DCEU Movies | Guess Who Else Is Wrong About the "Snyder Cut"?

It's not just you this time! Turns out Spencer and Chris are *also* wrong (again).

I really wanted to say "moving on to the next movie in Matt and Luciano's deep dive into the DCEU", but apparently they have friends who are not only completely wrong about the Snyder Cut, but also don't even have the decency of being ashamed about it.
Ever the gracious friends, our hosts, in their vaunted benevolence, decided to give said friends – Chris *bleep* and Spencer – a venue to humiliate themselv— uh, that is, explain the reasons behind their (wrong) opinions about Zack's Snyder's take on Justice League.

Gird your loins again, everyone. Shit got real (dumb) this week!

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DCEU Movies | Guess Who Else Is Wrong About the
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