68. Hate-Watch the Series Finale of "Star Trek: Enterprise" With Us!

We watched it together (and in person!), so now you get to watch it, too! You're welcome.

The nerds meet in person to record an episode for the first time ever! And to celebrate such a momentous occasion, they decided to watch  the series finale of Star Trek: EnterpriseThese Are the Voyages... (Season 4; Episode 22). They also thought it'd be fun to record the... colourful commentary they would inevitably have running during what is considered one of the worst TV series finales of all time.

If you aren't caught up to the series (or even if you've never watched it at all), don't fret: they weren't, either! But trust me, it would not have mattered either way... this shit salad is beyond any sort of redemption. Enjoy!
68. Hate-Watch the Series Finale of
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