G.U.I.N.N.E.S.S. | You Have 99 Minutes To Be Wrong About "Darkman"

Whereas we only had about 95. Uh, to be *right* about it, of course.

[Unknown4]: hello welcome to your wrong um i'm gonna get off right off the bat here before

[Unknown4]: even before i introduced everybody we said we were going to watch operation

[Unknown4]: chromite and we wanted to but it turns out unless you live in korea you can't

[Unknown4]: really acquire that movie

[Unknown4]: so rather than

[Unknown4]: force ourselves to find air and force our way to find it if you want to watch it

[Unknown4]: we a a bolt and we went to a classic from the year nineteen ninety directed by

[Unknown4]: everybody's favorite spiderman director sam ram

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown4]: we picked a dark man which i think is one of liam neeson's first starring roles i

[Unknown4]: couldn't tell for sure i didn't google hard but it seems like it was one of his so

[Unknown4]: we're doing dark man so if you need to pause this podcast right now knock out dark

[Unknown4]: man good news hour and a half real quick

[Unknown5]: it's fun

[Unknown4]: um please do otherwise continue with us uh we have as always

[Unknown4]: cobra slash luciano

[Unknown6]: yes i'm i am here slash not here

[Unknown4]: yeah you're trapped here chris from montreal

[Unknown5]: hey respect my respect my government okay it's bruce campbell's chin cleft

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown4]: scratch that it definitely wasn't chris from montreal it was

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown4]: bruce campbell king clift

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: and spencer is still not with us he is on the road traveling to parts unknown

[Unknown5]: like the littlest hobo

[Unknown4]: we have the yeah i could sing the song for you but i'll save everybody the problem

[Unknown4]: we have scott scott is back i don't know scott what was the last episode you're on

[Unknown4]: coz i don't remember a very bad host

[Unknown7]: extra life twenty twenty one

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown5]: but it be

[Unknown6]: which was also a trailer

[Unknown4]: a

[Unknown7]: yes that's right

[Unknown6]: episode

[Unknown4]: trailer episode that's right we

[Unknown6]: y

[Unknown4]: talked about trailers good

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: for us

[Unknown4]: for us

[Unknown7]: this

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown7]: feels like the follow up

[Unknown4]: well

[Unknown4]: you probably should have watched this trailer before you watched the movie you

[Unknown4]: might have saved yourself some time

[Unknown5]: y it was a good movie

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown6]: no and

[Unknown7]: it was a movie

[Unknown4]: we'll get into it it was a movie

[Unknown6]: it was a movie

[Unknown5]: y'all i'm gonna fight even in every one of you

[Unknown4]: well okay chris it seems like you may have a dissenting opinion on the movie um

[Unknown4]: would you like to give your review ahead first and scott just to help you and

[Unknown4]: everybody else out uh our normal rating system has been suspended because this is

[Unknown4]: the second episode of the greatest ultimate international and necessary nissan

[Unknown4]: extravaganza super season

[Unknown4]: for sure form we are using your own custom rating scale we'll give you some time

[Unknown4]: to figure out your rating scale chris is gonna go first chris

[Unknown4]: give us your synopsis so your your quick review of the movie

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: and your rating

[Unknown5]: so quick review so like my my opinion or do i recap the movie quick review

[Unknown4]: don't recap the movie don't do

[Unknown5]: cool

[Unknown4]: that to our listeners

[Unknown6]: yeah nobody needs that

[Unknown5]: so my my rating is rare i really enjoyed this movie and for all for all like i

[Unknown5]: don't care that it was yes yes

[Unknown4]: sir sure that's not a custom rating scale

[Unknown6]: he can he can use the standard w leave him alone

[Unknown5]: i i give i i'm gonna i have i have it i have it

[Unknown5]: are you ready

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown4]: i'm i'm ready

[Unknown4]: i'm i'm ready

[Unknown5]: have you prepared your body and mind

[Unknown6]: i mean

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown5]: you're supposed there you go that's the spirit so i'm going to apply the same

[Unknown5]: rating scale that that i used for cold pursuit which is the beads of sweat from lv

[Unknown5]: featured in gangster's paradise coolio remember it's the side profile of lv r and

[Unknown5]: b singer

[Unknown6]: so you're you're sticking to that

[Unknown5]: i i like it i

[Unknown6]: oh okay

[Unknown5]: like it so remember remember

[Unknown4]: cool topical

[Unknown5]: it was

[Unknown6]: that's that's that's a rating skill i guess

[Unknown5]: remember that one beat of sweat is good because it's not stressing you right

[Unknown5]: it's just to be a sweat not pretty and then seven is very bad

[Unknown4]: you're right right right right

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown5]: so dark man according

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: to my rating scale

[Unknown4]: according

[Unknown5]: according to the beads of sweat

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it's one it's

[Unknown5]: it's very it's good

[Unknown4]: you're here insane

[Unknown5]: it's good listen i said good and bad it's very simple don't overthink shit

[Unknown6]: you are completely insane listen your

[Unknown6]: your rating scale is as good as this movie

[Unknown5]: and it is also if i apply my rating scale to your rating i will be ready for that

[Unknown5]: so remember that okay so yeah that's my rating it's i i i it is rare aka one beat

[Unknown5]: of sweat good it's good so

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown5]: shall i follow up

[Unknown6]: clearly you saw another version of this movie but okay

[Unknown5]: i did not i saw the same movies you bitches and you're gonna put some respect on

[Unknown5]: my authoritative goddamn review shall i explain why or what

[Unknown4]: cool hey p we're gonna need that yeah

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown5]: okay so yeah one of my my takeaways because i remember bits and pieces of this

[Unknown5]: movie but rewatching it it was a lot of fun so this flick for me holds up even

[Unknown5]: though it's it's so nineties nineteen ninety it holds up for me um because not a

[Unknown5]: not just because of like the three d printing aspect and the future the future

[Unknown5]: thinking that they tried to apply that they were applying back that i wasn't

[Unknown5]: expecting i didn't remember that at all furthermore i it had a very phantom of the

[Unknown5]: opera vibe for me and the whole

[Unknown5]: clinging to my my past like like reasonable like i want my old life back i was

[Unknown5]: severely wronged and i'm a scientist i have the means to try to reclaim what was

[Unknown5]: taken from me so and then there's a lot of interest yes and he wants to fight for

[Unknown5]: all these valid things but what happens along the way he he ends up changing for

[Unknown5]: reasons that i felt were valid within the context of this story all that trauma

[Unknown5]: the procedure done to help him live through the sustained wounds of like all that

[Unknown5]: like the nervous system and so on

[Unknown5]: and then the result of that like heightened chemical chemical imbalance resulting

[Unknown5]: in rage and all of that sure the visuals were are are dated right but

[Unknown5]: for the purposes of of the the the structure of this character's you know

[Unknown5]: trajectory i think it works and so

[Unknown5]: i i i also love i also love just like the the the time capsule aspect of like the

[Unknown5]: head villain you know durant being that hired you know like big thug hench not

[Unknown5]: even a hedge man but just like that hired criminal even though that you know that

[Unknown5]: corporate dude was also like pulling the strings and then to reveal he's the big

[Unknown5]: hetch cheese the big cheese but i like i i liked all those aspects so i think i

[Unknown5]: think it w it it really had a good enough pace for the time it represented and

[Unknown5]: then little fact filmed in la and toronto's but that was also a fun uh sort of can

[Unknown5]: i is it true so my guess is the hospital scene so other than that

[Unknown6]: you mean the hospital scene where he was strapped to a

[Unknown6]: torture wheel

[Unknown5]: he got out he had the ability to do like they

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: saved his life he would have gone insane without that procedure

[Unknown6]: uh

[Unknown6]: yeah it's the spinning that kept him the yeah

[Unknown7]: the centrifugal force kept his brain in his head

[Unknown5]: exactly exactly

[Unknown6]: the centrifugal centrifugal force that kept his brain

[Unknown5]: to set your view of mental salvation

[Unknown6]: jesus christ

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown6]: bruce campbell chin clap more

[Unknown5]: bruce

[Unknown6]: like bruce campbell's butt cleft

[Unknown5]: listen that

[Unknown4]: well

[Unknown5]: that's that's that's ram's ass right there that's really

[Unknown4]: okay um i'm gonna i'm gonna pivot then to lucia's rebuttal or sorry his ranking

[Unknown6]: i see what you did there

[Unknown5]: and

[Unknown6]: i also notice you're drinking the proper drink for this

[Unknown5]: which is what

[Unknown6]: i listen it's on the right glass it's not a glass it's a can yeah

[Unknown6]: anyway

[Unknown6]: so

[Unknown4]: please sponsor us

[Unknown6]: for me for yeah please so for me this movie is surprisingly and uncommon

[Unknown6]: but for all the wrong reasons this is this is a classic

[Unknown4]: what what happened to your custom ratings system i i thought

[Unknown5]: bit

[Unknown6]: great

[Unknown4]: we were doing some a festival

[Unknown4]: we were doing some a festival

[Unknown5]: take that

[Unknown6]: all right fine it's a pint of henkin there

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown6]: as i had the pines before it was c b between

[Unknown4]: uhuh

[Unknown6]: like

[Unknown6]: oh scott's here between molson which is the worst

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: and unfortunately guinness should have should be the best one because of this

[Unknown4]: yeah sorry sorry not sorry scott

[Unknown7]: too it i've changed since then

[Unknown5]: have you have

[Unknown5]: you leveled up your culture have you cultured leveled yourself up

[Unknown6]: oh have you i drinking course

[Unknown7]: no i drink uh

[Unknown6]: paul leer

[Unknown5]: past

[Unknown7]: now

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown6]: no pert schoolly shit

[Unknown6]: no pert schoolly shit

[Unknown4]: look

[Unknown7]: i like baps though i like peps

[Unknown5]: you drinks do

[Unknown4]: look

[Unknown5]: you drink samuel jackson beer

[Unknown5]: you drink samuel jackson beer

[Unknown7]: it's a it's a light beer

[Unknown6]: oh god

[Unknown7]: silver and blue can

[Unknown4]: look at him just bush

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown7]: now

[Unknown4]: gonna making up lies

[Unknown4]: we'll look it up uh let's continue yeah google out

[Unknown7]: i can't remember yeah i'll i find it

[Unknown6]: anyway

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: this is like a pint of of heiny kin

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: like i would drink another one

[Unknown5]: you damn right

[Unknown6]: but for the r for the wrong reasons because this is one of those classics so bad

[Unknown6]: that it's good movies it's first of all you can almost smell the sam rami through

[Unknown6]: the screen on this movie

[Unknown6]: and as is a classic sammi movie tad ram is in this obviously because how else

[Unknown6]: would would a man's brother get jobs

[Unknown5]: their three brothers their

[Unknown6]: oh yeah

[Unknown5]: ivan is also in it i didn't know they had a third

[Unknown6]: ivan is a ivan is a co writer right

[Unknown5]: yeah and he's

[Unknown6]: on this

[Unknown5]: also he has a he's one of the doctors in the hospital scene

[Unknown6]: oh i didn't know that yeah and also he had he made way for his good buddy bruce

[Unknown6]: campbell to appear as f shemp whatever the that means

[Unknown5]: we know what that is because we looked it up

[Unknown6]: i know but it's it's still stupid anyway um

[Unknown6]: and it's just so campy and so ridiculous like it it starts it starts

[Unknown6]: seemingly like it's going to take itself seriously and then you see them taking

[Unknown6]: pictures of a close up of a nose of a guy named taki tito and i'm like okay this

[Unknown6]: movie is the same rami movie and i'm fine with this

[Unknown6]: and and like as it goes it becomes more weird but then

[Unknown6]: what really irks me is the times when it tries to get serious right like it tries

[Unknown6]: to be dramatic when you know he runs out of the hospital and it's like oh crying

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown6]: live miss and chewing the scenery and drooling all over the place in not a good

[Unknown6]: way

[Unknown6]: exactly and that was so bad

[Unknown6]: oh and it's time to talk to julie

[Unknown6]: her

[Unknown5]: but it was the first but he just got out of the hospital trauma drugs did it a

[Unknown6]: yeah and then and then later he has no lips and he can still talk whatever

[Unknown6]: and it's like those scenes are what really detract from the movie for me because

[Unknown6]: it tries to get a little bit serious but overall i would actually watch this again

[Unknown6]: i would actually sit down with a bunch of people and do like a mystery science

[Unknown6]: theater situation where we just shit on this movie as it goes i would do that any

[Unknown6]: day of the week because it it will be so much fun but uh yeah it's not a good

[Unknown6]: movie it's very nineties and it's like it goes all right like the there's so many

[Unknown6]: plot holes in this thing oh my god like they just hand wave shit

[Unknown6]: anyway

[Unknown5]: and

[Unknown6]: it was fun but it's not a good movie

[Unknown4]: um i don't think there are any plot hoes in this movie because

[Unknown6]: because

[Unknown5]: agreed

[Unknown6]: there's no plot there's no plot

[Unknown4]: because yes you can't have holes while you don't have the thing to put halls in

[Unknown6]: is this like a swiss cheese situation where the more cheese the more holes so the

[Unknown6]: more holes less cheese so

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown6]: the more cheese the last cheese

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown5]: so far two of you are very wrong

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown7]: i was gonna say it's more of a fish net story it's just all whole

[Unknown5]: now three three three of you mother fugger are wrong

[Unknown4]: scott

[Unknown4]: i'm gonna like i'm yeah i'm scott i'm gonna let you go next and it seems like you

[Unknown6]: now rib a ripped fish net

[Unknown4]: have a good good grasp on what we're doing here now

[Unknown7]: yeah so i would give this uh one artificial leg gun out of one artificial leg i

[Unknown7]: thought this movie was awesome

[Unknown5]: ah nice

[Unknown7]: i uh i really liked it i i haven't watched the nineties movie in a long time and

[Unknown7]: this just exploded ninety off the get go you start off with discount bruce willis

[Unknown7]: you got

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: crazy seeds happening out of nowhere you got the fake joker guy called smiley who

[Unknown7]: just laughs the whole time

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: what what's what's with his gun stance

[Unknown5]: oh yeah the

[Unknown7]: oh yeah

[Unknown5]: horse jet kung fu stands

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: he took

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown7]: uh bad guy class one o one and just

[Unknown5]: four

[Unknown7]: took it from there

[Unknown6]: also the ma the first guy that shows up in this movie is discount wednesdays

[Unknown6]: nights too so

[Unknown7]: yep

[Unknown5]: hm and then what about hoppy mcgee hoppy mcgee who he was up he didn't have to hop

[Unknown5]: he

[Unknown6]: why why you

[Unknown7]: okay

[Unknown5]: he's always that shot was was perfection cinema movie making magic like the whole

[Unknown5]: shot the open opening scene when like everyone's late to waste and then hoppy got

[Unknown5]: one leg and he's still hopping for for dramatic effect like we just to waste your

[Unknown5]: crew

[Unknown6]: and a smiley gets fed up put it and raises his arm so he can hold onto it

[Unknown5]: like an eagle perch and then smart and then hobby mickey is like

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it was perfect

[Unknown6]: but go on scott

[Unknown7]: yeah i was gonna say that the the reason i gave it one leg gun out of one is

[Unknown7]: because

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: the first scene makes sense they stuck the gun in that threw his leg sure that was

[Unknown7]: amusing and clever then they go into the the office scene in his lab and he still

[Unknown7]: uses the leg gun

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown7]: they they

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown7]: had other guns they had no reason to sneak it in but that's like his favorite gun

[Unknown7]: so just like hey sorry buddy i just gotta take your leg to look know

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: medicine in this lab

[Unknown4]: and they didn't even get the other guy a leg to replace the leg gun that guys been

[Unknown4]: clearly carrying around the whole day

[Unknown7]: yeah so you know preferred weapon also a leg uh also just an overall ninety

[Unknown7]: seconds movie through and through i loved every minute of it the green screen was

[Unknown7]: amazing i thought i was

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown7]: in a zoom meeting

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: yeah i bet like a zoom with a bad connection

[Unknown7]: yeah it was

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: awesome the futuristic three d glass buildings everywhere

[Unknown7]: the the red light on his face as he was being angry just like a light in front of

[Unknown7]: the light bulb it was amazing this was

[Unknown7]: nineties nostalgia through and through and

[Unknown7]: the one that was really brust was the helicopters stunt if that stunt was real

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown6]: yeah that was impressive yeah

[Unknown7]: that was an amazing stunt

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown7]: and so this movie just had you know something for everybody you got a whole bag of

[Unknown7]: marbles and you can choose what color marble you like and they're all in there for

[Unknown7]: you so really overall awesome movie i would recommend it to anybody to watch

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown7]: pure entertainment the whole time

[Unknown5]: hm mhm

[Unknown6]: to open up your brain let let the shit flow in

[Unknown7]: i guess my my favorite scene outside of the leg part was le me and sad he's got an

[Unknown7]: apartment that's blown up he doesn't go there he goes to live in the street under

[Unknown7]: a box in the middle of a rainstorm like

[Unknown6]: yeah like

[Unknown7]: six inches of water

[Unknown6]: the flimsiest box i need like it's just he's just laying in

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown6]: water under a box

[Unknown6]: water under a box

[Unknown7]: it was so silly in a lot of place

[Unknown5]: where's your empathy yes it was maybe but where's your empathy where where is it

[Unknown5]: where's your empathy yes it was maybe but where's your empathy where where is it

[Unknown6]: uh that w

[Unknown6]: what empathy was

[Unknown5]: shame

[Unknown4]: the men got blown up

[Unknown6]: fucking it's fucking

[Unknown7]: he was

[Unknown5]: for shame

[Unknown7]: just cooling off

[Unknown6]: phantom of the opera wanna

[Unknown5]: oh my god

[Unknown6]: be shit

[Unknown4]: and then they stole his ability to feel kind of but also enhanced it it was very

[Unknown4]: confusing i'm going to use my patent pending scale of the taken movies

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown4]: for everybody at home who doesn't remember taking one good taken three bad

[Unknown5]: h

[Unknown4]: taken two all right

[Unknown4]: um i'm gonna rate this half taken one half ticke two

[Unknown6]: nice nice

[Unknown4]: it's not as good as taking one but i

[Unknown4]: had a good time yeah take more if you will i um so a really quick departure when i

[Unknown6]: to take him one point five

[Unknown4]: was a kid i wanted to watch this movie in the worst way don't know why can't tell

[Unknown4]: you why i think i saw an advertisement for it in the back like a video game

[Unknown4]: magazine and it was just dark man he was standing on metal girders and

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: it's like his his family offer from cape and hat were blown in the wind

[Unknown6]: that name is so cool dark man yeah

[Unknown5]: yep they might have made a video game too i'm gonna double check

[Unknown4]: they did they made a bunch of video games apparently

[Unknown4]: and i think initially i mean so can ninety i was ten and my parents

[Unknown6]: y

[Unknown4]: wouldn't let me watch it and then i just forgot about it um and i'm so glad that

[Unknown4]: we decided to watch it because um it was worth it every inch of this movie was

[Unknown4]: excellent i know scott brought up the the leg gun and i think my favorite part

[Unknown4]: about that whole first scene is the

[Unknown4]: other gangster had fifty dudes with guns at

[Unknown6]: y

[Unknown4]: least and about guys in cars with guns like the

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: cavalry

[Unknown6]: in inside

[Unknown7]: the ste starts off inside of crates the kars come out

[Unknown6]: inside of crates

[Unknown4]: yeah instead of crates right

[Unknown7]: and they hit nothing

[Unknown7]: these are

[Unknown4]: they have

[Unknown6]: yeah now

[Unknown7]: storm troopers to the max

[Unknown4]: they have

[Unknown6]: dent durant has some sort of a reverse magnetic field around him that bullets just

[Unknown6]: don't get near

[Unknown4]: everybody on this team does they had one gun it was the leg gun and they shot

[Unknown4]: everybody on the other guy's team

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: and then durant got a gun out and apparently he's a

[Unknown5]: two

[Unknown4]: marksman just a

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: aiming guys up and that just this is gonna be a theme of the movie that never pays

[Unknown4]: off at any other point in the movie his

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: marman sh never comes in fact is never on display again because he spends the

[Unknown4]: final third half of the movie or a quarter of i should say trying try to shoot a

[Unknown4]: grenade launcher at dark man and missing e every single time

[Unknown5]: yep

[Unknown6]: yep

[Unknown4]: meanwhile he was usingen guys driving cars at like sixty miles per hour driving by

[Unknown4]: meanwhile he was usingen guys driving cars at like sixty miles per hour driving by

[Unknown6]: yeah but here's the thing here's the thing when he was there in that scene with

[Unknown4]: him

[Unknown4]: him

[Unknown6]: bullets fucking flying all around him and he having only that one gun he would

[Unknown6]: take a half a step stop for what felt like ten minutes aiming and then shoot and

[Unknown6]: nobody hit him but he you know he he got to do the sniper thing where he hold his

[Unknown6]: breath and w and when it was shooting dark me it was a little harder you know

[Unknown6]: helicopters moving up and down

[Unknown5]: exactly

[Unknown6]: all that shit you know

[Unknown4]: dark man was wearing dark clothes and broad daylight on top of a building

[Unknown5]: you know

[Unknown6]: five five like inches from him too

[Unknown4]: just saying

[Unknown5]: it's hard out here for durant

[Unknown4]: anyways right here well problem solved um

[Unknown4]: so yeah so i really enjoyed it i thought it was a good movie and you should all

[Unknown4]: watch it it's it is exactly what i love about nineties movies

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown4]: the plots fast it is just get to the next action piece there's no extra drama

[Unknown4]: they're not trying to build characters just

[Unknown6]: god no

[Unknown4]: knock it out

[Unknown4]: so i mean

[Unknown7]: well they're physically building them one nano cell at a time

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown6]: for five hundred and seventy one hours

[Unknown5]: system

[Unknown7]: yeah for half a face

[Unknown5]: is ready

[Unknown4]: well that lot

[Unknown5]: system is ready

[Unknown4]: yeah like it the other thing like i i don't know if we're going to get to it i

[Unknown4]: just have to mention it now we'll get into it but like so the skin he uses last

[Unknown4]: for

[Unknown6]: ninety nine minutes yes

[Unknown4]: ninety nine minutes and they make a big deal about it and he's got a time around

[Unknown4]: him

[Unknown5]: go ahead

[Unknown4]: great love the conceit but but they know if they put it into the dark it would

[Unknown4]: last indefinitely

[Unknown6]: right

[Unknown7]: well it would last longer never saw how long would actually last

[Unknown4]: sure fair

[Unknown4]: fair scott but at no point did he ever try to not go out in broad daylight in

[Unknown5]: they had to manhattan

[Unknown4]: these masks

[Unknown6]: but no

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown6]: but ma come

[Unknown6]: on

[Unknown4]: what what

[Unknown5]: the danger

[Unknown6]: the whole reason why they had the all preserves in the dark thing was just so he

[Unknown6]: had a reason to store a bunch of ready made skins in the dark in his lair i guess

[Unknown5]: reaching reach reaching

[Unknown6]: that's all that's the only reason why that

[Unknown4]: you know

[Unknown6]: existed

[Unknown5]: no it's not it's also a challenge it's a constraint

[Unknown7]: i thought that's why they called him dark man and then i was

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown7]: like they never explain this at all

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown4]: i i expect chris to pull that bullshit because he loves this movie not you sir you

[Unknown4]: said you were like i question many things

[Unknown6]: dude i i am i am being facetious as as can i can

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown6]: possibly be

[Unknown5]: well you're failing

[Unknown4]: yeah bad job

[Unknown6]: no i'm not failing

[Unknown7]: so

[Unknown4]: let's okay let's get

[Unknown5]: you are fail

[Unknown7]: wait that's not why

[Unknown6]: you be

[Unknown7]: they call it dark man

[Unknown4]: but him

[Unknown6]: yeah because he has to be in the dark

[Unknown7]: but he was never in the dark like he never

[Unknown6]: hm

[Unknown7]: hides in shadows or anything

[Unknown5]: well

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it's the journey into darkness

[Unknown6]: no is that

[Unknown7]: but

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown7]: he says it in the light like he's in

[Unknown6]: also i

[Unknown7]: the in the middle of the day saying cob dark band

[Unknown6]: i don't i don't think this is gonna come up here so i'm just gonna mention this

[Unknown6]: why

[Unknown6]: when he goes like he goes and tries to find his lab and it's all exploded so he

[Unknown6]: picks up a bunch of monitors that's all he had a bunch of monitors

[Unknown4]: hm

[Unknown6]: and he drags it into some random abandoned place and then he goes

[Unknown6]: home what why he

[Unknown5]: why what

[Unknown6]: why was that home

[Unknown5]: okay i thought you had to actual reason

[Unknown6]: he'd never been there before

[Unknown7]: that's what batman does that it' just just how things work right they just

[Unknown4]: b

[Unknown7]: abandoned things in the nineties

[Unknown4]: every man's gotta have his home

[Unknown7]: you just go live there when your house blows up

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: oh god

[Unknown5]: i thought you were

[Unknown4]: every man has has to have his home come on don't be like that

[Unknown5]: i thought

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: your real question was going to be like how is he able to salvage enough to

[Unknown5]: reconstruct his lab and said you come to you come to the table with

[Unknown6]: bro

[Unknown5]: that shit

[Unknown5]: move

[Unknown6]: broke

[Unknown6]: bro that lab don't get me started on that lab

[Unknown4]: you here you're yielding your time we gotta

[Unknown6]: yes i am

[Unknown4]: if you can bring it back up we'll get there okay uh really important question um

[Unknown4]: it's been brought to my attention that the country of brazil likes to import a lot

[Unknown4]: of movies from north america hollywood

[Unknown6]: all of them really

[Unknown4]: bay okay fair um and and obviously because you are are generally a portuguese

[Unknown4]: speaking nation

[Unknown4]: the titles are changed because you know you can't just translate straight from

[Unknown4]: english to pt br so mus you being a

[Unknown4]: former resident of brazil do you know what this was called in in

[Unknown6]: oh yeah

[Unknown4]: p t br

[Unknown6]: because much like you i saw commercials for this all the time

[Unknown4]: just

[Unknown6]: and i never i never quite caught the whole movie

[Unknown6]: but i always saw the commercials and in brazil they have this the same guy does

[Unknown6]: commercials for all like narration for all kinds of movies and it has this really

[Unknown6]: gravely like high gravis voice or i guess low gravity voice you know what i mean

[Unknown6]: so this movie isn't the worst so they laughed the word darkman there untranslated

[Unknown6]: but as they do a lot they put a colon on it and they called it darkman vengeance

[Unknown6]: without face

[Unknown6]: the thing is

[Unknown4]: mm hm mm mhm

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown6]: like you said brazil is a is generally a portuguese speaking country

[Unknown6]: so darkman doesn't sound like dark me in portuguese

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown6]: and they butcher the pronunciation every time

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: it's not doesn't sound like anything bad it's just trying to get the the narrators

[Unknown6]: and the people talking about this movie to pronounce it and they would say it in

[Unknown6]: all the butchery ways and then they so they would say it really quickly like do

[Unknown6]: man vengeance without face that's how they would announce it all the time

[Unknown6]: and apparently in portugal it was called man without a face

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown6]: which

[Unknown4]: is isn't that a different movie

[Unknown4]: is isn't that a different movie

[Unknown5]: i feel like it is

[Unknown6]: i know not

[Unknown5]: i feel like that's another movie too

[Unknown4]: well i

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: look this up

[Unknown6]: but yeah anyway that's that's the title it's dark man vengeance without a face

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: he

[Unknown7]: if i can say

[Unknown4]: there's a nineteen scot there's a nineteen ninety three movie called man without a

[Unknown4]: there's a nineteen scot there's a nineteen ninety three movie called man without a

[Unknown4]: face and it stars everyone's favorite actor

[Unknown4]: face and it stars everyone's favorite actor

[Unknown5]: leo dicaprio

[Unknown4]: no that's you know how i wanna say it's our favorite and it's the

[Unknown5]: i know

[Unknown4]: exact opposite it's mil gibson

[Unknown5]: yes oh that

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: i was trying to guess it sorry hm yes carry on

[Unknown4]: um so yeah that's the thing um god you're gonna say something

[Unknown6]: yeah remind me of the

[Unknown7]: yeah i was gonna say

[Unknown6]: billy idol

[Unknown6]: song

[Unknown7]: i was very worried when i saw the title of this movie and then it started off with

[Unknown7]: the wesley snipes uh

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: a fake we said i was like this could go

[Unknown6]: o

[Unknown7]: the wrong way real fast

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah it's like those

[Unknown4]: it was just liam nissan and black face

[Unknown6]: yeah they

[Unknown7]: i didn't know where they

[Unknown6]: don't start

[Unknown7]: were going that's all i said

[Unknown6]: yeah don't start a movie called dark man with a close up shot of a black guy

[Unknown6]: please that's not

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown4]: was the

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: nineties it was a simpler time

[Unknown6]: oh yes it was because the first thing he says when d rent gets there he's like dn

[Unknown6]: you and your ladies have to drop your guns and it's like why

[Unknown4]: column

[Unknown6]: bro why you gotta be nineties this way

[Unknown7]: it also started off with a scene whereas like you know the famous hamburger thing

[Unknown7]: you're cool he says you start off with the same things and he's like tell him

[Unknown4]: he did

[Unknown7]: nope tell him nope tell him don tell book you

[Unknown6]: yeah yes

[Unknown4]: that was that was a a hot start which i loved every minute of

[Unknown7]: y

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown6]: that that whole first scene is great

[Unknown4]: don't go fuck himself

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: had me h him

[Unknown4]: all right

[Unknown6]: anyway

[Unknown4]: next question we're gonna get the hard ones real fast

[Unknown5]: two

[Unknown4]: first one real hear who is the best character

[Unknown6]: ah that it's actually hard

[Unknown4]: right

[Unknown6]: what does best mean

[Unknown4]: exactly a great question

[Unknown4]: exactly a great question

[Unknown5]: good question okay

[Unknown4]: figure it out while you answer i'm going to pick luciana

[Unknown6]: so i don't know

[Unknown6]: i don't know if it's the best character

[Unknown6]: but it's probably my favorite character

[Unknown6]: m rent

[Unknown5]: i feel that

[Unknown6]: i just

[Unknown6]: is just so unapologetically like a shithead

[Unknown6]: and it's not like he's not doing it for the evil

[Unknown6]: he's not doing it cause he wants to prove something he's just he has to do and

[Unknown6]: people get in the way and he also i also like that he doesn't do the usual villain

[Unknown6]: stick of underestimating anybody he goes in to get the the paperwork at at this

[Unknown6]: poor scientist guy lab and he brings like twenty seven people with him just in

[Unknown6]: case

[Unknown5]: it's effective it's

[Unknown5]: thorough doesn't have time to waist

[Unknown6]: is like yeah

[Unknown6]: i i don't know i just i i don't remember the doctor's name now but i i always

[Unknown6]: liked him in the nineties he always had this villain's roles and he always did

[Unknown6]: like a a phenomenal slash camp job edit

[Unknown5]: larry drake

[Unknown4]: who larry drake

[Unknown5]: rip ip apparently using using la l law and i recognized him from somewhere else he

[Unknown6]: larry drake yes yes yes

[Unknown5]: was also in doctor or like doctor giggles i never saw that but it's like sort of

[Unknown5]: like a

[Unknown6]: for

[Unknown5]: semi semi horror

[Unknown5]: semi semi horror

[Unknown6]: for

[Unknown4]: thank you

[Unknown6]: a minute there you had me scared chris cause i thought you're gonna see doctor who

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown6]: and i was like what

[Unknown5]: trust where's the trust

[Unknown6]: he is the thirte doctor white no no he's not

[Unknown5]: for the nineties it he he could have maybe he has kind of the nineties look

[Unknown6]: i know so yeah i don't know i don't know if it's the best character but it's he's

[Unknown6]: definitely my favorite is is is dent

[Unknown4]: all right well thanks for dodging the question scott who do you think was the best

[Unknown4]: character

[Unknown7]: i try to think i i really like polly which is uh discount bruce wallace

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah

[Unknown7]: he he just caught my attention early and uh kept it every time he was on screen

[Unknown5]: i fell for him i don't even know dress

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: yeah that was really good

[Unknown6]: yeah he was like he was so beautiful that see mister durn no i don't even know how

[Unknown6]: good it was it was it was great yeah

[Unknown5]: have a nice flight

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown6]: see that's what i like about durant he knows his puns as well

[Unknown4]: it doesn't mess around it's i

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: i i appreciate that chris what are you thinking here

[Unknown5]: okay so i'm split but i'll

[Unknown6]: absolutely

[Unknown5]: go with my first pick so it's also direct because uh dude's mega unpredictable and

[Unknown5]: you know like you're going through like from a villain standpoint and so i really

[Unknown5]: appreciate like he was a better villain than his boss in my opinion

[Unknown6]: oh by a mile yes

[Unknown5]: and like intelligent to the point where like even then even though shit was

[Unknown5]: starting to go sideways for him when like when nisan uh like impersonated him

[Unknown5]: stuff like that he's like something isn't right when he gets to chinatown and his

[Unknown5]: you know his henchmen are there he's already piecing it together

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: like you know some aren't usually they're carrying on like the the the you know

[Unknown5]: the villain is

[Unknown5]: is uh is a lot slower on the uptake but i just appreciated that so fast paced but

[Unknown5]: apart from that he had enough they gave him a lot more a lot more screen time and

[Unknown5]: back story with his him being at his house taxidermy the whole finger collection

[Unknown5]: thing to

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown5]: make it more imposing i i

[Unknown4]: six

[Unknown5]: appreciated those brush strokes okay making more a more full fledged bodied you

[Unknown5]: know

[Unknown5]: you know foil to to dark man and

[Unknown5]: and then i guess my number two runner up would actually be um i don't want to say

[Unknown5]: louise guzman but his his his character name was something

[Unknown6]: i forgot about that

[Unknown7]: mission impossible prequel

[Unknown5]: i love that mmm hmm

[Unknown6]: oh man i forgot about the two mask thing

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: he was rudy guzman

[Unknown5]: yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: rudy goes by yes

[Unknown5]: i just i he was also one of those hench like

[Unknown6]: ching at to

[Unknown4]: a couple of

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: interesting things i'm looking

[Unknown5]: hm hm

[Unknown4]: at people on mtv because that's how i keep track of who's in the movie

[Unknown4]: our friend

[Unknown4]: raphael h

[Unknown4]: roble was

[Unknown4]: mir guzman he doesn't have a picture on id b he was it maybe ten movies stopped

[Unknown4]: after two thousand and four other things he did outside of rudy guzman he was

[Unknown4]: carlos and toy soldiers uh he's an american me as l chuo whatever that is um

[Unknown4]: mister

[Unknown6]: eight

[Unknown4]: velez in east of hope street

[Unknown6]: good that he's not being typecast to helen back

[Unknown4]: no look he was an atomic blue mexican wrestler as

[Unknown6]: oh no

[Unknown4]: the to blu headline roll

[Unknown6]: oh no

[Unknown4]: and his last role was agent perez and the eavesdrop

[Unknown6]: oh my god

[Unknown4]: so that's great career uh our friend polly i just wanted to shut this out his

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: imd picture

[Unknown5]: get him

[Unknown4]: is a picture of hymns sleeping and dark man behind him

[Unknown6]: nice

[Unknown7]: see he knows his

[Unknown6]: nice

[Unknown7]: roles

[Unknown4]: so he had a much better career and i won't go into it too far but he he was acting

[Unknown4]: to

[Unknown5]: what's his name what's his real name

[Unknown4]: about two thousand and three his real name

[Unknown4]: let's see

[Unknown7]: nicholas w

[Unknown4]: here it is yeah nicholas worth

[Unknown6]: really i thought it was gonna be some like

[Unknown6]: super duper

[Unknown6]: bing sauce italian name like seriously

[Unknown4]: oh i'm sure i'm sure it's like not his real name let me go fold bio here and i'll

[Unknown4]: look at it while i talk

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown4]: i'll answer this question you guys are all cowards it's liam nissan's character

[Unknown4]: dark man or paton

[Unknown6]: no fuck you

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown7]: that's too easy

[Unknown6]: fuck you all the way to hell

[Unknown4]: p was paton west lake

[Unknown6]: that character makes no fucking sense

[Unknown5]: west lake paint payton west lake

[Unknown4]: the character doesn't have to make sense this whole fucking movie doesn't make

[Unknown4]: sense

[Unknown4]: the character's perfect it's glorious because

[Unknown5]: true

[Unknown4]: first of all the man lives in

[Unknown4]: a science laboratory which i did not catch on until

[Unknown4]: until

[Unknown6]: me

[Unknown6]: neither i didn't know it was his his house until it blew up

[Unknown7]: it took a while yeah

[Unknown4]: yeah cause they're like oh this is his house and then they came there and blew it

[Unknown4]: up and i'm like wait a second that we were like i thought he left to go to work

[Unknown4]: wait this is his lab so that's badass

[Unknown5]: that's dedication right there

[Unknown4]: that is that's how cool you are

[Unknown4]: and second of all like it's just everything that goes on with patent westlake a k

[Unknown4]: a darkman the acting is just so ham and it just adds to the mystique of the entire

[Unknown4]: movie i don't i don't know what that machine was that they pushed him into head

[Unknown4]: first that he held on to and burned his hands on

[Unknown5]: poor guy yeah

[Unknown6]: oh that g was so

[Unknown6]: awful

[Unknown4]: bro

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown6]: hands

[Unknown7]: so nineties it was pretty good

[Unknown5]: no no no no no no no appre appreciate it

[Unknown4]: that's army of darkness that is

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: sam ram's skill

[Unknown6]: it's exactly that's exactly what it was

[Unknown4]: so that was

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown4]: glorious

[Unknown4]: his whole

[Unknown5]: retractor your statement cobra

[Unknown5]: retractor your statement cobra

[Unknown4]: his whole

[Unknown6]: no i don't

[Unknown4]: like turn as

[Unknown5]: i bite you

[Unknown4]: losing his like i like how he was like he'd have heightened senses and all we

[Unknown4]: really heightened was his anger

[Unknown5]: um

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: that's it like he just got mad all the time

[Unknown6]: well that whole explanation from that

[Unknown5]: lock

[Unknown6]: doctor was like just a string of bush it's so long

[Unknown4]: hundred percent

[Unknown5]: i would have loved like on that note real quick it would've been great so late

[Unknown5]: well we got was anger that sucked but like when he was impersonating polly and

[Unknown5]: he's in that like diner or whatever and the plate of food went in front of him i

[Unknown5]: thought he's gonna eat but the scene was too short so like we wouldn't have

[Unknown5]: wouldn't have been something of his hunger like we never see him eat it would have

[Unknown5]: been great he was like

[Unknown5]: something like that

[Unknown4]: his his hunger a sense i don't i don't know how it works

[Unknown6]: he was he was he was too

[Unknown4]: gosh

[Unknown6]: busy because his face was about to melt

[Unknown7]: did

[Unknown5]: i suppose

[Unknown7]: anyone else

[Unknown6]: so

[Unknown7]: feel like they cut like fifty percent of this movie before it actually went to

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown7]: theaters

[Unknown5]: i hope so

[Unknown6]: i don't know about fifty percent but there's a lot on that cutting room for for

[Unknown6]: i don't know about fifty percent but there's a lot on that cutting room for for

[Unknown6]: sure

[Unknown6]: sure

[Unknown5]: release the rainy cut

[Unknown7]: there's gotta be some some hidden scenes

[Unknown6]: well this was the rami cut

[Unknown5]: no no

[Unknown4]: now this isn't the true me cut i gotta

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown4]: we gotta find it maybe there's a dv blue ray that's got like

[Unknown6]: can you imagine

[Unknown4]: deleted scenes i'll find you i swear to god

[Unknown6]: i'll watch it

[Unknown4]: just so just to finish i just i just really enjoyed how like

[Unknown4]: stupid the character was and like committed him nisan was my favorite scene of all

[Unknown4]: was when he's at the park with franciso and they're like he's trying to

[Unknown6]: take the fucking elephant

[Unknown5]: the old man

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: poor poor jewy

[Unknown4]: it was so good

[Unknown5]: but poor poor painting at the same time fuck

[Unknown6]: i like the scene where he breaks the guy's fingers and there's

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: clearly like just made of like soft

[Unknown6]: plastic

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown4]: so all said i think his character is the best i really enjoyed it and i want more

[Unknown6]: i i really appreciated him trying to show that he was like lost control of like

[Unknown6]: some senses and he's not used to his face because it's not his face and he was

[Unknown6]: like emoting extra hard but like in the wrong way

[Unknown6]: when

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown6]: the first time he uses his own face again the julie it's me cause the fuck is

[Unknown6]: wrong with you

[Unknown4]: he's talking like chris lambert i got it

[Unknown6]: yeah chris lambert and chris walkin at the

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: same time

[Unknown4]: uh okay backing that up with uh our next favorite question

[Unknown4]: what what

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: actor would you replace in this movie i'll start and it's to

[Unknown6]: scott

[Unknown4]: me it's it's fairly obvious i don't know if the character sucks but um let me get

[Unknown4]: his name right louis st stk junior the

[Unknown6]: ah yeah yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: the boss guy

[Unknown5]: the the big boss yeah

[Unknown6]: yeah you got me you got mine that was gonna be mine too yeah

[Unknown4]: it just like the car

[Unknown5]: fuck

[Unknown4]: like the character sucked

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown6]: but the actor made it worse

[Unknown4]: and i well it's just like i don't know what like what like obviously shocker to me

[Unknown4]: like he had to both be a love interest for

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown4]: for uh

[Unknown6]: of course

[Unknown4]: his for for fran make nor which honestly i didn't know they were dating until she

[Unknown4]: showed up and tried to

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown4]: break up for them at the end

[Unknown6]: well they never they never clarify cause like the she says oh there was a man who

[Unknown6]: comforted me

[Unknown5]: true

[Unknown6]: and i'm like that's a weird euphemism but okay

[Unknown5]: there was there was an entanglement while you i thought you were dead

[Unknown6]: yeah like but it's not clear you're right it's like maybe she he's just like

[Unknown6]: friendly with her or whatever or he's trying yeah

[Unknown4]: they danced once when

[Unknown5]: true

[Unknown4]: she was sad i was just like oh he seem to make a nice guy but i forgot it was the

[Unknown6]: y

[Unknown4]: nineties right so if you dance with a woman then you've had sex with her

[Unknown4]: that's how it works that's my fault

[Unknown6]: of course of course it's the same thing yeah

[Unknown5]: they used that in the beginning in the early stages of the movie when nisan and uh

[Unknown5]: uh his girlfriend julie was like oh okay i'll see what you want let's dance and

[Unknown5]: then they go to bed together right so maybe that was the hint

[Unknown6]: oh that was a call back

[Unknown4]: it's true well shit i missed it my bad

[Unknown6]: live it to fuck sam ram to make dancing a euphemism for sex

[Unknown5]: maybe

[Unknown4]: well listen nineties so i would replace that actor cause i think there's someone

[Unknown4]: who i could have more charisma and do a better job now the

[Unknown4]: caveat here and also the challenge is that i need to replace with someone in the

[Unknown6]: ten

[Unknown4]: nineties

[Unknown4]: who

[Unknown5]: i'm already scanning

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: who would have fit that bill and honestly the nineties stuff for me to remember i

[Unknown4]: was ten um and i'm trying to think of who was kind of big like not big but like i

[Unknown4]: would put a name after someone to give some gravitas to the movie to

[Unknown5]: i got two

[Unknown4]: to to play off of okay chris hit me with it

[Unknown5]: suggestion number one

[Unknown5]: router hower

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown4]: i like it

[Unknown6]: well well done

[Unknown5]: so for

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown5]: the like if you don't know

[Unknown5]: blade runner

[Unknown6]: he would he would he splice the tears and the rain

[Unknown6]: monologue in there

[Unknown5]: i don't know i i honestly don't know

[Unknown6]: somehow

[Unknown5]: and then just like to quickly like recap yeah so ruger hower blade runner hobo

[Unknown5]: with a shotgun the hitch sin city he was cardinal rock roark sorry

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown5]: and then in blade runner roy roy batty and then he was the hobo and hobo with a

[Unknown5]: shotgun so if you don't know now you know and then

[Unknown7]: yes of course all bow from hov to chicken

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: listen here

[Unknown6]: you forgot to mention the best movie he ever made which is lady hawk

[Unknown5]: okay if be sure if you want to

[Unknown4]: also listen

[Unknown6]: i love that movie

[Unknown4]: the i love

[Unknown5]: i haven't seen it i need to see it

[Unknown4]: sorry i love the synergy on this i was looking at some rocker howard's

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: id b

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown4]: in nineteen eighty nine he made two short videos guinness just a nightmare

[Unknown5]: four

[Unknown4]: guinness saa

[Unknown6]: nice

[Unknown4]: so i think

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown4]: that's just all comes together perfectly

[Unknown6]: i it's it's it's fate

[Unknown5]: cosmic

[Unknown6]: it's fate yeah

[Unknown5]: you're welcome

[Unknown4]: chris what was what was your second one just in case

[Unknown4]: chris what was what was your second one just in case

[Unknown6]: my replacement oh yeah you have a second one what is your second one yeah

[Unknown5]: second one uh sorry i lost cause i was getting into this uh i lost him i got him

[Unknown5]: okay yeah michael york so english

[Unknown4]: oh yep

[Unknown6]: ooh i thought you're gonna say the same i was

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown6]: michael no it's not but carry on

[Unknown6]: michael no it's not but carry on

[Unknown5]: oh michael york notable for logan's run as logan cabaret romeo and juliet nineteen

[Unknown5]: sixty eight and he was also

[Unknown4]: basil

[Unknown5]: basil from austin power is the the

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown5]: many austin powers movies the new basil

[Unknown4]: i think that would have

[Unknown6]: i think

[Unknown4]: been a great choice

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: uh yeah i like rud k howard more

[Unknown4]: fair

[Unknown5]: umhum what was your success yeah

[Unknown6]: from the two for me michael douglass

[Unknown5]: oh could have afforded him though i would have

[Unknown6]: well

[Unknown5]: liked it sorry sorry i strike my my constraints sorry

[Unknown6]: no no it's i i mean it's a good question cause this movie has the the budget of

[Unknown6]: two socks but you know but like

[Unknown5]: i mean i

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown5]: i also understand like the it makes perfect sense why where they had to reuse the

[Unknown5]: prosthetic machine gun like they put so much money into that they had to make it

[Unknown5]: work money's worth

[Unknown6]: yeah that okay it's like bullet time it's like matrix and

[Unknown5]: r o y

[Unknown6]: bullet time right yeah of course yeah no i think so michael douglass was almost

[Unknown6]: almost eddie peak in nineteen ninety ah he would like you would do three big

[Unknown6]: movies in the next few years

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: so i think they could have afford him and i think you would have done a good job

[Unknown6]: of being a smarmy son of a beach like that like and actually sell

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown5]: back to

[Unknown6]: fact that he was like you know

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown6]: trying to seem like a nice dude but actually being a dick

[Unknown5]: he would have been able to pull that off pretty

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: much

[Unknown5]: he's good at that

[Unknown6]: yes mat why are you looking at

[Unknown4]: nicholas cage

[Unknown6]: no not then not then

[Unknown5]: well how young how young was cage though then

[Unknown6]: i here's here's okay wait me so let me veer into

[Unknown5]: where was he

[Unknown6]: what i would have done

[Unknown6]: which would have been and again the synergy this is amazing i would have replaced

[Unknown6]: limon with nick cage

[Unknown6]: and have him be paid in westlake

[Unknown4]: so nick cage would have been twenty six at the time of the movie

[Unknown5]: i see okay go

[Unknown5]: mmm hmm

[Unknown4]: maybe twenty five filming the

[Unknown5]: um

[Unknown4]: reason why i don't like nick cage is linson

[Unknown4]: reason why i don't like nick cage is linson

[Unknown4]: the figure he needs to cut inside that suit to make dark man scary and

[Unknown4]: believable has to be a big dude i think that's where

[Unknown6]: has to be a big dude

[Unknown6]: fair

[Unknown4]: nick cage fails

[Unknown6]: that's fair i just like the energy he would have brought to it can you imagine him

[Unknown6]: having to do all that hammy acting

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: take the fucking elephant like

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: doubt that would be the way he would do that

[Unknown5]: did any of you do any of you know so okay so one did any of you know that there

[Unknown5]: are three dark man movies

[Unknown4]: i saw

[Unknown6]: i mean you told us

[Unknown5]: yes okay cool and so did you know so did you know nisan is that part of two or

[Unknown5]: three and

[Unknown6]: of course you wouldn't be

[Unknown4]: obviously not

[Unknown5]: well you don't know that

[Unknown6]: who plays who plays darkman

[Unknown5]: anyone with the brain so the the dude the dude who replaced him is uh arnold vasu

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: two

[Unknown5]: known for

[Unknown5]: any takers before i spill it do you know

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown6]: no idea

[Unknown5]: did the name ring a bell

[Unknown5]: did the name ring a bell

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown6]: no idea

[Unknown4]: card no

[Unknown5]: okay well the mummy the mummy and mummy returns the brendan fraser uh stuff

[Unknown7]: is she the bad guy

[Unknown5]: so he was yeah

[Unknown7]: oh

[Unknown4]: wait

[Unknown5]: especially in the first one when when you remember

[Unknown5]: especially in the first one when when you remember

[Unknown6]: okay okay

[Unknown7]: yeah i see that

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown6]: i'm here for that

[Unknown5]: not sun moon

[Unknown4]: that's

[Unknown5]: yeah he them

[Unknown4]: that's the guy that's the guy i was mistake for being um billy zan

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: oh billy say would have been a good dark man as well

[Unknown4]: yeah i saw yeah

[Unknown5]: could have but he did the phantom so

[Unknown4]: yeah he's good

[Unknown6]: you can't cross streams now is that

[Unknown4]: no you you

[Unknown5]: no only in the ghostbusters

[Unknown4]: you can't

[Unknown5]: it wasn't a thing until until you know further down dig it okay okay okay

[Unknown4]: so does

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: anybody else have anyone they want to replace

[Unknown4]: other

[Unknown7]: yes

[Unknown4]: than

[Unknown6]: i've had my i've had mine

[Unknown4]: that character yeah scott scott who do you have

[Unknown5]: oh okay go go go go

[Unknown7]: i i would replace francis mcdorman

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown7]: i didn't think

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: she did a very good job i thought she was very

[Unknown5]: agreed

[Unknown7]: she was she was too neutral for this movie

[Unknown7]: everyone

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown7]: else was awesome crazy and she was just like i'm gonna play this serious and she

[Unknown7]: just i felt like she brought her out the whole fun level down every time she was

[Unknown7]: on camera

[Unknown4]: too respectable

[Unknown5]: apparently she was

[Unknown6]: probably taking herself too seriously too

[Unknown5]: apparently she was difficult to direct according to the internets and

[Unknown6]: who would you replace her with scott

[Unknown5]: yeah go for it

[Unknown7]: that's what i'm trying to look for now i i could not tell you who to replace the

[Unknown7]: that's what i'm trying to look for now i i could not tell you who to replace the

[Unknown7]: the one that comes to mind is the mom from home alone but

[Unknown7]: the one that comes to mind is the mom from home alone but

[Unknown5]: you mean

[Unknown6]: oh okay

[Unknown7]: i

[Unknown7]: i

[Unknown5]: you mean

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown7]: i can't think of who else

[Unknown6]: catherine o'hara

[Unknown4]: oh yeah

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: katherine or hair

[Unknown5]: she could

[Unknown5]: you know

[Unknown4]: richi

[Unknown5]: mega attractive in the nineties but i got one to go on go

[Unknown5]: mega attractive in the nineties but i got one to go on go

[Unknown6]: you know who would have been wait

[Unknown6]: i i don't want to because now she's a complete shithead and i hate

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: her but back then

[Unknown6]: uh fuck what's her name christie ali

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown5]: yeah she could have but

[Unknown6]: now now she's a complete like i hate but back then you know she was the mom in

[Unknown6]: home alone

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: ahead

[Unknown7]: what

[Unknown6]: am i saying she no no

[Unknown4]: what

[Unknown6]: no she's the she's the the mom in who who's talking

[Unknown5]: yes yes yes yes yes

[Unknown6]: sorry sorry sorry yeah might as well replace

[Unknown6]: sorry sorry sorry yeah might as well replace

[Unknown6]: so replace francis mcdormand with her and then replace liam nien with john poter

[Unknown6]: bruce willis

[Unknown4]: jesus

[Unknown5]: do you know who i'd like to replace francis mcdorman with

[Unknown6]: go for it

[Unknown5]: no constraints we know a writer

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown4]: but

[Unknown6]: what do you mean no constraints no has to be someone who has the proper age in the

[Unknown4]: yeah how old is she in the nineties

[Unknown6]: nineties come on

[Unknown5]: i didn't i don't know i'm just doing my like i if i could control whatever i

[Unknown5]: wanted and if she was if she's age appropriate i would use i would suggest one on

[Unknown4]: um well you know it could have it could have flown

[Unknown5]: a writer i didn't do the math that's just my suggestion

[Unknown7]: she was within the age i think cause i'm looking at like people who were big

[Unknown4]: she

[Unknown7]: in the nineties and she's showing up i'm not sure how old she was

[Unknown4]: she

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: set she was

[Unknown6]: but

[Unknown4]: born in seventy one so she would have been eighteen

[Unknown6]: yeah she would have been nineteen it's too young

[Unknown4]: whatever man no

[Unknown7]: nissan's young in that movie but he looks

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: the same today let me just point that out

[Unknown6]: well

[Unknown4]: it

[Unknown6]: he's supposed to be thirty five

[Unknown5]: fine wine fine wine

[Unknown4]: it's theoretical i would the problem with when on a writer is like she still looks

[Unknown4]: like she's twenty and

[Unknown5]: right

[Unknown4]: she's in her like what

[Unknown6]: not not anymore

[Unknown4]: oh okay that's fair but for

[Unknown5]: well

[Unknown4]: she she looked young for a long long time

[Unknown6]: you did yes

[Unknown4]: the the only other person i will i will throw up into the ring just because i

[Unknown4]: think she has the chops

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown4]: like would jamie lee curtis have worked

[Unknown7]: yes

[Unknown5]: i think so she's got the explicit experience

[Unknown6]: yeah i mean yeah bring the energy she brought to penguin k not talking what is

[Unknown6]: wrong with me and and

[Unknown5]: halloween cheese

[Unknown6]: and and like

[Unknown4]: no true lies

[Unknown5]: and that too

[Unknown6]: true lies why did i say tang on cash nobody

[Unknown5]: that's on you you y you

[Unknown5]: that's on you you y you

[Unknown4]: no one asked you to

[Unknown6]: yes ripley let's replace let's replace francis mcdonald with kurt russell

[Unknown5]: you resolve that as you try to sleep tonight sir

[Unknown4]: t terry hatcher you gotta thing for terry hatcher

[Unknown5]: could terry hatcher could have

[Unknown6]: i i always did when i was

[Unknown6]: younger least hey terry hatcher would be a good

[Unknown4]: okay great

[Unknown4]: great

[Unknown6]: show it would be even worse than fresh mc darman

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: press

[Unknown5]: last thing i will say

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown5]: is did any of you notice like in the early like in the first act of the movie when

[Unknown5]: uh when nissan and in

[Unknown5]: her apartment because i was like wait a minute like

[Unknown4]: her apartment

[Unknown5]: they're not living together it was her apartment

[Unknown4]: when

[Unknown6]: yeah it was her apartment there

[Unknown5]: i think it was her apartment above her bedhead i did i took a screenshot and

[Unknown5]: shared it with you guys she has photos of

[Unknown6]: two two photos of her yeah gab

[Unknown5]: herself on kind of like uh

[Unknown4]: but

[Unknown7]: no

[Unknown5]: egotistical much

[Unknown7]: that's his house that's his house

[Unknown4]: that that's his

[Unknown4]: apartment

[Unknown5]: are you sure are you sure

[Unknown6]: are you sure

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah

[Unknown7]: because because the documents are in

[Unknown6]: oh that's right the documents are there

[Unknown7]: that scene and then

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown7]: that's also because i was thinking to myself how do they know where he lives how

[Unknown7]: do they know where he works

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown7]: it's because the documents never left that building and

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: she had it with them when

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown7]: they were there

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown6]: yeah well and also

[Unknown4]: mean to be fair i they didn't answer that question

[Unknown6]: no they did because because

[Unknown7]: but at least if they followed her or something they would find out

[Unknown6]: when when it happens at first i was like how the fuck did he know but then later

[Unknown6]: it's because she told the what's this

[Unknown6]: the fucker name like the big

[Unknown5]: the big boss guy

[Unknown6]: boss guy and he told dent yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: lane boss we'll call him

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown4]: she

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown4]: didn't tell him there at at her boyfriend's house though

[Unknown5]: i was wondering about that too i don't think

[Unknown7]: well they

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown7]: said they were living together essentially so

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown6]: i also

[Unknown4]: i'll allow it

[Unknown6]: liked that they had to put like

[Unknown6]: they have to do the coffee stain thing things

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown6]: just so we we like here hear idiot audience it's the same document

[Unknown4]: you fucking more aunt

[Unknown6]: yeah exactly

[Unknown4]: okay um

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown5]: oh that's so you i see you've you've practiced your dark man laugh

[Unknown4]: i did

[Unknown4]: um could this have been a netflix series

[Unknown6]: yeah for sure for sure

[Unknown5]: a nineties if the if netflix was in the

[Unknown4]: please

[Unknown5]: nineties or like it sure like okay so i need to a clarification ne

[Unknown6]: now make it now make it now

[Unknown5]: if ne okay then of course yes cause

[Unknown6]: yeah it definitely could

[Unknown5]: i i had i i got excited like if netflix was in so what was the equivalent to

[Unknown5]: netflix like hbo

[Unknown6]: blockbuster

[Unknown5]: blockbuster

[Unknown4]: what i don't i don't know of h b o skin max cinemax

[Unknown4]: what i don't i don't know of h b o skin max cinemax

[Unknown5]: skin max hello

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah you're betraying your age there but

[Unknown5]: i never heard of that one but okay okay

[Unknown4]: listen i don't think of it in the nineties let's bring it forward could

[Unknown5]: sure sure

[Unknown4]: we make it today

[Unknown5]: totally

[Unknown4]: it makes more sense have a streaming service could you make that today

[Unknown5]: you don't think so scott imm seeing shuck scotts shake his head

[Unknown7]: no no that this this movie is

[Unknown7]: i'd isolated gem and

[Unknown5]: really

[Unknown7]: if you start

[Unknown6]: okay so

[Unknown7]: trying to break that out into like dark who heard a dark man two or three nobody

[Unknown7]: because it was garbage episode two and three of that series same problem great and

[Unknown6]: no no no no what no but you're you're you're assuming that it would be the exact

[Unknown7]: then just viewership bms

[Unknown6]: same story with the exact same special effect and that's not what we're saying

[Unknown7]: if they change anything this is a hundred percent garbage today

[Unknown6]: no no listen listen listen i'm gonna defend sam rami here for a second

[Unknown4]: he

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown6]: there is potential

[Unknown5]: i agree

[Unknown6]: for an actually fun action thing coming out of this movie actually really greedy

[Unknown6]: thing too

[Unknown5]: yep

[Unknown6]: that's not where he went with it but there is potential

[Unknown7]: now

[Unknown5]: the

[Unknown7]: the the face

[Unknown6]: so i think

[Unknown7]: off the face off the face off after the a mission possible it's no it's done we're

[Unknown7]: over with this

[Unknown6]: now it could it would have to be a completely different thing

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown6]: if they were making it now you would have to be like similar to like one of the

[Unknown6]: marvel net netflix series a lot more serious

[Unknown6]: that could work

[Unknown4]: why i don't think no because i

[Unknown4]: why i don't think no because i

[Unknown6]: be because dude

[Unknown4]: no but like

[Unknown6]: nobody would watch this on netflix like that

[Unknown5]: but

[Unknown4]: with

[Unknown5]: they'd have to it would have to be adapted so

[Unknown4]: but the pro

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: the problem is is so here's the problem i have with that

[Unknown4]: if you make it like a modern series i don't want to watch it

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: like scott said i

[Unknown6]: i don't

[Unknown4]: have no like i don't need

[Unknown4]: another drum i now

[Unknown6]: i would watch it if it's good

[Unknown7]: it it can't be good after the first episode though that's the whole point

[Unknown4]: 'cause think about think about it though like think of have you like really really

[Unknown4]: what you're asking me to do is make a dark man a serious superhero okay so

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: if we're making dark men a serious superhero what are his actual real powers well

[Unknown4]: they're gonna they're gonna exploit the fact that he has no nerves right much

[Unknown5]: mm hm

[Unknown4]: like they did in

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: one of the bond movies where the guy basically had no no feeling which

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown4]: they never did he got punched all the time and reacted like he felt pain every

[Unknown4]: single time he got punched which was fucking wild because like you could punch

[Unknown4]: with

[Unknown6]: what what about what about the the scene where the big bed corporate guy punches

[Unknown6]: him twice with the wrong hand

[Unknown6]: like with no with no weight behind it

[Unknown4]: the only time

[Unknown4]: he showed that he

[Unknown6]: i hate that scene

[Unknown4]: didn't feel pain is when he ripped the bolt his hand through the the

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: also i know i'm trending hard off of but like ho well like

[Unknown6]: how did he miss so many shots with that thing

[Unknown4]: oh you

[Unknown5]: sure

[Unknown4]: know what

[Unknown4]: true chris ra it did no no so two things

[Unknown7]: does it shoot bolts too

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: one he

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: did do the cool fire hand trick when he was playing durant when he was trying to

[Unknown4]: to get the

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: water is

[Unknown4]: the asian

[Unknown6]: you mean with the with the the silly potty hand

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: the silly play hand but my major point here is the the evil villain corporate guy

[Unknown4]: had this giant bolt cutter or not bold color bolt thrower

[Unknown6]: no but yeah

[Unknown4]: for high steel so you basically

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: bolt in the steel beams to each other he

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: shot him from point

[Unknown6]: a million times

[Unknown4]: blank range if you haven't seen this movie i can't tell you how point blank it is

[Unknown4]: basically this gun was probably three feet long and then

[Unknown5]: there

[Unknown4]: there's a foot from the gun's end to where dark man was and he missed them every

[Unknown4]: single time sometimes i think he was trying to mess some other times i feel like

[Unknown4]: he was actually trying to hit him i couldn't tell and then he finally bolted his

[Unknown4]: hand to the thing and they and it went through metal which i don't think that

[Unknown4]: bullet government actually do it's supposed to go yeah it as a river gun

[Unknown7]: it's a rivet gun it's like

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown7]: i don't think it shoots rivets i think it's like pressure

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: welding or something

[Unknown6]: it's yeah it like you wouldn't it wouldn't work like that it would and also we get

[Unknown6]: a nice like

[Unknown6]: pov shot of the boat flying into space as well

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown7]: yeah that was funny

[Unknown4]: yeah go go pro before it happened we

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown4]: were we were

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: riding that that rivet all day long

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: anyways i've divorced a hundred percent off of that

[Unknown6]: up

[Unknown4]: statement the point i'm making is to make this a serious show

[Unknown4]: it would take all the heart out of it which is the comedy aspects and the

[Unknown4]: funniness because you could stop

[Unknown5]: stop

[Unknown4]: this clown within show three easily yeah he has the sneaky stuff with the the skin

[Unknown4]: but that can only be used in the day and they probably do some night stuff but

[Unknown4]: like what's you really gonna do to people

[Unknown6]: but but but like come on you could make okay i see what you're saying and if

[Unknown6]: you're saying can we make

[Unknown6]: this movie the way that it is with the heart that it has into a netflix series i'

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: you're all wrong

[Unknown6]: it barely works as a movie

[Unknown4]: how are we all wrong

[Unknown5]: you're all wrong you're all wrong i don't care

[Unknown4]: cause we argued yes and no

[Unknown5]: no i don't care you're all wrong

[Unknown4]: what

[Unknown5]: of course it can work it's just that none of you are willing to to allow to

[Unknown5]: stretch your imaginations to make to allow for the room and the creative space to

[Unknown5]: to let it breathe you just said it

[Unknown4]: are you gonna bub up are you gonna bub a hot at me right now

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown5]: um

[Unknown5]: that's the yeah so why wouldn't it be crazy like if if we had him operate more at

[Unknown5]: at at night and then limited use in the day only when he's got to like the time

[Unknown5]: the time limit is still there he could operate to an extent but why not

[Unknown6]: but that's what i was saying if you make it into a serious thing you could make it

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown4]: no that's the problem it's gotta be funny

[Unknown6]: into a series

[Unknown5]: why tell me why

[Unknown6]: if if if

[Unknown4]: because if it's

[Unknown6]: it needs to be funny

[Unknown7]: because we have better examples of dark gritty things we have batman we have

[Unknown7]: i don't know any netflix shows that are like that but we have better examples of

[Unknown7]: this stuff that this just couldn't compete with those higher quality ones

[Unknown5]: but

[Unknown4]: we don't

[Unknown5]: does it

[Unknown6]: i think it could i think it could

[Unknown5]: need to i i don't go on sorry

[Unknown4]: we don't we don't need another one of those shows there's so many of them already

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown6]: we don't need it i agree with that but you could do it

[Unknown6]: we don't need it i agree with that but you could do it

[Unknown4]: but why would

[Unknown5]: that's my

[Unknown4]: you do it that way you can make it a comedy

[Unknown6]: if you tried

[Unknown5]: well hold okay

[Unknown6]: if you how

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: what do you mean how

[Unknown6]: you would not work

[Unknown5]: that's all that's that's also possible but check this out d netflix dare devil's

[Unknown5]: not batman and it's carved its own space would you would you agree

[Unknown6]: yes but it's serious that's what i'm saying

[Unknown4]: data

[Unknown6]: they're saying it can't be serious and then if it

[Unknown4]: if if you

[Unknown6]: if it has to be a campy

[Unknown6]: not serious at all thing

[Unknown6]: i don't think it would work as a netflix series

[Unknown4]: if

[Unknown4]: you make it serious then you're not making dark man

[Unknown5]: here's okay go on

[Unknown5]: but who's to say so but check this out not only does it have to be adapted but it

[Unknown5]: it would be a reboot so much like the unfortunate trailer review view of miss

[Unknown5]: marvel for

[Unknown4]: why

[Unknown5]: disney plus they they augmented her they changed her so she's supposed to a

[Unknown5]: polymorph similar powers to mr fantastic stretchy and all that instead they gave

[Unknown5]: her energy green lantern bans so

[Unknown5]: it i think it's possible to to

[Unknown5]: again stay true to the character and explore the space of of of that character and

[Unknown5]: the story a durant whatever

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown5]: villain but take it where it needs to go

[Unknown7]: just make dark wing duck this is dark wing

[Unknown6]: i i

[Unknown7]: duck that netflix

[Unknown5]: no it's you i want that as well but those are that's different dude

[Unknown4]: is is durant uncles crew scrooge mcduck

[Unknown6]: no he's dark wing

[Unknown4]: confused he's dark going

[Unknown4]: wait a second

[Unknown5]: wait you

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: how's the rant dark going

[Unknown7]: dark man is dark wing cause they wear the same outfit

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: dark hat cloak

[Unknown4]: chris i'm

[Unknown5]: listen

[Unknown4]: i'm gonna here's what i'm

[Unknown5]: go on y

[Unknown4]: gonna say i'll allow it

[Unknown4]: only if dave fone gets me in charge of the project

[Unknown5]: fine

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown5]: i i fine of all i'm

[Unknown5]: saying is that it is it is part because he could be trusted

[Unknown6]: really why ay about people

[Unknown4]: because dave falon will take whatever god forsake can this movie laid out and find

[Unknown4]: a way to make it cool and interesting and like badass

[Unknown5]: moreover

[Unknown6]: ferret fair

[Unknown5]: i also want darkwing duck

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: oh my god

[Unknown6]: i i'll say this though it undermining my own point but i'll say this there is

[Unknown6]: there would be a very

[Unknown6]: dangerous

[Unknown6]: danger of

[Unknown6]: trying to make this a serious thing and getting a new like bell air as opposed to

[Unknown6]: fresh

[Unknown6]: race of bell air you know the new

[Unknown4]: we don't have time to unpack that

[Unknown6]: uh like i don't i don't now now

[Unknown4]: eight

[Unknown6]: that i thought of it i don't think i want a serious dark man co that might be bad

[Unknown4]: because you

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown4]: hate things that change things you love uh moving on

[Unknown5]: o yee of little faith

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah exactly

[Unknown4]: next question

[Unknown4]: so for all of you who are going to watch this movie after this podcast because you

[Unknown4]: want to enjoy the beauty majesty of this we want to prepare you for what you're

[Unknown4]: getting into because as much as we can explain we only have an hour and a half shh

[Unknown4]: of time and spend so much time we can talk about it so we want prepare you and so

[Unknown4]: we're thinking of what you know what are we gonna need you to get from the

[Unknown4]: concession stand in your house

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: in your life in order to make it through this movie

[Unknown6]: in the in the army surplus store

[Unknown4]: yeah i listen that's if that's in your life bring it near and dear to your heart

[Unknown4]: so what are we thinking people needs to suck up on in order to get through this

[Unknown5]: why why you watch music

[Unknown4]: i for one would say not too much hard drugs keep it light you don't want to go

[Unknown4]: heavy into the psychedelics be it a little just just a little

[Unknown6]: no no no got you gotta l you gotta let the screen do the psychedelics for you

[Unknown4]: just a touch just sit

[Unknown7]: yeah there was a lot of flashing light in colors and good make up work though

[Unknown4]: it needs just a

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: touch just to turn it up

[Unknown6]: like a little bit of mushroom is that what you're saying

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah stm

[Unknown6]: okay okay

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown6]: so i think you need a lot of cheese a lot of cheese to go with ald ham that's in

[Unknown6]: this

[Unknown4]: i thought i thought the cheese was already there as well

[Unknown6]: oh that's true maybe

[Unknown5]: h

[Unknown6]: bread then make a sandwich

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: lots of bread bread and butter and mayo to make a sandwich all the ham and cheese

[Unknown6]: in this

[Unknown4]: get some chicken and some bread

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: crumbs

[Unknown6]: yes yeah

[Unknown4]: you can make some cord on blue if you want fancy it up

[Unknown6]: there you go there you go well i don't know if you want fancy too much up

[Unknown4]: that's too fancy okay my

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: bed chris what do you thinking

[Unknown5]: i've i've have a i've made notes and here

[Unknown4]: hello

[Unknown5]: my findings

[Unknown5]: sour patch kids

[Unknown4]: do you wanna

[Unknown6]: take care

[Unknown5]: c b d but yeah

[Unknown4]: do you want so do you want to give us context to this our pat kids or

[Unknown4]: do you want so do you want to give us context to this our pat kids or

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: does it does it really need

[Unknown6]: context i i like i'm here for it

[Unknown4]: i i don't know

[Unknown5]: well i can here we go sour patch kids because many appendages will be lost along

[Unknown5]: the way

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown6]: i wish you hadn't given me context

[Unknown4]: i'm sorry that's my my fault everyone

[Unknown5]: hi

[Unknown6]: it that that's on you mat

[Unknown4]: i t i take that back i'm sorry

[Unknown5]: hi thank you very much hello hu

[Unknown6]: i take that back

[Unknown5]: huh um and then uh some cbd spray oil okay to just to just help let's just keep

[Unknown5]: yourself at that mellow level and just to open up them them channels to receive

[Unknown4]: make sure the th

[Unknown5]: the art

[Unknown4]: c is also in that both cbd and thc mixed

[Unknown6]: it's probably be helpful here

[Unknown5]: maybe maybe

[Unknown5]: you know and then and then the ps the resistance for my survival kit for dark man

[Unknown5]: it's gonna be some nyc cheesecake

[Unknown6]: why

[Unknown5]: to go with the cheese in this movie you like you you you didn't see it you didn't

[Unknown5]: see it it was

[Unknown6]: but but but what okay i mean if

[Unknown5]: because it's a sweet dessert

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown5]: it's a sweet dessert

[Unknown6]: we could have had some wine to go with that cheese but sure

[Unknown5]: well you i mean do what you want but like okay if you want liquid mother pocket

[Unknown5]: refreshment why don't you put some why don't you put some some orange c plus

[Unknown5]: wash that wash that down

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: wash that down it's it i

[Unknown6]: or some fanta some fanta

[Unknown5]: no okay i see you and i raise some still

[Unknown5]: fanta no no still still phantom

[Unknown5]: fanta no no still still phantom

[Unknown6]: great fanta grape fant

[Unknown6]: yeah micro still microwaved phantom

[Unknown5]: yes yes my son

[Unknown6]: slightly warm tale fanta

[Unknown5]: steel

[Unknown6]: there

[Unknown5]: wor luke warm

[Unknown5]: still phantom

[Unknown6]: yeah microwaving for thirty seconds let it sit for for fifteen seconds and then

[Unknown6]: drink it

[Unknown5]: you gotta make sure it's yuk warm

[Unknown4]: um i thought you guys liked this movie what the fuck you trying to do to people

[Unknown5]: listen it's the survival kit you just need to survive

[Unknown4]: how does lukewarm fanta help you survive a movie i think it might killed me half

[Unknown5]: have you ever you have you ever had still fanta

[Unknown4]: way through

[Unknown4]: um no that's why i'm alive still

[Unknown5]: exactly listen no no

[Unknown5]: move on

[Unknown4]: you you yield your time scott

[Unknown4]: you you yield your time scott

[Unknown5]: i didn't yield i already

[Unknown6]: six

[Unknown5]: yielded it before you tried to yield me i yield you

[Unknown4]: scott what do you i i'm gonna yield you when i edit this podcast so it won't be a

[Unknown4]: problem

[Unknown5]: we'll see about that i have the twitters

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: scott what what do you got

[Unknown4]: scott what what do you got

[Unknown7]: i mean mine's pretty easy i would say two buckets of popcorn one for eating and

[Unknown7]: one for throwing in the air and all the la the laughing are gonna be doing it some

[Unknown7]: of the hilarious le obscene stuff that happens

[Unknown5]: i love that visual

[Unknown7]: and

[Unknown6]: maybe some to throw the screen

[Unknown7]: and some nineties filter glasses you know for the nostalgia

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: like the the colored ones where it's supposed to be three d but it just makes your

[Unknown6]: head hurt

[Unknown7]: yeah they're just red tinted and they remind you of everything from the nineties

[Unknown7]: from your past

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown5]: i miss those

[Unknown6]: okay okay

[Unknown4]: love it all right well that's that should work out well for everybody the phantom

[Unknown4]: let us know if you survive that

[Unknown5]: i have

[Unknown7]: i think i just realized this movie is just under ninety nine minutes long

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: no is it that'd be amazing

[Unknown4]: it's like a hundred

[Unknown7]: it's a hundred and thirty five something

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown7]: which is ninety five minutes right just under the time your face would melt

[Unknown6]: a hundred and thirty five is a hundred and no weight yeah you're right yeah

[Unknown4]: the internet says ninety three

[Unknown7]: so

[Unknown5]: it's still under

[Unknown4]: of run it running time

[Unknown7]: just under a face melting amount of time

[Unknown7]: just under a face melting amount of time

[Unknown7]: dark man could have been in every theater with you and you would never know day or

[Unknown7]: night

[Unknown5]: yeah see scott's got that open mind

[Unknown4]: wait a second gotta you dark man

[Unknown4]: well

[Unknown6]: say

[Unknown7]: how long is this podcast

[Unknown6]: say i'm dark man with a gruff voice

[Unknown4]: it's an

[Unknown4]: hour and thirty nine minutes

[Unknown6]: it's gonna be ninety nine

[Unknown6]: it's gonna be ninety nine minutes

[Unknown7]: yeah i i'll definitely be disconnecting before ninety nine happens

[Unknown4]: next question on the board

[Unknown4]: there's a rapid fire around scott you're new so we're gonna make you

[Unknown6]: there's there's a board

[Unknown4]: yeah it's on my computer screen it's a board

[Unknown6]: okay all right

[Unknown4]: why like this so you get to answer this first

[Unknown6]: me or scott

[Unknown4]: no ascot we're nice to the guests unlike you

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown4]: how do you think

[Unknown4]: lucy just were clear how do you think

[Unknown4]: our good friend

[Unknown4]: rick k ted ram

[Unknown5]: or

[Unknown4]: distresses

[Unknown4]: before the whole

[Unknown6]: i was gonna say before getting his head squished by a truck okay

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: how does he distress

[Unknown6]: i have to say

[Unknown6]: hm he seemed very like

[Unknown6]: jumping and jittery in this

[Unknown6]: so i'm thinking if you want to get rid of that of them jitters i think he's gonna

[Unknown6]: have to borrow some of uh chris's cbd oil and and with some thc there just

[Unknown6]: control the jitters get some mellow going so like a nice

[Unknown6]: maybe like a nice edible or something like that

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: i think that would uh that would be like and then he would be free cause he's

[Unknown6]: doing drugs and then you get more jittery

[Unknown4]: so what i'm understanding here is that the lukewarm fant does not used to calm you

[Unknown4]: down is that is that accurate

[Unknown6]: so okay the lukewarm fanta is is a complex bouquet of taste and

[Unknown6]: flavor that needs to be experienced to be

[Unknown5]: educate him

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: understood okay if you've never tried it before

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: i'm not gonna explain it

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: to you

[Unknown4]: i want but what about the audience listeners they want to know if it distresses

[Unknown4]: them or

[Unknown6]: they should go and should go and try it it has a different effect for every person

[Unknown5]: just do a shot just do a shot yes just do a shot of still fanta

[Unknown4]: but how do you know one more work for ted ram than if it has a different effect on

[Unknown4]: every person

[Unknown6]: why might but it might also make him more jittery

[Unknown5]: but he's also got some t v c v d and t ac in the mix so think

[Unknown6]: man

[Unknown5]: about that

[Unknown6]: some tlc

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown4]: that like i hate you

[Unknown6]: yeah the the band

[Unknown4]: moving on

[Unknown6]: the group

[Unknown4]: chris

[Unknown6]: i don't want no scrub sc music

[Unknown5]: scrub is a ring at that

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: grass y

[Unknown6]: yeah there you go

[Unknown5]: yes sir

[Unknown4]: respect the segue

[Unknown5]: all right i'm with you i'm with you spit the question my good man

[Unknown4]: how does julie hastings

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: distress

[Unknown5]: she stares too long in the mirror and she uses incantations because she's she's a

[Unknown5]: woman in the ninety seconds man's world

[Unknown5]: trying to you know forge ahead and get her career going but then when she's just

[Unknown5]: before she leaves the washroom she purchases herself on on on the toilet and uh

[Unknown5]: she plays she's got a game boy and so she's playing

[Unknown5]: po come on one

[Unknown4]: nope

[Unknown6]: nope nice try though

[Unknown4]: i don't

[Unknown5]: metroid one

[Unknown5]: metroid one

[Unknown4]: i don't know if the game boy existed at that point on a check here for you

[Unknown6]: i i don't think it did

[Unknown5]: i'm trying i'm trying i don't remember what game aligned it aligned in the

[Unknown5]: nineties

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown6]: she had a tama goch

[Unknown4]: noe the gameboy was out in april twenty first nineteen eighty nine so chris is on

[Unknown5]: see i just couldn't i

[Unknown4]: board

[Unknown6]: oh shit

[Unknown5]: i just couldn't identify the the game that's all

[Unknown6]: or tetris

[Unknown5]: tetris works i'll take thank you for the support tetris

[Unknown7]: i don't think we're allowed to support tetris any more

[Unknown5]: why

[Unknown4]: w

[Unknown6]: why not

[Unknown4]: cause of the whole war thing

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown5]: no i don't i didn't know so okay well damn

[Unknown6]: why russian russian culture isn't bad

[Unknown7]: just say there are sanctions in place

[Unknown5]: shit

[Unknown6]: well okay that's okay we'll pirate it

[Unknown4]: we're sanctioning you

[Unknown5]: i wonder if there's another get nineties gameboy game

[Unknown7]: super mario mid two

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown5]: gargoyles quest works

[Unknown5]: gargoyles quest works

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown6]: ten ten ten ten ten tenth and

[Unknown5]: and it's not the gar oils that were cool okay on uh

[Unknown6]: ten

[Unknown5]: balloon kid

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown5]: also as well and and a third option godzilla and or fourth i missed it solar

[Unknown5]: striker so that's what that's what julie gets up to

[Unknown4]: not

[Unknown5]: a y

[Unknown4]: doctor mario says she's dating a doctor

[Unknown5]: i love doctor mario thank you i didn't i i skipped over that i didn't see that one

[Unknown5]: so that's i love dr mario oh yeah

[Unknown5]: he's got the care do it do do do that's the actual yo look it up

[Unknown4]: yeah it is

[Unknown6]: i won't

[Unknown4]: don't don't bother yourself okay no i like that i think that's a good good way for

[Unknown4]: her to distress scott

[Unknown7]: yep

[Unknown5]: scott yields his time

[Unknown4]: how no scott doesn scott

[Unknown4]: loves this scott is an expert distress or

[Unknown5]: i'm just kidding he's got this

[Unknown4]: scott how do you think

[Unknown5]: you're good

[Unknown4]: dark man

[Unknown4]: distresses now let me be clear on this it is not patent like before he takes

[Unknown4]: flight it is

[Unknown5]: two

[Unknown4]: patent west lake after he has written on the um what is what is the

[Unknown6]: helicopter

[Unknown4]: wheel the wheel called where they stretch them out

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown7]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: all this the c the mine center fu

[Unknown6]: uh

[Unknown7]: the centrifugal

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown4]: yeah it's almost like the

[Unknown5]: centrifugal

[Unknown6]: yeah the centrifuge

[Unknown7]: pain centralize

[Unknown4]: the

[Unknown4]: centrifugal rack the centrifugal rack is that what it would be at least

[Unknown6]: yeah the centrifuge of emotions

[Unknown4]: after

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah the torture wheel the torture wheel

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown4]: he's written on the yeah the torture wheel after he's writing on the torture wheel

[Unknown5]: centrifugal

[Unknown4]: so he's full on dark man

[Unknown7]: i think we have some evidence on this already in the

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown7]: movie so

[Unknown7]: it may sound a little odd but i think dark man makes faces of people he wants to

[Unknown7]: like

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown7]: know kiss himself touch caress a little bit and then puts them in his closet for

[Unknown7]: later uh you know one being some of the different

[Unknown5]: a

[Unknown7]: people he wears later on you know where did you get where did he get the face

[Unknown7]: at the very end that

[Unknown5]: bruce campbells

[Unknown7]: he was wearing bruce campbell face where do you get got that face from he's got to

[Unknown7]: take pictures of somebody he's gotta stock them in his free time

[Unknown6]: from ash and the evil dead he watched a movie took a picture of

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: the screen

[Unknown5]: it's called inventory like

[Unknown7]: okay okay maybe some w buff then so either

[Unknown5]: yeah it could be

[Unknown7]: he's a very creepy stalker guy who takes pictures of strangers and then

[Unknown4]: yes

[Unknown7]: makes their faces and then hangs them in his closet

[Unknown4]: y

[Unknown7]: or he's a movie buff that just watches a lot of movies

[Unknown6]: i don't i don't see why this is an or either or situation keep it both

[Unknown4]: yeah i

[Unknown7]: there can only be one source

[Unknown4]: just want to know how he distresses so are

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown4]: you saying he watches movies to de stress or he watches movies as with the face of

[Unknown4]: the character on

[Unknown7]: oh that's a good

[Unknown5]: that's a good

[Unknown7]: com yeah definitely he watches movies of after

[Unknown6]: i wanna get into this

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: after making the face of the main character just and that's how he plays it in his

[Unknown7]: mind and he

[Unknown7]: uh gets the confidence to do his day to day night dark man stuff

[Unknown5]: oh my god i want him

[Unknown5]: i wanna be ruther hower

[Unknown7]: and then he goes and wears that face out in and gets recognized and uh

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown5]: ahead

[Unknown6]: why

[Unknown7]: bes all

[Unknown4]: run on yeah

[Unknown7]: email and hides in his dark shadows

[Unknown6]: i have one for you ma

[Unknown4]: okay thank you

[Unknown6]: how how does our good friend

[Unknown6]: the friendly the friendly gangster

[Unknown5]: polly

[Unknown6]: robert g

[Unknown5]: oh never mind yes

[Unknown6]: durant these dresses

[Unknown4]: bro much like scott has mentioned uh that the movie shows

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown4]: us movie shows us robert g durant polishes his finger collection

[Unknown7]: his finger rings probably specifically

[Unknown4]: his finger ring

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: collection um he had lot

[Unknown6]: i see

[Unknown4]: some nice rinks too

[Unknown5]: hey

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown4]: and and really it takes a lot of care and dedication to your finger collection to

[Unknown4]: make sure it doesn't um i don't know what what with the molds like

[Unknown5]: decay

[Unknown4]: gangrene decay

[Unknown6]: decay rot

[Unknown5]: it just maybe from aldehyde is involved wouldn't it be

[Unknown7]: are the fingers stuffed like the animals

[Unknown6]: i was gonna say imagine the smell every time he opens that thing imagine the smell

[Unknown6]: of i think

[Unknown4]: so the problem with from medha is that i believe they pump that into you

[Unknown7]: into your veins instead of blood

[Unknown4]: right into your veins essentially the replace of blood so i don't know if you

[Unknown4]: could do that with a finger you sliced off someone's hand

[Unknown5]: ma

[Unknown4]: we could tax arm i guess

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown5]: hy

[Unknown7]: they are they tax army digits

[Unknown4]: yeah can you just like rip up the cuts and stuff

[Unknown4]: it okay so yeah the tax demy is is quite extensive it's you guys are paint

[Unknown6]: let's go let's go with that

[Unknown4]: warhammer figurines it's basically the same amount of effort and time

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: he just paints

[Unknown5]: this calling

[Unknown6]: the fingernails

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah yeah but like intricate designs

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown4]: sometimes

[Unknown6]: i see

[Unknown4]: it's space wolf you know

[Unknown7]: he watches

[Unknown6]: oh is he

[Unknown7]: nail art on youtube

[Unknown5]: you know

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: yeah i was gonna say is he like the precursor of nail art

[Unknown4]: yeah in a way i mean it's like he's got a ma he's got to order order the videos

[Unknown4]: from like a magazine i assume

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: but yep

[Unknown6]: get some vhs tapes

[Unknown7]: he swatches on the on the fingers

[Unknown4]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: eight

[Unknown4]: exactly yeah yeah and it's really hard to get the color right because obviously

[Unknown4]: when you look at the magazine it seems like it's share read but then when you get

[Unknown4]: it and you put it on the finger turns out not cherry red yeah it's just

[Unknown6]: it's crimson or whatever yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: god damn it pant tones get

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: it give me what i want

[Unknown4]: the nineties was rough that's it's it's an intricate craft he's he's partaking in

[Unknown6]: nice nice

[Unknown5]: uh

[Unknown4]: yeah okay i'm glad we've figured out that i know what a sociopath thinks like

[Unknown6]: i think we all knew that

[Unknown4]: maybe so listen i think we've gotten to the point here i don't know of dark man

[Unknown4]: or

[Unknown4]: dark man um the victimless or faceless

[Unknown4]: victim vengeance avengers villa face i don't think i those

[Unknown6]: the vengeance without a face

[Unknown5]: i don't know

[Unknown4]: titles really fit what you watched if i want something of a more

[Unknown6]: i see

[Unknown4]: literal title to understand what i'm getting into without having to see the

[Unknown4]: trailer what do you guys think we should get for this movie

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown6]: i think we just you know i'm just gonna borrow from my home country and say it's

[Unknown6]: just vengeance without a face

[Unknown5]: dig it i could go i could see that oh

[Unknown6]: just that without dark me in front of it

[Unknown5]: vengeance without a face okay

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: it's either that or words without a lip i guess that that could be

[Unknown7]: i was gonna say face off face off

[Unknown4]: na scott i'm with you but i wanna call it face on

[Unknown6]: yeah face on

[Unknown5]: i see you all

[Unknown7]: face on face off face off face song

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: face on face

[Unknown6]: face off then on

[Unknown5]: so what it

[Unknown5]: would it be face

[Unknown5]: off to the power of two

[Unknown7]: that's how i said face off face off right

[Unknown5]: okay well i

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: didn't i didn't understand that's why i was trying to understand

[Unknown7]: yeah because it's his face is off and he's having a face off

[Unknown4]: do

[Unknown6]: so it's like

[Unknown4]: do we square it

[Unknown5]: that's what i'm saying i just said yeah

[Unknown6]: yeah i was gonna say is this like

[Unknown7]: that that's a new age

[Unknown6]: liam nisan

[Unknown7]: way of doing it we didn't do that back in the nineties

[Unknown6]: liam

[Unknown6]: nissen as

[Unknown4]: it's fair

[Unknown6]: peyton west lake as caster troy is that where we we

[Unknown5]: but it's math

[Unknown4]: two face too off

[Unknown6]: that done so

[Unknown7]: that's the sequel i document to

[Unknown5]: but

[Unknown4]: okay yeah

[Unknown5]: i've got one okay that's that those are your suggestions but i have something let

[Unknown5]: me

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown5]: know what you think what do you think of the mirage

[Unknown4]: isn't there already a superhero called the mirage

[Unknown5]: i don't know

[Unknown6]: yeah there is

[Unknown5]: i know there is a transformer like on the auto bot called mirage but

[Unknown6]: but why would you call it the mirage there's not no mirage other than the fucking

[Unknown6]: holograms

[Unknown5]: well i it's a metaphor so like you think he's a person you think you're looking at

[Unknown5]: some someone but he's not it's not him like he it's not that person he's a

[Unknown5]: perpetual mirage

[Unknown7]: it's more like makeup face

[Unknown4]: make up face

[Unknown6]: bad makeup face

[Unknown5]: let's not make up because he's got a mold mask of of another person

[Unknown7]: yeah

[Unknown4]: what if we

[Unknown7]: but one splash of water or sunlight and it washes right off yeah

[Unknown6]: how how about ha bob how about multi

[Unknown6]: facebo how about multi

[Unknown5]: see

[Unknown5]: my first

[Unknown6]: face man

[Unknown5]: my first uh attempt draft was melted sandwich face man

[Unknown4]: i like that

[Unknown5]: or or penni man but i decided to

[Unknown6]: but

[Unknown4]: pen

[Unknown6]: panini man i like putin man

[Unknown5]: but i wanted to but then i leveled it up to mora i like the mirage

[Unknown4]: now i like

[Unknown6]: like open set

[Unknown4]: man

[Unknown6]: open sandwich panini man because you can see the cheese meuse

[Unknown4]: open fi open face spinning man

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: open faced roast beef pei man

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: oh no got i got it

[Unknown6]: uh no i you got it you had it already

[Unknown5]: open no no no i got it i've distilled it open face r b's panini man

[Unknown6]: oh god fly steak punny man

[Unknown4]: so if we're gonna get away from

[Unknown6]: open face sops a pin

[Unknown4]: for getting away from open face and meet face man

[Unknown5]: me face man

[Unknown4]: what about what about

[Unknown6]: you'll meet face me

[Unknown4]: gone in ninety nine minutes

[Unknown4]: gone in ninety nine minutes

[Unknown6]: oh nice nice melted in ninety nine minutes

[Unknown4]: yeah okay

[Unknown5]: toast toast

[Unknown4]: i'm gonna stop us there before we get back to toasty face things okay

[Unknown6]: i like it i like it i like it i like it

[Unknown5]: i wish we had a whim scream right now

[Unknown4]: i could insert one

[Unknown5]: do

[Unknown4]: i'm i'm not

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: gonna

[Unknown4]: gonna

[Unknown5]: that's fine

[Unknown4]: alright everyone's favorite favorite category

[Unknown4]: what was the most re watchable scene

[Unknown6]: oh god can i just say the whole movie

[Unknown4]: you might need to

[Unknown4]: you're gonna want be quick

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown4]: here cause we we're already at one fifteen so

[Unknown6]: i'm gonna say i'm gonna say this if i had to pick just one

[Unknown6]: just just the one it will be

[Unknown6]: the explosion

[Unknown6]: on his

[Unknown6]: lab that whole scene that whole scene

[Unknown5]: damn that's a good poor guy yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: and ending with him instead of exploding into a million pieces being jetson into

[Unknown6]: the

[Unknown5]: mhm

[Unknown6]: air and yelling in

[Unknown6]: stereo

[Unknown5]: mhm

[Unknown6]: with the weirdest most irish weird scream in my i have ever heard in my entire

[Unknown6]: life that would be my

[Unknown4]: i love

[Unknown6]: pick i would watch that scene a million times

[Unknown4]: i love the fact that he was raped beside the explosion and still

[Unknown4]: flew

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown5]: true

[Unknown6]: and yeah and only got forty percent of his body

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: burned

[Unknown4]: just most of the face

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: wow

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: my favorite rewatch will see sor just unless you wanted to sorry sorry i

[Unknown4]: i'm gonna say that my rewatch scene was the beginning i just love the energy that

[Unknown4]: fake wesley ss brought

[Unknown6]: solid solid

[Unknown4]: and and the just sheer insanity that these guys can bring in a like a fake or not

[Unknown5]: here

[Unknown4]: fake it was very real a

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown4]: le gun that we all knew was there everybody knew was there and that like gun will

[Unknown4]: mow down fifty gang members driving cars standing up on heights everything else

[Unknown4]: that just set the stage for the entire movie from that point on

[Unknown6]: the stands man smiley gun stance is a thing of beauty

[Unknown4]: yep and his buddy hopping the entire time

[Unknown5]: yeah they're a dynamic duo you can't have one without the

[Unknown4]: now you're the cap

[Unknown5]: you know

[Unknown4]: and bell's got any favorite

[Unknown7]: helicopter

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown7]: seed is the only other thing other than the first

[Unknown5]: hm mm hm

[Unknown7]: scene he does all the classic you know hanging on a rope crashing into a building

[Unknown7]: with a helicopter still pulling but then he has enough time to stop say a witty

[Unknown7]: line and then pop out it again

[Unknown4]: fish

[Unknown6]: how about how about the p of that scene where they show him like show his legs and

[Unknown6]: he like speed walks on

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown6]: top of the the truck

[Unknown5]: and he was like

[Unknown6]: yeah and it was like clearly just like

[Unknown6]: spat up the scene

[Unknown7]: yeah roadrunner

[Unknown5]: dig it

[Unknown6]: yeah tony he was totally ro render you're right

[Unknown5]: okay so like i'm i'm i'm scanning my memory for another one but the first one that

[Unknown5]: that comes to mind are all the gangster poly scenes d discount bruce willis my

[Unknown5]: favorite being when he when when they you know durant and his and his boy

[Unknown4]: buston yeah

[Unknown5]: storman yeah i liked that

[Unknown4]: i don't even know how i got dressed

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown7]: interrupted his nap

[Unknown5]: correct

[Unknown6]: yeah poor guy got

[Unknown5]: i didn't make the trap

[Unknown6]: got chloroformed some dude just stripped him naked and dressed him and then he

[Unknown6]: tossed out the window what a way to die

[Unknown5]: yeah you know not knowing not knowing

[Unknown7]: and

[Unknown4]: y

[Unknown7]: then after he

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: flies at the window the woman who sees like the dark man

[Unknown4]: doubt the devils

[Unknown6]: yells for fifteen minutes yeah she doesn't say anything she just yells

[Unknown5]: well

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: he kind of chuckled maybe she heard that

[Unknown4]: yeah that's the

[Unknown6]: okay

[Unknown4]: reason to yell um no those are all it's just a good movie there's so many good

[Unknown4]: scenes but i think i think those really encapsulate the biggest ones in the

[Unknown4]: interest of time i'm going to yield us on the script doctor question because

[Unknown4]: there's nothing to fix it's perfect it's it's beautiful

[Unknown6]: why are you getting a script

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown6]: doctor in this it will make a new movie or it's perfect it's one or the other

[Unknown4]: it's it's beautiful and too well thank you for that beautiful segue um listen

[Unknown6]: watch

[Unknown4]: i know there's a couple sequels to this movie but i don't

[Unknown5]: other people

[Unknown4]: know if darkman two and dark man three go in the right direction for us the return

[Unknown4]: of durant just seems after return it to rant in the second movie seems too soon so

[Unknown4]: i think

[Unknown6]: i agree

[Unknown5]: happened

[Unknown4]: i think we need to devise a better sequel than the return of rent so

[Unknown4]: i think we need to devise a better sequel than the return of rent so

[Unknown5]: but we don't know look i'm i'm with the exercise but

[Unknown4]: what do what do you mean you don't know

[Unknown6]: we know we we know

[Unknown5]: no we i'm gonna watch this movie and compare it for us one time so

[Unknown4]: thank you

[Unknown5]: anyways i'm with this exercise

[Unknown4]: yeah but i think we can do a better job than trust me that movie is terrible

[Unknown4]: let's play a game let's play

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown4]: a really quick game before we get to this

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown4]: um what do you think the rotten tomatoes scores is for dark man two the return of

[Unknown4]: direct

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: i'm gonna say

[Unknown6]: twenty five percent critics

[Unknown6]: and

[Unknown6]: thirty five percent audience

[Unknown7]: you're very

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown7]: generous that should be like ten and ten

[Unknown4]: okay scotts

[Unknown6]: no that's three

[Unknown4]: scott's a low on it and then chris what are you thinking

[Unknown5]: i'm gonna go i'm gonna go thirty six percent critics and i'm gonna go

[Unknown5]: fifty fifty two audience

[Unknown4]: wow okay

[Unknown6]: not everybody in this audience is you man

[Unknown4]: okay so c

[Unknown7]: did you say this is

[Unknown5]: certain stuff

[Unknown7]: dark band too though we didn't watch yeah

[Unknown4]: this is dark man too

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: the return of dread i just

[Unknown5]: listen i'm just trying to play the game

[Unknown4]: want to make sure because it's too easy it comes up too easy when you're on this

[Unknown4]: movie like you can see it pretty

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: easily so anyways chris is actually i think the closest on the the critics the

[Unknown4]: critics gave it a thirty three percent

[Unknown5]: k

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: thirty three yeah

[Unknown4]: and then

[Unknown6]: he's the closest i'm eight away yeah

[Unknown4]: and then let you know i think you're thetis court nineteen percent

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: i said thirty five yeah

[Unknown7]: i said ten

[Unknown6]: oh no

[Unknown4]: scott may be closest then

[Unknown6]: yeah i

[Unknown6]: think scott

[Unknown5]: that's yeah that's good

[Unknown6]: scott is closer yeah i thought i honestly thought the audience would like it more

[Unknown4]: scott is correct so

[Unknown6]: than the critics

[Unknown4]: well there you go chris we need to read this movie because the audience hated it

[Unknown5]: i'm gonna check it out anyway for curiosity's sake i yeah but i'm down for this

[Unknown5]: game you know

[Unknown7]: i mean i know

[Unknown4]: so

[Unknown7]: what the sequel should have been

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: scott thank you go

[Unknown7]: it it should have been

[Unknown6]: go for it

[Unknown7]: a dark man hunting down circuses after that guy wouldn't give him the pi pink

[Unknown7]: elephant

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: so he develops a deep hatred for circuses and all rodes and just goes

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown7]: after every circus that ever comes near him

[Unknown4]: that makes sense

[Unknown5]: dark

[Unknown6]: and then you find some like there's actually some sort of like a a mob or like a

[Unknown6]: mafia of circuses that he uncovers when he does this

[Unknown4]: y

[Unknown7]: the games are all rigged

[Unknown7]: the games are all rigged

[Unknown5]: first he c he ne yeah

[Unknown6]: exactly

[Unknown5]: he needs he he at first he's surveying because it's like alright innocent people

[Unknown5]: innocent people and children let them have their so he's just brooding from from

[Unknown5]: from the distance but then he picks up on the mob t angle he's like no i have an e

[Unknown5]: night now i can channel my my anger on these little fucks and so i have a title

[Unknown5]: for a dark man too as well

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown5]: dark man dark man two carnival

[Unknown4]: oh

[Unknown6]: nice nice

[Unknown4]: so

[Unknown5]: with the e

[Unknown6]: so i was go ahead go

[Unknown4]: i wanna take off the carnival what if

[Unknown4]: the the carnes

[Unknown4]: know how they have this like

[Unknown7]: are cannibals

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown4]: no the carnes

[Unknown5]: what

[Unknown6]: what about the coins

[Unknown4]: the carnes have

[Unknown4]: are like evil mystics and they have a way to send dark man back in time

[Unknown6]: oh no

[Unknown7]: that's the third movie let's jump to time travels three third movie ninja turtles

[Unknown7]: that's the third movie let's jump to time travels three third movie ninja turtles

[Unknown7]: that's the third movie let's jump to time travels three third movie ninja turtles

[Unknown4]: so carly val

[Unknown6]: yeah time time travels three and that's why it's called return of the rent coz

[Unknown7]: rules say time travels three

[Unknown7]: rules say time travels three

[Unknown7]: rules say time travels three

[Unknown6]: then there's like some splitting

[Unknown4]: okay okay

[Unknown6]: that's why

[Unknown4]: i mean fine i'll i'll take their time travel out this one

[Unknown5]: but go go expand on it you were you were you were going somewhere i think

[Unknown6]: he won't mi sticks why

[Unknown4]: that's fine no that's fine so i was just gonna say like so the carnes i think are

[Unknown4]: are definitely mafia maybe maybe more union union mafia vibe to it because i'll

[Unknown4]: have

[Unknown6]: nice nice

[Unknown4]: jobs in protecting jobs

[Unknown5]: how

[Unknown4]: but i think we have to introduce

[Unknown4]: if dark man is a quoted unquoted superhero we gotta bring him a supervillain

[Unknown6]: supervillain okay

[Unknown7]: his lab partner

[Unknown7]: survived

[Unknown6]: what

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown6]: the man without a nose

[Unknown4]: wait

[Unknown5]: and you call them smelly

[Unknown4]: smelly

[Unknown6]: yeah cause he has no nose

[Unknown4]: i

[Unknown5]: do

[Unknown4]: mean dark man is a lot more scary than smelly

[Unknown5]: well

[Unknown4]: the super villain

[Unknown6]: okay stink man

[Unknown5]: stinky

[Unknown5]: the skunk

[Unknown4]: now now we're

[Unknown6]: nice

[Unknown4]: getting better okay yeah so i think we need to give

[Unknown6]: did you see fucking peppy peels

[Unknown4]: a mean listen

[Unknown6]: after him little g

[Unknown4]: we

[Unknown4]: can't talk about we can't talk about peppy

[Unknown5]: i'm going to get you

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: anymore he's been canceled um

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: that's true

[Unknown4]: so but i think our super super villain is really key to the second movie and and

[Unknown4]: the super villain is going one who he he he's a from the carne folk and he's one

[Unknown4]: who initiates the time travel in part three that brings back dent

[Unknown5]: nine

[Unknown4]: like that

[Unknown6]: so he's a time travelling skunk

[Unknown4]: um

[Unknown5]: that's just his code name

[Unknown5]: that's just his code name

[Unknown4]: no the skunk more like a wizard like a mystic

[Unknown5]: i think

[Unknown5]: magic would definitely be an element and since its magic he might he might be able

[Unknown6]: oh gotcha

[Unknown5]: to to

[Unknown6]: thank you

[Unknown5]: quote unquote depart man to the point where he feels pain maybe

[Unknown6]: but why why would it be magic when the first movie is so hard science

[Unknown6]: but why why would it be magic when the first movie is so hard science

[Unknown7]: there's no magic in it though yeah

[Unknown4]: cause that's

[Unknown5]: nineties

[Unknown4]: that's the best kind of hard science it's magic

[Unknown7]: his his his arch villain carney was in like a another bed

[Unknown5]: that

[Unknown7]: spinning in the opposite direction as he was

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown7]: thus creating like you know light man or something

[Unknown5]: oh that

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown4]: and

[Unknown6]: there there you go and and then his name is withers shins there you go

[Unknown4]: he got he got he had okay what's the opposite of getting burned

[Unknown5]: frozen

[Unknown6]: getting frozen

[Unknown4]: he got frozen and

[Unknown4]: he got frozen and

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: oh it's victor freeze

[Unknown5]: see

[Unknown4]: so it's it can be i okay

[Unknown4]: so it's it can be i okay

[Unknown6]: nice to meet you

[Unknown5]: or

[Unknown4]: well

[Unknown5]: just a polar opposite they keep also can't feel so like like thing versus hulk

[Unknown4]: he feels everything

[Unknown5]: almost similar power set

[Unknown6]: are like

[Unknown5]: but y

[Unknown6]: flash versus reverse flash

[Unknown5]: yes but like if he's been frozen then his nerves have also been frozen

[Unknown4]: sure

[Unknown5]: so we can't feel

[Unknown6]: oh

[Unknown5]: that's

[Unknown6]: nice nice okay okay

[Unknown5]: mm

[Unknown4]: yeah i'm here for that

[Unknown4]: yeah i'm here for that

[Unknown6]: hey

[Unknown4]: and

[Unknown6]: could be his name his name could be icy veins

[Unknown4]: why why are you so bad at this

[Unknown6]: i don't know i'm just trying to pick the worst names possible

[Unknown4]: but dark

[Unknown5]: iceberg

[Unknown4]: dark man is like ice

[Unknown5]: ice

[Unknown4]: man that's not not too

[Unknown5]: no no i the iceberg

[Unknown6]: that's why i didn't want to go to

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: iceman i mean you can pick a

[Unknown6]: nonsensical name like d's dark

[Unknown7]: nerves of steel

[Unknown5]: nerves of steel

[Unknown6]: man nar

[Unknown6]: no 'cause like dark man makes no sense with this character anyway so just pick

[Unknown6]: whatever name light man that's his

[Unknown5]: that's that's awful the

[Unknown4]: no

[Unknown5]: iceberg they call they call it they call this his opposite and he guess he's maybe

[Unknown5]: we connect the to the mob side they call them iceberg

[Unknown4]: the iceberg

[Unknown6]: okay iceberg

[Unknown5]: something like that

[Unknown6]: does he have to be like a big dude

[Unknown5]: it might help

[Unknown7]: i think we stop over ahead

[Unknown7]: i think we stop over ahead

[Unknown6]: so i had a completely different idea

[Unknown4]: i hate it

[Unknown6]: for a sequel you would it would be called fuck

[Unknown5]: that's what we called

[Unknown6]: you it would be called

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown6]: it would be called dark man the plural not dark

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: man that man

[Unknown4]: yep

[Unknown6]: just to make it hard to search for it

[Unknown4]: perfect

[Unknown6]: and it would be him recruiting other burned victims that have lost the ability to

[Unknown6]: sense to form into an army

[Unknown6]: to fight against

[Unknown6]: criminality in house kitchen okay

[Unknown7]: to become firefighters

[Unknown6]: sure okay that works too they're okay that's their cover they a team of

[Unknown6]: firefighters during the day but at night they're dark man

[Unknown5]: so you want the toxic you want the toxic adventure don't you it sounds like

[Unknown5]: i'm fine with that

[Unknown6]: yeah that would be

[Unknown5]: did it

[Unknown6]: my sequel

[Unknown4]: why white houses

[Unknown4]: kitchen no one ever said this was new york

[Unknown6]: darkman

[Unknown4]: city

[Unknown5]: i don't

[Unknown6]: i i i don't know

[Unknown4]: he's not there now ha

[Unknown6]: okay so in chicago

[Unknown4]: detroit

[Unknown6]: the wind the windy city that o no detroit

[Unknown4]: it's it's the nineties bro

[Unknown6]: but i mean back then detroit wasn't it wasn't derelict so

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: that's fine yeah that's f that's right it was the nineties detroit was a thing

[Unknown6]: though you're right

[Unknown4]: and he runs into robo cuff

[Unknown6]: and ax folly

[Unknown4]: okay yeah not i'll care for it yeah

[Unknown5]: i've i've casted his villain i've got a casting for us do we have time for that or

[Unknown5]: no

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: so

[Unknown5]: playing iceberg

[Unknown5]: nineties take take it back take it go back and go back go back in in your mind

[Unknown4]: michael ironside

[Unknown5]: that's doable or

[Unknown6]: oh nice

[Unknown5]: or

[Unknown6]: mm

[Unknown5]: yokozuna

[Unknown5]: from wwf

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: no what

[Unknown5]: it did the timing lined up

[Unknown6]: y i know but you're gonna you you're gonna counter mike and ironside with some

[Unknown6]: douche bag

[Unknown6]: from wwf

[Unknown5]: he's got the physicality period

[Unknown6]: come on i don't give a shit so does mike and

[Unknown4]: now your cuisine was good wow

[Unknown5]: does he

[Unknown6]: ironside

[Unknown4]: who mike

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: in ironside

[Unknown6]: michael michael

[Unknown6]: oh what's the guy the plays kern what's his name

[Unknown5]: oh clancy brown

[Unknown6]: lassie brown yes

[Unknown5]: he might be still young enough

[Unknown4]: that's also that's also a good pull

[Unknown5]: highlander eighties that that might be younger

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown6]: mark christopher lambert and then he can be he can be iceberg because that he has

[Unknown4]: or christopher lambert

[Unknown6]: no emotions

[Unknown5]: i there you go

[Unknown6]: uh uh uh uh uh

[Unknown4]: i love it i know does what's your face come back

[Unknown5]: uh

[Unknown4]: hastings

[Unknown6]: julie

[Unknown4]: julie hastings

[Unknown6]: julie

[Unknown5]: na

[Unknown6]: yeah but but in true nineties fashion it's another actress

[Unknown5]: it is

[Unknown4]: oh day out makes a hundred percent sense

[Unknown4]: oh day out makes a hundred percent sense

[Unknown5]: plus

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: she he already cut ties with her so she had to move on

[Unknown4]: no she's gonna come back but now she's been

[Unknown6]: that's true no but she comes back like going after him and he has to save her

[Unknown6]: because she gets in trouble again because again this is the nineties

[Unknown4]: she was dating iceberg she was

[Unknown5]: as long as they read

[Unknown4]: dating iceberg

[Unknown6]: she's stayed in iceberg

[Unknown4]: before iceberg

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown4]: fell into the water

[Unknown5]: i want

[Unknown6]: ah

[Unknown5]: that

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: and then and then she's caught between she's caught between a rock and a hard and

[Unknown5]: a and a cold place

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: i don't yeah just recast her

[Unknown6]: it has to be an actress has to be an actress that doesn't look anything like

[Unknown4]: oh that's yeah so um brunette

[Unknown6]: francis mcdermott

[Unknown6]: a brunette would like a blonde wig or something yeah

[Unknown4]: what about like a tia career

[Unknown5]: that could work

[Unknown6]: perfect what

[Unknown5]: that could work

[Unknown5]: why not

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: okay okay i'm i'm here for it what

[Unknown5]: and points points to us for diversity

[Unknown4]: for exactly

[Unknown5]: i i

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: yokozuna or clancy brown but not fens

[Unknown4]: um just to help out everybody to your career if you watch the

[Unknown5]: swing

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown6]: that's true yeah

[Unknown5]: and had the hit in ha

[Unknown4]: you had to live in the nineties early get what i'm coming at

[Unknown6]: are like lucy loo

[Unknown6]: she might be

[Unknown4]: lucy lou

[Unknown6]: too young at that back then

[Unknown4]: probably

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: i think

[Unknown5]: i think t had a tv spin off t v she not a spin up she had a t oh relic

[Unknown4]: where country yeah

[Unknown5]: hunter nineteen ninety nine

[Unknown7]: yeah i'll think it like kung fu or something

[Unknown5]: did it

[Unknown4]: yeah i think we've done it

[Unknown6]: oh hey how about

[Unknown6]: uh rob low for the top corporate guy

[Unknown4]: mm

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: that lines up too

[Unknown7]: rob lo day

[Unknown4]: not at all

[Unknown5]: well it was

[Unknown6]: no

[Unknown5]: you're stuck in the time travel aspect my friend

[Unknown4]: in in rabb did a really good job being a sleeve ball in was it tommy boy yeah

[Unknown4]: boy

[Unknown6]: anne wayne's world

[Unknown5]: hearing

[Unknown4]: and wind yeah same sort of sleeves ball did a great job

[Unknown4]: and wind yeah same sort of sleeves ball did a great job

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown4]: okay yeah i think that really works um so we've got uh iceberg as we're calling

[Unknown4]: him and he's back and so what what the only thing we're missing in this story i

[Unknown4]: think is what entangled dark man and iceberg

[Unknown5]: iceberg is um

[Unknown6]: at

[Unknown5]: iceberg is is isn't he running the mob faction it

[Unknown6]: he's a carney he's a carney

[Unknown7]: yeah he joins a cari is one of the freaks because he has no feeling

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown5]: okay

[Unknown6]: yeah iceberg is

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: a carney

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown4]: and so he liam nisan kills his carney fa he destroys the carnival he's at and the

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: colonel he's at was on like like in detroit it's on the lake maybe or to chicago

[Unknown4]: milwaukee green bay he's on

[Unknown5]: care

[Unknown4]: the lake

[Unknown6]: yeah and then he falls on the on the lake

[Unknown4]: and he tosses everybody into the water

[Unknown5]: i don't know about that but sure

[Unknown4]: and the only person

[Unknown6]: and he freezes

[Unknown4]: they they save it's a winter right so they toss 'em all on the lake and the only

[Unknown4]: person they can save is iceberg but he no stark man did it

[Unknown6]: and then the lake froze his nerves and now he feels no pain anymore

[Unknown4]: yeah like

[Unknown5]: i

[Unknown4]: lake michigan made him

[Unknown5]: i'll i'll i'll go with it

[Unknown6]: lake michigan made him in to mon

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: that checks out

[Unknown5]: cause like i i i kinda wanna challenge it in terms of just like dark men

[Unknown5]: destroying the carnival but like maybe iceberg was the only casualty cause they're

[Unknown5]: still he's still supposed to kind of be a year out

[Unknown6]: no bro darkman doesn't take any

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: prisoners

[Unknown5]: all right that's why i'm that's why i'm reluctant you know

[Unknown4]: dark man has

[Unknown5]: like i'm i'm on the fence

[Unknown6]: no cause that because then you make iceberg a little bit related but he was like i

[Unknown6]: i understand the guy got fucked up by darkman

[Unknown5]: thanks for that i that's what i needed to get where i needed to go

[Unknown4]: yeah dark man like dark wine's gonna snap right like he's gonna go on those

[Unknown6]: i mean he

[Unknown4]: those red light inducing rage

[Unknown6]: he fuck snapped at the guy in the at the

[Unknown4]: for not giving it an elephant yeah

[Unknown5]: pink elephant ear

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: he's gonna see

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: corruption everywhere and he's gonna go like fucking

[Unknown6]: yeah yeah

[Unknown4]: corruptions and like

[Unknown6]: yeah he's gonna go like into

[Unknown5]: i have a

[Unknown6]: supermarkets go you have eleven

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: items and it killed the guy yeah

[Unknown4]: it's gonna get real dark after after he leaves julie

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown6]: like just just maximum punishment for the smallest of crimes

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown5]: i think i'm out

[Unknown6]: just tossing people into traffic because they littered like that kind of stuff

[Unknown5]: i got a

[Unknown4]: and just to wrap this all together

[Unknown4]: and just to wrap this all together

[Unknown6]: i

[Unknown4]: he's gonna defeat iceberg because he's gonna under he's gonna unlock that if he

[Unknown4]: he's gonna defeat iceberg because he's gonna under he's gonna unlock that if he

[Unknown4]: goes out in the dark and his masks he can be out as long as he needs to be

[Unknown4]: goes out in the dark and his masks he can be out as long as he needs to be

[Unknown6]: yeah well i mean it's a sequel so it's probably probably has a lower budget so it'

[Unknown6]: going to have to be from film

[Unknown6]: to the dark so that lines up yeah exactly

[Unknown4]: cheaper less editing yep yeah

[Unknown6]: how what's the what's like the the uh the final showdown what does that look like

[Unknown5]: in the ruins the the destroyed carnival ruins

[Unknown7]: it's just

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown7]: highlander there can

[Unknown6]: he goes back

[Unknown7]: be only one

[Unknown6]: so and also does iceberg find some random other place and goes home as well

[Unknown5]: well he also go he he lives in the ruins

[Unknown7]: that's what he says after he defeats after dark man kills all his carney friends

[Unknown7]: like oh

[Unknown6]: and they can't cry cause his tear drugs are frozen okay

[Unknown4]: gone

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: that's yeah that's iceberg in a nutshell

[Unknown5]: tears of a clown

[Unknown5]: yes

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown6]: okay i think we nailed this

[Unknown4]: listen i think it's gonna do better than ninety percent on rotten tomatoes

[Unknown5]: i would agree i would agree

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: i i still want to watch number two and figure and maybe one day just like call

[Unknown5]: back to call back to actually this is what i don't know but just for my own

[Unknown5]: edification i'm just curious

[Unknown4]: hey

[Unknown6]: i don't think it's gonna be identification but you

[Unknown5]: i will

[Unknown6]: you do you

[Unknown4]: yeah do that

[Unknown7]: yeah just set a time or see how long you can last through that movie

[Unknown5]: i will apply some of our survival kit items it's to the second

[Unknown6]: there you go

[Unknown5]: item second sequel the sequel and see what happens

[Unknown4]: god speed the rest of us are going to probably not watch that we are lining up for

[Unknown4]: the third and final movie in

[Unknown5]: nine

[Unknown4]: our guinness season listen we've brought you

[Unknown4]: cold pursuit

[Unknown5]: oh

[Unknown4]: the he wasn't an ice shocker he was a snow plot driver

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: what do you mean to me

[Unknown5]: what do you mean to me

[Unknown4]: we dodged operation chromite to

[Unknown5]: nine

[Unknown4]: bring you dark fan

[Unknown5]: and

[Unknown4]: but we gotta go back

[Unknown6]: which i think we're all we're all better for it i just gotta say

[Unknown4]: we're all better for it but we gotta go back

[Unknown4]: to something that's near dear to all of our hearts

[Unknown4]: star wars

[Unknown6]: one

[Unknown6]: yes

[Unknown4]: i don't remember the name of stupid movie that's how much i blank that out of my

[Unknown4]: head

[Unknown6]: phantom man as you old fart

[Unknown4]: phantom menace there it is we're gonna watch star wars phantom menace we'll have

[Unknown4]: no problems watching any of the streaming disney everywhere

[Unknown4]: we will have another guest likely with us joining us to talk about

[Unknown4]: the whole fucking show that was started with that movie

[Unknown5]: yo do any

[Unknown6]: hey

[Unknown5]: of you notice the the the obvious the obvious connection to our final movie

[Unknown4]: liam nason

[Unknown6]: yeah

[Unknown5]: upside from that

[Unknown5]: upside from that

[Unknown4]: okay

[Unknown5]: good sir it's it's it's the title that should have been for darkman the phantom

[Unknown5]: menace

[Unknown4]: hmm

[Unknown6]: all

[Unknown4]: yeah

[Unknown6]: right i'll i'll allow it

[Unknown5]: it's an option that's all anyways

[Unknown4]: the phantom of the opera menace he said that i don't know what you want

[Unknown5]: listen twisting my words

[Unknown4]: so um that will be on our next show uh scott

[Unknown5]: sky

[Unknown4]: thank you for joining us do you have

[Unknown5]: thanks scott

[Unknown4]: anything you want to plug or do you wish to remain as anonymous as possible

[Unknown7]: yeah that one

[Unknown4]: nice

[Unknown6]: don't blame you

[Unknown5]: that part

[Unknown4]: it's a strong slid choice if you want to reach the rest of us you can do so on the

[Unknown4]: internet we have a twitter account at yon cast we also have a email address

[Unknown4]: it is your on cast at gmail dot com

[Unknown4]: i think chris i think we have a website right

[Unknown5]: yes we do

[Unknown6]: oh god here it go with this shit

[Unknown5]: do you know how we kicking off dum dole made duplicate diet

[Unknown4]: yanks dot c a we're canadians and we like to save a bit of money

[Unknown5]: yeah

[Unknown4]: so those are the ways you can connect with us

[Unknown5]: hm

[Unknown4]: um please

[Unknown6]: fuck both of you

[Unknown4]: kate you can tell luciana how much he loved his salty tones

[Unknown4]: yeah uh for now i am matt

[Unknown6]: i am luciano

[Unknown7]: i'm out of here

[Unknown5]: and i'm your tall refreshing glass of steel fant

[Unknown4]: thanks i hate it

[Unknown6]: this

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