Disney vs. Star Wars | We Were All Wrong About "The Force Awakens"

Might as well have called this one "A Newer Hope".

In the third installment of Matt & Luciano's clinical (some would say surgical) analysis of Star Wars under Disney's tutelage, they finally get to the first movie of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, "The Force Awakens"!

So what are we working with, here? A female action hero as a main character? Sign me up for some of that! A Stormtrooper that not only takes off their helmet but also betrays the Empire (*ahem*, I mean the "First Order") and joins the Rebel Alliance (uh... the "Resistance", sorry)? Noice. A galaxy littered with the remnants of a failed autocracy, a visual cautionary tale for any would-be dictators about what happens when people rise up and stand together against oppression and tyranny? Just take my damn money already!

Well, I'll be! With ideas as refreshing and intriguing as these, there's just no way they would let nostalgia overshadow it all, right?

... Right? 🥺

Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod
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