M.U.R.I.C.A. | Too Many People Are Wrong About "Gone in 60 Seconds"

Including you. Also, this movie has too many people in it, period.
In this installment of M.U.R.I.C.A., You're Wrong's celebration of the life and works of Nic Cage, the nerds (minus Spencer; his computer jumped off a bridge) tackled the 2000's remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. Yes, it's a remake and no, you haven't heard of a single one of the actors on the cast of the original 1974 movie.

This is a movie that really shows its age, much more so than the previous two. There are a couple of very... problematic... things in it, things that would cause everyone involved with it to be tarred and feathered if it was released nowadays — and rightly so, might I add.

It's also a movie that has a lot of people in it. And I do mean a LOT. Enough to fill the cast of two movies, really. And not all of those actors are, uh... great at their craft, let's put it. I mean, it's one thing to have an ensemble cast; it's completely another to just cram everybody and their dog (literally!) into a movie for... reasons, I guess?
M.U.R.I.C.A. | Too Many People Are Wrong About
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