DCEU Movies | Everybody Was Wrong About "Wonder Woman 1984"

Because we all thought it was going to be a good one, you see.

This is it! This week, You're Wrong takes on the very last of the current batch of DC Extended Universe movies: Wonder Woman 1984!
I'll be honest: I was actually quite excited about this being the movie they'd concluded their extended DCEU analysis on. I thought, "another Wonder Woman movie, yay! The first one was fun, and this one doesn't have to get into all of that 'origins' crap that first movies need to go through! It can just jump straight into another heartwarming, hopeful story, right? And, holy shit, it's set in the 80's! This is going to be magical! Even those grumpy assholes won't be able to stay grumpy watching this one!"...

Hoo, boy. 😟😓

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