DCEU Movies | You've Been Wrong For Over 100 Years About "Wonder Woman"

Oh, so it's NOT all doom and gloom, eh? Wonderful!

Next on Matt and Luciano's (and Chris and Spencer's) deep dive into the movies of the DC Extended Universe is a wonderful breath of fresh air: Wonder Woman!

Set 100 years in the past, in the dawn of the 20th century, this one tells the story of Diana's journey from Amazon princess to fully-fledged hero: her origins, in the wonderland island of Themyscira; her first encounter with Man – one Steve Trevor, who wonders into the magically-hidden isle by accident; her departure from the safety of her ancestral home into the "real" world, a place that quickly fills her with both dread and wonderment; the full impact of humanity's darker side and the wonderlessness of war; and the final fulfilment of her destiny, starting with her wonderworks on the war front and culminating in a wondrous battle against the enemy she was born to counter.

You're not going to want to miss this one!

(No puns or calembours were harmed in the making of this description.)

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