DCEU Movies | Harley Quinn Was Wrong About "Birds of Prey"... And/Or Vice-Versa

Yeah, it's... complicated. And confusing. And mildly infuriating.

They're finally at the home stretch of their DC Extended Universe deep dive here on You're Wrong! Today, the topic of discussion is second-to-last movie from the current DCEU line-up: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) – quite possibly the most obnoxious movie title in the history of space and time.

Here's the thing: this one should have actually been two movies. Two separate, almost completely unrelated movies, in fact. But, as we know, Warner Bros. gonna Warner Bros., so what we got was some weird film version of the Frankenstein monster that introduces new, potentially important characters...  by focusing mainly on a completely different (and already introduced!) one. Oh, and one that introduces a wonderfully-hammy new villain and then completely obliterates him, beyond any possible logical salvation.

Way to go, WB. Way to go. 🙄

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