67. Wrong Takes: "Harry Potter" Edition

We have takes, and they're hot. They're also wrong. So very, very wrong. Still not as wrong as you, though.
This week, You're Wrong debuts a new episode format: hot takes on a subject. They've dubbed it Wrong Takes (their wit truly is unmatched 🙄), and the topic of this first episode is the world of Harry Potter. Chris is still unfortunately in parts unknown, so they invited recurring guest (and huge Harry Potter fan) Laura to join them in explaining and defending just the weirdest, most insane opinions and ideas on this beloved franchise.

And no, the concept of these weirdos discussing their bizarre takes on just about everything isn't new at all, I know. They're just placing a format around how they go about it now (and, as we all know, they never deviate from a format, once they establish it 😑). 

Anyway, I'm sure having a structured outlet for their hot takes isn't going to encourage them to come up with more of them or anything...
67. Wrong Takes:
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