62. Battle Royale: Powerful Wizards

Nope, nobody picked Gandalf. Or Dumbledore. Or Merlin. Why? Well, we can't just leave all of the wronging to you, now can we?

It's been a while since the nerds duked it out in defence of their picks for something, so they're back with yet another battle royale! This time, they're trying battling it out to decide who the most powerful wizard is. Well... wizard, mage, sorcerer. You get my meaning.

The thing is, their chosen champions this time were somewhat... unusual, shall we say... in comparison to previous battle royales, which made for some interesting battles ("bizarre" and "interesting" are basically the same thing, right?). And Matt's Scenarios™ were actually original, which was a nice change of pace. They also managed to keep the violence and blood levels to a minimum, which is frankly surprising... downright unbelievable, really.

I guess what I'm saying is that this episode was weird, OK? But, like, good weird. I think.
62. Battle Royale: Powerful Wizards
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