Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 1)

(This episode discusses Chapters 1 to 4) Dave Filoni *and* Jon Favreau, eh? Colour me intrigued!

This week, Luciano & Matt's deep-dive into Disney's take on Star Wars finally veers away from the feature-length films and into the first ever live-action series in the Star Wars universe: The Mandalorian!

In order to (try and) keep things (mostly) sane, each season of the show will be split into 2 episodes, to allow our dear hosts as much time as they feel they need to rambl— that is, dissect the story and the characters. In this first stab at analysing the series, they'll tackle Chapters 1 to 4.

Given the awful, bitter taste The Rise of Skywalker left in its wake, what were their expectations going in? Did the show live up to them? What were their chief complaints? How can they possibly be this annoying? Give the episode a listen and find out (and if you discover the answer to that last question... please let me know)!

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