3]: you're you're saying this movie won't be believable do you even know who directs

[Unknown3]: who directed this movie

[Unknown1]: do i want to know

[Unknown3]: yeah a hundred

[Unknown3]: percent

[Unknown4]: yes you should

[Unknown2]: let's hear it

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i i know

[Unknown3]: it is the illustrious director a martin campbell and if you think you know that

[Unknown3]: name you do because he made the greatest dc

[Unknown2]: green

[Unknown3]: film i ever made

[Unknown2]: i knew it i remember the green lantern i how do i remember that shit

[Unknown3]: so problem solved

[Unknown2]: yeah that does that does relieve my worries

[Unknown1]: so did you i'm sorry did you just make my point for me times a thousand

[Unknown1]: so did you i'm sorry did you just make my point for me times a thousand

[Unknown4]: but he's a conundrum because of

[Unknown4]: no no no

[Unknown2]: no no

[Unknown4]: no no no

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown4]: no it could swing either way go you

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown4]: guys

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: casino he also did casino royal

[Unknown3]: right

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown2]: that's crazy

[Unknown1]: fair enough

[Unknown3]: and the legend of zara which is pretty pretty okay

[Unknown3]: and the legend of zara which is pretty pretty okay

[Unknown2]: the first one or the second one

[Unknown4]: which one

[Unknown3]: what do you mean the legendary

[Unknown4]: is that the second or the first one

[Unknown2]: i know but i always forget which one

[Unknown3]: that's the

[Unknown1]: the one with anny bander is

[Unknown4]: did he was

[Unknown3]: that's that's the second one 'cause the first one's the mask z

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown2]: yeah that's the good one

[Unknown1]: oh

[Unknown2]: the legends are is a bad one

[Unknown2]: the legends are is a bad one

[Unknown4]: no no no

[Unknown1]: so okay

[Unknown3]: how

[Unknown1]: so so he really is a really hit or really missed kind of guy huh

[Unknown3]: ah ah he made both you spencer

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown2]: oh okay good all right so

[Unknown1]: now there you go

[Unknown4]: shit see he's unpredictable

[Unknown4]: shit see he's unpredictable

[Unknown2]: so

[Unknown4]: you can't put them in a box

[Unknown1]: so so i was right it's either gonna be amazing or it's going to be a massive turn

[Unknown1]: so so i was right it's either gonna be amazing or it's going to be a massive turn

[Unknown2]: so you're saying there's a chance

[Unknown1]: it's either going to be the mask of zero or the legend of zero

[Unknown1]: it's either going to be the mask of zero or the legend of zero

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: how

[Unknown3]: fifty fifty shot

[Unknown2]: a better question is how did how the did the guy direct green lantern and make

[Unknown2]: casino royal that's the mind right there

[Unknown4]: yeah that's

[Unknown3]: right

[Unknown4]: we did we ever did we ever do yeah we did it

[Unknown1]: i think i have two words i have two words for you spencer warner brothers

[Unknown4]: listen to the podcast that we did

[Unknown4]: that too didn't we do an episode on green lantern back like

[Unknown2]: yeah it's studio involvement yeah to

[Unknown3]: what we did

[Unknown4]: last year or two yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah we did we did

[Unknown1]: we did yeah

[Unknown3]: we force yeah

[Unknown1]: you guys forced me to watch that thing yeah

[Unknown3]: the other

[Unknown4]: i regret nothing

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown3]: thing i'll say about casino royals the

[Unknown3]: brak family um

[Unknown2]: yeah they're stiffs

[Unknown3]: watches that shit like a hawk

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: they're the

[Unknown1]: eight

[Unknown2]: original marvel verse

[Unknown3]: yep

[Unknown1]: um the the the the white family

[Unknown1]: um the the the the white family

[Unknown2]: of a hundred movie franchise

[Unknown3]: i don't know

[Unknown2]: the broccoli

[Unknown3]: bra coli

[Unknown2]: i think it's the broccoli

[Unknown1]: the broccoli that's italian italian for broccoli folks no it's not

[Unknown2]: mm

[Unknown3]: paki

[Unknown2]: well

[Unknown2]: my prediction for this movie is after you see it you will have no memory of it

[Unknown4]: he chopping ble

[Unknown4]: ah he

[Unknown2]: i'll show myself out

[Unknown3]: here's the thing

[Unknown4]: ching bc la here

[Unknown1]: it's gonna be it's gonna be memento reversed so basically just a

[Unknown4]: omit

[Unknown1]: regular movie

[Unknown3]: listen technically from what i saw about the

[Unknown1]: f you chris

[Unknown3]: the belgian film version

[Unknown2]: got

[Unknown3]: um it was momentum 'cause the guy wrote stuff on his arms so i don't think they

[Unknown3]: can do that again because

[Unknown2]: oh god

[Unknown3]: otherwise it'll be so

[Unknown1]: he's gonna he's gonna write things on his legs then

[Unknown3]: maybe it

[Unknown2]: what a twist

[Unknown3]: also it might not be based on anything more than the idea that a hey man loses his

[Unknown3]: memory that might be the only link to the book

[Unknown4]: also

[Unknown3]: that exists

[Unknown1]: jesus

[Unknown4]: it's also also he writes things on his legs because they're both prosthetics and

[Unknown4]: both legs are prosthetic machine guns waiting to be used that at the moment's

[Unknown4]: notice

[Unknown2]: ah

[Unknown3]: which

[Unknown1]: ah

[Unknown3]: which is an excellent sway into act five spencer

[Unknown2]: like a dark man

[Unknown3]: what happened

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown3]: in act five

[Unknown4]: good or two

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown2]: hold before i get to that

[Unknown4]: did it

[Unknown1]: not oh

[Unknown2]: i need to say

[Unknown2]: do you guys how do you guys think this movie will end i wanna know what you

[Unknown2]: predict the twist will be

[Unknown3]: i'm

[Unknown4]: he's gonna die mason's gonna die

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: and

[Unknown2]: that's it

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: he'll and like i think it's

[Unknown1]: he's

[Unknown4]: based on one kid who's like the target that's like this whole thing i guess is

[Unknown4]: based on one kid who's like the target that's like this whole thing i guess is

[Unknown4]: pivoting around kid will make it and then like

[Unknown4]: pivoting around kid will make it and then like

[Unknown1]: i

[Unknown2]: it'll make it

[Unknown1]: i think the kid's gonna be put into like witness protection or whatever and then

[Unknown1]: mullet guy pierce is gonna be trying to defend her

[Unknown4]: mut guy pierce it

[Unknown1]: and then

[Unknown4]: rolled so smoothly

[Unknown1]: and then and then he's gonna like appear

[Unknown1]: at the end and save everybody and then like die saving the girl that's what's

[Unknown1]: gonna happen

[Unknown2]: i think it's gonna be like every other memory movie where it's gonna be like he

[Unknown2]: put everything into effect and the and it's gonna show a flashback at the end of

[Unknown2]: the movie of him starting off everything and like domino's setting everything in

[Unknown2]: motion

[Unknown3]: um

[Unknown2]: it's like oh he was behind everything i was

[Unknown3]: lim nisan is guy pierce and also monica blos

[Unknown2]: whoa that's a

[Unknown1]: oh whoa

[Unknown2]: that is a twist

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: and then at the end he kills himself he's like i am the only one who can stop me

[Unknown3]: right

[Unknown1]: and then he kills himself okay i'm here for it

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: all right so

[Unknown3]: he and he does it at a like

[Unknown3]: uh like coney island he gets in like a one of those like mirror rooms and so it's

[Unknown3]: just all three of them staring at each other

[Unknown2]: hm

[Unknown3]: and then and then he shoots

[Unknown1]: how did hold this

[Unknown3]: he shoots the one in front of them it kills everybody

[Unknown3]: he shoots the one in front of them it kills everybody

[Unknown1]: is he is he using a laser gun

[Unknown2]: not

[Unknown1]: so he reflects back on the mirror

[Unknown2]: about

[Unknown3]: yes obviously

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: that will be a twist

[Unknown4]: but little does he know carnes have had

[Unknown1]: he pulls like at the very last moment in that scene he pulls out a gun and it's a

[Unknown1]: star wars phaser and it's like set to kill

[Unknown2]: star trek phaser just lost off wow

[Unknown1]: he kills star

[Unknown3]: wow

[Unknown1]: trek sorry and then he kills himself and then he kills himself

[Unknown4]: you just lost seven hundred points from griffin door now

[Unknown1]: it's okay

[Unknown4]: check this out he's in the clown he's in the mirror room right and he's like gonna

[Unknown4]: and we know he's gonna get he's gonna cap himself but what he doesn't know is that

[Unknown4]: carnes and fun houses have had it up to here with shattered mirrors it is not

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: cheap to be replacing mir so they've had them reinforced with like i don't know

[Unknown4]: whatever chemical you want to use but they're bullet reinforced let's say

[Unknown2]: it's so long

[Unknown1]: they're ricochets

[Unknown4]: ri yeah r shas that he caps himself

[Unknown3]: it's bullet reinforced okay sure

[Unknown2]: slow spilt reads for it that's a thing

[Unknown4]: listen listen

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: listen

[Unknown1]: it's it's a bullet a chemically bullett rein forest mirror

[Unknown4]: i got it no

[Unknown3]: yeah so it's just it's like

[Unknown4]: no the only way the only way to stop a bullet is with a bullet

[Unknown3]: yeah it is a

[Unknown3]: mirror of very tiny

[Unknown1]: so it's made of lead

[Unknown2]: bull

[Unknown1]: bullets

[Unknown3]: bullets they're so tiny

[Unknown1]: oh

[Unknown3]: they're so tiny that to the naked eye

[Unknown1]: i see

[Unknown3]: they form a mirror

[Unknown3]: they form a mirror

[Unknown3]: they form a mirror

[Unknown4]: right

[Unknown1]: and then when when the bullet hits it it hits it so

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown1]: fast that the the bullet in the mirror he re oh

[Unknown3]: all of the mirror bullets come back

[Unknown1]: oh my god

[Unknown4]: correct that and you see see see since the swedish have perfected ike in

[Unknown4]: technology

[Unknown4]: the wallet technology because it's fused with bullets and wood woe its that's a

[Unknown3]: with like an o lout for the for the u

[Unknown4]: that

[Unknown4]: there you go um loud um that's what

[Unknown4]: that's what allows it to give

[Unknown2]: patent pending

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: to have it to give and push it back

[Unknown1]: w how did how did this become swedish all of a sudden

[Unknown4]: don't worry about it we just

[Unknown3]: don't don't worry about it

[Unknown2]: yeah also

[Unknown1]: swe does swedish ma have anything to say about this

[Unknown3]: yeah it's good

[Unknown2]: anyways

[Unknown4]: ca

[Unknown2]: that was our review

[Unknown1]: that's that was german met

[Unknown2]: that was our

[Unknown3]: and

[Unknown2]: yeah what the hell anyways that was a review of the memory trailer

[Unknown4]: were you suppose was this supposed to be act no way you asked our question which

[Unknown4]: she pivoted a new it's

[Unknown2]: mm

[Unknown4]: by golf for

[Unknown1]: yeah now it tacked five

[Unknown3]: door

[Unknown4]: did

[Unknown3]: i'm gonna going fix this in post and spencer isn't going to

[Unknown2]: oh yeah act five

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: block

[Unknown4]: do

[Unknown3]: me from pacing this properly so we actually do all the acts in between what we're

[Unknown3]: doing instead of now we have to rush you with three it's almost

[Unknown2]: uh act

[Unknown3]: like i'm doing it for a reason

[Unknown3]: like i'm doing it for a reason

[Unknown2]: sorry i needed to know

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown4]: what did you need for that

[Unknown3]: we were gonna come back to it

[Unknown2]: we wouldn't have gotten this

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: we wouldn't have got this bulletproof mirror gold

[Unknown3]: oh my god just

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown4]: feel free to access it like

[Unknown3]: that

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown2]: so act five

[Unknown4]: i respect the vision

[Unknown2]: so as thes

[Unknown2]: developed a taste for my fluid

[Unknown1]: well for

[Unknown4]: but no

[Unknown2]: they

[Unknown1]: fuck sakes

[Unknown3]: first of all you said it wasn't enough right that's what we're coming to

[Unknown4]: oh my god

[Unknown2]: that's what i said so

[Unknown4]: you need a ghost writer

[Unknown2]: milk wasn't enough

[Unknown1]: you need jesus i'm gonna say it again

[Unknown2]: milk wasn't enough for these pub

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown2]: and they started nipping at me

[Unknown3]: where

[Unknown2]: aggressively

[Unknown2]: first at my you know on they were nipping nips and then they

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: started you know spreading around and they were you know and i was like oh

[Unknown4]: ladies

[Unknown2]: and i was like

[Unknown4]: and like everyone listening this is probably what i'm gonna sound like when i

[Unknown4]: watch nope as well oh

[Unknown2]: i was like i was like frodo sam settle down

[Unknown4]: settled out

[Unknown2]: that's their pup's names

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown3]: cute

[Unknown2]: as they began to

[Unknown2]: devour me i as they began to devour me i said wolfe

[Unknown1]: is it is it

[Unknown2]: it's never me

[Unknown2]: cause they were

[Unknown2]: killing me

[Unknown3]: so you'll find out the fate of the pups in act six

[Unknown3]: when i ask for it not

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown3]: when spencer delays us

[Unknown3]: tail

[Unknown2]: we'll see

[Unknown2]: we will see

[Unknown2]: so i stomped e no i'm no continue

[Unknown3]: fourth movie

[Unknown3]: just gonna just gonna reb this

[Unknown2]: reil it mat

[Unknown3]: re rail at de re ram it's all the same we have one one we left um is it a pallet

[Unknown3]: cleanser i don't think anything can clean this pallet at this point

[Unknown2]: it's anything is a pallid cleanser after that

[Unknown2]: it's anything is a pallid cleanser after that

[Unknown3]: but we're gonna shy

[Unknown1]: set set the fucking mouth on fire at this point

[Unknown3]: fact just yeah just you know you're supposed to light alcohol on fire like in a

[Unknown3]: shock loss just put the

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown3]: alcohol in your mouth and then put the fire in your

[Unknown1]: and yeah exactly

[Unknown3]: mouth it's the only way

[Unknown2]: and then then just put the fire all over you

[Unknown3]: it spread

[Unknown2]: and pour the alcohol all over you

[Unknown1]: and embrace embrace the sweet release of death

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: but before you do that chris why don't you tell us about the movie you chose

[Unknown4]: okay so had a lot of fun

[Unknown4]: you know digging through the crates so to speak and stumbled on to this this total

[Unknown4]: unexpected so movie is called dual du u a l it's coming out this year i miss i

[Unknown4]: missed the dates it's comic but anyways stars

[Unknown4]: karen gillin from fan favorite

[Unknown4]: ips as dr who

[Unknown4]: she was nebula in the mcu

[Unknown1]: know

[Unknown4]: she was also in a a new netflix series called bubble which was awful but anyways

[Unknown4]: here's the movie

[Unknown4]: duel yes i enjoy jumanji both one and two so check it out what yes

[Unknown1]: she was in german ji too

[Unknown3]: ha hey chris this movie came out january twenty second two thousand twenty two

[Unknown4]: what yay so i can watch this i'm i'm excited for it

[Unknown1]: oh man

[Unknown4]: it's

[Unknown1]: we are professionals

[Unknown4]: yo you didn't have to put me on blast like that my dear

[Unknown3]: i didn't have to

[Unknown4]: but you know it's still it you didn't have and yet here we are

[Unknown3]: i had to do it for our audience

[Unknown4]: well

[Unknown4]: they they appreciate it because they don't have to wait so this whole movie right

[Unknown4]: ah

[Unknown3]: thank you

[Unknown4]: karen sorry uh her character is dying she's terminally ill and she's not happy

[Unknown4]: about it but she sees an ad on t v that that that that puts up this idea that you

[Unknown4]: can get yourself a clone and she's like okay i'm in for it so she calls them up

[Unknown4]: she goes to the office they tell her like this is what's gonna happen and you're

[Unknown4]: going to get a clone and they're going to take over for you uh when you die like

[Unknown4]: live your life for you when you die and then she's like okay so they make the

[Unknown4]: clone and this is all in the trailers i'm not swing they make the clone and things

[Unknown4]: are all right you know at first and then suddenly she finds out we rather we to

[Unknown4]: viewers we find out that

[Unknown4]: another happy customer um played by theo james he had his clone and suddenly he's

[Unknown4]: in a football field and suddenly there's a camera crew and an audience and it

[Unknown4]: turns out that you have to it's like ba it's like fight's fight to the death you

[Unknown4]: like and since whether whatever your reason is whatever reason you had in going to

[Unknown4]: get a clone y of you can only live there can't be two of you so two two bodies

[Unknown4]: identical bodies enter only one gets to leave and so kar gillan's character spends

[Unknown4]: the rest of this movie orly a a good portion of this movie she's like what like

[Unknown4]: this is not what i expected and as a result she's like well i i can't kill my

[Unknown4]: clone she's me but then she finds out that there were quote unquote improvements

[Unknown4]: made to her so she's like that i'm gonna kill this bitch so that she goes to our

[Unknown4]: good friend our good friend aaron paul from such

[Unknown1]: jesse pink man

[Unknown4]: jesse pickman bit

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: to get some some

[Unknown1]: i hope he says that

[Unknown4]: oh i i can't wait he's probably probably had that in his car i'm not saying bitch

[Unknown4]: okay i'm not saying that and jesse jesse pin's character is like this like full

[Unknown4]: odd survival combat training dude and it tries to whip her into shape so we're

[Unknown4]: going to get this full on fists at some point this teti you will at some point and

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown4]: yeah i i was i wasn't expecting this but i'm very intrigued and i'm really happy

[Unknown4]: that it all it's already out

[Unknown3]: that was the entire movie brought to you by chris because

[Unknown4]: y

[Unknown3]: he's clearly seen it

[Unknown4]: the trailer was all in the trailer i don it was on the trim

[Unknown3]: was on the trailer um chris i'm gonna give you a slight reprieve uh

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown3]: digging into wikipedia the film has been previewed at the sundance film festival

[Unknown3]: and also the tamper tamper

[Unknown3]: film festival one being january twenty second march twelve for the other it will

[Unknown3]: be distributed and released in the united states on april fifteenth so

[Unknown4]: see

[Unknown4]: my search was trick

[Unknown1]: a week from

[Unknown3]: awake from now

[Unknown1]: a week from now that's fine

[Unknown4]: my search was predicated on new movie trailers march april but i

[Unknown4]: didn't see that part so i'm

[Unknown3]: yeah i wouldn't trust the internet

[Unknown1]: so i

[Unknown4]: vindicated

[Unknown1]: i found i found them the the trailer very interesting in the premise is very

[Unknown1]: interesting but like the one thing that i didn't understand how it would work

[Unknown1]: because it seems like this is a very common thing right it's like oh yeah if

[Unknown1]: you're dying you go and get cloned that's fine and then oh you're not dying and

[Unknown1]: then they go i there can be two of you it's gonna to be ridiculous and then you

[Unknown1]: think okay that makes kind of kind of some sense but like if if you're dying

[Unknown1]: and there's this thing where you go and get cloned like

[Unknown1]: you don't like it's it's a weird sort of philosophical thing especially

[Unknown1]: considering the way that it works because they're very antagonistic to each other

[Unknown1]: the two clones right one step trying to take over the other one's life from the

[Unknown1]: get go and everything so like it's not like you really continue living like one

[Unknown1]: dies and the other one continues so like i was like what is the incentive

[Unknown2]: so your memory can live on

[Unknown1]: i want and it there is

[Unknown3]: why why why would you bring this to our podcast why do you have to go so

[Unknown3]: philosophical on us

[Unknown2]: so the wolves were sucking at my nipples

[Unknown1]: fuck i'm not finished i'm not

[Unknown1]: finished so so it's so it's like

[Unknown4]: he's not finnish there's more okay

[Unknown4]: spit

[Unknown1]: why why would you

[Unknown3]: not like this

[Unknown1]: go and get yourself cloned for other people

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown1]: okay that's weird

[Unknown2]: to keep your memory on to keep li

[Unknown1]: fuck that

[Unknown2]: your memory

[Unknown4]: but there the additional twist though is that like k her character sarah she

[Unknown4]: starts off thinking she's going to die termin terminally ill but we find out in

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: the trailer she's not gonna die

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown3]: don't

[Unknown1]: right yeah

[Unknown4]: weird

[Unknown3]: just point of order i don't think it's a twist if they show it to you in the

[Unknown3]: trailer

[Unknown1]: that's true

[Unknown4]: sure but i didn't until that point and i i guess for our listeners who've been

[Unknown4]: spoiled the out of it like up to that point you let you it seems like a logical

[Unknown4]: like sara seems to have a logical plan

[Unknown3]: do

[Unknown4]: and then when the clone is made she fs out after

[Unknown3]: chris i gotta ask how excited do you get to watch trailers because it seems like

[Unknown3]: your mind was just blown when you saw the twist emitted into this trailer that

[Unknown4]: i'm still i'm still into it i like movie trailers

[Unknown2]: i did not see that coming

[Unknown3]: that this is

[Unknown1]: so

[Unknown3]: insane

[Unknown1]: i that seems like an interesting premise like i said i'm just like i wanna see

[Unknown1]: like if they're just gonna like wingy like yeah no people just get clones it's

[Unknown1]: what we do here look okay

[Unknown4]: must like

[Unknown2]: well it seemed like their explanation for why they had to kill each other was like

[Unknown2]: so off the cup

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown2]: like well

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: they must kill each other like cause there can't be two view that would be

[Unknown2]: ridiculous

[Unknown1]: yeah it's so i that's and i'm

[Unknown2]: like what that's your explanation for death match it's like

[Unknown1]: i'm here for that because it looks like it's gonna be like some absurd dark comedy

[Unknown2]: yeah it

[Unknown1]: and i'm here for that so

[Unknown4]: much like

[Unknown2]: seemed very quirky

[Unknown4]: much like paul

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: reds netflix

[Unknown2]: yes yeah

[Unknown4]: living with yourself which i absolutely loved and seems to like

[Unknown1]: what heaven wish it

[Unknown4]: yeah it's really good

[Unknown2]: didn't it's good didn't take the landing in my opinion

[Unknown4]: well i don't is it confirmed for a a return or did it get canceled

[Unknown2]: i don't know

[Unknown3]: listen you can listen to that on the

[Unknown3]: red podcast in the meantime

[Unknown3]: on the

[Unknown4]: can't wait

[Unknown2]: to to great bad gas

[Unknown3]: the dual movie review podcast why don't we finish up with the we're talking about

[Unknown2]: well i think it looks cool i think it looks like it's well shot and made like

[Unknown2]: which is the most important thing it actually looks like it's like

[Unknown2]: quirky and well written and looks interesting not like like the plot you could

[Unknown2]: almost picture being like a very generic sounding action

[Unknown1]: pretty good

[Unknown2]: kind of schlocky movie but it actually looks like it's

[Unknown2]: intriguing by the way it's made so i actually think it looks cool and i want to

[Unknown2]: see them fight to the death

[Unknown3]: it's presented like a wess anderson film

[Unknown2]: yeah exactly

[Unknown2]: we keep saying

[Unknown1]: yes yeah that's true

[Unknown4]: you

[Unknown2]: quirky and that's just another word for west anderson style

[Unknown3]: yeah it really is and so i'm wondering i wonder if they're burying the lead of the

[Unknown3]: movie that yes there's this west anderson you know thought process with

[Unknown2]: talk about

[Unknown3]: the quirkiness of like oh i can't have

[Unknown2]: the

[Unknown3]: to here on

[Unknown1]: the pink

[Unknown3]: that's crazy and they're not just gonna

[Unknown3]: what is underneath you know cause that's not enough to sell an entire movie on

[Unknown2]: yeah it depends how it's made

[Unknown1]: well there's there's the whole premise of like at one point there's one scene

[Unknown1]: where i think's a boyfriend or

[Unknown1]: a love interest and says you know

[Unknown1]: he says to i what i presume is the original sarah he says oh even you know if it's

[Unknown1]: not that version of sarah then i have i don't want to have anything to do with you

[Unknown1]: meaning like the other one's better than you so i hope you die or something like

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown1]: that so there's definitely gonna be something between her and jesse pink man

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown1]: for sure

[Unknown2]: who who wouldn't

[Unknown1]: um but i don't know if it's gonna get romantic

[Unknown3]: so instead of instead of guessing at what lame think is who he's gonna do coz

[Unknown3]: that's not fun

[Unknown3]: what is the twist we did not see in this movie so we know that that

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown3]: the clone and i got to fight to the death but what's the twist that we're going to

[Unknown3]: see in the movie that chris has not yet seen that is going to blow his mind

[Unknown2]: that the main girl is the clone

[Unknown4]: i was thinking that but like how could that happen

[Unknown4]: i don't know

[Unknown1]: because it happened before i don't know

[Unknown4]: it's not the first

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: time she's had a clone maid oh

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: whoa yeah she's a clone of the original and then she started dying so she got

[Unknown2]: another clone maid so they're both clones

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: and the retinal is watching

[Unknown1]: actually that'd be very interesting

[Unknown2]: and then it'd be like we don't even know what the original girl was even like

[Unknown1]: oh you're the seventeenth clone and we

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: don't remember

[Unknown2]: yeah everybody's a clone

[Unknown4]: and

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown4]: then it turns in

[Unknown2]: and then they're all clones arnold schwarzenegger the sixth day

[Unknown4]: nah they're all clones of michael keaton from multiplicity

[Unknown1]: what

[Unknown2]: ah yes

[Unknown4]: dig into that

[Unknown4]: unpack that multiplicity

[Unknown2]: look look into it

[Unknown2]: but if i'm you and she's me who are you who am i

[Unknown3]: i'm the clone

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: the clothing

[Unknown1]: get to the chops

[Unknown3]: i

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown3]: have i do have a question

[Unknown3]: you know what it's less of a question more of a statement but the same thing right

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown4]: english

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: words how do they work

[Unknown3]: i think they work

[Unknown4]: me

[Unknown3]: however i want them to i think we're gonna find out that

[Unknown4]: that's impossible

[Unknown3]: her clone

[Unknown2]: well

[Unknown3]: they do this every year

[Unknown4]: three

[Unknown3]: they clone her and they put her and her clone self through this game so it's like

[Unknown3]: a spectacle that everybody watches every year it's the other guy you see in

[Unknown3]: the

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: oh it's like

[Unknown3]: trailer ahead of time

[Unknown3]: yeah like a

[Unknown1]: it's like a

[Unknown1]: running man

[Unknown3]: yeah ask

[Unknown1]: meets hunter like

[Unknown4]: american gladiators yeah

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: hunger games meats

[Unknown3]: yeah and

[Unknown1]: i

[Unknown1]: don't know

[Unknown4]: american gladiator yeah

[Unknown2]: i like it

[Unknown1]: big brother yeah okay better better yeah

[Unknown1]: okay okay

[Unknown3]: side note uh

[Unknown2]: five

[Unknown3]: x six spencer

[Unknown4]: okay i'm taking my headphones off because like i'm still i can't like nope

[Unknown2]: so as i fled through the woods away from my new found family

[Unknown2]: the tree limbs tore my clothes away

[Unknown1]: oh no i don't like where this is going

[Unknown2]: my my pale nude skin glistening in

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: the moonlight

[Unknown1]: yeah i was i now i'm sure i don't like where this is going

[Unknown2]: and as the wolves preyed upon me

[Unknown2]: i had but one choice to murder my new found family

[Unknown2]: but before i could

[Unknown2]: as as i raised my fist

[Unknown2]: to crush the pups that i fed from my own teeth

[Unknown2]: wolfie looked at me and said

[Unknown1]: he looked to me

[Unknown1]: any reason

[Unknown2]: and that's what i knew

[Unknown2]: and that's what i knew

[Unknown2]: and i looked again and i couldn't believe it wolfy was down on his knee

[Unknown2]: proposing

[Unknown1]: proposing what

[Unknown2]: proposing

[Unknown3]: that's that sounds like an x seven

[Unknown2]: to wendy

[Unknown3]: question whoa

[Unknown3]: question whoa

[Unknown2]: ah i mean

[Unknown3]: wow

[Unknown2]: a seven you'll have to see proposing

[Unknown3]: why we already know the proposal happens

[Unknown1]: chris really committed to the i'm gonna remove my headphones

[Unknown3]: he did i think he committed to the my internet broken um so you're going to find

[Unknown3]: out

[Unknown4]: four

[Unknown3]: what happened after uh wolfie proposed suspen in act seven

[Unknown4]: i didn't know this was going to happen

[Unknown2]: as i as i was nude in the woods

[Unknown4]: ah

[Unknown3]: she was new in the woods

[Unknown3]: she was new in the woods

[Unknown2]: just just to paint the picture

[Unknown4]: it turned into a

[Unknown1]: four

[Unknown4]: stephanie myer thing

[Unknown3]: it it was it was always headed there

[Unknown2]: it was a yeah

[Unknown1]: good i was okay it's not stephanie

[Unknown1]: it's it this is danielle it's a danielle steele thing

[Unknown2]: imagine imagine the episode

[Unknown2]: imagine this episode takes off and then we just get like a fucking

[Unknown3]: season deist

[Unknown2]: huge bunch of furry fans like free

[Unknown2]: fans just like

[Unknown1]: oh no

[Unknown3]: wow

[Unknown2]: ransack our show

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown2]: and we have just turn the show into a free phantom show no choice

[Unknown3]: well before that happens let's finish up on

[Unknown3]: dual so

[Unknown4]: however we get them numbers

[Unknown3]: we have found the mega twist in tool i think we've isolated what's going to happen

[Unknown3]: it's all for the views and

[Unknown2]: mhm

[Unknown3]: the clicks honestly um i'm curious

[Unknown3]: in this movie

[Unknown3]: we see

[Unknown3]: sarah she trent which is aaron paul's character

[Unknown3]: and then uh robert michaels the thee o james character

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown3]: do you think any of the other characters are clones

[Unknown4]: what if it's a what

[Unknown1]: probably

[Unknown4]: if it's a town of clones

[Unknown1]: oh like a dark city sort of like thing

[Unknown3]: good

[Unknown1]: where they were like stuck there because they're

[Unknown1]: all like they all have like

[Unknown3]: yeah like a clone diet

[Unknown4]: ah

[Unknown1]: i'll you

[Unknown2]: w

[Unknown1]: you right up the ass

[Unknown2]: well star city is even a clone i i still don't understand that

[Unknown1]: no they're not the dark city they're like trapped in in some like alternate city

[Unknown2]: oh

[Unknown4]: what did

[Unknown2]: he's a dark city i thought you said dearth city is

[Unknown1]: the dark city

[Unknown4]: what

[Unknown1]: i mean that scene it could have been a dark that could

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: have been a sit planet it's all dark and shit but like

[Unknown2]: no i i don't think it'll go that far i i don't think they'll be clone i think

[Unknown4]: what

[Unknown2]: more likely she's the clone of a clone

[Unknown2]: more likely she's the clone of a clone

[Unknown2]: or i mean she's a clone and the other one's the real one

[Unknown2]: or

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown3]: am i the clone

[Unknown2]: someone's gonna be a clone when you don't know it

[Unknown3]: but like

[Unknown2]: that's a hot take

[Unknown2]: that's a hot take

[Unknown1]: yep but it has to have like a reason like just people being clones is not

[Unknown1]: interesting

[Unknown2]: i like matt's version that they're just bred for like entertainment

[Unknown1]: like a truman show

[Unknown4]: right

[Unknown1]: only for sadist

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown3]: that

[Unknown4]: because there is

[Unknown2]: do you think you could kill yours would you be able to beat yourself in a clone

[Unknown2]: war well the clone wars

[Unknown3]: well

[Unknown2]: this should be called the clos

[Unknown3]: well

[Unknown1]: i mean i th i think you you need to you need to specify very very carefully what

[Unknown1]: you mean by beat yourself

[Unknown2]: well you already know you beat yourself but i'm saying when you beat yourself in a

[Unknown2]: battle to the death

[Unknown1]: i still need clarification

[Unknown3]: would you re rail yourself

[Unknown3]: to death

[Unknown2]: would you

[Unknown2]: to death

[Unknown3]: he

[Unknown2]: i mean if i had to

[Unknown1]: well i mean clearly that's that's the whole premise of the the movie

[Unknown2]: i i just picture

[Unknown1]: right she has to kind of practice to get

[Unknown2]: i just picture me and my clo and being like wob i'm the real spencer

[Unknown2]: will be you have to choose

[Unknown3]: w what he would do

[Unknown2]: movie would no yeah right that's right movie

[Unknown1]: would it

[Unknown1]: would it be like that scene on on

[Unknown2]: no

[Unknown1]: darkman where y you know darkman and uh what's his face

[Unknown4]: durant

[Unknown1]: ah durant the guy going in the in the revolving door

[Unknown2]: yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: shoot him no tell him

[Unknown1]: sure him sure him no it's me no it's me got done it

[Unknown4]: kill him you idiot yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: i gotta watch that movie

[Unknown4]: i think if if i think if if there if i had a qu a clone made of myself

[Unknown2]: zero

[Unknown4]: and i had and one of us had to take each other out i being the the original i

[Unknown4]: would win because i have all like if if the clone has all my memories that

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: would be really tricky in like they

[Unknown1]: chris

[Unknown4]: would know what what

[Unknown1]: chris

[Unknown4]: we're fighting for

[Unknown1]: you and your clone would never

[Unknown2]: i know

[Unknown1]: kill each other you would just yes and other to death

[Unknown2]: no i picture chris have you guys seen

[Unknown1]: likes

[Unknown2]: scott

[Unknown2]: pilgrim versus at

[Unknown3]: yep they're gonna walk away as friends yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown2]: at the end they they walk away and they're like like like he's actually a really

[Unknown2]: chill guy he's like yeah we're gonna hang out again that would be chris and his

[Unknown2]: cloth

[Unknown3]: one

[Unknown2]: they'd be like

[Unknown1]: probably yeah

[Unknown2]: leaving laughing talking

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i hope so

[Unknown3]: we're we're gonna get brunch together and watch nope

[Unknown2]: yeah exactly

[Unknown4]: and support each other so

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i got you man i know you do

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah

[Unknown2]: we we can do this

[Unknown1]: no it would be no it would be like five minutes of a conversation

[Unknown2]: two

[Unknown1]: that goes there i can get so much shit done now

[Unknown4]: true true true we could be better husbands we could be better dads we could be

[Unknown4]: better everything together

[Unknown3]: i mean we could but i mean

[Unknown4]: yo

[Unknown3]: what

[Unknown1]: wow

[Unknown2]: you're sick they're

[Unknown1]: jesus

[Unknown2]: all sick you listeners are sick for what you're thinking right now

[Unknown2]: all sick you listeners are sick for what you're thinking right now

[Unknown4]: i yo

[Unknown4]: na let yo

[Unknown1]: yeah the they're the sequins not us

[Unknown2]: anyway so as the

[Unknown4]: two

[Unknown3]: yes

[Unknown2]: wolf raped me no i'm

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown2]: sorry

[Unknown3]: no no no not yet no

[Unknown2]: sorry we're not

[Unknown2]: we're not there yet yeah

[Unknown4]: we're in the very end

[Unknown4]: just tell the the safe word is is is what is it ear muffs

[Unknown2]: yeah your muffs

[Unknown1]: the safe the safe wages were

[Unknown4]: no the safe word is i need to know when to take my headphones off cause you just i

[Unknown4]: don't know you've had all this pent up nastiness

[Unknown4]: marinating

[Unknown2]: the

[Unknown2]: the safe word is sand

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown4]: sand

[Unknown2]: rough and course

[Unknown1]: he had had all this nasty nastiness marinade in his teeth and then the pups drank

[Unknown1]: it and that's why they try to kill him

[Unknown4]: it's too visceral

[Unknown3]: um so

[Unknown4]: i also nibbling

[Unknown3]: dual is a movie that's coming out in april that's right we be april it's coming

[Unknown3]: soon

[Unknown2]: i all

[Unknown3]: our

[Unknown3]: are is anybody gonna go see this in the theater or is it a rent rent

[Unknown2]: is it gonna come straight to video or is it only in theaters

[Unknown1]: well i'm not watching anything the theories these days

[Unknown3]: okay but like why why why can't you just play into the whimsy of the show

[Unknown3]: everything about the show is a joke and you're like super

[Unknown1]: have you

[Unknown3]: serious about my movie going habits

[Unknown1]: have you met me do you think i have any whimsy in me

[Unknown3]: yes you just made up stories about how

[Unknown2]: can you

[Unknown3]: a mirror made of bullets would destroy someone with

[Unknown3]: a

[Unknown4]: wallets

[Unknown2]: that's true

[Unknown3]: bullet shooting at them

[Unknown1]: i i didn't make any of those stories i just critique yours

[Unknown2]: he was dead serious he was dead serious

[Unknown4]: it's called wallets

[Unknown3]: yeah that's

[Unknown4]: wallets okay

[Unknown1]: yeah yeah that was that's gonna be my

[Unknown3]: he's patented the idea

[Unknown1]: no that's gonna be my my proposal for a sequel

[Unknown3]: get

[Unknown2]: did you say proposal

[Unknown1]: yes

[Unknown4]: what's it say for use it

[Unknown4]: what's it say for use it

[Unknown2]: sand

[Unknown1]: hu

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: as wolfie no sorry are we ready for x seven

[Unknown4]: the f correct no

[Unknown3]: no check the chat check the chat

[Unknown2]: um continue ma continue matt

[Unknown1]: yeah he i told you he's

[Unknown3]: no

[Unknown1]: not gonna read it

[Unknown2]: oh sorry

[Unknown4]: sorry

[Unknown4]: this

[Unknown3]: so you're not the rest of you are not oh how do we get him back

[Unknown2]: gotcha

[Unknown4]: your god the rest of you would not know how to get that

[Unknown3]: yeah there we go

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown1]: so the teeth i'm kidding

[Unknown3]: the you know or say

[Unknown4]: do

[Unknown3]: statey so back to the question of going to the theater let's finish off with that

[Unknown4]: i would

[Unknown2]: i'm

[Unknown4]: it yeah it would i i would i i wanna see it

[Unknown1]: if if there wasn't a plague out i would

[Unknown4]: i would go yeah that would be a instant uh easy instant yes but for reasons we're

[Unknown4]: all aware of i'm

[Unknown1]: she

[Unknown4]: i i was just sick

[Unknown2]: oddly enough i last time i went to the theater i went with matt and tell the

[Unknown2]: batman and

[Unknown3]: spencer paid for his sins

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown4]: oh no what do you mean

[Unknown2]: paid for the s and i said you know what i'm gonna be healthy i'm gonna skip dinner

[Unknown2]: and just have snacks

[Unknown3]: y

[Unknown2]: and i ate a full cup of popcorn and a bag of candy and a bag of e imps and a folk

[Unknown2]: coke

[Unknown2]: and i have never been sicker in my entire life i was praying that i got covid

[Unknown3]: i had five of

[Unknown2]: because it would have been better than what i had

[Unknown3]: i had five of the sour patch kids he had

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown3]: and that was all i took from him

[Unknown2]: i had the rest

[Unknown4]: two

[Unknown2]: and i i haven't i haven't

[Unknown1]: the fuck was the sour patch kids w would what like why

[Unknown3]: why not i been

[Unknown2]: i just they're so good

[Unknown1]: no no why did it kill you that way

[Unknown2]: i don't know but i haven't thrown up since i was seventeen years old and i threw

[Unknown2]: up nineteen times so

[Unknown2]: i am

[Unknown1]: holy shit

[Unknown2]: not going

[Unknown2]: if i go to the theater again

[Unknown2]: i would have to control myself which i know i can't so i'm probably not gonna go

[Unknown2]: to peter for a while

[Unknown4]: you know why you got sick though it's because unfortunately due to the pandemic

[Unknown4]: there was no reason to cycle out the popcorn kernels or the candy so it's all the

[Unknown2]: it's been out twenty nineteen yeah maybe it fuck me up though

[Unknown4]: the the kernels man the colonels were like not were not fresh

[Unknown2]: i still can't think about the batman man without getting stomach pain

[Unknown4]: i'm

[Unknown3]: yeah but the boy was decent

[Unknown4]: sorry that happened

[Unknown2]: yeah we'll get to that movie once you guys see it

[Unknown4]: i saw it

[Unknown3]: one day

[Unknown1]: i haven't

[Unknown3]: get on board um

[Unknown3]: i think i think we've done it i think we've barely managed to cover all four of

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown3]: these movies enough that people are gonna know what to

[Unknown1]: we covered the share of those movies

[Unknown3]: listen i'm super excited about the movie that's going to finally explain why um

[Unknown3]: get out

[Unknown3]: and

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown3]: us and o we want kobi all made that party movie that's really gonna clear things

[Unknown3]: up for me which i'm really excited about

[Unknown4]: two

[Unknown3]: spencer do you have

[Unknown2]: h

[Unknown3]: anything you want to plug since you're our guest this week

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: i just wanna plug

[Unknown2]: love

[Unknown2]: it doesn't comes in many forms guys

[Unknown2]: don't judge

[Unknown2]: just love you know

[Unknown4]: what's the title of your series

[Unknown1]: okay

[Unknown2]: how

[Unknown2]: i got lost in the woods and found love

[Unknown1]: ah m opportunity

[Unknown2]: what wolf

[Unknown1]: how howling would love

[Unknown2]: howling for wolfenstein

[Unknown2]: both side to

[Unknown2]: um

[Unknown2]: yeah it was a good type

[Unknown1]: this is a danielle steel novel have to name it appropriately

[Unknown3]: cool so anyways if uh you wanna you want to help

[Unknown4]: thank you

[Unknown3]: spencer get over get over his turrets please feel

[Unknown2]: you

[Unknown3]: free to hit us up uh at the twitter uh at your

[Unknown1]: thank you

[Unknown3]: ro cast you can also hit us on an email um yes wi' telling them thank you um you

[Unknown3]: can also hit them on email at i'm telling them about the email address the email

[Unknown3]: address

[Unknown2]: go

[Unknown3]: your yes your wrong cast at

[Unknown3]: gmail

[Unknown3]: dot com very good wolfie great job spencer

[Unknown2]: yes

[Unknown3]: kel yeah

[Unknown3]: kel yeah

[Unknown1]: he's just just fucking

[Unknown3]: ah

[Unknown1]: throwing at this point

[Unknown3]: also

[Unknown2]: yeah yes mat

[Unknown3]: we have the glorious website www dot

[Unknown4]: do you believe it do with a du a dot

[Unknown3]: yost got c a um we pay extra for the ws to be included

[Unknown1]: hey hey hey chris

[Unknown3]: and so oh

[Unknown2]: extra

[Unknown1]: there was there's conversation about wolves drinking from spencer's teeth

[Unknown2]: hm hm

[Unknown1]: there

[Unknown4]: okay had

[Unknown2]: what good like

[Unknown4]: heard that before

[Unknown1]: no is it okay is it okay with you i can continue

[Unknown4]: i've heard

[Unknown4]: i've heard

[Unknown3]: he he'll allow it yeah

[Unknown2]: hi

[Unknown4]: you can as i've heard i've heard it before

[Unknown2]: chris chris condones it

[Unknown3]: yeah chris is on board

[Unknown4]: you gotta get you gotta get yeah

[Unknown1]: one

[Unknown3]: but yeah for now

[Unknown3]: i'm i'm i'm mad

[Unknown1]: i'm not sure who i am anymore

[Unknown2]: and as i strolled through those woods

[Unknown2]: i

[Unknown4]: eyes

[Unknown2]: as

[Unknown4]: had been down on one day

[Unknown2]: that wolf got down on one knee

[Unknown2]: and said those words every person wants to hear

[Unknown4]: if that work everything from one another

[Unknown2]: i said yes yes a thousand times yes

[Unknown2]: and it was at that moment that i discovered the terrible other truth

[Unknown3]: pretty cool

[Unknown2]: that i just remembered that i had taken

[Unknown2]: four hits of acid earlier that day

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown2]: i was talking to four pine cones this entire time

[Unknown2]: and although i was naked in the woods

[Unknown2]: i was had pine cone scratches all over my body

[Unknown2]: from trying to

[Unknown2]: breastfeed these pine cones in my

[Unknown2]: haze

[Unknown2]: my

[Unknown2]: chafed nipples

[Unknown2]: were

[Unknown2]: bleeding profuse me that i thought was milk

[Unknown2]: because i was so high

[Unknown2]: and

[Unknown3]: it's fan if you need to know that i'm not gonna stop you

[Unknown3]: i wanna personally know how the story ends i will cut it off in editing but i i

[Unknown3]: gotta know from me

[Unknown2]: that

[Unknown2]: uh

[Unknown4]: i love the cheese grater pie co day

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: yeah

[Unknown1]: dr k

[Unknown2]: yeah

[Unknown1]: drag mother

[Unknown2]: yeah you got you gotta cut that whatever that was

[Unknown4]: if in local news

[Unknown3]: yeah

[Unknown4]: an out of towner was seen screaming at bloody pine cones

61. Pick a Trailer, Rant a While: The Prodigal Son Returns
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