Disney vs. Star Wars | This Is the Way You're Wrong About "The Mandalorian" (Part 3)

(This episode discusses Chapters 9 to 12) Turns out we *can* still feel excited for new Star Wars stuff, eh? I'd forgotten how it felt...

Luciano and Matt continue their dissection of Star Wars as imagined by Disney this week, and as they do so, they finally arrive at Season 2 of The Mandalorian!  

Season 1 was pretty ballin'... can Season 2 live up to both its own hype on top of the precedent set by Season 1? What were our hosts expectations going in? Luciano hadn't seen it before, Matt had; did that make any difference in how they experienced it? How wrong were you about what you thought, and how many easter eggs and references did you miss?

Only one way to find out...

Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod
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