DCEU Movies | We Were Wrong About (Watching) "Suicide Squad" (Again)

But watch it again we did. For science. You monster.

Continuing their extended (and extensive) reperusal of the DC Extended Universe movies, Luciano and Matt, along with Chris and Spencer, take on the massive turd known as Suicide Squad. No, not The Suicide Squad – that one hasn't come out yet (as of the publishing of this episode). This is the original turd (and hopefully the only turd... Margot Robbie deserves better).

Anyway, I digress. Oh, do you know who else digresses (a lot)? All four of those nerds. Holy shit, you'd think that they wouldn't blabber on for TWO HOURS about a movie they all pretty much agree sucks, but they did. Hell, the episode is almost as long as the goddamned movie itself! What the fuck is this, a play by play? Geez...

Basic Implosion by Kevin MacLeod
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DCEU Movies | We Were Wrong About (Watching)
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